The Senior Edition – Class of 2018

The 2018 Senior Edition is here!

The Acronym is proud to present the 2018 Senior Edition! The issue includes Senior Speaks, Senior Biographies, the Senior Mixtape, and fun new additions like the “average” 2018 senior, their favorite items and people, and their predictions for the future.

Note: Senior Wills are not included in the printed copy of the 2018 Senior Edition for the sake of length. (You would be holding a dictionary if they had been printed.) Senior Wills are only stored online, and can be found below. Note that since the Class of 2018 is so extraordinary and altogether wrote double the word count of last year’s wills, they had to be halved to preserve the functionality of our site. Click here to go to part 2 for first names K-Z!

And now, we are proud to present the Class of 2018…

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Abdul Lawal
Abhay Gupta
Abhiudaya Bhalla
Abinaya Ramakrishnan
Adhav Arulanandan
Advai Podduturi
Akhila Vuppalapati
Alana Dawson
Alexander Federici
Alexis Miller
Allie Platon
Amahlia Su
Amanda Eckstrom
Amanda Wang
Ananya Yammanuru
Andrew Kim
Andrew Peev
Angelica Villegas
Ari Lisitza
Arya Kadakia
Ashritha Karuturi
Aurora Harkleroad
Becky Mathew
Blair Hu
Carson Goffinet
Cassie Parent
Chandana Tetali
Charles Kuch
Charlie Hultqusit
Cherilyn Mendoza
Chris Chang
Christopher Guo
Clayton Strauch
Clinton Oshipitan
Connor Elmore
Darius Hong
Dawn Arianna Triche
Dhvanil Popat
Diann George
Elizabeth Longjin Tang
Ellyonna Glenn
Eric Hersey
Esther Sarah Jai Mathew
Frederick Poddig
Gedi Njoya
George Li
Gina Chung
Goutam Gutta
Gunwati Agrawal
Hannah Harvard
Henry Wittich
Igor Zhuravlyov
Irena Gao
Isabella Ginnett
Ishita Bhattacharya
Istvan Kovach
Jaelyn Evans
Jake Cooley
James Oliver Mack
Jax Seiler
Jennifer Song
Jessica Forbes
Jessy Chtilianova
Julian Robinson

Part 2: First Names K-L

Abdul Lawal
To Frances, I will you fun nights and a lit junior year. You are such an amazing person. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND (; Continue to surround yourself with great people that make your entire IMSA experience worthwhile. It’s always a fun time.

To Matthew and Femi, I will you a much smoother Junior year and successful basketball season. Femi, keep shooting that three. Matt, take care of the ball and finish those explosive drives.

To Jojo, I will you an amazing junior year. You are one of the nicest people I know and I hope you continue being you.

To Nafay (Son), I will you a son that makes you proud every day. Hone those soccer skills and keep the women happy.

To Sophie Pribus, I will you my grey hat and another successful year of debate and diving. You’re an all around beast. Keep killing

To Peter Baffoe, I will you some Nigerian jollof rice. You’re an amazing person and I have loved watching you get out of your shell this year.

To Marissa Patel-O’Connor, I will a better math experience. You always brighten up my day and with all the things you are involved with I know you are going to achieve amazing things.

To Andrew Du, I will you an underclassman that feeds you all the time. Keep the twins happy.

To Pascal, I will you a sophomore that loves Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. Keep balling like a savage

To Faris, I will you amazing Senior year and another dominant basketball season. I want to see you make that all conference team.

To Shubhi Verma, I will you an underclassman that is able to take impromptu roasts. You are French goddess and thank you for letting me roast you.

To Diann Moon, I will you someone to argue with every single day. Even though I act like I hate you, talking to you is always an experience. I hope you have a wonderful senior year.

To James Litchtenwang, I will you 3 digits and an underclassman that randomly comes in your room to make your roommates bed.

To Sam Anozie, I will you the Nigerian flag. You’re an amazing dancer and student, keep it up bro.

To Ray Shang, I will you a cool underclassman that is afraid to play you one on one.

Abhay Gupta
To Allen Chen, I will you a great senior year and SIR. I didn’t know you before SIR, but it has been amazing to know you, and I know you will do great things. You have a lot of potential, and I will you a great next year in the lab and a successful college season.

To Bert Cao, Owen Michuda, Hanson Hao, Torin Kovach, I will you a successful tennis team next year. I hope you can survive Bernie’s practices (if you have any) and try to get as much pizza as you can from Lester. I will you a wonderful season with memorable matches, practices, and tournaments. Take our team far.

To Shivang Bhaskar, I will you an underclassmen who will give you food when you’re hungry and beat you in COD when you get too cocky just like you did for me.

To Neil John, I will you the passion and ability to follow your dream of dancing, and I hope you lead 05 in Clash next year. Good luck with senior year, bud.

To Nathan Kim, I will you a sophomore who will carry you in your math classes like you carried me in MVC. I hope college season goes well for you, and if you ever need help, hit me up.

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you a fun and stress-free junior year where you can win chess state. The nights in the quad were fun with you and listening to your girl problems was very entertaining. Hope everything works out for you. If you ever need anything, let me know.

To Nikita Elkin, I will you fun French times and a successful junior year. You will go far, and keep networking and progressing your business idea.

To Hannah Grauer, Sibil Shibu, Vaishnavi Vanamala, Marisa Patel-O’Connor, I will you an amazing senior year and wonderful sophomores. You four know how to have fun and are happy all the time, and I will you this happiness going into senior year. Good luck with college season. If you need any help, just ask.

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you a sophomore that will carry you in French and help you survive Marshall. Have fun in senior year and don’t stress too much about college, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I’ll come to Champaign at least once to visit you.

To Torin Kovach, Mihika Rajvanshi, Prachi Patil, Gauri Wowrikoo, I will you more sophomores from Moline that will make Moline proud. Keep Moline great, even at IMSA.

To Diann Moon, I will you a happy senior year. I hope you have success in making slime. Spend the limited time you have at IMSA as you truly want to, and don’t get too caught up worrying about everything because everything will work out. I will you an amazing Habi trip again and I will you memories that you will never forget.

To Krishnachandra Nair, I will you a sophomore who is better than you at French and will challenge you to do better. I know you will do amazing things in the future, but remember to always challenge yourself to do better. Don’t forget to have fun though. I also will you a new backpack.

To Ishan Nikam, I will you an underclassmen with no filter. Music appreciation this year was a fun time and I hope you will have a similar time with an underclassmen in another tank class. Remember to always have fun and don’t become too cancerous.

Abhiudaya Bhalla
To Teja Guntupalli and Sibil Shibu, I will you co-presidents of the Indian Student Association. I will you the strength and courage to take on the prestigious role of ISA president. It will not be an easy journey. There will always be people who will question your decisions and who will try bringing you down because they do not agree with you. Don’t let any of that ever stop you and always remember your love for ISA is above everything. This year, a big part of everything running smoothly was attributed to you and so, I will you a fantastic and hardworking junior board deserving of the honor of having the both of you as presidents. I really hope you surpass me and all the presidents that came before. I know you’ll make me proud.

To Faris, Ishan Nikam, Nafay Abdul, and Pratibha Bhalla, I will you the passion and fire to keep ISA going. The opportunity you have received is an honor and privilege. You not only represent ISA, but you represent me and my decisions. With that being said, HAVE FUN. I had the time of my life on ISA and it was because I was doing what I loved and I gave it my all. You don’t know how much you can do with the fire of passion and I hope all of you stay strong and stay together. Even though you do represent ISA, I am proud that it is you three which will continue on the legacy. I have no doubt that you will be able to put on some amazing Diwali shows and even more events. Even if you struggle, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes. Don’t drive my club into the ground. I’m coming back next year to check on y’all so make me proud. Also if I hear any complaints, you know what I’ll do. Good luck.

To Akash Gandhi, Teja Guntupalli, Hunter Welch, Shaun Bhurgri, Aabshar Ghassi, and James Studemann, I will you the ability to be open. You all have had the wonderful experience of living and growing up in 04. When I was growing up there, I learned a lot about what it means to be a part of a big family, being honorable and sticking to my gut, and most importantly, being a badass. This was a privilege and I hope you all realize this. I know I wasn’t there for your junior year, but I hope you guys have realized that you all belong there… together. I wasn’t always sure you guys would live up to my seniors, but I knew you were the future. I took a chance and tried to give you guys as much as I could. And so, I will you the ability to take a chance on the future generation. It may not be easy and you may doubt yourself for giving them a chance, but the relationship that you build make it all the worth. Finally, I will you an amazing senior year filled with breaking rules. Don’t go crazy.

To Joshua Eberhardt, Allen Chen, Andy Liu, Bert Cao, Scott Du, Renzo Ledesma, I will you a victory for Clash. I know you guys may not be happy with where you will be next year, but the important thing is that you are all together. You all have honestly worked so hard and have spent so many nights just grinding out homework and I know you are all tired and probably burnt out. But don’t remember those nights. Remember the nights when you all stayed up for no reason watching a movie, playing fish, making calls, and even waiting for me to wake up and get out of Josh’s bed. Remember that the world needs a Covert Ops and talented people such as yourselves. I will you many late night video calls and the courage to speak to not only speak to women, but pursue your interests. Above all that, I will you an amazing senior year and a whole lost of Indian food. I love you guys.

To Akash Gandhi and Mihika Rajvanshi, I will you both a bright and happy future. My methods for originally getting you two together may have been unconventional, reckless, and even have resulted in you two not being together at all. But, everything happens for a reason and I am glad I was given the opportunity to correct my mistake. I’m so happy you both found each other. You both have grown a lot as people and have learned a lot about yourselves. I truly hope you guys make it and I have no doubt you can. Whatever you guys have been doing, you’ve been doing it right so keep it. I know next year will be a busy time, but remember to support each other.

To Daniel Chen, Chetan Reddy, Kaushal Gumpula, and Faris Shaikh, I will you all a happy, upcoming senior year. You all work hard and grind to do the best that you can. It’s astounding how much respect people have for you on campus and I know you guys are going to go out and do great things. Just remember that it’s also important to go out and meet random new people. Work is important but you only get 3 years here so make the most out of it. Also, I want you all to make your minds on whether you want to date or not (especially my script director) and to just give it a chance; i’m sure you’ll be surprised by the results. With that being said, I will you the responsibility of leading and representing 04. I will you a senior year filled with new, amazing people in your lives and finally, I will you a successful future.

To Sibil Shibu, Hannah Grauer, ,Vaishnavi Vanamala, and Marisa Patel O-Connor, I will you love. What’s up gals. I think you guys represent a lot of IMSA in the quad that is 02 A. I think the best thing is that you all are so different and have suich different opinions and personalities, yet are such good friends and are always fun to have a great discussion with. My favorite memory of you guys is always when we played cards. Whether it was because someone didn’t know how to play or whether we destroyed the other team. In all honesty, it’s been fun getting to know all of you. Please continue your passion for ISA because you all are board members in my heart, especially you Hannah! I will you many more card games and most importantly, a senior year where you will stick together and be there for one another, and maybe even find that special someone.

To Ishaar Ganesan and Nishant Bhamidipati, I will you a fun chess team. I know you guys will miss our chess team this year. There has never been a more legendary team and an even more legendary Assistant Coach in history, but I want you to still try your best. You guys have been awesome getting to know and I really hope you have a team that is filled with friendships. I will you a great chess team and a whole lot of fun next year. It’s been great seeing you both grow as people. Also, don’t forget to clock people.

To Alice Liu, I will you an awesome SLD week. Hey Alice, you’ve grown so much as a person and as a facilitator. Going from our first module to our last couple, you have totally blown away y mind with how assertive you can be in the class. I know that I may not have been the best co. When it came to prepping or even giving a structure to our modules, I know I was bad at it. Maybe it was a ploy to get you to take more charge in the class, hmmmm?… But really, I hope you learned a lot and will be ready to train the new juniors. I will you a co who will be cooperative and a lot of fun to facilitate with. I also will you a great classroom and responsive students. It’s been awesome getting to know you Alice.

To Luke Knutson & Miron Liu, I will you an EnACT team filled with passion and hardwork because that is the key to success. Luke and Miron, I know our elective wasn’t always the most put together or even had the best dynamic on the team, but I expect you both to change that. You both have a fire inside of you to make EnACT work and I’m sure that you will improve this elective and take it to new heights. I’m already so proud of you just for your vision. Do whatever I did better and don’t do whatever I did poorly. Good luck.

To Grace Sleyko, I will you another class buddy who will entertain you and an elective team that will help you achieve your goals. It’s been so much fun having you in Art because you’re someone I could just rant to and I know you’re not always listening and just don’t care at times, but I know I could count on you if it was important. And that’s what counts? I guess? Idk, but it’s been a lot of fun and I wish you all the best with IMPACT chair. Thanks for the support.

To Anisha Sharma, I will you more chess games. I’m so glad that I decided to switch up tables that day in Stats because it gave us the opportunity to talk and develop as friends. I thought you were a really cool person since last year and I think talking to you was always the highlight of Stats. I know I distracted you a lot, but hey. Maybe you got some life changing advice from our conversations. If not, well, then maybe Audrey has some really good life advice for you. I will you another friend in your classes who will mess with you and annoy you as much as I did. I also will you to have fun in SIR and even find something cool. See you later!

To Bharath Sreenivas, Ayush Agarwal, and Neil John, I will you more late nights of fun. Hey boys. You guys are all very happy people. LIke, really really happy. I will you being happy. We spent a lot of time together making jokes and evaluating our life decisions. It’s been a wild ride and this has been one of the great reasons to have come to 05. You guys make my night when I’m bored and I know I can always be honest with you. I’m so proud of you guys for taking initiative with the sophomores and becoming their friend. I know it’s going to be a hit, wherever you guys go. Just remember that even if you guys are splitting up, stick together and have dinner once in a while. It’s such a nice feeling to come back to something familiar. I will you a strong friendship that will overcome distance and another me who will always push the limits. Don’t forget me!!!

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you an IMSA experience like mine. Hey Mr. Prabssss. I know I had a great time at IMSA and I hope you do too. I don’t know how it feels to have an older sibling on campus but I hope it was worth it. I thought it was fun having you around. If you ever need me, don’t hesitate to call or shoot me a text. Don’t forget me when I go to college and stay away from boys.

To Saisupritha Talasu, I will you a manz… Jk. Saisuprithaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I think you’re genuinely a funny person and I hope that homework and stress never changes that. It’s been great seeing you stay cheerful the entire year and I think you’ve found a great group of friends. I will you an even more cheerful junior and senior year and the strength to not fall prey to the trap Janna and Alison have. Bye Dora, I mean Saisu, the explorer.

To Shvetali Thatte, I will someone who will automatically distract you with just their presence and will come up with hilarious jokes. Hi Shev. I know junior year had its ups and downs but you made some really good friendships along the way, including ours! From your high quality dancing to chess abilities, I’m amazed at how good you are at so many things. Dream big and soar high, do everything you want. Just don’t forget about those that helped you on the way. Also, don’t let college season get to you. I will you a stress free, or well, less stressed senior year.

To Prachi Patil, I will you a senior year filled with drama. Haha, I mean the kind in which you act. You’re a great actor and I think you should definitely continue doing it in college. Not everyone has good acting skills and I was impressed. I appreciate your honesty this year and the conversations/light debates we had even though they never really ended with a resolution. But hey, we got some cool perspectives. I want you to continue exposing yourself to new opinions because it helps you learn a lot about not only other people, but yourself. You already have your life together so I don’t have much else to say. Enjoy the time you have left because it’ll be over sooner than you know it.

To Annie Xu, I will you someone who will continue my legacy of setting you up with my up quad and I will you many more fun late night calls. Annniiiieeeeeeeeee, what’s up gurll. You’re really funny and blunt at times which sometimes really stung but other times it helped me take up some challenges I wouldn’t have otherwise. From just asking advice to trying to get you with my upquad, it seems like there’s been a lot we talked about but time flew by so quick. There were a lot of fun calls and I am gonnna miss them. Remember to give yourself a break once in a while and to just give Josh… I mean, someone a shot. You never know.

To Tanmayee Vegesna, I will you love. That you’ll always be surrounded by people who love and care about you. I’ve met a lot of people over the past three years and I have to say that out of all of them, you’re my favorite. Meeting you last year was fun and I remember thinking of you as such a nub. Well, you’re still a nub but this year you’ve grown so much as a person. I’m happy that you learned a lot about yourself and what you want from life. It’s amazing what can come from a challen… I mean from a great friendship. I want to thank you because you helped me realize what I want from my life. I had a hunch before but you confirmed it. Thank you for all the time you spent with me and for not always doing homework. I’m glad my rituals worked! Thank you for always talking to me and being my best friend senior year. This year has been my favorite by far and it was because you were such a big part in my life. I know that I don’t always say the nicest things and can be rude a lot of the time. I know that I haven’t always been fair and did things I shouldn’t have. I know that we had some downs, but we had a lot more ups. It’s been an honor and privilege to be your friend this year. As I head to college, I want you to remember to take it easy and that it’s ok to relax sometimes. I’ve seen you work so hard this year and I know you deserve to be happy at the end of the day. I will you the best future. One filled with getting your dream colleges and jobs, strengthening and making new friendships, and finally, a best friend you can always talk to no matter what. Most importantly, I will you a life where your heart is always happy because you deserve it. You’re one of those people that I hope stay in my life and I know I won’t forget you. If you ever need anything, you know what to do. I’m going as a part-time student anyway. I’ll see you soon.

Abhinaya Ramakrishnan
To the Congress Debate Team, I will you a long and successful year where you will not only teach the new members the art of communication and argumentation, but continue the vision of debating not for the awards and medals, but to do it right (with good research). I will you new sophomores as eager as you to do research, but ones that will continue to do research for the rest of the year. I will you a strong leader that cares about your ideas and continues the feedback loop for the entire year. I am always here if you need any help, but I hope that you will find your own momentum this upcoming year.

To Audrey, I will you a german friend as amazing as you have been to me. I often tell people that I love german class, but that’s not because of the actual language or the class, but you! You have made german bearable for the past two years and I honestly don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you for carrying me through german, even if that often held you back. I’m going to miss our german table next year and all the jokes about piggy! I will you an amazing, restful senior year where you can finally relax and take a step back from the craziness that is your life. Thank you for being an amazing friend <3.

To Sophie, I will you an acceptance letter to Stanford (if I could do that, I honestly would!). Nonetheless, I will you an amazing IMSA journey, where you realize that life is more than getting grades higher than a 93% for the “”real A”” and is a journey that has a lot of hardships and obstacles at every corner. I will you an opportunity to really develop your leadership skills and to open up your mind the the possibilities around you. You are filled with new opportunities, responsibilities, and wonderful people every day, and I will you the initiative to take advantage of it all. You have been an amazing debate member, and I will you the research side of debate, where you continue to push Ethan and the rest of your teammates forward – digging deeper and thinking critically each step of the way.

To Krishna, I will you the amazing Congress team that I have poured years upon years of sweat and work on. I know this may seem like a very hard task, but I will you the ability and time-management skills to take this responsibility on. Not to mention, I will you amazing co-captains that will help you through the next two years. I truly hope you have as much fun as I had these past two years, leading the debate team and making connections and friends I will always have!

To Matt, I will you the time-management skills to do everything you truly want. I hope that next year you can actually focus on debate and spend time doing what you truly love and not just “”compi sci”” or “”modphys”” all the time. I will you my debate team and I hope you take good care of it as the oldest member on the team. I will you the ability to push forward what IMSA debate has always stood by and the help the next generation of debaters realize what an amazing event Congress really is.

To the Golf Team, I will you a fun and exciting golf season filled with matches where we always win and more than one Oberweis trip! I will you a close-knit group of new sophomores that join that team that continue to bring scores lower and push to constantly be better. You all have never stopped amazing me by how hard you work and how much you constantly push to be better at golf, never stop doing that! Maybe next year, IMSA will win conference!

To Ayush & Andy, I will you the golf team. While Dr. K never actually assigns captains, I took it upon myself as the oldest member for the past two years to be your captain – and I give that responsibility down to you. I will you golf members that always look up to you, are role models for amazing golf etiquette, and never stop putting! Have fun with the team and play ever match like it is your last – because chances are, you may never play on that course as a IMSA golfer again!

To TJ & Vismay, I will you an amazing golf season where you both make it to State and set new IMSA records. You both came out of nowhere, but really showed me what it means to be a good golfer (and even how to use a rangefinder)! I hope that you continue to play golf throughout the summer and come back even stronger and better than you were last year. I will TJ three repeat state tournaments (I think that would be an IMSA record) and Vismay, two state tournaments to come – not to mention a three time repeat of the all-conference golf team for you both. Congrats guys on an amazing season, and here is to another two!

To Eva and Alice, I will you an amazing senior year filled with peace and relaxation (and 10pm bed times!). I hope that you become the Harvard Twins that your grandmother would love! I will you to continue to support and be there for each other. Hope you have an amazing senior year!

To Milica, and Vasu, I will you a fun and exciting junior and senior year. I hope that you take the time away from your academics to focus on yourselves and your friends. I will you good grades, a decent sleep schedule, strong mental health, and great friends over the next few years. I hope you take the initiative to get out of your group and talk to other people in your class, helping those underclassmen and taking advice from the “”wise”” upperclassmen. Have fun!

To the future of Bio Club, I will you a more organized and efficient system, where you have an advisor that actually cares and helps you run the club. I will you board members that show up to meetings, and presidents that will actually have meetings. I hope that you find a way to make bio club a big thing at IMSA and follow through with whatever activities you plan!

To Eunice, I will you the continuation of the EYSO Carpool Fam! I have loved having you in the carpool, especially that late night talk we had when I drove you home. You are a kind, compassionate, and super sweet hard-working person and I hope you get everything you want. I will you your acceptance to UChicago, so your parents can put that sticker in their car and you can wear more maroon. I will you a less stressful senior year filled with fun, excitement, and more Mr. Swiggum!

To future 1502 A13 people, I will you my sophomore and senior year room. This room as seen me through a lot from being a single for an entire semester with my roommate gone, tons of tears, lots of late night homework crams, joys of excitement, and even bouts of anger. I hope that you fall in love with this room as much as I have and someday call it your home!

To my current A wing juniors- Eden, Koyena, Marissa, VV, Sibil, Hannah, Eva, and Alice, I will you the chance to realize when it is too much and you need to get away from everything and everyone. Next year will be a stressful time filled with college applications and harder classes than you have had before. I will you people who will be there for you at every down, helping you get back on your feet and cheering you on through every acceptance. I hope that you all get closer because of the common struggles of college apps and the stress from imminent deadlines. I will you each other to read your essays and help you through the college process – piggybacking off each other. I will you each other to be there when one of you is sad, and to be that listener and calmer during those times. Whether you realize it or not, your wing is your biggest support system – so never be afraid to ask for help, and never say no to helping a wingmate out.

Adhav Arulanandan
To Suchet Kumar, I will you the 04bit banner. It was fun having you pretty much live in my room for half of last year, and I wish I could have lived with you as an actual D-wing member, not just an honorary one. I also will you your face, by which I mean your Faces of IMSA picture.

To Suraj Sunkara, Dinky, I will you a dinky underclassman who you can scoop the living daylights out of. Keep making 04D the greatest wing on campus, and I probably shouldn’t be the one telling you this, but for real, get some sleep.

To Spencer Donohue, I will you the Punisher, in the hopes that it will be used regularly. Just kidding. I know that in your hands the Punisher will receive the peaceful rest it deserves. Unless it’s part of one of your elaborate pranks.

To Nathan Kim, I will you fire. I also will you the ability to relax. You’ll need it next semester.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you the B04T paddles, which you should have had in the first place.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you the best SSS the world has ever seen. You’ve worked so hard the last two years beasting your way through IMSA, and I can’t wait to come back and see you SSS the way you deserve to.

To Connor Rhodes, I will you the title of CA. You’ve earned it. I’m happy to have been able to live with you both years you were here, and to have shared with you some of my best memories at IMSA. Have a great senior year, and don’t be too dumb.

To Tony Un and Thomas Jacobs, I will you the ability to take 07 to new heights. This year brought to the forefront all of the potential 07 has, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of it. Also, I will you a dinner date.

To 07BUQ, I will you the title of senior quad and all of the responsibility that comes with it. B Wing, Best Wing.

To John Woods and Hunter Kiger, I will you peace and quiet.

To Eric Errampalli, I will you a junior to tell you bad jokes and to provide you with the cop.

To Chris Teng, Ayush Bhalavat, and Raja Choi, I will you the ability to not get caught. I see a lot of parallels between you and how Justin, Thomas, and I were as sophomores. Don’t let junior year crush your crazy spirits, and also don’t get 50% of 1507’s Tier 1s the way we did this year.

To Chris Bridges, I will you the yams. Metaphorically, of course, we lost the real ones. What’s the yams, you ask? The yams is the spirit of 24/7, and you really showed out for the hall this year. Keep that spirit alive.

To Rohan Upadhyay, I will you an early bedtime without a subwoofer shaking your walls like a magnitude 7 earthquake. Also I will you a sophomore brave enough to ask you to turn down your music, or stop jumping or whatever.

To Austin VonPerbandt, I will you a junior who will feed your starving self next year.

To Sam Anozie, I will you the Crystal Lake legacy, even if you are from PR.

To Jo-Jo Bertrand and Moses Halliman, I will you the title of 07 hot boys, no matter where you live.

To Eliot Smith and TJ Ptak, I will you the ability to be IMSA legends. You’ve got a great start already.

Advai Podduturi
To James Lichtenstein, (James! C’mon it’s 10 check. Lets go! 7-min workout time) I will you a better wardrobe, the ability to pull them all off, ironing skill, infinite green tea, and another person to talk to for hours. Never have I ever felt so naturally comfortable around a person as I did with you. Truthfully, you’ve been my biggest inspiration this semester. Just so you know how special you were to me, I wanted to will you my most prized possession from my room. Here’s a hint: it’s hanging in my bathroom. I hope it is a proud decoration in your room next year.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you something that won’t “piss you off”. I will you another person to pop your back and I hope that your back is less stressed next year. Now that you’re a senior, I will you the ability to cop as many cookies from your underclassmen as I did from you. Lastly, I will you hugs and kisses. There will be many more to come, either at IMSA or later…

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you gummy bears. I hope that you are less stressed next year and can sleep in peace for as long as you want. I will you another underclassmen that you meet during your SSS who will talk to you when you’re bored out of your mind, who will listen to your rants, help you out when you’re stressed, and just be there for you like you were for me. I hope you have a great senior year because you truly deserve it solbo.

To Olivia Shi, I will you a better dinner date (and prom date) who will actually remember to sign out of check. Honestly, I never enjoyed dinner dates but I’m so happy I got invited to yours in 06A. Your smile lights up the room and seeing you always improves my day. I hope that, in your senior year, you are as happy as you made me whenever I saw you.

To Kanika Leang, I will you someone who is even sweeter than you. I’ll miss your ability to always spread positivity and happiness. Remember, it will always work out. Don’t worry, be happy.

To Suraj Sunkara, I will you a night of hypnosis-induced bliss. I also will you another sophomore who is even more dinky than you are. I hope you get the dream, if you know what I mean. Come downstairs before I graduate to receive one last gift from my wall. I think you already know what it is. You have graduated from being just dinky to being CDinky. One last thing, continue me and Pranav’s traditions next year…

To Leon Li, I will you an underclassman that will carry your Hall Decs and Mural even harder than you carried ours with your freehanding ability. You’re incredibly talented and I hope you keep drawing…instead of playing League 😉. Lastly, I wanted you to know that you’re extremely beatable Leon, but also extremely lovable.

To Suchet Kumar, (SUCH––. Well, you know what I’m saying) I will you another sophomore who will mean as much to you as you did to me. I will always remember you as the one soph that came to my room and basically refused to leave. Create a home for him to inhabit next year that’s just like the one that you so happily found with me, Adhav, Justin, and Thomas. Thanks for being a great soph.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you the sushi that I owe you. You were one of the first sophomores I ever met and sometimes I can’t believe you were the little high-pitched sophomore that came to my house with questions about IMSA. You’ve grown so much, more mentally and literally, and you continue to impress me with how smart you are. I’ll miss you a lot bud.

To Sohil Reddy, I will you the ability to remember your 04D roots. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see you as much because you were one of my favorite presences in the wing last year. Thanks for all the food cops. I know that you can accomplish all the goals you set for yourself senior year because, in the past two years, you’ve already shown me what you are capable of when you put your mind to it. You’re a beast and I will you the ability to never forget that.

To Jimmy Ren, Suraj Sunkara, James Lichtenstein, and Leon Li, Pranav and I will you 04DDQ. Hopefully, next year, you will have the quad door open. May you turn it into the home and true down quad that me and Pranav could never make for you guys. Down quads, at least in my experience, have been the life of the wing and you guys have all it takes and more to carry on our traditions. I wish you guys countless memories in the place that I’m never going to forget.

To Tommy Neidlein, I will you an Arduino with more than 32 KB of RAM. Working on decs with you was my favorite part of clash, hands down. I can’t wait to come back next year and see the even crazier idea you guys come up with. I trust you to take our decs straight to the top.

To Josh Eberhardt, I will you the ability to make high-quality nightcore and a better Chinese tablemate. Thank you for getting me through that class with your contagious smile and energy.
To Bert Cao and Patrick Li, I will you both as much senioritis as I had that year and that you find another underclassmen when you’re dead in class. You two were my saviors in MI4 and I still miss the best math table I ever had. Bert, never stop playing Hearthstone in class. You’re an adorable little ball of sunshine and I hope you never change. Patrick, your comments in MI4 never failed to wake me up. You’re so smart and I’m sad that I didn’t see you that much after first semester.

To Alej Curtis, I will you two more years of fun at IMSA. I couldn’t have asked for a better sophomore to constantly be the life of D wing. I hope we have some more fun nights before I graduate. I regret not spending more time with you. But, I also will you the ability to apply yourself more than you are now. I think you’re actually intelligent and capable of a lot. Pick something, stick to it, and become a god. Make me proud.

To Nathaniel Kim, (you are one of the hardest working people I know so) I will you a legendary SSS. May you come out of your shell and spend less time hunched over your desk because I can’t think of a person who deserves to relax more than you. I also will you an underclassmen to entertain (and carry) you through your classes as you did for me in MVC.

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you the ability to grow into the senior I know you can be. I’m really sad that I won’t get to see (and slap) your silly face everyday. Next year, I hope you top your role in the Diwali script. Always remember Teja… CHAL MAAR!

To Alex Zhong, I will you a completely stress-free SSS. You never fail to be cheerful and its one of your best qualities. Thank you for being such a positive force in the wing this year. I’m sad that you’re leaving 04 but I hope you find and create a happy home in 01.

To Nishant Bhamidipati, I will you confidence and the ability to find yourself at IMSA. I know it’s been rough for you so far. Don’t let IMSA deter you. Keep trying! You have so much potential that I hate to see these small setbacks hold you back. You have two more years at IMSA. Make the best of them.

To Saisu Talusu, I will you a nubby little sophomore who will ACTUALLY carry you through your classes. Thank you for the endless cops.

Akhila Vuppalapati
To Suhitha Irukalla, I will you an annoying sophomore that will never let you go:a sophomore that you will teach but still learn so much from because that’s what you were to me. I’m so glad that you asked me to teach you SI Bio that one day and you slept over thinking you would learn something but instead we spent the whole night talking. You’ve been one of the few people that I constantly relied on these past two years and I really hope that nothing changes next year (I expect to see you at Case Western in two years pfft Uncle, of course it’s an Ivy).

To Gloria, Diann, and Jaimie, I will you guys the map. But of course there’s a catch, I couldn’t hand off the most precious gift of all so easily soooo you guys can go on a treasure hunt! The map pieces are scattered around in The SpotsTM and if you find enough you can piece the map together !! Goodluck children, I wish you the best of luck.

To Gloria Huang, I will you an adorable and gross wingmate that will shamelessly sing Deepthroat by CupcakKe with you at the top of her lungs in the wing commons every single day at check. I will forever miss our intricate choreography to the song and I’m almost hundred percent sure that we emotionally scarred some people with those dances but it’s okay sacrifices needed to be made me for the greater good! I appreciate all of the deep talks that we had throughout the last two years and our petty rants (it’s okay we’ll continue to be petty in college and I expect you to tell me all the new additions to the petty window). PS I really hope that you’re the map winner even though you might not have any use for it, you can always find other things for it (pls don’t sell my life’s work ty).

To Diann Moon, I will you a bubbly sophomore who is so full of life. I’m so glad that we sat together during the housing meeting last year and you laughed every two seconds. You brighten my day even if I only see you for two minutes and I cherish the days you walk into my room, flop onto my bed, and have rant sessions with me. Thanks for being MY FAB president and for making sure that I don’t look ugly 24/7. It’s been a lively two years babe.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you a sophomore who yells FATHER as loud as she can when she sees you. From all the wild adventures to discussing why boys suck to helping me decide outfits, you’ve been so fun to be with. Thanks for being such a great son these two years and for giving me so much advice.

To Scott Du, I will you an SIR carry that will explain everything to you 3 times every I-Day. It’s been fun this last year trying to understand what’s happening in our lab (never forget review 120). I can’t believe that I survived SIR without embarrassing myself by saying. Oh and I will you PCR that works :))

To Shubhi Verma, I will you a sophomore who is always emotionally there for you. You have been a great shoulder to lean on for small and big things, and I can’t believe I’m going to have to live without this next year :(( From dying through French to heartbreaks (lmao regrets), I’m glad that we could go through it all together :’) I’ll miss you next year Shubhi.

To Alison Deng, I will you a sophomore who will bully you every time you go into her room and will eventually just come into your room, bully you, climb onto your bed, bully you some more, and then leave. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when I don’t have you around to just hide my laptop and change its background and to attack me every two seconds. It’s been so fun seeing you die everyday with Spanish while I SSSed, but what can I say that’s the circle of life isn’t it. Thanks for making ugly hearts with me and getting disapproving looks from the snow globe picture dude (he was super scary). I expect handwritten love letters to me every month next year cuz I will miss you bullying me. I also would like to will you a pair of chanclas for you to showcase to your baby sophs in two years.

To Zahra Vasi, I will you someone to Netflix with. From Jane the Virgin to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I’ve fallen asleep to it all on your shoulder in 1508. I’m so glad that we started talking the day you moved in and to this day we still cuddle n die together. From complaining about how much we hate doing our work to procrastinating all of the work with the Netflix, I’m so glad that it was with you. I’ve loved being the Rogelio to your Jane these past months and I promise you that even when I’m in college I will still call you to tell you about all of my extraness. The only thing that I can only leave you with is to remember to never let “What Ifs” control you, but to take comfort in knowing that you tried everything.

To MY Vidya Babu, the greatest sophomore ever, I will you a sophomore who crashes in your room everyday for the next three years.

Alana Dawson
To Aleah Brown, I will a vine a day so she can laugh without the light in her life being at IMSA (me). I know you’ll still have a gr9 time though because you’re friends with everyone basically. I hope your new roommate works out because unfortunately we decided not to room next year :-( I’m gonna miss you more than I wanna know how Trey’s basketball game went the next day.

To Nani Sanchez, I will amazing hugs from everyone you meet because I’ll really miss giving them to you. You’re always there to brighten up my day and I hope that next year you get an underclassmen that can do the same to you. Stay positive and you can always do what you set you’re mind to. You’re gonna kill senior year.

To Brooke, I will a limited edition Shrek poster, signed by Shrek himself! Just kidding, I really wish I had one to give you though. I guess instead I’ll will you a few memes, basketball warm-up pants that fit, and a lit senior year. You’re one of the funniest, wildest, and friendliest person I’ve ever met and I know you’re gonna do great things in your life. You always made me laugh and I hope I could do the same. Keep kickin butt at IMSA and don’t forget, you’re a wizard Harry.

To Kathy Lopez, I will you the fate of our volleyball team, you’re absolutely amazing and I know you’ll carry the team to victory (sorry about the coaching staff though, maybe you’ll be a setter next year?).

To Tyler Fullilove, I will flowers and soft clouds and anything kind and wonderful because that’s what you deserve and remind me of. Tyler you’re so sweet and kind and you always say hi to me in the hallway and I hope that you’re senior year is amazing. Keep up the positive attitude and never let anyone put you down. Stay amazing <3

To Louise Lima, I will a friendly face because that’s what you were to me. Good luck pursuing engineering, or whatever you end up going into. You’re an amazing setter, a super intelligent student, and a great friend. I’ll miss you.

To Joy Taylor, I will someone to scream her name whenever they see her in the hallway. I hope volleyball goes well next year and you get to SSS and chill as a senior.

To Olivia Norris, I will a new amazing titan teammate during the volleyball season. Hopefully one who gives you as many treats as you gave me (those brownie, peanut butter things we’re amazing what the heck please give me the recipe).

To Brooke Cambra, Audrey Gallier, Grace Mitchell, Jumobi Arowolo, Samira Cheruku, Kya Richardson, Aleah Brown, and Nani Sanchez, I will the future of the basketball team and TALL incoming sophomores; it’s your turn to carry the torch. Remember to trust in yourselves and you will be able to do amazing things. Who knows, maybe Jumobi will be point guard and Audrey will play the post. Whatever happens you’ve just gotta get it done. And don’t forget to get to the BASKET.”

Alexander Federici
To Grant Dexter, I will you the infinite universe. You are the smartest kid I have ever met and I hope you will fully take advantage of your talents one day. I always enjoy running in to you during the school day because you never fail to smile and say hello. Your presence in downquad will always be remembered.

To UPquad, I will you the stick of silence to keep your juniors quiet when you fully embrace being seniors and want to sleep right after check. You guys have been a blast to have in the wing and are always full of energy despite being juniors. Thanks for playing mario kart with us.

To Richard and Alej, I will you sophomores that are the life of the party. You guys are some wild dudes and I’ve enjoyed your visits. Don’t work too hard next year but also don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish in the future.

To the basketball team, I will you the health that I didn’t have. For the sophomores, don’t be complacent. I got to play on varsity as a sophomore and stopped practicing as hard and regret it looking back. To Cassius, Matthew, Femi, and Faris, I am willing you the ability to dunk. Please make this happen so everyone in the crowd can go insane. To everyone else, improve upon your last season and keep up the grind.

To Sol, I will you cute peace signs and an underclassman carry. Adchem was fun, thank you for helping me. Enjoy your senior year!

To Grace, I will you the front seat of the car and a massage chair. Soon I’ll be gone and you will be the only one to make the commute to home and to IMSA and back. Try to relax a little more junior year but keep up the good work. You have so much potential and I have high expectations for what you can do. I’ve really seen you grow a lot this year and I hardly recognize you as girl in the yellow bug collector suit that we would joke about. I hope you’ll enjoy IMSA as much as I did!

To everyone else that I was going to write a will to, the form is closing and I have procrastinated. Have a great rest of your time here!

Alexis Miller
To Brooke Cambra, I will you all my left-hand dribbling skills (or at least the ones Keith thinks I have).

To Nani Sanchez, I will you all the mom hugs in the world. <3

To Erma Porter, I will you all my Webtech things and all my bad memes involving Pop Punk music.

To Isabel Grzeskowiak, I will you to be a full time catcher for the IMSA “Titan’s” girls softball team.

Allie Platon
To Denis, I will you all my old softball equipment (and some shin guards and a chest protector and…). Thank you for playing softball with me for the past two years . I really enjoyed playing with you and teaching you all about softball. You are an amazing student and such a hard worker (not just for softball either). I’m so glad I got to get to know you more this year, because even though I don’t say it, you’re great to be around and im going to miss you so much next year. I also will you the ability to not take anyone else’s crap. You are more than capable to do absolutely anything, so don’t let others hold you back. I know that you’re gonna do great next year, with everything. I love you, bonch.

To Becca, I will you so many things. Gnocchi (yunky), monkey bread, more surgery video games, my crocs (actually no, i’ll probably give them to Izzy), the panel of beans, and you deserve it all. You have such a strong personality and it really creates an effect in your communities. I’m so glad I got to know you and experience that. I love seeing you in the wing commons after check to do homework and to goof off. While I hope you get more sleep, I hope that your senior year is as full of great late nights as mine was.

To Alexa, I will you an amazing lab partner (we both know how hard that can be to find). I had such a great time with you in MAD and PAD, with all of the madness that is bio@IMSA. I hope you find an equally fun and smart lab partner as I did.

To Kristin, I will you some more foreign students. You have such a welcoming personality and honestly, it’s very refreshing. You’re gonna have a great senior year, packed with more fresh sophomores that you can embrace.

To Tat, Makayla, Allia, and Emily, I will you the absolute buffoonery that is C wing. It’s gonna be great time for all of you because you all bring such great energy into the wing. Never forget that you live in an amazing place and we all love you, so make it your own.

To Grace, I will you an even better softball season. I know sophomore year was rough, but its getting so much better! You have so much talent and I can’t wait to come back and see you guys do great. Probably at an away game because we both know we’ll never play at home.

Amahlia Su
To the Juniors of C wing (Kelsey, Katie, Mia, Dwanne, Meghan, Briella), I will you the legacy of C wing. I know this sounds like a tall order already, but all of you are very , very, very capable human beings. You struggle, you fail, and you fall, but you’ve also always been there to pick other people up and should continue to do so in the future. I love you all a lot and if I visit, I promise food. Even if you don’t end up in C wing next year, I’m sure your cheer will follow you regardless. I will you strength and patience to get through decisions (college, scholarship, club, whatever), senior year, college applications, and any drama if it ever comes your way

To the Sophomores of C wing (Stella, Alana, Rachel, Nora, Clara, Sravani, Athena, Shruti), I will you the best of luck wherever you are next year, whether it’s in 06, on-campus, or off. You’ve given me such delight every day I’ve interact with you all. I will you the resilience, luck, and sleep I hoped to have my junior year.

To Rachel Mason, I will you the Drama Gravestone and the Techie Spirit.

To Joanna Lee and Janna Jann, I will you the Lunar New Year show, in all of its ups and downs. Make me proud! I’ll be watching from the seats or livestream and cheering you on all the way.

To Janna Jann and Ryan Talusan, I will you wholesomeness individually and combined and greaT lunar shenanigans. Git gud and don’t date okay dating is for after marriage and I expect great things from BOTH of you like GOOD GRADES and only pure Christian behavior.

To Justin Izaguirre, I will you spontaneous creativity and artistic ability. Git gud.

To Chris Bridges, I will you good luck with teachers and strength for hard nights of working and good nights of fooling around.

To Aidan Steinman, I will you some common sense and returned paternal affections from Dr. Dong.

Amanda Eckstrom
To Red, I will you a fun senior year and the ‘Christy’-like respect. If anyone deserves it it is you.

To Kelsey, I will you the energy to not die during tech weeks.

To Caitlin and Christina, I will you neighbors who will yell ‘cheese’ in the middle of the night.

To Sam, I will you lots and lots of pigeons.

To all of 03 C-wing, I will you donuts and the unforgettable Christmas goat songs.

To Chamber Choir, I will you laughter and yearly Beatles songs.

Amanda Wang
To Isaiah, I will you the bubbly senior that everyone would be friends with and know about to some degree. From the start of orchestra to now

To Kelsey Chang, I will you the role of mom and the magic of head pats.

To Katie Lu, Mia Ye, Sierra Buske, Madalyn Campbell, Dwanne Colobong, and Kelsey Chang, I will you the

To Justin Izaguirre, Eva & Alice Liu, I will you the magic of friendship through the form of insults and Seattel.

To Sravani Ponnaluri, Athena Zheng, Clara Robin, Nora Leahy, Kara Warcup, Alana Depaz, Rachel Mason, Stella Parriott, Shruthi Shakthivel, Briella Henderson, Dwanne Colobong, Katie Lu, Kelsey Chang, Madalyn Campbell, Meghan Hendrix, and Mia Ye, I will you the welcoming, warm, hyped up, weird, fun, wonderful, best wing atmosphere to your future wings, wherever that might be. I have had the most memorable times in 06C, and I can’t ask for a better wing. Ever. I don’t know any wing that is as nice and beautiful and pure as this.

Ananya Yammanuru
To Urvi, I will a junior equally as crazy, as hardworking, as funny, and as determined as you are.

To Jess, I will the coloring book I was given at the end of last year from another senior.

To Jess and Abigail, I will an awesome wing and enthusiastic wing guides.

To Christoph, I will dank memes.

To Anisha, Annie, Jaimie, and Diann, I will a sane, stress-free, and successful senior year. Or at least, a shot at one.

Andrew Kim
To Lil Knut Max, I will you sophs of your own to care for and to show you how far you’ve come. Luke lived in the room next to me last year and what else but fate put you in the same room? You are similar to luke in many ways, but you are a different person. Remember that. You are as motivated, friendly, and cheerful, don’t forget your positive traits. It’s often hard to step out of a sibling shadow, but you are already doing it well, trust me.

To Kaushal Gumpuloompa, I will you another super pseudo schmen to bother you about mellow pies every other day. Keep being the happy little kid you are because no matter how old you get, you will always be a little babe to me. Keep those muscles stronger than Chetan and I’m sure I’ll see you again later in life, maybe with someone else ;)

To Gloria Huong & Diann Moons, I will you a fun senior year free of stress and all your overthinking about certain types of people ;). I’ve seen you both grow and mature so much over the past years. Make sure to keep an open and understanding mindset with people. They are only human and all in different places in life. Your attitudes and character will bring success in your life so keep being who you are.

To Chetan Reddyfornothing, I will you some protein that doesn’t go straight through and a better soccer season than ours. Oh Chetan, my little sad boy. From sophomore year when avoid falling into Yowism to becoming your own person, I’m so proud of your personal development. However, there’s still more to go, and you must keep your mind open and ready to accept change, that is the only way one can grow and mature. You can achieve many things with your life, maybe able to bench the bar at some point.

To Ethan Saquimux el mexicano, I will you more happy sophomores who fall asleep in classes, and maybe another Sean Golinski behind you at all times. You’re such a happy fella and I love to see you dance and smile. Keep being the cheerful guy you are and keep doing what you love.

To Matthew L-Kim, Jay DingDongfixyourautolockingdoor, Ajay Jayjayjaysomething, Vibhav Maggiman, I will you 04 and the ability to go out more. Be a great quad to your sophs and make sure you go to their rooms if they don’t go to yours. You guys are all good people, don’t ever lose that quality.

To Nikita the Elk, I will you self-discovery and individuality in yourself. Nikita suka, we’ve talked quite a bit this year and I got to know you pretty well. You’re super motivated, smart, and will work hard, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Don’t follow other people blindly, they may be your idols but doing so can cause you to lose your own individuality, which I can assure you is something different and special. Think about yourself too sometimes. Maybe score some more goals next year, the bench is awfully cold isn’t it.

To Nick Ramos (the hidden programming, clarinet god), I will you a trip to China. I’ve seen you grow for 2 years with Timur and also by yourself. Keep growing, although maybe not any more vertically. You have many passions and you focus on them very strongly, however, don’t let this detract you from the other things. They may not be what you want, but they are equally important at this time. I’ll see you in China.

To Daniel Crust, I will you A’s in all your Spanish classes and for you to keep running, not only physically but through life and obstacles. If it wasn’t for your perfectly executed bottle flip on the soccer table sophomore year, we would’ve had no respect for you. But you did and you continue to be the joking kid you are, however low your Spanish participation is. Don’t let your emotions control you but rather keep that joking attitude.

To Big Knut Luke, I will to you an amazing senior year of happiness filled with amazing friends. Sophomore year you moved in with a full fridge and cookies every week. We learned to cook together and made food all the time. But even besides these superficial food aspects, you have grown so much as a person. You do so much for the wing, the hall, and other people. The time and effort you put in them are admirable. But do more things for yourself too. Don’t worry about other people and what they think, because when you focus on yourself and develop as a person, everything will come.

To Jolin Zhengroyal, I will you a stressless senior year and more happy times to come. Jolinnn, you happy bubbling girl, you are such a great person. Please keep doing what you do, you are such a caring and nice person. If you ever need anything, I’m always there for you

To Christoph Gaffuku, I will you a relaxing senior year without Ethan and Sean stealing you blocks and rings. Late to movement and relaxation again aren’t you. Although I didn’t get the class I wanted, I’m glad I got to meet you in pain therapy.

To Jimmy Wren, I will you sophs that annoy you with memes from the past so that you may never rest. I also will sophomores that will wrestle on your bed and leave sweat stains like you did. Have fun in senior year buddy.

To Nathan Kim, my brother, I will you the Kim empire of IMSA, it is now yours to run. Adopt all Koreans and expand the empire. Don’t procrastinate and work hard, you’re smarter than me. Use it well. Also Albert says stop being a merci main.

To Louise Lima, Peru & Tatiana Oquendo, I will you not only robotics, but the people who will be there. As pit heads and future leadership, remember who you were before and what it was like. Leadership is a responsibility, you have a responsibility to the people who will work in pit and mechanical/electrical. You are the start of new titan robotics so make it better as a team, the full team, including everyone.

To Tommy Needs, I will you the people of robotics, remember and recognize them. There are different types of leaders and you and I are quite different. Winning is a priority sure, but it is nothing compared to the lives you can change in robotics. Make sure to evaluate your position and the effect you can have. All goals are achievable with time and effort, prioritize intelligently
As little as you may think of alum, don’t forget them, mentors may know robotics, but alum know the workings of a team, an IMSA team. This is knowledge and experience no other mentor will have. Keep working hard and revolutionizing the robotics team like I know you will

To Anisha Gubbs, I will you a new business team that will do even more than you already did. IMSA robotics kids are smart, but often don’t fulfill their potential because they don’t put in the work. You showed how strong that potential is this year and next year, I know you will do even more. However, remember that there are failures and successes. Both are equally important in development. No matter what you encounter, always strive to learn from it and grow. There is no point getting held down at any time. Take them into account but don’t let it control you. I know you’ll do great in life.

To Annie Xhock, Emily S-itymuseum, Zoe Benergetic, Andrew Weeds, Jojo Pause Petey bois, I will you this group to be expanded. It’s my time to leave. But the group isn’t disbanded yet. Add on to it and include everyone on robotics. You are all good people inside, but make sure you show it. Don’t be afraid to go out and meet new people. Go out and have more experiences with different people to mature and develop yourselves. And I’ll come visit soon.

To Aidan Steilneyourwomans, I will you sophomores that you can teach what you learned and also a different and great senior year. Aidan, I’m so glad we were able to talk junior year because you refused to talk to me sophomore year. You’re a great guy and often misrepresented. But don’t let that bring you down, because you’re more than that. You have what a lot of people don’t have, a resistant and positive character. And most of all, an ability to grow and learn from your experiences. I’m so proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish and also your change in mindset.

Andrew Peev
To distance (Soto, DChen, Jake, Gabe, Vincent, Miron, Ishaar, and Jason), I will you all a great, fun, memey, injury-free, lit XC/track season. I’ve seen this team grow and change so much over these 3 years. My sophomore year we didn’t really come together until April, by junior year we were blazing across the course and meming all the way, and this year has been the most driven I’ve ever seen us. We might have not made state, but we are a solid team and our workouts and races have shown it. I don’t know what the future holds exactly, but I know it will be great. Don’t forget about your seniors when we’re gone <3

To Bridges, I will you my spot as wing guide, you really deserve it. Even if the application process goes sideways, its okay, it did for me too and things still worked out. I know that you can bring a lot to the wing and I hope you do. No matter what, stay active in the wing and have fun. I also will you a sophomore of your own that you can call your son, to laugh with, to give advice to, and to survive the year with.

To Alyssa, Louise, Noah, Nolan, and Andrew (Blueberry) Du, I will you fun times with your favorite band director. Carry on the legacy of your seniors when we’re gone.

To Justin, I will you a good SSS. You’re a great guy and you deserve everything that your final semester at IMSA will have to offer to you. Oh, and try to not run 07 into the ground.

To Dan, I will you a new person to match times with, and to have the honor of being the same person as you.

To Soto, DChen, and Jake, (this is from Kir and Istvan as well) we will distance captain status. To be honest, when Jair willed this on to me and Kir, I was already worried about how we would be able to pick the best 2 for the future season, you are all amazing. Luckily this season opened up the potential to 3 captains, which makes things a lot easier. I will you all the strength and drive to get your best PRs and lead the team to state (all while dealing with good ol’ PAP).

Angelica Villegas
To 03 C Underclassmen, I will you all amazing junior and senior years.

To 03C juniors (Anisha, Erika, Red, Mary, Miriam, Maddie), I will you a great senior year and amazing sophomores to talk to. Don’t stress too much about college. I know you will all be happy wherever you go! Enjoy your senior year and keep on being amazing!

To my 03C sophomores (Emily, Mara, Christina, Caitlin, Ji Yoon, Alison, Katie, Winny, Maxine, Zahra), I will you all amazing sophomores like yourself! You all were the greatest people and I am so lucky to have been in the same wing as y’all. I also will you more sleep (cough cough Winny). For those downstate kids I will you another downstate person to survive weekends with and to complain about travel time.(Some of these wills might not make sense to some but…) I will you someone who will call you a rebel(or who you get to call a rebel) when they leave their room at 10:59. I will you confidence to do amazing and a feeling that you don’t need to apologize. I will you an amazing quad. I will you someone who will say hi in the hallways. I will you someone equally as caring as you all. I also will you all a great junior year (and then senior year)! It may get tough but you all got this! Keep your head up! Don’t let IMSA junior year drag you down!

To Jess O., I will you an amazing senior year cause you deserve it and a sophomore who will eat bundt cake with you and play uke.

To Kaia M., I will you a sophomore as clumsy as we both are and a sophomore from Springfield who you can scream about Springfield stuff with. I also will you a year with you injuring yourself too terribly. Good Luck with IMSA junior year! Remember I’m always a FB message away!

To Eliza A., I will you a sophomore to sing the anthem with at robotics and someone who will scream “Angelica, Eliza and Peggy” at you.

To Team 2022, I will you no more fights to survive and great future seasons.

To Emily S., I will you many more days of playing Mario Cart and sushi ordering. I will you a sophomore who will call you baby senior and will make you laugh even on the most stressful days. Have a great senior year.

To Urvi, I will you less stress and a sophomore from Allies who you meet and brightens your day. You got this next year! Good luck on SCS and early move in and senior year!

Ari Lisitza
To all the C Wing Juniors and Sophomores, I will you infinite in-room breaking, memes, and gay mayhem. Make the most of your remaining years at IMSA, and take care of each other.

To Becca, I will you the role of Wing Parent. Keep your wingmates from killing each other, please.

To Kristin, I will you excellent hair and lots of cuddling. Don’t let IMSA get you down.

To Brandon, I will you spontaneous singalongs and as many baked goods as you can handle. The next two years are going to be some other best in your life, enjoy them.

To Red, Travis, and Tater, I will you the IMSA trains. Stick together and continue to build the community.

To Tea Wilson, I will you Intramural Sports and Games. I trust you to run it next year, and to get through whatever life throws at you.

Ashritha Karuturi
To Hunter Welch, I will you a junior that is the junior you were to me. I still remember you in eleMENT sophomore year, so loud and full of life. You are a risk-taker and a rule-breaker and proud. You have this insane ability to make the people around you so much happier and excited. I know that sometimes things can suck majorly, but whatever you do, don’t let go of that excitement for life and its possibilities.

To Priyanka Sarangbany, I will you the strength and resilience to lead your team. You’re a boss lady Priyanka, you’re immensely intelligent, confident, and above all passionate. Never stop caring as fiercely as I know you do now, your love for the program is your greatest strength. When it gets tough, rely on that love. You’re going to rock it, I have no doubt.

To Connor Rhodes, I will you confidence and courage. Creating a community is hard, it requires you to be not only intelligent and well-spoken but also, compassionate and empathetic. You will become a role model for your team, someone people not only look up to but also confide in and for good reason. You’re an excellent facilitator Connor and it is without doubt you’ll be an excellent coordinator. I will you to have the same confidence in yourself as I do in you.

To Priyanka, Connor, Grace, Abigail, Miron, Luke, Marisa, Eden, I will you the bond to get through anything. I was most vulnerable when I was with my board. I trusted them wholeheartedly and they trusted me back. That trust and respect we had for each other got us through some rough times where we all sat back and questioned our purpose for being here. It gets hard, I’m not going to lie but you are each other’s greatest strength, I truly believe that.

To eleMENT (Madi, Hunter, Eden, Suraj), I will you ridiculous meetings and never-ending inside jokes and a new facilitators that are going to take eleMENT from good to great. Meeting with you guys never felt like meetings, it was just us hanging out trying to figure out what to do next. I will you that same dynamic and genuine passion for improving the program. Big things are happening for eleMENT, and you guys are the ones that are going to make those things happen.

Aurora Harkleroad
To Erma, I will you the will to live.

To Tag, I will you the power to maintain eternal hope in other people

To Tea, I will you brighter days, and I would will you kindness, but you already have lots of that.

To Isaiah, I will you more days of unfathomable style, although I’m not sure you could be more stylish.

To Josh, I will you corn dogs and happiness.

To Ishanpepe, I will you more opportunities to use your old tv show references.

Becky Mathew
To Rhiannon Davids, Won Jun Park, and Jiyoon Lee, I will you the perfect oboe reed. I’ve enjoyed being in band with you, and I hope you find underclassmen oboists who are as great as you guys.

To Jiyoon Lee, I will you quiet and organized sectionals. You’ve been my favorite co-section leader, and I know you’ll continue to make amazing music.

To Tejo Velagapudi, Daniel Lee, Matthew Lee, Srivinay Tummarakota, and Hanson Hao, I will you a productive quiz bowl practice. You guys have made my last year with high school quiz bowl so fun, and your commitment and passion to keep learning has inspired me every time I see you.

To Grace Mitchell, Cassy Kuissi, Liana Koleva, Jolin Zheng, and Dannie Lee, I will you a piece of our ceiling. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such goofy, cute, and cool underclassmen, but I’m so happy that we could live together for two years.

To Liza Kuzmina, Alyssa Daniels, and Ethan Saquimux, I will you speakers and a computer that works. Choreographing drill with you has been one of the highlights of my time at 01, and I hope that when you lead 01 drill in the future you remember our memories together.

To Ashley Homecgoy and Sohil Reddy, I will you health so you don’t get sick at the same time like Lizzie, Bobby, and I did. Getting to work with such incredible dancers was like a dream come true for us choreographers, and I have no doubts that Lunar Modern will continue to impress next year. Jiayou!

To Cassy Kuissi, Dan Soto, Becca Ellington, and Christoph Gaffud, I will you a short, fun hall council. You’ve brought a half-hour of laughter to me every Sunday night, and you’ve brought happiness to all your fellow wing mates. I feel safe leaving the RSL team in your hands.

To Alexa and Denise, I will you some less scandalous and less emo clothes, respectively. Thanks for giving me hugs and then roasting me in two languages every time you see me. You’re gonna rock senior year.

To the underclassmen of 01A, I will you a clean sink. You’re each so fascinating and smart and cute and kind and so much more in your own way. Living here wouldn’t have been the same without you.

To 1501, I will you masterpiece-worthy back stairwell decorations. Living with such a supportive, fun-loving group of people for the last three years has been one of my favorite parts of IMSA. 01 changes every year, but it is and will continue to be the home to the best hall on campus.

Blair Hu
To Ethan Saquimux, I will the legacy of the “Dance Team bros Uwu” snapchat group that I hope you’ll add many cute incoming sophs and other cool dancers to. Keep the group alive and update ur graduating seniors on just random stuff and when you all GO TO STATE AGAIN!

To Ryan Talusan, Sam Anozie, and Sohil Reddy, I will you 04 drill. Y’all are so good at dancing and so much better than me. Whether or not i can make it to see next year’s drill in person i know that 04 is going to kill it. Also please remember all the fun times we’ve had this year, i know i’m gonna see some amazing dancing at pep rally but make sure to keep it as fun, lighthearted, and memey outside of practice too :))

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you more dabs. Thanks for dabbing with me.

To Shubhi Verma, I will you many more FRUITY FRIDAY FAMILY members. This idea is so weird but also is it embarrassing to say how much i look forward to each friday to put on a banana shirt! I’ll make sure to keep wearing a fruit shirt every friday i can in college

To Jimmy Ren, I will you Bfriend. Sorry, but you have carry this this disgusting tradition now. Don’t let it die, we have so many more parents to disappoint.

To Derek Ronske, I will you a new lip balm tasting partner. Thanks for the indoor outdoor carry with Abby and the weird Monkey sessions where we met twister players and the hordes of racist and homophobic people. I know you’ll find people as weird as you no matter what hall/wherever u end up.

Carson Goffinet
To Devika Prasad, I will you a baby soph to take care of. Last year we had Sofia and Amy to take care of us, this year I had to be the senior and take care of you. Our friendship has improved my IMSA experience so much and I will you someone that can brighten up your life as much as you’ve brightened up mine. Even though I roast you at every possible opportunity, I do it out of love and I hope you can find a sophomore that you can flame as much as I flame you. Also, I will you someone to take care of you when you’re crying about boys or sick with the flu because I can only do so much over Facetime.

To Derek Ronske, I will you someone to meme around at CAB meetings with. This year you’ve put in so much work for cab while also making the meetings bearable and I want you to have a cab junior that can carry as well as you did this year. Also, I will you someone with as cool music taste as you but good luck on that one because you’re really one of a kind in that department.

Cassie Parent
To Kaushal Gumpula, Bert Cao, Emily Sallenback, Matthew Selveraj, and Anisha Sharma, I will you LD. You have all worked so hard these past two years, and it has been amazing working with everyone. Beginning my IMSA career, LD was nothing, and thanks to you all, it is something. I’m going to miss all of you tons, and I know you will do amazing things with this event as you are all amazing people (even if judges can be less than amazing).

To Ashley Tin, Grace Sleyko, Anisha Sharma, and Nanouk Roy, I will you 06A downquad–and awesome juniors to play Just Dance and hypnotize people with.

To Cait Castillo, Ashley Homecoy, Frances Balto, and Lauren Crowe, I will you an awesome upquad and underclassmen that are as fun to talk to and are as friendly as you all.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you good framework debates and judges that understand your geniusness. Also, good physics classmates that will let you fulfill your full studiousness potential.

To Bert Cao, I will you double diamond in league and whatever the equivalent is in Hearthstone so you can focus on the more important things in life: debate and Connect4.

To Hanson Hao, I will you more lit carpools on the way to Bloomington (BLONO PRIDE), and the Ace of spades.

To Megan Lee, I will you an amazing junior year with a great work ethic, good food, and even better memories. You will do amazing things, beyond beating me at ERS.

To Nathan Lee, I will you less Buzzfeed and more work.

To Shikha Akhikari, I will you a sophomore who waves at you vigorously and sends you streak snaps of a wall.

To Shvetali Thatte, I will you more *lit* chess tournaments, and your own hotel room!!

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you a sophomore who will ACTUALLY walk with you.

Chandana Tetali
To Meghan, Briella, Kelsey, Madalyn, Mia, Katie, Dwanne, Shruti, Kara, Sravani, Athena, Clara, Stella, Rachel, Nora, and Alana, I will you more adventures and eggs. Thank you for bearing with my quad when we make weird, loud noises at night, and I hope that you’ll make the most of every moment you have left at IMSA. Stick together, because when you have your friends by your side, everything will work out.

To Grace, Nanouk, Anisha, Jayda, Nani, Surya, Kanika, and Olivia, I will you an awesome senior year. I’ll always remember A wing with you guys my junior year, and I hope you all find happiness in life & hold onto it tight.

To Madison & Shubhi, I will you both perseverance. You are so capable, and with your mere hands, you can influence so many people and change the world as you know it. When life gets tough, remember that you have each other and keep going. And, of course, above all else, stay golden. <3

To Joanna, Erika, Nathan, Mara, Grace, Jodie, and future Acronym team members, I will you the courage to always speak your voice. Your words are power, and you can create change. Never forget that and go forth.

To Sam, Harsha, and future Medical Society board, I will you more awesome events. Push the boundaries on what’s possible and try new things — keep expanding MedSociety and grow along with it.

To Sol, Trisha, Ben, and Amit, I will you all amazing internships. Make the most of your I-days, and look back on your fly transferring days with a smile.

To Alex Z., I will you an awesome math table and an amazing bullet journal. You won’t be able to beat our BC III table, but you can try; if all else fails, pull out your pens and start doodling. 😉

To Isaiah C., I will you bright rays of sunshine and endless Victorian prose. We’ve only had a couple of encounters, but already I’ve made you a grass crown, you’ve made my day, and we’ve both left smiling. You’re a gem, and I will you only the brightest of days when you’re feeling just a little bit lack luster. <3

To Vaish, I will you happiness. You can do anything you set your mind to, and if you ever doubt that, remember that I’m only a call away.

Charles Kuch
To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you direction. I’ve spent a whole year with you watching you deliberate, whether it be over what shoes to buy or what classes to take. I know you’re talented, but not yet sure on how to apply yourself. I’d say we’re both pretty cynical about IMSA, but you might as well make use of its opportunities. Give stuff a try and if it misses the mark, fire more shots.

To Thailer Lietz, I will you as many vegan options as your heart could possibly desire and the power to become the most epic gamer. You’re one of the funniest people I’ve had the chance to meet this year and I hope you never stop being yourself. I better see you at UIUC! OwO

To Kurt Leano, I will you passion. You are probably one of the kindest and generous people I’ve ever met, and it saddens me to watch you sit around bored. Take some time to be selfish for once and focus on yourself. Explore the prospects that IMSA can offer and discover what it is you’re really passionate about.

To Nathan Shwatal, I will you your own LaCroix plug. Thanks for enabling my addiction throughout the year, and have fun in Spanish (I know how much you love it).

To Ketu Patel, I will you lots and lots of money, so you don’t need to use Swagbucks. I know you’re a genius so you’ll definitely make good use of it. I also will you more nighttime lessons, because even geniuses still have much to learn.

To Nikhilesh Gupta, I will you an underclassman as cute as you are. Thanks for visiting D-Wing and making me smile. Come find me at UIUC sometime!

To Max Knutson, I will you an underclassman to lick you like how you licked me. 😜😩

To Derek Ronske, I will you someone else to rib with. Whether it be this week’s create-a-game or the Pumpkin Palooza, there was always something to make fun of when we spent time together. Thanks for always adding a touch of levity.

To Amy Guo, I will you my Minecraft server, some absurd riddles, and a refund for those batteries. Please be the way you are forever.

To Diann Moon, I will you an underclassman to spontaneously befriend you like you did with me. Your bright attitude could illuminate the night sky (omg get it???) and I know you’ll do great things!

To Lucien Putnam, I will you a junior you to carry you as hard as you carried us on CompuSci projects. Bless your soul.

To Annie and Luke, I will you success with your game project. I know we didn’t do much VR, but I know you guys can make it legit! I wanna play that game when you’re done.

To 05D (DWING), I will all of you the memories of this year. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my best year here. I’m sure we’ll see more of each other in the future. To Grant Bell, thank you for being the best damn RC a guy could ask for. To the juniors, I will you lots of Big Red. Never discuss your debts in public. To the sophs, don’t forget about your roots here in DWING.

Charlie Hultquist
To Alec, I will you $5. I’ll have it by May.

To Jimmy, I will you a Chipotle Burrito. As you know, religion is like a burrito – you can choose the ingredients you want ;). In addition to the hypothetical burrito, I will you a real burrito from the real Chipotle on Orchard road. It can make up for the times I forgot to get food for our class. Hmu sometime, and we can catch up and you can tell me about your smelly adventures during your senior year.

To Eden, Madi, Hunter, Suraj, I will you the same thing that Evan once willed me and Ashritha: the buzzwords to necessary to grow eleMENT in a novelly interesting way. May you have the synergy to impact KanBan in cutting-edge ways, but keep the same tributes to past challenges that you know and love, whether it be Madi’s unbreakable stone demeanor, a math challenge, and an infinitely great ramen bar. May you overcome the challenges that we faced this year, and lead eleMENT onto bigger and better things. Remember that this program is in all of your hands – you are the ones who shape it for the next year, and will be the ones who set the precedent for years to come.

To Hunter, I will you anti-senioritis. You are such a capable individual and an amazing thinker. Although junior year, and first semester senior year will have worn you out, I trust that you can continue to impact IMSA in amazing ways up until graduation. I trust that you will not let senioritis take total control of you, and thrive during what will be your most exciting year here :)

To Eden, I will you an endless supply cat pictures. I hope that whenever you are feeling down, which is hopefully never, you will have a cat to cheer you up. Your endless positivity and drive to put full effort into everything you do makes you a truly remarkable person. I am so glad I have had the chance to work with you in LEAD and SocEnt, and I hope that you continue your remarkable passion and happiness during senior year.

To Ethan P, Daniel G, Brennan, I will you a working microwave. Although I don’t have the funds to buy it, I believe that you three, with the power of collective contribution and wing funds on your side, you can save our wing from months of uncooked ramen noodles. This will be the first of your quests in your everlasting adventure to keep B wing great. Take the title of “upperclassman” with pride, because there are bound to be incoming sophomores who will want to learn photoshop, meet a turtle, or get to know their really cool juniors :)

To Dan, Garrison, Ethan, and Christian, I will you a Futon. I’m still confused about where the Futon will go during the summer and before Senior Privs start, but you can have it nonetheless. Make sure to take care of it, now matter how much it sags or creeks. I trust that you will carry on the legacy of 01B down quad that comes with Trevor’s Futon, and you are able to make our wing home for the next group of sophomores that enter IMSA. Tasked with the heavy duty of being seniors, you are the people that can make 01 a truly remarkable place to live.

To Sol, I will you a hopefully-not-last game of Mastermind. I also will you a junior on LEAD who can play with you. Although I am the undefeated king of Mastermind, it is time to pass on my crown.

To Shubhi, I will you a sheet of paper with my actual will on it, which you can have when Senior Issue comes out. Also, I will you some self control to not read all of your wills.

To Abigail, Audrey, Ayan, Lizzie, Megan, and Tommy, I will you Active Learning Leading Integrative Explorations Scholarship, or as it is more well known, Allies. It’s a club that comes with plenty of work, but a staff and team that are incredibly passionate about the program and the students in it. I will you the creativity and drive to improve the meetings, events, and mentoring program. It is a club that means so much to me, and I trust that it is in good hands.

To Priyanka and May, I will you luck with Doctora and an infinite knowledge of pluscuamperfecto. Maybe with this, you can finally become more than basureras.

To Daniel Soto, I will you my homecoming crown. Although it is just a plastic crown with plastic jewels, it’s cool and because you’re also pretty cool I guess you can have it. Take good care of your quad, wing, and campus. Don’t forget to update the bulletin boards.

To Crikey (Marisa) and Eden, I will you my copy of The Lean Startup. Vainius’ top piece of advice was to read more. I hope that you can continue to improve SocEnt – a program I have come to love – through a greater knowledge of entrepreneurship. You will both do great things and SocEnt will speak of you for years to come.

To Garrison, I will you Xenon, the rock. Although he is just an average stone with a sharpied-on face, he carries the spirit of 01B from the past decade. I may have some details wrong, but my senior’s senior’s senior’s first made Xenon, and passed him on to whoever they felt best carried the “spirit of 01B” when they left. The rock was passed down to me, and now to you. Although the story is cheesy, you have made an impact on me and this wing these past two years with your neverending positive attitude and charisma. I hope that, with this rock and the Futon, you will not forget your old down quad, you will not forget your happiness during college season, and you will not forget to cheer up your quad, our wing, our hall, and our campus – what you do best.

Cherilyn Mendoza
[My OG 06C, love you s’mores <3:

To Miar Ye, I will you hot anime boys, more awkward moments with m i s t e r l o o, and the courage to stand tall in the face of adversity. Don’t forget that this is your life, and what you want and have to say matters. You are incredibly smart and funny and squishy and I will that you get into a good cool egg and grind out that 6 figure job so you’re set enough to play Minecraft and troll 10 year olds all day. Thank you for always making my day, and math class, that much more enjoyable.

To Kelsey Chang, I will you laughter. Not only the snarky, cynical, ‘I’m dying inside’ kind of laughter needed to cope with bullshit, though I have no doubt it’s a laugh you’ll use well into senior year, but also the laughter of friends and of life; the kind of laughter that fills you up and envelops you and just comes rushing out of you and makes you think that everything might not be bs after all. Your laugh is honestly my favorite.

To Madalyn Campbell, I will you peace of mind, and plenty of Phantom of the Opera memorabilia. You said something to me in passing that I still remember and keep with me now, and so I give those same wise words back to you: “Fight the nature.” You have an amazing personality and enthusiasm and insight (one of my favorite memories of you is you in your sombrero), and I will more than anything for you to be able to let it shine through, through the haze and all.

To Dwanne Colobong, I will you volume, and also some Filipino snacks (see me later). Not just volume in voice, but volume in being; to establish that you are there, to own that you have the right to take up space, to be heard, to ask for help, and to let everyone see just how sweet of a person you are. Next time I visit, I expect to see you chasing around some poor, unsuspecting sophomore with a slipper and thick Filipino accent. You’re the cool big kid now.

To Katie Lu, I will you and Meghan 06 Talent Show, Osu high-scores, and a wicked Minecraft server for C-Wing. Thank you for being so competent and reliable and on top of it all the time, even when you stay up til 3 watching anime. Never stop doing you.

To Sierra Buske, I will you happiness and success in life, no matter where you are. I miss seeing your sweet smile around, and I will that you cross paths with 06C again.]

To Meghan Hendrix, I will you and Katie 06 Talent Show, and to you a *very* well-deserved SSS. Thank you for being you, you have put so much into this wing, into this hall, and I know that the sacrifices you make aren’t always seen and that the effort you put in isn’t always appreciated fully, but I appreciate you and your warmth and your memes a lot. Please, don’t spread yourself too thin, relax, take it easy, and enjoy your last year 😊

To Briella Henderson, I will you more fishies, and the quad, considering all the times you’ve visited us in it. I admire your strength and confidence very much, and I know they will serve you well as a senior, may you be one that the underclassmen look up to and visit in the quad as well.

To Aliah Shiara de Guzman, If I had written this will in the beginning of the year, I would’ve willed you the confidence to reach out to others and do what you’re passionate about, but seeing you grow and do just that, I think you’ll be just fine. You’ve got this, never let yourself think otherwise, I’m excited to see how much more you’ll be.

To Mary-Ashley Tenedor, I will you Filipino Traditional, and the time to keep reading into your senior year (I really appreciate your book Snaps). Choreographing is a pain in the butt, so I will you the patience to stick with it and own the stage. (also, good luck keeping the smols under control)

To Anisha Gubba, I will you the Common Application tote, and that you never lose your voice and boundless energy, even when you’re carrying around a Common Application tote. You never failed to make me smile, even in the mind-numbingness of Engineering, ily <3.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you the whip, may you never have to use it on some annoying underclassmen that keep bugging you, and make you want to rip your hair out while you’re choreoing, or use your room to intervis other people, or get incredibly close to you and break your heart when you have to leave them. I will that you never lose your personality, your roots, your wholesomeness, and sight of what you want in life, no matter what IMSA or anyone else throws at you. In the short amount of time I’ve known you, you’ve brightened up my world immensely and I hope you keep spreading that light to the people around you.

To Janna Jann, my favorite quad child, I will you fresh memes and good food and a manz that will treat you like the queen you are. I will you fulfillment in all of your relationships and in IMSA and in yourself. I know IMSA can throw you for a loop, but you are so much more beautiful and capable than you could possibly know. May you find another quad to invade, and another upperclassmen to squish, or even be one yourself.

To Kurt Leano, I will you the jank af robot arm (or what remains of it) that we made in the engineering intersession. Do what you want with it, tbh I’m kind of just too lazy/sentimental to get rid of it myself.

To Neil John, Zayn Ramdass, Kurt Leano, Ryan Talusan, Christoph Gaffud, Brandon Young, Rustom Ichhapuria, and Renzo Ledesma, I will you guys, should you choose to accept it, to do Maglatalik (the coconut dance) for Filipino for next year. I’ll even get the coconuts for it. Or at least just do regular Filipino. Y’all were all pretty chill and I appreciate you guys a lot.

To Timothy Mou, Aliah Shiara de Guzman, Brandon Young, Tea Mitchell, I will you the Speech Center. Please, please make this a thing, Lord knows I could’ve used it while I was here. (dw Gunwati and I will give you more stuff later)

To my baby 06Cers in no particular order (Athena Zheng, Sravani Ponaluri, Clara Warcup, Nora Leahy, Rachel Mason, Stella Parriott, Alana Depaz, Kara Warcup, Shruti Shakthivel), I will you community and friendship and growth, wherever you go, whatever you do, be it miles from IMSA or just down the hall. Thank you for helping to make this wing feel like home. You guys have shown me one of the closest and most wholesome communities a senior could ask for, and reminded me of the optimism and tenderness that only IMSA sophomores have. You’re all so sweet and full of life and I hope you continue to spread that joy beyond the wing, even when the years ahead threaten to dullen you. Don’t let them. I will you guys my trusty sheet pan and pot holders that I’ve had since I was a soph, so that you may fill the wing with the warm, welcoming smell of pre-made Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies for years to come.

To 1506, I will you unity, genuine unity. You are not just a hall, or a community™, or a Clash trophy, you are a home. Please, be one for everyone in it.

To Patrick Li, lmao badminton club??? I will you the motivation to not SSS too soon and keep the club afloat for as long as you can, or to at least find another underclassmen to stick it with. Also, have a good senior year 😊

To all the underclassmen that I thought were interesting, but just never had the opportunity or confidence to get to know, or whoever else might be reading this, I will you to make the most of your time; at IMSA, in college, in life, whatever. As legitimate as Acronym is, don’t let your Senior Bio be filled with everything you hadn’t said or wished you’ve done. Take it from a graduating senior who’s willing to use up one of their senior wills to write to people that may never see this, you have a journey ahead of you, and you will change and grow and move forward, even if you’re too caught up in the moment to see how far you’ve come. And if along that path you happen to fall, once, get up, keep going, keep treading, keep kicking, no matter what. The world won’t stop and wait for you to catch up, so don’t give it that chance to. You’ll make it, I promise.

Chris Chang
To Christoph Gaffud, I will my Theory of Analysis poster. As you know, it was a gift from the great Steve Condie at the elective fair two years ago, and now, it is yours to take care of. May it bring you the best of luck in Theory of Analysis, and in your other mathematical endeavours. I also will you enough time in the day to talk to the people you want to, enough time in the evening to not have to stay up to do homework, and enough time in the night to rest. Perhaps then, you might not need 102389172681 different alarms to wake up every morning.

To Vincent Wangyan McKibben, for the things you do, like (a) eating a burger by stabbing it with a fork (?), (b) sitting on an upside down chair (??), (c) lighting a porcelain bowl with a flashlight (???). I also will you a good work ethic. May you always remain interesting and studious in everything you do.

To Gabriel Andrew Bryk, I will a whetstone, so that your jokes may always retain their edge. Also, shelves that are actually capable of holding weight, so you actually have space for your the things you buy for literally no reason, and a legitimate, Maintenance-approved shower head instead of that contraption that used to be in your shower.

To Jake Sutter, I will my place in this quad. It’s been an amazing year living with them, though I’m sure you’ll have an even better time. Enjoy the sleepless nights your senior year – you can afford it.

To Alex Zhong, I will 1501. You’ll love it here, but I think you already know that.

To Andy Liu, I will the JHMC problems I owe you. Hopefully you find them at least somewhat entertaining.

To Duncan Osmund, I will a bright future. You don’t give yourself enough credit, my dude. You’re smart, your insights are always helpful and you’re a good friend.

To Justin Izaguirre, I will the mousepad that I borrowed from you nearly two years ago. I will forever be grateful to you for it.

To Ray Shang, I will competitive success. You’re only a sophomore, and you’ve already made it to HMMT. That’s not a small feat. Your commitment to competitive math is admirable, and if you keep at it you’ll only get better. Just don’t forget that 60/3 is not 15. ;)

To 🅱ert 🅱ao, I 🅱ill a num🅱er of 🅱 🅱mo🅱is.

To Mani Nagarathnam, I will the paradise known only as Silver V (you’ll make it there eventually) as well as all the farm you keep missing, xd.

To Vismay Vyas, Declan Creaney and Mani Nagarathnam, I will a toxicity-free League experience. That means no inting, Vismay, and no flaming /all chat, Declan.

To Becca Ellington, my meme queen, I will the dankest memes in all the land.

To Allia Lin, I will a relatively stress-free junior year, and the knowledge that one is not a representative sample of the population.

To 1501, I will the hall spirit that I have so belatedly discovered. As much as our class jokes about class unity, I think hall unity is so much more important – your hall is made up of the people you live with and talk to every day, after all. My greatest regret in my three years here has been not participating enough in the hall, not by not peer tutoring enough, but by simply staying in my room too often. It took me two and a half years to realize this, and now it’s a little too late to take it back, so. Don’t be like me, guys. 01 is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Hecc, IMSA is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. It may be a learning institution where we learn to advance the human condition, but it’s also another home – one that you only get to live in for three years. Treasure those three precious years. Make deep, long-lasting friendships. Stay up until 3am talking with your roommate about nothing and everything. Procrastinate your homework for the entirety of Clash season. Whatever. Just don’t squander them, because you’ll never get them back.

Christopher Guo
To JoJo and Matt Halliman, I will you guys a good IMSA life. You guys have been a great pair of people during my last year at IMSA and seeing you two again made me very happy. I hope that the next two years at IMSA will be very great for you guys as you guys release so much happiness and energy to everyone and you guys deserve a lot.

To Jolin, I will you relaxation and if you doing SEAMS again, good students. First meeting you at SEAMS, I was very unsure of what kind of person that you would be. After finishing SEAMS, I was very glad that I met you and that you are still a cheery person. I hope you find happiness in your last year here and that you will never have to be as stressed as I am.

To B-Wing, I will you good underclassmen and good wing vibes. B-Wing in 07 has been my home for these three years and I have loved everyone who has ever been in there and tried to help anyone who needed any help. I hope you guys can do the same and receive people with open arms, craziness, and happiness. You guys are what make B-Wing a place where I love.

To the future residents of 1507, I will you a welcoming home for your next few years. I know I called this hall my home for the last 3 years and I hope you guys can do the same. Have each others’ backs and look out for each other. We are a family even if we aren’t directly related.

Clayton Strauch
To Garrison Ecker, I will you all the happiness in the world because you bring so much happiness into the world, you deserve the same (and more) back. I also will you many pieces of art featuring cows to remind you of where we came from.

To Alec Chen, (firstly) I will you a successful coding internship. Secondly, I will you the knowledge that you are more than your accomplishments and there is more to you than that (because you’re an amazing kid and will do great things), and with that, humbleness in your accomplishments. Also, I will you the glow up you’ve been wanting.

To Marisa Patel-O’Connor, I will an understanding that math is not your enemy and a table in your math classes as good as the one we shared the past three semesters.

To Grace Mitchell and Cassandra Kuissi, I will you both my amazing Chinese Reading Comprehension, the proud titles of “”老人”” and “”高四学生,”” as well as a better taste in men. Also to Grace, I give a trash 80’s aesthetic, and to Cassy, a hand to hold that is as big as yours are.

To Aleah Brown, I will a husband to replace me that will treat you how you deserve for how incredible and fabulous you are.

To Becca Ellington, I will you a dance at your request (as long as you lead).

To Alexandra Gonzalez and Denise Gutierrez, I will you underclassmen to love as much as I have loved you two. Dance with them and hug them constantly. Also a plenitude of chisme to you both.

To Nani Sanchez, I will my love for French language and culture (because I know you will do amazing in French III) and the knowledge of our family tree (one day).

To Daniel Soto, I will the hottest, most boiling tea to drink and good luck in his future endeavors (even though he doesn’t need it bc he is already very competent).

To Shubha Verma, I will the most amazing French partner.

To Ethan Saquimux, I will the vine where the girl has water poured on her and she responds “”Hello?””

To Daniel Lee, I will you underclassmen and upperclassmen to get to know and make friends with. You were a great little sib.

To Sam Lazcano, I will you a sophomore to be as sassy with as we are with each other.

To Ray Shang, I will you many enjoyable train rides back home and hugs when you leave and come back.

To Devika Prasad, I will you a thumbs-up on each hand.

Clinton Oshipitan
To the Alej Curtis, Alex Domowicz, Cassius Harper, Faris Shaikh, Femi Duradola, Joshua Bluhm, Namit Padgaonkar, Ryan Talusan, Suchet Kumar, Matthew Halliman, Ty Scripts, Aaron Calhoun, Jonathan Yelenick, and the future IMSA basketball players, I will you guys the patience and mental fortitude to deal with Coach Snead’s constant screaming and yelling. All of you are incredibly skilled and talented, and I hope you guys finally get that elusive conference win next year. Don’t ever lose the reason for why you joined basketball in the first place, for the love and passion for the game and your will to improve at the craft. Don’t let unequal playing time, arguments with teammates, or crushing losses ruin the fun you will have on the team. If it’s really that bad, just tell the team who beat you that you’re going to Harvard or something along the lines of that. It helps. Make the bus rides back to IMSA lit and always enjoy practices together. Thank you all for an amazing year even though I came back halfway through the season.

To Cash, I will you leadership of the squad, and I trust that you will keep the spoofing alive through hard times (pause) and good times. I trust that you will teach the incoming sophomores the way to enjoy IMSA to the fullest from roasting to gaming and help the juniors come into their own with sagely advice and support. I know you will carry on the love of anime and the crazy reenactments of these shows. I trust that you will be a great basketball leader along with Faris. We have bonded a lot over the past year. I hope you keep your weird comments and funny and loud personality. You’re gonna have an amazing senior year, keep spoofing man.
To Ferris Wheel (Faris), I will you an underclassmen that will compete with you and make you a better basketball player. You’re a great guy and cocky BEAST, but know that I can always roast you from Ferris Wheel’s Days off to your new brace face. But seriously, I’m going to miss the fun moments and hilarious conversation we have had together from telling stories on the bus to playing games at Coach’s house. I know you and Cash will lead the team to new heights.
To Femi, I will you the spirit of Nigeria and spreading the greatness of egusi stew and Nigerian jollof rice to the common people. EHHEEEEHH! None of that foolish Ghana jollof. Bro, I’m so happy I got to have you as my sophomore man. I will miss all the times I chilled in your room and how we made basketball hilarious with our special banter despite coach’s comments. I couldn’t list all the good moments we have had together my son. I hope your junior year will be much better for you, so you can enjoy all the benefits IMSA has to offer. I also will you my IMSA basketball warmup jersey and hope it will increase your clutchness and bring you great moments next year. I want you to know you made my senior year so much better and hope that an underclassmen can do the same for you.

To Joseph Bertrand (Jojo) and Matt, I will you SEAMS students that will grow to become some of your best friends. Never in a million years would I have thought that you two would be put into my hall, but I’m so grateful it happened because I got to teach you about IMSA, give you some pro advice, and tell you my stories and mistakes so you didn’t make them. It’s surreal seeing my two kids grow up to become great in their respective areas. Matt, since you were picked for most likely to become a SEAMS tutor, I hope you continue cycle of mentoring students to achieve at IMSA and beyond. I trust that you will continue to be the master spoofer, but will continue to mature to take on new challenges. Jojo, I know you will continue the big body legacy and add on to your already great gains. I know you will continue to make friends and continue to bless others who meet you with your Jojo wave. I know you both will brighten up your peer’s day like you always did mine.

To Austin, I will you an underclassmen that is as chill as you are. Your outlook on life is honestly admirable and I know that you will continue to excel at IMSA. Keep an eye out on Femi, Matt, and Jojo for me because they will need it.

To next inhabitants of 07ADQ, I will you the ability to keep its fun-loving culture and familial bond going. This has been my home for two years and the memories, tears, and laughs that have been shared in 07ADQ that will last forever Remember to be haven for the members of 07A, always lending out a hand to help and good time. I hope you create moments that you can look back on at the end of your senior and cherish through college and long into adulthood.

To Alex Romanov, I will you an underclassmen that will dearly miss when you go onto college. I get emotional every time we have a conversation about anything, knowing that it won’t be as easy as walking up stairs to your room. I wish you many late night talks with your underclassmen. Thank you for being a genuinely amazing person who is always so positive and willing to share. Thank you for mentoring me and discovering my knack for fishing. I hope your senior year will bring much more sleep and good times.

To Joshua Bluhm, I will you an underclassmen that without a doubt always make you laugh. I have watched you become a jokester to a true leader in these past two years. I will miss your insanely funny stories about the most random but relatable aspects of life. You’re a TRUE COMEDIAN. Continue to make people laugh because I believe that’s your gift to the world along with making bomb sandwiches. You’ve always been different, but I think it’s a special different that truly makes you a dude that you meet once in a lifetime. Take care of 07A and carry on its great history.

To Aaron, I will you an underclassmen that is as nice as incredibly nice and generous as you are. You have been an incredible sophomore to me and I can’t wait to see where IMSA takes you. I know you will continue to work on your basketball game but make sure that you will take time to have fun and not beat yourself up for every mistake you will make. I am sure you will be a great basketball player by the time we meet again so keep grinding and don’t let anyone make you doubt your game. I will miss busting you in 2k, but I wish miss conversations more. The connection we made and the advice we have exchanged will be with me always. Know that you’re a great guy and continue to make your mark on IMSA.

To Austin, I will you an underclassmen that can cook as amazingly as you. I am not kidding, I need the recipe for your bacon sausages

To David, I will you an underclassmen that always looks dapper and chill in the face of adversity. Take care of Fern, Dez, and Yamil for me. And thank you for all the late night talks. I hope there are more in the future.

To Desmond, I will you the will to succeed despite the circumstance. Your love of anime and of video games will get you far in life, but your maturity will get you farther. I know that you will continue succeed in life wherever it may take you.

To Fern, I will you an underclassmen that will become a lifelong friend that you are certain to talk to outside of school. You have been a blessing in more ways than you know. Your catchphrases and sound effects never fail to brighten up my day and restore my spirits. I wish I could right more but time is running out. You know how I feel about ya. Love ya

To Yamil, I will you an underclassmen that will comfort you and calm you down in the face of disasters. You have grown to be an amazing friend that I can always talk to about any issue no matter how crazy it is. I will tell you the rest when you’re older.

To Tyler Ptak, I will you an underclassmen that will take a FEW STROKES OFF YOUR GOLF GAME. But will also give you a good conversation.

To Elliot the Magic man, I will you an underclassmen that you can roast, but we will always impress with his incredible talents. I hope you will realize that pomegranate juice is disgusting and will choose to invest in apple juice bottles.

To Ray, I will you an underclassmen that you can roast without a doubt, but will still try to clap back despite how weak his comebacks may be. Make sure you take a break from school once every once in a while so you can get the most out of IMSA because you’re best moments are usually made when you’re taking a break from work.

To Nick Ramos, I will you a younger sibling that will always make you die of laughter and bring a smile to your face. I know that you will continue dinner boyz next year and make sure the group continues through the years. Have a fun senior year and SHUTTTT UPPPP!!!

To Sam and Neil, I will you the responsibility of making sure the slab parties are always lit. Make sure to create an environment that encourages anyone to break out of their shell and to become a social beast that dances its heart out.

To Max, I will you an underclassmen that you can always target in exploding kittens or any board game in general. I’m happy I got to meet you even if it was at the end of my IMSA career.

To the future 07 CDs, you know what you need to do. Make this hall the best hall on campus. Enough said. AND T0 1507, thanks.

Connor Elmore
To Denise and Alexa, my OG little sibs, I will you little sibs as great as you. Y’all should already know I love you dearly. You both have played pivotal roles in my IMSA career. I’ve loved seeing you two develop into the young women you are now. Denise, you were my actual little sib (lmao), and tbh, I feel that you did a lot more for me than I did for you. You make me laugh and you keep me young. Alexa, I will always remember the one day during excel where I spoke with you after check in the study room. It might have been a sad discussion, but you have grown so much from then and I am proud of your strength. At that moment, I knew you were going to be my little girl. I hope you will soon see, like I do, how much there is to love about you. I’ll never forget you both because you are my kids and I will always be looking out for you two!

To Garrison, my baby, I will you continued success at IMSA. I literally love you so much and I’m so sad that I’m leaving you. You have been my baby since the beginning of junior year, and honestly, you’ve helped me through my hardest times at IMSA. Though not directly, I have kept going because how much I’ve loved you and how strong I’ve seen you been. Keep going strong my baby; you are going to have a great senior year!

To Cassandra, Gace Mitchell, Jolin, and Liana, I will you all the same love and support you’ve shown me over these past two years. You are all very powerful women and I’m so happy you stayed in 01 one more year because I know I couldn’t go through IMSA without y’all.

To Aleah Brown, I will you my heart. Though I’ve loved you since excel, I feel like tutoring together last summer really brought us together, and that has been one valued experience I’ll never forget. Your personality is infectious. There has never been an experience where you haven’t left a mark on me. Your smile and laughter has the power to fill a room. You are strong willed and powerful. I’m so glad I’ve had you in my life. You’ll always have my heart Aleah.

To Kathy Lopez, what to say? Words cannot begin to express how much love I have for you. You hold a very special place in my heart. Just seeing your smile makes my entire week. Everything about you is amazing and compelling. I’m so glad I got to know you because you have made my IMSA experience worth it. I get so sad knowing I have to let you go on. I cherish every experience we’ve had together. I will always love you Kathy Lopez!

To Louise Lima, I will you continued success as a woman in STEM. It amazes me that I’m still learning about the many great things you do here. You are very smart and talented and I love knowing that you are a strong, intelligent woman perusing STEM. You’re going to be very successful in the future. I’m so glad you lived in 01 last year because I got the chance to get to know you and it has been a wonderful experience. Keep going strong!

To Jayda, Tyler, and Nani, I will you all continued cherished memories. You are all have very big hearts and powerful spirits. We’ve had some great times at IMSA together, and I’m sad to be moving on. I hope you find underclassmen that are as great as you were to me! Much love!

To Derek, I will you the knowledge that you are loved. I love you so much Derek! I know I bully you, but it’s because I love you. You are like a little brother to me and I’m glad I have you in my life. You give nice hugs and you brighten up my day. You’re just so sweet and precious and I’m sad we never got to live in the same wing. Keep being my skinny little legend. I’ll miss you so much!!

To Shubhi, I will you the ability to continue being a strong young woman at IMSA. You have worked very hard here and made a lot for yourself. I’m very proud of who you’ve become. With all the effort and energy you put into the community, you deserve the success you’ve gotten (and will get). Keep going strong and don’t let anyone try and bring you down.

To Gloria Huang, I will you the strength in your independence. I have seen you grow into a very independent woman. You know what you want, you know what you don’t want, and you won’t take anything less than what you deserve. However, I do know that these realization are new. I’m glad to see you grow into the young woman you are, and I hope no one tries to bring you down. Stand strong; if people in your life aren’t there to help hold you up, then cut them. Being strong can be a challenge if others think they can play you. We both know they can’t.

To Kanika, my blooming flower, I will you someone that makes me smile as much as you do. Like I’ve said before, you are a bright light in every room. You fill my day with sunshine and energy and I love you! I’m glad to have seen you bloom over the years. Please don’t let anyone take away your light.

To Surya, I will you the ability to know how incredible you are. You are so talented, creative, interesting; there’s so much I could say. But, I hope by now, you know how much you mean to me. I feel like you are a little sister and I’m glad we became friends. From day one, I thought you were really cool, and my assumptions were right. Sometimes, I feel like you don’t see yourself in the most positive light, but you never stop impressing me. I’ve loved our little Sodexo talks after cabinet meetings. You are a strong leader and I can’t wait to see everything you do in the future.

To Maryannie, Valeria, Grant, Linda, and Maddy, my grandkids, I will you wonderful little sibs like y’all. IMSA is a great experience when you have underclassmen to cherish and have by your side. Sicne excel, each of you has made my day ten times better. Keep working hard and know that you belong. I’ll miss you all a lot!

To Sarah Yow, Sam Lazcano, Dianna (B-day Bud!!), Kya, and Lauren Crow, I will you all continued support and endearment. You all mean so much to me and I’ve happy to have had all of our wonderful experiences together. I’ll really miss you all. Much Love!

To Sophie Pribus and Ray Shang, my Sophs@Larg, I will you a great IMSA career and beyond. You have both left a huge impression on me since we first met. You both are so competent and hardworking and I love you both immensely. Sophie, you are very unique and every encounter with you has been a delight. You are very smart and I’m so excited to see how much you accomplish. I love your hugs and hope you know how great you are. Ray, I know I may be a little hard on you, but it’s because I love you. You are so charismatic and you make me laugh. You feel like the little brother I never had. I think you have a very incredible mind and you think very deeply about not only yourself, but others. I’m going to miss both of you so much and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your IMSA endeavors. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to message me and I’ll be there.

To Andrea, Sam Senko, Ivie, Jemea, Sanchez, Isabel, Savanna, Jojo, Alyssa, Allia, Makayla, Tegan, and Jumobi, I will you continued success and happiness at IMSA. I just wanted to give y’all a little shout out for being wonderful underclassmen in my life. I’ve had great experiences with you all and our time together has meant a lot to me (though it’s felt very short).

To 01D-wing (Christoph, Gabe, Vincent, Alvin, Sabien, Jerry, Brandon, Ayan, Travis, and Andrew), I will y’all a wonderful new batch of underclassmen. You have kept the D-wing spirit alive and well. You have made living at IMSA memorable and worthwhile. From wing dinners to silly programs; I can honestly say you all have made 01D the best wing on campus. Similarly to all my underclassmen in 1501, thank you for all the great memories and for giving me a home.

To all of my Excel babies, I will you the assurance that YOU WILL DO WELL! Even though it might not seem like it, I have kept my eye on each and every one of you these past two years, and I’m so proud of how far you’ve all come. Since day one, I’ve had nothing but the up most faith in you all, and you have all been very strong, intelligent, and hardworking students. You all hold a huge space in my heart and I’m honored to call you my children. Never let anyone tell you that you don’t belong here, or that you are anything less than what you are: IMSA best and brightest; a group of remarkable and talented minds! I love you all and enjoy your last years at IMSA!

To future members of BSU board, I will you the strength and courage to continue educating IMSA about the black community. Never waiver from putting on GAs that get people thinking and pose controversial discussions. Keep an eye out for the community and what that entails. Stand together as a board and keep each other committed, driven, and responsible. I’ve loved being on BSU board and working with everyone on it. For those a part of future board, I KNOW you all are more than capable to lead BSU in the right direction. Keep up the tradition, but more importantly, keep up the good work. Harambee is gonna be “100 times better”, I’m quite sure!

To Future members of StudCo, I will you the ability to use your organization’s powers and position to do good for the community. Continue to be a voice for the students and remember to fight for their opinions. I’ve really enjoyed my time working with everyone on StudCo these past years and I know however the future board turns out to be, you will all do great things. I trust that StudCo will be in good hands and I can’t wait to see what things you accomplish. Keep on trekking with projects and L&L!

Darius Hong
To Luke Milavec, I will you a sophomore who consistently reminds you that work is lame and that being a second semester senior means that any homework is nonconsequential. You’ve got your head and heart in the right place (and I wish you luck for junior year lmao). Thanks for always making C-wing a brighter place and enjoy IMSA :) you have some good times ahead.

To Ishan Nikam & Moksh Shah (doink), I will you sophomores who bring endless memes, humor, and energy into your life. Both of you are so unique, and I hope that you keep that with you wherever you go. Keep it cool.

To Jimmy Ren, I will you a new SIR buddy to create some crazy memories with. Thanks for all the fun times and all the lunch dates. Make sure to take care of your coffeeshop, and I hope to catch you in Naperville sometime this summer. I’m going to miss seeing you around.

To Neil John, I will you a Clash drill team that will be as outstanding as its choreographer is going to be. Thank you for helping to make C-wing my home for the last two years, and I’m going to miss seeing your goofy, bright smile every day.

To Ayush Agarwal, I will you someone who is always down to talk about anything. I am so grateful that, last year, I had the opportunity to meet a person who is so kind, funny, and, well, nubby. You’re still rather nubby, but you’ve grown a lot since we first met and I’m excited to see what you do in the future.

To Teja Guntapalli, I will you all the gold stars in the world – you deserve every single one. You’re a kind and hardworking kid and I’m glad that I had the chance to get to know you better in OOP and French. Let me know if you ever need anything (except anything to do with French. Never again.).

To Catherine Luo, I will you a junior who is as insightful, kind, and genuine as you have been to me – I’m so glad that we started talking this year. Whenever senior year stress gets to you (and I really hope it doesn’t), make sure to take a deep breath and remember that you’re a beast at SO many things. But remember, you still need that twenty-pack until you’re a total beast… Make sure to keep in touch :)

To Sibil Shibu (LYSISTRATA), I will you someone to share a silly nickname with. It’s funny that I just found out how to spell that word while writing this Senior Will when it has brought me so many smiles this year. I’m glad that I got to know you better this year, and I hope you have a fantastic senior year. Also, please make sure to take care of Teja on ISA.

To Jaimie Ryou, I will you someone to beat at card games (Speed… Pres… ERS…you name the game). I also will you someone to remind you during your most hectic times that life isn’t just about working hard.

To 05C Up-Hex (Allen, Andy, Bert, Josh, Renzo, Scott), I will you an amazing Up- Hex that provides you with quality senior year entertainment. Though I haven’t come upstairs as often as I would have liked, talking to all of you together or one-on-one has always left me happier than I started. All of you are amazing, and I hope you all have a fulfilling senior year.

To Andy Liu, one of my baby sophs, I will you success. You’re one of the hardest workers I know, and your intelligence and dedication to any topic consistently impresses me. I know that you will get everything that you desire in the future, but also remember to relax a little and not get too stressed along the way. Things have a funny way of working themselves out – let me know how they go.

To Bert Cao, I will you someone to happily share a class and create some great experiences with… just for them to totally ditch you halfway through first quarter and break your heart. Kidding :P I’m really glad that I met you in ARML sophomore year and that you were one of my baby sophs junior year – it’s been great seeing you blossom into the lovely, memey kid you are now. Never lose your wonderful, bright personality. As a side note, I also wish you better luck with the females ;) have an incredible senior year, Bert.

To Allen Chen, I will you an underclassman who makes you smile just by looking at them. I will you an amazing Science Bowl team that will carry you to Nats just like James and I *almost* did for you. I will you a friend who will spontaneously agree to order sushi with you late at night, no questions asked. And last but certainly not least, I will you the ability to continue getting all the girls because I know you’re already particularly gifted at doing that. I cannot express how incredible it has been getting to know you these past two years. Keep in touch bud :)

To Gloria Huang, I will you a senior year as good as the one that you’ve given me. I will you a junior who makes you as happy as you make me, and a sophomore who texts you about their weird dreams. I will you an eye for the art I still don’t really understand, and a love for the city that we shared. I will you someone to hop over puddles with, and who fangirls over HSM with you. Someone to eat ramen with (ramen as spicy as you are). Thanks for being that someone for me, and thanks for helping me realize just how amazing IMSA can be, every single day. If you ever need anything, I’ll always be right here.

Dawn Arianna Triche
To Aleah Brown, I will you IMSA Girls’ Basketball, and SOLO!! The transition from Trifecta to DUO to now SOLO has been filled with many memories, and in your senior year I hope you are as blessed as I have been to have someone like you by my side. You’ve been there for me through just about everything car shows, bedrest, hillybilly towns, and trailer parks. All of these things have brought us closer and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish. As for Girls’ Basketball even though I can’t like officially give it to you, you know what I mean. Playing with you pushed me to be a better athlete, leader, and person. Your talent is noticed and your potential is through the roof. I hope you set high goals for your senior season and don’t stop until you reach all of them. I want you to break as many records as you can in your last season (even the ones I set) and leave your mark on IMSA Girls’ Basketball as well. Much love for you and your hazel contacts.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will you all the happiness in the world. I would have never thought that in 7 months we would be so close. You are the little sister I never had and you bring so much light and love to everyone you meet, and you deserve to be showered in the same love and affection. From hearing stories about you and your knitting needles at excel to you practically being my roommate the dynamic of relationship has changed so much since last year and I am so happy it has. You make me proud in everything you do and I want you to always remember you are worthy, loved, important, and valued by many people in your life and especially by me. Thank you for teaching me about myself and helping me become a better person. Remember just because things are changing doesn’t mean the love I have for you will change, you’ll always be my son.

To Cassy Kuissi, I will you the ability to lead in dances, yes I said it. Cassy you are a brilliant lady and you never cease to amaze me. You are so hard-working and you put your all into what you do. You are a blast to be around, and I hope your senior year is stress free and filled with great memories.

To Grace Mitchell, (GRACK!) I will you a strong and compassionate junior to help you get through your senior year the way you have helped me. We went from never seeing each other to me seeing you at least 50 times a day and I couldn’t be happier. Having all 4 of my double mods with you have helped make my second semester senior year the most memorable out of all of my semesters.

To Jayda Yancey, I will you the community, you are so passionate and caring continue to give back and stick up for us. Have a great senior year!

To JoJo Bertrand & Matthew Halliman, I will you SEAMS kids that are as amazing as you guys. You guys deserve the world and I’m so happy to have been able to call you my sons. Keep bringing smiles to everyone’s faces and being great at what you all do.

To Kya Richardson & Olivia Orobor, I will y’all patience. Patience to deal with all the tomfoolery you will endure at IMSA and beyond, and the patience to deal with each other. Your friendship is beautiful and make sure you preserve it by taking time away from each other when you need it. You all are so brilliant, caring and gorgeous it has been my pleasure being your senior, and I hope I have made some sort of impact on y’all because you definitely made one on me. You ladies are amazing and I’m going to miss you guys.

To Dez Brown & Fern Gomez, I will you guys sleep. Try going to bed at a reasonable time for a change it makes things easier. I hope your senior years are amazing and that you all continue to be involved with the community and Student Life. You guys are extremely fun to be around and always put smiles on peoples’ faces. Good luck during the college process and remember you guys are capable of anything and don’t be strangers after graduation.

To Brooke Cambra, I will you an injury free-record breaking season and IMSA Girls Basketball. You and Aleah are he leadership of the team and I know you all will do an amazing job. Stay healthy and positive and kick butt in your senior season. You are a hilarious girl and I hope your senior year is as great as you are. I also will your dad a new basketball buddy!

To Samira Cheruku, I will you a stress-free junior year, and I sophomore that can always make you smile. You are one of my favorite sophs and you made my senior year very special continue to be fabulous!

To Kathy Lopez, my lovely Kathandra, I will you 1502 and an amazing senior year. I know you’ll do an amazing job at being CD, and I’m excited to see everything you will accomplish. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and your work ethic is unrivaled working with you in class and extracurriculars has been amazing and I’m going to miss you dearly.

To 02BUQ (Kathy, Louise, Astha, Shubhi), I will you B wing (02 in general but specifically B wing) you guys are the first upquad to reside in 02B wing in a few years and your presence made the wing dynamic so much better. Knowing you all will be staying in B wing makes me happy because I know that with you all it will continue to B the Best wing on campus.

To Lyric Carter, I will you SEAMS babies that are full of energy and personality. You are extremely unique lymo and remember that. Times may get tough but you are smart, beautiful, and strong, and you will be successful. I also will you Harambee do your best to make it even better next year I believe you can do it.

To Natalie Sanchez & Jemea Hilmara, I will you both opportunity. Y’all are absolutely amazing people, and your determination to get involved and be proactive in your is admirable. You both will go on and do amazing things and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have spent time with you all. Lastly, remember to value your friendships, your friends will be there for you when no one else is never take that for granted.

To Alex Romanov, I will you a great fishing season with Ralph. Thank you for all the work you did to get the Florida Intercession it was truly one on my favorite IMSA experiences.

To 02B sophmore’s (Sabrina, Milica, Sophie, Shanpepe, Kya, Rachel, Maahum, Jasmin, Vasu, Olivia), I will you sophomores that are as awesome as all of you. Even though I feel like I didn’t do an exceptional job reaching out to each and every one of you, you all contributed to making my senior year and B wing amazing. You all are so full of energy and happiness, don’t let IMSA dull or change that. Remember even if you don’t return to B wing next year it will always feel like home.

Dhvanil Popat
To Pratibha Bhalla aka PRRAAABS, I will you an underclassmen that you can nickname as well as me. You’re a very upbeat and bubbly person who never fails to brighten up my day. I’m going to miss yelling PRABS in the hallway and foolin around together in the loft and IRC. You’re a real qual person and I’m still waiting on that paneer you own me.

To Sonia Edassery, I will you some better music taste. I’ve enjoyed our many random and spontaneous conversations. I loved being able to just come up to you and literally talk about anything with you. Thank you for your terrible music recommendations and inspiring conversations. I will you the willpower to achieve all your New Year’s resolutions. I’d say you’re p cool, but you’re very hard-working and I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours.

To Ishan, Moksh, Aaron, Zayn, Luke, Aryan, AHH my C-Wing soph boys, I will y’all another group of sophomore hooligans to meme around with. You guys are honestly a blast and are always a fun time. I’ll never forget the memories we’ve made together (especially manufacturing our own u know what), I’m going to miss your guys’s nonstop cancerous jokes. You all are very humble and gifted and I hope you enjoy these next two years at IMSA.

To Ian Fowler and Nishant B., I will you a beast programmer and a godly mario kart player. Ian, you’re honestly such a talent and it’s been great getting to know you. Nishant, I hope you find a sophomore who will never backup up his endless trash-talking. You guys are great people and I hope you enjoy these next two years. Take it easy.

To Shivang Bhaskar, I will you an underclassmen that will give you food and can actually compete with you in COD. You are so funny man and it’s been great seeing you grow for the past like 10 years. I hope you make the best out of this place because it really has a lot to offer.

To 05C Up-Quad and Hex (Scott, Renzo, Bert, Andy, Allen, Josh), (you guys are honestly such talents and complete beasts) I will you all an amazing senior year and I hope you bring the dub in clash next year.

To 02A Up-Quad (Sibil, Hannah, Vaishnavi, Marisa), I will you all a kickass senior year and be sure to stay true to yourselves. You all are honestly such a fun time and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you all. Although we hung out a lot more last year, I’ll never forget our adventurous times in the MCB room, going to Oberweis, or just playing cards and chilling. Each of you are so kind, cool and smart and I wish you the best of luck next year.

To Anisha Sharma and Suhitha Irukulla, I will you a junior math carry who will always bring their math textbook. Thank you so much for being there for me because I would not have been able to survive math class without you two (actually just Anisha haha). I’m gonna miss foolin around in Loo’s class and having randomass conversations. You both are really smart and I know everything is going to work out for y’all next year. I will you two to relax a little more next year, and I hope you both have a great senior year!

To Teja Guntapalli, I will you an underclassmen who will be as classy and as compassionate as you. You’re such a quality person. It’s been amazing getting to know you since Ms. Mayer’s class. I’m never going to forget our shenanigans from that class and even here at IMSA. I’m going to miss talking to you and your 05 sleepover adventures. You’ve grown so much since 5th grade and have changed a lot here at IMSA. You’re very hardworking and passionate man, and I’m so glad to see IMSA treating you well. Be sure to visit me and Abhi next year on campus bud. Have a great senior year man, and be sure to make the most of it.

To Neil John, I will you an underclassmen who can give some bombass massages. We’ve had so many memories together from those late night mio grinds to our deep convos to jus dinkin around. You’re a very different person from than when I first met you during move-in day. I’m glad to have seen you grown so much over the past two years. You’ve been in my wing for the past two years and I am so thankful to have gotten closer to you. I have gotten to see the type of quality person you are and how very capable you are. You are one of the best workers I have ever seen and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You are a very cool dude and I hope we cross ways in the future. I will you to chill a lil during your senior year bud, and I wish you the best of luck with all your future ambitions.

To Devika Prasad, I will you someone who you can endlessly slap. I’m so thankful to have been sitting next to you in Stats class last year because not only would I have failed that class, but I would’ve never gotten to know you. I’m so glad that we’ve become closer this year because you’re such an amazing individual. You’ve become like my little sister, a life-long friend, and I’m gonna miss having all our dumb, quirky conversations. I forgive you for all the times you’ve hit me, including that one time you straight up slapped me for no reason. I can’t wait to see you do great things in life though, you have so much ambition and you want to do so much in this world, and after getting to know you so well, I know that you’re going to achieve it all and be so successful. I wish you the best of luck next year, be sure to not stress out next year because everything is going to work out for you. Never forget that I’m always here for ya and I look forward to coming to your Shaadi. Enjoy your senior year you bright, silly kid.

To Ayush A. & Bharath S., I will you two a sophomore who will always be there for you no matter what circumstances there are. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you two because you guys have always been there for me. Thank you so much for always helping me whenever I needed it. You two are one of the smartest people I have come across. On top of that, you two are just so gifted, focused, hardworking and just kind-hearted. I’ve been grateful to have gotten close to you two because it’s always been fun chillin’ in your room. Ayush, I will you the the best leadership position on robotics and I hope you make it the best programming subteam ever. I know that you two are going to do some big things in life and I’m so excited to see. I hope we can stay in touch and be sure to treat yourselves this upcoming year and I wish you the best of luck with your aspirations. Dream Big.

To Charlotte Giff, I will you a sexy gorilla you can take beautiful pictures of. You’re such a quirky and bubbly person and it’s been great getting to know you. Be sure to stay true to yourself because you’re so positive and your kind nature really affects those around you. I’m going to miss our goofy interactions because they’ve always made my day better. I will you a sexy gorilla you can take beautiful pictures of.

To Danielle Lee, I will you the most laid back senior year ever and best of luck for your endeavours. I’m so grateful that I met you this year. You never fail to make me smile. You’re so energetic and soo damn hilarious. Thank you for bearing with me and teaching me how to rivet and drill and measure at robotics. You’re a mechE goddd and I will you a goofy robotics buddy who you can pass your mechanical-beastness to. You are honestly such a great person and I hope we can keep in touch.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you a green double-sided pencil box, which may provoke some special memories from way back in the day. You’re one of the most passionate and energetic people I have met. I’ve known you since 5th grade and I’ve seen you grow ever since. You’re very driven and I’m excited to see you do great things in the future. I wish you the best of luck with Robotics and this upcoming senior year.

To Liana Koleva (: , I will you an iPhone so that we can FaceTime daily next year <3. You’ve grown to become my closest friend here at IMSA and I am so damn thankful that you have come into my life. I can’t even describe how much you mean to me and I only wish that I had met you earlier. I have so much respect for you as a person because you are just such a good person at heart, and I just love talking to you and spending time with you. From our beginning awkward times at the 05 slabs and the 02 hall commons, to daily access walks and intervises, to chilling outside on the grass and sitting on ur comfy blanket and even poo hehe, to staying up all night talking when we’ve had to get up early the next day, to just hugging you and seeing you smile, we’ve had so many incredible memories. You never fail to make me smile with your cool n goofy humor. I’m going to miss being able to see the amazing you daily next year and being able to b00p my b00py always. You are such a brilliant and diligent individual and I am so excited to see you accomplish wonderful things.

Diann George
To Sol, I will you a junior who will make you miss IMSA, and make you desperately want to stay/come back. A junior who will be there for you no matter what. A junior who you can call your Lemonade Mouth watching buddy, your confider, your food cop, and your cuddling buddy. A junior that accepts you no matter what, and who will always tell you the truth no matter what it is. A junior who calls you during breaks, and checks up on you during stressful times. I also will you a baby soph who will sleepover in your room and watch random horror/other movies with you. A baby soph who will feed you bacon and make you yum yum rice + seaweed. A junior who takes everyone by surprise with her amazing singing skills and talented leadership qualities. I will you a junior/sophomore that is as amazing, beautiful, caring, hard working, talented, and unique as you. I will miss you next year Sol. You have become so incredibly important to me. I know that no matter what, we will always be close, but I just want you to know that I’ll always be there for you and am only one message/call away. I hope that you get through the rest of IMSA without much stress, and I know that you will do amazing things my beautiful and favorite bb sophomore/junior.

To Doreen, I will you the ability to eat more than one bite of spicy ramen and the ability to play mario kart well. I never knew that I would open myself up to a sophomore. But you are such a caring person that I knew that I can trust you with whatever. I am glad we were able to become close this semester, and I am so glad I got to meet someone as bright as you. I know you will do great things, my FBLA winner and dance goddess. Make sure you don’t accidentally die in the process to becoming super successful with spider bites and such! Love you my favorite bb soph.

To Amy, I will you a senior year filled with colorful hair that is as colorful as your personality. You are so so so funny. I hope that you continue being the unique you, and that you have lots of time to create and listen to ASMR videos. I will you the ability to continue being a makeup beast and a meme god. I also will you an amazing senior year, and lots of sleep. You really need to sleep bb. You have grown a lot as a leader, and it makes me happy. I am so glad that you were put into my wing as a soph, because you are so unique and you always are able to make me laugh. I’ll miss you hugs and you yelling Din all the time. I love you yam, and I also will you someone you can make a nickname for like din. Also, I will you a soph that you can put water bottles on their forehead and body while they are sleeping.

To Diann, I will you a twin that is so open, caring, and hype as you are. From meeting you at orientation, to hanging out with you and other bb sophs, to you all the sleepovers we had, I am glad I had the chance to make so many memories with you these past two years. You are so relatable, and you have the ability to make anything an adventure. I am glad we have those late night talks, and I appreciate you always feeding me. I will you many nights where you don’t have any homework and can make those chicken singing videos. I also will you lots of sleep. I hope you have an amazing SSS because you have worked so incredibly hard these past few years. I’ll miss you next year twin, though I will always just be one call away!

To Jaimie and Gloria, I will you baby sophomores/ juniors that are so sassy but also funny. I will you juniors who make random instagram videos at 4 a.m. while you are sleeping, but it doesn’t really bother you because you love those baby sophomores/juniors. Gloria, I will you an amazing Studco experience, and I know you will do great things next year! You will be such a good senior @ large, and I am so proud of you bb. Thank you for always hanging with me after 10 check in the commons. I hope you find a bb soph who is as cool as you <3 Also , I hope you continue to show 04 who is boss :P Jaimie, I will you a fun SSS where you don’t have to care about spanish or any of your classes. I hope you both enjoy senior year.

To Gloria, Lily, Katie, Grace, I will you all an amazing senior year, and I hope you guys have an upquad as amazing as you guys were to me. No matter what hall you guys are in next year, I hope you have juniors that will make the wing seem like home, because that is what you guys did for me. Katie, thank you for always feeding me and saving me when I needed to borrow dresses. Lily, thank you for telling me when there were graphic novel quizzes, and for being the nicest person I know. Grace, thanks for giving me the chance to get to know you better. You are really funny and savage, but you always make my life entertaining when you call out certain people. But thank you for also being a very caring person. Gloria, I have a seperate will for you, but thank you again for being so cool, chill, sassy but in a good way, and a great junior who I can talk to at anytime. Thank you all for being a great upquad!

To Surya, I will you the ability to open up your heart and mind to more people. I also will you more movie memories, makeup guinea pigs,aesthetic photos and art, amazing Lunar performances + other cello performances, and lots of bakery foods. You are someone that I never knew I would be friends with this year, but I am so glad I took the chance to get to know you better. Honestly, you are such an extraordinary individual. Your thoughts are always unique, and imo you have such a real personality. You are an amazing writer, designer, photographer/editor, and hardworking person. Also, you are such a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope that more people get to see how amazing you are. I am really glad I became your friend because you are literally so fun to be around. Like I can not think of a single moment when I was ever bored. Thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you, and I hope you will make new amazing friends that appreciate you for you because high-key you have a great personality. I appreciate you, and if you ever need anything, I’m one message away! Also , congrats on VP~ you’ll do great next year!

To Kanika and Derek, I will you the ability to keep branching out and making people happier. Before this year, I hadn’t ever really talked to both of you. But you guys are so open and easy to connect with. You make people feel at home. I wish you the best of luck in CAB, and I hope you have an amazing senior year since your presence made my year better. Kanika, congrats on CAB director!!! You’ll do amazing next year, and you’ll make such a big difference at IMSA!

To Prathibha, Saisu, Janna, Ray, Jay, Breanna, Grace Federici, I will you amazing baby sophs that will never cease to brighten your day. I hope you find underclassmen that will cook for you, play cards with you, take walking trips with, give you hugs, and scream your name down the hallway because all these things I did with you guys made my senior year amazing. Junior year will be tough, but I hope you find the positives in the little things. Just think that in a little over a year, you will be able to SSS to your heart’s content! Be sure to give your underclassmen next year a chance, because you might be amazed at how great they can be just as I was <3

To Jay, junior year will be hard, and you will probably be stressed with standardized tests, academics, your other extracurriculars, etc. I hope, however, that you will still find joy in class club and that there will be no drama for you this next year and no cart pettiness. Also, I will you a soph who gives amazing hugs like you do. I wish you all the best, and I hope you have an amazing prom! Love you my bb soph <3

To Mikki and Ashley, I will you an SIR experience where you don’t have to repeat SDS page gels 5 billion times or accidentally create liters of solid LB. I will you a junior who is willing to feed you when your show up late to SIR. I also will you a junior who will carry you :P I will you many trips to Taylor Street, and free time to explore Chicago. I will you an amazing SIR experience filled with laughs, good food, free time, as well as actually accomplishing something in our SIR. You guys made this year really fun, and I don’t know how I would have survived without you guys. I love you, and I promise I will come visit since I will be in the area! Here is to more Chicago memories!

To Alyssa, Hannah, Marisa, I will you many sweeps that will let you get those Oberweis goods. I will you the motivation to come to practice, do those warm ups and conditioning, and listen through Bernie’s and Lester’s talks. I hope that you guys will be able to find joy in tennis, and continue those team bonding songs and emotions.

To Hannah Grauer, I will you a junior who won’t come visit you :P Lol but actually though, I will you the energy to leave your room and branch out. You are so amazing, really funny, sassy but still nice, and such a great person to know. I wish others had the opportunity to see how cool you are, so make sure they do by leaving your room! Branch out because some people might surprise you! Also, I hope you remain the fun you even with the stress of senior year! Also, keep playing tennis and don’t lowkey quit like me!

To Marisa Patel O’Connor, I will you the ability to do interviews :P I still remember the first time interviewing you; you kept on laughing every 5 seconds and it was sooo amusing to watch. I am really glad that you have grown these past 2 years as a leader, but I hope you still keep that giggling, over-excited you that screams Diann down the hallway and gives everyone hugs. You are such a bright star in so many people’s lives. You are so passionate about what you do, and you make me proud when I see how much you have accomplished already with LEAD, Kenya, PowerPitch, SCAN, etc, I feel like a proud mom. No matter how college decisions end up, I know for a fact you are going to accomplish so much and become super successful. But I still will you the ability to do good interviews, especially with college around the corner. Love you <3

To Tommy V, I will you the ability to say hi to people in the hallways.

To May, Sol, Amy, I will you amazing sophomores that will brighten your day . Like high-key, you all were one of the reasons why junior year was tolerable. I hope you have many sleepovers and fun memories senior year! Don’t get too stressed. May, I also will you an amazing housing situation and a new wing you love! You made 03A feel like home, so I hope you find a wing as amazing as I did with you in it next year.

To Madison Mazzorona, I will you a junior who can carry you through a class, and who is the best wing guide you can ever ask for. I appreciate you always pulling through for biophysics, and I really appreciate all the hard work, time, and care you put into wing guide events. You are going to be so successful in the future because you have such great qualities. I know you will continue to make a difference at IMSA just as you have this year through making A wing seem like home. I will miss hanging out with you, but I am glad I got to meet you this year and make memories with you!

To Astha, I will you an amazing little sib who talks to you. I literally don’t talk to any other little sib except you. That just means you are awesome <3 You are really chill, so make sure you talk to your little sib lots next year because I regret not talking to you as much. Have fun next year, and make sure you keep in touch with me!

Elizabeth Longjin Tang
To Eva and Alice, my dearest babies ^.^ I will you the warmest of hugs and snuggles to make even the hardest days and latest nights better.

To Gowri, you silly soph whose jokes make my day every day, I will you someone who does the same for you.

To Breanna (I am not your sophomore, my dear sophomore); however, I will you your very own sophomore who always greets you with a smile :)

To Doreen and Ray, my Carbondale sophs, I will you the most supportive, loving, and crazy friends who make all the sacrifice more than worth it.

To Eden and Koyena, I will you some new late night buddies and sleep. Hopefully, you’ll end up using the sleep more often than the buddies.

To Marisa, Vaishnavi, Hannah, and Sibil, I will you underclassmen and a wing who you’ll be more than happy to be an open door and late-night safe haven to.

To Neil John, I will you someone to continue scolding you about not sleeping or eating properly that is not your mother.

To Ethan, I will a super awesome buddy that you can have random convos with after school.

To Prachi and Kathy, I will an amazing RSL team who will help you in continuing to make 02 the wonderful home we all know and love. Also to Prachi, I will an awesome lil sib that you’ll get to proudly see grow through IMSA.

To Shubhi, I will an awesome underclassman with great jokes who always knows what’s going on when you’re totally oblivious (thanks for always knowing the homework in BC3 and French btw).

To all the wonderful people I’ve come to know, whether we talk all the time or only sometimes, I didn’t forget you. Jayda, you make RSL-ing so amazing with your sass and spirit. Astha, thanks for giving me a kdrama pal to fangirl with. Cassy, you’re so adorable and make me honestly so happy. Dez, it’s crazy how we met in Carbondale four years ago, and every time we end up talking, my face hurts cause you make me laugh so much. Brooke, you’re so bold and fearless in the best ways which has made living in 02 all the more fun. Sam, I enjoyed bouncing side to side in unison in StudentU with you. Aleah, sorry I totally relied on you to start all the braids, but I had so much fun! Let’s do it again sometime! The list could go on. To all the great people I’ve interacted with, the purpose of this will is just to let you know how awesome you all are and what happiness you’ve brought to me that’s made my years here so amazing. My will is just a wish that someone will give you the same wonderful experiences that you’ve given me.

Ellyonna Glenn
To Prachi, I will you all the things, but specifically a co next year that will work just as hard as you do, and a landslide victory against A wing next year in Wing Wars because they’re obviously inadequate.

To Isaiah, I will you a sense of time management. I love you, but, honey, come on.

To Ainsley, I will you a sophomore that relies on you as much as you rely on Isa. I hope she’s as sassy too.

To Charlotte Giff, I will you all the LUSH, Whole Foods, bougieness you can handle.

To Alex Zhong, I will you sleep and a stress free SSS because you’ve earned it a million times over.

To Prachi, Tanmayee, Annie, and Shvetali, I will you sanity through the college admission process. Each and every one of you are crazy smart, talented people and you WILL BE FINE no matter where you end up. Just remember that what happens will be meant to be, and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m always here.

To Garrison and Nani, I will you an IMSA family that’s even better than me and your father, Clayton Strauch. Love, Mom.

To everyone I’m forgetting, I’m sorry I promise I love you I just suck and procrastinate.

Elyas Marr
To Miron Liu, I will all my cookie recipes, and the ability to read them and follow the directions. Never feel obligated to bake.

To Chelsey Soli, I will the best senior year anyone’s ever had. You deserve it.

To Aleah Brown, I will the energy to continue the good work you do as a friend and activist / educator on campus.

To Eden and Timothy, I will you the frustration and joy of choosing #ownvoices pieces for speech, and all that comes with looking for the perfect love letter to an author’s self for an interp piece.

To Garrison, Dan, Christian, Ethan, Jake, and Miron, I will you the same camaraderie you have now going into next year. Support each other through college apps, and for the love of god make sure you turn things in on time.

To Dan, Brennan, Luca, Ethan, Max, and Alec, I will you the support of your friends and the knowledge that your wingmates have your back. No matter what wing you end up in, you’ve got opportunities to make friends, or at least allies.

Eric Hersey
To my Children: Pascal, Andrew Du, Chelsey Soli, Jojo, Lyric, Jemea, Matt Selvaraj, Matt Halliman, Femi D., Michael Mckelvie, Freddie Taylor, TT Sanchez, Desmond Brown, Aaron Calhoun, Nikita Elkin, Max KNUTSON, Shevtali T., Sam Anozie, Tyree Spears, Neil John, Erol Ikiz, Suraj Sunkara, Miron Liu, Luke Knutson, Suchet K, Faris S., Big Man Josh, PFoe (Peter Baffoe), Wonjun Park, Richard Ma, Josh Bluhm, Jake Sutter, Harsha Nalam, Tommy Neidlein, and I guess Lola, I will you all my endless support. Hit me up anytime in college. I’ll always be ready to talk with my kids. I wish you all the best in the rest of your IMSA careers. Make sure y’all stay studying and out of trouble. I’ll be checking up. I’ll miss y’all. Also sorry if I forgot your name, I did this last minute!

To Amit, I will you the ability to stop thirsting and copping. I know you’re a smart kid so I know you can do it bro. Also the Patriots suck booty.

To Yams(Yamil Barraza), I will you a weird friend who’s always being goofy. Don’t lose your sense of humor when I’m not here to roast you bro.

To Yams, Dez, Fern, Josh B, Alex R: I will you guys sophomores and juniors who are always doing funny stuff. You guys always brighten my day when I make the trip to 07.

To Casholomous (Cassius Harper), I will you the ability to recognize and maximize your potential. You’re one of the smartest kids and biggest weebs I’ve ever met. Keep working hard because you can do great things bro. And watch Super. That mess is fire.

To my Twin (Erika Ezife), I will you another twin who you can always roast. You’ve been a good friend but I’m gonna need you to hop on that ACT/SAT studying daily. Text me any time when I’m in college and I won’t ignore your texts like I do now! I also will you a pack of gum so you can stop asking me for a piece.

To Twin, Maryam, Amanda Wong, Michelle, Elange, and rest of SQUAD, I will you another awesome member of the squad. Besides Twin, you all are cool and it’s been great cooling with you all this year.

To James Lichtenstein, I will you the ability to stop cuffing your pants, that really looks ugly. I also will you free clothing advice because you need it homie.

To Harry Smith and Grant Dexter, I will you two great SIR partners who will carry and help you your senior year.

To Mom (Maryam Mufti), I will the ability to chill. You’re cool but you be stressing over small things.

To Jimmy, I will you an underclassman who you can always pick on and destroy in assassins. It’s been fun getting to know you more and more but if you false neck me again, I will show no mercy.

To Matt Selvaraj, I will you the ability to continue to grow more and more outgoing. You were kinda lame sophomore year (just kidding bro) but you’ve really grown into a funny guy that I have enjoyed living in the same wing with. Keep B-wing lit.

To Big Marsh (Walter Marsh), I will you another friend who will always be doing something hilarious. It has been hilarious in the wing and in Spec fic with you. To yelling out random stuff and bumping bellies, I’ll miss you homie.

To 04 B Wing, I will you a wing who is super loud and always doing something. I’ve never had a more lit wing and I will miss the 10 check antics every night. I’ll miss all you guys next year. I expect you all to be swimming in Shamu coo next year!

To The Dinner Boyz, I will you more dinner boyz to eat with and many more meals. We’ve made something great so I hope you guys continue to meet up every day at 5:00 PM and enjoy some fire Sodexo. DINNER BOYZ!

To Cassius H. and Neil John, I will you both the control and maintenance of Polo Thursday along with Kudz. You both always show out and I believe y’all can keep the tradition alive. You have our blessing.

To Nicholas Ramos and Andrew W, I will you two juniors who constantly yell and make fun of people. I’ll probably never forget the funny stuff we’ve done this year and I’ll miss living across from you guys next year.

To Shevtali and Sam and Walter and Danielle and Cassy and Aaron, I will you guys couples who you can cool with anytime. I also will y’all some cool handshakes because I’m coming up with some threesome handshakes right now.

To my Best Friend Michelle Wang, I will you another best friend homie! I don’t remember how we actually met but you’re real cool. Also keep my twin from doing stupid stuff. I’m counting on you, best friend.

To Tyler Fullilove, I will you a homie who you can always joke around with. You’re kinda lame but it’s actually been really fun having Art and Design with you. And now we got a cool handshake too!

Esther Sarah Jai Mathew
To Aabshar Ghassi, Alyssa Daniels, Brandon Young, Eliza Apavoloaiei, Jeni Petrillo, Kevin Mikos, Liza Kuzmina, Max Hellrung, Micah Casey-Fusco, Miriam Franks, Renzo Ledesma, Thomas Jacobs, and Vincent McKibben, I will you all the ability to sing no matter what situation you come across in life. All of you know the power of music, and I encourage you to never question the happiness it can bring you. Don’t worry, just sing, and be happy. You all have each other’s backs because that’s what family is. And once you are in the Mod fam, there’s no backing out.

To Jeni Petrillo, Thomas Jacobs, and another one of my extremely capable Mod babies, I will you the ability shape and lead Mod 21. Of course, I know that you all can lead Mod 21: arrange music, lead practices, and keep everyone in check. But I also know that you all are capable of making Mod your own. This is something I did not get to do to the best of my ability this year, so it is up to you to do what I could not ;P. Leave your mark on the club. Introduce new Mod activities, bonding, shows, recordings, and campus events. Imagine what you want to happen, and do it. Feasibility is a thing, but do not let it limit you. The club is yours now, so make what you will of it. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” Please message me all the time for advice or just to let me know how things are going. Love you all.

To Ethan Talreja, Frances Balto, Gowri Warikoo, Grace Sleyko, Jodie Meng, Meghan Hendrix, Nikita Elkin, Rustom Ichhaporia, and Vincent McKibben, I will you all INspire. As you all know, INspire is my baby. However, I do not know of any more capable speakers and leaders I could leave my beloved club to. Remember its mission: to bring public speaking education to underrepresented students. Although this may be hard at times, and you may need to find different avenues to raise funds, always return to the heart of the club. Again, this is something I struggled with, so let the mission be a guiding light. Work with IN2, Aurora, and who knows, maybe some other districts or even states (haha, there I go). I know you all can do it! Message me with ALL the updates! <3

To Abigail Vander Ploeg, Connor Rhodes, Eden Gorevoy, Grace Sleyko, Luke Knutson, Marisa Patel O’Connor, Miron Liu, and Priyanka Sarangabany, I will you all the ability to lead the LEAD team to the best of your abilities. You all know how much time it takes to be a part of the LEAD team, and I promise you it will take much more time to lead it now. I know that all of you will make the electives your own, but it is also important to remember to have fun. It can be easy to drown in all of the work, but reach out to your fellow board members before that happens. I promise that all of you will help each other, and it will be even more fun when you are leader the organization than when you were a facilitator. You can do it, and never stop believing in your own abilities.

To Connor Rhodes, Luke Knutson, and Sam Anozie, I will you the ability to inspire your students to become the best facilitators ever! You all are absolutely amazing, and it has been so awesome to see you all use your abilities in my sophomore LEAD classes, and later in the team, and now even in board positions! You all have come so far, and you will only go farther from here. I could not be prouder.

To Eden Gorevoy and Marisa Patel O’Connor, I will you both support for each other and the abilities to keep smiling through anything and everything. I know that you both will lead SocEnt with all the strength and grace that Sargam did. You are both my sophomore babies, and it has been absolutely wonderful to see you both grow in many ways, but also remain the beautiful, happy girls you have always been. I know that you both have undying passions for SocEnt, and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things that you do with the elective.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you the best little SIBil a girl could ask for. You have always been there to make fun of me when I talk to Buddy in an Indian accent, talk to me in Malayalam, or just share a good laugh. I love you so much, and I know that you will find another sister to baby next year. Keep in touch and video chat me! Love ya, gurl! <3

To Abby Light, Bella Huynh-Pham, Doreen Xiao, Gowri Warikoo, Hannah Grauer, Lola Alao, Michelle Wang, Riley Brutto, Vaishnavi Vanamala, and Valynn Rinkel, I will you wonderful underclassmen next year. Be there for each other, and love on each other.

To Alex Zhong and Eliza Apavoloaiei, I will you both sophomores who will give you the best hugs ever and make you feel like the most special seniors in the world (because you are).

To the entire IMSA body, I will the ability to use the motion-activated water fountains properly. Don’t dance in front of it. Hip thrust once, bend down, and drink from the fountain that turns off only after twenty seconds. You are very welcome.

And now after many tears and existential crises, I have finished the will. So I will close with the words of an incredible human being, “I don’t have friends, I got family”.

Frederick Poddig
To Wyatt Funkhouser, I will you the ability to stay true to you. I didn’t know you much first semester, but I’m glad that we started talking more second semester. I know that if I’m ever amused by something, I can tell you and you’ll find it just as funny as I do. I’ll always remember the funny conversations we had, especially coming back from STL with the trailer. Whatever you do, don’t let IMSA change your personality, no matter how hard they try.

To Thomas Neidlein, I will you a great next build season. I’ve only really talked to you for about a year, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. This past build season, if you weren’t next to me, I felt like part of me was missing. I couldn’t have asked for a better captain this year. Just make sure you wear our team’s shirt every once in a while…

To Tatiana and Louise, I will you the pit. Before competitions, I didn’t know much about either of you, and hoped that you two would work well with each other and be able to handle the pit. After seeing you two work in the pit at STL and Midwest, I have no worries about load-in or organization in the pit. I can’t think better people to pass the pit down to. Whatever you do, don’t forget to be great safety captains!

To Gabe Bryk, I will you more crazy ideas. Never in my life have I met someone that uses zip ties, VHB tape, and clamps as much as you. I used to think that some of my solutions were sketchy, but you put them to shame. No matter how many times Dane or anybody else tells you not to take shortcuts or to redo something, remember: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Regardless of how jank your ideas may be sometimes, they work. Don’t ever fix them.

To Liana Koleva, I will you somebody that cares just as much about the bumpers as you do. I can’t count how many times you helped me with math, whether I was lost, didn’t know how to do it, or just forgot. I will you someone to carry you just as much as you carried me this semester. Math aside, you’ve gotta find somebody to take over bumpers after you. I expect next year’s bumpers to be the best on the field at all times. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to pass down your title.

To Aidan Steineman, I’m glad to have had you in my wing for part of last year. If I hadn’t, I don’t know what I would’ve done with all my spare time. I will you someone that you can stay up with and have deep conversations with, someone that you can connect with, even if you don’t realize it immediately or want to admit it. Whatever you do, be who you wanna be, regardless of what people say about you. Don’t let anybody change you.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you a future business head as involved as you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been much of a mechanical head this past year. Don’t forget to take a break every once in a while, you deserve it. Have fun at Worlds!

To Bharath Sreenivas, in the two years I’ve known you, you’ve changed so much, so I will you someone as mechanically minded as you, someone that you can always bounce ideas off of. I also will you the blue calipers. They were passed to me last year, and I expect you to do the same next year. Don’t stop asking questions, there’s always more to learn.

To Louise Lima, I will you the special allen key. I was given the key last year, and I expect you to pass it on next year. I trust that you won’t lose it, and you’ll always have it when it’s needed. Just don’t put it with your keys and pass it around the lab, you can ask Rohit how that turns out. Keep learning, don’t forget to ask questions.

Gedi Njoya
To Joshua Bluhm, Fernando Gomez, Dez Brown, Yamil Barraza, Cash Harper, Femi Durodola, Matthew Halliman, Aaron Calhoun, Chris Teng and Jojo Bertrand, I will you guys underclassmen that are as wild as you. Hanging out with y’all and seeing all of your antics never failed to make me laugh. I never thought I would meet so many hyperactive, knucklehead nerds in one place and I hope you guys never change. Don’t let RCs tame the wild spirit inside of y’all and instill your silliness in your underclassmen. Above all, have fun with your junior/senior years.

To Chetan Reddy, Lucien Putnam, Alex Domowicz, Nafay Abdul, Hasan Almousawi, and Alej Curtis, I will you the leadership of the soccer team. With the great season we had this year, it’s always going to be difficult to top it, but if anyone could do it, it would be you guys. You guys are all great players and I think you all have heaps of potential and the ability to take the team to another level next year. Also, Nafay I will you the ability to turn to your left, and Alex I will you the ability to keep yourself from talking back to the ref. You guys made this last season my best one and I expect great things from you next year.

To Fernando Gomez, I will you underclassmen that you can take Yu-Gi-Oh cards from. Fern, I would never have predicted that we would become as close as we are. We share a lot of the same hobbies and interests from supporting Chivas all the way down to watching the same YouTubers. It would have been nice to have you on the soccer team while I was here but hopefully you’re able to play next year. You’ve been an A wing bro for two years and I remember first seeing you and Dez dueling and thinking you were complete weebs, but then I made a deck from your leftover cards and completely destroyed you with it. I then realized that I’m one too. I’ve really enjoyed dueling and chilling with you and the guys for the past years and will always cherish the memories we’ve made, from the OTKs to the hour long duels.

To Dez Brown, I will you a walking spoiler. I can’t count how many times you’ve spoiled shows for me, from Arrow to Naruto. I’ve been binging Naruto this semester so I could finish it before you spoiled anything too major. You’re quite possibly the biggest weeb I know and I think you’re the reason I’ve become the way I am. This being said, I’m glad I’ve been able to nerd out about shows with you and that you’ve been there to recommend animes to watch. Also, you and Yams have become the resident roasters. I’ve never laughed harder than when you were flaming the life out of Clinton. You’ve been a great guy to hang out with, and wherever you go I wish you the best on your journey.

To Shubhi Verma, I will you someone who will lie to you about you being their favorite senior. I also will you an underclassmen that will take your harassment and look up to you as their favorite senior next year. Shubhi, I don’t know how, when or why we became friends but somehow I’ve earned the title of your “favorite senior.” I’ve called you a fraud and a liar and denied being your favorite senior but the truth is I really appreciate having someone who’s dedicated their life to bothering me. I’m glad you’ve been there to show me some of the more bizarre parts of the internet like “The Eight I’d Really Rather You Didnt’s” and prevent me from doing my homework. I know at times you get really stressed out and I think in your senior year you should take a step back sometimes and find some time for yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard, and I hope you have a great senior year.

To Chetan Reddy, I will you my Adidas sweater with the Spain crest, and along with it, any goal scoring responsibility I had in the team. Che you’ve shouldered a lot of the scoring load since your sophomore year, and now without Pranav, Krishi, Nick, Matt and me, you’re going to have to carry even more. Although you’re not as fast as me, you have all the speed you need to beat the defenses you’ll come up against. With your speed and skill I’m sure you’ll be able to do what Will Kmeciak couldn’t do and break 30 goals in the next season.

To Neil John, I will you the Cyber deck. Seeing as you gave me all of the most important cards in it, it’s only right to leave it in your hands. I think you’re more than capable enough of using it well, and with some practice you could eventually take down Red-Eyes and Blue-Eyes. Never let Fern and Dez’s decks intimidate you and I’m sure that you’ll become the best duelist out of you three.

To Diann Moon and Gloria Huang, I will you a tub of ice cream and some slime. I probably won’t be able to buy you guys ice cream for a while if ever again and I most likely won’t get to witness your struggles with making slime again but I’m glad I did while I was here. Your quirks, such as your strange obsession with abusing rubber chickens, are what make you who you are and I hope you never change or let anyone use your eccentricity to bring you down. I’m gonna miss the somewhat random conversations we had from predicting my future by reading my palms, to ridiculing the ludicrous amount of “kids” I have. Also, Gloria I will you an actual soccer ball so you can reach Cade’s level and become a true soccer god, and Diann I will you the ability to say phobia. Have a great senior year and don’t forget that you guys are allowed to have fun too.

To Kaleigh O’Brien, I will you a German carry. I realize that there won’t be many people in German IV with you next year and if I’m honest, I don’t think you’ll need a carry. But at the same time, I think you deserve it for how much you’ve carried me. I often rely on you to cop the homework and I am extremely grateful that you’ve helped me tank as hard as I have. Whether you’re giving me a look of disappointment from across the German room or trying to fight me, you always have a smile on your face and I’m really glad I got to know you. I wish you all the best next year.

To Joshua Bluhm, I will you the future of 07A wing. Josh, I think you’re the most sarcastic person I’ve ever met. Your endless reserve of sarcastic comments never ceases to amaze me. You’re also never afraid be sarcastic with staff members. I remember during the first check of my junior year, everyone was getting to know each other and JaRod asked a question. You responded to JaRod by making an obvious remark that was completely unnecessary. From then I knew that you were going to be one of my favorite members of the class of 19′. It shocks me that someone so sarcastic could also have so many deep philosophical thoughts. I wish that in my time here I had more deep conversations with you about society and the world in general. Your carefree personality and your depth of thought are what A wing are really about and I think you’re the best person to carry on the legacy of A wing. I wish you the best next year and I hope that you keep A wing as dope as it is now.

To Jolin Zheng, I will you fame and fortune as Jolin from Walmart. I don’t remember the last time you had a profile pic that wasn’t promoting JCC, but your Walmart picture could make you as prevalent as Alex from Target. I don’t know what I’m saying but Jolin I also will you an underclassmen who’ll always lift your spirits. You always seem to be in a good mood and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a frown on your face. Even when you’re roasting me you have a smile on your face, which is honestly kinda off putting. Jollyfish it’s been great getting to know you through SEAMS and EIP and I’m gonna miss the sporadic interactions we have that always make my day that much better. I wish you the best next year and never let anyone knock you down.”

George Li
To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you my BC 3 binder with all 25 of my in-class AP problems. I hope you don’t have an aversion to red marks and grades below 80%.
To Hanson Hao, Ishaar Ganesan, Patrick Li, Chetan Reddy, Nishant Bhamidipati, and Paul Peterson, I will you the IMSA Chess Team and hope that you will do your best to be seeded within the top 20 next year. Let me know if the number of practices next year exceeds 2 please.

Gina Chung
To Urvi Awasthi, I will you a painless senior year and many good recommendation letters.

To Joanna Lee, I will you the best last-Lunar and Korean traditional dance, as well as meeting Nicole more often!

To Mia Ye, I will you lots more Costco things your parents buy you and another memorable Halloween costume.

To Athena Zheng, I will you many amazing underclassmen in your wing to give advice to. In addition, I will you many yummy fruits to snack on at night.

To Katie Lu, I will you the best SSS with Mia.

To Kelsey Chang, I will you less McCarthy in your life, as well as a sarcasm-filled senior year.

To all my underclassmen in 06C, I will you your own underclassmen that are just as wonderful as you were these past two (or one) years!”

Goutam Gutta
To Danielle Lee, I will you all the chocolate chip muffins your heart desires.

To Ayush Agarwal, I will you an underclassmen that you can get into spontaneous fights with.

To Kristin Wolford, I will you a Diwali time.

To Dr. Chinwalla’s Junior Cancer Biology SIR Group, I will you successful trials and motivation into senior year.

To Jay Reiter, I will you Aaaaaaaaah!

To Matt Selvaraj, I will you ALL the mad gainz.

To Nathan Kim, I will you a full night’s sleep.

To Cassius Harper, I will you access to all the Naruto episodes dubbed in English and without buffering.

To Harsha Nalam, I will you Bork bork.

To Anisha Gubba, I will you the entirety of The Macronym.

Gunwati Agrawal
To Jaimie, I will you the perfect English essay. A three-part process: the inspiration, my favorite poem: Invictus by william ernest henley; the technique: my favorite book, “”They Say, I Say, The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing,”” and last of all, the ear of an underclassmen, off whom you can bounce any and all ridiculous notions, and always borrow coconut jelly from.

To Kaushal, Emily, Matt, and Bert, I will the Ethical REAM OF PAPER. Over two years, you have learned so much about philosophy, debate, reading social science research. Through leading and guiding future generations of debaters, however, you’ll learn even more. May you strike fear into and stuttering out of novice and varsity members.

To Kaushal, I will Jimmy. And leggings. And, to please your a priori obsessed self, “”Readings in Epistemology from Aquinas, Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant.””

To Jimmy, I will Kaushal. Take care of him, he’s in over his head.

To Emily, I will “”The Fountainhead”” by Ayn Rand, and “”Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist,”” a biography by Niall Ferguson. Controversial? Yes. But you have the mind to read these and make your own opinions.

To Matt, I will Aristotle’s “”Nicomachean Ethics.”” You saw this coming.

To Bert, I will my collection of curated iPhone games. Whenever you feel frustrated, take a break, flip through it, and play one of them. They will delight you, puzzle you, and help you grow, reminding you of learning in its purest form, and motivating you to get back out there. If you want a philosophy book too, I have a giant reader from Kiely I can give you.

To Harsha, Shev, Ayush, Anisha, I will you the Evernote and its statistics. The above won’t take care of it and get too deep into the philosophy, so it’s up to you to inject some common sense.

To Alex Zhong, I will CALMNESS. You already have the drive, the intelligence, the personality – if you could just slow down a little bit (lole coming from me). I also will you Israel’s ability to make nuclear treaties, and all the awful vegan recipes.

To Alex Sobcyznski, I will the ability to synthesize a realpolitik understanding of the world with an appreciation for the necessity for ethical leaders. It seems exclusive, but you are one of the best equipped people to unravel the puzzle.

To Jake Sutter, I will a math/science teacher recommendation, and the motivation to model more weird math stuff. Any conversation with you has been enlightening, or at least, entertaining – just like a good math paper.

To Diann, I will the ability to make RC’s forget you missed check, as well as the no-check senior privs I never got to enjoy.

To Anisha, I will you the shield of 03D, made from fire of Stabby.

To Tony, I will the love of science AND international relations, and the ability to combine the two in any way possible!

To Madison Hahamy, I will a book of George Orwell’s selected essays, including “”Politics and the English Language,”” which one so keenly devoted to the cause of Words, as well as Politics, could not only enjoy but learn from.

Hannah Harvard
To Surya, I will you the opportunity to give me your white boots :P But seriously, I will you the opportunity to live in an inspiring and welcoming environment. I can’t wait to see where you go in life. Thank you for being different. I enjoy our long late night talks. No one seems to quite get it around here and I’m glad to have someone that it just clicks with (even though we psychoanalyze everything) minus of course our taste in men. I appreciate your opinions and I’m glad to have someone like you to remind me of the passions I used to indulge in. You constantly remind me to think a little differently and attempt to be creative. I hope you keep this mindset as you go throughout life and eventually make the “big decision”. You seem to know exactly what you want and that’s important. Again, thank you for the inside jokes and the good times.

To Priyanka, I will you the courage to ask for and get what you want. I wish we had more time. Quickly, you became one of my best friends at IMSA. I love the late night talks we have had and the math table drama. I can always count on you to be there and share a laugh or two. Never be afraid to speak your mind, is one of the greatest lessons you’ll learn here at IMSA. No one hands things to anyone around here. I’m saying this because I know you have dreams and aspirations, so I want to give you advice on IMSA while I still can. But do not worry, even though we recently got close, I know our story doesn’t end here. I’m so excited to be friends with you when I’m old and wrinkly, so we can continue to fight over Istvan. Lastly, I will you a large suitcase for France so we can bring back home some bougie goods! Here’s to more fun times and math table bonding trips :P

To Lil’ Federici, I will you the opportunity to meet an underclassmen that will love to give their food and snacks to you too! When I first began talking to you, I saw so much of my sophomore year self. But as the year went on I realized that you’re doing me way better than I did me. You will go far in whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go (even though it’ll probably be a ways away from me). Just know that I’m one ride or phone call away. You will always be my sophomore. Also the mug that got me through all 3 years at IMSA. Hopefully it’ll work for you too. Thanks for keeping me company whenever I refused to be alone :)))

To Lil’ Wulffraat, I will never forget the pink hair, woodman’s trip, and your dancing around the commons! Junior year is approaching, but I promise you it is not as intimidating as it seems. I will you the carefree mindset to enjoy your time here at IMSA. Believe or not, time flies. Go out, make dumb mistakes, great memories, and read a couple more good books. The importance of your friends and connections will surmount anything you learn at school. Thank you for being strange and a great presence in my wing. I wish we had more opportunities to do things, but don’t worry I’ll be back. If you ever need anything, I’m a call away.

To Lil’ Rabideau, I will you the courage to try out some new and exciting things and not be afraid to deviate from their example! You are always so jolly and friendly. We need more kindred souls like you at IMSA. I know that as the younger sibling of two IMSA alum, it might be hard to not follow their lead. Be you Sam because there is no one better to be.

To Derek, I will you the strength to endure next year on your own. You will always be my little boy. I will always remember our little “catching up” walks around campus, both in the ugly and pretty weather. You have all the love and joy in the world trapped in your little frame, so I was glad to be your outlet. But, the next semester is going to be a little more challenging, so that is why I am willing you the ability to make it through. It’s important to put yourself first and be comfortable being alone, because no one will know what’s best for you better than you. Of course, I will still be there should you need a shoulder to rest on from time to time.

To Nate, my savior, I will you the ability to live life to the fullest. For yourself and not so you can woo someone else. Thank you for carrying me through BC. But also thanks for being a good friend and always having a quality story to tell. I appreciate your quality taste in movies as well. You’re a smart kid and you will do amazing things, so don’t distract yourself with all the meaningless stuff in between. Also, if you haven’t seen the show Inbetweeners, I seriously recommend that you watch it.

To Owen, I will you nothing because you seem to have it all figured out. Hey smiley! Thanks for being my “favorite underclassman”. Indoor and Outdoor was a blast and DREAM was a… unique experience. I appreciate the good talks we’ve had and the time spent failing to help your hall with clash. Of all the people here, you remind me most of my home/old school and that’s a good thing. You always say what you think, but also know not to take everything too seriously. I know you’ll go far, don’t forget about me when you do!

To Teja, I will you the task of keeping Tami and Cathe company. Keep them happy and your senior year will be a blast.

To Hunter, I will you a peace of mind as everyone goes through the typical stresses of First Semester Senior Year. You will do great. I’m glad you found your place. You are radiant and you’re already figuring out so much!

To Aabshar, I will you a good next year at IMSA. I don’t know really know you, but please never stop being you. You’re equally kind and strange, and easy to share a laugh with. Even with a stranger like me! I wish you the best in the year to come.

Harrison Carcione
To Andrew Wiedenmann, I will you my anger and sadness, but also my joy how far and few in between it may be. I hope that you are able to keep your motivation up and don’t get bogged down by all the garbage that gets thrown at you in life. I will you nothing but the best. Don’t make mistakes, just make a change.

To Aabshar Ghassi, I will you some motivation in the hopes that one day you do something that isn’t the minimal effort. Because I know that you can do so much better.

To Grant Dexter, I will you a lot of Caffeine Pills, and also success in whatever you do whether it be mathematics, philosophy, or something in between.

To Max Knutson, I will you luck that I never had.

To Graciebelle Nguyen, I will you all the happiness in world whether you’re independent or find someone to spend your time with. I will you your hopes and dreams, and I pray that you someday find someone who cares about you for who you are.

Henry Wittich
To Abigail, Christian, Grace, and Jimmy, I will you two things, both equally important. First, a bag of mints to share with your IMPACT juniors next year. I hope you get new facilitators as amazing as you all were this year. Second, the IMPACT program – you all have such great ideas for how to improve the curriculum and I truly can’t wait to see where you take the elective next year. I expect nothing but greatness from you all.

To Abigail and Grace, I will you all of the exciting opportunities and responsibilities that come with being an elective chair. A lot rides on your shoulders but I’m confident that you will serve your roles well. To aid you both in your pursuits, I will you my copies of Dear Data and Dataclysm. Hopefully they’ll provide some guidance or, if nothing else, entertainment for you next year.

To Sol, I will you many more deep discussions in your CORE class next year. Hopefully your students are conversational and none of them are problematic.

To Abigail, I will you a metaphorical watch (sorry I don’t own any) so that next year, you and your co facilitator don’t fall as extremely far behind as we did this year.

To Abigail, Aliah, Alice, Christian, Connor, Daniel, Eden, Grace M, Grace S, Hunter, Jay, Jimmy, Luke, Marisa, Miron, Priyanka, Sam, Shubhi, and Sol, I will you the courage to reinvent and redefine the norms of the LEAD team next year. It’s been such a joy watching you all come into your own as facilitators and I’m certain that each and every one of you possesses the passion, inspiration, and motivation to make the program better than it has ever been before. Above all, I encourage you all to rediscover why you were initially drawn to the LEAD and to learn something about yourself through the process.

To Alec, Chris, Hannah, Jemea, Jojo, Katie, Krishna, Luca, Lyric, Miles, Nilan, Nora, and Olivia, I will you success in all of your future endeavors, whether LEAD related or not. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you all this year and I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished in our short time together.

To Christian, Dan, Ethan, and Garrison, I will you an amazing senior year in downquad and, since no party is complete without it, I will you the humans of IMSA portrait in our window.

To Becca, I will you a W in the crystal growing competition next year and a great chem lab partner to share your prize money with.

To Mehr and Priyanka, I will you a box of colored pencils to doodle and draw fish with in Spanish class. Obviously class won’t be as fun without Charlie and me there, but hopefully this will help fill the void.

To Alec, I will you an amazing junior year, free of dilemmas, so that you finally have good stories to tell your upperclassmen next year. Above all, I hope you live in the moment, do what you enjoy, and don’t worry so much about being an IMSA icon – if you learn to break dance like you want to, I guarantee you’ll be one!

Igor Zhuravlyov

To current 04CUQ (and hopefully future 04CDQ), I will the face of Vanius.

To Kanika, I will a great and happy year+ filled with amazing memories.

To Hunter, I will you all of my willpower in order to assist you in the trials to come.

To Grant, I will you my entire music library of trash rap, you just gotta ask for it.

To Aabshar, I will you my SSS abilities.

To James S, I will you the best hide and seek spot.

To Nathan L, I will you all the time in the world to play Mario Kart.

To Chuck, I will you the power of Amazon, but better.

To Alej and Richard, I will ya’ll some common sense .

To Ray, I will you the power to flip your hair to the other side whenever you want..

To Erol, I will you the power to speak Turkish angrily and have people understand it

To Luke K, I will you an amazing year of LEAD and the ability to make anyone come to LEAD meetings.

Irena Gao
To Alice and Eva, aka our twin hearts, I will you all the love and laughter you’ve brought to the seniors right back at you. Have an amazing Senior Year. Make more baozi, Eva take more naps, Alice keep being sexy, and make sure to call us for anything you might need <3

To Eden, Timothy, and Tony, In some way, shape, or form, y’all are speech leadership for next year. Take care of my heart, our team. Timothy and Eden, I trust you guys to write a great intro curriculum. Tony, don’t let the sophomores mess up my files–and have a great season, because I have 100% faith in you. It’s been so much fun for Lucy and me to watch you guys grow, because you guys make our team what it is. Have fun next year, and share the magic of speech with another generation. :)

To Forensics leadership, in general, I will you lots of organization, clear communication, and another year of adrenaline-chasing fun. Keep speech + debate together, get a copy of Werewolf, and embody what it means to be a team.

To Eden and Koyena, I will you two a wonderful senior year. Each time I see you guys, it sparks a little light in my heart. Don’t stress, keep it wild, and make sure you sleep some.

To Gowri, I will you a microwave that works :P Thank you for all the wild shenanigans and humor you bring to our wing; I’ve honestly laughed so much with you. Have a great junior year, and don’t let anyone extinguish your incredible energy and life.

To Mod 21, Thank you for letting me be part of your family this year. I will you musical inspiration, more laughter and song, and maybe slightly higher practice attendance. ;)

To Brandon, I will you a phone that you like so you’ll stop taking mine :P Thank you for all your hugs, dancing, and bursting-into-song. I will you more opportunities to sing, great underclassmen, and more chances to do those HIs (don’t miss natquals!)

To Doreen and Ray, I will you guys quality trips home. Navigate Union better than I did, get another jamba juice, and explore new restaurants. Take care of the incoming sophomores, and keep up what you’re doing to have a smashing junior year. I’m so proud of you guys for representing Carbondale so well — have fun!

To Isaiah, I will you a good senior year. It’s been amazing getting to know you this year. You’re an incredible personality, a sweet person, an amazing dancer, and someone I’m so excited to watch rock the world in the future. Have an amazing senior year; you deserve it. 

To Sibil – I will you even more moments to make you dance and smile that beautiful smile of yours. ❤ you’re an incredible personality and I’m so glad to have known you this year. Have a great time with ISA and never forget the laughs you had with Mary Jane Meyers

To 02, I will you guys an amazing hall. Have an even more fun clash than this one, and keep the 02 spirit alive.

To the current 02A underclassmen, Thank you for being part of my family. I will you an amazing next year, full of the same bright sunlight that you found in A wing this year.

To whoever ends up in 02A next year, I will you the best wing on campus. 02A wing always has a bond, an open and inviting spirit, and the best RC. Keep our wing full of love and laughter…and try to keep the wing commons clean. :P

Isabella Ginnett
To Kristin Wolford, I will you a heck ton of B emojis.

To Allia Lin, I will you all the snowballs like ever.

To Jay Reiter, I will you F i l b.

To Christoph Gaffud, I will you J i m.

To Nani Sanchez, I will you a spicy roast that will ultimately backfire and result in me getting roasted.

To Jumobi Arowolo, I will you a heck ton of rhombuses.

To Becca Ellington, I will you a burnt pair of crocs that are so burnt they’re not even crocs.

To Tay Mitchell, I will you some gosh darn oats.

To Makayla Szendzial, I will you Avatar the Last Airbender. Like all of it.

To Denise Gutierrez, I will you a pair of good ol’ jorts and an angry reacc.

To Alexa Gonzalez, I will you some heckin jorts and some spicy Hayley Kiyoko jams.

To Krishna Thakkar, I will you a nice, spicy meme and the Sakeru Gummy commercial series.

To Alyssa Daniels, I will you apples. Just apples

To Liza Kuzmina, I will you a fresh pair of memes and a brand spanking new ukulele.

Ishita Bhattacharya
To 06B Wing, I will you a lifetime of wing war championships and good wing guides and good wing dynamics.

To my UNICEF underclassmen, I will you a year of many more events, more funds, and more fundraising :)

To Allies Board, I will you a lifetime of friendships and bonds that will never be broken

To HOSA Chairs and Harsha and Sam, I will you a perfect season with no mishaps whatsoever!

To Jimmy Ren, I will you an infinite supply of mod pizza and starbucks and pita inn so that you can finally stop yelling at me. I will you a relaxing summer filled with Chicago adventures and fun train rides and a stress-free senior year. I also will you my talent as PUBG god.

To Sol Hwangbo, I will you an amazing SSS 10 times better than that of Diann’s, so you can enjoy your final year with some of your closest friends :)

To May Kaur, I will you more random laughs and fun times and juniors that will let you cop off for your sss classes.

To Sibil Shibu, I will you no more computer science classes such that you can enjoy your senior year. I also will you a house in Naperville so that you can finally move and live by me!

To Gaylen Dimick, I will you amazing sophomores such that you will still have people in your wing to hug at any point in time.

To Megan Lee, I will you a sophomore that you can put into place ;) and also make fun of and laugh at

To Grace Wulffraat, I will you a sophomore who you can force to come to your room every single night.

To Hope Shipman, I will you a sophomore who will give you the sweetest smiles and greetings in the hallway.

Istvan Kovach
To Nafay Abdul, I will an A on every essay you write (and hopefully someone besides me to revise when I’m gone!).

To Declan Creaney, I will a sophomore just like you. You deserve one bud.

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will a list of dubs that stretches as far as you can reach, as long as you can work for it. Run fast, make your chess moves even faster. Keep your head high, your hopes higher, and never lose that little bit of pride that makes you the person you are. I will you a sophomore just like you—you’ll understand what it’s like as an upperclassman in a few short months, but I hope you get the chance to understand how good it’s been to be your upperclassman. Oh yeah, and I will you the stealth to never get caught for in-room again. Oops.

To Torin Kovach, I will you a sophomore that can be like a little brother to you, because although it’s not the real thing, you’re the best younger brother I could ask for. I will for you to know how it feels to be so proud of a little sibling, if that’s even possible, and if it’s not, a fantastic remaining IMSA career.

To Jiyoon Lee, I will the ability to be almost as good a section leader as Neil and I are. Maybe if you work real hard, you’ll get there someday!

To Catherine Luo, I will the drive to be a beast at everything you do (especially organic). But more than that, I will you a summer and a senior year full of as much fun as you can cram in. Go get it! There’s time for sleep later.

To Miron Liu, Dan Soto, Daniel Chen, and Jake Sutter ( Cross Squad) I will the drive, the legs, and the sleep you need to be champions—you’ve got what it takes. I’m only allowed to have twenty wills, but figure out who’s who. I will you a season of infinite zinkies, of glorious races, of just a little bit of crust to keep that state title in perspective, and a junior just like you for those moments you get little frisky (in Indoor Outdoor, perhaps?). I will you yet another breadstick championship, a nice set of Amish furniture from the pencil run, and hair that never stops flopping when you run, and to wreck my PRs. I will you a successful track and cross career alongside piano beasting, and a wonderful prom this year! And finally, I will you more fun living in 01, some more good old-fashioned Mr. Loo, to finally smash my PRs, and to
keep on unloading like you do.

To Liana Koleva, I will all the good advice in the world, perhaps a less passive-aggressive coach, and to never lose the drive that keeps you going. I know you’ll do great things wherever you go, because I know whatever you do, you have your heart in it. Oh yeah, and I’ll will you a few nice, carefree summer runs to keep things relaxed—get your sleep!

To Devika, I will the time and sleep to really throw your heart into Mock Trial, should you choose to. I will all the song recommendations I can (and I’ll keep it up!!) and even more so, a senior year where you can describe each day with a different happy, boppy, song. You deserve it.

To Neil John, I will all the Mio that Woodman’s can hold, and all the luck that an 05 senior can have. I say luck because I know you already have both the drive and the spirit to make great things happen next year for our little hall, and I look forward to visiting to see what you and the boys do with the place. Hoo ha, baby.

To Jimmy Ren, I will a junior with which to do embarrassing things in public as much as we do (sorry Sol!!), and a senior year full of crust and crust and crust.

To Cash, I will a senior year full of as much fun as we’ve had in A wing with you in the past two years—you deserve all of it.

To Teja, I will that six-pack at last, and a senior year that makes junior year look like kid stuff—SSS hard. I will you a junior like you to always come and hang around and roast you sometimes, and maybe even have some fun with. And I will you that spot behind the counter at the Cookie Jar, should you happen to head back that way.

To Charlotte Giff I will the grit to take three different races in one go, and destroy them all. I will captainship of the cross team next year, and of course I will you more of our favorite boy Paul. I will you all the wonderful pronunciation you can come up with, and who knows, maybe we’ll go out for eno lattes sometime.

To Scott Du I will lordship of the fine game of tennis, and a junior to always yell your name in public just like I do. I will you the position of SCS Hall Team Leader, and of 05 Head Tutor—I know you’ll do a fantastic job at both, enjoy those monthly meetings with Ralph! I also will you an AP-problem free senior year, and some tank math classes.

To Dez and Yamil I will a memeful senior year. Keep that funny stuff going boys, and keep brightening everyone’s days.

To Tennis Boyz (you know who you are), I will actual courts, perhaps a coach that knows what he’s doing, and maybe if we’re lucky some actual practices sometime. You’re all doing a great job, and keep up the IMSA tradition.

To anyone I may have forgotten, I will my love as well. True to form, it’s 11:59, so I’m turning this in right now. Bye bye!

Jaelyn Evans
To Miriam and Grace, my little sisters! I hope that in the short time that I have known you two that I’ve been a decent role model and been fairly supportive (yeah I wasn’t the best sorry). Miriam, I will you a little sibling just as amazing as you are. You’re such a caring and kind person and I wish that I had talked to you more and been a better big sibling, so I hope you’ll be able to show your sophomore what a good big sibling should be. Grace, I will you a little sibling with as much energy, pep, and sass as you have. Show them confidence with flair, and be just as good to them as I was to you (and hopefully have them live closer).

To KAnsas, I will you the position of L taker. There’s no one else who can carry on my legacy of being a fool quite like you. Someone has to be the turkey to get roasted by the squad and with me leaving it’s your job now.

To Lyric, I will you another one of us. Find her, and take her in as I have done for you. You are so strong and capable and I cannot wait to hear about all of your amazing accomplishments. Stay in touch ya bink bonk, keep me updated.

To Aleah, I will you another black girl who lives in 06 so you can keep up the magic even after I graduate. Make sure you bother LaDonna enough for the both of us.

To Theo, You thought I wouldn’t write you a senior will-well you were WRONG! I will you someone who will understand all of your vine references and laugh at your bad puns when I’m not there to. I will you a fish tank with really cool fish. It’ll have to do until we can get that sick fish wall built. Even though I went to Austria looking for a prince, I met the King of Austria instead which is a pretty good tradeoff. Kick butt, take names. Thank you for everything. <3

To Jojo and Matthew, I will you a (grand)daughter who is at least half as good as me, because then she’ll still be pretty cool, but not too cool that you won’t miss me.

To 06B, I will you all b wing (I don’t care that it’s prob not mine to will, I want you all to have it). Every single one of you has made B wing such a wonderful home and I am lucky to live with such amazing ladies. I will you a downquad that’s almost as good as us because I don’t want you all to forget your iconic trio. I love all of you and I am looking forward to hearing what you do because each and every one of you is capable of whatever you put your mind to. Keep your heads up ladies, and don’t forget that your first/second year was spent in the best wing on campus.

To Jayda, I will you some peace and quiet cause girl you deserve it. Seriously, take a break sometimes. You are so competent and hard working, and I know you’re gonna do great things.

To Nani, I will you something because I told you that I was going to write you a senior will but don’t actually have anything to will you.

To Lazaro, I will you an amazing senior year. Seriously, sophomore and junior year were super disrespectful to you so with all of that crap out of the way, you’re basically guaranteed to have a great last year. Take care, and don’t forget about our PROMISE kids.

To Alexa, I will you another choir buddy who will actually show up on time, and do their part testing and projects on time. You have such a lovely voice and an even better personality, I’m sad that we just got to know each other this year but I’m glad that I got to know you at all.

To Gaylen, I will you the ability to not be confused when you hear people yelling my name, it’s all yours now. I also will you a cuddle buddy because it seems like you need one.

To 1506, I will you two more amazing CD’s to keep you in good hands. I am so proud of what we accomplished this year, and although I wasn’t leading for all of it, that in no way diminishes the legitimacy of it. I am very happy that I was able to serve as your community developer, to serve a hall full of wonderful people who I am sure will keep the legacy of 06 alive. Do great things and never forget who you are.

Jake Cooley
To Winny Liu, I will you more sleep, less stress, and a set of edited Friday Fest pictures.

To Jess Oros, Charlotte Giff, and the rest of ISP Board I will you a year full of doing cool stuff and lots of fun. ISP means a lot to me, and I know you all have a board, a huge team, and a Kevin and Bill that will only make it more amazing.

To Gloria Huang, I will you some mad SCS magic and a junior that can make sick rockets, communist calendars, and will make something like sitting through webinars surprisingly fun.

To Owen Michuda, I will you fun times at the beach and some fish tacos.

To Eunice Yoon, I will you a math carry and even more skills to add to your Skills of Eunice collection.

To Gabriel Bryk and Katie Lu, I will you an SCS team that will do ALL of their shifts and never ever lose a flash drive.

To Nathan Lee, I will you an awesome senior year and a sick appointment to USAFA so I’ll be seeing you again soon.

To Liana Koleva, I will you a tree and lots of existing carboniferous life.

To Kurt Leano, Ketu Patel, Rustom Ichhaporia, Thailer Lietz, Klaybis Asllani, Daniel Chacon, Nathan & Austin Shwatal, Shivang Bhaskar, and Aneesh Maganti, I will you awesome sophomores that will come to your room and make the life of an upperclassmen a little less rough. I also will you success and happiness wherever you decide to room in the future, even if it isn’t in 1505D #Dwingers

To Megan Lee, I will you some sick ice skating skills and sophomores/seniors to play cards with so junior year isn’t so rough.

To Caitlyn Castillo, I will you a sophomore that’s even shorter than you and always gives an energetic hello to brighten your day whenever they see you.

To Grace Nguyen, I will you a successful future and an ISPer that enjoys taking pictures as much as you like being in them.

To Nolan Polly, Matt Hokinson, Ben Helmold, Andy Lennox, Lucien Putnam, and Sammy Cho, I will you all a fun senior year and underclassmen that will challenge you in Big Red pong and COD Gun Game.

To Hannah Grauer, I will you a relaxing senior year without CompuSci and an underclassmen to struggle with should you decide to take any other classes from hell.

To Kaleigh O’Brien, I will you an awesome yearbook team that gets deadlines done on time and finishes the book before we leave for the summer.

To Diann Moon, I could will you a google of things, but most importantly, I will you an underclassmen that will go on random photoshoots with you, will brighten up your darkest days, and give you the opportunity to watch them grow into someone you can be proud of. Oh and I also will you more thumb biting poses <3.

James-Oliver Mack
To every future IMSA student, no matter how short your tenure here, I will the power and strength to fight back and to not let adults or people in power silence you.

To Jess Oros, I will the stamina to follow through in all of your endeavors, no matter how difficult and strenuous.

To Tay Mitchell, I will freedom of voice and action.

Jax Seiler
To the C wing juniors, I will a fantastic and stress-free senior year and good luck with colleges. It seems like a lot, but I promise you’ll get through it. Rely on each other for support and don’t be afraid to take a break when needed. You’ve got this.

To the C wing sophomores, I will a fantastic set of your own sophomores. You guys have been incredible, and I hope you take the lessons you’ve learned in your first year here and pass them on to the next generation well. Working with underclassmen brings lessons all its own, as well, and I hope that you learn them well.

To Tay, Makayla, Emily, and Allia, I reluctantly will Up Quad. I’ve had two years here – it’s time for me to move on. Take care of the dead body under the bed, and for the love of God, try to get the bathroom fan fixed at some point. It’s driven me crazy for two years, I don’t want you guys to have to deal with it too. Good luck, and try not to drive each other crazier than you already are.

To Tea, I will ISG. Keep the spirit of the club that was formed at the last minute and still succeeded alive. I know we haven’t done much with it this year, and I regret that. Don’t make the same mistake next year. Have fun with the club – that’s what it’s for.

To Travis and Tay, I will the future of 01’s train community. Support the baby trains and help make 01 their home. I’d say it means more than you know, but I hope that you do know at this point. If not, I screwed up somewhere.

To Brandon, I will many more opportunities to shine on stage. No matter what sort of role I’ve seen you in, you’ve done fantastic, and I hope you continue to branch out and take advantage of all IMSA’s Drama Club (and Clash Talent) have to offer.

To Kristin, I will many excited dogs. Dogs have a lot of lessons they can teach us – keep them in mind. Get enough sleep, make time for yourself, and be sure to drink enough water. Take care of yourself. If you don’t, you won’t be able to take care of dogs in the future.

To Denise, I will piles of stuffed animals. Something to hug at the end of a long day will go a long way senior year, and it’s nice to have options as to what that something is (or just hug them all at once!). Bonus points if it has a story behind it that it can remind you of in the tough times.

Jennifer Song
To Tay Mitchell, Denise Gutierrez, and Mia Ye, I will you the future of Anime Club. Thank you for making my last year of Anime Club amazing. You guys were so much fun to work with and were awesome friends in general.

To Justin Izaguirre, I will you more time at IMSA to create more OverWatch club events. Hopefully your senior year will be less stressful after college applications so you can hold more events. I still remember the first time I met you was when you were wearing a Luminosity jersey (lol).

To Dwanne Colobong, I will you confidence and an amazing senior year. I’m so glad to meet an adorable friend like you. I hope you get into a college that you want to get into or one that fits just right for you. Have fun next year in ISP too! I’ll miss you so much!

Jesse Yan
To my fellow C-Wing members, I wish y’all good luck in the future. Especially Ayush, with Stanford, Levi, with rocketry, and all the other ones I want to name but can’t in the 5 minutes before this is due. By the way, don’t procrastinate, kids!

To Gracie, James, and Tony, don’t let LoL Club die. I leave it in your hands.

To Harry and Theo and whoever the swim captains are, I hope you guys make it to state next year and add another banner next to Steven Tan

To Jimmy Ren, I hope you keep up the good work and keep giving me discounts on SCC.

To Andy Liu, Bert Cao, Katie Lu, and Hannah Grauer, I hope you enjoy your final year at IMSA. Don’t forget about your #lvillepride though.

To Raja Choi, I will bestow upon you the title of Money Man.

Jessica Forbes
To Gloria Huang, I will you an underclassman that you can take under your wing to teach the ways of dealing with “men”. Hahah I’m just kidding.. kind of. I am very grateful for our friendship because I have never met someone so down to earth and caring. You are one of the people that made my senior year so enjoyable because you were always down to listen whenever I had to rant and your door was constantly open for me to just come and chill. I also will you the ability to finally figure out what you are truly passionate about and stick to it. I know that with whatever pathway you choose in life, it is going to be a good one. I give you all my love and luck for next year! :)

To Faris Shaikh, I will you to find another person who is as much of a “beast” as you are. There should be room for others to be one and it shouldn’t just be you!! I was once intimidated by you because you’re so tall but as the year went on, I found out that you are actually super chill and can be a child at times.. aka running around the hall chasing people for no reason. Have an amazing senior year and don’t have too much fun, kiddo! :)

To Chetan Reddy, I will you to continue to be the least crusty person in your quad. I also will you some chill. You always get so stressed out about everything and it is okay to care about your grades, but it is more okay to relax and take some time for yourself. I have absolutely no doubt in your success for next year and for the future! You are incredibly smart that sometimes you don’t give yourself enough credit. Keep at it! :)

To Daniel Chen, I will you a board game for all the games that you play. Hahah jokes aside, I’m really glad we became friends this year because since then, you have been incredibly kind to me. Thanks for the lovely memories that made my heart bust a nut and that tub of ice cream you gave when I was sad. You have a VERY childish soul and don’t let anyone take that away from you. Everything that you do continues to amaze me and I hope that you finish off your senior track season & academic year with a bang! Stay crusty, my friend. :)

To Katie Si, I will you all the sleep that you lost these past two years. You work extremely hard and just know that sometimes, it’s okay to take a break for yourself. Drink some tea, put on a face mask and eat some hi-chews! I am honestly so glad that I met you this year because you’re unbelievably caring. Thank you for the small gifts you give every once in a while and the daily pics. I will miss you and your smiling face a ton next year! Enjoy your senior year! :)

To Aleah Brown, I will you the ability to continue being charismatic. You are loved by so many people because of the way you spread your happiness. It’s contagious! I also will you the ability to stop eating dairy but we both know that won’t happen. Lactose intolerant buddies forever!! Thank you for the constant hugs, hard boiled eggs and my fresh eyebrows. Thank you again for being apart of my life for the past two years. I will miss you dearly next year. You should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished and by the time you graduate, you’re going to look back and say “wow I really did THAT”. :)

To Faith George, I will you all the future leadership positions you apply for. You are always working so hard and whenever I come into your room just to talk about our days, I can tell that you never let a day pass by without thinking about your aspirations and/or involvements. That to me, is very inspiring. I really hope that you continue to be just as amazing & sweet next year! Don’t be hesitant to reach out for future college help! You probably won’t even need it! :)

To Shubhi Verma, I will you a non-stressful senior year.. oh and also a french carry! I am beyond grateful that I met you in the beginning of last year, making you one of my favorite sophomores! You are such a ball of sunshine, always trying to meme around but at the same time a great friend who is willing to drop anything you’re doing just to chat. Thank you for all the talks and finally making us realize that it’s never worth to geek over crusty guys. Please try not to stress too much during your final year, it’s a cute look. I’m certain you will kick butt!! :)

To Astha Patel, I will you all the Justin Bieber in the world!! Throwback to when we “chartered” our own JB club and ended up having two members, including us. I have never been so excited to find someone who loves him as much as I do! People keep hating on our obsession but I think it’s completely okay as long as we have each other! I hope that you have more ups than downs senior year and that you have the best time with your lovely quad! :)

To James Lichtenstein, I will you a lot of energy… like a LOT. Every time I see you, you always look so dead/tired on the outside, but, you’re personally is not like that at all! I appreciate all the times that you took out of your day just to talk to me, give me advice I don’t take/listen to and to go on our 5th mod walks. Something that I really love about you is that you are always available to listen and be there for anyone who needs it. Keep being the sweetheart you are and have a senior year full of fun adventures and unlimited hours of league! :)

To Nani Sanchez, I will you a lab partner next year that won’t ditch you. For the millionth time, I’m sorry I dropped AdChem II, but it looks like you are doing completely fine without me! I hope that you continue to be dedicated, to have less injuries, and to push through. Have an amazing senior year girly! :)

To Nathan Lee, I will you an unlimited supply of Chipotle so that you don’t have to go around asking everyone for a library card. I hope you actually get that amazing SSS life that you planned out in five seconds. Good luck because you definitely need it! :)

To Brandon Young, I will you the ability to stay smiling. I absolutely love seeing you around! Your presence automatically makes my whole day better. That voice of yours is something else! The joy that you bring to others, regardless of how stressful you might be at that moment, is unbelievable. Never stop spreading this immense positivity you have! Enjoy your junior year and good luck! :)

To Theo Heilman, I will you the ability to continue being so caring. I absolutely love how sympathetic you are not only to my roommate, but to everyone you interact with. I appreciate how you never want to upset anyone and would do anything for them to be happy. I honestly do hope that you find something positive everyday of your senior year that keeps you going. I don’t want you to dread your time here, but rather enjoy the last bit! :)

To SDAC (Alyssa, Meghana, Ethan, Neil, Isaiah, Priyanka, Grace, Aliah), I will you a wonderful junior/senior year full of dancing. Thanks for making my senior year delightful and making me feel like I was apart of a dancing family. Practices, rehearsals and shows with each and every one of you have been a blessing and I am so grateful to have shared those wonderful moments with you all. Whether you decide to stay on SDAC or not, please keep dancing your heart out!! You’re all super talented dancers, it amazes me. Catch me coming to the culture shows next year to support you guys! :)

To my SEAMS babies (Lyric, Olivia, Joseph, Matthew, Tatiana, Abigail, Natalie, Diana, Natasha, Karina, Sid), I will you guys to be the next group of SEAMS tutors that will convince future students to apply like how your tutors did to you. It has come full circle and now it is your turn to shine a light on them! You guys have grown so much since then and I can’t believe you are entering junior year next year! It will be difficult but just know that you have so many people around you that are right by your side, including me. I will always be there for you! :)

To my Filipino Squad, (Caitlin Castillo, Ashely Homecgoy, Ryan Talusan), I will you to actually make this “Filipino Squad” a legit thing. I appreciate your lovely hellos, smiles and waves whenever I see you. Each of you guys are no doubt some of the most charismatic people I’ve met. I also love the high energy you have when you’re dancing. Even though I’ve only known you for a couple months, I have enjoyed your presence and that has made my senior year a thousand times better. Even when I’m not around I’ll still love you guys from miles away. Junior year will be rough for sure, but I’m sure you guys will find a way to get through it all and lastly, I will you an amazing rest of your time here at IMSA. :)

To FAB (Vaishnavi Vanamala, Graciebelle Nguyen, Diann Moon, Frances Balto), I will you more FAB events. I want you guys to continue to be the baddest chicks on campus. Show people how much they can appreciate and love themselves. It will be up to you guys to make sure everyone on campus feels happy and beautiful, inside and out! I have so much confidence that this club will be even more successful next year. I can’t wait to see what you guys will do in the future! :)

To 06B Wing (Chelsey, Esha, Faith, Gaylen, Grace, Hope, Jodie, Karina, May, Nallely, Natasha, Saachi, Sam, Tea), I will you a wonderful place to live in whether that is still here in 06B or someplace else. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for all your welcoming smiles and fun talks. Each one of your presence makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. In my three years I’ve been in 06, this wing, this year, has been my favorite wing to live in. Thank you for making my final year here incredible! :)

Jessy Chtilianova
To Aleah Brown, you are an awesome basketball player and you’re really a natural born leader and you will be a great captain next year! you’re very compassionate and a great listener and you’re snap stories are hilarious. I didn’t think I’d have any junior who would be my friend like my seniors were to me, but I met you. I’m glad to have become your friend and I can’t wait to have you scoop me in your whip in the future. Thank you for being a part of my senior night game, being a really good player and thank you again for the blanket. I not only had the HONOR of dumping the ball to you in the post every other possession, but we even were Women In Stem together. Pls plan the senior-student staff game next year. I will you an awesome senior year and for you to have your best basketball season yet. No More Injuries!!! 

To Devika P, you’re such a pretty girl and I’m glad to have had you in B-wing the last two years because you definitely add to the wing vibessss and the fwitter community as well. I will you the ability to curl your own hair and do your own eyeliner and even better a sophomore that you can curl their hair for next year!! I hope you have an awesome senior prom as well, but I mean you won’t have such an c00l prom table next year so idk how good it can possibly be <3 

To Cassy Kuissi, I will you a mans who will actually show up to couples dance during Harambee tech week practices and won’t get sick lolll 

To Grace Mitchell, I will you to have a fantastic last year of balling and a great senior night at IMSA !1! 

To Samira Cheruku, playing with you this year was great and I will you to become the best 3-point shooter in IMSA history and someone to braid your hair before every game!! #keepballing 

To Sarah Yow, you’re such a caring and overall great and compassionate person. I will you to have a fellow vegan in the coming years at IMSA and to make some great memories in the next two years!

Julian Robinson
To Namit, I will you a sophomore that will put his hand on your shoulder every time he has a conversation with you

To Shivang and Namit, I will you someone that will come into your room/quad everyday despite you kicking him out every time he shows up.

To Torin, I will you someone that will fix all of your stuff.

To Johnny, Isaiah, Grant, Nilan, Brian, and Jason, I will you sophomores that will entertain you with games in the wing commons.

To Neil John, I will you a cop in some class, even if it isn’t CS.

To Future B-Wing Down Quad, I will you a room that will be home to late nights, early mornings, and a lot of fun time in between. Lots of laughs, shouts, and 2AM cackle sessions. Most importantly, I will you the will to keep pushing forward, no matter how hard it gets, because I can assure you that it will get better.

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