2020 Senior Wills Pt. 2

Designed by Vaish Tetali ('20)

Welcome to Part 2 of the 2020 Senior Wills! Click here to return to part 1 with first names A-L. 

Maahum Himayat
Maddy Chow
Makayla Szendial
Matthew Halliman
Matthew Lee
Matthew Niemiro
Max Knutson
Megan Lee
Meghana Karan
Micah Casey-Fusco
Miles Oquendo
Nafay Abdul
Namit Padgaonkar
Natalie Sanchez
Natasha Rossi
Nathan Shwatal
Nishant Bhamidipati
Pascal Adhikary
Pratibha Bhalla
Rachel Mason
Ray Shang
Richard Jun
Rohan Upadhyay
Rustom Ichhaporia
Ryan Talusan
Saachi Dalvi
Sabrina Meng
Saisupritha Talasu
Sam Schennum
Samantha Lazcano
Samira Cheruku
Samuel Rabideau
Sarah Yow
Savannah Pagan
Shruti Shakthivel
Sid Panda
Sonia Edassery
Sophia Pribus
Spencer Chubb
Sravani Ponnaluri
Tatiana Michel
Teagan Mitchell
Milica Barac
Torin Kovach
Travis Ingram
Tyler Ptak
Vaish Tetali
Vasu Chalasani
Vibhav Adivi
Vidhi Singh 
Vismay Vyas
Winny Liu
Wyatt Funkhouser
Zayn Ramdass
Zoe Berthold


Maahum Hamayat

To Rachna Gupta, I will you a co-RSL who will become such an integral part of your life as you became to mine. I will you the best and warmest hugs that will make you feel so much better after a long day, and a co who will ask for your opinion on every inch of the bulletin board (which you will gladly give because you love them). I will you a junior who always has snacks and tea to drink, and whose positive vibes and personality will never cease to make a conversation interesting. No matter how tired and stressed I was, being forced to do wing guide activities together always made us bond over the silliest stuff, like the relationship board with Disney characters, or riding in shopping carts during move-in. Thank you for always being there for me and helping me through the struggles of first semester senior year.

To Alana Rock, I will you a junior who becomes your SIR partner on a whim, but who actually helps you complete a successful research project (lol too soon? jkjk). I will you a friend who will make jokes and go crazy with you while being super tired all the time during school (but don’t go too crazy next year and get some more sleep please). I will you time for your hobbies, and a calm senior year where you actually get to relax and get to be chaotic when you feel like it. 

To Manaal Shamsi, I will you a Muslim sophomore who will come up to you and instantly become friends with you at next year’s ice cream social, who maybe will even become your adoptive little sib. I know you don’t believe this will happen, but I will you true friendship during your time at IMSA, no strings attached. I also will you the role of MSA President for next year! Represent MSA well, and make sure you are respected and that people listen to you. You are so calm and collected, and you have so much experience with Islamic studies that I think you’ll be perfect, no nazr. 

To Annemarie and Catelyn, You’re a berry cute roommate pair. I will you sophomores who have the confidence and the willpower to make friends with you right away. I will you guys sophomores who will come out of their rooms during study hours to check out what you are doing and ask for advice. To Annemarie, I will you a sophomore who will not hesitate to cheer you up with a bright smile whenever you see them making food in the wing. To Catelyn, I will you a sophomore who will always complement your fashion sense and be super involved in wing events, consequently making things more fun for all of us.

To 06A Downquad, I will you guys sleep and time for yourselves. You guys are always all over the place in terms of how busy you are, but I know you have been doing big things, and will continue to do so in the future. I know most of you have a lot of off-campus commitments, so I will you quality time together on campus during your SSS next year. Make sure to relax and have fun!

To 06A sophs(Karen Olvera, Sanaa Davis, Esther Im, Caroline Hall, Annemarie Bacon, Catelyn Rounds), it’s been so fun hanging out with you guys from your sophomore move-in until now. I enjoyed popping into your rooms, helping you guys figure things out from housekeeping to flooding toilets, burned popcorn, and just seeing you guys gain confidence as the year progressed. I hope y’all have the best junior year, and don’t give up, because it’s going to be worth it in the end. 

To MSA board (Manaal Shamsi, Hamza Haq, Mike Trombetta, Shiraz Baxamusa, Adam Daki), I will a MSA kickoff event with more participation and interest than this year (which might be impossible, considering this year we had a lot of people come, but don’t get too lit ;)). I also will you guys a chance to compete at MIST to represent IMSA in the Islamic community for the first time, because I really wanted us to compete this year. I will you guys a successful second semester with a full-blown Islamic Awareness Week, and GA’s with lots of participation. Represent Palestine, Uighur Muslims, Rohingya Muslims, and anyone oppressed, and weave your passions into stories to tell, because people will listen. 

To Hamza Haq, I will you someone who will annoy you with questions about class and then take forever (some business days) to respond. But to be fair, I also will you a junior who will be down to help you with anything if you ask. Also thanks for drawing me into your comic that one time. You’re semi-cool I guess lol. Don’t party too hard senior year. 

To Heliotrope (Manasvi Thumu, Eugene Lim, Heewon Kim, Alana Rock), I will you guys funding T.T. I will you guys the resources and supplies, as well as time, to hold many more successful art events for IMSA’s campus. Send me pictures of your events next year!

To Megan Ptak, I will you co-RSL’s who will make your life so much easier and will be there to guide you even if they are your underclassmen. You are so caring and you’ve done so much for our hall, and I hope you know how much we appreciated you and Karina in 06 this year. It got super busy and chaotic with all the things that happened this year, but I enjoyed our hall councils and our hall events so much. 

To Ellyn Hu and Amanda Chen, you guys are so artistically talented!! Every year during clash your work for mural never ceases to amaze me. I will you both time and resources to create art and share it with everyone. :) 

To Francesca, Vivian, Heldanna and Shambhavi, thank you for being super supportive sophs- and now juniors!- even though we really haven’t talked that many times. However, everytime we did talk, you guys were so sweet and I will you the same sweetness from your underclassmen: where even one conversation with them once in a while will brighten your day.


Maddy Chow

To Xiaofan Li, I will you an amazing underclassman who will be by your side no matter what. Who stays in your room after ten checks just to go on her phone for 2 hours. Who gives you ramen when you have a late night. Who talks to you about whatever whenever and looks to you for advice about things they aren’t sure of. You have become someone I would consider to be a sister and it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to see you every day next year. You are capable of so many amazing things and even though you spend half of your day on TikTok, you always manage to get everything done perfectly. I know that next year will be a time of stress and worry, but please know that I will always be there for you. Send me your stupid TikTok at 3 am and I will reply with forehead pictures and “ok.” I am so grateful that the fates allowed me to meet someone as great as you. I am so excited for the future when I am rich and you are broke in college and I take you out to expensive dinners and we eat aesthetic food together. You WILL see me again in the future Xiaofan Li. One of these days when you are taking your stupid 45 minute long showers where you blast your music with your incredibly loud speaker, you will walk out and find that I am on my phone laying on your bed. This is not goodbye my stupid rat. I love you.

To Ju-won Park, I will you a break from the world. It makes me so sad that you have so much pressure on your shoulders to do perfectly in everything. I hope that you have an amazing SSS because you truly deserve it. Every time I see you, you are either grinding, going to a club meeting, or eating and I truly respect that. I remember seeing you for the first time in BC1, watching you down that caffeine packet and telling myself that by the end of the year, we would be good friends (and look at us now!!) I have never met someone as kind-hearted yet demonic and sadistic as you are (it truly is a strange gift). I will miss your hugs, your stupid headband, your naturally curly hair, your insanely good skin, and your bone-crushing massages. I hope you find an underclassman who you can make fun of and call a rat, who will steal food from you (like the chips you took from Rachel), who will constantly badger you and say “can you tell me??”, and will study in your room with you because you are lonely. I always say this to myself but I have never said it aloud. If I had a child like you, I would be so happy and content with my life. I love you so dearly Juwon Park.

To Alana Rock, I will you some sleep and good food (other than 4 sunny side up eggs). I remember seeing you for the first time in the SIR classroom and immediately thinking that I wanted to be your friend (something about the unbridled chaos in your eyes). I enjoy all the conversations that we have on messenger, no matter how stupid or intellectually stimulating they are. I often think about what creature would become total alpha dom in an infinite McDonalds but find myself always going back to the panther (although I really think that snakes could challenge a panther but we will discuss that again later). I hope that you continue to enjoy your pottery wars show and drink mountain dew until your pee is literally just concentrated mountain dew. I will miss joking around with you and it makes me sad that we weren’t able to hang out after spring break like we had planned. I hope you continue to text me random stuff while I am in college. I am going to be bored without you <3.

To Abby Stevenson, I will you nothing! Because you are absolutely perfect. I am so glad that we talked this year because you are such a fun person to be around. I love that you are able to bounce off my humor and I will miss sitting by you during basketball games. I never told you this, but I think you truly resemble Tinkerbell. It’s actually insane. I hope that you continue to improve your twerking skills (even though you were really good at it that one night). I will miss you :(

To Monica Narciso, I will you a chill underclassman who you can go on a dinner date with and say hi to in the hallways. You are such a cutie and it always makes my day to see your smile. The whole time during 01 drill I was screaming your name because I was so excited to see my baby on the dance floor. I will miss you and your insanely good eyebrows.

To Natali Chung, I will you wifi after 11:30 pm. Get your homework done before man and stop spamming the chat. Kidding, I love you so much. You are one of my favorite sophomores and it would always make me smile when I saw you eat nuclear ramen in the wing, when you would squish my cheeks, or when you would sneakily walk out of Rishi and Emily’s room. I will miss hearing you call me a rat, asking me to cut your bangs, watching you read webtoons after ten check and watching you drink various juices straight out of the carton. If I come back to this godforsaken campus I will be sure to visit you.

To Liz Soyemi, I will you another intersession trip as memorable as the UAE. Intersession was so fun with you and I am so glad we were able to bond over making fun of Shiraz. I will miss seeing you in sweatpants every day and hearing you call me chow chow because you are the only person I let call me that. Good luck with the rest of your time at imsa. I hope that it goes by smoothly (and if it doesn’t, text me and I will beat up whoever is giving you a hard time).

To Alex Poms, I will you an underclassman who says whatever is on their mind in the most eloquent way possible. I am so glad I got to know you this year because you are truly a character I don’t think my life would be complete without. Whenever you open your mouth, whatever comes out truly stuns me for a second before registering and making me laugh. Whether you are talking about being biracial, painting in a wing, baking cakes with extremely buttery and sweet buttercream frosting, or complimenting my butt you always manage to bring a smile to my face. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished (especially with speech team!!) and I know that you are capable of so many wonderful things. I will miss you a lot.

To Ysabel Guan, I will you one of my favorite Facebook pages in the whole wide world. Please take care of her for me. I am sure that you will be an amazing admin that will continue to make posts that bring a smile to my face. I hope you find more people to take selfies with because seeing those pictures always brightens my day. I will miss seeing you in the hallways. AWRWRWRWRAR

To Rachel Tin, I will you someone who can lift the pressure off your shoulders. I know that it gets really difficult sometimes and that school and extracurriculars can seem like a challenge to balance, but I want you to know that I am so proud of you. You are so amazing and even though no one else might, I fully acknowledge that you are trying your hardest. I know that it’s hard to meet the high expectations put on you and I hope you know that no matter how badly you mess up, at the end of the day, everyone still loves and cares about you. I hope you find someone who appreciates your aegyo because you are too cute to handle sometimes. I will miss seeing you bake those small cookies in d wing, watching you dance on stage, and seeing you every Wednesday for SIR. Enjoy your SSS Rachel, you really truly deserve it.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you a less tank SIR. Even though our SIR sucked a lot I thought it was so much fun because of our swag goggles squad. I will miss joking around with you and I wish we took more self-timer pictures in the lab. I hope you have a good senior year bud. I will miss you :(

To Delicia Chen, I will you Dr. Yen and the ability to legally change your name to Delicious instead of Delicia. I have never met someone named Delicia and the first time I read your name my mind autocorrected it to delicious, which is exactly what it should be (who names their kid Delicia?)  I will miss staring at you in BC3, making you feel intimidated when I walk up to you in the hallways and seeing you run in the fitness center. I hope you become more dom during your senior year because you are so extremely sub it hurts sometimes. Next time I see you, we will kiss for real. Enjoy your senior year my love, however, don’t think I won’t be there. I will appear during random times during the year just to intimidate you and then disappear. Wuv u.


Makayla Szendial 

To all those from EXCEL, I will the energy to get through the late nights because we all know they were longer during EXCEL. I also will the ability to get threw math and stats, no matter how hard it gets. Make sure to take care of the new EXCEL kids when they come through.

To Krysta Pelayo, wing liaison in c wing, I will to you the ability to handle the crackhead energy that was my home for three years. I will the craziness that is finding a program everyone likes and doing cross wing programs with d wing. I will the absolutely fun time of taking pictures of Natasha actually having fun.

To Megan Ptak, Francesca Dumitrescu, and Phyllis Shen, I will the memories of Poland and not being suspicious. I will a jop and I hope you carry those vibes with you to keep you through your senior year and SSS.

To 01 CWing, I will the craziness of the late nights and the weird checks. I will the crackhead vibe and sitting on the ledge. I will the wild experiences with Natasha and her saying she doesn’t like us (she loves all of you). I will to you, if you want, a huge long paragraph of a different kind of “will” but you have to ask because this is already late haha.


Matthew Halliman

To 01 B Wing dq, I will you guys the essence of our quad. Zack, Quincy, Kayson, and Jaelynn I hope you guys never lose the happiness and goofiness that I see whenever I walk into your guys Quad. Never stop spoofing any and everywhere on campus. Trust me I know IMSA has a way of sucking out the joy of life and it makes it really hard sometimes. Just always rely on each other and pick each other up. My quad was a family and I really hope you guys continue that brotherhood. And plz try no matter where you guys end up 01 05 or somewhere else continue to spread and include your underclassmen in your quad shenanigans, I promise you will make lasting memories!! Good luck with y’all senior years don’t forget to ft and hit my line in college.

To Godwin, I will you the leadership of the basketball team and a successful season. I know you have the ability to be a great leader (better than I was this year). Don’t ever doubt your abilities next year but also don’t forget to build your teammates up and rely on them sometimes. I will you the mental to deal with all of coaches yelling and coaching next year. If you ever have doubts remember your love for the game and why you started playing. I remember you coming in as a sophomore and like me being the only soph on varsity and how much drive you have, and I knew you were going to go on to do great things. I have mad respect for you dawg and thank you for always being a great teammate, wing mate, underclassmen, and most importantly friend. You never failed to make me laugh. From your spot-on facial expressions to you and mikeys’s relationship. Never lose that humor it sometimes will be the only thing that gets you through. In the future if you ever need anything just let me know!!!(you better keep me update on you and the team I am expecting great things silk)

To Michael Bello, Mr. Bello I will you an injury free senior year and all the pizza rolls you want. I hope you go on to have a great senior year Mikey. I know how hard IMSA can be sometimes, but you have some of the funniest and most fun friends to be around and never be shy to rely on them for help. Keep grinding in basketball. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Remember to be confident in your abilities. And take care of your hip lol.

To my SEAMS and Excel kids, (Colin, Morgan, Ari, Aj, Sabrina, Ola, Temi, all the Abigails lol, Jesus, Gerry, Julie, etc. there is so so many I can’t possibly list them all lol) I will you guys SEAM and EXCEL kids as amazing as you guys. I will you SEAMS students that will grow to become some of your best friends. It has come full circle and now it is your turn to shine a light the next generation of PROMISE students! While we may not be as close as we were that summer, that doesn’t mean I have abandoned you guys. I will always be here to support any of you as a friend and as a tutor. I also want to thank all of you guys my three years at IMSA were definitely rough but tutoring you guys was one of the best experiences of my whole life and I will forever be grateful for the impact that you guys have had on me. Good luck in your next two years I know all of you will go on to great things.

To the IMSA boys’ basketball team (Godwin, Zack, Kayson, Quincy, Aiden, Jack, Aj, Belly) I will you guys a great season next year and a regional dub. I also will you guys the mental fortitude and perseverance to deal with coach Snead. Thank you, guys for always being there for me as teammates. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good enough leader to get us more wins this year, but I know you guys will have a better season next year. All of you have great potential to become amazing players. Make sure you guys come together next year and push each other to get better as a team. I make sure to catch a game next year so y’all better not lose that one.

To Samantha Taylor, I will you my animosity for IMSA (but not in a bad way lol). I know you understand how hard and trying IMSA can be. How it can break you down. But, with this knowledge I will you the power to get through it all and make IMSA a better place for others. Involve yourself on campus and really make a difference. I know you will go onto great things and the experience of IMSA will only make you better when it’s all over. I’m glad I got to meet you on the Dubai trip. You’re almost done so I wish you a great senior year and tons of happiness.

To Len Washington, I will an underclassman just like you because you deserve it. Thank you for always being a great wing mate, classmate, and friend. I will cherish all the times we played smash in the wing commons or in the quad. I definitely will miss those moments. I hope you have a great senior year!!!

To AJ Williams, I will you a son that makes you proud every day. A son that never fails to make you laugh and that will make the rest of your IMSA experience a blast. Keep working on your handles and shot. You have the potential to do great things on the basketball team. Stay out of trouble don’t do anything too stupid in 04. If you ever need anything, please reach out. I will make sure to visit one time and catch one of your games as a good father should. P.s congrats on the promotion (Alexander J Williams)

To my daughter Abi Ernat, I will you the ability to get as much sleep as me. I will you the ability to give amazing massages like me. And I will you a great child like you were to me. Make sure you never forget the advice that I gave to you and that you can always come to me if things get hard. You are an amazing person and I know that you will make me extremely proud to have been a part of your life. I wish the best for the next two years at IMSA and make sure to rely on your friends. One more thing… I will you that J you have been begging for you deserve it congrats Abi J Ernat.

To my son Colin Ballentine, I will you everything that I am. You are an amazing friend, son, teammate, wing mate, and PERSON. You care so much about every single one of your friends and you care about you such a contagious positive energy. Never forget about all the people that care about you and that you have impacted. I couldn’t have asked for a better son. From all the times in the quad playing smash, you grinding homework past in-room, quad teaching you a lesson (usually physically lol), ton and tons of pizza rolls, to our own stupid voice. Thank you for making me laugh and making my last year here bearable. I will be checking in on you so don’t do anything stupid. Carry on my memory, pass on the J to your kids, carry with you the spirit of 05, and last but most importantly make more of the kind of bonds quad had with you with your underclassmen. Also me and JoJo are willing you that picture of Moe. Until I visit you take care Colin J Ballentine.

To Elizabeth Soyemi and Olamiji Fabamigbe, I will being the best basketball managers. It was always a fun time with you guys as managers and I really appreciate you guys sacrificing your time. I can leave the team with the peace of mind that you guys will be their next season to whip them into shape. When I visit next year, I expect a dub. Liz take a break from managing sometimes to get better at zip, zap, zoom I am undefeated to this day. And Ola make sure you keep those bottles filled and be more careful with who you make bets with wouldn’t want you to lose another dollar off a dunk.

To Morgan Johnson, I will to you the essence of the J. Debatably the most deserving of the J out of my kids. You are a great daughter with an amazing personality. Please don’t change for anyone. When I’m gone don’t forget to keep the grass low and watch out for snakes. Don’t make too many impulsive decisions when I’m gone! And don’t play with people when you’re bored loll! Stay passionate about diversity. I know you will go on to great things at IMSA and beyond congrats on your J. Morgan J Johnson.

To William Dickens, I will you the world. No matter where you choose to continue your life, I know you will go on to do great things dawg. You have tons of potential and are way smarter than you think you are. Don’t doubt yourself. And don’t forget it is ok to ask for help. Make sure you continue to do what will make you the happiest, and the WORLD is at your fingertips g.

To Christo Ekimov, I will you my ping pong skills. It was always a fun time playing you in stunion. You are a great underclassman with a great personality don’t forget that and don’t change. I really hope you never lose that smile that you had in excel when you figured out a problem or something. It was an honor tutoring you and being your friend. I wish you luck with the rest of your time at IMSA.

To my all Children(Colin, Will, Zack, Quincy, Micheal, Godwin, Kayson, Jaelynn, Abi, Abbi, Jesus, Gabe, Aj, Morgan, Jacob M,  Sid, Belly, Sage, Patrick, Sam, Sabrina, Liz, Ola, and all the others I am so sorry If I forgot you this is super last minute but this applies to anyone I ever called son/daughter), I will you guys a great future and my endless support. Hit me up anytime in college. I’m always down to talk with my kids. I wish you all the best in the rest of your IMSA careers. Make sure y’all stay studying and out of trouble. Remember to do as I say not as I do. The J is great and all but don’t make the same mistakes I did. Make sure you make the most of your experiences and always do what will make you HAPPIEST!!! I’ll be checking up. And I will miss y’all. Make sure to get me some grandchildren and introduce me when I visit.

To Siddarth Tiwari, I will you those blue basketball shoes that I never got back lol. I hope they bring you all my basketball skills and knowledge. When I come back, I expect you to be dropping buckets. Continue to have fun with the quad. But remember to study and stay on top of your stuff. Make smart choices when it comes to your friendships and relationship. And if you ever need any advice hit my line at any time dawg. I know the rest of your IMSA experience will be great.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you my tutoring legacy. I know tutoring is something that you want to do, and I really hope you get to do that in future. Continue to be the energetic and positive person that you are. You have one of the most contagious smiles and don’t ever lose that. It was a pleasure tutoring and getting to know you this year. When I visit you better not forget our handshake!!!

To Abigail Gonzalez, I will you an underclassman and daughter like you. It was always laughing and smiling whenever I interacted with you. It was an honor tutoring you. Never lose that quirky upbeat and funny personality you have. In my absence make sure you surround yourself with all friends that give you the love that you deserve. Make sure you don’t just simp for anyone lol. If you need anything you can always text me and I gotchu. Good luck bb with the next two years here.

To Jorge Chavez, I will you le Donnie. I’m glad that we became closer on the Dubai trip. You are one of the coolest underclassmen I know. Keep doing you dawg and I know you will be successful in the future. Make sure you carry on the love Sosa intro when I’m gone and you take care of that Dubai drip.

To Disha Dureja, I will you the wholesome J, even though it’s not exactly mine to give lol. Your one of the nicest people on campus and deserve the wholesome legacy of JoJo’s. You have a beautiful smile and I hope you never lose that or stop being a great person. Take care of my other kids when I’m gone. I’m sad that I didn’t get to know you more before the end of the year. But that just means I have to visit in the future. Good luck with the rest of your IMSA career.


Matthew Lee

To everyone on Quizbowl, I will everyone a fun and busy season. It’s been a blast playing with you all and seeing you all improve. Keep supporting each other and the coaches throughout the season. I hope you guys will have the chance to travel throughout the season and pig out on good food using our Masonic funds.

To Archan, Rachna, Brady, Jaden, and Sachin, I will you guys Quizbowl and enthusiastic underclassmen that will want to be part of the journey. It’s been a lot of fun being your teammate, and I know studying for Quizbowl on top of school work is no easy task. But already seeing you guys ideate for next season is truly inspiring and shows that IMSA Quizbowl is in great hands. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with throughout the season and if you guys ever end up writing IMSANITY 6 (Tejo and I can pitch in some miscellaneous wisdom and “clever” lead-ins).

To Jaden Wang, I will an underclassman who will talk to you about music and give you insane calisthenics workouts as well as all 10 of my Elo points on chess.com. Stay on the grind, but don’t forget to have fun and get some rest.

To Sai Voora, I will you the chance to get lunch before noon on SIR days and a year of open seats on the SIR bus so you can finally get some sleep. I hope you can also bring Rodrigo back to the glory next year.

To Mark, Sai, Akul, and Abhi, I will you staying up to play cards, stacking, and crazy good memories in 04A down quad. Make sure and get senior privs signed to get senior arrangement second semester. You guys know the drill; knock yourselves out and I will you great underclassmen that will make your time in A Wing even better.

To Yair and Rohit, I will you the ability to keep goating in brawl stars and in class at the same time. I will you underclassmen that will carry on labs and assignments when you’re busy making a parafilm ball.

To Ashley Koca and Andy Tang, I will you the two-year-old protein and semi-fluency in Jmol. Don’t let mean comments from Thermofisher guy or other designs with crazy features discourage, and no matter how the tournament goes, at the end of the day I hope you will still get school-subsidized Maggiano’s and Chili’s.

To Erin Yoo, I will you an underclassmen carry for future note sheets and judges who know about the conservation of momentum. I hope you get a chance to try good tofurky and to purchase that “super popular” French knife that is apparently a must-have for all good scientists.


Matthew Niemiro

To ’21, I will you my graduation ceremony.


Max Knutson

To Gerardo, I will you my sophomore year 04 decs. From the birthday pinata to seeing south side BROCKHAMPTON to performing a surprise exotic quan in front of Raja, you’ve been a part of many unforgettable moments this year. I grant you my sophomore year decs to remind you to be a good father to your underclassmen like I tried to be. Take them to IHOP, bring them to concerts, carry them in Brawl Stars, and be sure to teach them the values of a healthy, high-fiber diet.

To Alej, Yair, Ben, and Jorge, I will you my Argentine flag and a future D wing upquad that keeps the spirit of chorizo con huevos, rampant simping, saying hello to Vas, and oh my chicken alive. If there happens to be an Argentine soph in D wing next year, please continue to relentlessly make fun of the way they pronounce double l’s. Stay wavy, and be sure to keep that stuff away from Ben’s bed.

To Jimmy, I will my League of Legends poster. I’ve always admired your dedication to a single pursuit (be it modern physics, bodybuilding, or Rengar) and your massive, herculean calves. If you see me in the future, PROMISE to make me run.

To Marco, I will you my TWICE poster. I’m glad we got closer after you got me addicted to Runeterra. Thanks for showing me swimstrim and carrying me to plat iv <3

To Ash and Asher, I will you the 04 flag (you’ll have to find it again though). I also will you unlimited unnamed food items in the A wing fridge.

To Eddie, I will you my condolences for your tragically unnamed wontons in the A wing fridge. Free Bobby.

To Mike, I will you my official CCP aluminum plaque. I hope you can witness the glory of worker class consciousness in your lifetime.

To Archan, Brandon, Eric, and Jahi, I will you legendary underclassmen that help you make the best out of any housing situation. I also will you an RC that shows up on time to ten check and a half-decent wing guide (sorry).

To Patrick, I will you an equally compassionate underclassman to act as your wingman in future Chinese competitions and CS classes.

To Aryan, I will the inability to forget what you saw.


Megan Lee

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you the ability to post on Facebook on time… jk >:))  Hanging out with you during free mods and even just seeing you in the hallways always lifted my mood, and your ability to eat gross amounts of sweets in one sitting has always impressed me.  I appreciate your spontaneity in hangouts and I was very much looking forward to spending more time with you this quarter, but I’ll see you this summer :)).

To Sharanya Choudhury, Amanda Chen, and Ashley Koca, I will you the patience to live in 06 and to make it through IMSA without killing a certain quad.  You guys will be amazing seniors and I can tell you’ll leave IMSA proud of what you’ve done and confident in who you are.  I’m glad I met you guys junior year and that I’ve had two years to hang out with you guys and goof around after check.

To Ysabel Guan, I will you to keep being yourself.  Your unconditional support and encouragement for those around you is so valued and cherished.  I hope you can find peace within yourself and at IMSA.

To Samantha Gong, I will you the courage to pursue your interests and explore what scares you: to look beyond the ‘circle’ you’re in.  When you graduate, you’ll look back at the person you started out as and who you became along the way, so don’t suppress yourself and let others hold you back, let yourself grow to your full potential.  You’re no longer a bb soph and junior year will introduce new struggles, so remember that you’ll get through it and to Leave Your Hair Alone. Remember, I’m always a text away >:)).

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you the strength to watch romcoms without crying, I will you good luck with De Avila next year, and ultimately, I will you Relay for Life board. The money RFL contributes to ACS is important, but involving the campus and gathering their support and awareness is what allows the club to succeed each year.  So make the events fun and have some fun yourself!!


Meghana Karan

To Ahana Narayanan, I will you an underclassman who brings out the kiddish spirit in you and will always come to your room for snacks. You have handled everything that has come your way with such poise and confidence and you have made me so proud. The passion you have for the things you care about has always inspired me. That passion will be what gets you so far in life and will keep you fulfilled. From waddling over to your room to give hugs to you smiling and waving at me like a little kid, you never fail to brighten my day. I’m truly going to miss hearing you scream “Meghu” from across the hall and you eating my snacks. I love you babe and always remember I’m only a text away.

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you endless amounts of hugs and love from the people around you. Our time as pseudo quadmates was cut short but I will miss being just a door away from you. I love that we can talk about home together because you know exactly what I mean. I wish we could have spent more time together before we left, but I’m always a five minute drive away. :-) Watching you blossom into a thoughtful and passionate person in your time at IMSA has made me so proud, and I have no doubt that you will continue to thrive during your senior year and beyond. You are an absolute beast and never let anyone make you feel like you are not. I love you so much and I’ll always be there for you.

To Delicia Chen, I will you an underclassman who never fails to make you laugh. Whenever I see you, you always make me laugh. I’m gonna miss you talking in that funny voice and hearing you say “Meghu!” You are so incredibly smart and talented, and I know you are destined for great things. Have an amazing senior year filled with lots of gaming and please keep in touch :-)

To Chandra and Amanda, I will you both the tapestry in me and Shruti’s room. This tapestry was willed from the D-wing seniors our sophomore year to their juniors and has been a tradition ever since. That tapestry has made our room feel like home and every time I look at it I’m reminded of the friends and family that I have made at IMSA over the past three years. I hope that the both of you have a restful and fun senior year. <3

To Ahana and Sharanya, I will you me and Shruti’s unfinished senior checklist (with the marker we used). This checklist was something that me and Shruti were looking forward to ever since our junior year. It made every single senior last so special and was a constant reminder to cherish every moment that we had together. I hope you guys will vlog every time you check something off like Shruti did. Have an amazing senior year and take it easy – you both deserve it :-)

To Sam and Joanna, I will you both the chicken-wire frame in me and Shruti’s room filled with pictures of friends and family. Our seniors willed it to us our sophomore year, so one day you both can will it to your sophomores. IMSA can get rough at times, but the reason I stayed was for the silly late nights with your friends and hanging out with wingmates after 10-check. I hope that the pictures that you put on this frame will be a constant reminder of the amazing people you both have in your life. Also, thank you for all of the quesadillas and hot chocolate you guys made for everyone – it made me super happy that day. :-)

To Sam Gong, I will you endless amounts of sleep and a stress-free junior year. I see so much of my sophomore year self in you so I want you to know that everything gets better. I’ve always admired your calming presence so don’t let junior year kill your spirit. Surround yourself with people you genuinely love and care about because that’s what gets you through IMSA. Thank you for all the times you ate dinner with me in the wing commons; I will never forget those moments. Also, thank you for letting me use your paper towels. Take care of yourself, baby soph <3.

To Joanna Menendie, I will you a sophomore who is as bubbly as you are. Joanna, you are quite literally one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. You never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh, even if you don’t mean to. Every conversation we’ve had has only made me grateful that you live in D-wing. Your laugh is so contagious and you radiate positivity everywhere you go. Thank you for the endless amounts of jokes and laughs in the wing commons – I will forever cherish those moments. Keep smiling, babe. :-)

To Disha Dureja, I will you success in all parts of your life. Disha, it has been amazing getting to know you. I’ve seen you grow into a strong and confident leader this past year. Your passion for activism inspires the people around you. Thank you for being the Desi baby soph that I have always wanted. Our conversations about our culture and the world always kept me fulfilled. I hope one day you will have a person at IMSA to watch endless amounts of Bollywood movies and scream Hindi and Punjabi song lyrics with. Thank you for always fighting the good fight; I know you will make a difference in the IMSA community. IMSA can be hard, but I know you will come out of it as a resilient and amazing person. I love you, and if you ever need to talk, I’m always there for you. <3

To Chandra, Ahana, and Saachi, I will you fun (and productive) group practices. Some of my best memories were from group dance and it will always be such a special part of my dance experience. From screaming the songs’ lyrics at the top of my lungs to the jumping competitions, group practices were always filled with laughter and good vibes. I’m so excited for what you guys have in store for next year because I know it will be great. Don’t worry, I’ll be screaming my butt off in the audience next year. <3

To Jillian, Rachel, Maia, Jon, Hailey, and Emilia (SDAC babies), I will you guys another amazing year on SDAC filled with videos, performances, workshops, and everything your hearts desire. This club has only fueled my passion and love for dance, and I hope it does this same for you all. I’ve learned so much about dance and myself through SDAC these past three years and I’m so incredibly grateful for it. Thank you all for always being so silly during practices and meetings and making me giggle. It makes my heart ache knowing that I won’t get to do one last video or performance with you all, but that just means you guys have to make SDAC that much more special next year. Jillian and Rachel: Whenever I perform in college, I know for a fact I will still hear you both screaming “Mejna!” from the audience. To whoever operates the SDAC Instagram and TikTok accounts, please keep it poppin’ – it’s my baby.  Keep dancing babes :-)


Micah Casey-Fusco

To Eric Pan, my lil dancer boi, I will you my bandana from last years 07 drill. When I was a junior, I had some dance experience, but was definitely not prepared to choreograph an entire drill for Clash. Despite this, I still followed through and ended up experiencing one of the best moments of my life. After being a choreo for 05 drill, I’m sure you can relate to the amount of pride I felt after placing well in something I put so much time and effort into. I am beyond proud of you.  The first time I stepped into stunion with you for modern, I saw you as an equal to me, not some underclassman that still had much to learn. Since then you have grown into one of the best dancers on campus, fr. Not only that, but being in studco with you has taught me that your leadership goes beyond stunion, beyond those main gym practices, and beyond every stage time. You are a leader of the student body. Thank you for being next to me during studco meetings. Thank you for messing around with me during modern practices. Thank you for the impromptu visits to downquad. Thank you for the spontaneous photoshoots. Thank you for the late night talks. And thank you for being one of the most caring friends I could have. You’ve told me that you look up to me, which I admire, but something that you probably don’t know is that this whole time, I’ve looked up to you too. Make your senior year one to remember, and enjoy your sss for me :,) ily bro

To Brandon Smith, I will you my first ever tournament disc. Although Ultimate was cut short this year due to Covid-19 (rip sss), you still have all of next year to continue growing the club! I’m not going to force you to lead the club, but I’ll get into that in another will. Where do I even start for you mannnn. You are one of the most interesting people I know, genuinely. Just the way you *click* with people immediately is amazing. Having you as a partner in spanish, a teammate in ultimate, and a friend who I could go to for anything has been a blessing. Your perspective on life is one that I wish I had. Somehow, you have always kept one eye on your past and one on your future, moving forward while keeping in mind what got you there. This is why I want you to have this disc. This disc is a symbol of where I first found a passion, and first started to really work at something I wanted. I want you to hang this up as a reminder to keep working at what you love. It doesn’t have to be ultimate, or dancing, or anything I’ve done, find something you genuinely enjoy doing and work at it. The thing is, once you find this thing, you won’t realize the amount of effort you put into it until you take a step back and look at what you’ve accomplished, because you’ll enjoy the work you’re putting in. Thank you, Brandon, for always making me laugh and knowing exactly when I needed it the most. Thank you for having those long walks at 9pm with me and teaching me how to look at the positive while still acknowledging the negative. Oh and keep doing the random stuff you always do, it always lightens the mood haha. Don’t change man, you are an exemplary person. You are going to be a great upperclassman to your juniors and sophs. Soon you’ll be the one writing a will and realize how much they look up to you, because I’m certain they do.

To Marco Bravo, I will you my lil pichu. Most of what I wanted to say didn’t pertain to a specific object, so take this as a momento from all our late night smash sessions (imma come back and beat your chrom I swear). Marco you are one of the most wholesome, passionate people I know, stay that way. Imma be honest, when you first came to IMSA and I came to visit you and show you past IMSA experiences, I did not foresee you being my bb soph dancer. We played on your switch and talked about girls and your worries about the future (and mine haha don’t get me wrong), but I did not think you were the dancing type. Needless to say, you surprised me. I’m insanely proud of you for getting yourself out there and continuing to be the genuine person you are no matter the circumstance. Not only did you take charge of the soph dance for lunar (which was one of the best I’ve seen), you’ve shown your leadership and enthusiasm during every ultimate practice as well. Although we couldn’t do everything I wanted to, I’m sure I’m putting the club into good hands. Marco, stay determined. Stay hard working. And don’t forget to smile. You may not know it now, but it’s the little moments that you remember the most when looking back…make the most of them. 

To Jay Ganesan aka MR. CEO aka swag daddy, I will you a good memory so you’ll never forget the times we had in D-down. I will never forget the time you were worried about getting an in-room and made a fool of yourself in front of Ethan, or when you got scared as hell and uppercutted Bubu, or when you sleep walked into the other side of quad where the rest of us were talking (this one was so cute <3). I could go on but this would probably take up the entire webpage and I know from Diglit that you hate reading long mundane monologues so, here goes. Last year, I was the junior that lived in a different wing’s down quad. I was a member of 07C but I LIVED in 07B down. Oftentimes, I felt like I was intruding on their space and time or should’ve asked before coming in more. Even when I asked the quad if I was spending too much time in there, to which they replied of course not, I didn’t believe them deep down. I appreciated their generosity, but I felt like I should have respected them more. That year, they willed me a junior who will always visit my quad, and maybe even live there too. And I got just that. Jay, you’ve made me realize that I wasn’t a burden at all, and in fact, I was loved just as much as any other quad member in 07B down. The same goes for you. I know you felt the same way from all the times you asked us if it was ok to stay, to which we replied, “of course”, so this is me telling you not to feel that way. It may seem ridiculous to have an impact on an upperclassman, but you made coming back to the quad after ten check so much better. So, I also will you a junior that will come to your room and talk with you, and do things with you, just because they want to spend time with you. Keep your head up KING you deserve the world.

To 04 D-wing, it makes me kinda sad but, I will you Bubu. Find someone in the wing responsible enough to take good care of her because she’s been through a lot in our quad. I want to make her something to bring the wing together in the absence of our quad. Put her in the wing commons and be careful with her and make sure she doesn’t jump when you hold her. She tends to not care about heights….. Anyway, if you ever wanna visit our quad again but we aren’t there, just visit her. She’s seen a lot of things over the course of the year, including the infamous winter weather 2 am fire alarm, so on behalf of her and the quad, I wanted to thank you all for making my last year here at IMSA my best one. This ones for the boys. Don’t hesitate to hmu whenever. I love you all. 

To my Mandarin 1 sophs, I will you a good jr year with Zhong Laoshi. I was only with you guys for about a year, but I always looked forward to that class. Imma be honest, being with a bunch of sophs was kinda worrisome to me when I signed up for the class jr year, but you guys turned out to be the highlight of my day. Mandarin 1 was my favorite class this year by far and it’s because of you guys. Don’t lose the dum stoopid energy we had in class haha. Enjoy the class before it gets hard :)

To the next 04D-down, on behalf of the quad, I will you the 04BIT poster. Hang it up proudly. This poster has been handed down for many years now, and it’s finally yours to own. Make the rest of us proud, mess around, make memories, and remember to pass on the legacy, you deserve it.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you sleep. Please get more rest. I did enjoy our late night calls and talking about the future and music among other things, but make sure you get some rest sometimes, especially for junior year. Although we didn’t really start talking until it was too late to hang, I appreciated the time we had. Staying out on the slabs after the studco meeting and wrapping up with Ray in your blanket was something I won’t forget for sure. Imma miss you lots but know you can always reach out to me. Ill try my best to drive out and see you before I leave for college. Send me some of your cover art sometime :)

To my 05 Boys (Aidan Stueck, Abhi Thati, Eric Pan, Brandon Smith, and Archan Das), I will you all my love and affection ;) Although I’ve never lived with you all, you guys have made a great impact on my IMSA experience. Aidan, you have always found a way to make me chill out and appreciate life a lil more. Abhi, you were always there to hype me up when I needed the energy. Eric, you motivated me to improve my dancing skills so a junior wasn’t better than me at dancing. Brandon, you made me laugh in my most depressing moments. And Archan, you helped me think logically about my problems in order to solve my sadness. Thank you all. You mean the world to me.

To Archan Das, I will you a junior who makes you think about everything. Everytime I had a conversation with you it was either about the dumbest things I could think of or some existential flow of thought. I will always remember the time you interviewed me randomly in my room. That night I thought a lot about my values and what I want to do in life thanks to you, and it kept me on track during a time I was stressing about nearly everything. So thank you. Don’t stop asking questions and keep messing around with the things you find enjoyable. Get more google pay stickers and carry out what I could not accomplish ;). Keep up the jokes, the serious talks, the memorable spanish moments, and the late night walks. I’m going to miss you a lot, but not too much because we’ll stay in touch :). Make the best of your senior year. You only get one.

To the next 1504 hall senator, I will you the head of Franklin Ye. It’s been passed down from hall senator to hall senator for years now and it’s now yours to bear. Put in on your desk or somewhere visible to remind you of your importance in the hall and to motivate you to make change on campus. There’s a surprise inside for you as well <3

To Teodor Tchalakov, I will you all the hours I wish I spent talking with you and a great amount of admiration. Even though our encounters were small in number, you really impressed me. From the minute I walked into your room I knew you were an organized, hard working, talented member of 1504 that I had not been able to appreciate soon enough. Hmu during the summer and throughout your senior year. I want to make up for all the time I lost because I was simply unaware you were in my hall. You’re one of the smartest and sweetest people I know, so stay that way :) Also, if it isn’t too much to ask…can I put my bed next to yours in the minecraft server?

To Evie Lee, I will you a group of friends to enjoy your senior year with. I know IMSA hasn’t been the best for you, and you’ve had your ups and downs, but don’t write everyone off. One of the best things about being a senior is enjoying your last growing moments with the people you love. After senior year, you’re on your own, so enjoy the life of less responsibility (although it can seem like a lot) with those you are close to. Find new friends, get closer to old ones, I don’t care what you do as long as you find a group you vibe with to enjoy your last moments as an IMSA student. My senior year was cut short, but the only reason I’m not as sad as I could be right now is because I know my last moments as a senior were spent with my quad and a few others I hold close to my heart. Figure yourself out during this quarantine, and this summer if needed, and come back to IMSA ready to make your senior year the best of the three. I wish you luck :)

To my boy Asher Bhurgri, I will you a party at OSU. Over the past year I’ve been able to get closer to you through zayn and because we’ve been in the same wing and I’m grateful for it. You will always be one of my mains despite the distance we are from each other. Since you treated me to your fam at UIUC, I figured I’d return the favor by treating you at OSU. Next year, when you’re available, or if you already plan on visiting OSU, I’ll take you in and treat you to the best, trust me. If you end up coming to OSU for college, maybe we can room, who knows? Anyway, thanks for the lively times and the hunter x hunter talks, you da best.

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you the Hatsune Miku poster in my room, as you are an aspiring weeb. I hope you’ve enjoyed My Hero Academia, and if you want another series suggestion…you know to come to me ;) Real talk though, you have really impressed me this year. The moment I saw you in D-wing, I had big hopes for you, but wow did you surpass those. As the year went on and you joined more culture shows and became better at dancing, I started to see a little bit of me in you. The white boy that never danced before but somehow got into modern AND the 04 Hot Boys his soph year? That’s exactly the path I was on at that point and I hope you continue to follow in my footsteps. The choice is yours, of course, but I was beyond proud of you when you made it into the modern group for casa. Although I’m sad I couldn’t get to perform a modern with you, I’m sure I’ll see you up there next year, making all the girls in the audience scream your name. I would say I’ll miss you but you live like 10 minutes away, so I’ll definitely slide before I go to college. Keep it up man, I look forward to seeing what you have in store.

To Brandon Smith, Eric Hernandez, and Marco Bravo, I will you all Titan Ultiamate. I understand some of you have other commitments such as swim and volleyball, but you three are the most enthusiastic on the team. If you cannot carry on the club, I trust you will find someone who can. Go to a tournament next year, make jerseys if you can’t order them, do everything you can to go a step beyond what Eliot and I did. I believe in you guys.

To 04-Drill, I will you all my pride. Thank you for making my last clash the best one. I owe it to you guys.


Miles Oquendo

Titan robotics – I leave the ziptie culture that I have fostered and a blue banner.

To Addison Henikoff – I leave you the spot to put your goggles by the wire.

To Girls Swim – I leave all of the stopwatches I changed the batteries for.

To ISP Booth – I leave a race with the sliders if you scroll through the axillary

To 1504 where I lived for three years – I leave a Clash win, do it again.

To D-Wing – I leave two years of memories with you guys without any holes in the walls.

To IMSA – I leave countless hours of staying up and some of my favorite memories.


Nafay Abdul

To Abhi Thati (Future ISA President, I will you the future and the leadership of ISA. I remember when you were the little sophomore giving us the interview on the bench outside on the 05 Slabs and you talked about how you wanted to lead ISA in a new direction. Remember that goal and make me proud by leading ISA to new heights. I hope I have taught you well over the past year and gave you all the tools you need to be successful. Remember I chose you, because I believe you have the biggest heart and passion. Other than that, I will you a great senior year, make great memories with your friends. Do not get too stressed over college, because remember whatever happens, happens for a reason. You are a smart, hardworking, passionate, and talented person, and I can assure you will succeed and whatever you pursue.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you the future senior board for ISA. I know it may be disappointing since things did not turn out the way you wanted and I really am sorry for that. But you are an amazing board member and always livened things up on the board. You are almost like a second Sibil (Except not as clueless). Make sure to help Abhi run the board, because you can be a little dim sometimes, so I will you the responsibility to help Abhi run ISA next year. You have grown a lot from the little sophomore that helped teach at Garba and I am proud of you. Also, I will you the motivation to get your work done on time and the time of your life during your SSS, remember to make the most of it.

To Akul Prakash, I also will you the future of ISA. You are an amazing part of this board and you have a big responsibility next year of leading ISA to a even higher standard. Like I said for Ruchi, I know things can be disappointing and I do really apologize for that, but remember you are a valuable member of this board that can not be replaced. Your cool and calm demeanor will be essential for ISA next year. Also, I will you an amazing senior year with all your friends and an even more amazing SSS. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest and do not worry about college. You are a smart dude, and I know you are gonna make us all proud.

To the Future Junior Board (Niyati, Pranav, and Sri), I will you the future of ISA. ISA is a family that works together to bring the Indian Culture to IMSA. Make sure you shine and do your best to help out your senior board members and put on the best ISA events that IMSA has ever seen. Good Luck guys!

To Shreya P. and Ashley Koca, I will you the responsibility of being seniors at Klein Lab. Make sure you treat your new juniors well, because with all the time spent on the bus together, you guys will become close. Make sure they feel welcome at the lab and teach them the way of avoiding Bill and tuning out Kirsten’s rants. You both are amazing, smart, and talented people and I know both of you have a true passion for this research and will do amazing things in the future. I also will you the ability to continue to enjoy wonderful meals all over Evanston Downtown with the new juniors. Have a great Senior Year and don’t worry too much about college you guys are going to do great.

To Chandra, I will you the ability to continue going to Urban Outfitters during SIR and buying trendy apparel. You always seemed so excited when you did both those things, lol. But besides that, I will you a great senior year where you enjoy wonderful meals with whomever joins you in Evanston Downtown. Make sure to enjoy your senior year, because before you know it, it will be gone. You are very smart and competent and you are going to do amazing in whatever you decide to pursue in the future.

To Jaden Wang, I will you the future of C-Wing. Although I was mean to you, remember man you were one of my favorite sophomores and always livened c wing up. I also will you an easy time in French next year with Madame. I remember the struggles we had during French 2, so I hope next year is easy for you. I hope you have a great Senior year and can enjoy it to fullest with the people around you.

To Ivan Anterola, I will you an endless amount of snacks and someone who will replace me in coming to buy your snacks at the most random times.

To Mike and Asher, I will you an amazing senior year where you can finally relax and have some fun without worrying too much about the homework grind. I will you the motivation to continue that work out grind that will pay off in the end. To Asher, I will you endless amounts of Chicago Rap music and make sure you keep sending those bangers my way.

To Aiden Stueck, first and foremost, I will you the future of the soccer team, make sure you lead it to a record breaking season. I remember all the times you came to my room and stayed over and those were some best nights in my senior year. And so, I will you an amazing senior year filled with memories that you will not forget with the people you love. You are a talented, smart, and hardworking dude and I know you are going to succeed in the future with whatever you pursue.

To Patrick Hulquist, Jorge Chavez, Yair G., Ben Weber, I will you the future of the soccer team, make sure to lead the team well and take it to new levels. This is your team now.

To Emily Wei, I will you the best in the rest of your IMSA career and I will you an annoying sophomore that comes up to you and says they will SHTOMP on you.

To Edward Zhang, I will you a sophomore that will come in clutch and edit your french videos for you. I also will you an easy time in the rest of your academic career, I know you are dreaming big.

To Risheek and Rohit, I will you a good rest of your IMSA career. Risheek, I will you the ability to get some sleep Junior year, you pull too many all-nighters man. But, for the both of you, I know I barely got to know you guys and that is something I will regret. Make sure you study hard and have time of your lives no matter how hard the work gets.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a continued passion and motivation to work out and get big. I really respect your work ethic and grind you put into fitness and I respect and look up to you for that. I will you someone who has the same passion for working out as you do, so you both can hit the gym and grind. 


Namit Padgaonkar

To Deepu Chintala, I will you an underclassman who’ll always be there for you, whether you want them to or not. Living with you in B wing made an otherwise stressful junior year a lot more bearable, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I’ll never forget all the memories we made in B down quad and the wing in general, and I hope that you never forget your roots, as you truly embody the spirit of 05. I also will you a much less tank SIR partner. I enjoyed spending every Wednesday this year with you, and I hope that you have as much fun as we did every Wednesday next year. Most of all, though, I hope you have the most amazing, memorable SSS anyone could ever ask for. You’ve earned it, buddy.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you a true ‘junior carry’ who will make you do all the work for them next year. For real, though, you’ve grown a lot from that tall, scrawny Indian schmen I met during move-in junior year. I hope that in your senior year you keep up that positive attitude of yours and not to let all the pressures from extracurriculars, college apps, school, bog you down. If you need anything at all, feel free to hit me up anytime. I love you, bro, and I’ll miss you a lot.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you to focus on the things you truly care about. I’m so glad you were placed in B wing last year because you’re one of the most genuine, hard-working people I’ve ever met. I hope that in your senior year you can make every moment count. No matter how overwhelmed you may be with everything that senior year will throw at you, I hope that you can spend time relaxing and doing everything that you want to without worrying about what anyone else thinks. I know you’ll do great things, bro. And don’t worry, I’ll be back to check up on you.

To Jason Li, I will you all the Domino’s a man could ever ask for. Ever since I first met you during your sophomore year, I’ve been amazed by how talented, yet down-to-earth you are. I can’t believe you’re going to be a senior next year, and I already know that you’re going to do great things next year. You’ve been a huge inspiration for 05 throughout the last two years, and I hope that you only build off that in your senior year. I also will you control of the hall pizza account, oaferspizza@gmail.com. I trust that you’ll take good care of it. Good luck during senior year, bro!

To Brandon Park and Yaejoon Hyoung, I will you both a senior year full of unforgettable memories and people you wouldn’t trade the world for. Living in the same wing as you both the last two years was memorable, and I will always remember the times I would come into your room and we’d just talk for the longest time. Regardless of where you both end up next year, you’ll both have each other. I’m eager to see what you both do as seniors. P.S. Brandon, please take care of Yaejoon. He can be a quite reckless young man at times.

To Archan Das and Austin McDonald, I will you an underclassman to carry Clash. What you both did for 05 this year will never be forgotten. Archan, I’m so glad that you moved to 05D this year because honestly, I can’t imagine what 05 would have looked like without you. You’re one of the most chill people I’ve ever met, and with that big brain of yours, you’re definitely going places. Austin, you’re one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and I’m glad that I got to know you a lot better this year. Keep doing what you’re doing, bro. I’m excited to see what you both do next year.

To Peter Leahy, I will you an underclassman who you can always do dumb stuff with. From coming into your room randomly throughout the year to our 10 check shenanigans to messing around during Drill practices, every moment I’ve spent with you has been a fun one. I know that this year was a little rough for you at times, and trust me: senior year can be just as tough. But no matter how stressful it can get, I hope that you take everything as it comes and enjoy every moment at IMSA while you still can. Hit me up if you need anything at all. I luv u bby <3

To Abhi Thati, I will you to enjoy your senior year to its fullest. You’re one of the most hardworking, dedicated people I’ve ever met, and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown since our days on JV Basketball with Coach J’son. Even though senior year can be a seemingly nonstop grind at times, I know that you already have the skills and passion necessary to accomplish anything you want to. Make sure you spend time with the people you care about, doing the things you love. I know you’ll kill it next year.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you an underclassman who can somehow always brighten your day. Whenever I came into your room or just saw you at a JCC food cart, you always put a smile on my face, regardless of how stressed or upset I was at the time. I hope that in your senior year, you can keep up that same positivity. Just keep doing you, bro.

To Eugene Lim, I will you the essence of tank. I’m really proud of how far you’ve come since you were a tiny sophomore. I know how hard you pushed yourself this year, and I hope that SSS provides you with the break that you so desperately deserve. Even though it can feel like an impossible task to juggle all your different responsibilities sometimes, I hope that you can approach everything with a positive attitude and the right amount of tank. I wish nothing but the best for you next year, and I’ll make sure to visit.

To Eric Pan, I will you an underclassman with the same relentless drive and passion that you have. I still remember the first time I met you when you were a little sophomore coming to ask Torin for help on an LE1 paper, and I’m just amazed at all that you’ve accomplished since then. Words cannot express how proud I am of all the work you (and Abhi) put into Drill this year, and it showed in our performance. I’m excited to see all that you do next year. You’re a beast, bro.

To Abhi Thati, Aidan Stueck, Madhav Parthasarathy, Patrick Hultquist, Brandon Smith, and Eric Pan, I will you a wing and hall that feel like home. You guys are going to be seniors next year, and honestly, you guys have the potential to be one of the best hexes this hall has seen in a long time. I hope that you all can serve as role models for all of 05 next year, and no matter how stressful senior year can get, I hope that you can make the time to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll be back to check up on you guys :)

To Aryan Gandhi and Ash Ramesh, I will you both some common sense (just kidding, sort of). For real, though, I’ve loved spending the last two years with you, and I’m proud to call you my sons. Thank you both for always being down to just do dumb stuff. I hope that in your senior year, you continue to do stupid stuff (but not too stupid). Aryan, I hope that you find success in whatever you do, and Ash, you’re a beast. Never change. I’m excited to see you both again next year.

To Kian De Guzman, Michael Hunding, and Adam Daki, I will you the Spirit of 05™. You all are some of the funnest, wildest sophomores I’ve ever met, and I hope you all can pass the joy you had as sophomores down to your underclassmen. I also will you all success in your junior and senior years. Even if you have little free time, I hope that you all can make time for the things and people you truly care about. I can’t wait to see what you all do as juniors and eventually, as seniors. And Adam, even though you’re moving to 04 next year, I hope that you will keep that part of 05 you gained this year forever. Good luck during junior year, you all!

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you to make your own path here at IMSA. I know this may sound a little vague, but I’ll try to explain it just a bit: I want you to grow into your own person and do the things you care about without being held down by anyone else’s expectations. The time you have at IMSA flies by quickly, and I hope that you can enjoy it to the fullest and cherish every moment you have here. Even though it’ll get rough at times as an upperclassman, I know that you can get through anything that’s thrown your way.

To Angel Hernandez, I will you some sleep. You were easily one of my favorite parts about living in A wing this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better soph to mess around with. I hope that you can keep up your optimism over the next two years. Life as an upperclassman can be tough at times, but I know that you’ll get through it successfully. Most importantly, though, I hope that you have fun and enjoy every moment of yours during the next two years here, no matter how stressful it gets.

To Zach Eness, I will you the saxophone section of Ms. Mary Beth McCarthy’s finest Wind Ensemble. You’ve made my senior year in band somewhat bearable, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I also will you the (gone but never forgotten) McCarthy Mulligans stand. Even though we lost the stand this year, I hope you continue the tradition next year. Keep up the good work and always remember: fourth mod starts at 11:05.

To the IMSA basketball team, I will you the patience necessary to get through Coach Snead’s nonstop yelling as well as my spot on the bench. Don’t ever lose sight of why you joined basketball in the first place: for the love of the game and the willingness to improve at the craft. Don’t let things like uneven playing time, arguments with teammates, or brutal losses weigh you down. I know you’ll all do great things next year.

To Jack Pinto, I will you an underclassman who will become like your own little brother. Coming into this year, I never expected to have gotten as close to any sophomore as I did with you. Throughout this whole year, no matter how stressful things got, you always made every day feel a little better. Even though junior and senior years can be tough at times, I hope that you can keep up your relentless energy. I can’t wait to see the person that you grow into over the next two years, and I know that you’ll kill it. If you ever need anything, I’ll be there for you. I’ll miss you a lot, bro.

To next year’s 05 CDs, Brandon Park and Peter Leahy, I will you the hall that has meant so much to me over the last three years. I will you both the resolve to get through the most challenging of obstacles, even when everything feels hopeless. But most importantly, I will you to have fun. No matter how difficult it can get, I hope that this next year reminds you of why you applied to this position in the first place and brings some unforgettable memories. I also will you the B-wing sofa, which was willed to me by Josh Eberhardt, which was willed to him by Sohum Gupta, the previous CD, which was willed to him by Wasan Kumar, the CD before him, and which was willed to him by Kush Gupta, the preceding CD. I hope you guys will pass this on to next year’s CDs. Even though it’s difficult to leave, I’m sure that you two will do a great job running things next year. Take care of 05 for me and always remember: fudge it if we aren’t the best hall on campus. HOO HA 05!


Natalie Sanchez

Patrick & Aidan, I will you both Eric Greenfield. You may or may not already know this, but Eric is the most kindhearted adult on campus (fax). And I know you guys are both busy people so say you have an emergency or find yourself in a sticky situation, then Eric would be more than willing to help you out in the best way that he can. Ben could too, of course, but as we both know, he can be a little sassy at times. You guys are hands down my favorite roommate pair on campus. Individually, I will Aidan a good slabs party. That was the first time I ever met you. And at slabs parties, those were the few times I saw your emotions reach above the Easter Island emoji. I know you have the power to orchestrate a banger. I regret not getting to know you sooner. You’re more than a wallflower, you’re a fly on the wall. Carefully observing and definitely understanding. I want you to impulsively let loose a little more instead of carefully deliberating if you should or not. I want to hear more laughs and see more smiles from you because it makes me want to do the same.

 Speaking of smiles, Patrick, I will you awkward smiles. Our exchange of quirky little grins stole my heart, fa sho. Shooooooot, you got my whole squad swooning. Real talk, you are so kind and sweet that you always managed to brighten my damp day in a complete instant. Also <3 Costco jacket <3. Whether it’s goofing off talking mindlessly about nothing in the IRC to taking a walking trip off campus, you’ve always been a pleasure to pass the time with. I’ll miss your dorky laugh and holding your clammy hand and receiving your warm hugs, fa sho. I guess I will you guys Lysol too.  

Jahi, I will you my chin. This is for all of the times you would tell me “so you’ve been working out your chin orrrr?” in front of Yamil and Fernando and they’d die laughing. Because you thought I had a large chin. I still don’t know what “say wallah” means. But jokes aside, you were a truly a significant piece to my junior year. I met you through Fern and Yams. When they adopted you as their son/seed, seeing you ever since had always brightened my day, especially the times I had been feeling down. I have no idea what your future holds. Maybe you’ll be recognized for your insane self-taught piano skills or how unique the sound of your voice is (at least to me) or perhaps the obscure length of your arms (I don’t really know you in an academic setting, but maybe you’ll do something cool with that too). But what I do know is that you’re gonna outshine your sisters and make your family proud, fa sho.  Hector I. & Liz A., I will you both Film Society. One of my biggest regrets at IMSA was suppressing my passions and instead, college-wh*red all of my extracurriculars for 3 years. Even though it was only for my senior year, Film Society was the first time I did something I truly loved at IMSA. You both have demonstrated to me an immaculate passion for film. I have the highest of hopes that you two in particular will take care of this club and take it to new heights. And make sure everyone else respects Ade, always, for he is so kind and helpful and flexible. Please make me proud!  

Gabriel Delgado, I will you “jokes, jokes everywhere”. You taught me how to let go. You showed me all of the ways I could stay happy and remain positive when life felt like it was caving in on me. I will you Roxanne by Arizona Zervas and Blueberry Faygo by Lil Mosey because those songs will always radiate the memories of your vibrancy to me. Your smile is so contagious and I hope you never lose the light in your eyes. I will you the fire to keep your spirit alive. You will need it when times at IMSA get tough. But you will persevere, and you will grow. Remember that I’m always here for you. Thank you for giving me an amazing first semester senior year.

 To Liz, Cayleigh, Joanna, Morgan, Ariela, Disha, Jasmine, and Sam, MY 06 SOPHS, I will you the class of 21. Because we had all went through this year together and they can pick up where we left off. I am so sorry that the school year ended as abruptly as it did. But this is definitely not goodbye. Junior year is cheeks, I will not lie. But ALL OF YOU are so smart, gorgeous, and strong and I know will make it thru. I’m only a text or 10-minute drive away from IMSA. Thank you for all of the giggles and tears and tea. You guys honestly made me want to be a good senior. And if I was, I bet you’ll be even better for your sophs soon. I love you all so much. And finally, please make your sophs go to Harambee. I’m counting on you all.

 Krysta & Serena, I will you underclassmen who will playfully bicker as much as we did and will give you as many snorting laughs and cheesy smiles that you all gave me. You guys made Spain unforgettable. And our bond has never depleted since. You guys are without a doubt amongst my most favorite sophomores. I love you guys so much and I’ll be back to visit in the fall fa sho. But we’re still on for that bowling date with Marcos and Barbara fa sho.

My 06 juniors (Ashley K., Shreya, Shriya, Amanda, Ahana, Chandra, Delicia, Lalana, Sam T., Isha, and Evie), Jack (who basically lives in 06), Jillian, and Maia, I will you all underclassmen who are as fun to pass the time with at prison as it had been with all of you. I may not have gotten the SSS I dreamt of, but I hope you are blessed with one that’s immensely better. I hated IMSA with all of my heart. Like, genuinely. Junior year especially was garbo for me, so congratulations on making it this far. This place sucks and if you feel this way ever, understand that you are not alone. But, at least IMSA gave me the honor of getting to meet all of you who were able to make this place the least bit more bearable for me. I am always here for you and rooting for you all to reach the finish line. You’re at the final stretch. So give it all you got. And use your attendance points wisely. 

Ysabel, I will you copious amounts of caffeine. I remember you posted this request on ISMA Trading once and Megan gave you caffeine in various forms in exchange for some Chipotle. You’re probably the sweetest and most hard-working person I have ever met at IMSA. Despite how stressed you may be, you manage to keep a composed demeanor on the outside that I wish I could achieve myself. But most importantly, you check up on other people and do what you can to put a smile on their face and that is honestly so honorable. To have a heart as big as yours is unfathomable to the rest of the IMSA community, but you got it. Thank you for always being there for me. Your laugh always makes me laugh too, on top of your “awrawrawrawr”s and use of the word “jop” as a noun, verb, and adjective.  

Sharanya, I will you the title of CEO of Intervisitation. You were the only non-senior I’ve ever treated like an actual senior. I honestly wish you were graduating with us because I am going to miss you so much. But why do I really want to pass down the title of CEO of Intervisitation to you? Of course, I want you to learn to let loose (winky winky LMAO) and have more fun because you deserve it. But more importantly, it’s because I always found it to be a funny title to have. Almost like how I let everyone call me Sanchez. Building that “Sanchez” persona for myself, I felt, broke any stigmas of femininity (b/c women aren’t funny), and people instead saw me for my humor solely. And my humor served as the protection to get me through the prison I knew as IMSA. But you’ve proven to me and everyone else that you don’t need to hide behind a title to prove that women ARE funny. It is NEVER a dull moment with you and your thunderous laugh is unforgettable. But that’s not what truly makes you unique. You have this sense of maturity and understanding of the world that’s beyond your class. Apart from being so beautiful + intelligent + funny, you’re quite honestly everything I wanted to be as a junior. From our little brothers to our excellent taste in music, I would be lying if I said I didn’t see the slightest bit of myself in you.  

 Yair, I will you Big Kit Kats, awkward side glances, burps, and Hell n Back by Bakar. I thought so long and hard to find the best way to make this Senior Will the most memorable you’ll ever have. Because you’re my favorite IMSA memory. Whenever I’d fall apart (being the mess I am), you had always been there to pick up the pieces. How could I ever forget you coming on last-minute Woodman’s trips with me, you being my shoulder to cry on (always), you taking up the role as  _ _  _ _ _ _  little math tutor, and you saving my clutz ath in Spain? I will you what you were for me to get through your senior year. I will you the SSS I wish I had. I will you the Casa we couldn’t have. I hope you solidify and pursue your passions earlier than I did. I will you my personality, not that you need it or anything. But maybe it could be a baby boost to your success (that I am 100% convinced you’ll inevitably have). Just flash _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  little smile and put on that retail-voice you’ve been perfecting, and crack a little joke here and there, and you’re golden (as per usual). I do will you, however, significantly better typing skills (Max b like “sorry my fingers doing the Yair rn”). From how to love myself to how to not take what little time I have left with my loved ones for granted, you’ve taught me more than you could ever imagine. And it is without a doubt that I will continue to look up to you, just as I had been this whole time. It has been a privilege and an honor getting to know you. We’re only less than a 10-minute drive away, so let’s make the most of what’s left of the summer. Thank you for making IMSA worthwhile after all. I couldn’t have made it to the end without you. ❤️ P.S. I also will you a toothbrush. 🤢   

Yair & Sharanya, I will you both two places: the Res Life office and the silent study room in the back of the IRC. Both places brought me solace and peace during my most stressful and painful times at IMSA. Get to know everyone in the Res Life office and I guarantee it’ll be worth your while. The office contrives of Erin (a sweetheart who lets you know if something is a bad idea), Jerami (the biggest style icon on campus but will call you out on your gibberish), Marcos (lol), and Andrea (seems like a meanie on the outside but is a teddy bear on the inside). And sometimes, they even have snacks. It was the best place for me to destress/vent/get a good laugh as well as feel safe and welcome. The silent study room is my favorite place to grind out homework last minute. I have a hard time getting work done and being productive when there are people around, especially my friends. So when I get in there, it’s grind time. That is my secret to a successful senior year. When in there, I love it when the light switch is off and the only light pours in from the windows. Sometimes, I just go in there to be alone when my room isn’t available. I hope these places will remind you of me when you go to them.


Natasha Rossi

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will you amazing underclassmen that can bring you as much joy and memories as you have brought me. It shocks me that you are already becoming a senior! I still remember the first few weeks of your sophomore year when I met you, you were so kind and outgoing and you were so much fun to hang out with. I remember talking to you about Billie Eilish’s new album and fangirling over different music we liked. I am so glad that we got close and although we didn’t live in the same wing this year, I still felt as though we were friends for you always were kind to me whenever we did talk. I am so glad we were friends and I hope you find some awesome underclassmen that bring you joy, you deserve the best! 

To future 06bdq, I will you so much joy and crazy memories to be made. There are so many happy memories I have made with my quad there and I hope you will too. Being a part of a quad is amazing and you guys have been given an amazing place to live with one of the BEST RCs. I hope that you take advantage of living with more roommates and choose to open the door as soon as possible. Also, try out senior arrangements as soon as you can. You never know what could happen so enjoy your time together while you can and resolve conflicts to avoid drama. 06bdq was a place I felt at home and knew I had three amazing people I could turn to if I needed anything, I hope that you guys will have a similar experience. 

To Eugene Lim, I will you a restful summer and a low-stress senior year. First off, I want to thank you for volunteering to do a photoshoot for me :)))) it was so fun and I am so glad you helped me complete my spotify aesthetic. I remember when I first met you in MI-4 with Ms. Shirley, our table was always talking yet still really productive. You were so kind and funny, I am so glad we sat next to each other. I also remember that there were several days when you would walk in so tired and say how you didn’t get much sleep. Now, you have gotten through the worst of it! Junior year is coming to an end and you have made it all this way. So, I hope your summer heals you and prepares you for senior year which will hopefully be (for the most part) less stressful! Just remember to not let all the college stress get to you, everything will work out. Thank you for all the fun times at IMSA and I hope you enjoy your senior year and SSS! 

To Grace Smith, I will you the best of luck in all your endeavors and confidence as you go into your senior year. You have always been so kind and fun to talk to even from day one when Ms. Cooley taught choir and you sat in the row in front of me. We grew even closer as part of the trio for the Chain and you were always smiling and laughing. You have such a kind, soft hard and I understand what that is like. So, I hope for the best with your plans for senior year and no matter what happens, I hope you don’t lose that spark and passion that you have! Remember to never hesitate to reach out to me for anything you need, no matter how big or small. 

To Jon Gao, I will you the best dance moves and joy throughout your academic career. I am so grateful to have gotten to know you. Although we didn’t hang out much your junior year, I still wanted to say thank you for all the moments we spent together your sophomore year. It started back in mod, you were so funny and outgoing which always made me smile. I was so glad that you agreed to be my bachata partner and it was so fun! And even as a part of reggaeton, your facials were always so on point. You are such a fun person and I hope that senior year you will continue to participate in all the things you enjoy, continue to succeed as a student, and make every moment memorable!

To Emilia Daniels, I will you an exciting, happy junior year full of great friends and amazing memories! Getting to know you through mod was so much fun. We never got to wear our matching, gold-ish spike-y bracelets on the same day though. You are so cute, kind, and talented, I hope that you will continue to sing even if it’s not through Mod. I hope that during junior year, you will still be able to do the things you love and are passionate about without it getting too stressed out! Junior year can be tough as you probably know but I am sure that, no matter what happens, it will be quite memorable.  

To Ethan Schmidling, I will you an everlasting smile and a kind heart. Since day one you have been so nice to me. You always had a smile on your face and an energy that would brighten the mood of a room. I hope that next year you will find yourself enjoying IMSA even more than you did sophomore year! Junior year, although more difficult, is also one of the most memorable because through those late nights, you will bond the most with your friends. So, I hope that you will have people that will treat you as kindly as you have treated me and that you receive good vibes throughout your IMSA career. I hope that you will be surrounded by people with as kind of a heart as yours and that your bright smile never fades. 

To Jade Bates, I will you better teachers and classes for your senior year and amazing peer tutors to surround yourself with! I was so glad we were on the same peer tutor shift first semester, we would always talk about our classes and how things were going (when we were not tutoring, of course!). I met you your sophomore year when you just started your IMSA journey, you seemed shy at first but I watched as you became more involved and really got close to you during Wing Wars talent show your sophomore year. Then we had movement and relaxation together where you would talk about AWRAP. I am so glad we were able to get closer throughout your time here at IMSA and I hope you have a great senior year with your new quad! I wish for you the best classes with the best teachers and fun people to surround yourself with to make your last year here memorable! 

To Gabi Velazquez, I will you a ~COLORFUL~ junior year full of memories, learning, and growth. Right off the bat, I thought you were SO COOL! You were kind, outgoing, funny and so much more! I always knew I could count on you to know the rhythm of our music for mod and I was always so relieved to know you were there at practice to sing with me. You are an amazing, talented singer but you also are an amazing photographer. When you asked me to help you with makeup for one of your photoshoots, I was so excited! Thank you for including me, it was so fun and I wish we could have done more. I am sad my last year with you was cut short since I wanted to do so much more with you but I am still grateful for everything we have already done! I am so sorry Casa was not a part of your sophomore experience at IMSA as I know you were so excited but I encourage you to be a part of it next year and in all the culture clubs! I hope you continue doing the things you are passionate about and apply for leadership positions, you show so much confidence and joy that I can’t imagine you not being super involved! This is getting kind of long so let me wrap this up by saying you are one of the most beautiful, talented, and friendly underclassmen I have met and I am so glad that I got to know you and am even more happy that I can call you my friend. If you ever need anything, know that you can always reach out to me! 

To Sage Owen and Sarah Hill, I will an amazing junior year together that hopefully will bond you guys together. Sage, I will you leadership, confidence, and courage to follow you through your junior year.  When I first met you, I though you were so kind and funny and I wanted to make sure you had an amazing sophomore year experience. From XC to Roommate Wars and all the way to our conversations in the wing, I am so glad to have been able to get to know you and am shocked you are going to be a junior! Sarah, I will you happiness and amazing friends. You are one of the coolest sophomores in the wing. First of all, your taste in music is fire! You are very genuine and kind and, although you seem shy at first, you are really cool to talk to. I cannot believe that your sophomore year has ended and you are going to be a junior. To both of you guys, I want to warn you that junior year comes with its own set of struggles. But, seeing the way you guys have grown sophomore year, I know you will do well. Just remember to reach out when you need help. While I was on campus with you guys, I wanted to be there for you and I gave one of you (Sage) my number to call. I just want to let you guys know that either of you can call me whenever, even when I graduate and leave. You both hold a special place in my heart, I always care about you and I hope you know that I am always there for you so don’t hesitate to call! I hope you guys have a great roommate experience wherever you live (hopefully 06B) and make some amazing memories at IMSA! 

To Caroline Hall, I will you the most AMAZING junior year with all the joy and happiness you deserve. I cannot stress how much I care about you, from the first day I met you when you were visiting IMSA as a little freshman. I immediately was SO EXCITED to see you at IMSA and was even more excited to get to know you more. A couple of facetimes later, I was moving you in and filling you in one the small pieces of tea I knew. When you became a part of board for mod, I was so hyped! The 06 representation, the bond we were already forming, I cannot tell you how excited I was. I loved having our tea times and I am so sad our time was cut short. I wanted to go on walking trips, have access walks, more tea times, a sleepover and so much more. It makes me so sad that it won’t be able to happen. Through all the memories we have made, you have always made me smile. Whether it was from laughing at your jokes, singing on our way back to 06, or talking about the tea in our lives, you have made my senior year special and I thank you for that. Now, you are becoming a junior :0 ! Junior year can be stressful and I know how much pressure you feel to do well at IMSA and to go to a good college so I hope you will have some amazing friends that can help you study and carry you throughout your junior year. I also hope that you enjoy your time here at IMSA and make some bonds and memories you’ll never forget. I hope you have amazing underclassmen that bring you as much joy and happiness as you have brought me. Watching you grow and flourish here at IMSA has been so amazing and I hope that junior year will continue to fuel that growth. I am sad I won’t be there to see it but I know you will do some great things in your time here at IMSA, I wish you the best of luck! Also, never hesitate to call me, you know the drill ;))) Just text me right before so I can get some headphones and we can facetime whenever you want, even when I am in college. 

To Disha Dureja, I will you efficiency and time management along with big smiles, kind friends, and an overall amazing junior year. You are such an amazing person, you are hard working, clearly passionate, you aren’t afraid to advocate for you and your friends, you are friendly and make everyone feel welcome, and your smile can brighten up any situation. I am so glad I have been able to get to know you and your fun personality. Junior year is one of the toughest years here at IMSA. Since you have been so involved this year, I hope you will have a smooth time adjusting to your junior year schedule and will be able to easily manage your time for the other things you are passionate about. I also hope that you will have good friends to surround yourself with, friends that are more than just for talking and hanging out but friends you can talk to and that can support you through anything and everything. I know you have had a rough time with a few individuals but I hope, wherever you live next year, you will find that everyone there supports you and that you will feel really at home. You are such an outspoken, kind, and thoughtful person so you deserve people that hear you and can treat you with all the kindness in the world. You also have such a beautiful voice, I hope you continue singing whether it’s as big of a time commitment as mod or as small as just participating in a coffee house. Whatever it may be, I hope you are able to continue doing what YOU love and have a smooth transition into this new year. 

To Karen Olvera, I will you confidence, happiness, and courage as you continue your time here at IMSA. You are one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. From the very first time I met you, I knew one thing for sure. From seeing your name pop up in the audition sheet for mod, meeting you in choir, and hearing you sing in A wing’s talent show, you showed such passion for singing. When you were accepted onto Alma Latina board, I was excited to work alongside you. Then, we did at 06 talent show together. Working in our little trio, I was hard on you guys but I watched you grow so much in just a few days. I hope that you continue to grow vocally and continue to be brave and audition for things such as Mod and solos because they all will help you grow and become an amazing singer. You are full of passion and it shows through you singing and through your contributions to Alma. I cannot wait to see what you will do as you walk into junior year. Junior year can be difficult but with a little bit of confidence and continued courage, I am sure you will be able to make a bunch of amazing memories! I hope you will be able to have friends that will help you make these memories and that you have a positive junior year. I can’t wait to see you (hopefully) become president of Alma your senior year :))) 

To Isha Kadakia, I will the most AMAZING people to work alongside with your senior year. You were the best co I could have ever asked for, you are easy going, so nice, and the MOST friendly person I have met. I hope your senior year is amazing no matter where you live and that the RSL meetings will be fun.

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you laughs, sleep, and success in your last year of IMSA. I am so glad you lived in the wing this year, you are so funny and always made me laugh. Slightly random but I also love your pet fish. When you told me the story of how your first one died I laughed so hard, now that you have a new one I hope that it lives a long life. So, I hope you enjoy your senior year and that it is full of laughs. I also hope you get some more sleep and continue to succeed at IMSA. 

To Charline Rivera, I will you an amazing senior year, a smooth casa tech week, and a toilet plunger ;))) I am so glad we went to New York together, I cannot believe that happened. It was such a fun experience from saying “angel?” everytime we opened the door to the “presi” and other nicknames, I am so glad I got to spend that trip with you. Even though we were extremely busy with homework, we still managed to have a good time! With almost getting robbed, clogging the toilet, getting lost, eating dominican food and vegan ice cream, going to Times Square, going to Sephora, getting Insomnia Cookies, and having our flight canceled, I have to say it was one of the funnest trips I have ever been on and it wouldn’t have been the same without you. So as you go into senior year, I hope you can go on more trips, have a bunch of fun, get to know some awesome underclassmen, enjoy and make Casa AWESOME, and (most importantly) don’t clog any more toilets :0 

To Ysabel Guan, I will you happiness and good friends to make some of the best senior year memories. You were always so kind and caring, all the way since day one. You have been so generous and would literally do anything to make sure we were all right. In some ways, I am so shocked that you are going to be a senior for, sometimes, I still think of you as my sophomore. But in otherways, I think you have always been prepared to be a senior and to care for all the underclassmen. You give such positive vibes and can make everyone smile. From your “hhhhhhj” to your “ARAWRWRARAWAWRA”, you have always been a huge part of the wing and I am sad to know you are leaving. But I know that wherever you go, the people you live with will be lucky to have such an amazing senior in their wing and they will feel the sense of community that you create with your love and joy. I am so glad I was able to be apart of that and I am so glad I met you.  

To Serena Gacek, I will you leadership and some rest :))) you are so beautiful and you have the most beautiful voice. When I was sitting there during your audition for mod, I literally got chills your voice was stunning! I am so glad to have met you and able to sing alongside you. I hope you continue singing and doing acapella ;))) Not only are you a great singer, you are so kind, intelligent, and sweet. I was so proud to hear that you got into BELLAs and I can’t wait to see what you will do! Junior year is a year that is typically the most difficult for IMSA students but I know you can adjust and succeed! I hope you get lots of rest in the summer to prepare, I know that when junior year rolls around you will be ready. To think that you are already a junior is bizarre, it feels like just yesterday you were a little baby sophomore. I hope you are surrounded by amazing friends, continue to grow close with the upperclassmen, and meet some awesome new sophomores! 

To Andrea Torrez, I will you freedom for your junior year and memories from it. You were AMAZING at ICHSA and I hope that next year you will be given similar opportunities to do amazing things! Whether that’s pursuing acapella, taking on choir for another year, or singing at coffeehouses, I hope you will continue to sing and grow vocally! I know that junior year can be tough so I hope that you will have the opportunity to choose what you do with it and really enjoy your junior and senior year here at IMSA. Take advantage of what IMSA has to offer and get involved! IMSA is an amazing place in some ways and I hope you will be surrounded by an amazing group of friends and do wild things together, to really enjoy your time here because it ends sooner than you would think. No matter what you do, I know you will do well and I hope that you will make some amazing memories with your friends! Don’t forget to get close to the upperclassmen before they leave and get close to the underclassmen to show them the ropes! I hope your sophomores are as sweet to you as you were to me! 

To 06 B Wing (Isha, Celeste, Ariela, Morgan, Gabi, Sharanya, Sriya, Jade, Kayla, Ysabel, Julianna, Sarah, Amanda, Sage, and Mylanah), I will you an AMAZING residential experience where you feel at home. Whether you live in 06B next year or not, I hope you have a great wing liaison and become active members in your community! I hope you find people that you can tell anything to and they do the same with you, that you live with/near them and make bonds that will last a lifetime. If you need anything, I hope you always have someone you can reach out to and don’t forget that you can always reach out to me even when I am away. You guys all made my senior year so fun and memorable, from the very beginning in the summer when I was making the cheesy door decs to the first few weeks when I got to move you all in and all the way to the last few nights when your conversations filled the wing before 10 check. You all make my heart warm and I want to thank you for being the most amazing wing I could have ever asked for. 


Nathan Shwatal

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you the courage, determination, and means to do what your heart desires. From that one dinner date to the disaster that was HMMT, getting to know you this year has been one of the most memorable experiences of my time here. I’ll really miss our deep conversations and just connecting so well over some of the best songs in existence. Also, I will you confidence in your own skills, an infinitely better HMMT team if you get to go again, and above all, the SSS you deserve. You work so hard and I can’t wait to see where you go. Do what makes you happy; I’ll always be here to talk.

To Archan Das, I will you the title of Co-Riddler and coding ability like the world has never seen before. Man, where do I start. This year has been a blast. From Modphys problems and my brief stint on Quiz Bowl to Clash and everything that it entailed, I’ll never forget any of it. I’m so glad I was able to get to know you better this year, and I’m incredibly sad that I won’t get the chance to hang out with you and the quad this semester. Next year, I am more than confident you’ll absolutely blow Clash out of the water, riddles and otherwise. I hope you’ll end up grinding a little less next year so you can truly enjoy the SSS that’s on the horizon as the culmination of all the hard work you’ve put in. I’ll try and visit you guys, but until then, make me proud.

To Brandon Smith, I will you bigger and better stunts as well as the other title of Co-Riddler. If it weren’t for Clash, I don’t think I ever would’ve talked to you. That being said, getting to know you all while being pressure-cooked by prep times and riddle deadlines was awesome. Next year, you better pinwheel, riddle, and backflip your way to an even better Clash. Keep being crazy and going crazy; I’ll never forget that about you. Don’t forget to make SSS the best time of your IMSA career, and I hope I’ll be able to see a little of it.

To Jason Li, I will you enough people who can trick to pull off something insane as a hall and a better support player than I ever was. As I’ve gotten to know you these past two years through League, Clash, and just hanging out in both of our quads, there’s never been a dull moment. From funny faces to the questionable things you say sometimes, it’s truly been unforgettable. During your League-filled SSS, don’t forget that class is probably something you should do, too.

To Eric Pan, I will you another insane drill and an even better hall to teach it to. From A-wing chats to sophomore year to outdoor practice only a month ago, I’ll miss every interaction we’ve had. You’re cool, funny, and have grown so much since that first week of school. I know you’ll spend your last year making lasting change, but I hope you’ll find some time to relax, too. Enjoy your final year and have as much fun as you can.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you a relaxing SSS and your very own wannabe senior. Being in the same wing for two years and getting to know each other through math team and our mutual friend group is something I’ll never forget. From skribbl to rotmg to Just Dance, it’s always been fun. You work so hard and are so, so smart that I know wherever you end up in life, it’ll be amazing. I’m sad we’ll probably never get to chill at the same prom table, but I’ll try and come visit. Make the most of your last year here; I know you will.

To Oliver Ni, I will you success in everything you do and a sophomore almost as cool as you are. I’m so glad we were in the same wing this year because I don’t know if we would have started talking otherwise, but I’m so glad we did. I know you’ll go on to do great things at IMSA these next two years, and even greater things beyond that. Keep math team going strong and enjoy your time here.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you a physics carry and more fun quad times. Although we won’t be there to talk late at night about questionable topics and watch movies, I will you underclassmen just as much fun as you were. Getting to know you these past two years has been super fun and I wish I could’ve spent more of my senior year hanging out with y’all. Enjoy your SSS, Abhi, and never change.

To Deepu Chintala, I will you my Modphys knowledge, should you ever need it again. Although you weren’t in 05 this year, continuing to talk to you often (even when it was right before night tests) has always been entertaining. I hope your SSS is a little more chill than this year, and maybe you’ll remember enough to help a junior out with length contraction.

To Emilia Daniels, I will you a stand partner that’s almost as good as me. In all seriousness, getting to know you during band this year was a lot of fun (better than listening to McCarthy for sure). I know you’ll continue being a great trumpet player, so I will you a band that’s on your level. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy two more years of IMSA, Wind Ensemble and Doug!

To Akul Prakash, I will you even more success in your ranked pursuits (if that’s even possible) and underclassman to duo, three-, four- or even five-man with. From only hearing your voice over Discord to talking and hanging out in person, I’ll always remember that League was how we met. Don’t tryhard too much next year, but enjoy your Irelia-filled SSS to the fullest. Maybe you’ll even end up trying a new build sometime!

To Jaden Wang, I will you the ability to not be toxic, a league account you’ll have for more than a month, and all of my orgo knowledge just in case. I won’t be able to carry you next year, just a thought. Really, though, talking to you these past two years has been interesting, to say the least. Have a good SSS, and I hope you’ll find an underclassman to take my spot.To Peter Leahy, I will you league skill and continued memelord status.. Although you changed so much from sophomore to junior year, you’ve been a true 05er the whole way. Clash this year was super fun and I wish you the best in your last (and best) one. Enjoy your SSS and keep memeing the whole way.

To Jamie Im, I will you a dedicated duo partner, a wonderful little sib, and confidence in the physics skills I know you have. I’ll certainly miss the big sibling events and all those physics quests. I wish you the best for two more eventful years of IMSA (and the never-ending ranked grind)!

To Heldanna Solomon, I will you a functional CLiP club next year. I know things didn’t work out this year, but I am confident you will be able get things going strong. Keep exploring your passion for linguistics and good luck at NACLO!


Nishant Bhamidipati

To Jay Ganesan, my son, I will you Diwali Boy’s Dance choreographer and five more guys to share your goofiness with. I know you haven’t choreographed before, but you have it in you man. We all saw how seriously you took all of the dances you’ve been a part of while making them enjoyable for everyone, so just don’t doubt yourself and make Zayn and I proud, because I’m sure Boy’s dance is gonna be amazing. Every night that you were in the unofficial hex was filled with jokes and laughs (and sometimes Indian food), and I speak for all of us when I say you made our senior year so much more fun just by being there. Even with all of your jokes, you’ve been a great guy to talk to about anything and I appreciate you being there for me. Make the most of your senior year and keep playing Minecraft, or whatever dinky games you’re gonna pick up next year. I love you little dude.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you something that will make you smile. Senior year is stressful. Life is stressful. But you’re always going to have someone who can help you out and remind you to smile, whether it’s about some random guy in a K-pop group or cute stickers on snapchat. Make sure you get some sleep (literally do not stay up until 7 am for no reason that’s so bad for you) and just remember that you are more than enough. If you ever need someone to tell you to shut up and think logically, I’m one text away :).

To Abhi Thati, my son, I will you Diwali Boy’s Dance (head) choreographer and an insane senior year. Thanks for lowkey carrying boy’s, but I know that you’ll make it even better next year. You’ve got the raw talent and the drive to do amazing things and I can’t wait to see what that entails. You’re a fun, genuine guy to be around and don’t let the stress of senior year change that. Keep dancing, keep hooping, and keep being amazing. I’m gonna miss you man.

To Evie Lee, my bestie, I will you all the self-affirmation in the world. You’re a real fun person to be around and I hope that you realize it and remember it. You’re about to enter your last year at IMSA, so remember that you don’t have the time to be upset about other people’s opinions (haters gonna hate).  Spend time with the people who care for you, even if that means taking time to yourself to paint waves on a mirror or cut your hair real short. Keep your head up broski.

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you some aggressiveness. You’re adorable man, but you gotta “go up strong.” Every interaction I’ve ever had with you has been positive and I walk away with a smile. Your dedication to everything you do, including whichever dances you choose to be a part of, is insane. I hope you keep spreading happiness everywhere and stay adorable. I love you bro.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you a competent and fun chess team. Not winning state this year was kinda sad, but you made it worth the entire time, dawg. I’m gonna miss you and your goofy grin, but you’re getting destroyed (in chess) when I come back to visit. Just a heads up.

To Mark Ying, I wish you some decent sleep. Seriously man, make sure you get some sleep so you can stay awake for the fun stuff that’s gonna happen senior year.

To Sid Tiwari, I will you two amazing basketball seasons for your time at IMSA. Your unconditional kindness is something I respect a lot man, don’t let anyone change that. I didn’t get much time with you, but when I did see you around, it was all love and I’m gonna miss you. Something else I respect is your dedication to the fundamentals. It’s gonna get you far, but remember, even the legends loosen up and play some pickup every once in a while.

To Jaden Wang, I will you an underclassmen who waves to you and says weird, random things all the time. And some League skills. No matter what anyone tells you, don’t be afraid to keep being yourself and keep grinding, but also remember that it’s senior year and you’re allowed to have some fun and relaxation.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you knowledge of what’s going on in your CS courses and when your meetings are. You’re a solid dude, make sure you spend some time with the people instead of just on grinding. It is senior year after all, and you deserve the fun.

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you a junior carry that actually knows what’s going on. Thanks for being half the reason I got through Calc Based. Also, don’t stop singing.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you less stressful dinner dates. Especially ones that don’t involve leaving your computer in another hall the night before your quarter project is due (It was still very fun, though haha).

To Emily Shao, I will you an amazingly kind Spanish partner. I didn’t get the chance to know you much outside of class, but when I did see you, it was all smiles. I hope you’ll be able to continue spreading joy to everyone you meet.

To Advait Patel, I will you an underclassmen who is as genuine as you are. No matter when I’ve seen you, you put a smile on your face and at least say hi to me, and I want to thank you for that. Your dedication to Boy’s dance and Drill was honestly inspiring, even to me, and I hope you keep that up man. Enjoy your time here at IMSA!!

To Future 1504D Down Quad, I will you a year’s worth of unforgettable memories in the 1504 HQ. You guys should know by now that this is where the 04 seniors meet. During my three years here, the two quads that lived in down quad treated me well as an underclassmen and taught me how to truly enjoy the IMSA experience. I hope you guys carry this on and do the same for your underclassmen, and make sure that D wing remains the best wing on campus. Also, try to keep the quad door open.

To 1504 CD/MA – or whatever they’re called now -, I will you the best hall on campus. 1504 has a reputation, as you know already. As the CDs of this hall, it is up to you to decide how to carry on this reputation. This isn’t a place where a bunch of kids from around the state stay when they don’t have class; 1504 is a family. Don’t forget about the RCs either, they’re amazing people and pop in and have a quick chat with them. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot.

To Future Members of 1504D Wing, I will you the best wing on campus. 2.5 years (I was in B wing my junior year and it was great, but I still was in D wing a lot) of this wing and I still haven’t gotten enough. I’m going to miss all of you guys, whether you’ve lived here before or not, and I hope you continue to make D Wing the best wing. Keep it classy, boys.

To Isha Kadakia, I will you a deep breath. I know it sounds dumb, but hear me out. Thank you for being my best friend, showing me so much about life, and for making my senior year infinitely better. You’re always there for the people you care about and I hope that never changes. You put 110% into everything you do, whether that be cheering someone up, meeting new people, playing volleyball, or studying, and I respect that very much. Even though you’re the life of the party, senior year comes with more stress, so it’s important that you take a step back, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are perfectly capable of achieving whatever you want. After all, it’s going to be hard to enjoy senior year if you’re stressed about the next test, even when you know exactly what to do. You’ve spent years grinding, but it’ll all pay off. I hope you have the best SSS possible and party hard. I’ll miss you, baby soph. 


Pascal Adhikary

To Xiaofan Li, I will you an underclassman friendship – however odd and however brief – that is still worth the memories.

To Ashley, Chandra, & Shreya, I will you an SIR bus of great friends and long conversations – you all really made Wednesdays enjoyable. Talk to your juniors! Oh, and read more.

To Sai & Akul, I will you underclassmen who – when senior year is stressful and the future feels scary – you can visit, talk to, and learn a lot from.

To Jaden Wang, I will you a better love life. Take it slow.

To Rajan Patkar, I will you a reminder that less is more.


Pratibha Bhalla

To Ruchi Patel, Akul Prakash, Abhi Thati, Niyati Kapadia, Pranav Patel, and Sri Voora, I will you the opportunity to be a part of one of the best families on campus. ISA means so so so much to me and I’m sure it does, or it will eventually mean so much to you guys as well. Don’t forget to continue working hard every chance you get to make ISA the best it’s ever been and be creative with every single event and GA to help ISA grow to its fullest potential. Don’t settle for anything less for this year’s Diwali and make Holi the best the campus has ever seen since we had to skip out on a year. Have fun during meetings, bond with each other, juniors make sure to help out the sophs, and most importantly, take care of each other. ISA becomes more than a club so help one another out and show the campus the heart of Indian culture. I love and will miss you all! See ya at the show ;) <3

To Mackenzie Hostetler, Adriana Rodriguez, Nadia Ludwig, Emily Jung, Mya Griesbaum, Apurva Reddy, Nadia Horak, and Isabel Chen, I will you some of the best sophs that 03A has seen in a while. From the first day I met you guys in the wing, you brightened it up, which it definitely needed. Thanks for participating and being a part of the wing as much as you guys could and I hope I and the rest of the seniors were able to make it a memorable year. Hopefully we were good role models and people you all looked up to. Just remember the feelings of being somewhere new and trying to make friends when the incoming class arrives and don’t be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself. You all made the wing so fun to be a part of and never lose all your energy and have fun with whoever is in your wing next year :))

To Rujuta Durwas, Resh Mukherjee, Makayla Zheng, Eunice Kim, Thavaisya Ananth, and Saanvi Chelikani, I will you sophomores who will make you always feel welcome in a home that isn’t even yours! Even if I didn’t get the chance to talk to you guys much, I appreciate all the times I randomly came into B-Wing and you guys were so helpful and welcoming or even just passing you guys in the hallway and smiling or waving hi. You guys were so energetic all the time, during wing events, hall events, etc. Thank you for all the food from your wing programs or inviting me to your room just to talk and being amazing sophs in general. I also will you the opportunity to bond with your underclassmen as much as you guys have bonded and to always remember to have fun and take care of each other in the toughest times. Good luck next year! 

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you an amazing little sib who always knows how to make people smile, make tik toks with, and brighten people’s days. It’s so fun talking to you and making all our memories like you coming into our room, trying not to get caught for choreoing, sleeping over, and making fun of Breanna. You are one of the sweetest sophs I have met and I hope you have underclassmen that are just as kind and helpful. Good luck with everything next year!

To Saachi Kumar, I will you Diwali Modern. Saachi, just like me this year, you’re starting off with a new experience of not only being in a modern dance, but creating it. Don’t be afraid to be creative and let your ideas flow and be heard. Do what you need to do to make Diwali Modern the best IMSA has ever seen. I hope you take on the challenge of putting together the dance everyone sits through the show to see and already knows will be amazing. You were given this chance for a reason so make the best of it, and I can not wait to see what you come up with at the show. I know it’ll be hard to juggle all your dances along with senior year at the same time but use the time you have during dance practices to release that stress and remind yourself of what dance and Diwali means to you. Good luck, I know you got it :)

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you Group and an amazing junior choreographer to help you. I am so glad I chose you to be a part of leading Group with me. You were exactly the person I needed to complement me and to make Group the dance it was. I was so proud of the outcome and I couldn’t have done it without your ideas and your passion to make it amazing. I already know how amazing it’ll be and have the highest expectations and I’m so ready to see what you come up with. I hope you help guide next year’s members and show them to love Group like I did and the family that emerges from it. Good luck and let me know if you need anything, I’m always here :)

To Chandra Gangavarapu, Saachi Kumar, and Ahana Narayanan, I will you amazing underclassmen to join you guys in Group next year. Enjoy every single practice because before you know it, it’ll be over. Even on the most tiring, busiest days, take this time to be with the people you love and practice what you’re passionate about. Thank you so much for joining Group this year, you guys made it an amazing experience and one of the best dances I’ve seen in a while. I’ll be back next year to see it in its full glory and I hope you see you smile and have fun on stage. P.S., don’t forget to see who’s the highest jumper ;) <3

To Akul Prakash, I will you an underclassmen who gets on your every nerve. Just kidding! I hope you get close to one of the kindest, most helpful underclassmen ever who is always in such a happy, fun mood and is always willing to talk to you. I will you someone who will give you their phone and text random people, especially their “love life” and will bother you in the loft when you’re trying to work and practice presentations hehe. You were an amazing junior and I appreciate all the memories we had with ISA, hanging out in the loft spilling tea, skipping class in the morning, making us wear something fancy to your dinner date smh, etc. I’ll miss you next year but make sure to hang out when I come back and visit!

To Sai Voora, I will you someone who will give you endless hugs and say “Sorry, Amanda!” whenever they see you. Thank you for always joking around with me and brightening up my day! I enjoy teasing you and seeing you bully Saisu whenever you get the chance. Have lots of fun next year and  I will miss our hugs :)

To Abhi Thati, I will you an amazing underclassmen that always makes you smile and laugh. I will always love and cherish all our memories from ISA when you kept changing how we taped up the lights (haha jk sorry about that), supporting and cheering me on during Diwali, modern practices, etc. You’re so goofy and make any situation light-hearted. Don’t change yourself (except stop calling me Crabby Prabby smh). I hope you enjoy your senior year, and make ISA one of the best IMSA has ever seen :)

To Ruchi Patel, I will you an underclassmen who is hardworking and passionate but always knows how to have fun. Thank you for all the times we worked together on ISA from meetings and creating group chats for choreographers to taking the streamers away from me when I kept messing up the stage decorations and badgering me about lighting cues (to be fair I got them in on time!).  I hope you have an amazing senior, live it to the fullest Ruch and always bug your underclassmen!

To Maia Peregrino, I will you an underclassmen who is so energetic and passionate about everything they do but still makes time for the people around them. I am so glad you were in my wing sophomore year and I was glad to help you whenever you needed it. I appreciate all our times together when you visited our quad junior year, became a part of our hex, and spent nights grinding in our room. You are such a wonderful person and although it’s hard to avoid, please don’t burn yourself out, or at least minimize it. You’re so passionate about everything you do and give it your all which I, and all the underclassmen next year will learn to admire. I hope you have fun your senior year and enjoy it as much as you can although it’s not as ideal as you hope it to be. Take it easy and make sure to breathe every once in a while. Thank you for being an amazing friend and don’t lose focus on your goals! Good luck next year <33

To Shiraz Baxamusa and Belly Kubwimana, I will you guys some of the craziest sophs I have ever seen. Shiraz, I enjoyed spray painting your shoes with you and singing the iCarly theme song in the dark while parents looked at us like we were crazy. Belly, thank you for letting me borrow your chains and being such a kind and nice sophs always, you have such a good heart (although you should’ve let me keep the chains). Enjoy your junior year and take in some fun sophs to mess around with!

To Aidan Stueck, I will you Ajay’s Faces of IMSA Portrait. It’s a cherished item in our room but will be passed down to yours (whenever we get the chance). Treat it well, Ajay doesn’t smile often.

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you Breanna’s Faces of IMSA Portrait. I don’t really want to see her face anymore so you can have it as a reminder of your seniors. I hope you hang it up in your room next year!

To Emily Jung, I will you Nadia’s Faces of IMSA Portrait. She is a beautiful queen and has thrived on our windowsill and we think you should be honored with her next year. Enjoy!

To Adriana Rodriguez, I will you someone who will satisfy your popcorn cravings in the middle of the night! Thank you so much for that, I will always remember it haha <3

To Emily Jung, Nadia Ludwig, Apurva Reddy, Mya Griesbaum, and Isabel Chen, I will you sophomores who are willing to break in room with you just to talk and hang out :) It was so fun just getting to know you guys and be on the lookout while the RC’s did rounds and give you guys advice on life at IMSA. I hope you guys keep having fun and get to do the same to other sophomores!

To Chandra Gangavarapu and Ahana Narayanan, I will you guys sophs who are so excited to be at IMSA and have fun trying new things and being a part of the community. Thanks for being amazing underclassmen while you guys were in 03, like inviting me to your room, talking about random tea late at night, watching Hasan Minaj on your floor, eating chocolates from my room, and more! Have fun during your senior year and make the best out of it!


Rachel Mason

To Rachel Hodge, I will you Humbaba and all of his great power. If you treat him with kindness, he will return the favor. I hope next year brings a bunch of new techies, tech weeks that don’t make you want to pull your hair out, and maybe some new drills. Please do your best to keep the dressing rooms and backstage clean, don’t let Ms.Dowling hoard things unnecessarily, and trust your instincts. I know you will do a great job, but if you need anything I’m never far. (PS. There is a very special present I will find a way to get to you once this quarantine is over.)

To all of Drama Club, I will you a 2021 spring show. You all are so talented and I want to be able to come back and see the amazing work I know you all will be doing. Please keep Drama Clubb afloat, the current seniors worked so hard to get it to the place it’s in right now.

To Kaylee Z., Ava P., Serena G., Andrea T., Haley R., Julie L., Hailey M., and Abby R., I will you all a good (and normal) remainder of your IMSA career. I know that not all of you will stay in 02, but I hope that you had fun and felt at home. I will you seniors that will bake for you and spend way too much time playing Just Dance. I will you sophomores that will make you smile when junior year is super stressful. Have fun, because the next 2 years will fly by.

To Rachel T., Arely F., Osayenmwen O., Asha W., Rowan E., Ore F., Angelica O., Sabirah T., and Mariam S., I will you all the senior year that you all deserve. I hope now that the class of 2020 is leaving, the curse of having some strange event is lifted. First semester will feel like a whirlwind, but I promise all of your hard work will pay off during second semester. Be kind to the juniors, because they’ll need your advice and support. Show the sophomores that you care about them, even if they have no idea what’s going on. I have lived with some of you for 2 years and it has been a pleasure to see you all grow as people. Also, I will you the fake trees. Their names are Phoebe and Phoebo.

To Rachel H. and Tachel, I will you some more Rachels so that you confuse people and show off the nicknames we have come up with.

To the future 02 CDs (or whatever they’ve decided to call it), I will you a successful Clash. Although clash isn’t the only thing that will stress you out (I kind of wanted to rip my hair out during wing wars) it is one of the biggest things you will do. Remember to take deep breaths, make time for yourself, and get lots of sleep. I also will you wing wear, I’m begging you to make it happen. 


Ray Shang

To Jasmine Liu, I will you a baby sophomore. I always joked about having a baby sophomore, but who knew the little sophomore at the end of the table at the SAL simulation would mean so much to me? Jasmine, you have brought so much joy and happiness to my senior year. You have brought so much vibrancy and light to one of the most stressful years of my life. I write this missing your hugs and your jabs to my ribs. I know the future seems uncertain, and that you are worrying or will worry about expectations and standards, but know that I have always believed in you, your capabilities, and your potential. Don’t worry too much. Continue to work hard, continue to grow, and continue to be a bright light in people’s lives as you have been for mine. When you’re a senior, I hope you’ll find a baby sophomore to care for as much as I care about you. I hope that you will do all the things for them that I failed to do for you. I hope you’ll take them on more walks; I hope that you will do a better job of being there for them. I wish I had more opportunities to tell you about all the mistakes I’ve made. I wish I had more time to see you grow into the remarkable person I know you will be. But even though I’m sad that I will no longer be a part of your IMSA journey, I will always be grateful for the time I did have with you. I know that I suck at texting, but I am always a call away if you need me. < 3

To Jesus Mascote, I will you someone else to constantly bug next year. In all seriousness, you’re a good one Jesus. You’re a charismatic fellow with a contagious laugh, and I will miss all your lame stories about girls. As you continue your IMSA journey, I hope that you will not become overly-cynical. I hope that you will continue to be the light-hearted guy that I’ve come to know, and make more people laugh. Keep doing math. Keep learning for the sake of learning. I can’t tell you how proud I was when you just started doing math problems that one day in the 04 peer tutor room. There are few people like you who will work on something like math, not because it is homework, but simply out of interest. And for those people, I have the utmost respect. 

To Jon Gao, Emily Jung, Ivan Anterola, Erin Overstreet, and Brenna Christoffel (my downstate homies), I will you all many more enjoyable train rides and weekends at IMSA. I know six hour long train rides and “enjoyable” don’t really go together, and sometimes the weekends at IMSA are boring, but I’m going to miss them. They’re the little things I’ll miss as I move on to the next chapter of my life. I hope you’ll treasure the remaining time you have left at IMSA. Leave a legacy that future Southern Illinois kids can be proud to follow. Let me know if any of you ever need anything! And to Brenna — I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. You have always been quiet, yes, but you don’t let it stop you or discourage you. You keep your head down, you work hard, and you make things happen —- and that deserves the utmost respect. I wish you the best of luck in your senior year endeavors. 

To Abhi Thati, I will you to be a better big sib than I was. I’ll always be grateful that I had you as my little sib. I still find it so funny that we ended up being paired up, after meeting each other so arbitrarily the year before. I wanted to say sorry to you for not being a better big sib. I’ve always regretted not being more open with you and being there for you more. I think you’ve seen me in moments that I’m not proud of, and moments where I’ve made mistakes. I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes, and be a better senior and big sib than I was. I wanted to tell you that, even from afar, I am still so proud of how much you’ve grown… from the nubby sophomore who could barely freestyle, to the confident, charming, air-licking, dancing dawg you are today. Enjoy your senior year man. 

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you a jump shot. Maybe then you will be better than me at basketball, jk. ;-) You made my senior year a lot easier, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to talk and laugh with you. I’ll always remember seeing you come down to 10-check eating a jar of nutella. You have an uncanny ability to make people want to be around you Belly. You’ve always been nothing short of kind and warm to me. Thanks a ton man. You’re a good guy and you have a big heart—keep sharing it with others. Hang on to that rock for me, okay? And I want to see you dunk on me the next time I come back to visit. 

To Sriya Gandhi, I will you an apology. I will you another car ride with someone. Someone who will be better than me at teaching you how to backwards-skate. Someone who you can open up to, be vulnerable with, and give you hugs. I’m sorry I couldn’t do these things. From the long talks at No Pond or on top of the KLine Box, to spontaneously going to an arcade, I’ll always cherish the time we spent together and the memories we’ve made. I have seen how intelligent, composed, and thoughtful you are. I have also seen how worried you can be. I hope you will have someone to lean on, and your senior year will be a year full of growth, fulfillment, and love. I will you someone that will twirl you around. I know I suck at texting, but let me know how things are going sometimes. 

To Edwin Alcantara, I will you an underclassmen to mess with. I don’t know if you ever realized, but you my homie and I have so much love for you. I’ll always be grateful that you were placed into C-Wing. You’re one of the chillest people I’ve gotten to know over my three years at IMSA, and I know that anybody would have a good time with you. I’ll always miss messing with you during check and slapping your cheeks. With everything that has happened, one of my biggest regrets is not coming up to your room more often. I’ll miss you brother. Please keep in touch. If you ever need anything, I’m here for you. 

To Peter Leahy, I will you inner peace. I know that you’re still figuring everything out. I know I can be hard on you. You’re even harder on yourself. You’re only human, Peter. Keep pushing through and growing. Keeping sharing with others the Peter I’ve known all along: a funny, goofy, and light-hearted guy. Keep texting me if you ever need anything.

To Eva Tuecke, I will you health and success. Admittedly, I’ve always had a friend crush on you, and I’m glad that I had the chance to talk to you before I left. I will always cherish the nights where you, Kurt, and Ellyn would watch me slowly devolve into a zany craze as we worked on those ModPhys projects. Yeah.. honestly, I had a lot of fun those nights. Anyway, you’re fiercely intelligent and hard-working; your perseverance is admirable, and I only wish the best for you your senior year and beyond. I wish you health because sometimes I can feel the stress and exhaustion emanate from you haha. I hope you’ll find time to take care of yourself, and also find time to share the kind, charming person you are with others! If you ever need anything, let me know. 

To Ysabel Guan, I will you self-confidence. You are insanely talented, and your personality is infectious. I hope that you will learn to see for yourself all the amazing qualities I see in you. As I bid farewell to IMSA, I know I will miss your constant hello’s and waves in the hallways. Don’t be afraid to text me about anything. I hope you have a good senior year; keep your head up.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you JHMC. Well, it was already basically yours this year because let’s be real… I carried you (LOL JK). Haha, but in all seriousness, thanks for all the help this year spreadsheet boi. Take care of JHMC for me man. Middle school math competitions changed my life. I owe pretty much everything I’ve ever accomplished to middle school math competitions. It sounds funny, I know, but it’s why I’ve been JHMC Chair for not one, but two years. Anyway, long story short, I can testify personally that you have the ability to change people’s lives permanently—please make sure JHMC lives on beyond us. You’re a thoughtful, hard-working, and competent individual, so I’m not too worried. It’s been a pleasure sharing a memorable chunk of my time at IMSA with the kind person that you are. Let’s hoop again sometime.

To Aidan Stueck, I will you the ability to not have a stone face. Just kidding, I love your stone face < 3. But what I really mean is that I will you the patience and warmth needed to guide those who are younger than you. I know that your underclassmen will be intimidated by you, but Aidan I want you to share yourself and who you are with these people. From visiting your room in 01 for the first time, to our one walk in the beginning of the year, to all the nights you spent in 04C down, I know that under the big ol’ messy hair and the insane fashion taste, you are a very generous, thoughtful individual who is fun to be around. Some of my best experiences at IMSA have been with upperclassmen—you have the ability to be that upperclassmen who makes memories that last a lifetime. Not everyone does. Senior year will be tough, no doubt. But you have the rare opportunity, as both an individual and as a member of CAB to significantly brighten this tough place. Have confidence in yourself. You will do amazing, and have confidence that your time here will be well spent. Keep working hard, keeping being the good friend you are to those around you. I know IMSA is tough, but you’re doing great. You are dearly cared for by many, and I wish you continued happiness, love, and purpose in what you do at IMSA and with those you interact with. Until next time my boy. Hmu anytime, you know I got your back. A la la la.

To James,  Jimmy, Jomathony, Jimbo Guo, I will you even more chiseled abs and the continued desire to learn for the sake of learning. Jimmy, I have seen you change so much during your time at IMSA. You’ve become so much more mature, so much more thoughtful. But I’ve also seen you get down when things get tough. Keep your head up Jimbo. I’ve always enjoyed the conversations we’ve had, whether it be in Sodexo or in 04C downquad. I admire your desire to learn things that aren’t just for schoolwork or a random extracurricular. I want you to keep digging deeper, and learn even the simplest  of things deeply not because of a grade or a test score, but just because you want to know why. It’ll carry you far. You’re a smart guy Jomathony… a great guy with great intentions, not to mention extremely swole. When I come back you better have a 12 pack and be a bench-press monster. 

To Monika Narain, I will you a fulfilling, rewarding senior year. Monika, you have grown so much since you first came to IMSA. I am a witness to the incredible journey you have embarked on and the many talents and capabilities you bring to the community and its people around you. I know how hard you work, and sometimes your hard work goes unnoticed. But do not worry too much about where credit is due. In the end, credit is due where it is due; it just may manifest itself in unexpected ways. I hope that you will choose faith and hope over cynicism, and continue to bring positive impacts to this home that you have been taking care of these past two years. Few people are as dedicated to improving this place as you are. Among many things, you are competent, thoughtful, and a fantastic speaker, and these will carry you far. Have faith in yourself, because I do. I am a text away if you ever need anything. Best wishes Monika. 

To Pranav Manoj, Natali Chung, Rujuta Durwas, and Samantha Gong, I will you all a great next two years of IMSA. Pranav, you are a very capable individual with many talents and capabilities. Have confidence in yourself, continue to hone these qualities, and above all, continue to strive to learn and grow. I know the future is uncertain, but your potential as a scholar is more important above all other illusions. Rujuta, thank you for your infectious smiles and hellos. Natali and Sam, thank you for being great dinner dates and for all the conversations we’ve had. You are all great underclassmen. I know you all will be even better upperclassmen. Keep in touch and tell me how much you’ve grown down the road!

To Yair Guerrero, Brandon Smith, and Abhi Vinnakota, I will you all juniors who will make your senior year a little easier. Yair, I will you someone else to step on your back. Ngl bro you have the best back. Not too thicc, not too flat, just right. ;,) But seriously though I’m so glad that I got to interact with you more this year. You have always been nothing short of kind, genuine, and a homie—so much so that it’s made an impression on me. I wish I could have spent more time with you before I left, but I hope that you’ll be as good of a person to your underclassmen as you have been to me. Have a good senior year my dude. Abhi, I will you an underclassmen to carry you in a project when you’re too lazy. Also, I will you Tinder to pass the boredom of some classes. Abhi, it has been a pleasure to know you these past two years. I will always cherish the conversations we’ve had in OOP or the times you’ve swung by my room in 05 my junior year. I hope you keep self-improving and growing, because you have since last year. Keep at it my boy. Let me know if you ever need anything. Brandon, I will you also an underclassmen to carry you in idk.. whatever you don’t think is worth your time anymore LOL. You are such a fun guy to be around, and it has been an absolute pleasure interacting with you. You’re a very unique individual, and I hope you will embrace that and continue to be the great friend and presence that you are to those around you. You have a major responsibility next year, so I hope that you will carry out your dreams and visions to new heights, unforeseen by those who came before you. 

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you a good senior year. You’ve been a big part of my time at IMSA and the memories I have with this place. When I am old and wrinkly, I will still remember calling you late at night, and gradually seeing you pick yourself back up. I will still remember walking with you aimlessly outside or in the main building, talking about whatever. I will still remember how windy it was that day when we sat on the hill. I’ll still remember what it feels like to sit next to you and hear you sing and cover up for my terrible voice as we sing a Bruno Mars or Daniel Caesar song. It pains me—it hurts my heart so much—to know that I will no longer be able to do these things with you anymore. I want you to know that despite how much I make fun of you or seem to brush you off, I guess it’s just my way of telling you how much love I have for you, even if you don’t believe me. I wish you a senior year filled with good memories, good friends, and growth. You are so intelligent, charismatic, and talented Chandra. Have confidence in yourself, I know you will do great. I have so much faith in you man! I’m always a call away for you. Someday I’ll return your umbrella. Cya l8ter stinky.

To my underclassmen of StudCo this year (Eric Pan, Monika Narain, Brenna Christoffel, Xiaofan Li, Amanda Chen, Ram Kakinada, Pranav Manoj, Jasmine Liu), I will you all growth, success, and fulfillment in your future endeavors, whether its StudCo or non-StudCo related. Thank you all for making my senior year on StudCo so memorable. It hurts my heart to know that at 8:30 PM on Sunday nights, I won’t be meeting with you all anymore. I hope that I have been at least an okay example to you all, and I hope that you all will learn from my mistakes and flaws. I hope that Student Council will leave you all with as much fulfillment and growth as it did for me. I already see so many of you becoming more thoughtful, more critical, more articulate, and more diplomatic. While I have had my darkest moments at IMSA, I have also had the happiest memories of my life at IMSA. I do not always love IMSA, but I care for it, and because it is not perfect, it has been a constant thought of mine these past three years to leave this place better than I came. Although at times your work at times may seem futile, I hope you will trek onwards unwaveringly. 

To Eric Pan, I will you many things, such as cough medicine and a better pull game. But most of all, I will you opportunities to reflect. Next year, you will be faced with many responsibilities and challenges. Senior year will test your limits. But as long as you take the time to take a deep breath and reflect, I know you will be able to navigate, lead, and thrive next year. Because you already have the skills, Eric, you just need the space and time to carefully use them. I have watched you grow from the nubby sophomore who always looked lost and alone on the 05 hall common couches after swim practice, to the charismatic, big-hearted leader you are today. I am incredibly proud of how much you’ve grown and matured. How much more thoughtful, articulate, and capable you have become. How sensitive, caring, and supportive you are to those around you. I have great faith in you as a friend, a leader, and as a human. When you are discouraged, I hope you will reflect to see this growth that I see in you. Thank you for the memories Eric–it has been an absolute pleasure to see that you can now bust a few moves or two besides orange justice. Although I know you may have other people you seek support from, I hope that when I’m long gone, you will know that I am still here if you are feeling down, in need of advice, or in need of a conversation. I will always be here for you. Love you babe.

To those who come after me, I will you to take care of yourself, take care of each other, and take care of this place. While I have had my darkest moments at IMSA, I have also had the best memories of my life at IMSA. I will never forget the adrenaline of Clash. I will never forget crying in my bathroom alone. I will never forget how much I loved some of my friends here. I will never forget how many mistakes I’ve made here. I will never forget doing my first culture show. I will never forget how much I learned. You don’t have to love IMSA. I don’t love IMSA. It’s not perfect. There are many flaws. But you should care for it, because of the potential it has to change the lives of those who come after you. If you are a random person scrolling through and reading this after many years, please find me on Facebook and tell me how IMSA’s been!


Richard Jun

To Asher Bhurgri and Mike Trombetta, I will you good friends and even better times. Stay safe and keep that same energy.

To the future 04C DQ, I will you the faces of me, Shaun, Kyle, Vanius, and Allen. Take good care of them.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you someone to have crazy deep conversations with and the interplanetary civilization of Mikestan (with the Dyson sphere and everything).

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you a quick first step and some filthier handles, since your jumper is already way too nice. And some dope pen tricks. Let’s link at high ground soon.

To Aidan Stueck, I will you chill music and fire sneakers. I’d will you my quad but I don’t think I can.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a reasonable fitness routine/diet and the isolation chamber.

To Devraj Thakkar, I will you the willpower to make it through IMSA successfully. You’ll need it. Keep grinding.

To Ash Ramesh, I will you my deep understanding of the IMSA Student Handbook and a big bag of beef jerky.

To Abhi Thati, I will you the capacity to stop fading away from three when you’re wide open.

To Jorge Chavez, Alejandro Carrillo, and Yair Guerrero, I will you a great senior year at IMSA with the rest of D-Wing.

To the Community, I will you the ability of good-decision making and time management. I hope you continue our traditions without repeating our mistakes. I wish y’all the best. Make sure everybody eats. And do it like Joey Franke did it.

To Evie Lee and Mark Ying, the future co-presidents of Exodus, I will you the best club at IMSA. Exodus has grown a lot since my sophomore year, and I hope you keep it going strong.

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you good luck in all your songwriting efforts.

To Jesus Mascote, I will you the ability to guard me one on one.

To AJ Williams, I will you some common sense.

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you a consistent jumpshot.

To Shiraz Baxamusa and Edwin Alcantara, I will you a good next two years at IMSA, whether you’re in 04C or anywhere else.

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you good vibes in 04D.

To Jerry Paramo, I will you a shirt. Please wear it.

To anyone I missed (and the people I didn’t), I will you happiness and all that good good. I’m glad I met all the people I did at IMSA. I wish I could’ve gotten to know y’all better when I had the chance.


Rohan Upadhyay

To Raghuram Kakinada, I will you my most prized possession, my FDR bobble-head. His destiny is not intertwined with mine, and I believe that you can take good care of him. His arms tends to fall off sometimes, and he often falls off the chair, so please look after him. I also will you a chill senior year with plenty of sophomore and junior cops so that you have more time to take naps. Next, I will you some interesting mathematics papers that I have written and continue to write so that you may bask in the knowledge and build on my work (I have willed the other half of the papers to Kodai Speich). I also will you and your friends enjoyable birthday rituals, and I sincerely hope that you will carry on the tradition. Finally, I will you a sophomore who will barge into your room everyday to do pull-ups gratuitously.

To Kodai (Cody) Speich, I will you a phat orchestra to perform your symphonies. I also will you some large-sized sophomores to be your bodyguards. I also will you some songs that I write so that you can bask in the jazz (and give me some feedback because that’s helpful). I also will you some (meme) math papers that I will write in the near future so that you can build on my work (the other half go to Ram and Rosario). Finally, I will you the Kramer poster that Eric willed to me (if I can ever find it, I’ll get back to you on that one). By the way, I gave you a keycard to the Watergate hotel. If you still have it, I will need it back.

To Rosario (Rosy) Picone, I will you a lifetime of jokes that will (somehow) never get old, along with great success with the EMPOWER fitness club (I still think EMPIRE Fitness sounds cooler). I also will you the position of president of ELEMENT and auspicious relationships between yourself and your board members (let me know if that actually happens). Finally, I will you an amusing math paper that you will appreciate quite a bit. 

To AnneMarie Bacon, I will you the good fortune and ability to get swole. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to become ripped. I also will you one of my Rubik’s cubes so that you may become a master of the puzzle someday. Finally, I will you some enjoyable books that transform your mind and warp it into a pretzel (you should check out the movie Pulp Fiction, too).

To Muyiwa (Moo-ee) Arowolo, I will you a sophomore (or junior) who doesn’t blink when conversing with you (or at all for that matter). I also will you an enjoyable excursion in band next year and some boss drumming parts, along with many opportunities to show off. I also will you a second growth spurt so that you become as tall as Lee Eysturlid and twice as buff.

To Devraj Thakkar, I will you tremendous success like no one has ever believed in your pillow-case business. I will you my miniature Ganesh statue (if I can get it to you) as a boon for your success. Look after him, as his chair is broken and he’s quite fat. Finally, I will you some good Indian bois with whom you can crack plenty of good wholesome Indian jokes. 

To Jaden Wang, I will you the ability to get huge, along with someone larger than you with a deep voice to bellow “WANG!” whenever they see you. I hope that this will keep up your morale. Finally, I will you an intellectual paper on Wangs on Wongs (once it is finished) that will be co-authored by myself and Aaron Calhoun.

To Jahi, Quadri, and Rajan, I will you all a pleasant senior year in which Rajan gets plenty of SCS customer traffic, Jahi can master La Campanella, and Quadri can continue to expand his quads. I wish you all great success in these endeavors, along with great cohesion as a quad. 

To Gnandeep Chintala, I will you someone smaller than you to boss around without any complaints. I also will you plenty of basketball games to boss up in and plenty of teachers to cross you up.

To Archan Das and Brandon Smith, I will you both a fortunate year in Spanish 5 with Doctora de Avila in which you may fully explore your potential to goof off. I also will you perfect scores on the AP Spanish Exam without having to study once. 

To Sebastian Ramos and Oliver Bohac-Datz, and Arthur Wang, I will you all big-sized sophomore to put you guys in your place when you need it and to watch out for you guys. You’re quite goofy fellows who will probably need protection. I will you good fortune in your senior year, but get a bodyguard to be safe. Finally, I will you someone who will annex your territory. 

To Pranav Manoj, I will you some badass saxophone solos in the future (with more complex rhythms for you to learn). I also will you the ability to become a chad at juggling. 

To Ethan Thieme, I will you a sub-2-hour marathon time at some point in your life and a chill senior year in which you continue to boss up at sports. Keep running 6-mile warm ups, my friend.

To Yair Guerrero, I will you, Yare,  the role of section leader of the low brass section of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Wind Ensemble. I will you a prosperous year in band, and I will you your role of carrying the ensemble. 

To Shikhar Gupta,I will you a fantastic quarter-zip that breathes like Egyption cotton which can act as your best friend for the entirety of the next year. I will you the adventure of finding one yourself. Please cop me one if you get the chance. 

To Blake Barth, Storm Stern, and Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you all a sophomore who is a charming chivalrous chadrickesque chill chadifier with cheeky childlike charm who makes you chuckle cheerfully and never changes from being a true chadwick (NOT a chadrick). 

To Dev Singh, I will you great success with the EPOCH club (lol) and an auspicious and prosperous relationship with the IMSA administration to accomplish your goals. I also will you plenty of tiny sophomores to boss around.

To Jesus Mascote, I will you two more fun years at MUNUC to discover new restaurants, Walgreenses, subways, cookie shops, and plenty of new and interesting people, along with boring conferences to ditch, LOTS of Jedi mind-tricks, and a trip to Michigan. 


Rustom Ichhaporia

To Eric Hernandez, Jack Grotke, Archan Das, Brandon Smith, and Patrick Hultquist, (in order of how much food you’ve given me), I will you people who will remind you of your good memories, the way you remind me of the good times I’ve had before and after meeting you guys. You guys have kept me company and fed me more times than is reasonable so if you find something of mine, I will it to you. I don’t have much else to will because my stocks haven’t yet blown up, so I’ll try something else.

To Brandon, thank you for making me think twice about things. I will you the people who will synergize with your energy, even though I can only understand it in glimpses. I also hope that, instead of just thinking it’s “quirky,” people will understand the things you try to communicate in weird ways, because I know I got something out of trying. I want you to make a fitness Instagram.

To Archan, thank you for being appreciative, positive, and especially cynical. You remind me of some other version of myself, in more ways than I could express to you. I won’t thank you for doing our labs because that was kind of your duty, but I can thank you for letting me laugh at you doing them. If you continue the hot streak of “personal development” I’ve seen in you, you will be a much bigger person than me and have more to spare for others.

To Jack, thank you for your constancy. It is tremendously relaxing to be able to be in someone’s presence without needing to make any kind of impression, and with the assurance that they will listen to whatever nonsense you spew. I will you a *vision* for your future.

To Eric, thank you for letting me push you around. You don’t remind me of myself, bless. I will you some skill in Smash, heaven knows you need it. I hope you find out what you want to do and find the friends/girl (?) that you want most. I expect to see you famous.

To Patrick, thank you for making me feel invited without any basis. You also remind me of some other version of myself, but cuter than Archan’s version. I can’t really tell where you’re going or what you want but you give me nostalgia for things that I’ve never experienced. I hope you have a good senior year. 


Ryan Talusan

To Christin Sanchez, I will you blurred stars and peeled oranges. It’s crazy to think that we are still close 6 years after our first math bowl workshop. I am honored to have watched you grow from a ball of twitches to a more mature ball of twitches. You always radiate a special type of energy that brightens everyone’s day. Since you are basically mini-me, junior year will be a struggle. Balancing everything will be intense, but I know you will get through it with a smile. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, and I will continue to guide you so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you ever feel like nothing is going your way, just grab an orange, call me up, and sit underneath the stars, and I will do the same. I promise I’ll have a story or a pep talk ready for you as we stare at the same sky filled with the same blurry stars while chucking orange peels at the ground.

To Jiliann Padilla, I will you a special pair of crocs that were signed by Minhyuk, worn by the main character of my favorite anime (you know which one), survived one thousand years of death, and paid for with Kim Bok Joo’s money. Essentially, what I’m saying is that I will you more random happy memories no matter how ugly or odd they may seem to other people. I’m going to miss you and all the dinky times we shared talking and laughing. However, I will not miss all the deaf jokes that you always make >:(( . I find it crazy that one of my best friends just happened to live 10 min away from me, and I never knew. We will make more random memories over the summer by baking cakes or looking at the Chicago skyline, and I can’t wait. :)

To Evie Lee, I will you smol ducks and comforting songs. I think it’s funny how we started getting close through duck drawings and got close again by exchanging songs that remind us of past times. I know I can always trust you, and you can always trust me. Please take some time to rest and do what makes you happy. I will always have your back, and we will hang out again eventually! 

To Maia Peregrino, I will you IMSA dance culture. I know this isn’t exactly mine to will, but I want you to work on keeping the culture healthy and positive. You are an amazing dancer and choreographer, but that means nothing unless you make sure your dancers are enjoying it. I’m going to miss messing around in stunion with you. 

To Rachel Tin, I will you an underclassman who is a half an inch taller than you, so you will understand the pain. From the ugly peace signs to all the random meetups in stunion, I’m really going to miss you being a reason for my smile. I will be taking the plush purple Pegasus to college as a reminder of the light you carry with you and because it’s cute. Although you bullied me for being a half an inch shorter than you, don’t ever change Rach. I will that you never lose your bubbly personality and your wholesomeness because the world needs more people like you to smile with.

To Eric Pan, I will an underclassman for you to guide on their journey to becoming a better dancer. Eric, I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’m proud of you. I will never forget how reluctantly auditioned for Diwali Modern this year and went crazy with it. I want to see how far you go, because your potential is infinite. With that, you must remember that dancing is not entirely individual; it is also about enabling others to express themselves through movement. I hope you happen to stumble upon an underclassman in stunion who is willing to learn from you. Once again, I am proud of you, and I’m looking forward to the next time I can hug you and say that in person.

To Abhi Thati, I will you Diwali Modern. You are a crazy dancer, and it’s been wild watching you improve from the only sophomore in Diwali Modern. Now, you have the chance to make something incredible. You have so many talented dancers at IMSA to make your insane ideas a reality. Remember to step outside your own comfort zone, innovate, and challenge your dancers. Most importantly, make sure to take breaks to listen to random music, steal food from Sodexo, or just to mess around. You will know when you are doing it right when you see your dancers walk into stunion with a smile and a drive to dance.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you time to relax and enjoy the night sky. Mikeyboiii!! I know we haven’t talked as much this year, but you are still one of my favorite underclassmen. I may be scared to have you drive me places because of your chaotic nature, but I still love you. I will never forget how you would walk into my room, affectionally exclaim “Ry-guy!!!”, and proceed to hug me. Next year, take some time to sit some underclassmen down and just explain the world from your eyes. Afterwards, relax and enjoy the life you were given.

To Jamie Guo, I will you satisfaction with your time at IMSA. You are one of the hardest workers I know both in and outside of school. I have always admired your “never content” mentality, but when you eventually have no more days left in senior year, I want you to be satisfied with your hard work. I want you to go to college with no regrets about your high school experience. Have fun with senior year and give yourself a break every so often!

To Jay Ganesan, I will you my smile. Well obviously, I can’t rip off my mouth and give you my smile, but with the amount of times you managed to make me smile over the course of this school year, you basically already own it. With the college process, culture shows, and other miscellaneous emotional obstacles I faced, I know I could always trust you to barge into downquad with food and your bookbag ready to listen to what’s on my mind and give me a hug. Everyone knows you as the CEO of … or Swag Daddy, but you are more than just an Indian jokester. You are an amazing individual with enough love to change the world. I promise that everything will work out in your favor eventually, you just have to wait for it. When life gets tough, remember all the people you made laugh and smile, and remember how special it felt to be the reason they were happy. You are one of the strongest people I have ever met, and I will never forgot how effortlessly you got me to show half of my teeth.

To Emily Wei, I will you an underclassman with squishy cheeks. Getting to know you during my last semester at IMSA has been bittersweet. I think it’s unfair that I had the chance to meet such a sweet individual, but not have the time to get to know you. Junior year will be rough, so you will need three essential things: sleep, food, and someone’s cheeks to squish.

To Yair Guerrero, Alej Carrillo, Jorge Chavez, and Ben Weber, my quad wills you 04DDQ. With that includes all of my room decs. Take the metal B. Take the Umbrella. Take a fan. Take my duct tape. I also will you guys a dinky senior year that includes a successful college season, a fun clash, and a relaxing SSS. Hopefully, you will keep the quad door open and turn the room into a home for the entire wing. I wish you guys countless memories in the wing and room that I will always call my second home.

To Marco Bravo, Yair Guerrero, and Evie Lee, I will you my baby: Nochebuena/ Las Posadas. One of my greatest accomplishments of IMSA was getting ASIA and Alma Latina and Mod 21 to collab and teach the community about our cultures through eating, drinking, and singing. I can’t wait to see how you guys improve on it next year. Continue to bring our community together, and make people smile when doing so.

To Sam Taylor, I will you the perseverance to continue doing what you love. Just from sitting with you in OOP, I know you have a passion and a voice capable of changing the world. You have already put in so much time and energy into the IMSA community, and you deserve all the success you have received and will receive. Whether you go into STEM or decide on something else, don’t let any of your teachers or classmates bring you down. You are charismatic and powerful, and while you pave your own path to greatness, I’ll be supporting you and thinking how that strong woman used to be my OOP partner.

To Esther Im, I will you the verse Isaiah 41: 5-10. I’m glad that God has allowed our paths to cross during coconut dance. Next year will be tough, but always remember that God has a plan and that every challenge you face will just be another blessing in disguise. I also will you 2 more years of being called Piplup. I owe you a story time and snacks, and we will find a way to have that. For as long as you keep your faith and keep smiling, I will let you call me a soft boi.

To Kian Christian de Guzman, I will you the confidence of all the Filipino Titos. It’s hard to believe that you and Aliah came from the same womb because you are just so dinky. I will never understand how you have the confidence to Otso-Otso randomly while making a dumb face, but I really hope you never lose that. I’m going to miss your stinky shmeny-ness and all the laughs you brought to everyone around you.

To Maia Peregrino, Jiliann Padilla, Marco Bravo, and Christin Sanchez, I will you guys Filipino Traditional. Maia and Jil, I know you guys will pull something crazy and make it infinitely better than Kurt and I ever could. This year was quite chaotic, but next year, you will have co-choreographers in Marco and Christin, if they choose to help, to fall back on. Marco, I expect to see some coconut bras when I visit. Christin, I want you to be a leader and make sure people listen to you. Always remember the Filipino National Anthems: “Lemonade” by Jeremy Passion and “Otso-Otso” by Bayani Agbayani.

To Jason Li and Eric Pan, I will you guys the best Lunar dance: BFriend. The pastel shirts, lace chokers, and colorful shorts are the perfect outfit to show the all the Asian parents on a nice Saturday afternoon. I want you guys to really push the limits next year and see how far you guys can get while still passing screening. 

To Archan Das, Ethan Thieme, Raman Aliakseyeu, and Eugene Lim, I will you guys many more nose goes contests that shall be used to decide who will do what. Ethan, I wish you more granola bars and broken pencils. Archan, I wish you proper notes and an underclassman to cop from. Raman, I wish you more Russian conversations and MVC. And Eugene, I wish you more sleep and an alarm to remind you to send your nose goes picture. Also, enjoy this: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/38tzdehr9s

To Brandon Smith, I will you the song “Immortal” by J. Cole. My favorite lyric in this song is “To die a young legend or live a long life unfulfilled,” and for some reason, I think you need to hear this. I see something special in you, and I want you to see you do something big during your senior year. There seems to be something crazy about you, and I can’t tell if it’s your work ethic, motivation, or toughness. Whatever it is, give your senior year all you got, and leave having no regrets. Most importantly, be the young legend that you were meant to be.


Saachi Dalvi

To Prarthana, I will you a baby soph who you can easily talk to about anything. You are so talented, sweet, and intelligent, and I am so glad that you were my soph in B-wing last year! I hope your senior year is filled with lasting memories and laughs!

To Rachna, I will you a junior who makes you laugh and is as sweet as you are! Whenever we talk, whether at SciOly, KODE.io, or around 06, I feel like our conversations could last forever! You are so kind, and I wish we had more time to hang out! Nevertheless, I also hope you have an amazing senior year!

To Ju-Won, Phyllis, Kevin, and Nathan, I will you KODE.io. Thank you so much for all your dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity to KODE.io. You guys are the best board I could have asked for! Although we did not get to finish all our modules, I know that next year you will take KODE.io to the next level, good luck!

To Utsa, I will you first place SciOly medals. I wish we talked more, but you are definitely the best Forensics partner I could have asked for! Thank you for carrying me through the event, and I know that next year you will continue to do amazing!

To Krisha, I will you a little sib who is so inspiring and kind. You were my only little sib, and I was honestly intimidated by how intelligent, dedicated, and hard-working you are! But nevertheless, I always admired these qualities of yours. I love talking with you because you always make me laugh! I really hope you enjoy your senior year because you definitely deserve it.

To Archan and Abhi, I will you many more fun carpool rides! It’s been a great two years carpooling with you guys, and I hope that next year, you find people who can fill mine and Breanna’s spots.

To my B-wing juniors and sophs (Isha, Celeste, Sriya, Sharanya, Juliana, Jade, Ysabel, Kayla, Sage, Gabby, Amanda, and Sarah), I will you a wing that will make you make feel like home! B-wing has been my “home away from home” for all three years at IMSA, and I have always felt included and supported. I hope that you find the same in whichever wing you decide to live in next year!


Sabrina Meng

To Kodai Speich, I will you more sleep and endless amounts of music fun (in all seriousness, please sleep more than 4 hours per night). I’m so glad that I’ve known you for the past 6 years — the old quizbowl days (it’s a french fry, okay?), Auburn math team fun, RSYO rehearsals, and your random shenanigans :) I’m so happy to have seen you grow (and grown with you) over these past years (although some things never change) and I hope senior year treats you well. Keep playing good music and composing — I’m excited to see what your next composition might be! Best of luck to you for whatever might come in the future — I’m confident you’ll do great things.

To Phyllis Shen, I will you infinite amounts of physics work so that nobody will ever tell you to “go work on physics” again (because you already will be haha). While you’re busy grinding that out, I’ll also will you infinite amounts of boba to keep you caffeinated :) But thank you so much for being such a sweet and positive person and for introducing me to the jank group chat that (somehow) has survived to this day. Hang in there as you finish your senior year and finally get to your well-deserved SSS — I know you’ll go on to accomplish amazing things!

To Hiteshi Patel, I will you Hot Cheetos (and maybe someday you’ll give me some…). I will definitely miss our interesting conversations and endless inside jokes, but we should keep in touch! I am so grateful to have met you and gotten closer to you through Med Society, HOSA, SciOly, and so many other things. You are such a hardworking and positive person — seeing your smile always brightens my day. Thanks for making my time at IMSA a great one, and I am excited to see all the amazing things you’ll do in the future! If you ever need anything, don’t ever hesitate to reach out :)

To Krisha Patel, I will you more left hand handshakes and another person to buy non-refundable UIUC bubble tea with. Even though I won’t be here to give you any more improper handshakes, I hope that you’ll carry on the legacy. I’ll miss your bubbly personality and our great conversations next year, and we should definitely keep in touch! You are such a competent person with great potential, and I’ve loved seeing you grow as a person since I first met you during your sophomore year. I can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next year and beyond!

To my ILMEA buddies: Cindy Oh, JuWon Park, Prarthana Prashanth, and Zach Eness, I will you a better hotel than Super8 to stay in next year (and one that has better-smelling hallways). Thank you so much for making my time at state a memorable one (even if we stayed in a sketchy Super8 and ended up being super sleep deprived). You are all such talented and dedicated musicians, and I cannot wait to see what you will all accomplish in the future!

To Sri Voora, I will you a new set of acrylic paint and paper, canvas, or whatever your heart desires to paint on! I’m really glad we were able to spend so much time painting and talking with each other before winter extended (although I’m sad we didn’t get to do that again). I’ll miss your enthusiastic hi’s and big smiles while I’m gone at college. But good luck with whatever comes ahead, and don’t forget to have fun at IMSA while you’re still here! And don’t forget to focus on the positives!

To Prarthana Prashanth, I will you another great year with Medical Society and everything else that you do. I hope that Medical Society and HOSA run smoother next year and that you guys can make even better events (and maybe get some cool merch). I’m so glad I got to meet you through everything that we’ve survived through together (Med Society, HOSA, music fun…), and we should definitely keep in touch. You’re such a hardworking and amazing person, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do!

To Naveena Mutharasan, I will you better sticks- and rock-paper-scissors-playing skills and another person who will randomly walk into your practice sessions every day. Maybe one day you’ll finally be able to beat Muyi at both of those games. However, I wouldn’t have chosen anybody else to set the record for longest game of sticks with! I’ll miss your upbeat personality and bright smile next year, but we should keep in touch :) You are such a dedicated musician — keep me updated on where your music adventures take you next!

To Andy Tang, I will you another upperclassman who will sit down and have dinner conversations with you and give you random advice. I also will you an underclassman who will one day be listening to all the advice that you will be giving them (it’ll come full circle I promise!). Best of luck with SciOly next season and with junior year in general — it may be tough at times, but knowing your positive attitude and work ethic, I know you can do it! I’m really glad I got to talk to you this year and hear about all the amazing things you do, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need something!

To my fellow first violins: Mark Ying, JuWon Park, and Emily Jung, I will you the future of the first violin section. Despite all the jokes and memes we’ve made, I really hope you guys have fun making more music, having sectionals with Michael, and being amazing leaders of the section — you are all so talented! And someone please take on the role of asking Mark how many hours of sleep he’s getting…we need to make sure he’s sleeping more than 3 hours per night.

To Gloria Wang, I will you another big brain underclassman who is as sweet and funny as you are (and one who will give you lots of sugAr)! From our lunch and dinner conversations to our random interactions in the wing, I am so glad I got to know you and everything that you do (like your amazing speech and debate skills :0). I wish you an amazing rest of your time at IMSA, and I can’t wait to hear everything that you’ll do in the future. Keep in touch! 

To Vivian Cho, I will you another underclassman as bubbly and funny as you were to me! I’m super glad that you lived in C Wing this year and that I was able to get to know you this year. I’ll miss our conversations in the wing and all the laughs we’ve had (especially when you show me random yet really funny TikToks haha). I hope you have a fun and memorable next two years at IMSA where you will continue to grow and learn. I’ll talk with you soon!

To Cindy Oh, I will you lots more cute dog TikToks to watch :) I’m so happy that you lived in C Wing this year and that we were able to get closer through ILMEA and orchestra. You are such a sweet and funny person with amazing dancing skills, awesome cello-playing abilities, and very cute (but not as cute as you) doggos. As you finish your time here at IMSA, remember to have fun and hang in there — it can be tough at times, but I’m confident that you have the ability to overcome whatever comes your way. Keep in touch, and never hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

To next year’s Science Olympiad team, I will you another successful season. I’m so proud of everyone this year for their hard work and dedication to SciOly…and also on making it to state! You have all grown so much as a team, and I hope you continue to grow together to become an even greater team next year. Although it was unfortunate that you guys were unable to go to state this year given the circumstances, I’m confident that your hard work next year will lead you to even greater success. Good luck!


Saisupritha Talasu

To Emily Jung, I will you a soph that will talk about kdramas with you. Every convo I had with you made my day. Thanks for talking about kdramas with me. Junior year will be tough but still, enjoy your time because it’s a once in a lifetime feeling.  You have so much kindness and joy within you, and you radiate it wherever you go. Don’t lose your spark, even when things get difficult, and make the best of your time at IMSA. I also will you Nadia’s Faces of IMSA.

To Philip Yi, I will you a underclassmen that will tease you for not being able to get girls. Jkkkkkkk but really Philip thank you for being friends with me. You are definitely one of my favorite sophs. Junior year is going to be tough so I hope you don’t lose yourself in the process. Stay true to yourself and be happy. Don’t game too much, you won’t be able to find a woman. I don’t know when we started to be friends but I’m glad we did. Say hi to Henry for me.

To Sai Charan Voora, I will you a bright junior who will always light up your day no matter how you’re feeling. You are one of the cutest and funniest people I know, and I hope that your senior year brings you even more happiness and fun. I always enjoyed my chats with Sai and I hope you can find an underclassmen to do the same. After quarantine this year, days are short, and I tell you, Sai, to live your life next year and spend most of your time doing what you love. The year will go by faster than you think, and I hope you make so many memories. Don’t forget to hit me up anytime.

To Balaji Balachandran, I will you an annoying soph who will throw you in the trash can. You game too much, stop gaming and enjoy the time you have with friends. But seriously, thank you Balaji for making my senior year amazing. You are an amazing dude so I hope you find a girl. No matter what happens don’t lose your funniness or your muscles because you won’t get a girl then. Also stop leaving your laptop open, that leads to people hacking your Facebook.

To Isabel Chen, I will you an underclassmen that will tease you for being short. Shorty, I will miss you, so don’t forget to keep in touch with me.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you an underclassmen to play Clash Royal with and hopefully they will annoy you as much as you have annoyed me. I had a fun journey with the Himalayas with you, we should have another trio sometime!

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will the ability to SSS your junior year, or at least during SSS. I also will you a happy cute soph that will tease you and fool around with you.

To Oliver Ni, I will you a soph that will help you with your homework. Thank you for helping me with my physics sound and light quests. Also keep annoying Balaji for me, someone needs to keep him in check :)

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you sophomores that are the life of the party and will take so so many pictures with you and give you so many hugs. You are so cute and I’ve enjoyed your visits to my room often. Don’t stress too much about school because I know you will do good no matter what but also don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish in the future! Keep continuing to make endless memories bbg and I will look forward to watching your finsta and rinsta to see how much fun you have! I also will you Zahra’s Face of IMSA.

To Brandon Park, I will you a little cute underclassmen who will ACTUALLY carry you through your classes. Thank you for the endless cops. You are my favorite korean boy I promise!

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you a sophomore who is always emotionally there for you. Don’t do crazy things ok and even though I can’t lend you my jacket anymore, I’m still one call away. :)

To Sri Nithya Voora, I will you a cute baby soph and a great year on ISA next year. ISA is amazing and I hope you enjoy and love every second of it. :)

To Mark Ying, I will you sleep. Dude like seriously, I have gotten so many snaps from you at 4 am. What a God, but please sleep. Enjoy your sss Mark because I know it will be a good one for you.

To Rishitha Boddu, I will you sleep and academic success and a Telugu buddy and TikTok buddy. You are so cute and I wish you find a cute soph who shares the same passions as you! I hope you TikTok famous dude. Also don’t be too stressed for junior year that you don’t do other things. Manage everything and make sure to get sleep. Have fun and don’t forget that I’m one call away. Always call me for anything and I help or cop you!

To Eric Pan, I will you Alec Chen’s Face of IMSA and a junior that will carry you in your classes next year!

To Maia Peregrino, I will you many more happy memories at IMSA and amazing dance dance adventures. Thank you for constantly bringing a smile to my face whenever I talked to you and teaching me TikTok dances. I hope you find more soph cuties who will do the same with you! <3

To Akul Prakash, I will the best senior year anyone’s ever had. You deserve it. Spend every day next year living your best life.

To Philip Yi, Balaji Balachandran, Emily Jung, Mya Griesbaum, Isabel Chen, Amanda Chen, Rishitha Boddu, Natali Chung, Annabelle Lu, Robert Zhu, Oliver Ni, Pranav Patel, Thavaisya Ananth, Rujuta Durwas, Makayla Zheng, Eunice Kim, Shiraz Baxamusa, Siddharth Tiwari, I will you all amazing baby sophs that will never cease to brighten your day. I hope you all find underclassmen that you can tease, throw you in the trash can, play cards with you, give you hugs, scream your name down the hallway and even make TikToks with you because all these things I did with you guys made my senior year amazing. Junior year will be tough, but I hope you all find the positives in the things you do. I know coronavirus cut our time short, but I will miss you all so when I come to visit next year, you better talk to me! Be sure to give your underclassmen next year a chance, because you might be amazed at how great they can be just as I was <3

To everyone I’m forgetting, I will my love as well. Bye bye!


Sam Schennum 

To Chas Schreiber, I will you Inflatable Spider-Man’s Head. For the entire year, Inflatable Spider-man’s Head has been taped to the wall of my room, and every moment you’ve spent hanging out in our quad (and there’s a lot), he was there and saw everything – how funny, chill, helpful, and amazing you are. It’s the things that people take for granted they miss the most, and I would relive every moment with you if I could. I hope that when you look into Inflatable Spider-Man’s eyes you remember these moments, and maybe, just maybe, he could watch over you next year in your new quad. I’ll never forget all the times we had together.

To Austin McDonald, I will you my Initial D Arcade Edition Save Card that I’ve had in my phone case for a year and a half. When we were first getting to know each other, I remember hanging out and for some reason I just it took out from my phone case and you started laughing and asked why in god’s name I had it, and for some reason that memory so vivid to me. At the start of my senior year, I remember promising to will you this card, because it makes me think of all the times we hung out together, going to the Fox Valley Mall and the Dells trip last year, and how amazing of a person you are. Don’t ever let you tell yourself otherwise. I’ll give you the card when we meet over the summer, love ya man.


Samantha Lazcano

To the wonderful people of 01, I will you the best co-Ed hall on campus ;)) it’s been such a crazy year, but I’m grateful for all of the amazing people I met and all of the great memories I’ve had in 01.

To my wonderful wing, I will you CLEANING SUPPLIES lol and an amazing new RC :’) thank you for all of the good times and laughs.

To ZACHARY ENESS I will you all of the ILMEA state qualifications in the world!! You’re truly a rockstar and I’m gonna miss hearing your beautiful saxophone tunes every day in band. I wish you all the best next year! Thanks for being dumb and funny lol.

To Ore I will you a bubbly, funny and beautiful new friend in band next year. I’m truly going to miss your bright smile and GORGEOUS eyeliner. ;))

To Smriti (aka my loyal subject—don’t you dare forget my nickname 😎) I will you the neatest room ever! Lol jkjk I will you all of the snacks, posters, random things and funny convos you can have next year. I’m gonna miss you bro ;((

To Alana, I will you the best zoom backgrounds (hopefully you won’t need them lol) and a cool guitar to jam out in the wing with. You’re one of the funniest people ever! Keep making people smile :))

To BROOKIE I will you someone just as inexperienced at Guitar Hero as me so you can teach them your talent!! You’re a ray of sunshine and such a nice person Brooke. I’m so happy we lived together. I’m gonna miss you and the rest of your quad so so much 😔

To Brina, I will you an amazing junior year! Please continue blessing people with your positive vibes and kindness :)) thank you for making me smile!!

To Bridge, I will you the most fun and relaxed senior year ever. You work so hard and you’re so dedicated to what you do! I hope you take the time to really focus on what matters to you. Don’t let anything else get in the way :))

To Sreyansh, I will you a group of awesome people you can take to the temple :)) Thank you (and aneesh and shivang) for making my last walking trip at IMSA ever the coolest and most memorable.

To Utsa, I will you the greatest math table ever!! Thank you for being so sweet and kind always. I hope you have the best senior year ever :))

To Yair, I will you the best advice and a good supply of chill pills…LOL. I wish you all the best and I swear you better invite us to Casa or else I’m hunting you down… :))

To Gerry and Jesus, I will you guys the funniest craziest and cutest sophomores next year 😚 thank you guys for being so silly and fun to talk to. I’m so sorry we never got the chance to go to Starbucks…guess I owe you one ;)) have a great junior year and an even better senior year!!!

To Haley, Morgan, Julie and Ari, I will you guys a warm smile and hug :’)) I’m gonna miss seeing your beautiful faces in the hallways. I wish you all the very best ❤️

To Abby Stevenson, I will you the greatest senior year ever. You’re sooo kind and you’re truly beautiful inside and out. I hope you have so much fun next year!

To Emma Darbro, I will you your lost cactus and success in everything you pursue ;)) you’re so intelligent and mature and TALENTED!!

To Heewon, I will you the best vibes ever!! You’re sooo beautiful and funny and kind and mature. I hope you have the best senior year, you deserve it so much.

To Jillian, i will you the greatest drill ever. You’re SUCH a great dancer! I’m so excited to see what you do next year. I hope you have the best time ever :))

To Courtney, I will you all of the kpop and anime knowledge!! 😂 thank you for being so funny and nice all of the time! I hope your senior year is absolutely the best :)))

To Nate Graf, I will you all of the love and support that you’ve given Alma Latina! You’re such an amazing and dedicated person, thank you so much for taking the time to come to literally all of our events except like 1. I wish you all the best in the rest of your IMSA career!

To next year’s returning Alma Latina board, I really really hope you guys have just as much fun as I did this year. You guys have set the bar so high! Make sure you top it next year ;)) I can’t wait to see Casa ❤️ Please order me a shirt hehehe

To the volleyball team, I WILL YOU THE BEST SEASON EVER because that’s what you gave me!! You guys are all truly talented and will achieve so many great things next year. Really enjoy it and cherish every moment :)) to the seniors, I also will you great senior gifts because y’all really snapped with ours 😌


Samira Cheruku

To Sid Tiwari, I will you a sophomore who will constantly make fun of you (in the best way possible) and can compete with your height. Seeing you right next to Mark at the big sib event is a sight I will never forget, and since then we’ve made our share of memories talking to Danny in the fitness center, teasing you about your dancing skills, and always calling you Madhav, but I wish we had the rest of the semester to make more. Regardless, you’ve been such a sweet sophomore and I can’t wait to see you thrive next year. Remember the promises you made me about Diwali and whenever I come visit I’ll make sure to see you and tease you some more. Good luck with everything next year bb and don’t forget I’m just a text away :)

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you an underclassman in your math class to film you without your consent. Your goofiness made BC3 somewhat more bearable so for that I thank you. This is the only time I will compliment you so don’t take it for granted hehe. I wish we started talking earlier because you’re such a dope underclassman but regardless, go crazy next year madhuuu.

To 02b Uphex (Saachi, Hannah, Cassidy, Ruchi, Hiteshi, and Shrutika), I will you wonderful individuals in B wing that will never cease to brighten your day. I hope you find underclassmen that will continue the crackhead central tradition of 02b’s 10-check, want to cuddle on the blue-turning-gray beanbag, make tea and spill tea with, and most importantly, support and bring happiness to your lives. First semester senior year will be inevitably tough, but you all have that drive and determination to push through and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Along with everything that starts piling up in the first semester, make sure to prioritize and not procrastinate, because I want you all to experience the fun of senior year at the same time. If you ever need advice or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to reach out! I wish you all an amazing senior year :)

To Cassidy Krupske and Ruchi Patel, I will you both a million followers on Tik Tok. Every day you are in my life is filled with quality content so I know you’ll have no problem with that hehe. I hope senior year is filled with nights where you don’t fall asleep working, actual mug cakes, strawberry pocky, fun with Tik Tok, yelling after check, cuddles, and a roommate pair that brings you as much happiness as you brought me. You both made fitting into the 02b family so easy (especially Cass’s hard work as wing guide and Ruchi’s cuddling positions) but you guys are such an amazing roommate pair that I’m so incredibly grateful I got close with. Enjoy senior year, you both deserve it <3

To Markimus Prime, I will you an underclassman who will never doubt your character no matter what false information is percolating. You have a big and pure heart and the only time I will ever thank McCarthy is for seating us next to each other because without her I wouldn’t have met such a genuine junior like you. There is nothing negative I could possibly tease you about unfortunately, so I had to endure 2 years of you flexing your swollness on me, and just flexing your insane talents in pretty much everything in general. I wish you all the best, my true Day 1 underclassman :)

To Saicharan Voora, bebs, I don’t know what to will you. You’ve got the smarts, goofiness, humor, kindness, heart, and determination that I know you’ll achieve everything you set your mind to and more. Even though your maturity level is negative, I’m so grateful we were able to spend so much time together these last two years (the universe made sure of it by putting us in all those math and Mandarin classes together lol). You’ve always been there for me, pinching my sides whenever we took pictures, trying to flex how swoll you are to make me feel smol, sending me very high quality snapchats that I would screenshot because they’re priceless, annoying everyone by saying Mendota, Illinois so many times on the bus I wanted to get run over by it, hiding in the hotel room with us, teasing me about my love life, laughing nonstop on our walks between mods, going on walks just to be dumb, holding up a Squidward poster at my prom ask, coming to Springfield over the summer just to keep making fun of me, and just all the times we’ve spent together are memories themselves. There aren’t the right words to express what you mean to me, because it’s a combination of love, annoyance, admiration, and happiness all bundled into that smile whenever I see you when I walk into Mandarin. Well now I know what to will you: I will you someone who will never fail to make you smile, no matter how many awful jokes they have to tell to achieve it. You’ll do so many amazing things in the future, just keep being yourself and don’t change for anyone. You have that special charisma I hope you never lose. I’ll never forget your goofy self.

To Hamza Haq, my OG, my ride or die, I will you a confidant that will always have your back, just like you’ve always had mine. You’ve been there for me since the first day I met you, and our friendship has come a long way (with many ups and only 1 down I might add hehe) since then. You’re the one I go to for advice and opinions because you always tell me straight up, no filter. From getting you Starbucks cake pops, comparing you to a gecko, taking horrid snapchats of each other, ordering food whenever we wanted, attempting Raas lmfao, singing India’s national anthem, listening to you make weird animal noises (especially chicken and geese) on our walks, hanging out in the IRC, impromptu photoshoots, dinner dates, showing only you my prom dresses when I went shopping, to becoming the well-deserved honorary member of 02b, and so much more, you have been such a valuable part of my life. We’ve made so many lasting memories so quickly (all of your nauseating Zoe Laverne songs will haunt me forever), that even though we don’t have time at IMSA together anymore, all those memories won’t be forgotten. In return for being my forever hype man, I will you an underclassman to support you unconditionally, for you are an amazing human being. Keep thriving and please stay in touch bud :)

To Abhi Thati, my best friend, I will you a punching bag, because you can’t use me anymore hmph. No matter how many times you’ve physically annoyed the crap out of me, yelling at me when I show “too much” skin and teasing me about everything under the sun, you are my constant reminder to never take life too seriously. Your light-heartedness and goofiness has been my saving grace one too many times when I was being my normal stress headed self at IMSA. From playing charades with Zahra and Sriya in 06 2 years ago, I had no idea how much I would grow to care about this crazy dancer boi. I wish you all the success next year with Diwali, Clash, college, and senior year in general, because it’s such a special year of your life so cherish every moment. Honestly, there are too many memories from our 2 years here to list, but I’ll remind you of some of my favorites: the hugs when we come back from extended/break, the deep convos on walks in the freezing cold, spending quality time in the IRC on Wednesdays, Diwali, all the time spent in the 02 hall commons together, Casa Fuego, and most importantly, the times I’ve done nothing but laugh and smile with you. Even though it might be scary being a senior next year, don’t forget I’m just a text away. I promise I won’t go crazy in college smh. But real talk, I will support you no matter what, just keep being yourself and working hard like I know you can, and good things will follow. Also, I can’t wait to see Mecchuko in Boys dance for Diwali next year :) I know you said you want to make me proud, but like I told you, the first person you need to make proud is yourself. You’ll always have a special place in my heart, boss baby.

To Saachi Versace, my baby, I will you a belt made out of my hair..an imaginary one hehe. I don’t even know how that joke started but let’s just say it was crackhead hours that night ;) You have such a beautiful soul, both inside and out, bringing happiness everyday to those around you. From being partners for a day in Girls Dance for Diwali 2018 to now, we’ve come a long way. You’ve become a sister to me, someone who I can trust with anything, talk about the most useless stuff till 2 in the morning with, leave certain things in your wardrobe accidentally, make Tik Toks with, bring cookies to when you’re having a rough day, and genuinely smile every time I see you. Well, except that night the week of Clash; everytime you walk past that spot outside Lauren and Jemea’s room next year, never forget that night we cried for hours past midnight just sitting in that one spot without getting an in-room from Robyn or security lmfao. That leads me to my next point. I know you’ve been hurt in the past but anytime something goes wrong in a meaningful relationship, I will you the strength to take the scary step and reach out if the other doesn’t (based on our own experience lol). Life is too short, and your time at IMSA is even shorter, so make the most of it :) Seeing your smile, laugh, and hearing “Samirararara” as you walk towards the couch to cuddle w me at 10 check, is always a highlight of my day. Promise me you’ll give yourself a break next year because God knows you deserve it. I also will you infinite lollipops to remember me by. My heart hurts at the thought of not getting a hug from you every night but it swells so much more when I think of how much happiness and joy senior year will bring you. Keep shining like the light in my life you are, I love you. 


Samuel Rabideau

To Austin McDonald, I will you a pair of green boxing gloves. Thank you for all the memories of playing Smash in C-Wing during my Junior year, you were one of the reasons why my Junior year was actually fun. I hope you continue to explore your passions, and that your senior year ends on a much better note than mine will.

To Peter Leahy, I will you whatever food I happen to have in my room when you walk in. Thank you for all the crazy moments you gave me throughout my senior year, and for being so incredible at Enter the Gungeon. I’m sorry we never got the chance to beat it together. I hope you have a nice, relaxing senior year to goof off all you want.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you a partially functional wii remote and one copy of Just Dance 2. It was too much fun hanging out with you, I hope that your senior year is your best year at IMSA, and that you find a new group to play wii games with.

To Avelin Thepsomphone, I will you a copy of the first season of JJBA, and a pair of platform shoes.

To Gabriella Velazquez, I will to you a wacky-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man. From going to three dinner dates in two weeks together, to goofing off in band class, you’ve given me plenty of good memories, and great photos of myself doing stupid poses. I’m sorry that your first year at IMSA has to end this way, but I can at least promise that your next two years are going to be much better. I wish you healthy and happy days, and a great career at IMSA.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will to you a brand-new trombone. Messing around in Band was a lot of fun, and I’m sorry that it had to end much sooner than it should’ve. I hope your Junior and Senior years are much better than this one, and that your wind ensemble career goes much better than this year.

To Philip Paulson, I will a copy of Trombone 1 sheet music. I hope you play your heart out at the next concert, because by then it’ll have been a while.


Sarah Yow

To Sharanya Choudhury, I will you an endless supply of citrus fruits, experiences that make the thought of leaving IMSA heartbreaking, more hours of sleep, and a junior to make your senior year as amazing as you made mine. I know that me graduating will not be a goodbye for us. I was so incredibly lucky to get as close with you as I did this year. I won’t forget the 3 AM talks that we would have in your room or the library trip we went on or the times we sang Hasbi Rabbi or the times we got noise complaints after check. You understand my sense of humor and me as a person fully, and for that, meeting you was even more of a gift. Please allow yourself to relax senior year, especially second semester. You work so hard all of the time, have gone through a lot your sophomore and junior years, and you deserve to have a break devoted to your well being. Please never hesitate to text me at any hour of the day for any reason; no amount of distance can change the care I have for you. I am so confident that your future will be successful and happy.

To Morgan Johnson, I will you a junior year filled with comfort and an overwhelming amount of confidence. You deserve a junior year spent surrounded by people who give you nothing but genuine support, care, and reasons to smile/laugh everyday. I’m going to miss hanging out with you after check and seeing you in the wing everyday, but me graduating is not goodbye for us. I hope your sophomores next year are as kind, open-minded, and funny as you are. You helped B-wing feel like home for me, and I hope I did the same for you. At the beginning of this school year, I remember being surprised that someone could be as kind as you were. Your happiness and energy are contagious. You deserve to feel as beautiful, intelligent, and capable as you are and to never doubt yourself. I have full faith that you will do amazing things and I want to be with you, even if it’s not physically, every step of the way.

To Ysabel Guan, I will you confidence, a break, someone who gives hugs that are as comforting as yours, and a lifetime supply of naenae’s. You deserve to see yourself for who you are: strong, caring, beautiful, funny, smart, and endlessly kind. I remember meeting you the day I moved in my junior year. You were the sweetest person ever and so willing to help with anything anyone needed. You deserve to see that you are deserving of that kindness and help yourself. Whenever I had a bad day I knew two things were guaranteed for me when I went into the wing: your support and your hugs. I also want you to give yourself breaks. You work so hard all the time and have pushed yourself so much these past two years at IMSA. For your senior year, I want you to make sure that you allow yourself to relax and be proud of the (amazing) things that you have accomplished thus far. You do more than enough, I will miss you dearly, and I am so excited to see you succeed in the future.

To Sriya Gandhi, I will you peace and clarity. I am so proud of you and I am so lucky to have been able to see you become the independent and strong person you are today. Junior year is tough, as you have to balance academics with physical and emotional health, but I have never seen someone balance it as well as you have. I know that especially during senior year, things can become very confusing and you are faced with huge decisions. I want you to find clarity in what you want for your life and to have confidence in your decisions. I will always be here to talk you through anything and to listen to what you have to say. I have full faith in you and am so excited to see you succeed in the future like I know you can and will. I will forever be grateful that I had the opportunity to get close with someone as emotionally intelligent, strong, funny, and understanding as you are. I will miss talks with you in the wing and our rooms and the amazing advice you gave me but I want you to know that graduation is not goodbye from me.

To Ella Foes, I will you endless support, love, and success. I wish that I could have met you earlier on in my IMSA career but even in the short amount of time that we have had together we have gotten so close and I feel so lucky for that. I trust and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. You are so funny, emotionally intelligent, smart, beautiful, and understanding and I already miss not being able to see you everyday in ModFic. Me graduating will not be goodbye for us though, I will continue to support you and be there for you at any hour of any day. I have always wanted to tell you that I admire your hard work so much. You are so incredibly self-motivated, intelligent, and passionate and it will all pay off. I am so excited to see the success that I know it will bring you and I hope you are immensely proud of yourself because you deserve to be. I hope you can relax during your SSS and get into your dream school. I was so lucky to have been able to get so close with you this semester.

To Ashley Koca, I will you the ability to fully relax and be confident in yourself. I am so happy that the intersession trip brought us closer; I always admired your hard work and competence from afar before that, but getting to know you as a person made me admire you even more. Going into senior year, I want you to know that you deserve to be proud of all you have accomplished these past two years and you also deserve to give yourself a break, especially during second semester. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I hope that during your senior year you fall in love with yourself and have the confidence to happily make the tough decisions that lie ahead. I have full faith in you making the right decisions for yourself, but I am always here to give you any advice or guidance you might need going forward. I feel very lucky to have gotten to know you this semester and please know I am always just a message away.

To Annemarie Bacon, I will you the love that you give out and a sophomore as positive and caring as you are. Every time I saw you you would make me smile one way or another, whether you were complimenting me, asking how my day was, telling me about your day, or just being funny. I am so lucky to have gotten to know you over the intersession trip this year. I always thought you seemed positive and sweet but you are the human embodiment of sunshine. You give out so much love and you deserve it all to come back to you. I hope that in the next sophomore class there is someone like you so you can experience what you give out. And I hope you remember that no matter where I am, I am always just a message away!

To Jiliann Padilla, I will you a sophomore/junior as funny and sweet as you. I wish that we would have gotten closer over the past two years because talking to you with lauren and interacting with you over finsta showed me that we have super similar personalities and senses of humor. Regardless, I have admired your passion for dancing and just you as a person from afar. You work so hard and it will all come back to you! I am always just a message away <3

To 06 sophomores, I will you all junior years with sufficient sleep, nutrition, and confidence in your abilities. It’s easy to buy into the idea that you need to be productive all the time to be successful, but that’s not true, and junior year does not have to be back-breakingly hard. Please take time for yourself, try not to compare yourself to others, and do not sacrifice your well being. If you are struggling, talk to someone. You are loved and capable and you can do whatever you put your mind to. I am always a message away.

To 06 juniors, I will you all ease in the college application process and success in the future. Even if I wasn’t super close with you, I am rooting for you and I have all the confidence in the world that you will all choose the right major and college for you. If you ever have any questions or want advice I am always a message away.


Savannah Pagan 

To Avelin, I will you the chance to avenge Vidhi, Bopo, and Jiyoon, and me by making your senior year as memorable as possible, and finishing out what we never were able to.  I love you so much, and I’m going to miss you hanging out in our room every night after 10 check, staying up until 3 AM with you and pseudo pent and saying whatever comes to mind, and just hanging out with you, because you truly have made my life at IMSA that much better :).  You’re one of my favorite people and I hope you realize what a positive effect you have on the people around you.  You are truly one-of-a-kind, and I hope you continue to recognize what a great person you are.   

P.S. I’m expecting an invitation to next year’s prom, I already have a dress :)

To Andrea and Grace, I will you a fantastic junior and senior year and a great cross country and track season, especially because this one got cut short :( .  I’m going to miss running with my running buddies, those crazy track/cross country dinners, and just catching up with you guys.  You both have such bright futures ahead of you, and I can’t wait to see what you do next year <3

To Jay, I’m keeping your bike, consider it a going-away present to me haha (even though it’s still in the C-wing study room :/ ).  Have a great senior year, and keep running!

To Melissa, I will you an AMAZING senior year.  Thanks for being an awesome internship buddy this year, and getting through those long days at the Merchandise Mart with me :)

P.S. I hope you finally get that iPad from your parents — you deserve it haha.

To Aidan Maddox, Alex Poms, Kevin Fan, and Vivian Cho, I will you Nautilus.  Nautilus was born purely out of my boredom, my love for the ocean, and my will to start a club.  I hope you continue to work towards achieving the goal of Nautilus, to spread love for the ocean and marine biology across campus.  You all are truly amazing, and I loved working with you this year.  I can’t wait to see what you achieve next year :)  Also Aidan – thank you for all of your great ideas and contributions this year, especially those zoo tickets!!  I love your level of commitment to this club.  Who knows, you may even have the makings of the next Nautilus president :)

To Cesar Osornio and the rest of the art gang, never forget the process, it’s a part of life, let it guide you.

To the XC and track team, I will you amazing seasons next year, especially the track team because we weren’t able to finish it out.  Use this time to keep training, you’re gonna need it :)

To Hannah Xu, Shrutika, and Saachi, I will you a fantastic senior year and a better Spanish teacher and experience lol. Thank you for making Spanish class that much more interesting this year and last.

To the incoming sophs, juniors, and seniors of 1503, I will you the chance to dominate COTH next year, I know you all have it in you, especially with all the talent in 03 :)


Shruti Shakthivel


To the self-deprakward (Chandra G. and Ahana N.): I’m incredibly grateful that you both came into my life. Since the visits to your room in 03 your sophomore year to living with you in upquad, I’m so glad you both found a home in 06. Chanchi, I have so many sweet memories with you, from the time we waited 45 minutes for a waffle and smashed it in 5 minutes to our many late-night talks and the last day of school when we walked around campus. Since the first day I talked to you in the fitness center, you have reminded me so much of my younger self. Though I’d like to think that we are similar, I’ve realized that you are so much more. Your intelligence, work ethic, motivation, creativity, and, of course, your style has been an inspiration to me. I give you so much unsolicited advice (I’m really sorry for that), but I’ve truly learned much more from you. Ahana, my baby, I will miss your cute and angsty personality, you falling sleeping on my air mattress, and you waddling in so many nights for snackies and staying for long conversations. Your confidence and dedication to your work and the people you love is something I have always admired about you. Thank you for always being a friendly reminder to stay positive. To both of you, I will you accidental happiness: underclassmen-turned-friends who share clothes with you, twin with you, come to your room for snackies, stay up late with you, hype you up, and give you lots of hugs and kisses. While living in upquad together was none of our first choices, I’m so grateful for how it all turned out. I’m proud of everything you both have achieved so far and I can’t wait to see the more amazing things you will accomplish. Chanchi and Ahana, I love you so much, and remember, I’m always a text or phone call away. <3

To Chandra and Amanda Chen, I will you the large tapestry in our room that was passed on to Meghana and me from our seniors and to them from their seniors. The tapestry has been around for years. It holds the sweetest memories, and I hope your senior year is filled with many more. 

To Sharanya and Ahana, I will you the senior checklist that Meghana and I never got to finish. You both deserve an amazing senior year. Cherish every moment, and when the year gets tough, I hope the checklist can be a reminder that there is always something to look forward to. 

To Delicia Chen: I have no idea how we got close, especially after you saw the worst parts of me in MI-4 in my junior/your sophomore year, but the thought of never living with you again breaks my heart. I’m gonna miss tackling you in the wing commons, showering you with hugs and kisses, making weird faces with you in the hallway, vlogging in math (you made math a class I look forward to), talking with you on the bridge, staying up late and doing homework in Amanda’s room and struggling to get back to D-wing, your silly humor, cuddling with you, hugging you during 10-check, and simply being surrounded by your chaotic, awkward, loving energy. You are incredibly smart, capable, and strong. I know your past two years have brought swift change and uncertainty, so I will you ease and clarity. Your hard work will help you reach the goals you set for yourself, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things senior year brings you. I love you and will miss you dearly. Remember, I’ll always be a text or call away. 

To Amanda Chen: Thank you for venting, laughing, chilling with me, and forgiving me for always opening the door too early (I’m really sorry about that). Amanda, I will always remember the first weekend you moved in and kept walking awkwardly back and forth in A-wing to avoid joining Grace, Diann, and me downstairs. You are truly such a silly gal. I’ve always appreciated your humor, the conversations we had in the IRC during your sophomore year, and for being an inspiration when it comes to creativity. 

To Sharanya,Thank you for being the best actress we could’ve had for 06 movie. I have always appreciated your strong morals, style, humility, ability to make anyone laugh, and the fact that you speak up for what you believe in. Your infectious energy brings the party to any room you enter. I will you someone who makes you wish you had gotten to know them earlier. Don’t ever hesitate to text or call me!

To Sam Taylor, I will you an underclassman who amazes you the way you amaze me. I still get chills watching the video of your speech during Harambee. I respect and admire your passion, compassion, strength, and intelligence. I have watched how much you have grown since your sophomore year but still remained strong in your values. Thank you so much for our talks after 10 check in the wing commons, your infectious humor, and wonderful acting in 06 movie. I wish I had spent more time with you. Please don’t hesitate to call or text me!

To Jasmine, I will you someone to make smoothies with after 10 check, who comes to your room for advice on their last-minute application, and who makes you smile in the hallways every time you pass by them. Jasmine, I’m so proud of how much you have grown this year. We didn’t spend as much time together as I would have liked, but I’m so happy you always reach out to me. I admire that about you: your willingness to ask for help, to get to know people, and your kindness. I hope you find your stride junior and senior year and are able to pursue your passions. I promise your hard work will be fruitful. You already know this, but feel free to continue reaching out for (academic and personal) help. 

To Sam Gong and Joanna M, I will you both a chicken wire frame from me and Meghana’s room. It was passed down from our seniors, and now we want to pass it on to you guys. The frame has held the best memories from my time at IMSA and the reason why I, and the seniors who had it before, stayed. I know the transition from home to IMSA was hard, but I hope the memories you fill the frame with will remind you why the tough times are worth it. Sam, I will you an underclassman who you can count on for fun conversations in the wing commons and whose smile and hugs always uplift your mood. I’m so happy you were placed in D-wing and grateful for all the good times we had together. Joanna, I will you someone who can make you laugh so much no matter the situation, someone who can give you advice that truly helps when it seems like none does, someone who makes you feel like you too have the strength to make it through because they are so strong, one who makes any heavy mood light, and who always brings good guac and hummus because you have done all those things for me. Joanna, your intelligence, insight, strength, and drive amaze me. You have done wonderful things this year. I’m so proud of your involvement in the things you are passionate about. Sam and Joanna, I know sophomore year was hard, but I’m so glad you pushed through. I’m always here for you guys, so don’t ever hesitate to text or call me. 

To Disha, I will you an underclassman who comes to you for advice, chill in your room, and whose positive attitude and compliments improve your day. I’ve admired your dedication to your passions and your perseverance. I know your sophomore year has had tough moments, so I’m glad you felt comfortable confiding in me and asking for advice. I promise all things do happen for a reason and there’s always a nice lesson to learn. I’m proud of you for sticking to your morals, while still being willing to learn and grow. Thank you for always hyping me up and being the best ZEZE partner during 06 drill. Don’t ever hesitate to text or call me!

To Jon, I will you an underclassman who hypes you up, who you can learn lunar dances with during intersession, who goes to the gym with you, motivates you to run, sends you uplifting messages, and can make you smile with their own smile. Jon, you’ve been the best hype man I could’ve asked for. I appreciate your honesty and positive spirit and admire your creativity. I can’t wait to see what you will do! Also, I will you the bag of eleMENT stickers, of anyone, you would know what to do with them. Please don’t hesitate to text or call me. 

To Patrick, I will you the feeling of being a senior that you’ve thought about since 6th grade, someone who makes better jokes, and someone who makes you wish you had gotten to know them earlier. 

To Christo, I don you honorary eleMENT president. 

To Eugene, Thank you for your countless hugs, words of encouragement, and hi-fives. I will you an underclassman whose commitment to learning and growing inspires you to continue to do the same. It’s been wonderful seeing you improve in ISP from sophomore year to your junior year, and I can’t wait to see what else you will accomplish. 

To Rachel Tin, I will you an amazing lab partner who is patient with you the way you have been with me and who will do tik tok dances with you while waiting for the lab experiments to complete. Rachel, oh my GOSH, I’m gonna miss you so much. I’ll miss your optimism, the calm energy you exude, and our talks during orgo. I wish we met earlier. Nevertheless, I’m so glad we became partners at the beginning of this year and had orgo together for both semesters. There’s no one else I’d rather go through it with. You always made my day, so I will you an underclassman who will do the same for you. Although junior year got the best of you sometimes, and first-semester senior year may too, I know your resilience and strength will get you through it. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out. I’ll always be a text or call away. 

To ISP (Francesca, Danny, Derek, Neil, Gabby, Elasia, Manasvi, Eugene, Julie, Ariella, Cindy, Chandra, and Ahana): I will you all another successful year of growth and change, and most importantly, a cohesive, creative, and caring team that makes the hard times worth it. Elasia, I will you more live-streams that won’t break down at the last minute. Manasvi, I will you auditorium ceilings that don’t leak. Francesca, I’m so grateful to have had you as an amazing VP, and excited for you to be President. Thank you for your sweet letter at the beginning of the year, your willingness to learn, and transforming the SIR I ideated into an actual project. I can’t imagine anyone better to take on what you have. Derek and Danny, I’m so grateful for meeting you both through ISP and proud of how much you guys have grown. Danny, since your sophomore year, you have inspired me to become a better video editor. Your creativity blows me out of the water. I’m so excited to see what you will do in the future. To Neil and Gabby, I will you sophomores who have as much passion as you do for ISP. Neil, I have appreciated the ways you’ve challenged me while I was President this year. Keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Also, I expect to come back to an organized ITMC. I’m so excited to see how all of you will take ISP to the next level.

Sid Panda 

To Aryan, I will you focus and happiness . Enjoy your senior year, but remember to focus on the things that matter. It will help you in the long run. 

To Akul, I will you an underclassmen who will come into your room after 10 check to mess around with you and study MAD. 

To Rajan, I will you time off Reddit. 

To Teodor, I will you the spy Wing Movie theme. Keep making those Oscar-level movies. 

To Sai + Mark + Akul, I will you the gains. You guys already have the gains lol, but make sure to eat as much as you work out.

To my Juniors (Sai, Akul, Aryan, Rajan, Mark, Vas, Teodor, Aryan, Zach), I will you a fantastic senior year. 

To all of my sophs (Rishik, Rohit, Eddie, Phillip, Christo, Quinn, Jonah, Robert)  I will you the upperclassmen fatherhood. I hope you all find awesome children like yourselves. I also will sophomores that take your yogurt on the first day that they move in (*cough* *cough* Rohit). Take care of each other during junior year, it’s a tough one. 

To anyone living in A-wing next year, take care of the wing and John. 

To anyone living in 04, I will you community. Keep up the awesome sense of community in that hall. She’s a beauty.


Sonia Edassery

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you some underclassmen who will be a part of esketit club with you and continue its legacy. I also will you some underclassmen who will be as dumb as Pratibha and I were with you.

To Liz Alcala, I will you such a good junior year. I hope everything will be manageable, and you and your friends keep a strong support system. DM me whenever bb :)

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a swole underclassman who you can squeeze the calves of ;) Also, take first-semester easy man, you can do it! I believe in you babe.

To GLI Board (Sriya, Cindy, Pranav, Alice, Makayla), I will you guys an amazing year where you can have more tea talks. I believe in you all, and honestly, I think this is one of the strongest boards we had in a long time. I’m so impressed with all of you and can’t wait to see what you guys accomplish next!

To Abhi Thati, I will you some muscles. That’s it. Might be a little too much for you though, oops.

To Ruchi Patel and Abhi Thati, I swear if you guys don’t date, I’m going to be so mad. I’ve been shipping this for too long. You two would be the cutest. PLEASE. thanks ;)

To Cassidy Krupske, I will you a relaxing senior year. You are so determined, beautiful, and hardworking. You got this babe! I hope you meet some underclassmen who will tank with you on a zoo trip ;)

To Hamza Haq, my boy, I will you a year where you can relax and live your best life. Don’t tank too hard though, gamerrr ;)

To Brogan Long, I will you an underclassman who will teach you new terminology about society and make you feel as dumb as I was when I spoke to you. Have fun at track next year, I wish we had a longer season :)

To Shiraz Baxamusa, Shirazzzz, I will you an underclassman who will be as fun as you were at track. Thanks for always being entertaining. Keep being your goofy self.


Sophia Pribus

To Krisha, I will my heart, my love, my life, and the world. You inspire me everyday to work harder, be smarter, and make better choices. I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished and I know you are going to continue to make me proud. I never thought that two van rides, a pitch competition, and a gossip session about ***** could give me the best little sister, friend, baby, love, etc. in the world. Seriously, you are my ride or die confidant, you give the best advice, and I love you so so so much. Keep your determination strong. Keep your mind clear. Keep your goals close. Remember to value those who deserve it, and don’t waste energy on those who don’t. Be exactly who you are, unapologetically, because the world needs you to. I’m always here for you, forever.

To Carolina, I will the strength, courage, adrenaline, and focus that finishing Congress research will require. I promise I’ll make the time to organize the context folders and do what I can to make next year simple for you. I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown since your first tournament, and so blessed that you keep working hard on research even when it seems like the rest of the team has given up. I’ll never forget eating cookies with you and Milica the night before TOC, finishing research, enjoying super fun phone calls, and practicing incredible speeches. I’m ready to be on call for the 1am research sessions next year.

To the Future 02B DownHex, I will determination, love, and friendship. Next year won’t be easy, but being there for each other will make the journey so much more worth it. Don’t wait until second semester to enjoy how wonderful it is to live among friends – make every second count. Sing at Coffee Houses, study until 3am, dance till 4am, go to culture shows, be in culture shows, scream at pep rallies – you only get one chance to do high school. I know you’ll all do it right.

To Hamza, I will you a better prom date and an incredible senior year. I’m so lucky to have become close with you these past few months, and so honored to have shared sodexo tik toks with you. Don’t ever be afraid of what other people think about you. You know exactly who you are and what you need to be – so be it.

To Shikhar, I will hard work and happy outcomes, and the future of Congress. You’re the future kid. You’ll always be Baby to me, and I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown already. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, and know that I’m always here for you – even if you only need me to toughen my case in the custody battle.

To Manaal and Kevin, I will you the future of Dialekt at IMSA. Remember where it started and who it was started for. I have no doubt that you will do so much better with it than I did, and I’m so excited to see how far it goes. Stay focused, stay brave, and stay on track. Don’t let a single person tell you no.

To my StudCo Babies, I love each and every one of you. I’ve loved being StudCo mom and I hope you all continue to work hard to change the world. You all have that power in you – mama believes in you.

To Akanksha & Sharanya, I will you juniors to get you through French IV/V. Seeing your giggly (or let’s be honest, sleeping) faces every day got me through the worst of it.

To Rishi & Rachel, I will the future of 02 Drill. You guys got this in the bag! I can’t wait to watch next year. Keep groovin’!

To Ashley & Shreya, I will you the Klein Lab and Nafay and I’s seats. Enjoy all the fun times with Sam and Kirsten, and don’t forget to tell us when you’re published.

To every other underclassmen – thank you all for being kind to me in the hallways, for smiling at each other, and for staying positive. YOU are what makes IMSA the most special place on Earth. 


Spencer Chubb

To Ava Puchitkanont, I will you the troublemaker. You may not know who they are yet, but you’ll find them. I also know that you’ll have another two years of amazing dancing and choreography to add to the one year you have so far.

To Carolina, Patrick, and Shikhar, I will you first, second, and third place in congress state finals, not necessarily in that order. Since we couldn’t have state this year, please do this for your seniors. We will all miss you, but we’re glad that we ended it off with such an awesome NatQuals tournament.

To Melena Braggs, I will you a bunch of promising underclassmen that you can claim as your own. You always struck me as a very wise person, and I felt like you had imparted your profound knowledge on me with every conversation. Even though you’re younger than I am, I wish I could’ve had someone like you as a senior to go to for advice, which is why I know you’ll do well with shaping the generation that follows.

To Rishitha Boddu and Emily Wei, I will you a studious year of french with Madame, even though she won’t let you do as much tiktoking as Monsieur does.


Sravani Ponnaluri

To my sophomores of 06C, now future juniors, I will you your own set of adorable sophomores. Junior year can be difficult, so I will you the willpower to get through it. I hope you all take care of each other and I’m glad you guys all accepted me as your mom and let me take care of you. Hilda, Gloria, Christin, Rachael, Cindy, Sri, Shreya and Vivian, I love you all and was glad to spend my last year with you guys. <3

To my juniors of 06C, now future seniors, I will you the wing as it is now yours to take care of. You’ve experienced how hard the junior and sophomore years can be so I hope you offer support to your underclassmen and get them through the tough times. I’m so proud of how far you’ve all come and I’m always happy to be a mom for you guys as well. Ellie, Kristina, Manasvi, Shivani, Francesca, Megan, Phyllis, and Paola, I love you all and hope you guys take care of yourselves and each other next year. <3

To the 06C wing in general, I will you all the eggs and food and love in the world. Thank you for letting me be your wing mom and watching Thai shows with me. No matter how many times I complain about you guys staying up in the wing commons past eleven, I will always love how you guys can bond and fangirl over anything. I also will you guys the G-Bench. You guys have known that you can find me there during any of my free mods and I want you guys to use it as a place to relax and hang out as well. Please stay close as a wing, stay positive, practice self-love and make sure to keep in contact with me!!

To the future Science Olympiad Team, I will you the smarts (that I know you already have) to do well in the competition next year. I’m sorry the season got cut short this year and we couldn’t take you all the way, but I know you’ll all get the same opportunity next year. I also will you the ability to fight procrastination because you don’t need that unnecessary stress. Shreya specifically, I will you my Holy Scioly binder along with the power of the birds. I hope you use it well. It was great working with everyone on the team and I hope you all have a great time as a team next year as well. <3

To Mariam Ahmed, I will you all the peanut butter I have. I loved it when you would walk across campus just to come eat my peanut butter, no matter how much you took. Thank you for always coming around no matter how much I tease you. I hope you still maintain that spirit in future years and don’t hesitate to reach out :)) <3


Tatiana Michel


To Marcail, Grace, and Julia, I will you all the swim team’s captain role, keep them motivated and happy to be on our team :)) I would have said I will you all a safe lane six, but idk if that’s even possible with the current streak. Also, go visit Julie! She’s amazing, and a wonderful ally to have. 

To Sarah Oquendo, I will you two more years filled with wonderful memories, and maybe even an awesome lil’ sib that you can be petty with like I did ;) I also will you the voice to speak up in robotics and swim. You have good ideas, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You will be surprised sometimes :))

To Lily Isibue, I will you another macarena dancing buddy at comp. I also will you a strong and dedicated robotics team and  business team. There are hard working people there, sometimes you just have to coax it out of them. You are strong yourself and will be another wonderful asset. Keep working hard, it does not go unseen.

To Addison Henikoff, From Modphys to Robotics, it was fun talking and maybe even struggling a lil bit together. I will you the ability to defuse a fight… You might need it more next year. I will you, a board position :// which one… that’s a good question. I will you a fun senior year with competent rookies that will challenge you.  

To Kyle Abend,  y’all are going to World’s! I don’t know if I can will you another successful trip…. But I do will you a peaceful and non-stressful senior year and an fun third year of robotics. You have a support group here. Even though our class is leaving, I know its still true. Robotics is a family. 

To Alana Rock, I will you a wonderful pit head that hypes you up when our team is doing well, and one that will support the pit crew when we aren’t doing too hot.  You are such a valuable person on our team. You are so kind as well. Keep finding ways to our team, we will always need people like you!

To Xander Wells, I will design head… officially. Your hard work is not going unseen. You truly are an amazing ally on our team! I hope that you enjoy this coming up year. You can be right often times, but remember to listen to other’s ideas. Especially the rookies, cause you were one too. You might find one just like you too :))) 

To Grace Smith, I may or may not will you safety captain … you have been a hard working member since your first year. I can see your passion and dedication for the team. Even though you are crazy busy, don’t give up on it. The fun is about to begin. Senior year will go quickly, just do me a favor… (Carolina Seone this one is for you too!) teach a rookie how to make bomb bumpers like you two did. 

To the future Robotics Captains: Congratulations!!! You will have an eventful 1-2 years ahead of you. You will soon learn that there is a lot that happened behind the scenes. There will be many times that you are put in terribly awkward situations that you may not know how to get through, but again… you got people and resources around you. You can reach out to me or other alumni. The maf maf chat is a wonderful source too! :)) But pleeeasee do NOT forget that you two have EACH OTHER. Become friends, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, build off of each other. You may be junior and senior… but you are still CO-Captains!


Teagan Mitchell

To the underclassmen on Hatikvah, I will you the undying power of Judaism. Please spend some time making our small club great this coming up year. Hatikvah is mine and Zoe’s baby, but we know we’re putting the club into some great and passionate hands.

To the future Anime Club, I will you the ability to host IMSA Con and have many funny weeb moments in the upcoming year. Don’t be afraid to set yourself different from others– go and have fun without caring what other people think. Also, I’m so sorry we couldn’t make sushi together :(

To Jaelynn Abdullah, I will you extreme confidence and millions of Bells. Believe in yourself and do what you want to do, man. Go out there and do your thing. I’m here for you, Brüder.

To Alana Rock, I will you a plentiful amount of grapefruits, obscure music, and OKAMI HD for the Nintendo Switch. You’re literally one of the smartest people I know and you deserve so much more than you think you do. Use it all wisely.

To Brooke “Gluten-Free (Thing)” Bolsinger, I will you the power to play Guitar Hero like Acai on Youtube. If you don’t continue to be IMSA’s #1 Star Golfer, I’ll be very sad. Keep watching wonderful movies and stay chill.

To Smriti Shankar, I will you inner peace, acceptance, and the ability to trust someone in a beautiful, emotional, and deep way. Please stop watching Spongebob in Mandarin dub and fractal zoom videos.

To Dr. Alex Manly Man, I will you a senior year filled with anime, TLC, and Hebrew prayer music. I will continue sending you Jojo memes for the rest of your life. I’m sorry.

To the FaZe group chat, I will you an HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Wireless Printer Single-pass (Automatic) Document Feeder and Two Paper Trays Smart Home Office Productivity Instant Ink and Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready (1MR66A).

To my fellow trains, I will you power, perseverance, and Hatsune Miku’s eternal love. Please stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year, but I truly believe that there will be a day where we can all be happy trans adults.

To future SCS & the Junior Managers, I will you tremendous luck. Stay patient with people and help others as much as possible. I mean, that’s what we do, right?

To the future residents of 1501, I will you my home. Treat everyone with care, stay funny, and continue hanging out in the hall commons, playing cards, and hosting Smash tournaments. Please don’t let the hall’s personality fade away.

To everyone else I didn’t mention, I will you a wonderful senior year. Do what you want and make great memories. Take pictures and videos, even if they look dorky. The year may be over before you know it.


Milica Barac

To Cassidy, I will you an underclassman who will end up being the love of your life. I hope next year someone will be in your life who will be willing to cut out hundreds of yellow rectangles, or just be there to feed you chocolate, and sing Come on Eileen like you did for me. I am so grateful that you were placed in B-wing, and you are such an amazing person, who always brightened my day. You deserve the world Cassidy, and I’m going to miss you so much, and remember don’t every give anyone the power to change your mood…if you forget this I might have to run from my shower in college with only my towel! I can’t wait to go to Trader Joes with you, and those memories we made during early move-in will always scar me from starvation to sleep deprivation. Also, I wouldn’t forget to will you the ultimate prize at IMSA (I can’t say it here publicly, but if you don’t know what it is just text me). Keep being you because you are such an incredible person, also in college I will still send you noodle pictures… dw 😉!

To Ruchi, I will you somebody who is 8 inches taller than you and who will give you the best hugs. Our hugs will always be legendary, and I don’t think I will find anyone better to hug. We have made so many memories, and a lot of what we did in my room does not have to be spoken about, but just know that I enjoyed it all. Have a great senior year, and keep doing the dumb things you do, and maybe hide in the quad and pretend you’re a rat one more time.

To Hamza, I will you a bus buddy. I will never forget the first time we sat together, and you just told me your life story. You are honestly such a character, and if anyone hates on it, it’s because their jealous. Anyway, keep on being you, and I hope you have a great senior year because you deserve it!

To Shrutika, I will you somebody to be your number one fan. I stan you, and even though you NEVER reciprocated my affection (ig it runs in the Gupta family ☹) I will always be here to adore you.

To Hiteshi, I will you somebody who will remind you how hard it is to match into derm residency. If I ever become a dermatologist, I’m dedicating it to you. For real though, you are so sweet, and I am going to miss you so much!

To Saachi & Hannah, I will you a cute roommate pair to live in B-wing next year. You two are the definition of cute, and I’m going to miss your smiles so much.

To Francesca, I will you somebody to touch your elbows the way I did. Even though you are not true slav, you are honorary slav, and I love you.

To Kodai, I will you a math cop. I pray that next year, you will NEVER have to do a take home ever again. I also hope that you keep on composing, because you are incredibly talented, and that talent shouldn’t go wasted. Never stop pursing your love of music, and good luck next year!

To Carolina, I will a huge tub of cookies. I loved spending time getting ready for debate, and you are literally the sweetest being on this planet. I will also never forget when we dropped the cookies, and crack up even thinking about it. You are such a sweet, smart, and confident person, keep on being you.

To Gerry, I will you a singular tea bag. Getting to see you grow from SEAMS to now is crazy, and you are such a cool kid. Good luck with junior year!

To Jesus, I will you the coolest lil sib! Thanks for always managing to call me out whenever I didn’t say hi to you, it made me a kinder person lol.

To Jay, I will you the most sacred item at IMSA…. the minion marker. I am so happy you were in cancer bio, and your positive attitude is so contagious. Keep being your happy self! Blood sister out….

To Rujuta, I will you an amazing swim season, and someone to always make you smile!

To Sid, I will you the half ownership of our dermatology clinic. While I am sad, we didn’t get to have more IRC talks, we will make up for lost time when we open our business together!

To Madhav, I will you a nice pair of ripped jeans, so that someone can admire them all day. I also hope that you have someone really annoying, distracting, and not funny to sit next to in math next year. Never forget you can’t spell bifurcations without u (or cat).


Torin Kovach

To everyone on varsity tennis next year, I will you a great tennis season that doesn’t get canceled and is full of late-night Chipotle trips and hailing to our grand benevolent dictator Bernie. It sucks that we didn’t get to have a real season this year, but all that means is you guys have to make up for it next year by being twice as great!

To Madhav, I will you an awesome senior year and a sophomore just as awesome as you were to me (also shmen club if that doesn’t get dechartered :)). I know that this year we didn’t spend as much time together as the year before, but IMSA wouldn’t have been the same without you.

To Peter, Logan, Zach, Mason, Robert, and Will #2, I will you sophomores that you can mess around with, annoy, and be entertained by as much as you could ever want. You guys really gave B wing its character this year and made it an absolutely awesome, fun place to live in.

To Peter, Logan, Mason, and Robert, I will you B wing. I literally could not think of four better people for a quad. You guys are going to have the time of your lives as the power quad of B wing next year, and I’m sure it is going to be an awesome wing. Make sure to mess with your sophomores enough so they turn out just as awesome, friendly, and cool as you all, and to stay in touch with this year’s Downquad!

To Krystian and Em, I will you all of Ralph’s horrible jokes. Next year I’m sure SCS is going to be a lot better than it’s ever been at my time at IMSA. Please force more Linux support, make them get rid of the evil outdated Symantec, and make sure to have some fun with it!

To Sreyansh, I will you all of the college acceptances to all the colleges. I know you are super stressed about it, but I promise it’s not half as hard or scary as it looks. I’m sure you’re going to do an absolutely terrific and thorough job of it, just like you do with everything else.

To Siva, I will you a boatload of publications and conferences. You truly are one of the smartest, most unique people I know. I’m 110% sure that wherever you end up, you’ll be successful and generally kick butt. It was so great to see you change from originally just an SIR partner to now a truly good friend. I’ll make sure to follow your tips if I ever get around to COD Zombies :) Make sure to stay in touch — I really want to see where your super-genius brain takes you.

To Deepu, I will you the completely epic SSS that I wasn’t able to have. I can’t think of IMSA without thinking about the awesome and crazy times we had. Make sure not to get yourself locked in any more closets :), hmu from time to time, and come see me if I ever stop back at IMSA!

To Brandon, I will you the first seat on the SIR bus for the rest of your time at IMSA (even though you don’t even need it :)). I can’t imagine how life is going to be without you around — who’s going to annoy me in the hall commons, order Dominos, or go on that late night HiMCM grind (sorry about this year that was a major oof). You’re one of the most fun, brightest, and funniest people I know — make sure to message me!\

To Yaejoon, I will you some more fun times at Yare and some more guest appearances on the best YouTube channel ever. You the memeiest guy I know, and I hope you get lots of time to play R6S, maybe some TF2, and whatever else you enjoy next year!

To Ysabel, I will you an underclassmen that smiles and waves and says awrarararar whenever they see you! You are such a bright, kind, and funny person, and it was really great getting to know you this year. Make sure to get some sleep and go on a lot of dinner dates!

To Ketu Patel, my favorite sophomore, I will you another two great years at IMSA. It has been really awesome being exactly two years of school ahead of you, and I hope you enjoy your time as part of the class of 2022.


Travis Ingram

To Patrick Borse, I will you the Theory of Analysis poster. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this or not, or if you’ve just picked it up on your own, but it was first given to Chris Chang by Dr. Condie, and then Chris willed it to Christoph Gaffud, who then willed it to me. I’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to watch you change and grow over this year, and I hope you continue to grow.


Tyler Ptak

To Eddie Zhang, I will you the 1 spot on the golf team. It’s been great getting to know you and playing together this past season. You’re a great person and a great player as well. I also will you the confidence to get to state the next two years because I’m sure that you can do it. I wanna see your name up the leaderboard next year.

To Archan Das, I will you a hand raised high. You’re one of the coolest juniors I know and I’ll surely miss the times you spent in my quad. You are so much fun to be around and really respect your confidence. I hope you keep making music and I can’t wait for what you put out in the future. I’ll be sure to send you the record when it’s finished and I wanna see some beats when you finish them. I also will you Tommy Nguyen’s guitar (in semi-mint condition) which I’ll mail to you when I get it from IMSA (so text me your address when you can).

To Sabirah, I will you a great junior year. Jk but for real, I hope you have a great senior year. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you some more since the beginning of the school year and making some dumb inside jokes. I’ll make sure to bust you in 8-ball some when I’m off at college. 

To Ram Kakinada, I will you a sophomore to room with. I’m so happy that you got placed in our quad my junior year because you’re a great person and I loved living with you. Most of the time you were slumped on the bed but I appreciated the talks that we had and I know that you’re going to do some great things in the future Dr. Kakinada.

To Zach, Kayson, Quincy, Godwin, and Mike Mike, I will you a great future basketball season. Thanks for making my one year of high school basketball a fun one and good luck for next season.

To Kodai Speich, I will you an upquad that shakes the ceiling till 3AM. I also will you a senior to carry in math. It’s been great getting to know you over the past 2 years in B-wing. You’re crazy intelligent and an incredibly talented musician and I know that you’re going to do some great things in your future. I’m just excited to see what that is.

To Danny Bezugliy, I will you an 07 underclassman who can help you edit movie. Your editing skills are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you make for clash next year. Just make sure to take it easy on yourself and remember to have fun.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you a junior to play backgammon with. I’m going to miss you a lot next year man. Thanks for hooping with me, playing backgammon, playing ping pong, talking and being a good friend for the past 7 years. You’re one of the smartest people I know (says the IQ test) and I’m excited to see what you do in your future.

To Deepu Chintala, I will you underclassmen to play I-day basketball with. I always had fun hooping together and talking when we got the chance. Have a great senior year!  

Chandra and Ahana, I will you good times at coffeehouses next year. You two have amazing voices and I hope you continue to write and release more music next year. Thanks for making SMAC board a good time! I also will you a Faces of IMSA portrait of Renzo Ledesma which I can mail to you when I get it from IMSA (just get me one of your addresses when you can).

To Evie Lee, I will you perseverance for another year of SIR. Have fun and make sure to recruit some sophomores. Have a great senior year!

To Megan Ptak, I will you the title of sole Ptak on campus. You’re welcome.

To Hector Ibarra, I will you an online guitar lesson. Just text me when you’re free.

To future 07BWing, I will you the best wing on campus.


Vaish Tetali

To Megan Ptak, I will you a better lab partner than me, more tank classes like medicinal chemistry, and a friend who will go to extreme lengths to save you from people like you-know-who. I hope all your future lab partners can actually read graduated cylinders, manage to not mess up every single lab, take “five minute” breaks, and blast music to karaoke with you. I wish that you take more tank classes and spend more time making new friends, laughing, and cherishing your senior year. I hope you never have to deal with more people like you-know-who. And if you ever need to be saved from anyone or anything, don’t worry. No matter how far I am, I will always be ready to pull up with a milk tea latte and get you out of a sticky situation.

To Ahana Narayanan, I will you an underclassman who cares about you just as much as you care about them, more fun times at SIR, and a buddy to sit with you in the Chan lab kitchen. I am so happy that I got to spend the last summer and every single I-day with you. Thank you for listening to all my rants, being so dedicated and hardworking, spilling tea with me at 10 am, showing me new music (I love Rosalia now lol), motivating me to write my mod fic essays, and giving me advice. You’re honestly so accomplished, driven, and talented that I know you’ll make it big one day (please remember me when you’re famous). Anyways, please eat lunch earlier than 3pm and get more sleep next year. You’ve worked so incredibly hard and I can’t wait to see what else you do in the future. Have an amazing senior year and PLEASE SSS.

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will you an underclassman who spontaneously visits your room, gives you amazing music recommendations, and has an infectious smile like yours. I know we didn’t talk as much as we wanted to until this semester (it’s my fault, I’m sorry), but I’m so glad we did because I go to know how caring, thoughtful and sweet you are. I love all our random conversations in the wing, IRC, and our quads. You are so hardworking and talented, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

To Paola Padilla, I will you a friend with a better sense of direction than me! I hope you get to wander around Chicago more next year, but hopefully with people who can actually read google maps (I’m sorry)!

To Shivani Venkatraman, I will you the future of graphic design for Acronym. Thank you for all your work this year, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future. You got this!

To Hiteshi Patel and Krisha Patel, I will you two of your own seats on the SIR bus. I really hope you guys have less underclassmen on the bus next year or at least that people won’t be fighting each other as much to get seats. Thank you for being so kind and doubling up with me. I loved all our conversations and will miss talking to you both. I hope you guys have more fun memories at SIR, the best of luck with college season, and an incredibly sweet SSS.

To 06CUQ (Megan Ptak, Francesca Dumitrescu, Paola Padilla, and Phyllis Shen), I will you all my home away from home for this past year, downquad. I will you all endless laughs, deep talks, and memories. I will you guys the love, responsibility, and knowledge to lead two other classes of underclassmen, as I know for a fact that you guys will be the best role models. I will you guys the strength to survive college season and have a great SSS. I love you all so much and remember that I am only a phone call/text away if you all ever need anything. I hope you’ll always be there for one another, and that you’ll continue to grow, each as individuals, but also together as a quad. Thank you for always filling the wing with smiles and laughs, and I hope you continue to do so next year. (Also to whoever gets the big room, I will you an ant-free bathroom. I really hope none of you guys have to wake up at 5am just to find hundreds of ants crawling around everywhere.)

To Sri Voora, I will you a baby sophomore who will brighten your day every time that you see or interact with them. I am so happy we got to live in the same wing this year, and I will miss seeing your beautiful smile everyday, having random conversations in telugu, and reading your notes when I am stressed.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you more powerful forehands and a sophomore with the prettiest smile. Thank you for making my last tennis season of high school so much fun. I hope you make more amazing memories on the courts, in those cramped vans, and during every single practice. I hope your junior and senior year are as stress free as possible and that you always keep smiling.

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you a sophomore with a heart just as big as yours. You truly have the sweetest soul ever, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Please keep being goofy, laughing, and smiling brightly. Never lose that side of you!

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you group of people who’s always there for you, through the good and the bad. This year may have been a little tough, but I promise you things will get better. Next year I hope you’re able to surround yourself with more people that love, support, and appreciate you for who you are as a person. Remember to sleep and take care of your mental health. Everything will work out, I promise. 

To 06C (Megan Ptak, Francesca Dumitrescu, Paola Padilla, Phyllis Shen, Shivani Venkatraman, Manasvi Thumu, Elasia Rodriguez, Kristina Williams, Vivian Cho, Cindy Oh, Sri Voora, Gloria Wang, Rachael Koterba, Hilda Montalvo, Christin Sanchez, and Shreya Mahesh), I will you guys an amazing wing next year. I hope that the amazing community within the wing continues on to next year and that you all have a supportive, funny, and loving group of people to come back to everyday. 


Vasu Chalasani

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a sophomore that’ll become your little sister and best friend sooner than you can finish saying “banana pancake.” Watching Oh Baby, witnessing cardboard robberies, getting our boy @malluvin to say stuff in in2, sleeping with you, dancing after every culture show in studU to the same three brown songs, making Maggi, Dancing with the Stars Intersession… just some of the good times I’ll never forget. Also, while writing these out, I realized I also need to will you like 50 water bottles for all the ones you’ve been robbed of. Ruch, you mean so much to me and know that I’ll always be there for you. You are the most caring, hilarious, beautiful, and, most importantly, the laziest human being I have ever met and, for that, I will love you forever. I am so proud of the strong and mature person that you have become and just know that I’m always here. Ok, I’m gonna go back to texting you instead of writing this. Idk when you’ll see this but, for context, right now we are talking about Richie Rich :0. Oh yeah, I also will you my prom date. With that, I hope your year has been made. See you soon babes <3.

To Cassidy Krupske, I will you a sophomore that’ll become one of the best people you have ever met in your lifetime and a lifelong sister. I know I’m only 18, but I promise that I’ll never forget your kind, caring, funny beautiful character in this lifetime or in any other one. I’m gonna miss you and Ruchi next year. Cass, thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year. I genuinely don’t even know how to put my gratitude into words for the impacts you have had on my life. I’m gonna miss our face masks and weird late night grinds so much and teaching you math. Idk why but it brings me so much joy. Whenever you’re feeling down, read this and remember the strong and beautiful person you are. You are perfect in every way, and, even though I won’t be in and out your room all the time, I’m still always here to support you and Ruch every step of the way through your senior year. Never hesitate to text me, I love you and I’ll visit you guys soon. I can’t last without your hugs for too long ;)

To Saachi Kumar, I will you a junior that’ll make the biggest disruptions in fitness classes with you, make TikToks with you all over the MB, and will always keep it real. You are one of the best people that I have gotten to know hands-down, and I’m so thankful for M and R for bringing us together. You amaze me with your talent and dedication to everything you’re passionate about and the love and loyalty you hold for your friends. Always keep that with you, it’s one of the best things about you. You have brilliant ideas and an amazing voice so, next year, I wanna see you take that voice to the max, and I can’t wait to see the amazing leader you’re transforming into. I’m gonna miss you a lot, and I want you to know that I’m always here for you to talk to. If you need help with anything next year, my arms are always open for you :)

To Hannah Xu, I will you the best and most fun SSS. Hannah, I’m gonna miss your kindness, smiles, and the shock on your face every time you realize its me napping in your quad not Ruch. Everytime I visit your quad, I cannot help but admire your amazing work ethic and commitment to your passions. I am confident that senior year will only bring you more fruit and success for all of your hard work, and I will you the best SSS to relax and enjoy the company of your friends to the fullest. I’m going to miss you a lot and, if you ever need any help next year, please know that I’m here for you!

To Hiteshi Patel and Shrutika Gupta, I will you juniors that will be the most competent, hard-working and inspirational people you’ve met because you guys were that for me. I admire the way you’re able to balance your goofy, fun sides with the grind. You guys are two of the best people I have come to encounter in the wing and I will you the best of senior year. Keep being beautiful and, if you ever need anything next year, don’t hesitate to ask. Love you guys.

To Lalana Appasani, Delicia Chen, and Amanda Chen, I will you laughter. You guys are some of the best people on campus, and I enjoy your shenanigans. Lalana, I’m really proud of how strong and amazing you are and I hope you bring that strength with you to next year. Delicia, I’m sorry for harassing you with Milica. You’re just too cute. I love you guys. Amanda, you’re so artistic and talented. I will you the best.

To Krisha Patel, I will you a math buddy and sweet junior that’s always down to talk! Discrete with you was a blast and I’ll never forget the late night grinds. I’m so proud of the successful, beautiful and smart girl you are and wish you the best for your senior year.

To Abhi Thati, I will you a fellow Telugoon that will always make you laugh and be the life of the party. Thank you for all the wonderful memories this year. I’m really thankful we got closer, and I got to see the absolute goof you are. Take care of those close to you next year and I’m really excited to come visit for Diwali. I’m going to miss you a lot and your strange accents and noises. You are going to do amazing next year with all of your endeavors but remember to relax and cherish the moments with those around you. If you ever need anything next year, I’m here for you.

To Hamza Haq, I will you confidence. Hamza, you’ve made me laugh countless times and have amazed me through your care and consideration for others. There was a lot of times this year that I struggled with confidence and believing in myself, but you were always there to support me. I’m proud of the person you have become and am excited to see the things you’ll do in the future. If you need help with anything next year, don’t hesitate to ask!

To Akul Prakash, I will you the best senior year. Thank you for being such a good part of mine, and I hope you get everything you want because you’re just the best. I’m really excited to visit you for Diwali next year!

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you a sophomore who will fangirl at JusReign with you and recognize his videos wherever and whenever they are played! I’m gonna miss your humor next year, and I know you’ll do great things. I’m rooting for you!

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you some decency for this upcoming year. I’m excited to visit and see how you’ve taken your goofiness to new heights. Thank you for always making me smile, you will always be one of my og sophs and favorites. Wishing you the best!

To Sai Voora, I will you an SIR bus buddy for the rest of your senior year to keep you company and to help you learn the beauty of sleeping on a shoulder. I respect the grit and determination with which you pursue your dreams, even if that just be a bus seat, keep up the grind.

To Patrick Hultquist (or should I say Aidan…), I will you a sophomore that will always greet you in the hallways with the wrong name, hang out with you in your wing commons and make you laugh with their adorable smile. From the face masks to the Phineas and Ferb and playing The Floor is Lava, it’s been a blast. Keep being the great leader and friend that you are to everyone.

To Jay Ganesan, Deepu Chintala, and Hamza Haq, I will you guys new blood sisters to add to our group. Thank you for all of the fun memories and the C Wing dinner date. Jay, thank you for always keeping the tradition alive with your daily  “heyyyy blood sister tsss” in the hallways. Deepu, thank you for the smiles and kind greetings. Hamza, thank you for making the group laugh all the time. I will you guys all the best of senior year, keep making memories like this!

To Manaal Shamsi and Laila Walton, I will you the best sophomores that will always make the wing feel like home and take care of you. Thank you for all the henna, sushi and love and always opening the wing door to my banging. I’m sad our time has gotten cut short, but I will always only be one call/text away! Keep being the creative and loving people that you are. Your kindness and regard for others will take you far in life and bring you success.

To Oliver Ni, I will you an amazing, kind and smart little sibling such as yourself! I wish you the best of luck through the rest of your IMSA journey and text me if you ever need anything. Thank you for all the memories!

To Rujuta Darwas, Sid Tiwari, Belly Kubwimana, Pranav Patel, Rohit Katakam, Andy Tang, Liam Nelson, I will you sophomores that will always make you smile. Rujuta, I will you a BloNo sophomore that will fill you with love and laughter. Sid, I will you a sophomore that will always goof around with you, beat you in ping pong, and hang in the IRC with you and your friends. Belly, I will you a chain that will remain yours and a sophomore who radiates the same amazing energy and kindness as you. Pranav, I will you a sophomore that will have your back if you ever go off on Ed Jones and I will you my Evian water bottle. Rohit, I will you a sophomore who will always smile at you in the hallways and make bomb TikToks with you at dinner dates. To Andy Tang and  Liam Nelson, I will you the best year. Thank you for always making me and Milica smile in Physics and Mafia and for all the Quest help, you are amazing!

To this year’s B Wing underclassmen (Ruchi Patel, Cassidy Krupske, Saachi Kumar, Hiteshi Patel, Shrutika Gupta, Hannah Xu, Alice Li, Joyce Li, Lily Isibue, Olamiji Fabamigbe, Manaal Shamsi, Rachel Hodge, Temi Ijisesan, Claire Difford, Laila Walton, Moorea Gay),

I will you guys underclassmen that will make everyday an adventure and fill the wing with kindness, humor and fun. I’m so proud of the growth you’ve all had on your IMSA journey and the brilliant people you are turning into. Keep in mind your strength, confidence and trust and love for each other as you rock your junior and senior years. I know you guys will all do amazing things. Claire and Rachel, please continue to keep the wing festive with your decs.

To Ava Puchitkanont, Kaylee Zhou, Anabelle Lu, Natali Chung, Liz Soyemi, Gabi Georgieva, Feyikemi Ogunleye, Olamiji Fabamigbe, Madeline Fields Halva, Alice Li, Joyce Li, Julie Lima, Serena Gacek, Emily Wei, Rishi Boddu, I will you sophomores who will make your last clash the best through their smiles, dedication and hall pride. You guys killed it with all of your hard work with decs, talent show, and drill. Thank you for making my last clash the best and most memorable ones <33 Feyikemi, I couldn’t fit this into your own will but I will you a sophomore that will take on the wrath of Ed Jones with you and make you smile 24/7 in Driver’s Ed.


Vibhav Adivi

To Akul Prakash, I will you an underclassman that is more competent and intelligent than you could even dream of being. I don’t think there is a person out there who exists like that for you, but you were that person for me. I’m gonna miss all the late-night talks discussing whatever is going on with our lives and just making fun of people being stupid. There’s literally no advice I can ever give you because you already have your life together, but just remember I’m only a text away if you ever wanna talk. Love you bro <3

To Sai Voora, I will you to take up activism. You’re always speaking your mind about something, may it be getting your own bus seat or insulin that costs way too much. Senior year, you should start fighting for the issues, and stop working so hard on actual homework. Go start a riot or something, and make senior year the best one.

To Mark Ying, just have fun. You already know how to balance everything in your life, and you’re doing just fine. Have that SSS that I couldn’t man; you’ve earned it.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you someone that is always there for you, even when you don’t want them to be, just like you were for me. Have a good senior year and maybe if you’re less scary and a little nicer, someone will buy you Taco Bell. 🔔

To Rajan Patkar, I will you to go out more. I remember for the past two years, everyone has been telling us how alike we are, and I’m not going to pretend like I don’t see it. You’re crazy smart and really wacky. Enjoy your senior year and leave your room more. Just have a good time because you deserve it.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you some decency. Don’t get too distracted senior year; you still have college apps and school to focus on. Keep being goofy though. Work hard, play hard.

To Hamza Haq, I will you my laundry card, so you can wash your clothes without having to involve anyone else. Keep doing Bhangra, watching Bollywood movies, and eating samosas (I think you owe me some).

To Jaden Wang, I will you a budget. Stop ordering so much. I would tell you to learn how to respect your upperclassmen, but next year it’ll be pretty hard to do that. Just take it easy senior year, and maybe you can treat your underclassmen the same way we treat you. 🤫

To Jay Ganesan, I will you to stop being the ridiculous man you are and find a way to be even more silly. I don’t know how, but you were already goofy sophomore year, and that increased exponentially, so have that boost again.

To Rohit, Rishik, Philip, Pranav, Robert, Quinn, Eddie, and Christo, I will you 2 more years of the best IMSA experience you could imagine. You guys are the best group of sophomores I could have asked for during my senior year, and I’m so glad that your additions to A-Wing cemented it as the best and goofiest wing on campus. I wish I could have had more time with all of you, but I know you’ll succeed. Junior year will be tough, but don’t lose that fun-loving attitude. If you ever wanna talk, don’t be afraid to hit me up.

To Akul, Sai, Mark, Abhi, Aryan, Rajan, Teodor, and Zach, I will you the A-wing down-oct. Some of my best memories are from there, and I know whatever stupid things you guys do, you’re gonna have fun. Cherish your senior year and make some of the best memories you’ll ever make. Keep the A-wing legacy strong.

 Vidhi Singh 

To Avelin Thepsomphone (I looked it up for you <3), I don’t even know where to begin with you lol. I still remember spending the whole week of Summer@IMSA with you playing four square and going to Target to do something…fun. I also remember the countless conversations where you’ve made me laugh and the times we’ve burst into your room with you in your bed and pokemon sheets. You’ve given me countless memories that I’ll never forget. For that, I will you the lineage of pseudo pent and a junior that will make you laugh as much as you made me laugh.
To Ethan Thieme, Where do I even start? Your comments during our countless work/Wii/Smash sessions are unforgettable, as well as your racing technique have made me laugh more times than I can count, and your brain is honestly too groovy for me to handle. I will you a blissful senior year and a junior that will keep you company and go on walking trips with you while simultaneously get really good at smash over the period of three weeks.
To Vivian Hedican, I will always remember the times you’ve come into my room to comfort me when I was feeling horrible about life, and you literally feeding me whenever I see you. I will you an endless supply of cheese chips and junior who will listen to you when times are tough.
To Manasvi Thumu, I will you the most obscure yet relevant blocks and the confidence to say “there are only 4 pro/con contentions on the table” in round. Debate was unforgettable without you, and I’ll miss you!
To Shrutika Gupta, I will you an endless amount of pre-written summaries and a junior that will piss you off during crossfire (oop). Although you are frustratingly good at crossfires, I enjoyed my time with you, and I’ll never forget you.
To Manasvi Thumu and Shrutika Gupta, I will you a) sophomores to keep PF alive lol and b) nationals (!!!) because you deserve it. Seriously you guys are so amazing at debate and you’ll meet Simon and Kyle and did what I couldn’t (ignore their beauty and beat them lol).
To Manasvi Thumu, Shrutika Gupta, Andy Tang, Oliver Ni (yes you), and PF, I will an amazing season, with all of you going to nationals and breaking at state (I should will you guys a state tournament to be safe). This was hands-down my favorite extracurricular and I trust you guys to make sure it stays that way.
To Nautilus, I will you all an amazing year with many events, as well as the school fish tank (rip), and a Shedd Trip that actually happens without any obstacles. To C-Wing, Thank you so much for making my last year the best year! I will all of you a wing full of love, happiness, and people who will truly make it feel like a home away from home.
To Brandon Park, I will you Mr. Brummet and Calc BC FRQs because we all know how much you love both of them. I also wish you a happy senior year and a true SSS.
To Emma Darbro, I will you the confidence to follow through on all your dives, and Coach Chuck. Someone’s got to tell him o.0 lol
To Ella Foes, I will you a junior that has an awesome music taste and is great company on the way back from swim meets.
To Gnandeep Chintala, I will you an annoying junior (jk) who will always wave to you in the hallways and strike up conversations with you. I also would like to will you infinite tennis balls so you never stop practicing outside.
To Jason Li, I will you a groovy junior who’s got the moves, a better music taste (there’s a whole world out there past BTS lol sorry not sorry), and (hopefully) a BOMB Lunar modern (I better see some of the stuff you showed me when I come back to see it next year).
To Jaden Wang, I will you an underclassman who will twin with you by wearing a Whitney Young sweatshirt and worry over college as a non-senior.
To Eric Pan, I will you a happy-go-lucky junior with an interesting music taste (if I had to describe it, it would take too long), and a blissful senior year.
To Niyati Kapadia, I will you a sophomore who can throw it back ;), knows all the Tik Tok dances by heart, and has a stockpile of really funny ones to show you at check everyday.

Vismay Vyas

To my juniors (you kno who you are), I’m broke and can’t get you anything but I will you a great senior year filled with adventure and lots of time with friends because it leaves much faster than it comes. Enjoy your sss and don’t stress college too much! Love you babes.


Winny Liu

To Makayla, I will you your very own sophomore to call your Fujian twin. And as my Fujian twin, I also will you my socks and flip flops. You’re so sweet and you always make my day when I talk to you :)) Keep in touch with me!

To Saanvi, I will you some height. You’re actually the cutest being on this earth :)) Thank you for hyping me up even when I look like a legit sack of potatoes.

To Rujuta, I will you an endless supply of ramen. You’re the sweetest person I know, like you’re an actual ball of sunshine cause you’re so energetic and positive. Even if you are down, you always make sure the people around you are okay. You’re such a caring person and I will you people who will treat you just as well.

To Resh, I will you a sophomore that will crash your room with good vibes. You’re such a sweet person. I loved just sitting down and having a conversation with you.

To Thavaisya, I will you a hypeman as good as you are because you’re so beautiful and you deserve that type of love.

To Eunice, I will you more sleep but seeing how that’s unlikely to happen, I will you more coffee. I wish we talked more because I liked our convos when we did talk. Also, thank you for hitting me in the head with a basketball :))

To Nadia Ludwig, I will you your very own sophomore that will feed you food and buy you soda when you’re dumb and didn’t go to Sodexo (and thank you for doing that for me). I also will you a fourth quarter of sleepovers and deep night conversations with your upperclassmen and I’m so sad we were never able to do that.

To Emily Jung, I will you 03 mural. I hope the butt I painted for you fits your taste :)) I also will you a fun and happy junior year, despite the stress. I’m so glad I met you during Xlash, but I definitely wish I met you earlier. Stay in contact with me!

To Niyati, I will you a buddy who will dash with you from the main building to the halls when it’s cold and you don’t have a proper jacket >:(( You’re actually one of the funniest people I know and you made every drill or talent show practice ten times better. I also will you your headphones because I still have them and thank you so much for lending them to me. You always pull through whenever I have a crisis. You’re such a beautiful gal and I love you lots.

To Balaji, I will you the ability to pec pop and your very own tiny sophomore to annoy you 24/7. Though, you’re as short as it gets… it’s going to be hard to find someone smaller. I’m not going to give you the spot of my favorite sophomore no matter how much you assume that spot, but you’re definitely my favorite child to make fun of. Thank you for throwing oranges at me, leaving a bruise on my arm, feeding me grapes, pushing me down in pictures to look taller, and giving me “advice” for copping. And for the record, I adopted you… not the other way around.

To Collin, I will you better seniors to adopt you because Matthew was not it. Even though you’re kind of a bully, you have a really positive energy and I enjoy talking to you.

To Jorge, I will you a french buddy as fun as me. Maybe you need a French carry actually. Either way, I’m really happy I met you this year. Even though you’re an absolute bully and the only things you ever say to me are insults, thank you for making me look forward to 6th mod everyday you bum.

To Bellie, I will you a laundry card and thank you for running over mine with a car. I appreciate you a lot and some of my best memories senior year involve you. You give the greatest hugs and I’ll miss them a lot. Also, you’re lucky we never got to play connect 4 because I would’ve destroyed you.

To Madhav, I will you better fits. Thank you for watching out for me in graphic novels and carrying me in BC. I also will you a better math buddy cause I wasn’t a very good one oopsies.

To Shiraz, I will you your blue dragon plush. Thank you for loaning him to me, I love him a lot :)) You’re such a quirky dude, but you’re so fun to talk to. I would also like to will you some muscles because I do not appreciate almost falling on my face from your shoulders when we were taking pictures after clash. But I’m glad I met you. Keep in touch :))

To Pranav Manoj, I will you quicker reflexes cause you sucked at ERS. I’m also sorry I wasn’t much help with your secret santa oopsies and happy birthday :)) Six is a very exciting age to be.


Wyatt Funkhouser

To Jacob Malone, I will you a great junior and senior year at IMSA. It sucks that we lost the fourth quarter, but you were the best sophomore a senior could ask for and I hope that you get the same your senior year. Also don’t forget the waffles. 

To Kyle Abend, Danny Bezugliy, Addison Henikoff, Archan Das, and the rest of Titan Robotics, I will you guys a successful 2021 season, and wish you the best on getting back to Worlds. Us seniors are available if you need us don’t hesitate to reach out. Alums from 2012 to now are willing to help, and if one of us doesn’t know the answers I’m sure someone we know does.

To Danny Bezugliy and Lily Isibue, I will you guys a great experience on Drive Team next year, and I know that you guys will do an amazing job with whatever robot the rest of the team gives you to take to Worlds.

To Jaden Wang, I will you the ability to survive senior year. Get to gold and stop getting perma banned so that you can stop complaining in the group chat. Miss you bud and all of the crazy conversations that we had.

To Kyle Abend, Ellie Rodriguez, and the rest of Makersquad, I will you guys to have a great time in the Makerspace with Grant. I spent way too much time there with him, Erik, and Ade, and I hope that yall will do the same to learn about the wonders of making and to spread it to the IMSA community.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you to keep being yourself whether that be killing Ash and Vas in Werewolf or screaming about anything and everything you were a blast to be around and I’m going to miss hanging out with you.

To Vas Ramesh and Ash Ramesh, Somehow the two of you made it to your senior year. Enjoy it, but not too much you still have to graduate. I’m going to miss bothering the two of you about our games and about all of the questionable stuff that happens in 1504. Goodluck!

To Nate Tamez, Good luck with your future roommate, hopefully it will be one that you can get along with. I’m going to miss talking about cars and yelling at you to get out of our room when it’s 2 am and Grant is trying to sleep. Also, don’t forget that on next year’s wing contract to help Greg. Enjoy your senior year, and don’t ever forget that Dodge is better than Nissan.

To Mark Ying, I will you a great senior year in robotics, in the culture shows, in Clash, and in 04. Have fun, and don’t forget to bring home that trophy for us again next year.

To Jason Li, I will you a great senior year. Have fun with the culture shows, Clash, and with your friends. We didn’t hang out enough this year. Good luck getting Yas in ranked.

To Christo Ekimov, I will you a great junior year. Keep on truckin you are a third of the way through IMSA. We didn’t hang out enough this last semester, and we need to play Werewolf again sometime when the quad comes back to visit.

To Jon Gao and Brady Williams, Thanks for being awesome juniors! The whole quad is going to miss playing Werewolf with yall. Have fun in your senior year and enjoy it.

To Teodor Tchalakov, I will you to have a great senior year. Robotics and making hall movie with you was a blast, and I’m excited to see what masterpiece of a movie you construct next year. Good Luck!


Zayn Ramdass

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you (back) your purple stick. She has been the bearer of amazing times, and has suffered through many brave trials. Her rightful place is with you; though, and I want you to have her back to not just remember me, but remember the fun that we had. I want you to look at her and remember all the times that the whole squad got together and everything felt so effortless. She’s meant so much to me, and I want her to continue to supply you with good times and good memories (even if u don’t use her). Along with that, I will you my Pakistani flag (represent, because unless you get lucky with a sophomore you’re the last one) and the one writing center poster that you wanted ever since you realized your boy was on it (its still crazy how we saw him at UIUC). Finally, I will you an underclassmen who will do anything and everything with you. They’ll be the type of person to never say no, always have bad ideas, but will always follow through. Maybe they’ll even teach all of Dubai how to bust down like mine did. Also, get on gunfight loser.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you clarity. We have been friends since basically the first time you walked in my room. We have had so many amazing times together, for better and for worse. The reason I will you clarity is because over these past two years, you have been reaching for this goal, striving to prove yourself, but I don’t think that goal is what you want it to be just yet. As you have grown throughout your imsa career, your focus has become more fixated on this goal, but you need just a little more time to figure out what it is you want. I can tell you will, Mike, and I know that your life will be a lot less stressful once you do. I need you to hold it together for one more year so you can fully realize the man that you want to be. Also, please never lose your passion for what you believe in, it is one of the greatest inspirations to me (and don’t forget our pact).

To Ash Ramesh, I will you a sophomore who will be up for whatever you are. You and I did some of the stupidest things this year, and I have to say I am so glad we were friends for it. Putting a whole McChicken in my mouth, staying up all night for literally no reason, making you stay up all night for literally no reason, bowling with a basketball and two pointy table legs, literally the randomest thing you can name and we’ve done it. I want you to have someone who will come to your room just to say something dumb and then leave. I’m so glad my last night of imsa was spent with you while i was frantically trying to do a chem assignment that wasn’t even collected the next day. Try not to get in any more trouble, you only got one year left bro. Keep Tim safe and don’t let the c-wingers get him.

To Aidan Steuck, why are you so tall? Like for real, like how are you so tall and i’m so short i don’t get it. Aidan, I will you an underclassmen that never fails to make you smile. Someone that you don’t even know how you got to know, but will dust you in FIFA.  Speaking of which, we need to have a rematch there is no way I’m letting you hold onto that dub from our last game. This underclassmen will visit you at the most random of times and bring a little bit of light to any dark day you might be having (especially during college apps). Keep them close because they’ll be a beacon of hope in darkest times, like you were for me.

To Evie Lee, I will you the hoodie that you refuse to give back to me. It’s cost to me is nothing compared to what being friends with you means to me. You’ve been there when I’ve needed you most, but more importantly you called me out when I needed it. I hope the hoodie can be a sign of everything in life that stands in your way. You can accomplish anything and you have to be adamant about what you do! Like you were with not giving my hoodie back! Jokes! Okay, but for real you have so much to offer this world and nothing is gonna stop you as long as you don’t let it. Also rip prom tho like fr :(. It’s ok we’ll hang and party sometime after corona. Take care of yourself, Evie.

To Cayleigh O’Hare, I will you Saturday Nights. These are the nights when you feel the most comfortable with yourself. Those halcyon nights (no idea if that’s how you use it) that no feeling quite describes perfectly. The nights that always pass by too quickly. Saturdays are for the boys, but saturday nights are for you. The late night car rides when you’re just so immersed in the moment, the music, the atmosphere. These moments are the best thing in this world, and it almost doesn’t feel real. It feels just like you’re in a movie. No responsibility, no grades, no drama, just you, maybe some friends, and some good music to vibe with. On top of that tho, this youtube video because you desperately need it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A66BAnVvsQ. I hope you find happiness in the two years left at IMSA that you have. I know it sucks and we both talked bad about it, but there is light in it. Cherish the opportunities, learn whatever you can, participate in everything IMSA has to offer, but most of all cherish your friends because you never know if a pandemic could take away the time you have left.

To Abhi Thati, I know this may come as a surprise, but I will you to be a choreographer of Brown Velvet. You might ask, “Zayn how can I be willed something that doesn’t exist” to which I would answer, make it exist! You see, you are capable of so much more than us, so you should be able to unleash the true power of Brown Velvet which we were unable to do. I want you to push the limits and show everyone how flamboyant a brown boy can really be. Along with this, I also give you the right to choose your last member. Four of them have been chosen and have received their wills, but one spot remains of the original five. It doesn’t matter to us whether they are a junior or senior but other than that the choice is all yours. Choose wisely young padawan.

To Jaden Wang, I will you the ability to wear a clean, nice, pure white outfit without getting it dirty. The whole shabang. The clean triple white ultraboosts, a sparkling white hoodie with the matching windbreaker, and to finish the look off them pearly white sweatpants. I believe in you bro it can’t be that hard to keep white shoes white (don’t mention the alpha bounces they were white at some point). Along with that, I will you endless nights of Frank Ocean on repeat. He is so good i had to throw it in there because i’m glad you can appreciate him as much as me. My final will to you is a good buddy. Someone that can brighten up your day just that little bit that you need to keep going. Hey maybe they’ll even be in your next math class arguing with Dr. Yen.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you someone to inspire you as much as you have inspired me. Your determination to accomplish whatever is is you put your mind to still amazes me. You are a cooking legend, a workout master, and an academic god. I want you to continue to push yourself and work on yourself because you want to. There is always room for improvement and I know you won’t stop until there isn’t. You’ll get there just don’t let anyone get in your way. I believe in you.

To Alej Carillo, Jorge Chavez, Ben Weber, and Yair Guerrero, I will you Dr. Torres’ face (treat it well, it has been passed down for generations), Ethan’s face, my ID, Ryan’s ID (if i can find it), one of the writing center posters, Liam’s mistake, but most importantly, our quad. I don’t know which one of you is gonna pull the short straw and get the small room, but whoever does, just know that a lot of whack stuff went on in there. Countless memories were made there and I want you to make so many more. A quad is something to cherish, don’t take it for granted because it can be taken away just like that. Get your service hours in, and have a good time. Make the most out of your senior year and have the best time of your life doing it. Also remember, any of us from the quad are always here for you anytime you need anything, so don’t hesitate to ask.

To Gabe Delgado, AJ Williams, Jesus Mascote, Jakob Bachhausen, Marco Bravo, Alvaro Hucker, Liam McCarthy, and Gerardo Paramo, I will you a wing as amazing as ours. 04D has a history of being an amazing wing on campus, if not the best, for years. The legacy must continue and I trust you all to do just that. I don’t know if you all are staying in 04D, but even if you don’t, remember where you came from. Never forget the bonds created this year. Keep the day 1’s close, because someday you’ll need them to be there for you and they might need you there for them. Remember, 04D lives on forever. Good luck to all of you, and don’t be a stranger.

To Liam McCarthy, I will you the best Woodstock performance, the Grateful Dead.

To any and all underclassmen who read this, I will you the ability to stay strong. Don’t back down when times get rough. Rely on your friends, family, teachers, anyone who is there for you. You guys got this! You’re all going to get through the endless all nighters, sodexo food, wifi shutoffs, the whole thing. If you ever need anything don’t be a stranger! Love you all and have a good junior and senior year guys <3.


Zoe Berthold

To Grace Smith, I will you a package of hallway cookies and a sophomore to bother you all of your days. I’ve enjoyed being with you in robotics so much over the past two years, even if you always randomly inquire into who I’m friends with. I know you can do amazing things in the future, but next year is a time to relax. Don’t let the drama get to you. Keep the robotics spirit alive when we go to Einsteins next year and don’t forget to always be safe!!! 

To Lucie, Hannah, Mylanah, Rachel, and Niyati, I will you a wing with a more even senior to non senior ratio. Thanks for putting up with all 13 of us all year :))

To Rachel Selveraj, I will you a sophomore to intimidate next year. I know you’ve been living in my shadow, but finally you won’t be the lowest of the low anymore. Keep being amazing at all video games except Wii Sports. ;))

To Alana, Nat, and Sam, I will you some Jewish sophomores. Thanks for putting up with the crazy Hatikvah meetings all year.

To Mark Ying, I will you a stand partner who carries your music for you and some restful nights. I know junior year was tough, but you can be done with adchem now and hopefully Sabrina’s sleep game will be null and void. Thanks for all the great orchestra memories this year and I know your last year at imsa will be a great one.

To Nate Tamez, I will you somebody to help you with your math homework and isn’t busy all the time (oops).

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Eva is a senior from Lombard who lives in 1506 A-wing. She is super excited to serve as the Co-Editor-in-Chief along with Rachna Gupta for the 2020-2021 school year! Outside of The Acronym, she's involved in Lincoln-Douglass Debate, SIR, and entrepreneurship.

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