2020 Senior Wills Pt. 1

Designed by Vaish Tetali ('20)

Welcome to the 2020 Senior Wills! The Acronym’s special tradition provides our most experienced students with the opportunity to reflect upon their IMSA careers and pass down wisdom to their underclassmen. This year, we have chosen to publish Senior Wills separately from the Senior Edition, but everything will be available on our site soon. Given the unusual end to the 2019-2020 academic year, we found that the graduating students had much to say. 117 members of the class of 2020 submitted wills and wrote over 102,000 words in total (enough for a 200 page, single-spaced novel)! Click here to go to part 2 for first names M-Z.

Aabha Vyas
Aaron Rodrigues
Ainsley Baldwin Zurek
Alana Depaz
Alec Chen
Alexander Bantchev
Alisa Williams
Alison Deng
Allia Lin
Alyssa Daniels
Andrea Rubio
Andrew Du
Ashley Homecgoy
Athena Zheng
Austin Shwatal
Austin Zickur
Avi McDaniel
Ayan Mallik
Bala Ramaraju
Brandon Young-Eleazar
Breanna Yang
Cait Castillo
Chris Bridges
Christina Johnson
Christopher Teng
Clara Robin
Dana Stanecki
Daniel Chacón
Declan Creaney
Diana Gonzalez
Duncan Osmund
Eliot Smith
Eliza Apavaloaiei
Elizaveta Kuzmina
Gaylen Dimick
Gowri Warikoo
Grace Federici
Grace Yue
Grant Fiedler
Ian Fowler
Ishaar Ganesan
Ishanpepe Jagusah
Janna Jann
Jason Zhang
Jay Dong
Jerry Hong
Ji Yoon Lee
Johnny Yelenick
Jodie Meng
Joseph Bertrand
Jumobi Arowolo
Katya Romanov
Kiri Salij
Krishna Thakkar
Krishnachandra Nair
Kurt Leano
Kya Richardson
Lauren Crowe
Lauren Pickett
Linda Kaneps
Lizzie Murphy
Lucas Milavec

Aabha Vyas

To Sam Gong and Joanna Menendie, I will you the glittery 06 sign from my first Clash, cheery underclassmen to make you cheese quesadillas when you’re stressed, and less violations. I will truly miss hearing your laughs from the wing commons and your smiles at 10 check. I never thought that anyone could beat the amount of time Grace and I spent in the D wing commons when we were sophomores but you guys managed to outdo us! Thank you for supporting us and asking how we were doing while we wrote our college apps. You two are always so positive and fun to be around. Don’t let the grind kill your spirits and I hope you make endless memories in the L room.

To Disha Dureja, I will you sleep, Mio for your junior year, and Red Bull for your senior year. I admire your passion for what you involve yourself in and I’ll miss your bright smile. I also will you an underclassmen who asks for that Mio at 2am. Keep doing your thing and don’t let anyone bring you down, and I know you’ll be successful.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you an underclassman to greet you with a daily “good morning” and someone to speed run tests with you. Thank you for letting me Ashley and Natalie call you our “sweet prince.” Enjoy your senior year, I hope it’s filled with goodwill trips and a fire prom.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you an underclassmen with a passion for working out that is matched to yours. I’m glad I got to listen to your new goals and endeavors for a few months. I admire your productivity but don’t forget to read some David Goggins every now and then!

Aaron Rodrigues

To Sai Voora, I will you advice to never forget what matters most. Your next semester will likely be the hardest one yet, chock-full of distractions and mishaps that can lead you off the right path. You’ll have to handle each one of them, but I know you’re strong–stay that way. I also will you a little sibling who still refers to you as their big sibling far, far after the program ends (which, I really, really hope it begins soon into the year). Lastly, I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow as a designer; I hope you continue to find and refine your style as a senior. From what I can tell, design has given you greater insight into how to handle criticism–I’m proud of you for that. Even if your bedtime is at 12 at night, feel free to hit me up long past that; I’m eager to see what you do in the future.

To Teodor Tchalakov, I will you the Programming Head position of Titan Robotics. Alongside that, I will you my advice to start acting now–you’re ready! You know, I actually didn’t push any code to master when I was a junior; I didn’t trust myself then, and instead dedicated time to observing in the pits (something I’m very glad you did at Midwest). As it did to me, I hope senior year gives you that push to really dig into what’s possible as a programmer, to implement your framework and impact the programming team for years to come. Lastly, of course, I will you the near-impossible task of getting vision and path-following to work. I wish you the best of luck, and while I’m sure that your programming team will be able to handle even the most aggravating problems, please do keep me updated!

To Akul Prakash, I will you a sense of place. In a time as busy and uncertain as next year, it can be very difficult to know where exactly it is that you stand, to understand your own presence on campus. That new identity, “senior,” might take some time getting used to. Regardless, I hope you take advantage of it to the fullest. Keep telling stories bro, and don’t forget to create some of your own as a senior.

To Archan Das, I will you a love for challenges, and even more so the growth gained from tackling them. You’re incredibly sharp, burning through my programming test and speeding through calc-based problems, but I hope you take time to understand exactly what it is that you’re doing. I really enjoyed our time working together. You seemed to have quite a bit on your plate this year, but I hope you find satisfaction in whatever it is that you do next year.

To Ahana Narayanan, I will you more meaningful SIR bus ride conversations. For some odd reason, I find that many of my most impactful convos happened in that snoozefest of a commute. It feels like so long ago since our occasional Metra meetups last summer, and I hope you continue to grow as a music artist.

To Pranav Patel, I will you massive fitness center gains and even more massive drivers ed gains. Even though I slept through all of it, you certainly made that class much more enjoyable. I respect the energy, and hope you keep on keeping on next year.

To Sri Voora, I will you a lifetime supply of orange juice (extra-freshly squeezed). For your sake, I will not will you a sophomore who can distract you to no end. That being said, I do hope you find underclassmen who remind you that there’s more to IMSA than grinding.

To Makayla Zheng, I will you even more confidence. I really think that’s what a Publicity Director needs most, even more than design ability. The role can really teach you about yourself and your peers, and I look forward to seeing what you design in the future :).

To the 04A sophs, I will you a new writing center tutor. Strong writing is quite important, pls write well thx.

Ainsley Baldwin Zurek

To Bridget, I will you a new twin to take under your wing and teach them our ways. I will you a new person that you can go bother in their room and call after school like you used to do with me. I will you someone that will make you cookies (they won’t be as good as my grandpa’s though) and have sleepovers with you and go hall hopping with you whenever you ask. I hope you have a good senior year and that you truly get to SSS. I hope that you don’t stress too much during college apps, and that you enjoy your senior year. It’ll go by so quickly, so make sure you enjoy every late night with your friends and every soccer bus ride. I’m going to miss you more than you’ll ever know and I love you so so much. I will you someone who will make as big of an impact on you as you have made on me. 

To Sabirah, I will you an underclassman in the wing that is as funny and generous as you. I loved having you in my wing because you’re such a great person to be around, and I hope you’ll find someone like that. I will you someone who will tell jokes that are almost as funny as mine, and someone to roast you when you put paper cups in the microwave. I will you someone who will finally teach you how to actually cook and not burn the hall down. I hope you make it through college apps without losing too much of your sanity, and I hope you enjoy your SSS. I will you someone who will sit in the wing commons with you after 10 check and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” or practice their British accent with you. I hope there is always somebody to give you a goodnight hug and ask you how you’re doing. I love you so much, and don’t you dare forget about me!

To the girls JV basketball team, I will you a fun and successful season next year. I’m still not sure why I actually agreed to play basketball this year, but I wouldn’t trade our memories for the world. You all have made such a positive impact on my senior year and I love you all so much. I hope you’ll all play basketball next year and make the team as much fun as it was this year. I will you some interesting talks on the bus rides, and maybe finally a win? Even if you don’t win, I hope you have as much fun during practice as we did. You are all such amazing and beautiful people inside and out and I will miss you all so much. Thanks for making my senior year so much fun!

To the girls soccer team, I will you all an amazing season next year. I was so so upset that we didn’t get a season this year because I saw how much talent all of you had. In the short time we spent together, I could see how amazing every single person on the team was. I’m so glad I was able to have two good years of soccer at IMSA, and I hope you all get that same experience. The soccer team will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you all for making soccer such a great time.

To 02D wing underclassmen, I will you all great junior/senior year(s). IMSA is a struggle, but I’ve seen all of you working so hard and I know you all are more than capable of being successful here. I will you so many more memories in the wing commons, no matter where you’re planning on living next year. I will you all a great wing next year, and I hope that you win Wing Wars again!! Thank you for being so amazing, and I hope you all will get underclassmen who are almost as great as you all are. 02D wing was my home for the past three years, and y’all made it special. I have much love for all of you, and I wish you all the best!

Ajay Jayaraman 

To Aidan Stueck, I will you an unexpected friendship. I will you a friendship that comes out of the blue and gives you the time to make countless stupidly fun memories. At the moment, you might vaguely know of this person or maybe not at all. I remember looking at that really tall sophomore and agreeing with Pascal that he’s got dope hair and an epic GOLF T-shirt. When CAB results were released, I didn’t know what to expect of everyone. Over the past months, I got to know you in the most unexpected moments – whether it was wandering the desolate hotel at APCA, blasting Carti in your room, or that one night in Nafay’s room. Thanks for being the only reason I came to 05, just doing nothing with you always managed to make me feel at ease. In my mind, you are someone I truly respect and admire. I’d also like to will you the ID wall that James L passed down to me last year – make sure to continue to carry on dumb traditions like this while embodying the foolish guy I know you are. Don’t miss me (and everyone else) too much, because the last thing I’d like to will to you is a serendipitous senior year – a year without regrets. :,)

To Jaden Wang, I will you a defeat in the boxing ring. Though our Logan Paul vs. KSI level fight never happened, I expect you to keep me updated on your gains and outfits and I’ll find you someday to make it happen. I also will you better music for the Fitness Center (Frank Ocean does not belong in such an environment). Work on your music taste and you’ll come to understand the glory that is Ye. If I manage to find it, I will you the strange Twister board game that looks like it’s from the 80s. Hunter gave it to me last year with only one purpose – keep passing it on. There’s no need to play the game, just keep the legacy going and find an appropriate junior next year to pass it on to. 

To the future 04A downquad, I will you the tankest senior year possible. Take your free time to make this wing the home I know it is. Along with Jay, Matthew, and Vibhav, I also will you the A wing canvas – it’s a tradition that’s been going on for generations. Keep the legacy of crust alive and make up some peculiar vocabulary of your own.

To Akul Prakash and Sai Voora, I will you my spot(s?) on Brown Velvet. I know I said I want y’all to enjoy a tank senior year, but don’t take it as far as we did and actually make the dance a part of Lunar. But more than that, thanks for being such a cute roommate pair. Akul – my brother with parents from the same places – don’t charm the women too much. Sai – you DROELOE-listening studious goon – stay as mellowed out as you’ve become this year. Both of you have a great future ahead of you.

To Jaelynn Abdullah, I will you the title of Cupid, god of love. Maybe reign it in with how you shoot your arrows into the hearts of others, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Your hilarious laugh coupled with your ridiculous memes led to some great times this year. Find a better movie than Open Season to watch with the future CABbies at APCA – something that you can stay awake to.

To Delicia Chen, I will you someone to play CB:RO with. You might be kind of quiet around people you don’t know, but open up with the new CABbies – just don’t scare them off with intense profanity during Roblox games.

To Brooke Bolsinger, I will you a CAB junior to edit the Hoco video. I’m sorry you had to edit that dumpster fire, but please make sure next year’s is just as bad and cringe.

To Ariela Asllani, I will you a skater boy. Keep the vibes impeccable and trust yourself above all – only you know what is best for yourself. I expect to see some aesthetic Instagram posts from you in the future.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you a work ethic and common sense. Don’t be so stupid and get caught for dumb things – make Khyathi and Dipen proud. But seriously – for knowing you as long as I have, I’m happy that we got to unsuccessfully code and be wing guides together.

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you the most beautiful flow to ever exist. Stay wavy, my guy, and make some good memories with your roommate who shall remain unnamed for legal reasons.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you EEE AAH OOH OOH. Monkey man, your tall and imposing figure was always a welcome sight, whether it was seeing you in the hallways or going through your room because Aidan has an autolock door. Our antics consistently brightened my day. Try to find some (willing) sophomore to take under your wing and teach them your ways.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you the confidence you deserve. I’m proud to call you my friend, particularly after a life-changing night. You truly inspire me and others with your insane fitness progress, but take some time to take care of yourself along the way. If you ever need anything, I’m a text away.

To Ash and Vas Ramesh, I will you the continued status as the best twins on campus. You two are yin and yang. Ash, I will you someone to start dumb arguments with. Your voice echoing from the D wing commons will forever be stuck in my head. Vas, I will you the ability to keep your brother in check. Stay as chill as you are and maybe join in on your brother’s ruckus every once in a while.

To Disha Dureja, I will you all the old R&B you need to get you through junior year. We never really talked but your positivity seems infectious. Smile and everything will be a little bit more tolerable.

To Gnandeep “DEEEEEPU” Chintala, I will you common sense. You need this as much (and maybe even more) than Aryan. Now that Duncan isn’t there to get frustrated with you at hall councils, you are free to come up with the weirdest ideas. I hope you manage to make it through Miskoweic French – she won’t deal with your stupid questions. I’m sure you’ll manage, you’re Deepu after all.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you something to do at robotics. We both might have messed up this year, but the past is the past. Do what you truly enjoy and don’t get stuck in the cycle of social obligations – everything turns out fine in the end.

To Evelyn Lee, I will you someone who calls you by your full name without actually knowing you. We talked on rare occasions but I’ve come to get a sense of how hectic your life gets, so I’d like to leave you a few words of advice. As a senior, you’ll find yourself in a weird state of not really feeling like you are a senior. Trust me, you are. Find your place at IMSA and just go with the flow. 

To Pranav Patel, Quinn Verdeyen, Eddie Zhang, Philip Yi, Christo Ekimov, Rishik Umareddy, Rohit Katakam, and Robert Zhu, I will you some sophomores to join the 1 AM wing commons “microwaving” parties. Stay as energetic in junior year as you all were at 10 check. I (and you) don’t completely know where you’ll each be living next year, but whatever wing it is will be a great place with y’all in it.

To the rest of IMSA, I will you an expansive vocabulary. Thanks to my procrastination, my wordplay may have been lacking within these wills, but I’ve picked up on plenty of IMSA lingo over the past 3ish years. From cop to fish to mang to YAHOOOOO, this concentration of  peculiar people brought out both the best and worst in me and taught me more than I could have ever expected. For the future generations of IMSA Titans, keep coming up with weird slang. I can’t wait to slip up in the future and drop a “they call me a beast” mid-conversation, confusing whoever will be around me. I love you all. <3

Alana Depaz

To Rachel Tin, I will you the continuation of the Depaz legacy at IMSA. This is not necessarily my thing to will, and clearly you already knew this and I didn’t have to write it on paper, but I thought it would be fun. I love you, my cousin. You’re going to be a great senior and don’t sweat the small stuff. Also, visit me in college. 

To Amanda Chen (the sophomore) and Julia Wettstein, I will you Lane 5. Thank you both for being amazing swim buddies along with Milica and Alexandria. All of you made practice every day not only bearable, but also enjoyable and worth it. You both will be amazing upperclassmen to the new fast fishies that come into our lane, and I know you will push each other hard! Although I am willing you Lane 5, hopefully you both will be able to improve enough next season in order to move up to Lane 6! I believe in you and good luck!

To Kristina Williams and Maia Peregrino, I will you K-Pop Club. Because I’ve been here since the beginning, working on the charter docs and helping in the creation of the club, K-Pop Club is like a baby to me. I know you will run it well. Dancing, creating cover videos, and working on events with you two have been some of the best highlights of my IMSA career. I trust that you two, along with the rest of the new Board, will make the club fly even higher, and I hope that K-Pop Club can continue to be an outlet for you both to have fun. <3

To all my Allies kids from that one 7th/8th grade residential summer camp, I wish you all more amazing memories at IMSA! It was a lot of fun getting to know you all during that time, but it was more fun seeing you all come back and grow throughout your sophomore year, even if we didn’t really talk. Don’t forget to enjoy the little things and keep your heads held high; you all are awesome people.

To Shreya Mahes h and Karrick McGinty, I will you that one table we sat at during 7th mod each day. You two made both mine and Sravani’s 7th mods so very enjoyable. Karrick, I hope this helps you remember our names ;), and Shreya, keep on eating those hot cheetos. Keep utilizing the table to be productive – or unproductive – and to get to know more people like how we got to know you! 

To the sophomores of 02D (Ava, Abby, Andrea, Hailey, Haley, Julie, Kaylee, Serena), I will you all the best junior year filled with more sleep. I know a lot of you have horrible sleep schedules with the exception of like, one or two people. While yes, junior year can most definitely be stressful and feel like it’s filled with tons and tons of work that just doesn’t seem to go away, I hope you can find time to relax and take care of / enjoy yourselves. And sleep. Please sleep. You all are amazing and thank you for brightening up the wing every single day by just being yourselves. I loved getting to know each and every one of you. Good luck with junior year!

To the juniors of 02D (Rachel, Mariam, Angie, Arely, Sabirah, Ore, Osayenmwen, Asha), I will you all the best senior year possible!!! Living in the wing with you all has seriously been such a fun time! Good luck juggling college applications and first semester, but afterwards, feel free to relax a bit. Though my time at IMSA was cut short, I spent senior year becoming much closer with friends and letting loose a bit more and I would like for you all to do the same. Hopefully you will all be able to SSS properly with your friends and that it shan’t be taken away by COVID-19 like the class of yours truly. You deserve to breathe easy after all your hard work!


Alec Chen

To Christo Ekimov, I will you eleMENT. Please never change.

To Blake Barth, Avdhan Kandikattu, Karrick McGinty, I will you god-tier tech skills and reads years into the future. Although we didn’t get to play as much later in the year, I’m glad for the times that we did. Please continue the competitive scene at IMSA, it has been my tunnel in the rain these past three years.

To Jon Gao, Olivia Dambrauskas, Amanda Chen, Rosario Picone, I will you a bus to 1871, fulfilling work, and fun meetings. Things didn’t really go according to plan with eleMENT this year, but you guys still made it fun for me. Whether or not the new club works out, I hope that you all keep your quirky humor and personalities, and have fun during your last year here. And when you get to my point in your senior year, you will realize that the only thing you’ll really miss about eleMENT are the people in it.

To Eric Hernandez, I will you my skillz. We all know you only ever came to the quad to play smash…but I am happy that you stayed for us, it was always more fun with you there. Keep chillin through senior year, I have a feeling you’re going to have more stories to tell by the end of it.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you the finish line. I admire the passion that you have for every single thing that you do, and the charisma and just fun that you bring to any conversation. From the group, to the IMSA Drama Club play, you have been the highlight of some of my most memorable IMSA shenanigans.

To Archan Das, I will you a Lamborghini to drive up into the Hollywood Hills. You are probably one of the most interesting people I know, and all the time, you continue to think about and come up with things that amaze me. You have motivated me to do more things with my time, and I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Good luck.

To Shreya Pattisapu, I will you a silver lining to your senior year. I don’t think anybody else has brought so much joy to my senior year. From barely ever speaking to you to prepping for several hours to just messing around, I am so glad to have gotten to know you. You are smart and hardworking, and humble and understanding and I know everything will work out for you. Thank you for being there for me this year.

To Brandon Smith, I will you a life full of long term endeavors. You have made me think and learn and appreciate so many things. You are hilarious in ways nobody else could be, and you bring insight and positivity to everything that you do. I already miss the nights in your room back in 07D. I’m glad to have known you.

To Eric Pan, I will you a semester and a half’s worth of memories, for all those times that our lives got ahead of us and we were too busy to hangout. I will remember the times that we did have, our talks last year in my room, and the Friday nights this year in yours. I’ve learned so much from you, and even though you were my underclassmen, you were more of an upperclassmen to me than I could ever be to you. I’ll miss you.


Alexander Bantchev

To 05D wing. Y’all were the best wing. Thank you for making this year bearable even when it was more than a little hard. I wish you guys success in all that you aim for, and a wing with fewer cards in it. 

To Yearbook Team, I will you an uneventful and successful year next year. Y’all are some of the hardest working people I know and your efforts deserve to be rewarded.

To Anime Club, you have the power of god and anime on your side already, but I bequeath you my hope that IMSAcon will happen next year.

To Eugene Lim, you are the best ISP photographer. Thank you for taking photos of all the wing events that I asked you to. You’re a real gem and your hard work will take you far. I wish you a relaxing senior year and success at college.

To Peter Leahy, you were an awesome sophomore and an even more awesome wing guide. Keep your chin up when classes get you down. I leave you my best wishes and my hope that you become CD next year.

To Marcail Mcbride, I’ve always been inspired by your artistic skill and passion, and I wish you the best.


Alisa Williams

To Steffy, I loved hanging out with you whether it was because of JAMS or because of the girl’s basketball team or 10 check (XD). So I really wish you the smoothest and best senior year possible as well as some great underclassmen to be able to hang out with!!

To Charlene, I know you really put in so much work into Casa this year and even though it was cut short, I wish you to direct the best Casa de Alma show that IMSA has ever seen next year!!!

To 03C Wing underclassmen, I know I didn’t really hang with you guys this year and now I probably won’t get the chance to ever do so. But I was really looking forward to having senior confessions in our quad and since you probably won’t get that this year, I wish you guys have great IMSA adventures/careers, so you can be able to tell your own stories to your own underclassmen.

To Godwin Olaleye,  first, I will you BHSC board responsibility (Please keep it going if you can). Second, I hope your speed and agility keep blowing people off the court and since I know “B-Ball is life,” I wish all your hard work gets IMSA’s basketball team to win any tournaments/games that come their way.

To Olamiji & Ellie, I wish you guys another great Harambee show except I hope this one is not as stressful and just as fun!! I know our rhythms and beats didn’t always sync up but I think it’s more important to just never lose it, than to always try and match it with someone else’s.

To IMSA’s Soccer Peeps and everyone/anyone who was part of the soccer team for any of the last three years, I wish you guys mad skills and much happiness. You guys don’t know how much fun I would have just being part of your team and how much it meant to me!

To Mirella Elridge, I wish you continue being one of the chillest and confident persons I know. Я была весело в математике классе!! Я желаю самая лучше тебя оценки.(Forgive me, when you realize that’s bad russian. LOL!!!)

To Paola Padilla, thanks for being my Planetary Science partner for most of the semester last year and since I know you had much planned for Casa this year, I really wish you the best Casa you can have for next year! I also wish you have your first choice senior classes

WITH at least some of your friends in those classes!

To Nat, thanks for making our Spain Trip fun!! I wish you better times through the rest of your adventures and better tasting candy to find if you ever go back to Spain!!


Alison Deng

To Juwon Park, I will you a junior who will stay up with you until 3 AM in the wing commons and eat all your food without asking — oh, and some pants. Don’t get too stressed out next semester especially with college app season, and don’t let the pressure get to you because everything will be okay in the end. Make sure to just enjoy the process while you’re at it. Treat Kristen well even if she can’t stop time for you. I hope you also find the time to go to the fitness center and develop your own calves to constantly squeeze. I also hope you stay healthy next year: no more pneumonia and 102 degree fevers. Please send me more vlog updates next year!

To Xiaofan Li, I will you batteries so that your calculator works. I will you a junior who will talk about how important mental health is and then bring you tea and snacks when you’re sad, just as you did for me (thank you so much). You deserve someone who is as open and supportive as you are. I appreciate all the advice with weird codes that we have had and I am thankful for all those weekend late-night deep talks. I will you someone to go shopping at Woodman’s with and then come back to cut your matching watermelons with matching knives. Don’t worry too much, everything will work out for you in the end; I have faith. Don’t forget to blast music while hall hopping!

To Thavaisya Anath, I will you Key Club. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me. I hope you find someone who will awkwardly wave to you as if you’re a celebrity. I hope you find a sophomore who will constantly compliment you and make you feel like the amazing person you are. Please take care of Key Club and do bigger and better things. I believe in you and I trust that you’ll do great things. Although I hope that you reconnect with the district board, above all, I hope that you find your happiness ‘cause you deserve it. You can do anything you put your mind to, so don’t give up.

To Sri Voora, I will you a soph who is as cheerful, humorous, and optimistic as you are. Thank you for making my days infinitely more fun this year, you never failed to cheer me up. I will never forget the orange wars, Japanese stationery, Mean Girls, grandma, organic, haircutting, or last day in the IRC. I’m glad that I adopted you that first day of move-in and got to know you. I’m thankful for all the silly times you, me, and Aaron spent in the loft because those are some of my fondest memories from this year. You are an incredibly kind person and I’m going to miss you lots. Please randomly call lots from that mysterious number!

To Serena Gacek, I will you an amazing little sib who will send you heartwarming messages and wave and smile at you when they see you. Some of my best memories this year have been with you during the big / little sib events. I remember hall hopping, going on a round through 04 and meeting John, adopting Julie to take with us to the newlywed game (whatever that was). Also sitting in your room with ice cream during study hours and talking to you and your roommate about IMSA and classes. You were an incredible person to get to know — caring, funny, goofy (I still remember that face you made that one practice day during drill haha). I hope you continue to enjoy your time at IMSA and build more friendships and memories. It’s worth it :)

To Rachel Tin, I will you a cute lil underclassmen to say hi to and make you smile every time you see them. Thank you for some good times during tennis and a rad senior night. I will you an even better one in return.

To Phyllis Shen, I will you a physics buddy to make you laugh and more hoodies with random Japanese characters on them. I will you a wonderful rest of your IMSA career and I hope you enjoy it with your quad.

To Shreenithi Palamuthy, I will you someone you can sit with at the TV Pit and talk about biology. Thanks for being a great lil sib. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

To Gabi Georgieva, I will you a bunch of hugs. I know you’ll do a great job taking care of 02A next year. I will you lots of time to spend with Robyn and Kristen. You make me proud :,)

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you a funny, unproductive physics table. I’m glad we reconnected this year second semester. I won’t forget that one day when all of us went on Sodexo runs. Best of luck next year! I know you’ll do great things.

To Kevin Fan, I will you another rat-themed dinner date with lots of paint and someone to say hi to. You are a funny dude, so don’t lose that in the stress of junior year. Best of luck and feel free to reach out!

To Deepu Chintala, I will you someone to run into randomly and end up talking to for an hour. I hope that you take time for yourself next year and don’t overwhelm yourself with eight classes again. I will you a carefree SSS with a tennis season!

To Natali Chung, I will you more Ritz crackers and a sophomore to keep you company in the wing commons. I also will you someone who you trust to be your base when cartwheeling during CLASH drill. Thanks for being your cute self this year and being an amazing sophomore.

To Cassidy Krupske, I will you the FBLA CSP event and 02. I also will you an amazing RSL team for next year to decorate with and have fun. I hope you have a great senior year!

To Sai Voora, I will you a goofy underclassman to lift your spirits and steer you off course when you’re on walks. I also will you another Andrew Du to take you on adventures to the mall / park when you should be studying for the SAT.

To Rishi Boddu, I will you a sophomore in your wing who will warm up to you, say hi, and tell you to sleep when you’ve reached your limit. I wish we had more time to get to know each other, but for what it’s worth, I truly appreciate the genuine care that you’ve shown towards me. Good luck next year!

To 02A (Rishi Boddu, Emily Wei, Gabi Georgieva, Eileen Vortia, Grace Okorie, Jaden Turner, Mariam Ahmed, Julia Wettstein, Xiaofan Li, Juwon Park, Natali Chung, Madeline Fields Halva, Zoie Sloneker, Tori Shepherd), thank you for accepting me and giving me a place to call home this year. I will you the same in return, no matter if that’s 02A or not. I hope you find that place at IMSA where you feel like you belong. I could not be more thankful for a place where I can stay up late working in the wing commons and feel comfortable, safe, and happy. If you ever need anything, any sort of advice, feel free to reach out. I’m only a text away. :)


Allia Lin

To Manasvi Thumu, Neil Dighe, Damien Santiago, Sarah Oquendo, Monica Narciso, and Cor Sirais, I will you the booth. I will you all another year of culture show and CLASH madness, all the knowledge I have passed down, the booth protocol, and amazing memories. I have zero doubt that you all will be amazing; I can’t wait to hear from Kevin how great of a job y’all are doing.

To Manasvi, I will you my “Facilities Director” position and hopefully a year without too much craziness. I also will you a team of energetic rising juniors to rely on to help you cover events, take good care of them.

To Neil, I will you an amazing two years of doing what you love. I hope you have a wonderful time in ISP and junior year and everything else you do.

P.S. I hope you find a sophomore to jam out to “Ice Ice Baby” and “All Star” with you.

To Damien, Sarah, Monica, and Cor, I will you amazing teamwork and an amazing bond; I hope you four support each other because you’ll need it to survive the year. Don’t forget to continue to make great booth memories <3!!

To ISP cabinet, I will you an amazing year of attending board meetings, creating a great bond, attending possible brunch meetings, and organizing ISP. I hope you five work together and rely on each other because it’ll be the only way to get through it. You will do amazing, good luck next year I expect to hear great things about you!!

To the whole ISP team, I will you multiple more successful events, great memories, and a clean studio.

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will you an amazing senior year and a great SSS!! I hope you get to enjoy more Kind classes. You’re such an amazing person to be around. Don’t ever lose your spark!!

To Gabi Velazquez, I will you a sophomore to brighten your day when you see them around campus. Every time I saw you in the hallways or in ITMC, you made me smile. You’re so happy and energetic I hope you never lose that. Have an amazing two years and continue being wonderful! 

To Jonah Fisher and Nathan Brodsky, I will you numerous more days of saying “我不喜欢起里,” many fun times of insulting each other in class examples, and two more years of Mandarin class. You’re going to make multiple memories, and I hope you have some fun in between the stress.

To the 1501 C wing liaison, I will you a wonderful year of planning programs and bulletin boards and a year of hard work. To whoever it is, you are going to be an amazing leader in the wing <3

To my C-wing sophs, I will you more nights of sleep and less crying and two more amazing (as stress-free as possible) years. I also will you your own set of sophs to welcome to IMSA and create numerous memories with. To Abi Ernat, I will you less drama arising (not that I really have control), but I hope things calm down. To Abbi Gonzalez, I will you many days of playing cards. To Ethan Schmidling, I will you a sophomore to continue the slurping tradition with. To Krysta Pelayo, I will you many more canvases and time to paint. To Zoe Barajaz, I will you a great wing community to thrive in, wherever that may be.

To my C-wing juniors, I will you one last year and those last important memories. Y’all are doing amazing. Keep it up! To Abby Stevenson, I will you an amazing senior year and a junior to help you enjoy your senior year classes. To Sam Hall and Courtney Cagnolatti, I will you a plethora of gum wrappers next year. To Emma Darbro and Athena Carteno, you two are an amazing pair and you’re the sweetest people. I will you the best year you could ever have because you two wonderful beauties deserve it.

To Hailey Raval, I wish I met you earlier in the year because we would’ve had so much fun together, but nonetheless I will you your own sophomore to visit Rafael during his office shift. 


Alyssa Daniels

To Cindy Mu, Rachel Tin, Hiteshi Patel, Manasvi Thumu, and Ahana Narayanan, I will you a tennis season full of conditioning, available courts, fast feet, and little crunchy snacks. You guys are some of the hardest working people I know; enjoy your senior season :)

To Lalana Appasani and Brandon Smith, I will you the willpower and integrity to make the 2020-2021 LEAD year successful. Being a Co-Coordinator will be hard, but it will also be incredibly rewarding. I have full faith that you guys will do amazing things, and don’t forget I am always a text away if you ever need help.

To Kristina Williams and whoever the junior captain is, I will you a team of dedicated dancers and a dance team season with costumes that come in on time, team bonding that doesn’t have to be in a peer tutor room, and lots and lots of fun. I have no doubt that you will do super cool things, and when you do, send me videos please!!

To SDAC (Rachel Tin, Jiliann Padilla, Emilia Daniels, Hailey Raval, Jon Gao, and Maia Peregrino), I will you a year full of World of SDACs, cool videos, workshops with lots of attendees, and culture show practices that aren’t last minute. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to dance with all of you. Thanks for being awesome.

To Dance Team (Elasia Rodriguez, Courtney Cagnolatti, Disha Dureja, Kristina Williams, Karrick McGinty, Hailey Raval, Emilia Daniels, Ariela Asllani, Joanna Menendie, Krysta Pelayo, Abi Ernat), I will you the willpower to keep your mouths shut during practice. I’m only kidding a little bit. But in all seriousness, you guys are my pride and joy, and made my senior year so much fun. Good luck with tryouts next year, and if you are on the team, do try your best to be well behaved for Kristina and whoever the other captain is. You guys have grown so much in the little time I’ve known you, and I can’t wait to see what you guys are able to do.

To Hailey Raval, I will you a fun choreographing buddy, growth in your dancing, and an underclassmen to make fun of, and I hope with all of my heart that you will find many opportunities to cheer (or at least stunt).

To Ysabel Guan, I will you an energetic underclassman counterpart who will always say hi and put a smile on your face whenever you see them :)

To Sharanya Choudhury, I will you someone to say hi to before your last mod of the day. Thank you for always giving me that boost that I needed to make it through the end of the day.

To Ahana Narayanan, I will you the motivation to work hard during the off season, and an amazing season when that time rolls around. You were so much fun to talk to and play tennis with. You kept me motivated throughout the season, and I trust you will be able to do the same with the team next year. I wish you the utmost success in tennis and beyond; keep killing it.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you the strength you need to make it through the rest of your IMSA career (the worst part is already over). Don’t forget to have fun while dancing, and don’t work yourself too hard. If you ever need anything, I’m only a text away.

To Courtney Cagnolotti, I will you someone whose accents will annoy you enough to make you stop doing them.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you someone to have awesome and interesting conversations with. You made first mod BC bearable; thank you.

To Rachel Tin, I will to you the SDAC speaker. You bring a great energy to SDAC, so keep that up. I trust that you will take good care of the speaker; please don’t drop it.

To Emilia Daniels, I will you success in everything you do. Remember, success doesn’t always mean being the best or winning an award. A lot of times, success means that you gave it your best effort, or that you learned a lesson. I hope that during your remaining time at IMSA, you improve in dance, have good clash seasons and fun talent shows, enjoy band, have some killer tennis matches, and don’t forget about school (it is important!!). I think we both know that things will probably only get tougher from here; junior year will be hard, and college season will be even harder, but don’t forget to have fun. Also, don’t forget about me when I move out lol. 

Andrea Rubio

To Pan Y Cafe, I will you all the coffee and eggs to make our weekly breakfast meals. May our chisme always be as good as our food. Although we had busy lives, we always found some time to come together and eat some yummy food. Don’t stop making time for each other, I’ll always be there in spirit… and sometimes in person too.

To Charline Rivera, I will you the script was written for this year’s Casa de Alma for next year’s show. I will never forget all the late nights and hours we put into planning Casa de Alma. I could not have asked for a better assistant director who was just as passionate, if not more passionate, to make a show that would showcase all aspects of the Latinx culture. There was never a time when we were together and didn’t talk about another thing we wanted to add to the show. I know you and the future assistant director will work just as hard to make next year’s show an amazing one.

To Sttefy Gabriel, I will you all the bomb photoshoots in the world. You are a beautiful soul inside and out and I have been so blessed to have you in my life. Your hard-driven personality inspired me to push myself when I wasn’t feeling accomplished. You have always been someone that I look up to and pushed me to be the best me. Thank you for the breakfast and sleepovers. Keep being beautiful, I know you will have a successful life filled with bomb pictures.

To 03 D-Wing downquad (Melena, Alex, Amber, and Kat), I will you restful nights after long days spent grinding on homework. I still remember those late nights when we would all study in the wing commons and I could only think of all the success each of you will achieve. Senior year will fly much faster than expected,  so don’t forget to make lasting memories. Thank you for making D-wing my favorite place on campus.

To Emily N. Temi I, and Naveena M., I will you all the k-dramas and thriller movies you can possibly watch. I always loved walking into the wing and seeing you all watch all types of shows and movies. Thank you for always keeping the wing lively.

To Natalie H., I will you all the popcorn. It was comforting walking into the wing and smelling the popcorn that you just popped. Thank you for never setting off the fire alarm.

To Kayson and Zach A., I will you all the success as basketball players and students. It was inspiring to watch you two play on and off the court. Thanks for always hooping with Sttefy and me.

To Elasia, Prarthana, Vas, and Aryan, I will you all the unforgettable memories we made in Mexico. Without you four, Mexico would not have been as awesome. You all taught me how to take risks and also how airports worked. Elasia, thank you for letting me sit in the window seat. Prarthana, thank you for being the sane one in the group. Vas and Aryan, thanks for screaming so loud that my stomach hurt from laughing so much. #cocinacontusmanos

To Jesus, AJ, Gabe, and Gerry, I will you awesome sophs. Every interaction with each of you was filled with happiness. I want to give you all a shoutout for being a part of my IMSA journey. Although our time was short, you all taught me to be myself.

To Jaelynn, I will you a stress-free and fun-filled senior year. Thank you for always going to the events I asked you to and for being an awesome friend. Although we only just started talking, your friendship was very valuable to me. Thank you for always listening to my rants.

To Vivan, I will you all the love you deserve. You are a strong-willed person and I love that about you. I have learned so much from you and I thank you for that. Continue to always speak your mind and make sure the world is listening. Also thank you for always letting me sleep on your bed.

To Sabirah, I will you all the success. Thank you for being an awesome lil sib! You have grown to be a strong, intelligent, and passionate person. Sorry for taking basically a year to say your name properly but I got it down! I’ll def come back to watch you play on the court next season.

To the JV Girls Basketball Team, I will you the ability to see your talent. Although we never won a game, we became a stronger team and I couldn’t have been more honored to play on the same team as you all. It was a memorable experience being able to fail and succeed with you all. I know you will only get better from here on out and I can’t wait to see you all play next season.

To all EXCEL students, I will you all the success. Although it may seem impossible now, you all are and will continue to be successful at IMSA and throughout the rest of your lives. Never let anyone (even yourself) tell you that you don’t belong here or that you’re less than others because you are all talented individuals and each of you deserves to be here! May you continue to work hard and enjoy the rest of what IMSA has in store for you!

To Mark Ying and Evie Lee, I will you passionate Vice-Presidents for Exodus. You have worked so hard to ensure the success of Exodus, and I love you all for that. I love seeing your passion shine through at our meetings and I know that you will continue to bring more passionate students into the club.

To Zach Eness, I will you all the patience needed to be in band. You always made band entertaining, and I know you’ll be a great section leader. Thank you for always being a great friend and for making all of our interactions filled with laughter and goofy faces. 

Andrew Du

To Aryan, Alej, and the rest of 04, I will you the Clash trophy (please go get it and take a picture or I will be sad). Take good care of it, and take good care of this hall. I’ve made too many memories to count here, and this place is special to me. I know you guys will keep it that way. Pr04ever ❤️

To Sai, I will you someone to go to “the park” and on SIR lunches with. I’ll miss our lunch dates and taking aesthetic pictures of you with food. And calling you at 9 am on a random Monday morning to ask if you wanted to go somewhere (I didn’t even tell you where we were going 😂). Remember — impulsive decisions are always the best ones.

To Akul, I will you some head scratches. I’ll never forget that night after Diwali when you, Aaron, and I talked until we fell asleep on top of each other. Or those other, more recent nights 😳. You know what I’m talking about ;)

To Mark, I will you a son, an underclassman who’s physically much smaller than you, and some dry clothes 😏. Wait…what’s wrong Mark?

To Teodor, I will you a healthy Clash season and a functional MUN board. You’re an insane movie editor and calendar boy. Keep it up, my WV buddy.

To Jon, I will you a Clash carry. Thanks for all you do :)

To Jaden, I will you some rest and relaxation. You’re ambitious and hardworking, and I’m sure you’ll achieve great things in the future. Just don’t forget to take some time to breathe.

To Deepu (Gnan), I will you someone whose cheeks you can squish as much as you want. And someone who does the homework in advance so you can actually ask them about it.

To Siva, I will you a fruitful and worthwhile senior year. There’s no question that you’re incredibly smart and capable. Always remember to trust yourself — you control your direction.

To Xiaofan, I will you a year filled with “best friends.” And lots of people to play cards with.

To Eric, I will you more class projects that you can finesse the **** (they made us keep these clean) out of. And an insane swim season.

To Sri, I will you a sophomore who’s crazy enough to punch you while calling you the bully. And some duct tape.

To Pranav, I will you that huge, defined musculature you’ve been wishing for. Stay swole, my boy 💪

To Nat, Teodor, and the rest of future MUN board, I will you infinite money, a year where everything goes to plan, and on-time meetings. And just as my predecessor said to me, don’t get us dechartered :)

To Pranav, Kevin, Philip, and Balaji, I will you lion dance. I enjoyed every second working with you guys. Remember to have fun with it :)

To Sai, Akul, Mark, Abhi, Aryan, Rajan, Teodor, and Zach, I will you A-Wing down oct, and an enjoyable senior year (with prom and graduation). Work hard, of course, but don’t be afraid to screw around a little. Those are some of the moments you’ll look back on most fondly. And to Pranav, Quinn, Edward, Philip, Christo, Rishik, Rohit, and Robert, I will you as many violations as you want ;)

Ashley Homecgoy

To Maia Peregrino and Eric Pan, I will you Lunar Modern. I remember the excitement I felt when I read Olivia’s senior will, and I hope you guys feel the same. Lunar might feel like it’s forever away, but trust me, in the blink of an eye, you’ll be willing this dance to the next choreographer(s). My advice is to make sure everyone has their own time to shine. Keep your decisions unbiased and pick the best tryouts, which might not always align with who you think are the best dancers. I have so much faith in you guys and I’m excited to see what you two will create.

To Amanda Chen, I will you a louder alarm. Amanda, you are a beautiful, wise, and competent person. Your passion for everything you do outnumbers the hours in a day, and I sometimes worry that you will burn out. I see myself a little in you, and if we are truly similar, then I know that you find a little comfort in the chaos. Although the sensory overload will keep you entertained, I hope that every once in a while, you will pause, take a deep breath, and savor all of the experiences your senior year will give you. 

To Sharanya Choudhury, I will you a drawing of all of our Roblox avatars to remind you of your hallway buddies. I’m not going to lie, I would get you and Shreya and Sriya’s names mixed up last year, but now I’m an avid follower of @sharanayass*******a*. I didn’t expect that we would get along so well and that you would be one of my favorite underclassmen. You never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day. I will miss seeing you at IMPACT meetings, in the A wing commons, and in the language hallway. Keep in touch!

To Lalana Appasani, I will you a paper butterfly. When you came to IMSA sophomore year, I saw you as an adorable little tornado of volleyball, extracurriculars, and homework. When I talk to you now, you’re no longer a whirlwind, and I can feel a sense of sureness that calms me down. I appreciate your warm and welcoming personality and how you always ask me how I’m doing. I hope you have a fulfilling senior year, and that you are able to create something that will leave you satisfied when you graduate.

To Delicia, I will you bleach to clean your white Converse. I don’t have some deep reason as to why. I’ve seen you grow from a shy, nervous sophomore to a loud, rambunctious junior that I can hear screaming from my room. You don’t even live in A wing. But with being loud, you are more confident in your abilities and being rambunctious means that you’ve found your place in the IMSA community. I’m grateful to have met such an oddly cool person like you.

To my 06 junyore baybees, I will you a sunny, peaceful, glorious second semester. I hope that you will learn from our class’ mistakes and never take a second of your final year at IMSA for granted, from the good times to the bad times. As much as you feel that college applications are dragging on, once you turn in your last one, you will be sitting in the bleachers for your last clash in the blink of an eye. Take care of one another, take care of your community, and take care of yourselves.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you a big jar of biscotti cookie butter. From our 7am run during SLD week, to our lazy stats table, and even our modules, our interactions have never been very conventional. Before senior year, all I knew about you was that your older brother was Charlie and that you did a presentation on wage inequalities. It was like you just appeared out of thin air during the first IMPACT meeting during SLD week, and I’m glad you did. All of your weird jokes and questions make you so fun to be around. You’re always there to listen and I appreciate that a lot. I’m going to miss you man, keep in touch!

To the dance team gang (Abi Ernat, Ariela Asllani, Courtney Cagnolatti, Disha Dureja, Elasia Rodriguez, Emilia Daniels, Hailey Raval, Joanna Menendie, Karrick McGinty, Kristina Williams, Krysta Pelayo) – I will you a clean, hair-free multipurpose room. You guys should keep a broom in there for real lol. I’m so thankful to have something so great at IMSA that makes me so sad to leave. I hope you guys feel the same way by the time you’re on deck to perform at your senior year sectionals. Constantly push each other to improve, never take main gym time for granted, listen to your captains and Rafa, and send lots of videos and pictures in the dance team 2019-2020 group chat! 

To the future treasurer, I will you the best homecoming ever. Vinay willed me this last year, and it seemed to have worked so I will continue the chain of good luck. There will be times when your head is swimming with spreadsheets and Slack notifications, and you will wonder if you really should have granted that fund request because you just did the calculations wrong the first time and now the account is looking a little empty. But somehow, everything will always work out. You have proven yourself time and time again to be competent, reliable, and a great leader. I’m sure you will set a great example for the other StudCo members.

To Archan Das and Sreyansh Mamidi, I will you many SLD week adventures. My facilitators once told me that IMPACT is for a certain breed of person. Don’t give your coordinators too much grief and develop a curriculum that the team likes and enjoys facilitating. Carry on our IMPACT traditions and make your own (Assassins but kancho?). I wish you the best in your senior year.

To Kristina, Elasia, and Cindy, I will you straight lines and circular circles in your formations. I’m grateful I got to choreo with a group of super reliable, competent, and creative dancers and I hope you choose to choreo again next year. If not, I still wish you guys a successful and fun drill experience. But don’t take Clash too seriously, and make sure to send Frances and I lots of videos!

To my StudBros, StudBabies, CabCo, (Names go here), I will you balls of steel. You guys have been through a lot of odd and unconventional situations this year, and starting your next year without Amy is another new experience. In this time without our beloved Amy Woods, you will have to rely more on your own and each other’s judgement. Trust yourself, do not falter in your decisions, and remember that any action is better than inaction. Don’t forget to give yourself a history lesson every once in a while and look through previous cabinets’ documents. Learn from the past and break the cycles that have hurt the student body. I’m always a text message away.

To Muyi, I will you infinite hats. I’ll miss our impromptu LEAD class adventures and random games we’d make up. Thanks for always being a reliable and competent co. I admire that even when I knew you were exhausted from soccer,  you always made the classroom a super fun place to be. Your bright, charismatic personality will take you far. I hope you get a co as awesome as you next year.

To Hailey Raval, I will you time for your hobbies and passions. A lot of people feel like they have to give up things for IMSA, but I hope you’ll be able to find a balance between school, clubs, and every cool hobby you ever want to do. You’re super talented at art and I hope you’ll carve out time in the chaos of your junior and senior year.  I’m confident you will do great things at IMSA!

To Hilda Montalvo, I wish you a super cool and cute little sibling like you! Sorry I wasn’t a great big sibling this year, but I hope I was at least fun to be around during events. I wish you a successful junior and senior year, and never hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything.

Athena Zheng

To Ellyn Hu, I will you a wonderful senior year. Thank you for a beautiful Chinese traditional dance (umbrellas!). I will you time to draw as well as more time to sleep… please, child, sleep. You work very hard at what you are dedicated to and that is very inspiring to me.

To my Girls Who Code board junior members (Phyllis Shen, Ju-Won Park), I will you a good experience senior year as you lead GWC next year. Although this year ended quite differently than we expected, I believe in your abilities to make meetings work effectively and to spark interest in computer science for underclassmen!

To Elasia Rodriguez, I will you the time during senior year to cook quesadillas and other food! Your stepping skills are so cool and I’m glad to have learned it in the one time I dance in clash drill, aka this year. I will you a fun and enjoyable senior year that is full of beautiful moments with your quad <3

To Kristina Williams, I will you more time to watch anime and to dance (please post on your IG dance account ahh)! I also will you more naps on the wing commons couch and random dancing in the wing in general, haha. Thank you for dealing with me and my goofiness as we did yoga/pilates during Movement & Relaxation. Have a wonderful senior year!

To Manasvi Thumu, I will you a wonderful tennis season and more time to chill in the wing commons! I will you a low-stress college application process and a good SSS season!! (unlike this year’s orz). I also will you an exciting year for your ISP booth dedication too! I will miss you when I go off to college!

To Shivani Venkatraman, I will you more time to play video games lmao xD! I also will you another wing member (or two, or more) that can record many moments with you in the wing having fun. Stay cool, stay Shivani, and be sure to contact me if you need anything from me like college stuff or game recs or anime! <3 Also I will you time to watch MDZS season 2 and TGCF haha.

To Gloria Wang, I will you a smooth junior year. I see you being so committed and dedicated to the many many things you do, so I also will you good rest and physical and mental health, please care of yourself. Also send me your drawings I love them!!!

To Hilda, I will you lots of sweet hugs and comforting moments the same way you’ve given me for me this past year. I also will you a nice vacuum that helps you during housekeeping assignments and room inspects ahaha xD!

To Christin, I will you another great XC season and T&F season!! You are a beast at running and I believe in your dedication to it! Also thank you for being so positive with me whenever I am stressed lmao, you are such a bright ball of joy, so I will you underclassmen who can do the same for you.

To Rachael, I will you time to just chill and draw and doodle. Your art skills are out of the world and they’re so versatile, man, I cannot believe. Thank you for sharing them with me during the year and please send them to me whenever you make more!!

To Vivian, I will you an awesome junior year full of cute moments. I’m ever so grateful for seeing you share fruit with the wing during 10check, as that reminds me of myself during sophomore and junior year (and lesser this year, but omg). I will you underclassmen that cares for you the same way you do for the wing <3

To Shreya, I will you knowledge for your future SciOly endeavors and physics courses. You are a super hardworking sophomore and I am super inspired by your dedication to go out of your way to ask people questions (a very good skill!). Keep doing that and I’m sure you’ll be smooth sailing through junior year!

To Sri, I will you a memorable junior year that has many many positive moments. Thank you for your bright smile, for your hugs, your ability to make others smile… I will miss that eternally. I will you underclassmen that will look up to you and brighten up your day! <3 

To Cindy, I will you time to eat your dinner at reasonable times, more sleep, less stress, and no more of that ice cream stealer. Your work ethic is impressive and don’t forget to take care of yourself too <3 Also when you’re back at home come to UIUC and I’ll treat you to boba! 

To 06C as a whole (yes!! All of y’all!), I will you an amazing 06C wing next year. I have loved 06C for the past 3 years and it has been such a memorable, exciting experience to meet y’all (I still cannot believe I’m a graduating senior omg). Thank you for the wonderful times talking in the wing, chilling, having unofficial wing pancake breakfasts, for making 06C feel like home. Please take care of each other next year and please have a fun and exciting next year!

Austin Shwatal

To the IMSA Varsity baseball team (Aakash, Alvaro, Bhargav, Jaelynn, Liam, Michael, Nate #2, Pranav, Xander, and Zach, and anybody else I missed), I will you what would have been a great season this year and an even better one next year. You guys have a lot of talent, and I know with some hard work and a little bit of pitching you can have a winning season. Do it for all of the seniors who never got to play out their last year.

To Jaelynn Abdullah, I will you the legacy of Wego. May you always carry the Wildcat pride wherever you go (and, you know, try to get some more people to apply next year).

To Muyi, Gabi, and Rachel, and all the concert band percussionists, I will you another great year of keeping time as percussion section. May you continue to create wonderful music under the tutelage of Ron.

To Will Bogdanowicz, I will you many more hours of playing games that I have never heard of before (but don’t spend all your time doing it).

To Logan Schultz, I will you one microwavable Kraft Mac and Cheese Dinner.

To Robert Szocinksi, I will you one box of mispronounced Pączkis.

To B wing upquad/Addison, I will you an even louder speaker that wakes the entire wing up at night.

To Wes Matthews, I will you another year of being a coding genius.

To Gnandeep Chintala, I will you a great senior year, full of all your crazy energy but hopefully a bit more SSS than we got.

To all the I-day sports underclassmen, I will you another fun year of playing at 3:00PM in the West gym without supervision

To the future wing guides of B Wing, I will you a great incoming class of sophomores and lots of wing programs. Move in is such a blast and I know you’ll have a lot of fun and help everyone move in. I know it’s a hard task but do your best to live up to the greatness of Nilan and I, but do your best (please do more programs)!

To all of 1505 B Wing, I will you a great year next year and hopefully not a last-place finish in Wing Wars. For everyone who’s staying, enjoy the memories and make it even better than it was last year. For those who are leaving, keep the memories you made here close to your heart. For all the new faces, learn about the legacy of the old and don’t be afraid to establish your own culture.

To all of 1505, I will you an amazing year and an amazing Clash. You underclassmen showed a lot of heart and energy, and I want you to carry that over into next year. For the 05 juniors, make it 2 wins in 3 years! It doesn’t matter if they tear this building down some of the best memories of my life were made in the walls of 05, and I’ll never forget any of you.


Austin Zickur

To Morgan and Abbi, I will you some sophomores that are as chill and wacky as you two. You guys are going to be awesome roommates and I am so happy for y’all to continue the dream. Abbi, please look out for Morgan and her plans all the time. Morgan, please look out for yourself and your plans all the time. You guys have seriously made my senior year and gave me hope for the IMSA student body after 2021.

To Colin, I will you the perseverance, legacy, spirit, and love of the Quad. You are the most genuine sophomore I know and you will never know how easy you made it for me to be a senior. Writing this makes me sad about IMSA, which is very surprising. You genuinely make me proud and stand as the definition for every reason why I make friends. I know how you must feel about going into junior year and I hope you keep in touch with Will. Me, Matt, JoJo, and Femi all have and will continue to feel a similar pain, but please know that you are genuinely one of the Quad. I can speak for the trees when I say we will always be here and keep you in the know. You have been such an easy sophomore to senior and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have tutored you and then see you grow to become one of us. I will you, more than anyone else, the IMSA experience. I found it necessary and integral to me, but not always good: this you know.

To good ol Willy, I will you a great high school experience with people that are as real as you. You have left a larger impact on me than you will ever know. I can relate to you and some of experiences you went through at IMSA and can say that I am certain when I say you are a real one. Keep in touch and in the words of Kanye and Kid Cudi, keep moving forward dawg.

To Morgan, I will you, specifically, the other half of your brain that’s missing. I also choose you as the sole successor to my “J” the Art of Finesse and all my secrets.

To Neil, I will you a sophomore that will find your sense of humor addicting like us Excel tutors when we defended your jokes during the nightly meetings. You are genuinely unlike any IMSA student I have met and mean this in the best way possible. You and Akwasi are some of my favorite people to be around and I was banking on the end of second semester to visit more.

To Adam, I will you another Quad visit except without the violation this time.

To Christo, I will you an amazing group of friends and sophomores and juniors to come because I know you will be a great senior. Your kindness and positivity never goes unnoticed. You will succeed and blow everyone out of the water, and I hope you share what you know to future generations.

To Jesus, I will you consistency because whatever you are doing works. Just keep at it. You are something else dawg.

To Damien, I will you the containment in the breath mint tin that I was not able to get back to you. I used it well and learned quickly. I also will you an easy transition throughout IMSA because I believe you will find each year brings a different feel. I will never forget having a talk with you during excel about Neil’s door or about talking about security/cybersecurity or even the raspberry pi.

To Colin, Jesus, Liz, Morgan, Abbi, Neil, Nadia, Ola, Sanaa, Feyikemi, Temi, Gabe, Adam, Disha, Joanna, Ari, and Jakob, I will you an easy transition into being a senior for the sophomores for two years in a row (RIP class of 21). You guys are going to be the ones that will continue the legacy, I am sure of it. I name you all the ringleaders for IMSA now and know you will make sure the community is fun, positive, and worth living in.

To Zach, Kayson, Jaelynn, Quincy, Michael, and Godwin, you will have to be the sole body of the actual seniors and for that I am sorry. Y’all are something special at IMSA that I have only seen in a group of my own seniors two years ago. Keep whatcha guys got because that’s the good stuff. Focus on your classes and stay on the wave that y’all are already on.

To Godwin and Michael, you guys have surprisingly really brightened up my IMSA experience and I couldn’t tell you when it happened. I am genuinely gonna miss you guys and all the roasts.

To Godwin, Zach, and Jaelynn, I will y’all, specifically, another Townsend class because that experience was extraordinary.

To Len, I will you more Smash characters that come in the pass and more people to take Quad’s place. I have had so many bad days fade away after hopping on the sticks and playing cloud. You are a real person and I appreciate you dawg. 

Avi McDaniel

To Rowan and Sydney, I will you many more weekend shenanigans and my many children as well as adopting more baby sophs to carry on my legacy. I will miss both of you most of all, I promise to visit.

To Sydney, per request, I will you to specifically adopt Ethan Schmidling and Walnut the Hedgehog. Take care of them for me. You must also carry on Avi and Syd’s prom and beyond salon as we left before we started.

To Rowan, I will you to replace me as IMSA’s next gay dad. I will you a stress-free senior year and many good times. I love you. Also help Syd run the salon lol!

To the future IMSA Drama Club Board, I will the responsibility of carrying on the club and indoctrinating all of the theater nerd or potential theater nerd sophomores. Don’t forget Bunbury.

To my “children” Rachel K, Willow, Sage, Katelyn, Nadia, Ethan S, Ember, Lily I, Jonah, Madeleine F, and Nat, I will to be adopted by Rowan and Sydney. I also will you to become wonderful upperclassmen to the new baby sophs. I love all of my children and I will miss you all.

To my soon to be favorite seniors Rowan, Syd, Em, Akank, Seb, Cole, Tori, Alex Poms, Rachel H, and Marcail, I will a wonderful senior year full of shenanigans. Get into good colleges and keep me updated.

To 06D underclassmen, I will you the role of being wonderful upperclassmen to the new sophomores, make sure they feel welcome and introduce them to new people.

To the future dwellers of 06D downquad, I will you as many good experiences as I had and more. Be an open door for the underclassmen in the wing and always have snacks to share.

Ayan Mallik

To Eric Hernandez, I will you a Nintendo Switch so that you can finally play Smash in your own room. But in all seriousness, I loved connecting with you (and making fun of you) throughout these past two years. I’m honored to say that I taught you everything you know when it comes to volleyball, so do me a favor and win some games next year!

To Archan Das, Brandon Smith, and Jack Grotke, I will you the legacy of 07D wing (even though Jack is the only one who stayed). Wear those hoodies with pride!

To Neil Dighe, I will you a bag of popcorn, in return for each handful that you gave me at 10-check. Try not to burn down the microwave!

To Pranav Manoj, I will you a dumbbell (5 pounder) so that you can keep up the big gains. Good luck on studco, and call me when you become a millionaire so that I can take my cut.

To Delicia Chen, I really have nothing to will you, but I’ll miss you!

To CAB Juniors (Delicia Chen, Aidan Stueck, Jaelynn Abdullah, and Brooke Bolsinger), I will you CAB. Even though it’s probably not mine to give, here you go anyways! Just remember, Ayan gave it to you.

To Abhi Pasapula, I will you an underclassmen who will always say “hi” to you every time you pass by each other.

To Alec Chen, I will you the best roommate in college. I get that you’re not an underclassmen, but no one is going to read this anyways, so what’s stopping me?

Bala Ramaraju


To Abhi Thati, I will you a senior year full of dancing and a partner to share the love of Allu Arjun with. You better keep dancing, being your goofy self, staying away from girls, and start thinking before acting. Thank you for always cheering me up and making me smile. Always remember I’m here for you. I will you this advice: be a role model. People look UP to you now. Work hard in school, and keep your grades up. Remember to stay positive and always encourage others. Listen to your heart and conscience. Just because someone else did it, it doesn’t mean you should, too. Do what is best for yourself, and do what makes you happy. Continue to advance in dance, and continue to optimize your possibilities as best you can. I hope you make the most out of the rest of your high school because it will be over before you know it. Like Faris told me, pave your own path and strive to be the best version of yourself. I know you’ll achieve great things. Stay my lazy, goofy, and energetic “son”. Most importantly, whatever life throws at you, stay stylish. ;) Don’t you dare forget our handshake and oh – I’ll be waiting to make that Telugu tiktok soon. :)

To Rujuta Durwas, my sweet ruju, I will you the rest of high school. Oh, how I’ll miss you…I will you long nights of studying during your junior year and senior year. I will you the responsibility of keeping up the positive vibe and energy in the wing. I will you to put yourself first and reduce some of that weight on your shoulders. I will you a genuinely happy two years at IMSA. When you need help with homework or just someone to talk to, I’ll still be here for you. I will you this piece of advice: It’s okay to make mistakes. Just make sure you learn from them. Grades are important, so study hard. Immerse yourself in the things that you enjoy, and do them well. Continue to be supportive and to be everyone’s biggest cheerleader like I already know you are. Always be humble. Continue to do what’s best for YOU and not everyone else. Listen to your Mom and Dad. They may make you mad, and you may think they’re unfair at times, but they only have your best interest in mind. They really do know what’s best. As much as you don’t want to believe the people who say high school flies by, do believe them because now I can say with the utmost experience that they were right. Never ever change who you are. Stay my sweet, compassionate, and caring baby soph. Thanks for all the laughs, the late-night talks, the Facetimes, the Twin reference – all the memories babygirl. Most importantly, throughout whatever life throws at you, keep your head up high. Mājha tujhyāvar prem āhe ;)

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you the best two years of your life. You better continue making TikToks, making everyone laugh, calling people out for their ass, and breaking into random singing sessions. I will forever be grateful for getting to know you this year and making all the memories we did make. Even though I’ll be gone next year, NEVER hesitate to reach out… I’m always here for you. Stay on top of your work, but also give yourself a break when you need it. Have fun these two years – it’ll be over before you know it. Trust me. Participate in all of the campus events, try stuff outside your comfort zone. There is no better time than now to try new things. You could end up finding something you really love to do or just have a really fun time doing. When you look back on your high school years, you don’t want to be focusing on the things you missed out on, but instead, the memories that made you happy. Take care of yourself. I also will you all the endless complaining and laughter along with more walks before check. One more thing – never change who you are. You are a beautiful and caring soul Thavaisya, so embrace it. I will you the strength to navigate through IMSA with confidence.

To Saanvi Chelikani, stop calling me Small Balls dumbass. I’ll miss you. I will you the next two years of your high school experience to be absolutely incredible. You are a hard-worker and you’re always on top of your things, so I’m not worried there. I know you’ll achieve great things. But there is one thing I need you to do… Be confident in your secret talents – you CAN throw it back and you CAN twerk and you CAN dance lol. Be proud of it ;) I wish we had gotten closer but our time was cut short. But that’s okay because I’m always here for you… and I mean it. Don’t hesitate to reach out and stop looking like me man. Thank you for all the endless laughter and joy. Toodles cutie.

To Eunice Kim, stop thinking you’re stronger than me, man. I can take you down with my pinky. I will you an incredible junior year and a memorable senior year filled with laughter, joy, and satisfaction. You better keep playing basketball, making TikToks, dancing, running – oh and stop looking like a baby. Work hard these next two years and keep your grades up. I believe in you. Pave your own path and strive to be the best version of yourself. Never hesitate to reach out. I’m serious. Rip to teaching me guitar… but hey to make up for that…. Start sleeping early and stop relying on coffee!! You’re only a soph! I’ll miss you Kimchi.

To Makayla Zheng, wassup BigMac. You know you’re an absolute angel? It’s crazy how pure and kind you are. Never change. I definitely wish that we had more time to get closer, but I’m grateful to have made the memories we did make. I will you a happier junior and senior year, and the responsibility of keeping Eunice in line. You better keep dancing, Ms. Dancing Queen, and making your own Boba. I will miss it when you sometimes make fun of me and instantly feel bad for it. I will you this piece of advice – put yourself first and do what your gut tells you. Be confident in what you believe and don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to MakMak (yo im calling u this now).

To Niyati Kapadia, I WISH I MET YOU EARLIER. Sigh. I want to thank you for all the memories we’ve made this year and for introducing “throwing it back” to me, Dance Queen. You have this energy that is absolutely wonderful to be around and it has been an absolute pleasure to have gotten to know you. I will you an incredible and happy junior and senior year. Continue working hard and supporting everyone. Don’t you dare forget our handshake, man. I’ll miss you, ma’am. Thank you for making me laugh and making my last Clash experience the best Clash. Keep in touch!! You are so intelligent and beautiful and I’m so excited to see what you accomplish.

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you the most fun and memorable next two years. I will you an underclassman who will brighten your day and always manage to make you smile. Belldawg – I still don’t understand why you’re scared of me, but I thank you for all the memories we’ve made. You are one of the greatest sophs I’ve met this year – only one I’d consider being funny. Junior year is the hardest of them all they say, but I fully believe that you’re more than capable of doing well. Work hard, keep your grades up, and never hesitate to reach out. Continue dancing and being the beast you are. I better see you in all those cultural shows ;)

To Maia Peregrino, I will you a stress-free senior year. I wanted to thank you for making my last Clash experience so memorable. I wish we were closer but I’m thankful to have gotten to know you. Never hesitate to reach out if you need anything, and I really hope you don’t injure yourself again.

To the sophomores in B-wing (Rujuta Durwas, Thavaisya Ananth, Saanvi Chelikani, Eunice Kim, Erin Yoo, Makayla Zheng, Resh Mukkherjee, Margaret Wei, Emily Johnson, Katelyn Ingles), I will you an incredible, memorable junior year and an amazing residential experience no matter where you live next year. You all are so precious and it’s been a great pleasure of mine to get to know all of you this year. I’m so grateful for your participation in our wing events haha (ik sometimes they were boring) but thank you. I also will you seniors that will remember to wash their dishes and keep you guys sane.

To the juniors in B-wing (Harshini Musku, Avelin Thepsomphone, Louise Flinn, Simone Angelov), I will you guys a stress-free senior year and the confidence that you will go to exactly the right college for you. I’m thankful to be given the chance to get to know you this year. 

To Sid Tiwari, I will you a great two years at IMSA. You are a hard-worker, a caring soul, an intelligent and talented individual. But it’s okay to take it easy sometimes. It’s okay to let yourself be vulnerable around those you love. It’s okay to mess up sometimes. You can’t satisfy everyone’s needs until you’re happy with yourself. People will always come and go, but you gotta realize that you will always have to live with yourself. Learn to move forward and strive to be the best version of yourself. I am so glad I met you at Ice-cream social and thought you looked a lot like Madhav. I’m very glad that you came over to my dinner table once calling it the “cool kids table.” And I am forever grateful that Rujuta has someone like you. Take care of her. She is a gem. Miss you Sid :)

To Sid Tiwari and Rujuta Durwas, I will you more Fish games, TikToks, random question games, relatable experiences, and a happy two years for both of you. Never hesitate to reach out, loves. We are always one call away. Take care of each other, be patient, and never give up. It’ll be worth it. :)

Brandon Young-Eleazar

To Brooke and Caroline, I will you the power to lead mod next year. It’s a lot of work, but you wouldn’t be on board if I didn’t think you could do it. I am so proud of how much you two have grown in the time I spent with you in Mod, and I know you will do amazing things.

To the rest of Mod, I will you the power to realize your gift. In each and everyone of you, you hold the power to make someone’s day, to make a real change in someone’s life.

To Sydney, Seb, Em, Ethan,  and everyone else in Drama Club, I will you countless more inside jokes, wacky warmups, and countless stressful but fun tech weeks. As much as I wish we could have spent one last play together, I’m glad we were all able to get home from our 9 to 5 job for two minutes of- er, disappointment.

To Melena Braggs, I will you my support for everything good you stand for. You NEVER let anyone try to shut you up and you stand for what you believe in. Keep doing that. You will ALWAYS have me standing right there behind you.

To Alana Rock. I will you some FREAKING SLEEP!!!! Girl seriously where is your sleep schedule haha. However, or random crack of dawn insta dm chats were pretty lit and I hope you’ll keep up with your amazing art because STUNNING!!!!

To Ella, Caroline, Sabrina, I will you a politically active and civically engaged sophomore class to bring JSA to new heights next year. You will be great leaders to carry JSA to the greatness I know IMSA JSA can be. I am so proud of how each of you has grown as public speakers and politically involved individuals and I cannot wait to see what IMSA JSA does in the coming years.

To Andrea and Matthew, I will you everything you desire. You both have such talent and such passion within you, I can’t wait to see what you do with all of it!!!

To Nadia Horak, I will you countless hugs and all the love I could give you. You are a star, and never forget that.

To Alex Pomrenke, a soph you can also have random interactions and conversations with. Because what’s gonna happen when I leave? :(((((( I’ll miss your chaotic energy and all of the 3AM advice you’ve given me.

To everyone in choir, I will you the passion to keep you going. I am so proud of how each of you has grown as singers and musicians since the beginning of the year and if you keep it up you will be so successful! I love each and everyone of you.

To the Sinigang-Gang, I will you more random jokes and instagram posts. Y’all all are 非常 maGANDA!!! I lub all of chu wit my hole hart and i hope you all gib me mano wheneber u see me prom now on <3

To Akanksha, I will you someone who lives in Lombard that will actually remember you live in Lombard so that every summer break you two can hang out BAHAHAHA. I am definitely still planning on hanging out with you don’t you doubt that haha. You are such an amazing person and are a great person to talk to, you know how to listen and help other people so well. I knew I could always count on you to be my rock when I needed one.

To Brooke, I will you a deck of cards so you can hang with your upperclassmen after check playing games. Still don’t know why you aren’t graduating with us since you are a senior buuuuuuuut whatever.

To Zoe Barajaz, I will you countless more insane things that I would say to you if I was there. I swear, everytime I say something crazy your reactions KILL ME you are so hilarious hahaha. I wish we had more time to spend together, our one-acts rehearsals were SO FREAKING FUNNY and they always made my day. I’ll miss you, and I hope you never stop being uniquely you <3

To Philip and Seb I will you a sophomore to join the Maria squad haha. Y’all are a bunch of fun and I hope we can go get filipino food together again some time :)

To Prarthana,  I will you the job of occasional choir accompanist. You are SO talented and I know you will go on to do great things. I hope (and I know) you will make it to ILMEA All-State Honors next year, if you don’t, let me know and I’ll fight them.

To Kailey, I will you a thousand smiles and waves from across the hallway. Your energy is SO positive and amazing and you make the days of everyone you interact so much better. I’ll miss you, but the Light’s and Young’s still have to go to Pappadeaux together ;)

To Caroline, I will you the confidence to see how amazing you are. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but I will ALWAYS be right behind you cheering you on. You have so much to offer to the world and there is so much more I want to say to you, but I think this’ll do for now.

Breanna Yang

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you an amazing junior and senior year. Our time was cut short this year, but I’m happy for the memories we were able to make. I will you a sophomore that will come to your room and hang out with you all the time. I miss walking you to class and yelling Notty in the hallways. I know you’ll thrive at IMSA and I hope you find a sophomore as amazing and dedicated as you to bully all the time. Don’t get too caught up with your work and don’t forget to make some of the best memories with your friends. 

To Maia Peregrino, I will you an underclassman as hype and fun to live with as you. Living next to you for the past year has been really fun and I’m going to miss hanging out with you. I’m going to miss borrowing your clothes and hearing your K-pop through the quad door. I hope you get to live out the SSS of your dreams, you deserve it. 

To Brandon Park, I will you an underclassman as reliant as you to carry you through your classes. I hope you find someone that will always cop you the homework and be there to help you through your classes. Thank you for being the best underclassmen carry I could ask for. 

To Balaji Balachandran and Phillip Yii, I will you a sophomore to disown and annoy you. I hope you find a sophomore that will constantly bother you in the loft but at the same time be super fun to talk to. I hope you guys have an amazing junior and senior year. Also Phillip, I’m never going to forgive you for not getting my phone from the ceiling loft that one day. 

To Ju-won Park, Phyllis Shen, Kevin Cordero and Nathan Joseph, I will you KODE.io board. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to fully experience KODE.io this year but I hope you pick an underclassmen board as dedicated and fun to work with as you guys were. Please take care of KODE.io and make sure it doesn’t die. I hope you guys find as much joy teaching the kids as we did.

To Emily, I will you a sophomore as cute and smart as you. You’re super hardworking and I’m going to miss talking with you in the wing. Don’t work too hard and enjoy yourself every now and then. I know you’ll do great things. 

Cait Castillo

To Mr. Abdullah, I will you my most prized possession: Andrew Adams’ silver clipboard. This clipboard isn’t like any other clipboard. Since Andrew (‘16), it’s been stored in the rooms of strong leaders like you, and it’s lined with their signatures. With this clipboard comes a quote that you shall remember throughout your time as CAB Director: “You are in an unprecedented position to make a real change on campus – to unify it, to reinvigorate it, to let people care. You’ll never do the things you can – the things that I expect of you – without being uncommonly organized.” Take this clipboard and quote as a token of my faith in you. You’ve earned this role, and now it’s your job to prove it. Know that this ability lies in yourself – not in any test score, gpa, or university. It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, but what you will do now. As director, there are difficult times ahead of you. But, I have full faith in you and your ability to stay level-headed, scope out all perspectives, and respond with the most ethical and beneficial solutions. Know that I believe in you, but all you really need is to believe in yourself, (and to stay organized, hehe). So much love ❤

To Aidan, I will you 5th and 6th mod off next year so that you can go back to your room during midday. Or, don’t – but I do think we’ve bonded over the calmness of an almost empty hall. Either way, I think we’ve both learned a lot about each other this year, and we were both surprised about everything. You, my dude, are full of surprises. You’re quiet yet energetic, successful yet humble, shy yet hype, and you sure do know how to handle a mosh pit. With this bundle of unique qualities, I have no doubt that you’ll use them to add to the world. I don’t know what it is yet, and maybe you don’t either, but it sure will be something. And maybe you’ll come up with it during the peaceful free mods in your room. Best wishes, Aidan – it was an honor standing with the Greats. ;)

To Brooke, I will you the ability to create the most epic riddle that IMSA has ever seen. But the thing is, you don’t need it. Brooke, ever since I met you, I knew you were special. You’re built with an unusual yet amazing mix of creativity and intelligence, and it was an honor to be able to work by your side this year and watch you produce amazing things. Please, never stop. (This includes dominating in Guitar Hero and Jackbox).

To Delchichi, I will you the most delicious dessert you can think of. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve offered you an unhealthy food or drink, and you confidently turned it down, (even after I’d tease you about it). You possess a great load of self-discipline, and it’s only one of the many things I admire about you. It’s an excellent quality to have, and I know it will take you far. Please, let me be the one to take you out on a blue moon for dessert to indulge and celebrate how great you are. Hopefully, when we go out for this dessert, I can also claim my long-awaited kiss. Xoxo.

To Jaelynn, I will you the award for wackiest Wacky Wednesday outfit of Clash 2020. You wore that outfit with pride, just as you do – and should – for everything that you do. Dude, you’re the man. From the swim trunks to the dress-shirt, Merriam-Webster needs to create a word more intense than wacky to describe them. Even more, with all of the crazy clothes you threw on, they all tied together because of one thing: your smile. You have a contagious smile, Jaelynn. Continue spreading it like crazy, and sure as heck don’t let anyone take it away from you. You are such a good man filled with infectious laughs, crazy stories, and the strongest salutes. Don’t ever change, because you’re making everybody’s days brighter.

To Aidan, Brooke, Delicia, Jaelynn, [and new junior cab members], I will you my greatest happiness supplier: CAB. Take great care of it. With this club, you hold a lot of power. And with great power, comes great responsibility. You must work together, hold each other accountable, and have faith in one another. With every auditorium event, make sure you speak into the microphone with confidence. With each obstacle course event, make sure you’ve thought through how to get to the next one. And, finally, with every action that you take, make sure you do it with love. It means so much. Beyond what you provide for this campus, the [number of them] of you are also a family. Milk your time at APCA, down those energy drinks, race to blow up the color reveal balloons, spam the group chat with messenger soccer, and long live the CABolympics. Enjoy the time you have together – enjoy each other. Some weeks may get stressful, but learn to lean on each other and take care of each other. You’re all unquestionably astounding people, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I cannot wait to see what you produce. Love, Cait Castillo, CAB Director Ex-Officio.

To Brenna, I will you SYM Seminars. This was my passion project, and I see you hold the same passion. You’re smart, Brenna. You are so smart and competent, and I know that you will go above and beyond what I accomplished this year. Continue holding those meetings, sending out invitations, and, most importantly, putting your heads together. Remember, these seminars stand on a very important idea: all voices matter, and all voices should be respected. It’s in your power to uphold these ideas, and I know you will.

To Ashley (Ko)mbu(c)h(a), I will you the Hadron chalkboard poster. I remember purchasing this poster with Devika before my junior year started and using it to present at club fair with her, and then with you a year later. This chalkboard has been present in my times of strong ambition, even if I didn’t have the best execution. Do with it what you deem best. Wash everything off of it, cover it with new colors, anything. Just don’t let the dream die on it. And, as I’ve worked with you this year, I have full confidence that you will improve this club tenfold. Even beyond Hadron, I’ve gotten to know you as a strong girl who goes for what you want and stands up for what you believe in. I love that about you, as well as our shared admiration for Dr. Eysturlid and kombucha. My advice for you, Ashley, is to not let any struggle tear you down. I see a fierceness in you that will lead you to do amazing things, as long as you let it. As long as you believe in yourself. Know your worth, girly, and don’t let anything stop you from producing amazing work. 

To Amanda, I will you my beaded bracelet. In this bracelet I behold beauty, strength, intelligence, and creativity – all things you excel in. You’re amazing, Amanda. As you experience struggles, (and you will, it’s inevitable) I want you to remember these incredible qualities that you hold. That’s why I chose to give you this bracelet. In case you have trouble seeing those qualities in yourself, I hope you see it in this bracelet. Know that it reminds me of you and your beauty, strength, intelligence, and creativity. And, one day, I hope you’ll confidently see it in yourself.

To Lalana, I will you a working toilet. Not only am I sick of coming in your room to find you sillies trying to fix your toilet as I listen to you complain, but I want this to double as a tool for you in life. Use this new toilet to flush down all the negative aspects of your life: your stresses, your sadness, anything. Sure, you can sit on it for a while to let it all out, and you can even dwell on it a little afterwards. But, when you’re done, be sure to flush it down. Because you don’t need that to hang over you in your life, and I don’t want it to hinder you from showing your greatness. (Plus, this toilet will actually work, so whatever you flush down won’t come back up.) Lalana, I hear you speak, and I have no choice but to believe that, one day, you will be speaking to people 1 million times more important than me. That’s just how much I believe in you. With that being said, use the toilet, hun.

To Sharanya, I will you my Junior Marshall tassel. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to celebrate senior week with us, especially because I know we were all very excited about it. Nevertheless, you’re an amazing underclassman. Your humor led us through the dull times, and your brutal honesty led us through the dark. Your heart is big and unfailingly strong. As you become a Big Bad Senior, continue to show your friends the love you’ve shown me and mine. Take this tassel as a symbol of my appreciation for your friendship, despite our class divide. Please, pass it down to someone who makes you feel the same way.

To Jaden Wang, I will you anything you desire. Except, the catch is that you have to go out and get it yourself. Jaden, you are one of the most bright and caring characters I’ve ever encountered. I never understood why you were so kind to me, and then I realized, it’s just who you are. It’s in your nature. This quality of kindness paired with your great intellect will be unmatched when you set yourself on a goal. Do us all a favor and go for what you want, for the quality of life in this world will grow exponentially when Jaden Wang sets his mind on amazing things.

To my sophomore and junior dance teamers (Abi, Ari, Courtney, Disha, Elasia, Emilia, Hailey, Joanna, Karrick, Kristina, Krysta), I will you each a pack of trident gum. This is for you to chew on during practice so that you stop talking. Kidding! Oh, my beloved dance teamers, I admire you all so much. Though you could be a bit yappy at practice, please, don’t actually stop (unless Kristina threatens running laps). I see your yappiness as your way of presenting the love and energy you share for dance and for each other. And who am I to tell you to take that away? Conversely, I want you to hold onto it. Never let it go. As you continue on your IMSA journey, the road is going to get bumpy. But, it’ll all be okay as long as you hold on to what makes you happy. Hold onto whatever that is. Hold onto dance. Hold onto each other.

To Joanna, I will you my “make me happy” playlist on Spotify. Remember that one day on the bus back to IMSA from the dance competition in Dekalb? I have a secret to tell you about that day. When I accepted the offer of your right earbud, I was not expecting what heard. And to be brutal, I didn’t like it at all. While this was just one song out of your many favorites, I grew a distaste and decided to take the earbud out. Alas, in our contrast of taste, I see an opportunity to build a bridge. Because, after listening to your crazy ideas, infectious laugh, and immense hype this year, I know you’ve got some great years ahead of you. Listen to this playlist when you’re sad to build you up, or listen when you’re already happy and you want to amp it up. Either way, I hope at least one of these songs (because I know it won’t be all of them, not with your picky taste) can spread that beautiful smile across your face. :’)

To Ari, I will you the novel “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin. This was one of my freshman-year reading assignments, but it doubles as the first piece to ever anger me, and it triples as my favorite novel. Find some time to read it, and see how you can apply the themes to your life. You are strong and smart and beautiful (quick side note, I absolutely cannot wait for the day you cut your bangs), and you positively impact so many people around you. I believe there are parallels we can make with this story – the same struggles, but for different reasons (and a very different ending). Find some time to read it, then message me to talk about it.

To Disha, I will you a wired microphone – speak your truth and let your voice be heard. You are motivated, strong, and brilliant – a force to be reckoned with. But, as you strive to take care of the world, make sure you take care of yourself, too. That’s why it’s wired, so that you remember to go back to your roots.                                                                     

To Jesus, I will you the Clash 2020 banner. Scattered on this banner are the names of our fellow classmates, from all grades and halls, each holding – at least a little bit – of love for this campus, its unique traditions, and the people who call it home. You’ve done quite the job of making yourself comfortable here, Jesus. You’re hilarious, and you have the type of personality that can make an entire room smile. Don’t let it falter. Hang that banner with pride.

To all of my babies in 1506, I will you the fattest pencil or pen that will hold the wing doors after the fobs stop working. The time you spend in each other’s room during the most ungodly hours of the night are just pieces of the strong friendships you’re going to build here. Cherish them. To specifically 06a and 06d, thank you for building a community of excellent doormen. Continue looking out for each other. I love you all.

To IMSA, I will you ingenious advice from my predecessor, Kanika Leang. Be your own friend. You are a person, aren’t you? So, be your own friend. This means that if you ever happen to do poorly on a test or don’t get a club position, don’t tear yourself down. Would you call your friend stupid if that happened to them? No. So, why should you do it to yourself? While you’re kind to the people around you, don’t forget to save some for you, because you’re just as worthy and important. With that, I will you friends to share things with, including yourself. I will you an auditorium filled with phone flashlights that sway to “Hey There, Delilah” and bleachers filled with screaming teenagers wearing a total of 7 different t-shirts. I will you all the love and kindness that could possibly be shared on this campus. I love you all.

Chris Bridges

To Jaelynn Abdullah, Aakash Kumar, Alvaro Hucker, Jahi Raed, Liam Archer, Pranav Patel, Nate (#2) Tamez, Xander Van Horn, Zach Eness, and Bhargav Sampathkumaran, also known as the IMSA Varsity Baseball team, I will to you all a continued passion to grow as players. Some of you sophomores who i didn’t get to see practice much because of the school shutdown, I hope that you don’t let this year’s season cancellation scare you from being a part of the team next year. Juniors, y’all gotta step up a bit earlier than expected but i believe that y’all will be okay. Please don’t let Kyle put Zach in to pitch.

To the future CD’s, I will you a work ethic to let you survive the stressful times of clash and move-in week. Your role on campus is such a big one, because you are the ones that are uniting the halls. IMSA can be stressful, but you all know that a united community helps us get through all of that

To Aaron Fanjoy and Cole Doner, I will to you 07 Hall decs for Clash 2021. I am so proud of your work this year! Can’t wait to see what y’all do with your creativity next year! You both are great people and great leaders, I am very happy to have spent 80+ hours working with the both of you on hall decs.

To Matt Dinwiddie, I will to you a good senior year, and a strong SSS, with stable mental health. I remember my first interaction with you was when I was struggling in AWRAP and needed a color printer for a poster due at 8 AM the next morning. I thought you were a bit weird until you moved to my wing, and that confirmed that you were weird. You know where we stand. Enjoy your SSS unlike I was able to. Je ne parle pas Russe, mais j’ai des amis qui peuvent. Tu te souviens que je parle que le français. Анубис мой любимый Бог.  Его история самая важная для меня.  Расскажи мне больше о твоей истории.

To Ellyn Hu, and Jade Bates, I will to you Martial Arts Club. Don’t let this club die. Noah left it to me in his will, and now I leave it to you. Get some good sophs, and I am proud of Vivian and Russel for their performance in Lunar. Please try to get all of board to perform next year please!!!

To Rachna, I will you a successful college application season. You work very hard and are very smart and talented. That’s gonna take you far in this time of stress, semi all nighters, and supplemental writings. We only talked in person for a few weeks before everything got shutdown, but it was after that I really got to know you. I hope You enjoy your SSS. Thank You for translating.

To Delicia Chen, Yen gang for life, or at least the last two semesters! I will to you the ability to enjoy an SSS, but also for you to take MAD next year. Like seriously do it because that class is so much fun.

To Anne Marie, I will to you a path to finding your place at IMSA. I hope that you are more involved in CLASH next year. You should participate in mural, profile pics, or shirt design. I know how talented of an artist you are. I met you two years ago, and you have seen me go through my imsa experience, both during and before you came to imsa. I hope you thrive during your time at IMSA, and don’t hesitate to hmu if you’re struggling. Have a good two years. 

Christina Johnson

To Simone Angelov, I will you someone who smile the moment they see you and will always question your days. Thank you for being such a good person and a great friend.

To Hailey Rodriguez, I will someone who will get the British accent down in a minute without bringing out a country accent, Jamaican accent, or others. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face no matter the situation.

To Sabirah T. and Kayla Q., I will someone who will join questionable apps and sites to be cool like you two. I will miss how you guys ignore me and laugh at me when I am down. Overall, thank you for always making my day a great day.

To Mia Pidlaoan, I will you someone who will dance wildly in the RC office to avoid homework. Thank you for always being my go-to person for everything, including our music review sessions.

To Cam Magana, I will you someone who will become excited to see your snails and any animal you find. I will always remember our small interactions ranging from seeing the toad in the beginning of the school year to you witnessing my awful cooking skills to make Quesadillas. Thank you for always making my days interesting, I will miss you dearly.

Christopher Teng

To Archan Das, I will you some underclassmen who can hold intriguing conversations like yourself. You had many surprising insights that I always appreciated and I wished we could’ve talked more. I also will you the ability to create better pranks. You either go too hard or too little man. Oh also me and Ethan have decided to will you Obama. Tell our story.

To Eric Hernandez, I will you some skill in Smash. You kinda suck bro, but maybe if I visit and play you, your Donkey Kong will finally have trumped mine. Also I will you XFL. I said I’m a man of my word didn’t I? Go nuts.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you success in all future endeavors. Especially in the gym. Senior glow up is imminent. Don’t go too hard or your arms will lock again.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a fun senior year. Don’t hop through windows anymore though.

To Eric Pan, I will you a sexy Bfriend group. Sorry for never coming to practice.

To Akul Prakash, I will you…. wait what would you take after Deutsch III?? Anyways, have fun next year. Stop talking to _ _ _ _ _ so much. Arbeit schwer und macht spas!

To Jack Grotke, I will you people that will randomly turn up into your room for a rave. Thanks for always indulging us.

To Mark Ying, I will you a great senior orchestra experience. Every time you do something ask yourself whether McCarthy would approve.

To Krisha Patel, I will you winning at Scioly Nationals. Make Angela proud for once.

To Jaden Wang, I will you godly physics ability. Keep working hard buddy.

To Brandon Park and Emily Shao, I will you a better bio proctor. Sorry for not printing out the sheets. Hope you guys take it again next year.

To Jesus Mascote, I will you a happy junior year. Thanks for being a fun sophomore and stop flirting so much.

To Samuel Zhang(Edward), I will you a plane that flies. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for such a master of aviation though.

To Xiaofan Li, I will you someone who is as caring and hardworking as yourself. You don’t appreciate yourself enough and honestly I am guilty of that as well. You fight for what you believe in and have never failed to support or console me. I have a lot more I want to say but I would prefer to say them once I see you face to face again. Oh also I will you plenty of grapefruits. Hopefully I can come back and peel them with you often. Thanks for being by my side. 

Clara Robin

To the 01C sophomores, I will you the ability to be gr8 upperclassmen (one of my special talents). lol jk. But I do hope we did well as upperclassmen to you and that through all the noise and sarcasm, you really do see that you guys made us all so happy. We may not have been the most traditional “role models”, but remember the fun you can have during all the stress. You’ve already gotten through a year and I promise that the next 2 years are worth it, and senior year you will be rewarded with your own lovely sophomores. Love you guys so frickin much. Mwah :*

To Hannah Johnson,

I will you the ability to be loud. Like crazy. Like frickin bonkers. Whenever I saw you in the hallways, you always looked so peaceful, and it was something I always disrupted. And don’t be scared to make faces at your underclassmen. You have the best smile, and the world needs to see it. I know you will do amazing things and always surround yourself with people who will give you as much as you give them. Just keep swimming.

To Vivian Hedican, I will you my estate, as you are my rat baby. I am so happy to have had cancer bio with you and really get to talk to you, even though it was so late. I admire your ability to stay so relaxed and optimistic when you literally have a life expectancy set for you. I am excited to hear about your future in the pharmaceutical world, so I will be watching for updates, and please let me know how everything goes. I hope I fed you well, rat baby :3

To Avelin Thepsomphone, I will you a growth spurt. Sometimes I wish I didn’t drop engineering so I would’ve been stuck with you for 4 hours every week. Doesn’t sound too bad. You are incredibly funny and open and my favorite time of the day was passing you in the hall. People need to start getting on your level. Keep it up. But, I have one last question — is it okay if I call you my prada bae?

To Ella Foes, I will you cinnamon letter cookies. I am glad to have been in your relays in swim, you made the team so much better. You are so frickin powerful and can do so much and should NEVER doubt yourself. But don’t be afraid to really fuck up, if it is what you do then it is what YOU do. I’ve done it myself (many times). When you do, just bake yourself some banana bread and laugh really hard. Lastly, always remember to close your door when you leave for lead, dumbo.

To Emma Darbro, I will you anything that you don’t already have. You are powerful and the baddest bixch (we are not allowed to use profanity, but I would never call you a “bad one”). You do so much for everyone and care so much about what you do. It really is inspiring. And even though I would never run a marathon, or even a half-marathon, I would consider doing a 5k for you. You have grown so much over the past year, and it would not have happened if you didn’t do things on your own terms. Trust yourself, because over the past year you did everything when you were ready, and hopefully you learn to completely ignore the people that are pressuring you. I know we always remind you that you are a bad bixch, but you already know that.

To Courtney Cagnalotti, I will you the best british and australian accents possible. And I want you to use them everywhere you go. I know we all tell you to shut up, but you really shouldn’t. You are THE funniest person I know and I am so happy that we both ended up in C-wing this year because I would have been so unlucky if I would have missed out on you and all that you are. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are too much because you are absolutely the right amount, and they need to get over themself. Please, if you ever just think of something, tell it to me. I don’t care if it is in 9 years when I change my name and work for the CIA — I expect you to find me and tell me. And if you ever need it: I was the one that asked.

To Abigail Steveson, I will you pants that fit you or that don’t come from express, and literally everything else that you deserve so much. You work so hard it amazes me. You need so much credit for the nights that you have stayed up, whether it was to work or to talk (which sometimes may have been more like just listening). I could not have wished for a better junior-that-I-did-not-know-last-year to end up with and I will miss not living right next to you next year more than you will ever know. I really do not think anybody will be nearly as perfect. You are so crazy but level-headed and it kills me how you are sometimes so self-concious. I want to see you challenge yourself — and I mean hard. Wear 50 shoelaces on your belt. Join more culture shows. Wear white and cream together. Get over whatever you may think, and really do act like nobody is watching you. Nobody will be, though everybody should. Thanks for being my breakfast buddy, my dinner buddy, my trader joes buddy, my fc buddy, and my water fountain buddy :)

Dana Stanecki

To the future 03 CDS, I will you our home. While I don’t know who you are yet, I know that you’re going to a fantastic job. I hope that your experience with leading the hall is filled with blissful laughter and that you learn as much from your hall mates as they learn from you. I will you the patience to deal with Joannah’s sarcasm and sass through the endless meetings you’ll inevitably have to sit through. I will you a co that you love to work with and makes the long bulletin boards and program prep wonderful. Congrats on getting hired. Now go do great things for our hall.

To the speech team, I will you many early mornings with the perpetually cheery Leah Kind and even more practices together. The time that you spend in A119 is limited. Remember to cherish it because the team will be there even on the days when you don’t want to be and it’ll make you grow more than you think it could.

To the BELLAs, I will you our sisterhood. BELLAs has made me into a much better feminist but more importantly, a much better person. Remember to schedule and plan events as in advance as you can but remember it’s okay to sit through meetings being minimally productive but with lots of laughter. Those are the ones that are going to count. Thank you sisters.

To Alex White, I will you the perseverance and the laughter to keep going. You already have it in you but sometimes an extra nudge is necessary. I’m going to miss laying on the floor with you and making Erin roll her eyes at our ridiculousness. You have genuinely made my IMSA experience exponentially better and you will be one of the people I miss the most. I’m crying as I write this but know that you are one of the strongest and most capable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meetings and I look forward to everything wonderful you’re going to do.

To Akank and Maia, I will you two all the goofiness in the world. Please continue to be bright and authentic because I know the hall and A wing especially has been better off for it.

To Katerina Anders, Amber Bautista, Melena Braggs and Alex White, I will you the quad room. Now, I realize I have no power about whether you get the physical room but I know your friendships aren’t reliant on a space. So on top of the quad, I will you more craziness and a senior year that is less stressful than your junior years have been. I hope you continue to still make everyone around you guys smile and that your bonds grow even stronger in the coming year. Thank you for making me smile countless times and making D wing such a wonderful home to have lived in.

Daniel Chacón

To all this year’s Dwingers, I will you the best housing you can imagine, weekly trivia nights with Grant in the maker space and dinner dates without complications where everyone shows up and brings food.

To next year’s Dwingers, I will you a new, better RC, if that is possible.

To all of 1505, I will you first place in Clash decorations and give my experience and knowledge I gained from being co-head. You will not need it to earn first place like you deserve. Also, I will you plenty of hands and helpers from day one till the night of.

To the future wing guides of D wing and 1505, I will you the most enthusiastic and engaged wing mates who show up to every event even the optional ones.

To the unofficial members of Dwing: Angel Hernandez and Thomas Johnson, I will that you officially get to live in Dwing with your own room and bed.

To Eugene Lim, I will you success in your classes and the energy to stay awake and pay attention. I won’t be there to help you any more, but you can do it on your own.

To George Granskog, I will you your instinct. You don’t need anything else to get by. I also will you that you become the best professional gamer.

To Phillip Paulson, I will you an underclassmen who will be able to hold the same bizarre conversations we had.

To Natalie Oliven, Raman Aliakseyeu, and Ethan Thieme, I will you underclassmen that you help you through your hardest classes like you helped me this year.

To Krys Reyes and Tyler Smith, I will that all of your players notice and appreciate the hard work you put into world building and running your games.

To Michael Hunding and Kian Christian De Guzman, I will you all the time you need to get your homework done and get some sleep already.

To Shikhar Gupta and Tanav Karnik, I will you peaceful and productive nights in whatever wing you go to.

To Andrew and Alex Zhang, I will you an end to being mistaken for one another like I did all year and that your talent for all kinds of art does not go unused nor unnoticed.

To Jonah Fisher, I will you wing mates that spend the time to get to know you, because I hardly got to know you.

To Adam Daki, I will you a successful class club with the best president I know and the best cabinet you can dream of to make a prom worthy of an amazing class.

Declan Creaney

To Maia Peregrino, it really sucks that I have to leave you here next year. From that first volleyball tournament to Filipino Traditional dance and everything in between, all of the time we’ve spent together has been amazing. I’m so glad that we were able to spend these last 1.5 years together at IMSA. I hope you have the best senior year filled with lots of amazing drills and dances along the way, you deserve it! If you need help with anything, whether it be friends, school, stress, choreo :0 or anything else, I’m always ready to help. Just text or call me and I’ll always be available! I’m gonna miss you so much! I will you a sweatshirt (or two) to help remember me while I’m not on campus :)

To Jason Li and Abhi Vinnakota, Without you guys this school year, my life would be so different. Who else would constantly ask to order food or hang out/ illegally spend the night in my room all the time? I will you guys an amazing senior year filled with great memories! I remember when there were 4 upperclassmen hiding out in your room last school year during an assembly to finish an essay. You guys were always so chill and I’m really glad I met you both.

To Eric Pan and Abhi Thati, I feel like I only just got to meet both of you which is really unfortunate. You two are both so hard working and passionate about 05, as shown by the amazing drill this year. Wherever you may end up next year, I will you an even better clash drill for your senior year as well as all the amazing memories that come with it. I hope you both realize how talented you are. You’re both amazing dancers and the choreo you made was epic.

To Shikhar Gupta, you were the first sophomore I met this year and really one of my favorites, I will really miss you. I will you great underclassmen (who will inevitably be the same age as you) who you can talk to and bond with. Moreover, I will you a great year next year, you deserve it. At the start of the school year, I remember seeing you, honestly, as my summer at IMSA kid. Throughout the year I’ve come to realize that you are not only mature but funny and smart. I hope you find someone just like yourself.

To future 05 CDs (CDs not HCCs), I can remember getting my letter. I had gotten the position of CD. It was truly an amazing moment. I will you something very special from Namit and I. I know that you’ll be amazing for the hall and you’ll make me so proud. Please, text me as soon as you know that you got the part.

To Archan Das, I will you my MOK05 banner. I hope you take good care of it and pass it along after your time at IMSA is over. Enjoy 05, enjoy senior year, have fun during clash, and don’t forget to text me, I’m gonna miss you. I can still remember the clash planning and filming and practices and everything that we went through together in both 07 and 05. You were responsible for a lot of my fun this year in 05, especially during clash. Good luck next year man.

To Quinn Verdeyen, as your big sibling, I hope you feel like IMSA is your second home. Although you already bossed this year, I will you two more great years of soccer as the starting goalkeeper, I know the team will do great. I wish I had some of your reflexes and athleticism, some of the plays you made last season were nuts. I hope you continue to make epic saves next year!

To Gnandeep Chintala, though it might not be mine to give, I will you my hall, 1505. Whether you end up back in 05 next year or not, I want you to visit the people and spend time with 05ers next year. I know 05 is where you truly belong, I’ve seen you grow as a person so much over the past 2 years and I hope you continue to succeed. Also, don’t forget, I’m coming back during move-in week and I’m gonna make sure to see you.

To Brandon Smith, I will you one of my dinky frisbees and a successful year in the lead program. Sorry for not doing work during SIR this year, you definitely carried and at times you were the only way I could bear to get through the day. That was so, so, boring. You’re hella hardworking and funny and it sucks to not have you as an underclassman with me next year. I’m gonna miss you a lot and all the little stupid stuff you do a lot. Along with the frisbee, I will you underclassmen that can carry you through your classes or SIR while still being a really cool person next year, just like you.

To Peter Leahy, I will you a lot of stuff. I know we didn’t talk a ton this year but you’re really positive and thoughtful and funny, and weird, and wholesome all in one. So, to you, I will the entire future of 05. I think you can really shape the lives of the incoming sophomores. You have had such a large impact on people in the hall and I hope you continue to make people’s lives better. Side note, I will you a non-toxic future filled with unbanned account and no reports, it’s not that hard lmao.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you another successful year as the CEO. Also, don’t forget about redacted Mondays in Cancer Bio, that class was so epic. From the late-night study sessions with the Polar express playing in the background to the times when I looked over your shoulder at Reddit memes in class, I will always remember that class and I hope you have fun times in classes like that during your senior year too.

To Jack Pinto, Aiden Brinkmann, and Kian Christian de Guzman, I will you all the best possible next two years at IMSA. Whether that be in 05 or not, you were some of my favorite underclassmen this year and I hope you find great underclassmen next year as Juniors! I won’t forget the Filipino tradition dance practices with you Kian. I can’t forget the Irish American Society Meetings with you, Jack. And of course, how could I forget the singing yelling and cheese from you Aiden. I was not disappointed in the slightest with the sophomores this year and I’m so glad you guys were a part of the hall.

To Akul Prakash, without this sounding too cringy, I will you a great senior year and masters in league :0. We’ve never really had classes together minus the BC2 class last year with Meng, (I remember I came to you every time I had questions cause my table and I were kinda bad at math lmao), but every time I see you we’ve said hi and you’re always a chad. I hope you find a sophomore or junior next year just like yourself!

Diana Gonzalez

To Ysabel Guan, I will you an underclassman who will lift you up when you are down, literally. Every time we saw each other and you’d carry me and ask about my day, my heart was instantly filled with warmth. You are one of the most caring, intelligent, funny, and beautiful people I know. I hope that senior year allows you to find your true place, to feel comfortable being who you really are, and a ton more selfies with the people you love. Never stop being your most genuine self, awrawrawr-ing, and making others feel loved. Thank you for being one of my favorite underclassmen, you made my junior year a little easier, and gave me all the bursts of happiness I needed during my first semester senior year. I will miss you, but I know you will do great things. Please keep in touch!<33

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you an underclassman who will put your face on their door. Thank you for all the laughs and the teasing — ten check felt like a breath of fresh air after a long day because of you. You are such a smart, cute, and funny person, I hope you never lose that spark. I will miss you and I hope that senior year is nothing but the best!<33

To Sriya Gandhi, I will you a sophomore who calls you the wrong name on purpose. I’m so sorry we never got to catch up this year, but I will never forget all the fun we had last year! I am so proud of you for all your hard work, and I hope it pays off during your senior year!<33

To Sharanya Choudhury, I will you an underclassman as funny and sweet as you! Seeing you in the wing commons always made me smile:)) Please get some sleep and have the best senior year!<33

To Brandon Park, I will you a junior who will always bother you in the 1505 hall commons. Keep being the funny, smart, and (sometimes) sweet boy that you are! I hope senior year is everything you want it to be and more. Please keep in touch!

To Delicia Chen and Monika Narain, I will you an injury-free season and the girls XC team. You two are so so talented and I hope that your running reasons, or running in general, becomes something that you do for fun. Never forget why you started running in the first place, and stay strong no matter what. I’ll always be cheering you on!

To Ethan Thieme and Jay Ganesan, I will you an unlimited amount of strike-giving power. It saddens me that you two are the only ones left who still have memories of the distance boys’ weird conversations and inappropriate jokes during warm-ups, among other things. I hope you keep the spirit alive!:)

To Yair Guerrero, Amber Bautista, Charline Rivera, and Karen Olvera, I will you Alma Latina. Even though our year got cut short, I know you’ll have an even better year next year to make up for it. Alma Latina has meant so much to me these past few years, and I hope you all are able to keep the bond alive. The never-actually-having-board-bonding, awkward conversations during meetings for the sake of the club, always making fun of someone, and much much else. I hope you all are able to host the most fun and educational events, and end the year on a positive note! Con mucho amor, Diana. <3

To Yair Guerrero, I will you an Alma Latina presidency that runs smoothly, that is a perfect balance of fun and bonding, as well as organized and efficient. I’m sorry that I could not always do that, but if anyone is able to, it’s you. Watching you grow from sophomore representative to secretary to now president has been an honor. There’s no one else I’d have follow in my footsteps! I know you will do great things, and if you ever have questions, or need advice, don’t hesitate to call! Buena suerte!

To Isha Kadakia, Ahana Narayanan, Audrey Si, and Sydney Despe, I will you the most successful year for BELLAs. Even though we couldn’t execute our events this Spring, I know you all will do it greatly the next year. I hope you finally get some board bonding and brunch dates and remember that the whole point is to have a sisterhood!:’) I know you can do it! I will miss you all, and best of luck sisters!

To 06 BDQ, I will you the most genuine and loving friendship at IMSA. The times Zoe, Shusha, Karina, and I spent in the quad were always such a sweet time. Never stop the traditions of closing the quad door for the sake of ‘studying,’ sleeping in the big room’s bathroom, and singing super late into the night. I hope you all have fun, work hard, and enjoy your time together. It truly does fly by, so please make the most of it!

To the B-Wing sophomores, Ariela, Morgan, Gabi, Sarah, Amanda, and Sage, I will you strength to get through junior year. You all were such fun and cute sophomores to have and I hope that the rest of your IMSA career is nothing but the best. I have no doubt in my mind that you all will have a great junior year, and if you ever need anything, please let me know! 

Duncan Osmund

To Charles Shreiber, I will you a productive SIR group and a junior partner who will be happy to carry you.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you success in your future revolutionary endeavors.

To the 04 D wing rising seniors, I will you the responsibility to create and foster the community of the best wing on campus.

To the 04 D wing rising juniors, I will you a workload large enough that you learn how to chill out and stop being crackheads.

To Alejandro Carillo, I will you an RSL team as passionate for this hall as you are who will help you keep us the best hall on campus.

To all of my EXCEL students, I will you the perseverance to get through IMSA because it will probably never get more intense than your first three weeks here.

To Rohit Katakam, Quin Verdeyen, and Daniel Liu, I will you sophomores that will be as fun to harass as you guys were.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you a junior carry and a home in D wing.

To Raman Aliakseyeu, I will you a great wing community wherever that is next year.

To Jon Gao, I will you people who will help you carry 04 in clash next year.

To Ethan Thime, I will you success in finding a friend group that hasn’t graduated.

To William McCarthy, I will you the common sense that you are so often lacking; use it wisely and please don’t drive Ethan insane.

To Neil Deghe, I will you unlimited slips.

To Akwasi Quarcoo, I will you patience with your roommate and time to enjoy your naps.

To Axel, Jesus, Gerry, and Adam, I will you good faith with Jon and Ethan in hopes you get your quad and can keep the door open.

Eliot Smith

To Brandon Smith, I will you a less stupid last name. Idiot. But also, I will you an underclassman to play spikeball and ultimate with, to learn backflips with, to make dumb jokes with, and to help you see all the things you love about IMSA. Enjoy your senior year, I can’t wait to see what you do with it <3.

To Archan, I will you some inspiration. Use it wisely. Keep being amazing. Get frickin massive. Beat the crap out of a box. I believe in you, stay hype.

To Rosario, I will you a fat mental block. You can even have mine, I really don’t want it. I will you someone to compliment your socks, and someone to always run into at the gym. Don’t stop lifting, and please keep dressing like a tornado hit your wardrobe. Your fits never fail to inspire me. Maybe see a therapist about that shoe addiction though, you might need some help. 

To Ethan Thieme, I will you an underclassman to absolutely destroy you in spikeball, and another one to do your MVC take homes in their head. Maybe chill out a little bit next year, the rest of us are having a tough time keeping up.

To Ram, I will you the love of my entire quad. You were the best roommate we never asked for. Please get some sleep, and I wish you the best of luck with your college grind next year.

To Seb, I will you a co that can put up a bulletin board, and an abundance of loud thumps on your ceiling. Don’t forget the old B wing, I’m counting on you to carry on Bichael Bolton’s legacy.

To Danny, I will you a good night’s sleep. Don’t pull any all-nighters editing or anything like that.

To Avhdan, I will you a pirated copy of Premiere Pro. You’re a legend, and you still have two more years at IMSA. Use them well.

To Derek and Blake, I will you the spirit of 07 Drill. Maybe you’ll be in 07 next year, maybe you won’t. This hall has its ups and downs. But whatever you do, I’m looking forward to it. I hope I’ll get to see you guys choreo again.

To Brandon and Eric, I will you the garbage fire that is the Ultimate Team. Maybe you’ll go to a tournament someday (a big maybe). Maybe you guys can keep going to Westmont. It feels like we barely had any time to play together, but I looked forward to every scrim. I hope you find some sophs to carry on the torch, and whatever you do, keep the spirit alive and keep throwing that plastic disc around.

To Rosario, Simone, Jimmy, Gerry, and Mya, I will you guys the future of EMPR. I’m so glad I asked about the poster you were making the night before club fair, and I’m so glad I became senior rep at the last minute. This past year was awesome, I couldn’t have asked for any better. I hope all of you keep lifting, and maybe we’ll run into each other in the gym someday :)

Eliza Apavaloaiei

To Francesca, Ellie, Danny, Derek, Chandra, Ahana, Manasvi, and the rest of ISP Board 2020-21, I will you the ability to take ISP even further than this year. ISP is about progress, and with progress comes a better board each year. I will miss you all dearly and our chaotic board meetings, but that’s how the best friendships are created: through laughter and the willingness to work together. Each one of you is so wonderfully talented, and I cannot wait to see how far you go next year! I will you successful livestreams, gorgeous videos and photos, and groovy music. The biggest lesson I leave you with is to remember that you are not alone; the rest of board is there for you, Kevin is there for you, and we (class of 2020 and other alumni) are always here for you.
To Emma and Ella, I will you a French Club filled with many crepes and pain perdus. In all seriousness though, thank you for putting up with Krishna and me this year, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to watch you both grow and become successful French Club board members this year! I am very excited to see what you will accomplish next year, and please remember to lean on Madame et Monsieur. I leave you bisous and a strong board in your hands for next year.
To Francesca Dumitrescu and Christian Herbst, I will you the love of our culture and each other to aid in your studies of Romanian heritage. I hope that you embrace who you are and are excited to educate others of something that makes you both very unique. I offer myself as a resource, and to you both, each other, so that you may practice the language and trade material to help facilitate your learning. Te iubesc, si va doresc succes.

To Vivian Hedican, I will you strength, both physically and mentally. Remember to never compromise your beliefs for anyone, and that you have a strong support system at IMSA who will stand by you when it feels like everyone is against you. Stay strong, sweetheart, and don’t forget the people who love you!

To Gabi and Hilda, I will you the strength to always share the goodness in your hearts. Thank you for adopting me in Russian and for taking ISP by the reigns. Your smiles always brightened up my day and I only wish that you have the same effect on people for the next two years. I wish you luck in your continued studies, and I am very excited to see you both prosper in the ISP family! Take care of each other, I know you are both strong but remember that you have each other to lean on. Keep shining on, ladies!

To Quinn Verdeyen, I will you humor in your classes and your social life. Lord knows you’ve blessed my senior year with your jokes and funny faces. I will you an eternal spark to keep that flame strong, because even though IMSA may be hard at times, it is important to remember that a smile goes a long way (though I hardly doubt you’ll have that hard of a time!). Thank you for being the friend I have so much in common with, and I wish you your own soph, whether that be next year or senior year that you can grow close to.

To Kailey Light and Laila Walton, I will you wonderful little siblings, whether they be through the program or of your own accord. You were both my little siblings, and I loved watching you both grow at IMSA, even if I took more of a backseat in your stories. To Kailey, I wish you the best in senior year, you’re gonna need it! But don’t ever forget your music and hold everyone you love close to you. To Laila, congrats on a successful sophomore year! My wish for you is that you continue to grow in ISP, but also to find your little niche where you are happy, whether that be in a club or a friend group. I believe in you guys, and remember to reach across classes, some of your best relationships may come from that! Good luck!

Elizaveta Kuzmina

To Abby Stevenson, I will a single shoelace. Use it to keep your jeans on, and think of me whenever you do. I don’t have enough words to describe how much the last year with you has meant to me. From being scared of each other this time last year to where we are now, I am so blessed to call you one of my best friends. Living with you (and your closet) at arm’s reach was so good, and all the late nights, hugs, tears, and sweet laughter with you have defined my senior year. I’ll miss you so much next year, and I know your year with the new quad is going to be so amazing. Don’t let college get to you, and savor the time you have left. Don’t forget to call me and Clara to keep us up to date on all your problems :).

To Sam Hall, I will someone to keep your head on straight. You may be a SDIB, but you’re the best person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing on this godforsaken campus. You make my life better for knowing you. Don’t be stupid, and never forget how much you mean to me. I hope you find someone you can take under your wing and nurture until they are forced to love you as much as you love me :). I also will you a few more brain cells. Yours seem like they’re getting lonely. 

To Aidan Stueck, I will a super dope prom date. I’m so devastated that ours was cancelled because I was so excited to get to take you. I’ve truly loved every conversation we’ve had, and getting to know you has been one of the true pleasures of my year, even though your response lag totally sucks >:(. You better make sure I have a date to your class’s prom because I still want the chance to turn up with you on the dance floor! I also will you less Blonde nights next year — get some sleep and enjoy every last minute of your year. 

To Courtney Cagnolatti, I will the space in the big room to extend your lengthy legs to your heart’s desire. Weekend brunches with you have been an absolute joy, and I’ll miss your silly, anime-obsessed self living within 50 feet of me. I also will you Abby — take good care of her please. If she complains about you, I will simply have to kill you. I also will you a better British accent, the wing deserves that.

To Emma Darbro, I will some balls of steel. You are the most kindhearted person I’ve known, and I love how excited you get about the littlest things. Sometimes though, you let your fears keep you from experiencing the best there is in the world. I hope you’ll gain some confidence and believe in your ability to make the right choices throughout your senior year. I also will you a year full of free time to go on runs, but please for the love of god, stop running when you’re injured. It can wait, and you need to take care of yourself.

To Brandon Smith, I will someone who will listen. I’ve adored getting to know you this past year, and you always have really interesting ideas and I love to pick your brain. I know you’re going to serve the LEAD team splendidly, and I can’t wait to see the direction you take it. I’m always free to talk if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, or if you just want to catch up. I also will you a carry through any more bio or chem classes should you choose to take them. I won’t be around to fulfill the role anymore, so I hope you find a nice lil junior to pull you through. 

To Jiliann Padilla, I will FL Studio. Even though you’re leaving 01, the last two years of choreographing drill with you have been so good, and I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown as a dancer. Now that you have had the experience of getting FOURTH in a drill, here’s what you need to perfect your future mixes. In addition, I will you someone who will always know the absolute funniest, most ridiculous thing to say in any situation. You have brought so many smiles to my face with your dorkiness, and I’ll miss you so much. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o__zkNK5fjFSMtxF49KXwuJMQXdALfuB/view?usp=sharing  

To Hailey Raval, I will a case ;). In all seriousness, you are my sweetest little baby soph. Getting to know you this year has been so fun, and I’m going to miss all the hugs, jokes, dancing, stunts, and talks we’ve had so much. Junior year will be hard, but I know you’re more than capable of kicking its butt. Don’t forget to text me <3.

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will SMAC. I know me and Max weren’t always the most active or committed presidents (senioritis kinda hits with SMAC every year, we’re sorry), but I have full faith in your ability to do more than just keep SMAC afloat, but rather help it thrive. I will you creativity in coming up with new things to try, and the success of the campfire songs event for every event. You’ll need to stay organized and dedicated, but if anyone can do it, it’s you. 

To Hailey, Emilia, and Karrick, I will 01 drill. This year was our absolute peak so far, and it was the greatest pleasure in the world to get to put together something so fantastic with you guys. I hope you can bring it to greater heights than ever before. I will you guys someone who always has a speaker, a charged laptop, an attendance sheet filled with green, and an even number to make formations with. I will miss you all so dearly, and I’ll be watching the livestream next year. Don’t forget to boss up on formations and throw some stunts in there! And don’t you dare forget to sign up for gym time :). I’ll be watching the livestream and cheering for you all the whole time. 

To Samantha Taylor and Juan Chiu, I will amazing cos for next year. You guys were both so great to work with, and you helped me make Tuesday nights the best they could be. I’ve loved watching you guys grow with the program, and I will you the passion to stick with it through the busy times you’ll have during senior year. Stay driven and keep exploring what leadership means to you. 

Sharanya Choudhury and Ben Webber, I will you EnACT, my precious little baby. I am slightly protective of the program as we have built it this year, but even I am willing to let go so that you can take it to a new level. I’m so excited to see what you guys do with it, and I know you’ll do amazing leading the team. I will you a team ready to take on the challenge of making the program what you want it, and a sophomore class excited about the prospect of making change. You guys will need a lot of dedication to keep the EnACT team in check, so keep each other accountable and never stop communicating with each other. Good luck!

To Brooke Bolsinger and Patrick Borse, I will my spirit for clash. I’m sure Max and Sam will will you things as well, but despite never being an RSL, Clash has truly been my favorite part of the IMSA experience. I hope you guys are able to pull 01 together into the community it needs to be to make it through Clash, and I hope every event has competent heads so you guys can relax a little and enjoy the ride. I also will you guys someone with more brain cells than I have to try to carry riddle. I’ve been training some of our underclassmen, so hopefully they can pull through next year.

Abby Stevenson, Courtney Cagnolatti, Heewon Kim, and Sam Hall, I will the poster of Clara from her senior swim season. It hung on the door of the quad this year and I expect to see it up next year too. C Wing culture is your responsibility now. I expect to come back next year and hear the whole wing speaking in British accents and laughing at each other. Please remember to leave your door open sometimes and make the quad a place anyone can come to feel at home. Reach out and make friends with your juniors and baby sophs, you won’t regret it. Specifically to Abby, I will the big bathroom. You deserve it after you basically used it every day this past year.

To the choreographer(s) for next year’s Casa Modern, I will my favorite dance at IMSA. Sadly, we didn’t get to put on the dance me and Alyssa made this year, but I’m sure what you create will be even more spectacular. People are going to be so excited for your dance, and I know that with hard work and dedication, you’ll put on something unlike anything people have ever seen. I will you no injuries from trying out tricks, bomb songs, and a group you can be proud of. I can’t wait to come see it!

To the new C Wing juniors (Krysta, Abi, Ari, Sarah, Monica, Ethan), I will C wing culture. The spirit of the wing is in you now and it’s up to you to keep it alive. I have lived in this wing all 3 years of IMSA, and I couldn’t possibly have picked better people to pass it on to. I hope you guys carry over your absolutely lunic energy into next year, because you’ll need it to pull through junior year. It’ll be hard, but it’s worth it, and I’m always just a text away. Make hand cake, stay up late laughing, be stupid, and study hard, because this will be the best and worst year of your lives and you’ll miss it when it’s over. I also will you guys a fresh batch of sophomores that’s half as good as you were. 

To Ethan, Monica, Cor, and Esther, I will upquad. Technically I never lived in it so I don’t really know if it’s mine to will, but as part of the only quad from this year I will do it anyways. Cor and Esther, welcome to the beauty that is C wing. Your presence at check every night is something I wish I could’ve experienced this year. Ethan and Monica, I’m so so happy you guys are staying — all the time I spent in your room 2nd semester was an absolute pleasure. You guys now have part of the responsibility of making C wing a real community. Get to know your sophs, reach out to your seniors, and never stop loving and supporting each other. Best of luck my loves, and please, for the love of god, don’t let Cor make 7 eggs at a time.

To Maia Peregrino, I will serenity. You are one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, and you remind me a lot of myself in some ways. Sometimes you can lose sight of the bigger picture, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and so I hope you can maintain clarity throughout your senior year. I also will you some sense. You are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for. You can do what you set your mind to and don’t ever let anything or anyone impose limits on you. 

To Jaden Wang, I will someone new to talk about music with. I know we don’t know each other particularly well, but the conversations we had about music always made me smile. I’m so glad I had the honor of getting you into Frank, and I’ll definitely be hitting you with more recommendations even after I’m gone. I also will you someone to order Thai with, hopefully you find someone, but if you don’t, we’ll definitely be getting some next time I come visit!

To Patrick Hultquist, Sam Hall, and Esther Im, I will bagel party. We’ve had nine amazingly successful events, and I’m so proud of the work you guys put in to keep this beautiful silly thing alive. I care about it a lot, and I hope you guys will too. I’m so sad we didn’t get a big last hoorah with it this year, but thank you guys for sticking with me to try to put something together to keep peoples’ spirits high. I will you all the spreadsheet we’ve been using to keep track of donations for years, generous alumni donations, and the drive to keep pushing to make it better every time. Thank you guys so much, I can’t wait to see what you do as the Bagel Friends <3. 

Gaylen Dimick

To Abi E, I will an underclassmen just as wonderfully crazy as you, who can talk about guys for hours as long as there’s a heated blanket involved. I hope your next 2 years at IMSA are more fulfilling and help you see how important you are to those around you.

To Krysta Pelayo, I will you an underclassmen who is always there when you need them. You know how to come through for someone whether its emotional support or a vault of snacks under your bed. I hope you spend your next 2 years at IMSA getting your caring energy reciprocated by all those you touch.

To the future PME executive board, I will you a successful year as student leaders, the strength, cooperation, and intelligence to work together in times of crisis, and the united ability to create solutions that benefit the whole IMSA community. I hope you are able to define your relationship with PME’s true purpose, to serve the community concerns that may not be the most popular or well-liked, but represent the true changes that need to be made for equitable student experiences at IMSA. Leaving, I can see all the possibilities of how I could have handled difficult situations differently, and how I could have pushed further to help more projects succeed in my time as co-liaison. For that, I will you the organization, inspiration, and determination to push yourselves and make those projects happen, to improve the structure of our board and celebrate many firsts for how far we can take our efforts for the community.

To Jillian, Karrick, and Hailey, I will you a successful clash season of choreographing for -1 drill next year. This year was my first time where I really enjoyed the clash season, and it was thanks to you and everyone in 01 who took the true spirit of clash to heart and made it about coming together and working hard, not winning. I loved working with you guys, and I hope you come up with something even more amazing next year, if that’s possible.

To Emily Shao, I will you an underclassmen who always gives you the cutest smile and “hello” every time you see them, even if you guys don’t talk much. You always lit up my day with your energy :)))

To my dance team underclassmen, I will you a successful year of competitions next year. Listen to Kristina because she is soso amazing and talented, and work together; make plans to goof off outside of practice and bOnD…and you guys will do so good!

To Godwin and Colin, I will you an underclassmen who never fails to make you laugh but can talk about anything without judgement and be supportive when its needed. You both came through with that for me and I appreciated it.

To 01BDQ, I will you to stayyyyy in 01 and have a bomb year next year in the best hall on campus. I loved having you guys in 01 and I hope sm that you will stay :)))

To my 01C babiez, I will you a wonderful year of C-wing laughter and cacophony, but most of all for you guys to support each other unconditionally. C wing has an unmatched energy that you have to maintain, a space where anyone and everyone is welcome.

Gowri Warikoo 

To Hamza Haq, I will you a 4th mod lunch buddy. We’ve gotten so close this year from Diwali Script, Discrete, the TikToks, lunch, Zoom calls, and so much more, and I’m glad that all of these memories were made with you. I know your junior year was quite an experience, but I also know that you’ve grown a lot from it, and I’m really proud of you for that. You’re so funny, caring, and such a genuine person, and I’m so lucky that I got to know you this year. I’m going to miss seeing your drawings of 18th century Colonial Homes and talking about the Minion Mug that always manages to make an entrance during class and discussing different ways to say periodt (peridot) and just about everything else. I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you; whether you want me to critique one of your video edits or need someone to talk to, I’m just a Houseparty Wave away….. slad :)

To Akul Prakash, I will you the ability to do your German homework. I’m really happy that you sat next to me in German this year, because without you, I don’t think that I could have made it out alive. All of our late night conversations, roasting arguments, Messenger calls, or just talking about random stuff always makes me smile. You’re such an intelligent and hardworking guy, and I know that you’re going to have an amazing last year at IMSA. I hope that you find someone that has as delightful of an attitude and is as kind a person as you are; only then will you see how great it is to know you. I’ll miss you, akul7171 :)

To Cassidy Krupske, I will you an Indian accent. I know how much you love them and I think that it’s finally time that you get one of your own. Thank you so much for your Trader Joe’s cheese, your cuddly hugs, the peach emoji, and so many other things :)) I’m going to miss sleeping in your bed and watching you make your Tik Toks. It’s crazy to think that our relationship blossomed after we stole those rulers and ran around campus in the freezing cold. Cass w dat ***, you’re so beautiful and hardworking and you deserve such amazing things. First semester senior year can be tough, but it will all be worth it during your SSS. Don’t party too hard, babe. (ALSO I’m still waiting for the striped shirt ;) 

To Ruchi Patel, I will you infinite Fila joggers. I’m so happy that I decided to come to B Wing that one weekend and hang with you guys. We’ve made so many memories in the last few months, and I’m genuinely so sad that we can’t make any more. Although I was in constant fear during drill, I’ll miss looking over my shoulder to see you watching me. I’ll miss sleeping in your room, facetiming random people, and all the other memories we’ve made. Thanks for keeping up our emoji conversations all throughout the break; they were definitely the most entertaining part of my day. Roochee, you have such an irresistible energy and I already know that your senior year is going to be amazing. wuv you <3

To Ju-Won Park, I will you the playlist “for juwu” on Spotify and food (literally any type of food, you get). I first made the “for juwu” playlist a few months ago when you told me that you liked one of the songs that I showed you, and I have been adding to it ever since. Although I had hoped to give this playlist to you on the last day of school, right now is a good time too :) You’re so hardworking and constantly on the grind, so next year you better stop that and actually relax. I’m going to miss squishing your cheeks, giving you big hugs, your massages, and so many other things. Even though you always barged into our room and refused to knock, I’m going to miss seeing you sitting on the ground and eating our food. If you ever need anything next year, I’ll always be here for you. I hope I see you again, juwu <3

To Xiaofan Li, I will you the “😎😎” playlist on my Spotify. We only started talking this year, but I wouldn’t trade our short amount of time together for anything else. Thank you for coming to my room late at night, showing me the wondrous world of Lil Barnacle, giving me those chocolate mushroom things, and engaging in our deep conversations in the wing commons. Skiaophan, you have such a big heart and a kind soul and even if it might not seem like it at times, your hard work is definitely noticed. I already know that you’re going to be so successful next year and that you’re going to do big things. If you ever miss the A wing gang, give the playlist a listen; I think you’ll like it ;)

To Rachel Tin, I will you Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Whole Milk. You’re such a kind person with a beautiful personality and you deserve to have an amazing last year at IMSA. I’m going to miss all of the cat-calls, embarrassing pictures, smiles, and just everything about you. You have done such an amazing job with drill and tennis and I am glad that I got to spend my last year of both with you. u da best :O

To Cindy, I will you an indestructible glass bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar. From morning conditioning to the title of Fast Feet to MAD and Cancer Bio, we’ve done so much together. I’m glad that I suffered through 6:30am runs, the Cell Cycle, and lectures about viruses with you. Thank you for the uncooked banana bread meme and the tennis poster that will forever hang on my wall. I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you do next year! :)

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you an amazing co-facilitator for next year. Thanks for being such a fun guy during LEAD first semester! The Ben 10 module will forever reign as the best module in the curriculum, hands down. I hope that one day you learn that a plate and spoon are not supposed to be used for ramen. :D Have a great senior year!

To the future FPS Board (Ruchi Patel and Heldanna Solomon), I will you a complete FPS season. This year, we had a lot of ups and downs, and even though we never were able to go to State, you guys did an amazing job the whole year! I know that you guys are going to be amazing presidents, but if you ever need anything, Breanna and I are just a text away!

To the *future* Future Engineers Board (Nathan Tamez), I will you infinite Hot Wheels tracks and cars. Nicole and I started this club from just an idea, and honestly, we weren’t sure how to run it at all, but you’ve helped us so much with everything! Thank you for bringing so many great ideas to our meetings and dealing with everything in the first semester. I’m happy that the future of this club is being left in your hands, and I know that you’ll do an amazing job with leading it next year!

To the 1502 A Wing Sophomores (Rishita Boddu, Emily Wei, Eileen Vortia, Natali Chung, Gabriela Georgieva, Zoie Sloneker, and Madeline Fields Halva), I will you success for your next two years of IMSA. I never got to know all of you as much as I wanted to, but I am grateful for our few, but fun, interactions. Junior and senior year might seem a little terrifying, but don’t worry, because so many people have gone through it, and come out of it, successful, and so will you! I’m going to miss the many conversations we had in the wing commons, and I hope you all enjoyed them as well. I’ll miss ya rats :))

To the 1502 A Wing Juniors (Jaden Turner, Grace Okorie, Ju-Won Park, Xiaofan Li, Mariam Ahmed, Julia Wettstein, and Tori Shepherd), I will you guys all the strength and support that you need to get through your last year of IMSA. First semester senior year can be really hard, so it’s important to look out for yourself and those around you. Check up on your friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time or reach out to someone who you think can use a little boost; these small actions can have much more of an impact than you might expect. You guys are all such hard-working and intelligent people, and I know that you are going to do great things in the future. Maintain the A Wing legacy <3

To Zoie, I will you to keep the beautiful smile that you have. We didn’t talk much this year, but I remember this one time when I made a joke about something and I saw your beautiful smile for the first time. With that smile, I know that you will be able to get through anything. I love the positive energy that you bring and I am so glad that you were in A wing this year. :)

To Warikoo Warriors or whatever the name of the chat is now (Srilalana Appasani, Abhi Thati, Shrutika Gupta, Saachi Kumar, Hiteshi Patel, Hamza Haq, and Ruchi Patel), I will you admin control of this chat. Although I am not an admin myself, I’m still giving you the admin privileges that you deserve. At one point during this Quarantine, I turned to this group chat as my only source of entertainment, so I thank you all for sending those emojis or keeping up the random conversations. Even Shrutika, although she sent a grand total of 1 (one) message to this entire group.

To the Blood Sisters (Deepu Chintala, Jay Ganesan, and Hamza Haq), I will you infinite ‘tss’. This dinner date was probably the best one that I have ever been on. Thanks for letting us take all of 04’s utensils and beginning a legacy that will continue to prosper. I hope that next year, you three will continue to spread the Blood Sisters’ anthem.
To Samantha Taylor, I will you someone who is as disturbed by snakes as you are. Thank you for making LEAD such a fun program to be a part of and constantly brightening up the meetings. Although I hated them at the time, I will admit that the memes you sent me always made me laugh. I’m really glad we sat next to each other that one day in the auditorium for Lunar and watched everybody dance and just talked. You’re so hardworking and driven and I hope you maintain that positive energy for senior year!

To Nathan Joseph, I will you a carpool buddy. Thanks for all of the carpools we went on together and the many times that we tried to do homework in the car but ended up sleeping the whole two hours lol. Have an amazing senior year!

To the Future Residents of 1502A15, I will you amazing memories made with your best friends in this room. In the past year, Rachel and I have done so much in this room from staying up late to college acceptances to just messing around, and I hope you two make the most of your last year at IMSA as well. The only thing I will say, is that sometimes the lights in the bathroom turn on even though no one walks past them, so we suspect that there is a ghost in the room that stops by sometimes; don’t be too afraid if the ghost pays another visit!

Grace Federici

To Sam Gong, I will you D wing. Idk if you even want to be wing guide or will even end up in the same wing because god knows I didn’t, but you made the wing I didn’t even want to live in one of my favorite places on campus, so thank you for all of your help and love. Just never forget to not burn any bridges and you’ll have endless friends and opportunities available to you.

To Disha Dureja, I will you people who you can count on, a group that you love, and a hall that feels like home. You deserve all of these things and more. I hope that there are no more late night wing commons couch cry sessions, but I know there will be more, so when I’m gone, I hope that you find the people who can help you through them better than I could.

To Amanda Chen, I will you the miscellaneous Comic #6 posters I have in my room. As a relic of your sophomore year and all the shit you went through, they belong to you. So please, take them off my hands and hang them in your quad. Thank you for everything that you have done for the people around you and for never putting up with the bs. I wish that we could’ve hung out more, but just know that I appreciate you so much and you were by far my favorite A wing sophomore.

To Emma Darbro, I will you the diving team. I know you’ll have a marathon to run, but you mustn’t leave Chuck on his own. You are a truly good diver, and the only hope of the team. Stick with it please and don’t get sick and miss half the season. It’s worth it I promise. Linda and I will be with you in spirit, so save us some donuts.

To Sam Gong and Joanna Menendie, I will you my beloved L-room. I’m sorry for the nonexistent intervis potential, but there’s nothing better than the L. Because you’re on the first floor, Joanna, your mom will be able to knock on the window and wake you up, not me lmao. I hope that you have many fun nights there together and think of us while you’re at it, because so many things have happened in that room, some of my most favorite nights. I wouldn’t rather anyone else live there because I know that you two will give it the love it deserves. To go in your new room, Aabha and I will you our pink glittery 06 sign. I made that sign with one of my seniors sophomore year for hall decs so it is only right that you two get it. You are my sophomores and the future of 06 — smart, talented, funny, and generous as hell. Never stop giving because you two are perfect. Thank you for the endless laughs and most of all, the quesadillas.

To Aidan Stueck, Delicia Chen, Jaelynn Abdullah, and Brooke Bolsinger, I will you an unbeatable new CAB, and a new advisor who will put up with your antics like Amy has for us and take you out like Kevin did.

Aidan — NEVER let the hype die

Delicia — keep everyone on track, like me, you’re the realist

Jaelynn — never stop being you because you are the actual best ever

Brooke — love a little more and let your creativity shine

I appreciate each one of you so much I promise. I hope that in the coming year that you can understand the love that I have for you as you lead the new CAB through the tough year ahead, trying to figure everything out on your own. I promise old cab is one text away and I would love to help because it feels so wrong to give up my CAB family so quickly. But, you all know what to do. Push the boundaries. Never stop fighting for the fun that you know this campus deserves. Just know, if you’re ever in need of an extra riddle, please ask for my help. Life will not be the same without them.

To Delicia Chen, I will you infinite kisses. I hope that you get everything that you want because I am confident that you are truly deserving of it and more. But, if you don’t, as I haven’t, just know it’ll all work out in the end. It won’t seem like it, but I promise that there is always a silver lining. Either way, you deserve all the kisses in the world, and just know that even though I won’t be there to give you them, I’ll be thinking of you, hoping for your every success.  Live your senior year to the fullest, no matter what. Come visit me and maybe i’ll come visit you. 

Grace Yue 

To Eva Tuecke, I will you the following:

– The Acronym, which is not really mine to will (but I did help with Editor-in-Chief decisions this year, so it kind of is);

– The strength of body, mind, and heart (spirit? Probably depends on your religion) to not die during Dong SIR;

– My extensive knowledge of Indian culture and ability to associate surnames with languages and regions;

– The presence of mind to prevent your quadmates from sleepwalking out of 06 in the middle of the night; and

– The true spirit of an Opinions section editor & resident data expert of the Acronym: to be an eternal contrarian (within reason).

To Prathana Prashanth, I will you the motivation to apply to the Acronym!! I also will you the ability to remember that school starts at 8 AM and not 3 AM. Keep being an awesome world-class (state-class? idk) pianist and singer.

To Rachna Gupta, keep writing for the Acronym and be an awesome EIC!!!

To The Fake Grace (i.e. Grace Smith), thanks for all the food. I will you lots of chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-frosted cupcakes, and apples in return.

To Monika Narain, I appreciate the food supply. I think those Whoppers might have been slightly expired, but thanks nonetheless. Keep running (I mean on cross-country) and stay awesome!

To Gloria Li and Madhu Mannivannan, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I will you both stress-free senior years and plenty of TwoSetViolin. Remember us meeting up at the ice cream social in your junior year and then binging TwoSetViolin for three hours? Love you guys.

To Akanksha Garg, I will you an enjoyable last year in choir, a chill SSS, and the magical ability to sing the soprano 2 part in the “Into the Woods” finale even though you’re clearly an alto. (At this point, I’ll just will you a soprano voice range so you can finally sing the melody parts).

To Emily Atkinson, may your SCS duties never require anything more complicated than resetting a Windows network adapter. In particular, may you never have to do anything involving BIOS or laptop reimaging. At all.

To Ellyn Hu, I will you the time management skillz to continue carrying 03 in Clash mural. Also, please get a Ph.D. someday, so I can tell everyone that I knew Doctor Who in high school.

To Kailey Light, I will you a senior year that’s as sunny and chill (oxymoron unintended) as you are, and an SCS member who will follow in my footsteps and fix your perpetually-broken WiFi. (Lenovo laptops are pretty good but the network adapters are jank).

To Simone Angelov, I will you good luck in the remainder of AdPro and whatever CS courses you choose to take senior year. Thanks for alternately being the carry/carried at our two-person OOP table, and stay swole!

To Carolina Hall, I will you the sass to continue correcting teachers’ pronounciation of your name in the most Hermione Granger-esque manner possible. (Yeah, that was me last year).

To Isabel Chen and Nadia Horak, I will you a swole senior who will single-handedly move your room into and out of standard formation for you.

To Apurva Reddy, I will you an awesome wingmate who lets you hide in their room to avoid in-room violations, in case you ever accidentally leave the study room at 12:02 AM right as an RC is walking by.

To anyone who is remotely good at writing, I will you my curse of always being confused for a Writing Center tutor, and finding out that the student “just wanted a Writing Center slip” only *after* you’ve gone through their entire paper.

To Adriana Rodriguez, Mackenzie Hostetler, Nadia Ludwig, Emily (Minseo) Jung, Brenna Christoffel-Skelcher, Ellyn Hu, Emily Atkinson, Akanksha Garg, Monika Narain, Grace Smith, Isabel Chen, “Nadia signed out,” Mya Griesbaum, and Apurva Reddy, you made my third and final year in 03A special. Thank you all for that, and carry on the 03Amazing (Amazwing?) tradition!

To Krisha Patel, Shivani Venkatraman, Heewon Kim, Sriya Gandhi, Madhav Parthasarathy, Emma Darbo, Rachna Gupta, Shehzad Bajowala, Elizabeth Alcala, Emily Johnson, Sarah Oquendo, Kaylee Zhou, Isabel Chen, Katelyn Ingles — and to all future Acronym staff members — I will you THE ACRONYM!! Go forth and be ethical, creative, scientifically-minded students & inquisitive, persistent, and truth-seeking journalists.

Grant Fiedler

To Gerardo Paramo, Delicia Chen, Robert Szocinski, Matt Torres, Will McClain, and the rest of the XC/Track & Field team, I will you all fantastic seasons next year. You’re all extremely talented and dedicated people and I know that you guys are going to do great things. I wish we had had more time to get to know each other and make memories this year. Just remember to not take the time you have for granted and enjoy every moment. I found a second family in the distance team and I hope that you all feel the same way. Keep making this team great and supporting each other and making memories that you’ll never forget.

To all my EXCEL kids, I will you the guarantee that YOU WILL DO WELL. I’ve been able to watch each and every one of you grow from scared kids who were completely lost into strong, intelligent, confident young adults, and it makes me super proud. You guys are some of the most dedicated, resilient people I know. I’m stoked to see what y’all are going to do in the next few years and I know it’s going to be great.

To Jacob Malone, I will you countless nights of listening to vinyl, eating waffles, and talking about the most random, stupid crap. I’m so glad that I got to know you and I couldn’t have asked for a better sophomore. I hope that you can find time to enjoy your junior and senior years and that you’ll have sophomores just as great as you were.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you the TV from the pencil run, but I expect you to get something even better next year and finally beat the girls. I’m so glad that we met this year and even if you are a freshman, you’re a great physics carry, and an even better guy. I hope that senior year treats you well.

To the future 04 Dec Heads, I will you an epic clash theme with huge potential for decorations. I’m expecting big things next year and I know you guys are gonna crush it.

To future B-wing down quad, whoever you are, I will you a room that’ll be filled with loads of memories and fun. From the late nights to the early mornings to everything in between, that room has been through a lot and I hope y’all make the most of your time there. (btw I’d watch out for the bathroom floor because it likes to leak)

To Morgan Johnson and Abbi Gonzalez, I will you junior years filled with crackhead energy. It’s going to be stressful and scary at times, but these are the moments where you are going to grow and become better versions of yourselves. Remember that without the lows there are no highs. I can’t put into words how much you guys mean to me and I really wish we had had more time this year. Y’all are gonna be a killer roommate pair so make the most of your time together and create some memories. I’m definitely coming back to visit and if you guys need anything just call me.

To Abi Ernat, I will an infinite amount of energy drinks and smoothie bowls. Enjoy your next two years at IMSA but remember to take care of yourself. Make the most of those caffeinated nights but don’t turn it into a bad habit. Go out and meet new people and be social but remember to take some time for yourself. Make the most of these next two years before they’re over because they fly by fast.

To Colin Ballentine, I will you my kneecaps to replace those granddaddy knees of yours.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you my fantastic fashion choices.

To all of 04, I will you an amazing hall next year. I want to thank y’all for making this place my home away from home for the two years I lived here, and I regret that I didn’t get to know more of you guys. Stay classy and keep making 04 the great place it is <3.

Ian Fowler

To Ram Ranch Kakinada, I will you a great co for next year and someone else to tell you disgustingly blunt and horribly wrong jokes. If your roommate drops over the summer and is replaced by a sophomore, I will you a sophomore as cool as you were when you joined our quad. You’re going to really succeed in life, and I hope you can hold on to the fun times even when things get stressful.

To AnneMarie Bacon, I will you someone to finish teaching you how to play the uke. I hope they can add positivity to your days at IMSA as much as you added to mine. You know you really have true friends if they’re willing to take you on an access walk in the pouring rain. I admire you for your kindness, drive, and warm smile. Please, never change.

To Archan Das, I will you someone else to stay up until 2 in the morning recording covers of songs most people have never heard of, spot you at the bench press, light things on fire during class, participate in intrahall window shenanigans, and remind you that the Crimson Tide is the best college football team. You rock, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

To whoever my little sib was, I will you a little sib that you can neglect as much as I neglected you.

To Sage Owen, I will you a sophomore who’s as easy to talk to as you are. I hope you always maintain your patience in frustrating situations and your ability to stay calm. I truly admire that.

To Dev Singh, I will you an app dev team filled with competent people. You’re extremely talented. Just remember talent is only half the battle.

To BHARGAV SAMPATHKUMARAN, I will you the United States of America. I will bow down to you as my supreme leader as soon as you win the presidency.

To Chandra, Ahana, and Francesca, I will you someone who’s really good at working that sound board at coffee houses. You’re all incredibly talented, and I can’t wait to hear the albums you release in the future.

To Rosario Picone, I will you someone to have down-to-earth, politically incorrect conversations with at lunch that feel like a breath of fresh air in such a rediculous environment.

To Kodai Speich, I will you a wing that doesn’t mind it when you play the otamatone at check for the 1000th time and a talent show that wins first place in the hearts of 07 and the rest of campus. Who cares about the judges?

To Naveena Mutharasan, I will you someone who runs into you in the hallway extremely frequently and never fails to put a smile on your face in the process.

To Storm and Blake, I will you someone to appreciate your room decs as much as I did. Cherish 2020 not just for the result, but for everyone’s reaction to it on IMSA’s campus.

To Devraj Thakkar, I will you someone else to stay up late with you and look after your programming projects. I always enjoy talking with you about random things and look up to the way you supplement your talent with your interpersonal skills.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you a better dinner date who doesn’t nearly go into anaphylactic shock. That was pretty funny.

To Advait Patel, I will you a club that you can lead that doesn’t implode. I admire your work ethic and how well you apply yourself.

To Titan Robotics, I will you an amazing experience at worlds in 2021 and the strategy team to help get you there. You all work unbelievably hard and build incredible things. I hope you’re working on building a case for all the blue banners of the near future.

Ishaar Ganesan

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you my 3pt shot and an ability to stay up late. You really need both for your next two years at IMSA. You’ve grown so much since I first met you, and I’m really proud of you. You’ll probably still airball a lot, but because of this will, you’ll at least make some of the threes take now. Don’t be afraid of the future and don’t tell yourself that you aren’t enough for whatever. You got it bud, and you can always hmu for help on whatever math homework.

To Shiraz Baxamusa, I will you infinite Nesquiks and a lack of girl problems. You’re one of the coolest people I’ve met at IMSA, and I’m glad to say that you’re one of my closest friends. From that first day when we came to your room to the Nesquik in my fridge, and to you 3D printing handles and eating vegan pho together, we’ve come a long way. You know if you ever need any advice or any help, you know you’ll get an answer at any time.

To Jesus Mascote, I will you a buddy for allnighters. Since I won’t be there to keep you company and take care of you know who, you need one. From the beginning of the year to the end, you’ve been a real one, my guy. Thanks for helping me with my essay and hooping with me man. I’m gonna miss you so much. I only wish I spent more time with you near the end of the year.

To Pranav Manoj, I will you my project. You know what I’m talking about. I can’t finish it since IMSA closed so early, but I’m sure you can. I mean, you have the next two years. Keep hooping my dude, and maybe next year, I’ll be seeing you at the lab too.

To Sid Tiwari, I will you some hops and pounds because you gonna be a beast with those hops my dude and with those pounds, you finally won’t be 7 feet and 2 pounds. Have fun at IMSA man, and ball out next year.

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you some height. I’m glad I met you this year, and it’s crazy since I didn’t even know you live in Bloomington too. To the future double dates. Also, don’t doubt yourself too much man. You can always hmu if you need anything.

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you confidence and my mop. You’re always talking about my mop, so you can have it. Maybe clean your room or something with it. From intersession to your dope party, I’m really glad we met this year. Don’t overthink so much, and try to enjoy IMSA during the next two years. As always, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask for any help.

To Makayla Zheng, I will you a Big Mac. It’s so sad, I never got to get you one. Anyway, have fun at IMSA, and if you need anything ever, I gotchu.

To Devraj Thakkar, I will you a lack of girl problems. Ever since your sophomore year, we’ve been good friends, and without a doubt, we will continue to. We’ve been through so much, but I know that we’re gonna do more in the future. For starters, we still gotta take that road trip, so let’s run it.

To Siva Nalabothu, I will you a homecoming and prom date. You need one bud. We’ve been to Spain together, but that’s only the beginning. We both know it. I wish you’d stay closer to Chicago for college but follow your dreams. Don’t think so much about the smallest things, and try to enjoy the smaller things in life as we used to your sophomore year. I know you’ll end up doing great things. Let’s go see the beach in Barcelona once more, on the way to the Alps.

To Hamza Haq, I will you some fun on the weekends. You’re one of the most chill people I know, and I’m glad we were in the same wing last year. I know we didn’t spend that much time together this year, but as always, you can always hmu for advice.

To Abhi Thati, I will you my flannel. I can’t stay mad at you forever. Make good use of the flannel. You’re gonna do great things, my guy. Try to get some hooping in here and there too – it’s how we became so close.

To Jaden Wang, I will you my blitz skills. Without them, you’re never gonna beat Xander in bullet. You got this bro, and we gonna keep playing chess together. Don’t worry too much about the future, just enjoy your time man.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you a chess state championship. It’s something we couldn’t achieve, but the ride was still worth it. You’re a real one, and I hope we get to play more chess in the future. Keeping hooping too, maybe one day you might be able to block me. 

To the Basketball Team, I will you a regional’s win. We didn’t get it this year, but I’m sure you guys can next year – don’t give up. I’m glad I could spend time with you guys this year. It was for sure the highlight of my year, so thank you guys for this season.

Ishanpepe Jagusah

To Alex Pomrenke, I bequeath my big biracial energy. I know you already have enough of your own, but if we simply combine forces, we’ll be unstoppable. You always make me feel better when I see you at check, you’re one of the few people at IMSA who I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with and talking with, and I hope you have a great senior year of your own. ;)

To Julia Wettstein, I will the most mediocre swim team ever. Having you with me on the swim team was the most fun I’d had in a while, and getting to work with you in classes this past semester was the best. I’m not really the most verbose person out there, so I can’t really think of any ways to say how much having you as a friend meant to me besides just plain saying it. I’ll miss getting to see you in Diglit three times a week.

To Kristen Fiegel (you’re not technically an underclassmen, but since I’ve been at IMSA longer than you, I think it still counts), I will a lamer group of students to look after. I’ll always treasure that magic night when we stayed up way too late in the RC office that one weekend, just reading Shakespeare, and I’m so sad that our time together got cut short. I know you’ll be lonely without me, but you’ll survive lmao. 

Janna Jann

To Isabel Chen, I will you Astrid, my big pink Squishmallow. She will grant you magical powers so maybe you could stop slapping me in the wing commons when I poke you and she will teach you good hygiene. I also will you soap, deodorant, perfume, because…ya know. I also will you a free visit by yours truly so we can eat snacks and seaweed together! I will miss all the times I’m lying on the wing couch and just pestering you to death. I’ll also miss you and Nadia slapping my stomach to see if it’s like a watermelon and giggling like crazy. Also, remember that time I totally bossed up on your cello? I’ll come back to do that again, I promise. I swear, I got better. <3 I love you bb soph, try not to be a heart breaker next year! Nom nom. ok signing off, the coolest rooty-tootiest most funniest most likely to bother you during study hours most quirkiest most watermelon like sounding most humblest senior you’ll ever know

To Nadia Ludwig, I will you an endless supply of peanut butter and lime ramen that we will eventually consume together. I will you lots of visits from me so we can continue our cooking adventures in the wing commons and you protecting me from that one very specific RC….scary….very scary. I hope you find another foodie who will also embark on journeys filled with interesting food combos and Tiktoks. I’ll miss all our small moments from you teasing me about some boy (idk who) to me teasing you about yours and going through your messages. I’ll miss struggling to hop on to your bed and watching you do CSI while I procrastinate on my homework and sitting next to your illegal fridge because I wanted to scare Emily. ok signing off, the coolest most funniest most punniest most super duper awesomest taco chalupa eating most humblest senior  you’ve ever met

To Emily Jung, ah…the heartbreaker. I will you true love!!! In the form of me of course. Because I am your true love who will feed you ramen and egg with Nadia. I can’t wait to come back and do a fried chicken and ramen mukbang with you again and sprawl across the wing couches watching Tiktok while sophs do study hours. I hope you have a gr8 junior year and try not to stress yourself out bb. ok signing off, the coolest most funniest most punniest most ramen eating most likely to sleep in the wing commons most humblest senior you know

To Niyati, I will you boba at Snowfactory when they reopen it. We promised each other we would get boba during intersession and I think it’s long overdue. We can be best Bolingbrook buds after quarantine!  <3

To Sai Voora <3, all great things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this year marked the end of our lil flame going on but it’s ok. That’s why I will you Saisu! Have fun. Stay safe. Don’t get caught.

To Evie Lee,  wowie. Well, I’m sad to say goodbye, Madame President. I wish you the best luck with board and I can’t wait to see all your event ideas come true. You are extremely hard-working and I can’t wait to see what you do. I will you the honor of nagging everyone at board meetings. Have fun!

To Future ASIA Board 2020-2021, I will you the power to do amazing things! From mastering the art of al dente ramen, obtaining the perfect amount of painter’s tape for Lunar decs, or just being able to make an impact at IMSA, I know that willing you this doesn’t mean anything because all of you are already capable of being super boss awesome human beings. Go crazy next year and I can’t wait to visit all of you and see how grown up you all are. <3 Love all of you!

To Mark Ying, Hi Mark! I will you an epic greeting like “howdy there partner what’s rooty-tooty in your day”. 

To Philip Yi, HIIII PHILLIPPPPPPPPPPPP. I will you someone who will do a better handshake than me. Throw in a black flip or something. Go crazy ya know.

To Akul Prakash, I will you an amazing former Kathak dancing Indian mom. Good luck, beta! or should I say good luck chotu haha cuz that was like old diwali script haha

To Thavaisya, Hey beautiful gal awesome cool rockin sophomore. Idk what to will you but I’m just gonna say I will you lots of love to yourself to the boss mode level because you are super amazing and I can’t wait for the day where you can flaunt all your perfections to the world and become the epic Tiktok star you are. You’re an amazing gal and I’m really going to miss talking to you.

To Patrick, I will you a super boss cow costume. Moo.

To Maia Perigrineo (Maya Paypayaa), I will you the Hot Dog song I sang at 12 AM that made you so angry. Hot Dog! Diggity Dog! Beautiful Dog! Eat the dog! Hot dog eaten! LA! LA! LA! Ok so anyways thanks for being an amazing roommate this year. You made res life at imsa awesomesauce and i love you more than i love chicken tacos. I’m gonna miss planning outfits and doing makeup at 7 am and listening to u rant about ur senpai and watching u throw it back in our mirror. ok signing off, the coolest most funniest roommate you ever had

To Balaji, I will you my irresistible charm and humor. You’re welcome.

Jason Zhang

To Patrick, Aidan, Abhi, and Madhav, I will you guys the future of 05B downquad, and an upquad as cool and fun to mess around with as you guys were. It’s been super fun to know you guys and thank you for all the fun you brought to me and to the entire wing. Every one of you is so amazingly talented and full of energy. Next year all the sophs in B wing are going to look up to you guys, and I’m not worried at all that B wing next year will be a great wing for your guys’ presence.

To Addison, I will you a happy and stress-free senior year. You’re such a kind, funny, smart and talented person and you really deserve a year that’s not filled with late-night AWRAP or ABS grinds, but instead with heartwarming friendships and happiness like the ones you gave me. I’ll really miss those conversations we’ll have on those late weekend or Tuesday nights, or just you telling me all the cool audio stuff you know. I appreciate you so much and I hope everything goes well for you and you get the happiness you deserve in your senior year.

To Brandon and Yaejoon, I will you guys good ideas to mess with the sophs you guys will have in your wing next year. I’m really glad I had you guys in my wing last year for all the fun times we’ve had, and I really wished we talked more this year.  I hope you get a down oct room as cool and fun to mess with as you guys were, and obviously, pull pranks on them.

To Deepu, I will you an underclassman as crazy and fun as you were. Deepu, you really are one of a kind, I’ve hardly met anyone else in IMSA with the same level of energy you have in yourself. Anywhere you go just seems to get loud but also so lively and energetic because of your existence. It’s been so fun to know you and I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by in my room in your busy junior year. I hope you really enjoy the rest of the times you’ll have in IMSA.

To Jason, I will you even more insane piano skills. Our Lunar act was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in IMSA, and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing piano skills that made it happen. You’re one of the most talented and motivated people I know in IMSA, and I am confident that you’ll keep it up and carry that to your senior year and the rest of 05. And of course, I’ll still make sure to give you good Chinese song recs!

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you a smooth college application process. I know you’ve probably heard this but I’m confident that wherever someone so incredibly competent and capable like you end up for college, they will succeed and find their place in it. I also want to will you a relaxing and fun SSS, to reward you for all the hard work you’ve put in IMSA and to heal and blow away the stress you’ve had.

To Logan, Peter, Mason, Robert, Zach, and Will, I will you guys the courage and energy to power through junior year. It will be a busy year for all the workloads and the new role of being upperclassmen, but I believe you guys will do good and I want to remind you guys to still have fun and get to know people. I also want to will you guys sophomores as fun and chill as you guys were, who are willing to talk to you guys, have fun with you. I’m willing to bet that you guys will set great examples for them.

To Archan, I will you a super cool junior like you were who will just stop by and chill in your room. You’re a super cool and interesting person and it’s been really nice to know you for all the fun you bring to me. I also want to will you dubs in clash movie and talent show next year. It’s unfortunate we got last this year for movie, but I saw the effort you put into it, and I’m confident that with the experience you gained you will make 05 proud with an amazing movie next year.

To Kaylee and Ava, I will you someone else to make fun of and text to pretending to be their girlfriend. It’s been really fun to know you guys and I hope junior year goes well for you!

To AnneMarie, I will you a tornado alarm that will help you get to know a super fun sophomore! I’m really glad I got to know you because you’re such a fun person to hang out with and talk to. I hope everything goes well for you in junior year. I also want to will you the motivation to do a SMAC coffeehouse, and go to pep rally next year! IMSA needs to hear your singing!

To Hailey, speaking as a friend, I will you the energy and strength to kill it during junior year. There are so many amazing qualities and things I see on you that I wish I had when I was a sophomore. You were more social, you weren’t afraid to ask teachers for help, and you were so involved with the things that are happening on campus. It’s going to get a lot busier because of the workload, and there will be more distractions being a junior. But I’m truly confident that you will do well and balance your academics with everything else.

To Nathan Tamez, I will you someone that yells at you and tells you to get out.

To the entirety of the class of 2021 and 2022, I will you guys an actual SSS with none of this stuff we have right now.

Jay Dong

To Mark, Akul, Sai, and Vas, I will you guys a real SSS and 04A down quad. Enjoy the times in the quad while they last.

To Brandon Smith, I will you a 100-breast state time and a successful, injury/sick free swim season. I know you’ll lead a great team!

To Philip, Eddie, and Rishik, I will you infinite violation passes. Philip please control Eddie. Carry on the Dunlap spirit!

To Christian Herbst, I will you a season where you don’t injure yourself before Sectionals. I also will you a 200 free time faster than any time Jay Jenkins will ever swim.

To Jaden Wang, I will you enough money to order every day and not complain about Sodexo.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a successful Senior Class Club year. You guys will thrive no matter what happens. Everything will work out. 

Jerry Hong

To Future 01-D juniors, I will you the untold secrets within the realms of D-wing I hope y’all are you still doing those dumb shenanigans that makes Rafa lose his mind!

To the future 01-D downquad, I will you the best senior year! You guys are now the alphas of D-wing! Make us proud bros! Also, to Patrick Borse… I will you sleep. Plz sleep.

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you the best junior year! It’s amazing how my lil sib has grown to be where you are now! Keep the amazing stuff you’re doing.

To Gnandeep “Deepu!!” Chintala, I will you the top spot of varsity tennis team… It sucks our season ended before it started, but rest assured, you’re gonna be the captain of the ship.

To Phillip Yi, I will you the passing of the torch! I sense a bright future in you with the boys swim team! Solidify our legacies man!

To Gabriella Velazquez, I will you infinite immunity from Pavel and the coveted Group A of PROMISE. Keep the ball rolling during your junior year! It’z gonna be lit…

To Rachel Tin, I will you exclusive tickets for Twice’s next comeback. I know you’re a hardcore Once, so yeah…I’m sure you might like it!

To the future IMSA Swim and Tennis Team, I will you conference and sectional champs. My gut tells me next season is going to be an epic one.

To Sage Owen, I will you the title as the Alpha Memer from Central Illinois. I sense greatness in you…Keep it up!

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you a triple double average next season. Your basketball skills are absolute insanity and the team is blessed to have you on the roster!

Ji Yoon Lee

To Ethan Thieme, I will you the best senior year, nonburnt toast, and an underclassman that will make your day as much as you made mine. Managing XC last year was the best decision of my life and I am so happy that I got to spend these past 2 years with you.

To Niyati Kapadia, my bby soph who throws it back like no other, I will you success in becoming tiktok famous. You were always such a fun sophomore, and even though you won’t be able to make tiktoks at 10 check every night with Bopo and Neha, I know you’ll carry on the legacy well without us.

To Brandon Park, the sweetest 후배 since summer@IMSA, I will you a good underclassman that uses 존대말 to you. Working with you in 05, annoying Brummet together, and McCarthy party were all so much enjoyable with you there, and I hope that even though I won’t see you around anymore, I’ll always be willing to chat over messenger.

To Maia Peregrino, Patrick Hultquist, Jay Ganesan, I will you many more wonderful, very “productive” I-days. Working with you guys on math homework while spilling tea, having deep talks, and eating chicken nuggets was my favorite part of my internship.

To Avelin “Smith” Thepsomphone, my favorite legal midget and the junior who was always down to spill tea in the pseudo pent, I will you a psuedo pent of your own, complete with a junior that just brightens your day. You always knew how to make people laugh, and that was my favorite part about talking to you. I’m so bad at writing poetically, but let’s just say that you being April sums up how much I loved being with you.

To Deepu (Gnandeep) Chintala, I will you much better upperclassmen. I was so mean to you these past 2 years but you were such a sweet underclassman and always said hi when you saw me anyways. I didn’t think that when we said bye at the downstate bus stop before break would be the last time I would get to see you, and I hope that someday we’ll be able to hang out again.

To Jaden Wang, I will you an underclassman that you can just walk up to and have stupid conversations with. I loved talking with you, even if it was just about calc-based, and even just seeing you while one of us was walking through 04 made my day.

To Jason Li, I will you success with the webinars, a good time with ASIA, and a great Lunar show next year. I know that there were times when you were unsure of what you wanted to do, but I know that you’re a hard worker and whenever you find something you’re passionate about, I know you’ll be successful at it. I’ll try to come back for Lunar next year, and I hope to see a beautiful show.

To Evie Lee, Jason Li (again), Jon Gao, Marco Bravo, and Russell Deng, I will you a beautiful ASIA board family and a stress and problem free Lunar. I am so happy that you guys were on ASIA board these past years, and I loved talking to all of you over ramen and poster making shenanigans. I know Lunar will be great next year, and I hope that I’ll be able to see you guys then and see the result of all of your hard work. 

Johnny Yelenick

To Zach Eness, Nate Tamez, Jaelynn Abdullah, Aakash Kumar, and Xander Van Horn, I will you the IMSA Varsity Baseball team. It’s been a wild ride. I wish I could say it’s been full of ups and downs but in reality, it’s been mostly downs. I hate knowing that I’ve already played my last baseball game but it’s partly redeemed by knowing that you guys have another year. Make it count because I learned too late that you never know when your last game might be. Please win a game or two next year for me and the rest of the seniors.

To Zach Eness, Austin and I will you the position of captain of the baseball team. I will you a team that can get 9 guys to show up to practices and games and plenty of pitchers that can find the strike zone. Most of all I will you the determination to get through the tough parts of the season and the ability to have fun amid the constant L’s.

To Aiden Rhody, Godwin Olaleye, Kayson Ijisesan, Michael Bello, Quincy McLaughlin, and Zach Appiah, I don’t know if I have the authority to do this, but I will you guys the IMSA Varsity Basketball team. I don’t know if you guys are all going to play next year. I wouldn’t blame you if you choose not to. But if you do, I will you the ability to deal with Snead, laugh with Pops, and write down Fish’s best stories. As much as basketball sucks at IMSA, it’s the fun you have and the memories you make with each other that matter. Don’t get caught up in the record, but just play ball. In 15 years when you’re coaching your son’s 8 year old basketball team, you’re going to miss playing. Enjoy it.

To Mirella Eldridge, I will you a historic framed picture of a bald eagle. It has been passed down from Vainius Normantas, to Kyle Campbell, to Nathan Lee, to me, and now to you. The importance of this picture is immeasurable to me. I only give it away to you because it is my duty to. You, too, now take this responsibility to pass it on to the most deserving junior this time next year. I know you will take great pride and honor in receiving this picture as you should. I want you to put this in a place where you will see it every day. Use it to remind yourself of the amazing country you live in. Let it always motivate you to be an honorable and proud citizen of the United States of America and to serve your country well, as it has served you. Remember that no matter the trials you face, you will always rise up and soar like an eagle. Isaiah 40:31 says “But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Remember this.

Jodie Meng

To Eva Tuecke, I will peace and stability. Getting to know you through The Acronym has been one of the highlights of my senior year, and I couldn’t be happier for you to lead the club to an even brighter future ahead. I know that last year was tough in more ways than one, but your fortitude throughout every challenge was truly impressing.  You have so much to offer to the world, but remember to take care of yourself first. Sleep more, eat well, and make the best of your remaining time here. Thank you for being such a wonderful co. 

To Rachna Gupta, I will you persistence. Your passion for The Acronym is truly contagious, and I am so excited for you to lead the organization to new heights with your creative ideas! Don’t let your energy damper in the following year. I can’t wait to see what you will achieve. Feel free to reach out whenever! 

To The Acronym (Eva, Rachna, Krisha, Heewon, Sriya, Madhav, Emma, Liz, Emily, Sarah, Kaylee, Isabel, Katelyn, Gnandeep, Shivani) I will you a family. I am incredibly grateful for everything each one you has put into this organization. I care about the Acronym so so much, but I am so happy to leave it to you guys. I hope you all will build an even stronger sense of community next year and use Acronym to platform to give students a voice on campus. 

To Charline and Eric, I will you SocEnt. I hope that your roles as SocEnt chairs will provide you an unrivaled opportunity for personal growth, as well as enable you to positively shape the academic experiences of sophomores. Your personalities complement each other so well, and you both have already demonstrated strong leadership potential as members of the team. I am confident that SocEnt will achieve new heights in your hands. Feel free to contact Doreen and I whenever you have any questions!  

To Juan Chiu, I will you my hdmi-vga converter. I’m pretty sure I left next to remote controllers in our SocEnt room, and you are free to take it once you have the opportunity to return. You were a great co, and I appreciate all those times you prepped with me outside of  our normal times. I hope that you will have a wonderful experience facilitating next year! 

To SocEnt (Charline, Eric, Lalana, Abhi, Aryan, Ram, Shreya, Juan), I will you heads in the clouds and feets on the ground. I am truly grateful for the time and hard work you have put into this organization, from the beginning of last summer to second semester. While the Coronacation took away some of our later modules, I think all of you did a great job of supporting the students regardless, as evident by the quality of the SLX presentations. SocEnt still has some room for improvement, but I believe that you all have the ability to make it an even more student-centered experience next year with your creative ideas and enthusiasm. I am so excited for you to be mentors next year to the rising juniors in the team. 

To 06B Wing (Isha, Amanda, Ariela, Celeste, Gabriella, Jade, Julianna, Morgan, Mylanah), I will you the ability to make B-wing (or whereever you may live!) a positive, accepting place for your underclassmen. I regret not making more time after 10-check to get to know you all better, but I know that each one of you possesses the intellect and skillset to achieve your goals at IMSA. You all have a place here, and I hope you have a wonderful high school experience. 

To Audrey Si, I will you an amazingly sweet little sib. I wish I was more active at reaching out to you, but I wish you only the best for all your future endeavors. 

To Prarthana Prashanth, I will you confidence. You are incredibly smart and talented, and I hope that you will grow to recognize your strengths for yourself. Sitting next to you in Organic Chemistry was a truly humbling experience. I am sure that things for you will turn out just fine.

To Hamza Haq, I will you an underclassman who will brighten your math table. Despite your constant search for Sonya’s and my answers, you brought a lot of energy to our stats group. Also, I appreciate that drawing of me and Eden from your sophomore year. Stay quirky.  

Joseph Bertrand

To Pranav, I will you a soph as cool as you are. You were like a little bro to me and I know that you’re going to do great things and leave your mark on IMSA. Once you do, don’t forget to pass it on to the next class or so. Lastly, if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know.

To Francesca, I will you immense vibes and happiness in your senior year. I appreciate you teaching me how to use “baby” and being the person that I could share my longboard with. You’ve given me a bunch of great memories over the past two years, and I hope you have a great last year in this place bb :)

To Mikey, I will you a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s. Like honestly bro, at the start of senior year text me and I’ll buy you and Godwin a bottle deadass. I would give you on rn but it may be used by the time your senior year comes around so hmu fall 2020. It’s been great sharing these last two years in A wing with you man, and all of the conversations we’ve had over five guys, problem sets, and in the quad. You’re a ball of sunshine man even if you don’t feel it, your jokes and mannerisms lit up a-wing and I know it’ll make for a great senior year for you.

To Godwin, I will you great success in whatever you pursue, king. You’re a natural leader and I saw it in your role in Brotherhood and BSU this past year, these skills are going to take you far, and I know that no matter what route you decide to take it you’ll be great.

To Zach, Jaelynn, Kayson, and Quincy, I will you the essence of the quad. Even if you all don’t end up in 05A wing I hope you’ll be able to carry on all of the spoofery and shenanigans that came from that room. Also, don’t spoof too hard tho, I still wanna see y’all walk across that stage at the end of the year.

To Len, I will you a great wing for your senior year. Playing smash with you and the rest of the guys after ten check was something I could always look forward to. I hope that you never lose the bright energy that makes you such a great friend.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a senior year full of gains and good times. It’s been great talking about the most random things with you whether it’s a red hallway on a Friday night or the window of when a person should eat after working out. There was never a dull moment with you, and I hope you continue to make this the norm in your senior year, but I know that won’t be hard for you.

To Colin, I will you the picture of Moe in the quad, as well as a sophomore that you can eat warm cheese and do facemasks with. You’ve spent so much time with us, I can’t really imagine the quad without you. I know you’ll be able to make more connections with your underclassmen like the ones we’ve made with you, and I hope that you get to enjoy great sophs in your senior year like my quad did. Don’t forget about us man.

To Manaal, I will you the energy to put up with the grind these next two years. You’re one of the most dedicated and down to earth people I know, and I hope you’re able to carry on with your vibes for the rest of your time here. Also yo I’m not gonna forget the food from that wing dinner oh my god was that ish good, if you and your family have extras plzzz send that my wayyy. Also I hope IMSA brings you good memories yo, because you deserve them.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you an underclassman to have a consistent handshake with. You may not know but that double armswipe forehead rub I did when I saw you in the hallways may have been one of the most consistent parts of my IMSA carrer and I appreciate you very much for that. I hope you’re able to continue this greeting with one of your underclassmen next year, and if not then I hope you have something else to keep you grounded.

To Disha, I will you more wholesome energy. I appreciated your wholesomeness in the hub, and whenever I would run into you around campus. I still don’t think you’re ready for the wholesome j yet, but someday you’ll get there seed. And with your wholesomeness, anything is possible.

To Rujuta, I will you someone that you can always yell to in the hallways and catch off guard. Your energy always lit up my day and I appreciate you for that, I hope that all of your days at IMSA are as sunny as you are, and that you have someone to brighten up your days like you did mine.

To Jesus, I will you every gain possible in your next years at IMSA. I always had a blast talking about bodybuilding and the most random subjects with you. You always made my cardio time on the bike pass so much faster, and whether we were in Sodexo, 04, or the fitness center, it was always a good time.

To Alana, I will you the special allen key of the mechanical subteam. You’ve been a great leader since your sophomore year on pit crew and it has been a pleasure to get to know you over the years. I also will you a season full of good vibes on the team, great mech kids for you to teach, and awesome people for you to teach them with. This team is going to do great as long as there’s people like you to keep it going.

To all my underclassmen on the robotics team (Teodor, Grace, Julie, Mark, Carolina, Smriti, Heldanna, Grayson, Jahi, Sarah, Ming, and more) I will you an amazing time in the preseason, build season, and all of your comps next year. I know that things can get stressful at times and you may be unsure of how the team is doing next year but I am sure that you will figure it out. I felt the same way my junior and senior year when upperclassmen left, but we’ve passed on all of our knowledge to you guys. I know you will do well, but most importantly, make sure you have a good time and continue to form connections within the team you can be proud of. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with you guys over the years and I wish the best for you all.

To everyone on this list already, and the rest of my SEEDS that aren’t on here(you know who you are), I will you my unconditional love and support. Even if I never didn’t drop by to see you as often as I wished, I’m proud of you, and I wish you the best in your future time at IMSA. No matter what, you can always hit me up on snap @joeyfirewater(plz don’t clown me for the name) and don’t be a stranger yo.

Jumobi Arowolo

To Muyiwa, I will you… NOTHING HAHAH lmao go eat some corn and go to sleep lil bro <3

To the Girls’ Basketball Team, I will you an amazing season!! (and Hello Kitty lol). Out of all my three years of playing basketball, I think this season was my favorite. Even though I hated each and every single one of you traitors, you guys made my final basketball season so much fun and I’m so glad I got to be a part of the mob. I hope your season next year is filled with stupidly tall grammammies, questionable vegans, dancing sabrina’s, irritating [insert name in the groupchat]’s, grapefruit and cottage cheese, mama megans (lead ‘em well bb <3), amazing players, strange stalkers, and a whole bunch of fun. Stay BIG and I’m gonna miss and love you all so much<3 ~blaze/mama jb

To Kayla Quigglesssss, I will you good health so you can show all those lil sophs how much of an amazing baller you are lol^ oh, and also never stop making those amazing songs of yours cuz you’re so cooooool and you go to the #1 public schooooooooool

To the Girls Soccer Team, I also will you an amazing season! We didn’t get to be together much this year, but I can tell that if we had, we would have been amazing! You’re all so unbelievably talented and I hope you get to grow close as a team next season. (ps, Bridget me and sabirah are the superior twins hahaha)

To Vivian H, I will you my invisible legssssss hahaha

To Temi, Liz, Ola, Kosi, Sanaa, I will you a bunch of crazy awesome and lit African sophs just like you! You guys are so amazing and honestly one of the most iconic groups of people I’ve ever met. Please continue to have a bunch of fun with each other next year and never forget the importance of spending time together. Love y’all and I hope you have a great junior year!

To Osayenmwen, Rachel Hodge, Mariam, I will you a heck ton of fun next year because you deserve to have the best senior year ever! Osayenmwen, I still remember when I first met you when my dad forced me to talk to you on the phone without any context as to who you were or why we were speaking, and I will be forever grateful for that moment because it led me to you. Rachel, watch a BUNCH of miraculous and make sure you enjoy yourself bb. And Mariam… yucky. Jk ily and never stop being one of the coolest people I know <3

To IMSA Drama Club, I will you all amazing future shows with plenty of maids that you kiss good morning lol (cough cough alex). You all deserve to come home from 9 to 5 jobs for 2 minutes of pre-show cult routines and fight scenes, I swear to Elsa Von Grossenknuten. <3 And Seb I hope you get your own baby cupcake just like you c;

To the Jumobi Cult, I will you sophs that are as cool as you guys that will make you cults of your own! Oh wait, my bad that’s impossible because nobody can be as cool as you are c;

To Feyikemi, I will you an amazing IMSA career and an irritatingly cool lil sib just like you! (Note, I purposely didn’t include you before so you’d think I forgot you hahahahahaha). You’re the best lil sib I could ever ask for (shots fired at muyi lol) and I’ve had so much fun having you with me at IMSA. ilysm and I’m so glad we got to grow close over these years! Stay awesome and don’t you dare live in my old room again next year c; <3 ~jububblebutt

To Sabirah, my second half, my ting 2, my prodigy… I will you… my LEGACY. You have now successfully completed all of the trials on the path to becoming Jumobi Arowolo, and you are no longer just a prodigy… you’re a Jumobi. No, you’re even more than that because you have finally surpassed ME. You have become… a SCHOLAR. My dear prodigy, you deserve the world. You’re one of the most fun and loving people in this world and I wish our time together at IMSA hadn’t been cut short. You’ll always be TOO BIIIIIIIG and I hope you have so much fun next year with all your friends and with that chat noir toy lol. I love you sooo heckin much Sabirah Taiwo……… scholar. ~your predecessor, JB <3

Katya Romanov

To Ju-Won, I will you the happiest and most stress free senior year, and an underclassman that is as kind, funny, supportive and everything else amazing as you are. I will you an underclassmen to watch anime with, to eat dinner with, to work with and to just have fun with. Also, I will you someone who gives as amazing hugs as you do. You are the most goofy, loving person. Thank you for putting up with me always freaking out and thank you even more for always knowing how to make me feel better. You deserve the world, and if you ever need anything just tell me. I love you a lot Ju-Won, and I am so proud of you!

To Xiaofan, I will you the time of your life senior year, with a lot of sleep. I will you an underclassman who’s always eating fruit and is always willing to share. Most of all, I will you a friend who is as ready to help people as you are. You are one of the funniest and kindest people I know, and I am so freaking happy that you lived in 02a this past year. I will you more tiktoks and late night conversations and okays than ever. ily and have an absolutely amazing next year!

To Alex, I will you everything amazing in the world for your senior year. You are so sweet and amazing that I can only hope you have an underclassman friend who is half as great. Seriously Alex, these past two years, hanging out with you has been a highlight. I loved all of our conversations, from the stupid ones to the super serious ones. I will you happiness and strength for the upcoming year, because things can get hard, but you are one of the strongest people I have ever met. I am definitely bringing all of your beautiful artwork you gave to me to college btw. I love you so much Alex!

To the future residents of 02A Wing, I will you all of the fun and joy that A Wing has brought me these past two years.  A Wing is an amazing community, and I hope that you all will think of it as your home as much as I have <3

Kiri Salij

To 01 A-Wing, I will you luck in all your future endeavors; we had such a crazy year. I also will you my MI binders to pass onto your underclassmen. I have been told that they are helpful. :)

To my juniors, Brooke Bolsinger, Smriti Shankar, Alana Rock, Shae Burnham, Nat Olivan, Emma Hoskins, Bridget Bunt, Ella Foes, Jiliann Padilla, and Heewon Kim, I will you a fantastic senior year and the SSS that your seniors couldn’t have. I couldn’t have asked for better juniors.

To my sophs, Hailey Raval, Emilia Daniels, Cor Sirais, Inga Pavilionis, Sabrina Zhang, and Erin Overstreet, I will you the courage to reach out to your sophomores because I wish that I had gotten to know all of you better. You guys are an amazing group of people who I am certain are going to go on to do great things.

To Brooke, I will you my guitar hero (jk sorry but you’ve always got clone hero!). I will never be as good as you but that won’t stop me from trying! You were always so busy with CAB, golf (star golfer!), Mod 21, and all your other activities that sometimes you need to sleep! Remember guitar hero in your senior year, and I know that 01A Downquad is going to be cursed and wonderful.

To Smriti, I will you the desire to continue reading always. We’ve had great conversations about books, but I know that sometimes it is hard to find time to read. The fact that you are such a book nerd never ceases to amaze me, and I wish you the best of luck in your college search. I have no doubt that you are going to go on to do amazing things. Both you and Brooke need to clean your room though (she said with affection yet a little disappointment as well).

To Ethan Schmidling, I will you amazing co-stars in your future shows. Thank you so much for being a fantastic actor and friend in my first (and last) IMSA drama production. And to Em Johnson, Rachel Hodge, and Wyatt Wren, I am so glad that I had a chance to get to know all of you in my short-lived stint in the IMSA drama department. You guys were amazing and don’t let any ottomans bring you down, metaphorically and literally.

To my altos!!! Akanksha Garg, Melena Braggs, Heldanna Solomon, and Sharanya Choudhury, I will you the patience to continue with choir despite you-know-who. I know that as long as you have each other y’all will continue to have fun and make the most of it. I also will you fantastic junior and sophomore altos, and I have no doubt that next year will be just as great as this year (et parle beaucoup de français)!

To Phyllis Shen, Ju-Won Park, Kevin Cordero, and Nathan Joseph, I will you amazing KODE.io modules (and no coronavirus to cancel them all!). I have faith (haha) that all of you will take the club in an amazing new direction. I know that our remaining modules would have been fantastic, and they’ll be even better next year!

Krishna Thakkar

To Club Terra (Jillian, Sydney, Audrey, Christin, and Mya), I will you so much success. We have made some real strides in establishing Club Terra this year, and I know that in your hands it’s only going up from here. I will you underclassmen board members that are as sweet and excited about the environment as you guys are. I’m sad we didn’t get to do our succulent sale or the yard sale we had planned, so you guys have to do those next year!

To Relay for Life (Chandra, Patrick, and Krisha), I know that I don’t really have the authority to will you anything lol, but I want to thank y’all for making Relay meetings something that I looked forward to and genuinely enjoyed. We have accomplished so much, and I will you even more success in the year to come.

To Prarthana, I will you an underclassmen as sweet as you and all the success in your college process. You are quite possibly the most committed, organized, dedicated, passionate, hardworking person I’ve ever met, and you deserve so much success. I am in awe of all you have accomplished (getting this many med society speakers is no easy feat!) and I’m glad I got to get to know you better in Pathophys. I’m going to miss you :(

To Monika, I will you a wingmate that always seems to be in the right place at the right time, exactly when you need a little wave and smile to make you feel better. I will you a next-door-neighbor with whom to have those little conversations that leave you going about your day with a little extra energy. And finally, I will you so much success in life and in your college process. I’ve watched you work your ass off these past 3 years (yes I’m counting my sophomore year lol) and be a fantastic Junior-at-large and I’m confident good things are coming for you.

To 03A (real Grace, Monika, Ellyn, Brenna, Apura, Mya, Isabel, Nadia H, Nadia L, Adriana, Kenzie, Akanksha, Maia, Emily A, Emily J), I will you wingmates as sweet and kind as all of you. I didn’t request to live in 03, but I’m glad that I got put in 03A anyway because y’all made IMSA feel like home. I’m sad I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to you guys, but please feel free to message me anytime <3

To Emily Atkinson, I will you a carpool buddy as fun as you. I am thankful that I’ve gotten to know you for so many years, and I wish you all the best with your senior year.

To Nadia Horak, I will you a support system that can be there for you when you need them. You are so sweet and so kind, and your hugs always made me feel better when I was upset, and I will you someone that will do the same for you <3

Krishnachandra Nair

To the Congressional Debate Team, I will you a new era of memories with a dynamic group of sophomores and juniors that will transform your life like it has mine. We have had so many wonderful experiences together these last few years from the bus ride back from tournaments, Friday night research practices, and debate dinner even if it was unfortunately canceled this year. These moments will last me a lifetime and I hope that you will be able to have many more in the upcoming years, reaching new heights that we never before achieved while having more fun than ever before. I’ll always be here for you as a team to rely on and I’ll definitely make sure to visit so that I can help you make some of those new memories.

To the future French Club Board, I will you many more moments of delight with a new collection of sophomores and juniors who will bring the club to life with their interest in French culture (or at least the food part of it haha). Thanks to you, French Club was able to accomplish goals that it had never done before like hosting multiple crepe nights, karaoke night, and even a film night. Hopefully, you will be able to host more of these events along with long-awaited french toast night that I will eagerly look forward to seeing the pictures of and potentially even visit to see you host it. Knowing you guys, you will raise French Club to new heights and I am proud to leave the club in your hands.

To Teodor Tchalakov, I will you a junior who will talk to you about tech, play Overwatch with you, go on summer runs with you, and take English class with you just to provide you a fantastic senior year filled with moments you’ll never forget. I know we were originally set to graduate together when we met all those years back in elementary school and I’m sorry that I can’t be together with you completing the final step of your high school career, but know that we’ll always share an irreplaceable connection that has made my IMSA career and life in general all the better. We’ll definitely form more memories in the future during the summers and other break periods, so I look forward to continuing more of our adventures as the Adamsway boys.

To Zachary Eness, I will you a junior who will always bring a smile to your face when you see them as you proceed to then make fun of each other haha and provide you snacks when you visit their room. We’ve had so many moments of fun and pure silliness in the last two years, though we probably would have had more if it weren’t for the fact you were stuck playing Overwatch in your room all the time lmao. I can still remember the time we tried to make your spicy noodles together without using a microwave because we were lazy and you always forget to eat them. I’ll definitely miss my visits to your room seeing you burst out of your bathroom to play more Overwatch, but we can always relive those moments when we meet again at Teo’s house with the rest of the Steck Squad this summer.

To Brandon Smith, I will you a brand new junior in your wing who you’ve never spoken to before who is an unquestioned amazing person to know. I didn’t visit your quad as much as I should have being in D-wing since I went C-DQ more often, but, for all the times that I did, I’m glad that I got the chance to know you and see your unique brand of humor with Patrick lol. I know you’ll do an amazing job as LEAD co-chair next year and that you’ll make 05 drill alive next year with more backflips and other crazy stunts.

To Jason Li, I will you a junior who will hang with your senior group but feel like a friend that you’ve known throughout your IMSA career. It was a blast wherever we stayed the night whether it was C-DQ or D-DQ lmao. I loved seeing you and Mani get tilted over ranked League only to then play draft with me and realize ranked was better lol. Have a fantastic senior year in 05 man and keep in touch so that we can play more draft lol.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you a junior who will talk about girls and life in general late night after check (and in-room sometimes lol) as well as a sophomore who will become your version of my senior year Romeo shenanigans lol. It was a pleasure getting to know you over the last two years, especially as we became fellow D-wingers this year and talked over random things like the best food from Taco Bell to how lightning struck twice for me in senior year. The only thing I hope for you man is that senior year will be far more relaxed than the junior year worries that you underwent with Spanish and everything else, so you can truly take pleasure in that second semester senior year experience. I guarantee you those moments will be the best of your life and, the moment you’ll see all your hard work payoff (which I know it will), I hope you’ll be able to reflect back fondly upon our talks. Keep in touch man and let me know how things go.

To Eric Pan, I will you an underclassman who you will watch grow immensely over the course of your senior year and will help you fulfill some of your senior year goals. I still remember meeting you for the first time in A-wing when you were a baby soph whose worries about people liking you and finding yourself probably seem silly to you now. You have become a dance beast now and I can’t thank you enough for your help during drill lol which became one of my favorite memories of senior year. I will forever remember your words to motivate me to maintain the right facials during troublemaker haha. We’ve had so many talks about girls, school, and life as well and I know you’ll be more successful than I ever was in all three dimensions because you truly are a special type of guy who can make his dreams reality. Knowing you want to go into business, I hope you get to go to the school of your dreams my man because you have put more than enough work for it. Maybe I’ll even see you at Dartmouth in 2021, but, if not, I’m sure we can still meet up when you’re elsewhere on the east coast. If you need a peer recommendation for Dartmouth by the way, know for sure that I got you.

To Rachel Tin, Akul Prakash, and Kian de Guzman (the legacy of Bollywood Filipino Fusion (BFF)), I will you a set of juniors who will bring color to your second semester senior year experience in a class you never wanted to take. I hope you guys continue to enjoy your dance adventures and I expect to see a future performance sometime before we all meet again to complete our band’s first album haha.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you a junior in one of your senior classes who will end up sleeping on you in class and that you wish you got to know sooner for his humorous nature and chill personality. It was a pleasure acting Private Lives with you as we got to know each other better, and I wish we would have gotten more time to crack jokes and go on vending machine adventures together. Keep in touch man and I know that you’ll make SCC and your senior prom into one of the best that IMSA has ever seen.

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you a portion of my debate legacy and a sophomore who will make your senior year all the more interesting. I know that you’ll carry the torch for debate well and reach new levels of success, just make sure that you don’t lose too much sleep over it lol. It was a pleasure to have you in D-wing this year and keep in touch man to tell me all about how life goes.

To Kian de Guzman, I will you an underclassmen in your wing who will remind you to put away your Paw Patrol Chicken Nuggets in the freezer lmao, is an excellent dance partner, and will drag you into late-night conversations with the other underclassmen that you never really got a chance to get to know. It was a pleasure having you in my wing man and keep grinding to become a dance legend. I expect to see you popping off in drill videos for 05 next year. Keep in touch man.

To Emma Darbro, I will you someone who will become your shoulder to lean on both literally and figuratively haha when times get rough during senior year. I am so glad that I got the chance to get to know you that club fair on pure luck by having a voice crack and that I chose to talk to you afterward. We had so many walks around the school in the evening talking about life as we got through first semester from us getting called out for being on the swings in the dark to you telling Natasha that I was simply “helping” you in Orgo haha. Then there was that unforgettable Popeyes food cart with the handwritten note that I’ll always treasure and everything else that ensued over the rest of the year with French club and the nightly vlogs we send now during quarantine lol. You made my senior year truly memorable, reminding me to know my worth and putting all that positive energy into the universe for me. I know you’ll crush not only leading French Club and making your senior prom fantastic as the clipboard baddie but also the Chicago marathon in the fall. While you can always rely on me, I sincerely hope you’ll have someone just like I had you to get rid of your stresses for the day and let you unwind amid the senior year grind.

Kurt Leano

To Evie, Jason, and Jon, I will a problem-free Lunar show. The future of ASIA is in your hands, and I know that even if the unexpected happens, you all will work incredibly hard to overcome any difficulties. Evie, your hard work and diligence always pushed me to do better, and I hope you can stay away from the stress to come. Jason, you’re so incredibly talented and dedicated to what you do, and I hope that you can break free from your shell a little more and show everyone what you can do. Jon, your charisma and creativity always made the best out of every situation, and I hope next year you can keep those creative juices flowing to make an amazing Lunar. I’ll come back and watch what you all are able to do :)

To Jaden and Deepu, I will that you decorate your room bulletin boards. Every warning you two would get was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the chance to just chill in the wing commons with you guys late at night having goofy talks and interactions. I hope to see them when I visit.

To Sai, bus buddy, I will a new seat partner on every future SIR trip. You may never find someone as squishy and pillow-like as me, but find someone else to have stupid conversations with.

To Jakob, Jake, Yakob, Yak, however you say your name, I will many more silly dance practices. You’re crazy good and messing around during drill while cracking jokes made me enjoy practice much more than I would have thought, and I hope you have just as much fun in the future.

To Maia and Jiliann, my ates, I will the best Filipino traditional ever performed, because even though Ryan and I slacked, you two pulled through to be able to do what we did. I also will your very own underclassmen to do everything for you.

To Shiraz and Belly, I will the ability to continue doing the dumbest but funniest things ever. I’ll miss chilling in your guys’ room and just having random convos. Shiraz, I will that you get your own stuffed animal, and Belly I will that you wear that chain more often. Stay goofy :’)

To Akul, I will you a sophomore just like you. Someone just as funny, competent, kind-hearted, and determined as you. Carry on the community 04 has and keep it just as energetic and united as it has been. I also will you control over the “A Brief History of IMSA Clash of the Halls” spreadsheet, and trust you will take good care of it.

To Jimmy Guo, I will an insane vertical and the dream to dunk. I never quite got there, but with EMPR and your grind life, I think you can get there. One on one me when I come back.

To Rujuta, I will the ability to continue being charismatic and friendly towards everyone around you. The way you spread happiness is so contagious, so just keep being you :)

To Patrick H., I will the ability to catch yourself. That day and our talks were really fun, and I will the friends to still do some dumb stuff with. Keep making stupid memories :)

To Eric, I will many more clout-god outfits to wear everyday. Our talks and banter were always so chill and funny, and I’ll miss being around you, so keep me up with what’s happening. I also will a great swim season and an even better coach.

To Emily Jung, I will a sophomore who’s bored enough to just walk and talk and do whatever. I also will the ability to care less and not worry, because junior year can get rough and you seem to always be hard at work. Let me know if you ever need help :)

To Abhi V., I will an open door to your room. I’m glad you chose to walk through mine and that we had the talks we did, and hope you can find your own underclassmen to take under your wing and do the same.

To Isha, I will an underclassman to make fun of in lieu of me. I’ll miss our dumb interactions in passing, because even though they were stupid and simple, they always made me laugh and smile and brightened my day.

To Jay G., the CEO of everything, I will that you keep the same energy that you always have. Your lively attitude and enthusiasm always brings people together, and is something I’ll miss being around. Keep being the big boss and grinding out those riddles.

To Makayla, I will the ability to be good at cards ;). I’m glad I met you way long ago at that jank dinner date and that you did choose to come to IMSA. BUT since you grind too much I will you many breaks to enjoy the rest of your time there. Use them to practice more, because I want a rematch when I visit.

Kya Richardson

To Colin, Morgan, Ari, Aj, Haley, Jacob, and all of my other SEAMS children, I will you unity. I hope that you continue to enjoy each other’s company and reflect on all of the good moments that happened in SEAMS. You all created an amazing bond during those 10 days and I hope that this continues throughout IMSA and beyond.

To Ola, Kosi, Liz, Feyikemi, Sanaa, and Temi, I will you patience. Patience to deal with each other and maintain this beautiful friendship that you all have. You are genuinely the funniest group of people I’ve ever met! I will miss you all storming into my room (and me not having enough chairs for all of you) and spilling all of the tea. Although my room will no longer be the spot for that (maybe it will be depending on who lives there the next two years), I hope that you continue to be there for each other throughout all of life. I know the bond between you all is real and I am going to miss you all so much. Still, feel free to spill tea to me, I am always here to listen.

To Will Dickens, I will you happiness. First of all, you have always been so nice to me (except when you say I look 10) and I forever appreciate you for that.  You have so much potential for your future and I hope that you continue to put yourself first in all situations. You know that so many people care about you – including myself and I will always be here for you 4L!

To Ysabel, I will you everything good in life. You are truly the nicest, most genuine individual I have ever met. You radiate positivity and joy and you deserve nothing less than that. I hope that you continue to find happiness in every situation. Also, I hope you get the best selfies next year! I’m looking forward to seeing them on your finsta. AWRARARARRRAAR (did i do it right ?)!!

To Vivian, I will you health and understanding. I hope that your senior year comes with fewer hospital visits and continued positivity. You are such a sweet person and I know you have a very bright future. I would advise you to step out of your comfort zone and learn about other people and their experiences and allow them to learn from you as well. You have a beautiful heart and I know it will get you very far in life. Thank you for everything!

To future BSU President, I will you peace and organization. A lot may stress you out at IMSA, especially with such an important role as Black Student Union President. You will need peace and an immense amount of organization to handle this leadership role which includes Harambee, Soul of the Motherland, and everything else that you want to accomplish in this position. Please, do not silence your voice. You have power at this academy and you have people who are willing to support you. Utilize that! Also, don’t forget about Dr. White – please reach out to her on behalf of myself and BSU she will always support us and the organization.

To future BSU Board, I will you communication. So much can be accomplished when we come together. I hope that next year’s BSU Board and all of the ones that will come after will find a way to unite the Black community at IMSA. Communicate with each other, your advisors, and administration. Though there may be barriers and obstacles, there is no limit to what you all can accomplish. I know that this organization will continue to be supported and successful. 

To Temi and Feyikemi, I will you more laughs in these next two years. You both radiate energy and confidence. Your friendship is so amazing and reminds me of mine and Ivie’s. If your friendship does have rough times, just think about all that you have experienced and accomplished together and communicate with each other.  Temi, you’ve been stuck with me since PROMISE, so you know that I got you no matter what. And Feyikemi, all those moments spent in my room added up to a lifetime of friendship between us. Love you both and I am always here if you need advice or anything <3

To Liz, I will you everything. You are so amazing and have such a big heart. You tend to put others before yourself, but make sure that you guard your heart and make sure that no one takes advantage of your kindness. Stay passionate and confident! I already know that you will have such a bright future because you are already doing so well in the present moment. I am sad that I couldn’t make more memories with you, but I am proud of all that you have accomplished and all the growth that you have made already! I love you suh!!

To Lucie, I will you amazing intersessions. Getting to know you in Mexico was an honor. You are soooo funny and have such an amazing soul. I feel like I’ve seen so much growth in you. Your confidence has grown so much from your interview for Harambee Committee to the end of your sophomore year and I know you have so much more in store. I hope your French skills continue to develop too lolllll. I’ll miss doing the valley girl voice and seeing you in the hallways <3

Lauren Crowe

To Jiliann Padilla, I will you whatever club terra position you will be chosen for in the next few weeks lol. You mean so much to me and I will miss you so much. From messing around during meetings to you yelling at me for sending you stuff on instagram to me yelling at you for posting about anime too much. I can’t wait to see where you end up in life, I know it will be good (especially if u get rid of that anime poster u put on ur door soph year god i hate that so much).

To Sharanya Chodhury, I will you an underclassmen you can make fun of like you made fun of me. I loved going over to b wing knowing you and sarah would be in the hall commons and I would get to hear you make jokes, make fun of me, and hear your laugh. I’m really gonna miss your laugh, I’m telling you if class of 2021 doesn’t vote you best laugh for senior superlatives I’m gonna get mad. You deserve the best senior experience you can get. I also will you a new downstate bus buddy lol sorry for leaving u alone next year. Good luck with enact i know ur gonna kill it.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you a junior you can rely on to inform you of what the homework was. I started writing these wills about an hour before they were due, similar to how I did every creative writing project. Every single time I messaged you asking what the homework was, you had already completed it days before, that’s just incredible. Senior year you can pick a junior to do what you do now. I hope your ankle doesn’t give out for any culture show next year. I’m gonna miss you so much.

To Ashley Koca, I will you the responsibility to tell the inhabitants of 06A23 that they have to write their initials above the bathroom door next year. It has been a tradition since 2016 and it cannot die with me and frances. You also have the responsibility to will this next year. I also will you an easy college season and a stress free sss. You work so hard and I can’t wait for you to see it pay off for yourself.

To Delicia Chen, I will you a junior who will make fun of you for all the dumb stuff you say and do. It’s very fun to pick on you, idk why but your reactions are so pleasing. I also will you a good senior year. I saw how hard you would study for tests during creative writing, you work hard and deserve to see it pay off. Run fast my friend. Lmao i also will you a part in next years talent show that’s not a joke.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you an excellent underclassman who also has spectacular meme taste. I am glad we had the fortune of bonding over sld week. I hope your senior year is really superb. I hope your college process goes well and you can relax a lot over sss. Good luck, my sweet prince…

To Ysabel Guan, I will you an underclassman as energetic as you are. You always make my day with how positive and friendly you are. I love seeing you in the hallways and waving really energetically at each other. You deserve pure happiness and a good senior year.

To Sam Hall, I will senior year to be your best year at imsa. You are one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I love your passion for activism and I loved working with you for everything related to politics. I know you’ll do amazing out in the real world.

To Heewon Kim, I will you a peaceful senior year. You are so calming to be around, you are so kind and sweet. I will you a good college season and an effortless sss to enjoy.

To Morgan Johnson, I will you junior year lead. You are too much to handle and you deserve a good next two years, I won’t say stress free next two years because I know you, but have fun. 

Lauren Pickett

To Manaal Shamsi, I will you all the successes you wish for in your junior year. Manaal, when I first met you, it was kind of disgusting how much of our lives overlapped. We went to the same highschool, knew the same people, and lived in virtually the same place. But, something I saw in you and continue to see in you everyday is the sheer amount of intellectual prestige you have. I have never met anyone so willing to learn new things. Never lose that, even when IMSA becomes more…IMSA-like. That trait will serve you very well my friend, I promise you. With that, make sure to never underestimate your capabilities, because you truly are one of the smartest PEOPLE (not just teens) I have ever met, so when someone compliments you, make sure to take every ounce of that in. IMSA people tend to try to compete in every aspect of their lives, just make sure you never lose sight of how dope you are. Love you very much.

To Laila Walton, I will you another amazing pair of Doc Martens. Your shoes were always top tier and I KNOW you knew it too. But that’s besides the point. It was a privilege living in the same wing as you this year, and you truly have more chill than ninety-six percent of the general populace. You not only were very nIcE, but I loved how much our senses of humour synced whenever we were talking to each other. I wish you the best junior year you could possibly have. Make sure to take care of yourself and get sleep. Please, dear god, get sleep. I want you to know you can text me whenever, and even though this isn’t goodbye (of course it’s not you can’t get rid of me that quick), I want you to wear those amazing black platform Doc Martens you have, and think of me just once. Keep killin’ it, my friend.

To Morgan, I will you a junior year full of SAFE impulsive decisions that never go awry. Never get caught, and always keep the J in your back pocket, my love. It’s a shame you had to be twelve years old when you showed up to IMSA, but in a way, it makes me treasure the time we had together even more…? I know I’m simping right now, but let me be just this once. Anyways. I love so many things about you that I know I’m gonna miss. Some being….your extremely high cheekbones that make your smile so cute, your laugh I could always hear from at least a mile away, and the fact that with every single assignment you procrastinated, were followed by at least twelve energy drinks. Talking to you always made my day, and I always left our conversations feeling either wiser, or with a smile on my face. It’s a shame we won’t be able to hang out in the hub and contemplate whether or not we should skip four mods that day, or crash your dorm and stare at your tapestry while flaming teachers to a crisp. You’ve been such a great sophomore, and I can’t express to you how much I have enjoyed being one of your good friends. As a junior, make sure to get some sleep, and finesse where you can (though I already know 05A DQ has taught you well). Make sure your bloodstream doesn’t only consist of energy drinks (maybe a sip of water a day?), and be smart, my love or I’ll drive the whole 6 hours just to beat you. Keep hangin out in the hub in commemoration of your seniors too. Call me whenever, b, and have an amazing junior year, I love you so much.

To Colin, I will you a stress free junior year full of hugs, packaged frappuccinos, and great memories. While I first only knew you as the black kid who took everybody by the gut, I have loved every second as being a friend of yours. You really have a gift of being able to put smiles on everyone’s faces around you, and I’ll miss that the most as I skrrt out the aCaDeMy. I’ll also never forget your diligence. It seemed that no matter how many times I told you I wouldn’t write your essays for you, the day before your 5-6 pager was due, I would never fail to hear a “ayo Lauren can you help me with something really quick,” and while I never even thought to write one of your LE 1 essays, it’s the diligence that counts right..? Your hugs, Colin, were also always on par with being some of the best hugs I have ever received. If I had any advice to give you, I suppose I would say to always keep the J in your back pocket, and make sure to reach out to folks whenever you need it, whether it be because you need someone to talk to, or only just for a laugh. It’s alright to ask for help sometimes, and it takes a village to make sure your mental health stays afloat at IMSA, so don’t make the mistakes I did. It’s not bad to be the one asking for hugs sometimes. Much love. You got my number. And I’m grabbing that gut each time I see you, you best believe.

To Liz, I will you the chair in my dorm room that you’ve taken quality naps on, and also have taken in much wisdom on. During the school year, I’ve seen you grow so much. It made me happy when I first noticed it then, and it makes me an even prouder senior thinking about it now. If I had to give you any advice for your upcoming year, I would say don’t be afraid to explore yourself. While various relationships and style and personality traits seem stoic and unchanging, always be open minded to some change. And, honestly, while the quality relationships at IMSA you have and will continue to make are extremely important to making sure you stay afloat, never let people who don’t matter try and dictate how your life should be lived. It’s your life, for Christ’s sake, and the sooner you find out what your full potential (in every means of the word) is, the more liberated you will feel. Please call me whenever, and godspeed.

To Godwin, Michael, Quincy, Zach, and Jaelynn, I will you two 2-Liter bottles of strawberry Faygo. You guys are some of the dopest people I have ever met, and while I’ve known some of you for longer, being able to be your guys’ mom brought me so much joy. Make sure to stay outta trouble, and never EVER let admin make you take your durags off. Never lose the drip, and make sure to be a GOOD impression on the sophomores coming in, and don’t bully them. Never forget how to give great hugs, and never hesitate to call me if you need me. I love you guys!

Linda Kaneps

To Courtney and Ella, I will my copious bell peppers. You’ll find them in C wing commons, and I trust that you both take good care in keeping the trend alive. 

To Ysabel, I will you a strong first senior semester so that the payoff of sss is great!!!! Also, the special ISMA page you admin with me and Maddy!

To Charlene, I will you an underclassmen that you may share many train rides and continue the legacy and love of Charoliagen and you know who on episode!

To Alana, I will you the ribbon you wanted very desperately. 

To Francesca, I will you the John Lennon pictures we photoshopped, and the Japan polaroids. Along with that, I will you Eastern European club- I trust that you will continue the good legacy!

To Kristina, I will you Biochem. Yes we already took that class. Yes I am asking you to retake it. Go back to Ahrendt!

Lizzie Murphy

To the future wing guides of 03C, I will you one of the best wings on campus. Our wing became so close over the past few months and I am so sad that we didn’t get to finish out the year together.

To my juniors (Gloria, Vivian, Sttefy, and Rowan), y’all have made it through the worst of it! I will you all (and the rest of class of 2021) the senior year we didn’t get. Enjoy it, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with college stuff.

To Niyati, I will you a not-too-crazy junior year where you still have enough time for TikTok. Wherever you end up next year, I hope you have a sophomore who’s as compassionate as you are, someone to always ask you if you’re okay and listen to you vent.

To Lucie, I will you as stress-free of a junior year as possible. You’ve been through so much these past few months and your grace among all the craziness constantly amazed me. You can do anything you set your mind to – don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything:)

To Rachel Selveraj, I will you more chances to share your amazing recorder playing. You bring so much energy everywhere you go and I’ll miss living a couple doors away from you.

To Hannah, I will you an amazing junior year. You’re so strong and I know you’ll continue doing great things at IMSA.

To Mylannah, I will you a great junior year. I hope next year you continue the tradition of doing TikToks during Wing Wars talent show.

To the 2020-21 Speech captains, I will you the most amazing team and the best possible coach and an even better season than the one we had this year.

To Catelyn, Oliver, and Alex, I will you an amazing year of limited prep. Don’t forget to use stopwatches!

To Akanksha, I will you the patience to continue with French. If nothing else, you’ll get to spend another year with Madame:) I’ll never forget after Harambee when you sounded exactly like Joannah.

To Megan Ptak, I will you a stress-free senior year and more blowoff science classes (like Med Chem) with an amazing junior carry (like you).

To Rachna, I will you a final great year on Allies. Good luck with the SSI staff next year!

Lucas Milavec

To Jay Ganesan, I will you my everlasting love <3. There’s not a lot I can say here that you don’t already know but remember to have fun during your SSS. You cant have a 9 o’clock bedtime forever. You may be the baby of the hex but soon you’ll be a senior applying to college. Don’t get too hung up on getting into a top tier school, even though we all know you deserve it more than anyone. Thanks for all the good times and long nights my gremlin friend.

To Gerardo Paramo, I will you Cooking club. You’re a great cook and you’ve been quite the joy to have on cooking club. Except when you convinced me to make tamales. That event took way too long to prep for lol. I’ve really enjoyed living in 04 with you this year and all your antics. I’ll miss cooking with you whether for cooking club or otherwise. Take care of yourself during junior year because it won’t be easy. Remember to stay swole and get your haircut sometime soon.  

To Rosario Picone, I will you a junior to mess with during your blow off classes and my 07 decs. I enjoyed getting to know you this year during art. I’ve enjoyed making fun of your suede jackets even though we both know they’re fire. Stay on the grind for one more semester broski.

To Sai Voora, I will you an underclassman carry for a useless class. Mandarin was one of my least favorite classes all three years but there was always a goofy underclassmen to cheer me up (except my sophomore, that was just pain). I’ve enjoyed all the dumb things we’ve done togther from wrestling with Ash and Moksh to both dating Hamza for a Chinese assignment. Stay swole brother <3.

To James Guo, I will you Joshua Eberhardt’s Face of IMSA and big gains during SSS. You’re one of the most genuinely kind people at IMSA. I couldn’t ask for a better person to jump through a window with. Have fun during your SSS and stay on the grind my fellow gamer.

To Evie Lee, I will you some healthy spontaneity. I really wish I pierced my ears the day of clash but my parents would have killed me lol. Have a fun corona free senior year and remember to put your toes away before you leave the hall.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you a friend to keep you honest. You always stand up for what’s right and kept me on track even when it was hard to do the right thing. I’m grateful you yelled at me to stop being a child and deal with the problem. I know you’ll have a fun SSS but don’t go too crazy. Thanks for all the fun nights in you’re room ;)

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you a goon to gang with. Yo u’re an amazingly fun person to be around at all times and you brighten every room you’re in. Remember that you actually have to do work during your first semester of senior year. Thanks for all the good times and keep the community safe next year.

To Ash Ramesh, I will you a tier 2 free senior year. Don’t forget I won the arm wrestle because I certainly won’t. You’re close to being done and having real freedom in college. Stay safe during your final year at IMSA and try not to piss of admin too much.

To Archan Das, Your clue is: LocationBoardgame. Have fun during SSS and have fun during your final clash.

To Aiden Stuek and Madhav Parthasarathy, I will both you an amazing senior year in 04 and my 04C decs. Getting to know both of you and watching you grow has been a great time. Madhav, your fashion sense has improved so much since you were a good little Indian boy in BC 1 and you inspire me to be dress better. Stuek idek how anyone can be so cool. Driving you to Micah’s when I hadn’t talked to you much before was a surprisingly great conversation.

To Jaden Wang, Mr. Schmen, I will you a goon hype you up in the fit c. I really enjoyed talking to you this year and complaining about calc based. Stay on the swole grind my friend and let me know if you ever need anything.

To Danny Bezugily, I will you a winning ultimate tournament team. It was great to play ultimate with you every single game and I was looking forward to taking the three-peat with you during the tournament in the spring. Please make another masterpiece for movie almost as good as the one for Obama7 and remember to enjoy your senior year.

To Brandon Smith, I will you my MOKO5 decs. Getting to know you last year and watching you grow up these last two years has been amazing. It was fun to mess around in your room during your study hours. Even though we both moved away from each other this year, playing spikeball has been fun and I was looking forward to playing more as the weather got nicer.

To Current 04D Wing, I will you a loving community. Getting to know all of you this year has been great. I’m grateful you all accepted me as an honorary member of this amazing wing. Thanks for all the wing dinners, goofy antics and pee jugs. I’m disappointed our time together got cut short and I didn’t have more time to get to know the sophomores. Juniors, remember to focus on your work first semester so you can have fun SSS. I hope you all find an amazing community no matter where you move to. I love all of you and thank you for the amazing year. <3


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Jodie Meng
Jodie was a three-year resident in 1506B who served as the Co-Editor-In-Chief along with Eva Tuecke for the 2019-2020 school year! Outside of The Acronym, she was active in LEAD, SIR, and other extracurriculars. She will be attending Stanford University for her undergraduate education.

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