Underclassmen Wills For Class of 2021

Welcome to the Underclassmen Wills, gifted to the graduating class of 2021. Underclassmen were given the chance to will something to the seniors that will be leaving IMSA this year. Thank you to the 2020-2021 Junior Class Club for coordinating this project: Adam Daki, Philip Yi, Rishik Ummareddy, Emily Jung, and Makayla Zheng. 

Adam Daki
Alberta Grinston
Andy Tang
Apurva Reddy
Avdhan Kandikattu
Cayleigh O’Hare
Cesar Osornio
Christin Sanchez 
Daniel Ma 
Daniel Park 
Disha Dureja 
Edward Zhang 
Emily Jung 
Emily Nakiganda 
Erin Yoo
Esther Im 
Eunice Kim
Gloria Wang 
Hector Ibarra
Jacob Malone
Jamie Im
Jared Dong
Jasmine Liu
Jason Qin
Jillian Heinzmann
Joanna Menendie
Julie Lima
Liz Alcala
Liz Soyemi
Madeline Fields Halva
Makayla Zheng
Megan Sia
Mya Love Griesbaum
Nadia Horak
Nadia Ludwig
Olamiji Fabamigbe
Oliver Ni
Philip Yi
Pranav Patel
Revanth Poondru
Rishitha Boddu
Rohan Jain
Rohit Kartha
Rohit Katakam
Rujuta Durwas
Samuel Lee
Shreeya Avadhanula
Shreya Mahesh
Sridevi Krothapalli
Thavaisya Ananth
Valeria Castellanos
Will McClain
Yina Wang


Adam Daki

To Brandon Smith, One of my first experiences on campus was walking into sodexo and finding a seat at a random table. I had no clue who the people around me were and I was really nervous to open up. After sitting for a bit I heard an extremely loud noise that reverberated across all of sodexo’s walls. “ACHOOOOOO!” it turned out to be none other than you sneezing. From that moment on I knew I had met someone truly special. Genuinely I have no clue where or who I would be right now if it weren’t for the guidance I received and the moments I spent with you. All those conversations held in down quad hold a special place in my heart and will forever be some of my best memories from IMSA. Brandon, as you go off to college, I will you many more unforgettable nights, laughs, conversations, and memories (as Endless plays on repeat instead of Blonde this time). I’m positive no matter where you go you will continue to better all of those around you the same way you did with me and I wish you the absolute best in college.

To Aidan Stueck, Aidan all I have to say is Habada Shuhdadi gunga gingu gan. But seriously I have never met someone quite like you. Every time I happen to be with you it feels like a fever dream but those are the moments I tend to always enjoy the most and laugh the most. Every moment in 05 B upquad and watching Big Mouth was always a thrill. It sucks that the time we got to spend together got cut short but I know there’s a lot more waiting for you in college. I will you many more of those confusing conversations filled with gibberish and more games of spikeball filled with laughs with all the people you will get to meet. 

To Eric Pan, Eric I always loved to give you random downquad visits and I will forever remember the conversations held with you there. You have a special ability to always bring so much fun and energy to any room you’re in and I know you will continue to do great things outside of IMSA and in the world. I will you many more deep late night conversations with the people you will get to meet and I also will you more of those special posters so they can help decorate your dorm in college ;)

To Aryan Gandhi, I have no clue how we first met but I still remember sitting on the curb with you during IMSA carnival as we ate snow cones. I really didn’t know anyone at the time, but walking around carnival with you really gave me my first impression of how great the people at IMSA are. From that moment on every time I saw you something would always happen (including the time I took that ptac cover). You have such a great way with always adding so much fun to any place you’re in and you genuinely helped me come out of my own shell and enjoy every moment at IMSA. Aryan, as you are now going into college, I will you a new ptac cover and I will you many more intense wrestling matches. 

To Archan Das, Archan where do I even begin. I still remember the time us sophomores heard a knock at the door late at night. As we opened this door all we saw was you standing in your boxers saying that we were making way to much noise. But instead of going back to your room, we ended up spending many more hours playing jank spike ball with a tennis ball and desk chair. Since then, every moment in 05d wing with you was always insane and fun. As you venture off into college though, I will you a lifetime supply of parle-g and many more games of krunker.

To Patrick Hultquist, Patrick oh Patrick was it meeting each other in soccer that started all of this? Maybe we’ll never find out but all I know is that every time I went to visit 05 B upquad we ended up in some sort of wrestling match that usually ended in a truce. Although I almost hit your mailbox that one time, I hope we can settle out our score with some more good old fashioned spikeball again. As college now awaits you, I will you the ability to fly off into the sun like a majestic seagull (insert picture of your head sticking out of the car window). But actually, I will you many more moments with friends that are as much fun as all the moments that I got to spend with you and as intense as the table soccer matches that would always last deep into the night.

Alberta Grinston

To Hannah Xu, I will you my undying love and support (I would give you more but I’m poor :) ). I’m so happy to have met you through the group chat. And even though I’ve never met you in real life, I still have much admiration for you. Also, congrats (again) on getting into Northwestern, I’m so proud of you! It just goes to show how brilliant and talented you are! Also, you are so beautiful, my god, you are the epitome of beauty! I just want to thank you for helping me get through sophomore year and for always offering support, it really did make me feel more welcomed at IMSA. I hope that your time at Northwestern is fruitful and that you have a wonderful life from here on out because you most definitely deserve it! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some advice or even just to talk, however if you need homework help I don’t think Ill be the right person to call :/. Anyway, congratulations! You’re the best!

Andy Tang

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you a database with 100% uptime. It’s been a wild two years with JHMC, but there’s no one else I’d rather have done it with. I’ve always admired the resolution, passion, and grit that you approach each challenge with. When something inevitably goes wrong, you never take no for an answer, even when we were hit with a nationwide Airtable outage. The way that you always manage to be the eye of the storm, assertive, driven, and inspiring, never fails to inspire my awe. You’ve left some big shoes for me to fill, and next year I know that whatever success we have we’ll owe in large part to your legwork. No matter where you end up after college, I’m confident that you’ll thrive. Keep in touch, and I’m excited to hear about all the cool things you’ll accomplish!

To Manasvi Thumu and Shrutika Gupta, I will you some college upperclassmen as patient, firm, and guiding as you two were to me as debate captains. Public Forum has been an amazing experience, whether we were discussing the merits of shoes theory and techno-orientalism or practicing rebuttals and mocking rounds. It’s a testament to both of your skills that this virtual debate season has been so great, even when we’re hundreds of miles away. Thank you all so much for putting up with our annoying schedule conflicts, banal small talk between rounds, and questionable case procrastination habits. I’m excited to cap off our year together at Nationals: regardless of how well we do, I’ll always understand that it was your constant efforts that turned me from someone who was barely more than a novice into the debater I am today. 

To Kodai Speich, I will you a rational sleep schedule. From the start of quarantine last year to this year’s succession of disappointments, I’ve come to value those short night-time conversations and your dry statements of yet another fourteen-hour Computational Science homework speedrun or new musical compositions. Get some rest this summer before college: you definitely have earned it.

To Eva Tuecke, I will you a Meyer mind-reading device so we’ll never have to rush to change our AdPro quarter project the hour before it’s due. Thank you so much for being the more responsible of the two of us in AdPro, a shoulder to lean on and an excellent mentor as well. As you go on to college, I hope you’ll keep me updated on all the new things that you’ll experience!

To Hannah Xu, I will you board members in your next leadership endeavor who have slightly more of an idea what they were doing than I did. As MAO President, I’ve really been able to see how much you’ve worked on the administrative tasks that had to be done. Your leadership, character, and industry have always impressed me, and I’m sure these traits will serve you well no matter where you find yourself in a decade or two.

To Brandon Park and Jaden Wang, I will some well-earned rest. Senior year can be draining, and the stress of managing IMSAlympians through this virtual year must have only added to that. I’ve always appreciated how both of you helped mentor Vivian and I as we got used to being on club board, organizing creative new events that leveraged our virtual environment to our advantage. Keep in touch: I’m thrilled to hear about all the awesome places you’ll go in this next chapter of your life.

To Gloria Li, I will a more responsible study buddy in college. It’s really criminal that I didn’t get to know you as well earlier: besides carrying me through SpecFic, AdPro, and Machine Learning, I’ve really come to appreciate how talented, unique, and caring you are. Whether you were drawing alien species for our Museum of Worlds, giving advice on class choices, or grinding through ACSL meetings, you always approach each new thing with a quiet smile and a can-do attitude. You’ll do awesome no matter where you go, so keep me updated on your next adventures!

Apurva Reddy

To Grace Smith, I will you the punniest prom proposal you’ve always wanted. You were never one for subtlety Grace. Next to the engineering classroom; bathrooms in the gym hallway; a playground behind 02. Thanks to you I am now the holder of a wealth of secret IMSA knowledge I never imagined I would one day need. From the “that’s what she said” comments to the “i hope ur not social distancing ; )”, you are absolutely insufferable in the best way possible. Thank you for being there for me through everything: from quad doors to Scioly all-nighters to reminiscing about our summers-of-freshman-years. So to the giver of all romantic “advice” but taker of none, I will you my gratitude. I will you the immunity to toxic glue I never had. I will you all the memorable all-nighters you could ever wish for. I will you years of singing free of brinks and brandons and CSPPLFs. I will you a bright and debt-free future. 

To Shambhavi Raj, I will you a pet rock and spotify fame. I’ll never forget our all-nighter at Grace’s. Making me laugh until it hurt in the hazy hours of 4am. Because let’s be real, that tension between you and carolina? Stronger than a strike-slip fault. But truly, thank you for being an amazing scioly partner. You’re one of the sweetest and most supportive people I’ve met and I just know you’re gonna do amazing things. So even when life takes you to the stars, promise me you’ll never forget about our beautiful continents and oceans <3

To Emma Darbro, I will you all the caffeine pills I never paid back for. Thank you for being the chaotic kind person you are. I’ll never forget your pep talks trying to cheer me up from my worst days at IMSA. Keep conquering those marathons. Tu vas me manquer.

To Nat Oliven, I will you the best abstract algebra cop ever. As a very clueless junior, I apologize for all the questions. Thank you for always being willing to help out : )

To Teodor Tchalakov, I will you the best Bulgarian roses. Here’s to dinner dates filled with modphys, human geo trivia, and more.

Avdhan Kandikattu

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you a vacation. You’re one of the most laid-back people I’ve ever met and you were super helpful, especially when I just started IMSA. You’re also so hardworking, and I hope you have a nice break during the summer. 

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you some more shows to binge. We’ve known each other for a long time, and I know you’ll only continue to be extremely successful. 

To Xander Wells, I will you an autograph from professional poker player Malone Brown. You’ve been pretty chill in all the games we play, which is the complete opposite when you are protesting against you know who harder than anyone else. Wish you good luck at Purdue, I know you’ll be very successful.

To Peter Leahy, I will you good blood. 

To Seb Ramos, I will you the gamecube controller that Blake basically stole (and I don’t know if he gave it back lol). You’re really chill and were one of the first upperclassmen I met at IMSA, and you have very good taste in movies/video games. 

To Kodai Speich, I will you an Otamatone. You’re way too smart and musically inclined for this school and it shows through your Princeton acceptance.

To Cole Doner, I gave you so many problems during Clash and you were just able to solve them really easily. You also let me borrow your calculator like 3 minutes before the PSAT started which was super clutch. 

To Muyi, I will you an Oscar for your award winning voice acting performance. 

To Cassidy and Shrutika, I will you a proper SSS. You guys are really hard working and it was great working with you two on FBLA.

To Danny, I will you a lifetime Adobe CC license. You’re an extremely talented video editor, and it was really great to work with you on the clash movie last year.

Cayleigh O’Hare

To Eric Pan, I will you Amnesia. No, I do not hope you will forget everything. I will you the song Amnesia, by 5 Seconds of Summer. Cherish the best memories you have at IMSA with your friends, and forget about the stupid little things weighing you down. You have your whole life ahead of you, and a perfect opportunity for a new start in college. With that, I also will you the song UCLA by RL Grimes. Embody the vibes of that song next year. I was really looking forward to my junior year where I could tell sophs I was friends with THE student council president. I guess all I can do for now is will you a big hug, if that’s possible. Kill it in Cali. And please wear the Gucci slides at least once for me.

To Jorge Chavez, I will you many more immaculate Polo G albums. Thanks for putting me on, I’m forever indebted. Without you, I might still think that Pop Out was a banger. I hope you think of me whenever Travis comes on at a party. As much as I hate to admit it, I will miss the trash talk. Keep roasting me, it keeps me humble. I also will you some fire flix with fire photographers. Work on some new poses please. On a real note, you’re going places Jorge. Don’t doubt yourself. Good luck, go crazy, and I wish you the best. Keep in touch :)

To Sai Voora, I will you people that love you as much as you love random people in a messenger group chat late at night. Friends that make you feel at home whenever you are with them. Sai, I am admittedly a bit sad as I write this, because you are one of the people I feel as though I met too late. Nonetheless, I am thankful for all the conversations we did have. I will you endless chick flick TV shows.  Keep being your goofy self at Northwestern. 

To Abhi Thati, I will you an upperclassmen that you can cop from. Or maybe you don’t even need them, because you are, after all, a Chem God. I will you an upperclassmen that you can confide in. Whether or not our paths ever cross again, thank you for making my junior year at least a little more bearable. You’ve really been there since the beginning. Thank you for asking me to be biochem partners. Thank you for all the conversations, even if they had to take place over Instagram DM. No doubt we would have ended up as friends this year; I believe we met for a reason. I know I always make fun of you, but I’ll really miss you Thotty. 

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you someone to say hi to in the halls. Or on the quad, or in your dorm, or wherever. I hope they are the type of person that brightens your day when you see them. Even if I was having a bad day at IMSA, your cheeriness always made me smile. Don’t be too stupid in college. You’re pretty cool Aryan, and I wish I had more opportunities to get to know you better. I’ll see you in Dunlap this summer!!

To Evie Lee, I will you a big sister. Wait. I think you already have one of those. I will you…a mom. Shoot you might have that too. I will you a next-door neighbor in college who you are extremely intimidated by (at first). I know you don’t have that yet. I hope she helps you through the toughest moments of your first year, and you become as close as sisters. Even if you drift apart, I hope she is able to offer some good advice that will stay with you. I don’t know if you realize it Evie, but you’ve taught me a lot. I will miss you, but it will make me so happy to see you living your best life in college. Enjoy it, you deserve it. Thanks for everything. 

To Ashley Koca, I will you every Question Master card in every game of Circle of Death.

Cesar Osornio

To Ethan Haque, I will you a fun mc server full of amazing builds and l o r e. It was through our shared experiences trying to find shelter at a village that I first really interacted with you and through the wing server that we really got to know each other. It was fun seeing the server grow from your little shed in the middle of an island to a thriving town with lots of buildings. Although my participation kinda faltered recently, I hope to get back on and finally finish that house lol.

To Austin, Jackson, and Kevin, I will you all underclassmen that pop in to remind you to lock your room. You guys helped make my sophomore year memorable and all those time where we would pop in and make sure you guys were not being productive was fun. Austin, you did an amazing job during clash designing things and I just don’t think it would be the same without you. Jackson, you are really chill and I got to know you more during drill of last year where we did a baller job being part of it. Kevin, you were the first upperclassmen that I really got to know my sophomore year and I remember your bathroom desk and what happened to our doorknob lol. I hope you all have a fun college experience! 

To Brandon and Chas, I will you an amazing opportunities in college. You guys did an amazing job making our hall fun virtually and it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I hope you both find great opportunities where you can bring the same energy.

To Len, I will you great years in college. I enjoyed doing stats with you and the energy you brought to our hall.

To Peter, I will you a box of cashews and a game you don’t get banned in. I remember my sophomore year when you would stop by my room and ask for food all the time and I gave you all of my Ramen and cashews. You are one of the funniest people I know and I’m glad we got to share the same wing, even if it was virtual. I hope you continue to brighten people’s days in college and pull of some more yoga moves.

To Eugene, I will you amazing people to meet in college. I really appreciate you coming to my social programs and hanging out with us playing minecraft and watching me win(lose) at skywars. I enjoyed the time we had making our 05 mural. I wish I was able to get to know you better earlier but I’m still glad we had fun times together nonetheless.

Christin Sanchez

To Meg Ptak, I will you an even more baller Phil II event next year and future discussion group members that actually post their work and feedback in a timely manner. I appreciate the small interactions we had virtually whether it be short creative writing conversations or figuring out stuff for our club collab. Creighton is lucky to have someone that lights up the room like you. Good luck next year!! 

To Li Padilla, I will you a lot of pretty Sampaguitas. I remember you said they were your favorite flower during our Club Terra Sustainability Week GA, and I remember having a lot of fun talking during that GA. I was super worried about taking care of Club Terra stuff during first semester and even more worried that I would let you and the rest of Club Terra down. I think that although I could’ve handled things better, I’ve learned a lot to make sure Club Terra is safe and sound for next year. I hope your future is full of pretty flowers and good vibes, like the vibes in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuEGcFBMaAU plz take care of yourself and i hope you keep radiating your warm and good vibes at UIUC  (✿◠‿◠) 

To Ahana Narayanan, Shambhavi Raj, Monika Narain, and Manasvi Thumu; I will you an assurance that L&D Matter is in good hands next year. Although I’m still trying to figure out things, I swear that me and the rest of board will work to make L&D even better next year. I enjoyed working with you all, and I’m really happy that I get the honor to help carry on the work that you’ve put in. Thank you for being wonderful upperclassmen during this remote experience. I wish you all the best <3 

To my 06C Seniors (Francessca Dumistrescu, Megan Ptak, Phyllis Shen, Paolla Padilla, Elasia Rodriguez, Kristina Williams, Manasvi Thumu, and Shivani Venkatraman), I wish I had talked to all of you more this past year (or like at all lmfao). I miss hearing the chaotic shenanigans from all the way in my room or sharing snacks at the wing table. I am grateful to have had upperclassmen like you when I was a sophomore in C Wong, and I hope next year I can live up the example you set for me. You are all destined for goodness in life, and I hope your post-IMSA endeavors treat you well. 

To Jay Ganesan, I will you a glass of warm milk and honey. Though warm milk and honey will not take away the burdens and stresses of life, I think it provides some small comfort in the warm feeling it brings to your stomach and the sweet taste it leaves in your mouth. I remember many sleepless nights or way too early mornings where the only thing I could stomach was warm milk and honey. I would not have its comfort in my life if you hadn’t introduced me to it. I hope the next time you drink it, you can take your mind off your stresses (even for just a moment) and think about the fun times we had prepping for our CORE class or maybe that one long run in cross country (I can’t believe how much time has passed since then woah). I wish you the best in all your Northwestern endeavors :))

Daniel Ma

To Peter Leahy, I will you 500 followers on down2earth. Your discovery of new music this year has been amazing to see, but I’m ultimately glad that you realized that S.I.M.P. is the best song by far. Thank you for all the recs as well; if I had a dime for every time I’ve added a song of yours to my playlist my bank would be filled to the brim (revvin’ my cj7 is forever embedded in my memory).While I’m not sure if you personally had a good time playing League of Legends, the countless hours I’ve witnessed you mald have been certainly something I will always remember you by. Please stop breaking mice though–you’re going to end up as a trackpad chess player (does that remind you of someone?). Jokes aside, you’ve been an amazing friend and have guided us through so much this confusing year, despite the online circumstances. Even though we’ve only seen each other once in real life, I’m glad we were able to share many great (and questionable) memories that I will cherish. I wish you all the best in college!! You will do amazing things at Mac!!


Daniel Park

To Peter Leahy, I will you a girlfriend at Macalester College.

Disha Dureja

Charline Rivera, I will you all the borderline ugly but actually cute cow shoes in the world. Charline I do not even know where to even begin. You have been a rock for me through my past years at IMSA. Even though we didn’t get super close until this year, I am so grateful for the support you have given me regardless. You are one of those people I know I could call up in 5 years and we could pick up where we left off. You are such a talented, creative, and hardworking person and I know you will do great things. I have grown so much talking to you and I hope to keep having those thought provoking, challenging conversations at night while we both procrastinate work. I am gonna miss you so much. I wish I could have visited your room this year in D wing and hang out every night after check. I can’t imagine living on campus next year and not seeing you walking through the halls or eating at sodexo or something. You are gonna kill it in college and remember to hit me up every once in a while so I can hear about your hippie college lifestyle.

To Sharanya Choudary, I will you a live performance of Girl by The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA, so your life will be complete. Dude, I’m gonna miss you. I know we didn’t really get close until this year but I have had such a fun time getting to know you, even if it was through a screen. You are a ray of pure fun, chill vibes. You are hilarious. I’m seriously gonna miss the stupid jokes you’d make in EnACT and am so grateful for the accepting, comforting environment you created as chair. Have fun in California next year. You are gonna do amazing.

To Sam Taylor, I will you an infinite amount of joy and fun for your future. You are such a hard worker and you deserve to make amazing, crazy memories in college. I am so grateful to have gotten to know you these past couple of years. There are very few people I feel like I can relate to at a philosophical level and have these deep, challenging conversations like I do with you. On the flip side, I will always laugh thinking about those fun times messing around in EnACT and PME, especially those spirited rounds of hot seat (don’t worry I won’t expose you lol). I have always looked up to you and will continue to look up to you because you are truly a beautiful person, inside and out and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Keep doing you and challenging the other people and systems around you. 

To Manasvi Thumu, I will you a big ole hug. I know we didn’t talk as much this year as we did last year, but you are such a cool person and I want you to know I have so much respect for you. I will always remember the conversation you, me, and Brogan had on the train to wintercon as one of the best I’ve had in my time at IMSA. Seeing you work so hard in PME is inspiring, and I only hope to be as strong a co liaison as you were. I truly wish you the best and I know you have a bright future ahead of you.

To Ben Weber, I will you a huge block of cheese because yay Wisconsin. Ben I am so grateful to have had you as a co for EnACT. I will look back on our prep sessions (that we’re mostly us talking about random bleep bleep instead of actually prepping) with fondness and I hope you know you can always reach out to me if you ever want to chat again or need anything. You are awesome and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

To Sreyansh Mamidi, I will you the power of teleportation, so you can go out and see the world you know so much about. Thank you so much for being a great CORE co, along with CORE facilitator my sophomore year. You are such a kind hearted person and I know this will take you far in life. Always keep doing you Sreyansh and don’t change for anyone.

Edward Zhang

To Peter Leahy, I will CDs. The best CDs you’ll ever listen to. 

To Xander Wells, I will you DN, and some many more high IQ impostor wins in Among Us.

To Sai, Mark, Akul, Vas, Teodor, Zach, Aryan, and Rajan, some of my first experiences at IMSA living in A wing was with all of you, and I will never forget how fun it was. I will you college upperclassmen that can give you the same experience that I had. 

To Gnandeep I will you a college upperclassman that will come into your room randomly at late hours in the night and get an in-room violation.

To Jay, Mr. CEO, I will you many more loyal employees at a NU Frat

To my boy Alejandro I will you my BC textbook and thanks for the hard carry in BC fast bro ill never forget it.

To Abhi, I will you a college senior who will send you their old coding assignments when you need. One of the first people i talked to about applying to IMSA and so much help. Thank you for everything.

To Eric and Emily, the Talent Competitions Team seniors, I will you good success in Trll and Fision respectively. Sid and I have big shoes to fill and it is rather hard when my leadership and communication skills are merely a 4/5 and 3/5 respectively. Nevertheless, good luck on your ventures, and stay TALENTed.

To Dev and Rosario, I will you a Shark Tank W. LETS gooooooo

To my boy Alej, I will you a chiropractor because your back must hurt from carrying bc fast and calc based

Emily Jung

To Ellyn Hu, I will you all the answers to physics questions. For past two years, from physics, English essay to clash mural, I enjoyed so much just talking with you and learning from you. You are one of the hardest working person I have ever seen and I admire how you manage everything. And you are literally so talented in every field because I’ve seen you draw me in the mural, play amazing music at the talent show, beautiful Chinese dancing, answer every single physics questions, look over bunch of essays, and being goofy (jkjk). I got through all my physics class and English classes because of you:) I’m gonna miss you SO much just seeing you around campus. I hope you thrive in doing physics at Cornell, which I’m sure you will. I’ve actually enjoyed doing physics with you with your positive energy and gonna miss you so so much.

To Monika Narain, I will you a writing center. Thank you for reading over almost every single one of my LE Hancock essay. You’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever seen and I admire your sleep schedule, time management, and brain. I’ve never seen people have that much sleep but still manage to do everything. I really enjoyed writing and learned a lot from you during our sessions. Please come back visit so you can see me how I will improve next year^^ You’re gonna do great next four years!

To Mark Ying, I will you a better sleep schedule. I hope you sleep much more in college and enjoy next four years. I enjoyed doing Chamber Strings with you and how we all promise to practice by ourselves during sectionals. I’m awed by your commitment to participate in Chamber Strings for three years and to be honest, I was inspired by you. Oh and also thank you so much for letting me cop your MVC:)) But next year, I’m gonna miss seeing you around in class. So, please come visit so you can see it again next yr again and have a great time in college.

To Paola Padilla, I will you an underclassmen that will ask you questions. You are one of the nicest people I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for helping me in physics and letting me cop the lab questions. I know I ask quite often, but you are always willing to help me with any questions. I actually learned a lot during that process:) Good luck in college and keep in touch!

Emily Nakiganda

To Melena Braggs: I will you a future slot on SNL. And a good one, with Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson and everybody. I hope you keep your amazing cynicism towards the world, but harness your power to make it that much more of a better place for us to live in. 

To Isabella Foes: Even though I know it’s not necessary, I will you the never-ending drive to accomplish anything you put your mind to. No matter what path you end up taking, always stay committed to improving this country and the world however you see fit. 

To Alex White: I will you the strength to own your identity in every room you step in. The concept of “being yourself” is so much more difficult than it should be, but if you embrace your experiences as assets that inform your incredibly rich outlook on the world, you’ll go so far. And by the power vested in me, I also pronounce you a full-bodied African. 

To Cassidy Krupske: I will you a physical campus to learn on! Even though we never lived in the same wing, your genuine kindness meant so much to me my sophomore year. I will you your own Cassidy to guide you through the next stages of your life. 

To Scholastic Bowl Seniors (Brady, Archan, Rachna ect.) I will you a space that provides you with as much growth, knowledge, and fulfillment as that math room we used to practice in, quizbowl related or no. 

To Charline Rivera: I will you perfect, effortless curls every time you wake up. (this is the best gift I could ever give anyone)

To Sttefy Gabriel: I will that all of your buzzbeaters make it in the hoop a second before the time runs out.

Erin Yoo

To Cindy Mu, I will you hot Voldemort and Donald Trump’s golf club, Zucky’s surfing sunscreen, and also everything Eunice Kim willed you. You deserve all of those things man. I hope you have a good time in college and don’t forget us Cindy Moo. Thank you for helping me study and make sure to text back

To Heldanna Solomon, I will you an upperclassman friend that’s kind and wise and hilarious. Thank you for all the deep talks and rants starting from back when I was a small sophomore who didn’t know anyone. You are one of the most genuine and deserving people I know, have fun at college!

To Ahana Narayanan, Isha Kadakia, Audrey Si, Sydney Despe, I will you cool sweatshirts and kind upperclassmen who will welcome you to college. Thank you so much for everything you did for the baby bellas, and good luck at your universities!

Zachary Eness: To Zachary Eness, I will you a good band director who can keep up with your skill leveloyed the conversations we did have. I’ll never forget the time you washed the random hair off of your orange using Sodexo’s soda machine. Have an amazing time in college!

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you better tik tok-recording skills. I think we both know that if it weren’t for your awful videography, my tik tok would’ve gone viral. Thank you for being weird and letting me make fun of you 24/7. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Have fun in college!

To Lalana Appasani, Evie Lee, Isha Kadakia, Maia Peregrino, Celeste Izaguirre, Emily Shao, Rachel Hodge, and Megan Ptak, I will you a volleyball team as amazing as ours was. Thank you all for welcoming me into your little family, even when I was a measly little soph. I look up to every one of you, and admire all of your hard work. We truly made IMSA history, and our legacy will live on for years to come. Who knows what we would’ve achieved if we had had another year together… I will miss all of you very much <3

Esther Im

To Eric Pan, I will you one heck of a pizza delivered to your sewer for the nights where you become a crime-fighting turtle or, perhaps, the spare keys to the batmobile for your role as robin. I can’t even put into words how much of an impact these running jokes have had on my life/time at IMSA. Thank you for being the best facilitator AND co-facilitator I could’ve ever asked for. No– thank you for being the best upperclassman I could’ve ever asked for. Thank you for telling me about your theatre kid days, letting our class persistently bully you, teaching me to value my time here, and showing me what a leader looks like. Never lose your passion, and never forget that you promised to visit!   

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you bracelets and walks regardless of where you are. I will never forget the first Big Sib event we went to because it was the first time I felt a sense of belonging here. Thank you for dealing with my questions about whether or not my backpack was too big that day. You are such an inspiration, and I know you will do amazing things! Best of luck in college, bro <3  

Eunice Kim

To Cindy Moo, I will you a good study partner even when you’re in college. ( even though they will definitely not be as good as me:) )

Cindy Mu: I will you Katy Perry in a hamburger

Gloria Wang

To Eva Tueke, I will you the most relaxing summer break in the history of man because you deserve it so so so much. Thanks for being a massive debate god and great co-capt and for all the tea spilling and for sharing my pain in dong classes (and laughing at me that one time I forgot to press start oops). Have fun in cambridge! I hope you won’t have to hit anyone with a 2 by 4.

To Teodor Tchalakov & Nat Oliven, I will you both a chaotic (but good chaotic only) transition because the MUN board transition had me wheezing even though May is the absolute worst time of year. Thanks for making MUN cool and for those spicy imsa tea sessions. Teodor, I literally don’t understand how you know so much psychology and political theory if you only started actively watching the news like a year ago?? I knew you were massive brain from compusci but woww. Nat, thanks for helping make imsamun and those mock gas a heck of a lot less confusing than modphys was. Have fun in life :DD

To Manasvi Thumu, I will you an endless bottle of honey mustard. Like the void, but with honey mustard so you can’t possibly run out. Thanks for those 5am debate walks and Friday night case grinds in the 04 commons with a freaking blizzard outside and just for being a hella chill and cool upperclassmen and just a really nice person in general.

To Shivani Venkatraman, I will you all the time in the world to play those cool video games you told me about that one time in the wing commons. Thanks for nerding out with me abt mdzs and webtoons and books and being so, so confused with me about ML because does anyone even know what is going on.

To Elasia Rodriguez, I will you a pile of pillows that you can dance on in your dreams so you can finally get the sleep you deserve but also pop off as the choreo god you are. Oh and add in a video camera so you can promote isp like you did that first week of imsa last year when we were all sitting in the grass during welcome week or something.

To Kristina Williams, I will you more kpop posters to add to the collection on you and Elasia’s wall. Not sure if I ever told you this, but your style is impeccable and so is your dancing. Thanks for making c wong a great place!!

To Phyllis Shen, I will you all the bubble tea in the world so you can drink as much as you want even with the boba shortage haha. Thanks for the cute doggo pictures and stairway violin concerts and wall sit 10 checks and for helping me with compusci.

To Paola Padilla, I will you . You are such a nice and hard working person, like BC1 was such a trip but we powered through it (also bc brummet is a g). Also kind of a random comment but your voice is really nice and soothing haha. Imma miss you!

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will you all the smiles because yours is so so so pretty like the beautiful person you are (and your voice bro it’s so niceee). Thanks for being such a sweet person and making lead meetings more fun.

To Megan Ptak, I will you a massive virtual hug that hopefully can be a non-virtual one if you ever decide to come visit. You’re such a sweet person, ilysm. You and Rachna were such awesome CDs and thanks for being a great phil ii pres.

To all the 06c seniors, I will you guys the best campus life in college because from bibble to all the wing food, you guys really did make c wong the best. Imma miss you all <33

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you a giant paper shredder to absolutely annihilate all those bc worksheets and physics quests we struggled through. But hey- we made it out alive. I’m so happy I sat next to you in brummet bc1 because you are a freaking amazing and beautiful person and I love you to pieces.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you a pair of those cool sunglasses so when your stonks do well and your massive business brain makes you bank, you can be one of those cool indian uncles. Thanks for being an AMAZING co and a chill af person in general.

Hector Ibarra

To Peter Leahy, I will to you quality memes and this quote from Kanye “It’s not ‘can’; it’s ‘will.’ You have to will things into fruition.”

To Kodai Speich, I will to you dedication to ISOMP and to reminding Liam he is Liam

To Grace Smith, I will to you my falsetto vocals and helping underclassmen in choir

To Nathan Joseph and Wes Matth, I will to you my dedication to ICA and prayers for your journeys 

Jacob Malone

To Nate Tamez, i will you all of the Mi Goreng in the Northern Hemisphere. you were a great junior to me my freshman year, and i couldn’t have asked for a better person when i was without a roommate. i’ll miss you.

To Rachel Tin, i will you all the 7th grade assignments we had. the moments that we tutored together were awesome, and i’ll attempt to keep it going and train each new set of tutors as they come along. 

To Aryan Gandhi, i will you all the times we talked in the study room or talked in your room, you were one of the nicest kids in 04, and always made me laugh. 

To Rowan Eggert, i will you a somewhat decent chemistry teacher, i know we learned nothing from Tolla. 

To Sam Hall, i will you all the swear word filled plays we practiced for Mod Theatre. your taste in music is impeccable, and i wish you all the best. 

To Mr. Peter Leahy, I will you the ability to accept what you cannot change and grow from it. You are one of the kindest people I know, and although most of our interactions were virtual, you have been a great friend to me and always listened when i asked you to. i know you will eventually become happy with your life, but i ask that you be patient with yourself. you’re still a young man with plenty to look forward to. take some time for yourself and look towards the future paths you can take rather than looking back on what paths you could have taken. i only ask that you prioritize yourself when you know you need it, and focus on being happy. text me anytime my friend, there’s always going to be a response or a music recommendation. <3

Jamie Im

To Ethan Haque, I will you the 10 dollars I owe you. To Patrick Borse, I will you 50% of my future salary for carrying me through sophomore and junior year. To Peter Leahy, I will you the other 50% of my future salary for carrying me through sophomore and junior year. To Ivan Anterola, I will you my first child for carrying me through adchem.

Jared Dong

To Peter Leahy, I will you quirky indie music to get you through college. Thanks for always sending me Breaking Bad and Morrissey memes when I’m down. Stay true to yourself and work on your music taste. You might find out you actually enjoy Death Grips. 

Jasmine Liu

To Evie Lee, I will you stability. I don’t even know where to start but you’ve transformed my life and IMSA experience in so many ways. You’ve been my guardian angel since day one and I’ll always miss our late night grapes and conversations in the 06 stairwell. It’s been amazing having you in my life and I can’t wait for you to meet some just as unpredictable as you. I know your experience at IMSA has had its fair share of ups and downs so I hope you will find some stability at Duke. You deserve a group of friends who value and respect you just as much as I do. Your talent is incredible and although you don’t give yourself any credit, I’ll always be your biggest cheerleader.

To Mark Ying, I will you SLEEP and a cat as cute as my rice ball. We only got close this year and although I wish we had more time I’ve enjoyed every car ride, random dogwood park visits, and more. Thank you for always answering my random questions and helping me each time I begin to overthink or stress out. You’ve helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough for always believing in me. You are capable of anything and everything you set your mind to and I am so excited to see all the great things you will do in your life. California will bring you some much needed variety and excitement into your life. Don’t forget to update your story with “scale of 1-10” post because those truly make my day. I wish you an unforgettable college/life experience that I know you deserve and hope you meet someone just as incredible as you.

To Sai Voora, I will you endless loud “HI” greetings wherever you go. You’ve really helped me since day one ever since sophomore welcome week. You were one of the first upperclassmen I got to know and made me feel instantly at home during a time when I felt completely lost. There is so much I need to thank you for but I will continue randomly asking you questions on messenger. You’ve been an amazing upperclassmen and friend especially when you let Rohit “sleep over”. Please never stop attempting to give me relationship advice at 2 AM and I’ll always be here to listen. You will do great things and through each step of the way, I’ll remind you of that.

To Alejandro Carrillo, I will you more people to play Brawl Stars with. I apologize for being terrible but I loved spending our free mods playing together. You made me sophomore year so much better and I cannot thank you enough for that. I’ve been so impressed by your determination and I know your future will be incredible. You will do great things and you deserve it all!

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you more chicken nuggets and someone to skateboard with. I’ve enjoyed all our random times in the park where you’ve saved me from cracking my skull multiple times. I’ll Doordash you chicken nuggets at any time even if you are at UIUC. Have fun in college and please don’t do anything “too” stupid.

To Eric Pan, I will you nothing because you have everything you need. Now as you go off to college all you need to do is organize everything in your life and it will all fall in place. Every resource is already in your hands and you are ready to continue on. I know you sometimes doubt what you are doing with your life but just keep doing what you do. You’ve accomplished so much already and I know your future holds endless achievements and opportunities. Thank you for being like an older brother to me and letting me pester and bombard you randomly throughout the year. I’ll always be one text/call away and I can’t wait to see your outfits in California. You might not yet believe in yourself but I always will ❤

To Jon Gao, I will you a friend that lights up the room just like you already do. I cannot put it into words but you’ve made my experience this year infinitely better. Every time I’ve talked to you, I’ve always felt energized and happier afterwards. I admire your willingness to see the best in people and determination to do good. You are truly incredible and deserve everything this world can offer you. Thank you for lighting up every (zoom) room and bringing smiles on everyone’s faces. You are amazing and I’ll always admire you for that. I wish you an unforgettable time in college and your future.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you more golf courses to go on at 3 AM. Andy and I will make sure to continue taking care of your baby JHMC. Thank you for always watering your cats and continue playing golf at 3 AM.

Jason Qin

To Phyllis Shen (Phyllis Influencer blitzen Shenme?), I will you smartness? and to make Phyllis++ a reality. I don’t remember where all those nicknames came from, but I remember the fun experiences two years ago at Integrated Science and can’t believe you remember me. <3 (cringe writing transitions, illiteracy runs in the family) Thanks for being a great role model and cool confusion senior this year! 

p .s. (haha Phyllis. Shen.) Please play me for me Symphonie Espagnole I’m begging you. 

To Hannah Xu (Hannannah Shoe), I will you to become my pediatrician some day :) and to stop playing genshin smh You’re basically the first senior I talked to since IMSA and it has been an amazing experience. My then innocent self has truly learned a lot from your old wisdom (good or bad idk O_O) and has made me more mature… maybe… Good luck with your life and I will definitely go to Naperville for that boba!

To Rachna Gupta, I will you to become a quiz bowl answerline! On that note, I will you to keep doing quiz bowl and study Shostakovich at Harvard ;) (ha now you’re obligated to do it). Thanks a lot for being a cool senior to talk to and for giving me all these life/imsa advices! would not have known about IMSA black market otherwise. I’m glad I had someone to talk to in ALLIES and qb!

To Kodai Speich, I will you to stop saying “ope” You have made 1507 a wonderful experience for me, especially with the talent show that was fire. ISOMP was also a fun experience, at the select few times that I joined…, but anywaysss I was at aw with your Shostakovich violin. Good luck with whatever you’re going to do in the future!

To Brady Williams, I will you to continue doing science! And by that I mean quiz bowl science, screw academics. In all seriousness, good luck with everything at University of Chicago and you should definitely join their super op quiz bowl team! (ha you thought I was serious, this is so chaotic double pendulums) Thanks for also helping me with my LE essay and putting up with my antics :)

Jillian Heinzmann

To Kayla Quigley, Megan Ptak, Sabira Taiwo, Rowan Eggert, Akanksha Garg, Jaden Turner, Melena Braggs, Vivian Hedican, Rachel Hodge, and Julianna Padilla, I will you my thanks. In some way you have made an impact on me so I just wanted to tell you all thank you and I hope you have a great time in college or wherever you are going next! I know you all have great lives ahead of you. 

To Kayla Quigley, Megan Ptak, and Sabira Taiwo, I will you athletic abilities and the love of the mafia to take with you wherever you go. You are all TO BIG!!! Thank you so much for all the basketball memories. I couldn’t have asked for better seniors this year on our non-existent team. Please come back and watch us next year <3 

To Akanksha Garg, I will you a smile for whenever you need it! Thanks for helping me with french, being a great Excel tutor and a great overall friend. 

To Jaden Turner, I will you a fathers day present. Love you dad! Happy fathers day! And to everyone else,  thank you for being great upperclassmen and for making an impact on my life! Whether you were an excel tutor, the student ambassador I shadowed , or just a friend in a math class I really appreciate you. Thanks for everything <3

Joanna Menendie

To Ashley Kuca, Ashley i don’t think sam and i would’ve made it through sophomore year without you. I will you to be the Elle Woods of Cornell. You will be the person who flips her hair and is number one in the class. I will you free dinosaur stickers everywhere you go and to meet a famous painter in italy who will paint you in renaissance style and for your painting to live in the louvre. Stomp on cornell queen. i’ll miss u always <33

To Chandra, Hopefully, I didn’t mess up ur last name queen. I will you many more pairs of cool shoes and unlimited good energy everywhere you go. I will you thousands of nights running through new york with your cool city friends and rooftop nights where you listen to um idk some cool city artist. i will miss you very much even though you couldn’t hang out with me for more than two hours <3 love u

To Ahana, AHANA I’LL MISS U! thank u for always listening to my dumbdumb problems and constantly hyping me up. I will u the perfect college experience and even more cool clothes. i will you to always have snacks in your room and to walk through ur campus like a model. i will you unwavering happiness and many naps. <3 keep in touch!!!! much love

To Delicia, Delicia thanks for always being there when i needed random advice and then giving me terrible advice, it always meant so much to me. you inspired me and a couple of other ppl to try running around campus, and we kept it up for two days. I will you college friends that’ll make you laugh everyday and the perfect form-fitting running shoes. I will you friends to clown and many comfortable nights screaming so so loud (omigod y’all sounded like eagles) with them past 1am when laughing at something odd. i will miss ur sarcastic remarks and ur overall doneness with everything. here is my attempt at a person running using my keyboard: 0

                               | – I -|


To Evie, Evie thank you for being my finsta dm buddy this year whenever i was DONE. i will u many nights of gaming w ur new sick gaming friends. i will you self-peace always and a college-experience free of overwhelming stress. you have been so fun to get to know this year and i’ll miss you so much! <3 see ya queen 

To Elasia, AH elasia you never fail at making me die of laughter and I always love talking to u. i will u endless nights of laughing with friends and a million great college experiences. I will u an amazing semester of studying abroad and great relationships with everyone you meet! i will miss u so so much girl omigosh im getting sad writing this <33 

To Courtney, Courtney I’m so happy that we met on dance team and i’ll miss the weird looks u give me every five minutes. you always bring so much joy to whatever we are in together, whether that’s BSU meetings or dance team. ur such a passionate person and I will u constant success and a life free from annoyances. i will you every position you apply for and a glamorous life at vanderbilt. i can already see you stylishly flipping the page of a book under a big, colorful tree. im so happy for u and i will miss you SO much <3 

To Samantha Taylor, Sam where can I even begin to begin? You are so incredible. it constantly blows my mind. i loved having weekly meetings with you and laughing at ur jokes. you always have amazing advice that i should listen to more often (if im being honest). i will you amazing college friends and amazing college nights. i will you a perfect balance of fun and work, and professors that love you!! (hey, maybe they’ll bump ur grade if ur borderline) i will you an endless amount of good vegan meals. i’ll miss u!! <3 

To Krisha P., Krisha u are the kindest soul i have ever met. whenever i talk to you im reminded of who i’d like to be. you were the first upperclassman that i was friends with and always made me feel so welcome. i will you a great time everywhere you go and college roommates as supportive as your quad!! i will you a smile that never leaves ur face and a constant flow of happiness. i’ll miss you girl, so much <3 

To Shreya P., Shreya you were the second upperclassman that I was friends with at imsa and im so glad that we remained friends throughout these years. u were always there to give me advice and to put up with my incessant craziness. i will you a group of friends as amazing as the ones you had last year and nights of happily talking to ur dad on the phone. i will you to be free of any homesickness and thrive in college!!! i will miss you so so much <3 love u 

To Mark Ying, Mark i will you a trash panda wherever you go, a grade-A charcuterie board, and an amazing college experience. thank you for being a great friend these past couple of months. 

To Siva, thank u for truly being an amazing UNICEF president. I grant you a carefree college experience that is much more relaxing than imsa. unicef won’t be the same w/o u!

Julie Lima

To Lalana Appasani, I will you an amazing upperclassman to be there for you whenever you need it. Because you really were that person for me. I always felt like I could turn to you if I needed anything, and you were always willing to help me out. I really looked up to you and loved getting to know you. I know you’ll go on to do amazing things in your life. I really wish we had more time together, but I know you’ll have fun in college. I’ll miss you <3

To Isha Kadakia, I will you someone to look up to like I could look up to you. You were always such a dedicated and hard-working person, and I admired that. Thank you for welcoming me on my very first day on campus (idk if you remember that lol). Thank you for always offering me advice when I needed it. I wish we had more time together. I’ll miss you <3

To Evie Lee, I will you someone to spill tea and talk boy-drama with on the very first day you meet lol. Thank you for always being there for me. I really loved getting to know you. Have an amazing time in college. I know you’ll go on to do amazing things in your life <3

To Maia Peregrino, I will you the best British accent of all British accents. Except not as good as mine. Cause mine will always be the best one. Obviously. Anyway, I loved getting to know you and play volleyball with you. You always made me laugh and brought up the mood. Have an amazing time in college. I’ll miss you <3

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you someone you can look up to like I looked up to you. You are such a hard worker and it truly shows in all that you do. I love your smile and the way you could make everyone around you laugh. Thank you for being a great big sib! Have fun in college <3

To Sabirah Taiwo, I will you someone to joke around with after 10 check. You are such an amazing person and I loved getting to know you when we were in D-wing together. I could always count on you to make me laugh hysterically. Thank you for everything. Have an amazing time in college. I know you’ll do great <3

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you the best fundraisers to have ever existed. If only ours were like that… jkjk we did good lol. I loved working with you in relay and I really wish we had had time together on campus. I would’ve loved to get to know you better. Thank you for being someone I looked up to. I know you’ll do amazing things in your life. I’ll miss you <3

To Eric Hernandez, I will you the ability to not get made fun of by every single girl on the volleyball team. Jkjk. but really, thank you for being so nice and funny. You always made us laugh and I enjoyed getting to know you. Have a great time in college!

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you the ability to get to club meetings on time. We didn’t talk a whole lot throughout the years, but I really enjoyed the conversations we did have. I’ll never forget the time you washed the random hair off of your orange using Sodexo’s soda machine. Have an amazing time in college!

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you better tik tok-recording skills. I think we both know that if it weren’t for your awful videography, my tik tok would’ve gone viral. Thank you for being weird and letting me make fun of you 24/7. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Have fun in college!

To Lalana Appasani, Evie Lee, Isha Kadakia, Maia Peregrino, Celeste Izaguirre, Emily Shao, Rachel Hodge, and Megan Ptak, I will you a volleyball team as amazing as ours was. Thank you all for welcoming me into your little family, even when I was a measly little soph. I look up to every one of you, and admire all of your hard work. We truly made IMSA history, and our legacy will live on for years to come. Who knows what we would’ve achieved if we had had another year together… I will miss all of you very much <3

Liz Alcala

To Mark Ying, I will you unlimited Jetta visits. I think she loves you the most out of any of my friends. You’re welcome to come pet her whenever. Anyways, I’m so glad I got closer to you this year. I went to the Exodus board bonding at 1am barely having any idea of who you are and now I make fun of your height whenever I see you. It’s been fun, my dude. Enjoy Cali. 

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you more night runs to Hy-Vee. Thank you for hanging out with us whenever we went to Dunlap, I wish we could’ve have more. 

To Evie Lee, I will to you a grateful underclassmen forever. my sophomore (and junior) year wouldn’t have been the same without you. Sophomore year you were the only upperclassmen in my wing that reached out and adopted Jasmine, Cayleigh, and me. I would not trade sending nights watching you stress over AdChem or just obliterating you with my roasts (you have horrible comebacks btw). I’m gonna miss you next year and I’ll try my best to be the good upperclassmen to my sophs/juniors as you were to me. 

To Eric Pan, I will you to Gucci slides. Not that I will buy you any, they’re just iconic. I will never forget Dubai and our amazing chaperones. Walking through the Mall and seeing you freak out over all the stores will forever be one of my favorite memories. You’re a pretty awesome guy and I know the future holds good things for you. 

To Rachna & Eva, I will to you a continuation of your legacy. I’m gonna be honest, you guys terrified me sophomore and junior year. Getting to know you guys just this past few weeks has been amazing. I’m super excited to continue your work with Oliver on Acronym. I’m sure we will not let you down and there will be tea sessions in the future ;). 

To Mark & Evie, I will to you Exodus VPs. I’m not lying when I said I demoted you both to VPs and you’re gonna be on board from college. Jk, but thanks for helping us with decisions. I really enjoyed being on Exodus this year and the board was uncomparable. While we never got to act as board in person, it was awesome, so thank you. 

Liz Soyemi

To the BELLAs Seniors (Isha Kadakia, Ahana Narayanan, Audrey Si, and Sydney Despe) I will you all a sense of sisterhood in your new environments that you have provided me for the past two years. Thank you guys so much for being so kind and supportive and I wish you all the best <33

To Steffy Gabriel, I will you a Big Little Sib who will be so kind and supportive to you, as you have been to me! Thank you for all your help since before I even got onto campus, on campus, and in this online environment, especially with Med4Minorities! <33 I am so thankful for you, and I hope you have an AMAZING time in college!! I know you will thrive and do such amazing things!

Madeline Fields Halva

To Tori Shepherd, I will you all the plants, hugs, warmth, and love. Lick!

To Cole Doner, I will you the ability to make the computers do all the things, to type, and for you to always be the longest bean. 

To Marcail McBride, I will you the ability to dive without getting a concussion. I will you the ability to convince people that you’re straight. 

To Julia Wettstein, I will you a tall person to hug and stand on things with and wonder why they are so crazy. 

To Rowan Eggert, I will you all the taco parties, the best roommate(s), and the best weather Florida has to offer. 

Makayla Zheng

To Mark Ying, I will you the most restful night of your life. I think the first memory I have of you was when you and a few juniors were moaning and groaning about how there were way too many sops in your spanish 3 class. Haha well I was one of those sophs but I’m so glad I was because that’s how I got to know you better. Thank you for your great energy and funny personality and reaching out to see if I was ok that really brightened my day. I hope Harvey treats you well. And COME back to VISIT! Also if u going to Chi anytime soon, feel free to send Rujuta my way. I babysit free of charge. Best of luck in college and SLEEP.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you an upperclassmen as chill and friendly as you are. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me and giving me that push to do things that I would’ve otherwise not done. Unknowingly you pushed me to apply to LEAD and that experience has truly changed me. I have this new confidence and vision for my capabilities because of you. Good luck in college and I know you’ll do great things. You give me that I’m bout to be hella successful vibes. So when you get those ears pierced and become a millionaire, remember me and send that cash my way. It’s not a choice, so come back and visit!!!

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you a Co as cool as me. So very grateful to have gotten to know you and be your Co this year. I saw you many times my soph year (ur pretty tall so going unnoticed is probs unlikely lmao) but I never bothered to get to know you. I’m so glad I did even if it was virtual. You’re just such a chill and kind upperclassmen. Best of luck in college and I hope you have a memorable time there. 

To Sreyansh Mamidi (my fantastic Co), I will you another year of IMPACT. You are truly the kindest person I’ve ever met and I’m so thankful to have had you as chair. Even with my many questions, you always helped looked for an answer and offer me advice. Good luck in college and I hope you have the greatest of time there. I wish we could’ve gotten to know each other in person but no worries because I know you’ll be coming back to teach my IMPACT class :))

To Nathan Joseph, I will you another beautiful internship. I’m so very glad to have met such a friendly upperclassmen like you. I’m not sure we ever spoke in person cause Covid obviously but interning and LEAD was so fun to have with you. Thank you for being there to offer kindness and advice. I hope your next few years in college go amazingly and I know your future will be very bright. Good luck!

Megan Sia

To Isha Kadakia, Ahana Narayanan, Audrey Si, and Sydney Despe: I will you guys a great future! Good luck in college! I’ve enjoyed our meetings together. I couldn’t have wanted to be apart of BELLAs with anyone else <3  

To 06C Seniors, I will you all hope, like you guys brought to me when I first started IMSA. Although I was never able to meet you guys in person, I enjoyed our Zoom meetings together with Cat.  

To Melena Braggs, I will you confidence to continue using your powerful articulation from Speech. I enjoyed our prose-practices, and I hope you have fun in college! 

Mya Love Griesbaum

To Sabirah Taiwo, I will you the funniest jokes and the BIGGEST basketballs you could ever imagine.

To Cheesecake Man (Rosario Picone), I will you super spicy a meatballs, big gains in college, and for you to be the new go-to pillow guy on the scene.

To Simone Angelov, I will you the satisfaction of never letting your eyes burn again from the sight of GoNoodle.



Nadia Horak

To Akanksha Garg, I will you success and happiness in your future endeavors. Your glowing smile and amazing leadership skills and dance moves will take you farther than ever seen before. 

To Grace Kozlowski, I will you happiness in all that you do. I will you the confidence and courage to be yourself and not apologize to anyone for it. 

To Mirella Eldrige, I will you a beautiful mission trip and a prosperous, fulfilling relationship with God. 

To Em Atkinson, I will you everything good in life because you deserve it. I miss you and I love you so much. Thank you for being the best person ever. <3

Nadia Ludwig

To Kailey Light, I will all of the long axis walks that we missed. I’m so glad i got to know you before we got sent home, even if it was just a little bit of time. I know your life will take you on many amazing adventures and I will you a little piece of my heart to take with you on your travels. 

To Jaden Wang, I will you the aux. I actually like Kanye, but I liked clowning you more. Have fun in college Mr. I took a lamp out on a balcony for the pfp lighting. 

To Jaden Turner, I will you many many happy days. Thank you for being there for me during quarantine and the Oberweis dates. I hope you have an amazing time and college and your dreams take you to many fun places. 

To Ms Ella Foes, I will you so so much of my heart. You are legit one of the coolest people I know. Thank you for the family dinners on campus and for saving me so many times on papers, you are a writing god. I hope you have so much fun in college and I hope i get to see you soon >:)

To Mark Ying, I will you an ounce of sleep. Please, you will die, go to bed. Thanks for being my bestie and ganging up on ruju with me. You are a very cool dude but don’t forget you owe me a cent hehe.

To Sabirah, I will all of the extra sandwiches from basketball. I will forever be grateful to be your prodige and we really need to have that team sleepover soon. Thanks for being so cool, mafia forever >:)

Olamiji Fabamigbe

To Quincy’s group, I will you good luck. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!

Melena Braggs: I will you success! You’re so funny, smart, and ambitious. Thanks for attending TTW and sharing your experiences! Your ps  is so entertaining 😂😂😂. When you find the right one lmk 👀. I’ll miss you and pls visit🤍🤍

To Samantha Taylor, Courtney Cagnolatti, Heldanna Solomon, Alex White, Sabirah Taiwo, Melena Braggs, Mariam Sanusi, Asha Wiggs, I will you peace and ease in your collegiate  journey. Thank you so much for attending TTW, I really appreciate the support and I hope that you all prosper in everything you plan on doing. If there’s anything you’ll need, I’ll always try my best to be available, so please do not hesitate to contact me. Much love and stay blessed. 💞

Oliver Ni

To Melena Braggs and Alex Pomrenke, I will you the best four years of college ever. Ever since day one, you have helped me every step of the way in speech to help me not only improve as a speaker but also help me grow as a person in the face of adversity. Your patience, kindness, infinite wisdom, and penchant for staying extra-long for speech Zooms will always be appreciated. Get some rest over the summer and I cannot wait to see what you do in college!

To Rachna Gupta and Eva Tuecke, I will you a glorious time working for an independent journalism outlet. I got to know you through other extracurriculars at first, but I am honored to have had the opportunity of working with you in The Acronym for the past year. You have put in so much time and effort in building the newspaper to what it is today, and I cannot thank you enough for guiding me and putting up with my clown shows. I will make sure to spill some extra tea next year.

To Manasvi Thumu and Shrutika Gupta, I will you the unbridled usage of the term hegemony. Thank you for being so patient with my incompetent self and teaching me to read the taglines and not burst out laughing in the middle of my case. Debate has been a blast with you, and I hope you will never have to deal with space rods from god or nuclear-power-fueled sardines in college.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you a productive and meaningful time at college. You were the first person to introduce me to IMSA and I cannot be more grateful for that. I remember when you walked me through your classes, introduced me to your friends, and made sure that I got as authentic of an experience at IMSA as I possibly could have. Thank you for making me feel comfortable on campus and also giving me advice whenever I needed it my broski.

To Brandon Smith, I will you an upperclassman in college who will foster a sense of belonging and community the same way you did for me. I remember during placement testing, you introduced me to your friends and gave me a taste of how strong IMSA’s community is. You even managed to remember my name even after that one encounter and checked up on me every once in a while, and I appreciated all of those little memories because they made my time here so much better. I know you will succeed wherever you go and become a leader for those around you.

To Eric Pan, Abhi Thati, and Aidan Stueck, I will you a continuation of the 05 drill legacy. You are the best choreos I could have ever asked for and you made clash so much better for me and for so many other people. Hoo hah 05 forever.

To Paola Padilla, I will you an infinite lease on the Northwestern lab coat. I am so glad to have gotten to know you better this year because of our SIR. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you and Disha, and you’ve taught me so much throughout the year.

To Wesley Matthews, Alex White, Megan Ptak, Peter Leahy, Nathan Joseph, and the rest of the Deutsch III class, I will you a lifetime supply of strawberry milk as compensation for the Beutsch Bruders’ antics.

To Monika Narain, Delicia Chen, Jay Ganesan, Grace Smith, and the rest of the cross country team, I will you a lifelong hobby in running wherever, whenever. You created a family for us all and made sure that no matter the circumstances, we would always have fun racing around a few dirt hills.

To Jaden Wang, I will you more private Zoom sessions with Dr. Yen. Thank you for being an awesome teammate for orals this year and constantly reminding me to come to practices. I hope you get the chance to take a breather before college and continue to flourish as a person.

To Peter Leahy, I will you a personal ramen supplier. I will try to carry on the legacy of the Scheissbrot.

To Archan Das and Charline Rivera, I will you a blast in college. Thank you for making LEAD truly spicy.

To Ethan Thieme, I will you a flamethrowing, 103mph Kyle Hendricks feature on Jomboy Media every so often. Kyle Hendricks is a velocity monster and I will hear no more objections.

Philip Yi

To Gnandeep Chintala, Deepu I love you man. You helped so much with the dumb stuff I did in sophomore year, and I miss the times you would come to A-wing just to get baked by sophomores. Honestly, you were the best upperclassman I could ever ask for. Also, you’re still going to be a schmen in college so L.

To Jason Li, Good looks bro u made it past senior year. Thanks for being a mad chill senior, and I wish you best of luck in the future. Keep leaguing too the grind don’t stop.

To Peter Leahy, Bruh you are a menace to society, but you are a good menace. Keep singing dynamite. Pluggin yo playlist Down2Earth.

To A-Wing Seniors, I loved you guys seriously. Thanks for making the wing one of the best communities I have ever been in and giving me the best sophomore experience I could have ever asked for. You guys seriously taught me so much about being a better person and dealing with random hurdles at IMSA, and I seriously can’t say enough thanks. I also appreciate the 2 am check and wifi cops that you gave us. It was quite amazing.

Pranav Patel

To Sharanya Choudhury, Oh my good friend Sharanya, what should I write in your will? Well for starters, I hope you meet someone as dope and chill as you are. As a person you are mad approachable and always offer a welcoming vibe in your presence. As an underclassmen, you always brought the best vibe and I always felt like I could just say hi and start a convo with you whenever.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the vibe you brought to discussion in EnAct and I felt like we were always on the same wavelength. Stay smooth my guy and I wish you the best at UCLA. ps ps: thee will never be replaced in enact, thanks for the mems and it was dope being your co-pair. (also i will u the power to drip too hard 4ever and u are honorary dripgod) 100//

To Benjamin Weber, Ben you are so drip bro, I’m gonna miss you on EnAct. Thanks for a dope year dude, you were always there to offer good insight on enact discussion and just offered a vibe to enact. I’m gonna miss u as co-chair. Good luck in the future broski, I know you’ll make the best out of what you’re given.

To Samantha Taylor, SAM! EnAct is really gonna miss you bro, you brought an energy and passion to enact that was unmatched. One that could spark an interesting conversation out of nothing. Lmaooo looking back I still remember the wild conspiracy theories you had (the best one being Lincoln was mixed) and how the entire team would just stare at you dumbfounded before someone said something to tell you how stupid your theory was. I appreciate you, and you definitely made a change on campus while you were here. 

To Jay Ganesan, I love u bighead, that’s all that can be said. Jkjk, but you’re goated bro, and you make everything better ngl. You’re mad strong bro and I never feel wrong to lean on you for anything dude. You always made enact meetings dope and you were a constant reminder to me that enact is more than just a team, we’re a family (not to be corny or w/e). Don’t change man. I will you a ball of sunshine just as warm as you (don’t burn your hands) and i will love you now and forever dripgodjay.

To Muyiwa Arowolo, Muyiwa, I’m gonna miss you big-time on LEAD and Enact bro. It was dope getting closer to you this year and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. You’re a pretty dope person and you’re also funny (at my expense) and you drum like a god. I will you heels because you will always be short in my eyes (jkjk) I will you a new anime rec, if you haven’t watch Baki because it is GASSS.

To Nathan Joseph, Nathan, the one and only tea god. I still remember the days in 07 when I would kick it with you in hall commons because I needed help with math and you were the only peer tutor there. This year on EnAct with you was dope bro, I appreciated the wholesome energy you brought 24/7. I will you tea leaves from every nation in the world (just give me a few years to figure out how to make it possible).

To Francesca Dumitrescu, Oh ok what should I say to Francesca… well for starters, thanks for the vibe you brought to EnAct and the LEAD team as a whole. You were always a dope person to talk to and the way you contributed to team discussion was immaculate. I will will you an anime rec: u need to watch Kengan Ashura, it’s a fighting anime but it is so gas. Good luck next year!!

To Mark Ying, Mark I actually love you. You’re probably one of the most dependable and cool people I know and you always give fire advice on everything. Not only that but you’re a caring person and you always had my back when I needed it (especially earlier this year). On days that I was not feeling up-to-par, I could always count on you to be someone to talk to and get advice from and I appreciate you so much for that bro. Mark i stg we better stay in touch next year, considering you only live 45 mins away from me… I love you man and I wish you the best in california. For this bittersweet goodbye, I will you another spinal disk for the one me, aryan, and philip shattered when we dropped you during clash season. Stay up bro, anyone with you in their life is blessed <33

To Rajan Patkar,Rajan O Rajan! What would I do without thee in ModFic? My heart throbs for thy departure. But actually, you’re a great dude man and I appreciate you bro. Ever since I moved to A wing soph year I could rely on you for stuff I needed *cough cough* CSI. I will you an upperclassman who is just as helpful and amazing as you are bro, someone who you can rely on at Champaign next year. Knucks my guy, I’ll make sure to visit you next year.

To Aryan Gandhi, Aryan bro… bro… it’s been quite a ride with you dude. This year has definitely been dope *considering.* You’re a cool dude man and you definitely had my back in all my time at IMSA. I still remember that first b0ut we had when I walked around IMSA looking for you and I was like damn… he’s actually mad strong. You’ve definitely made life better this year  and it’s safe for me to say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you broski. I will you a great future in business and I really do hope you surround yourself with people as dope as you dude. Stay up :))

To Shreya Pattisipu, So what could I say for my amazing CORE co-facilitator. Well for starters, thanks for helping me towards the beginning of LEAD. Obv, I was kinda lost and you definitely helped me get through the phase of being lost and helped me build my confidence into the facilitator I am today and I thank you for that (obviously a “cringe” presentation had to be the stepping stone). You’re a really hard worker and you were a talented facilitator and I don’t think my CORE could’ve been better with anyone else. With that being said, I will you someone or something that is as hard a worker and as passionate as you were. Peace out and good luck at college next year!!

Revanth Poondru

To Peter Leahy, I will you a league account that you won’t get banned on. Please stop spending money on new accounts. 

To Jay Ganesan, I will you safety upon the roads and a wonderful November 28th. Also, watch out for stop signs. 

Rishitha Boddu

To Abhi Thati, I will you a driver’s license, a subway order with guac, and the responsibility of sending me weekly reports once you’re in college. You’re going to do amazing things in the future and live out the most iconic life. We both already know you’re smart, talented, and a super fun person to be around so just keep being yourself in college and don’t forget about me when you leave. And please. Do yourself a favor and get a license man. When you can, drive down and visit.

To Jorge Chavez, I will you the best college experience a person can have and a reduction in idiocy. I am so so proud of you for all your hard work and you’re going to do so many great things as an engineer. Try not to be too much of a bum in college stupid. I hope that Rocky doesn’t miss you too much (even though he and I both definitely will) and if you ever want, I can totally take him off your hands :DDD Finally, I hope that you downgrade your iphone so that I can add my fingerprint back as your personalized Rishi souvenir for college. Best of luck bum. 

To Jay Ganesan, I will you infinite happiness, great friendships, and baller French skills. You deserve the entire world dude. Without a doubt, you are one of the kindest and most entertaining people I’ve ever met, so thank you for sticking with me since my soph year. I know that things over the past year got rough at times so I’m really proud of you for keeping yourself going. Make sure to stay in touch and remember that I’m always here if you need anything. I hope that college will be a fresh new start for you and that you’ll thrive like never before. Also I don’t know how I’m going to survive French without you so maybe I should be the one getting willed baller French skills yikes. 

To Grace Smith, I will you an amazing future at UIUC’s SWE. Thank you so much for contributing to SWE board this year. We really appreciated all of your help and you were an incredibly valuable member of our team. I enjoyed working with you and hope to collaborate with you next year as well. 

To Maia Peregrino, I will you success in your dance career and the healthiest hair. You are so so talented and such a fun personality. I’m really glad we got to know one another better this year and I enjoyed all of our random conversations on the finsta. Thank you for being a wonderful drill and modern choreographer. I’m also so glad that I found a fellow NCTzen who’s just as hyped about them as me if not more. 

To Evie Lee, I will you a very successful future. I’m so glad we got to meet a couple years ago it almost seemed like fate to meet such a sweet upperclassman a few months before being accepted to IMSA. I enjoy all of our random conversations and hope we continue to stay in touch once you’re in college too. 

To Rachel Tin, I will you Tik Tok clout because that account gives me pure serotonin. You’re the cutest upperclassmen ever and I will miss you very much silly moose. Thank you for being an amazing drill choreographer the past two years and I hope you keep dancing in college as well <3

To Li Padilla, I will you immense success in your future. I’m so glad we got to meet during SDAC in my sophomore year. I wish we got to know each other even more but I cherish all the random conversations we have every now and then. I wish you the best for the future!

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you a successful career. I’m really glad we got to meet so early on and got to know one another a little bit. Thank you for including me in Group Diwali this year. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed seeing one another in person as well. You’re such a talented, caring, and intelligent individual so I already know you’re gonna slay the next few years. Best of luck girl <3

To Saachi Kumar, I will you incredible success and a great kathak career. Even though we weren’t super close, I really enjoyed Diwali modern and group dance with you not to mention clash last year. You’re an incredible choreo and I’ll miss having you around. Best of luck in the future <33

To Shivani Venkatraman, I will you computer science classes that don’t keep the two of us up till unmentionable hours of the night. I’m glad we at least suffered together though and got to know each other a little more this year. Good luck in your future endeavors!

To Ellyn Hu, I will you the ability to continue spreading positivity and awesome Chinese traditional dance skills. I enjoyed my sophomore Lunar season so much thanks to you. I’m really grateful for getting to know you and I wish you all the best  in your future! I’ll miss you :))

To Krisha Patel, I will you a successful career and business. I wish we had gotten to know each other better but I know that you’re a very independent and talented woman, so I don’t even need to wish you good luck in the future. You got this in the bag. I can’t wait to see Fision grow and for you to be on a TED talk one day not just at IMSA. 

To Phyllis Shen, Megan Ptak, and Shrutika Gupta, I will you all sweet upperclassmen in college who will try their best to help you get transitioned to the new environment because that is exactly what you did for me. I’ll always remember your kindness during summer@imsa. Best of luck you guys :)) To Hannah Xu, even though you weren’t at the camp, thank you for also being a really helpful friend during my first few months as an IMSA student. You’re so sweet and I hope you get to continue working through your list of anime undisturbed once school is out. 

To Kailey Light, I will you an amazingly sweet upperclassman to befriend you in college like you did for me. You’re the sweetest soul and I am going to miss you dearly. So glad that we got to bond over that tik tok with Sorescu in math last year :)) I know you’re off to accomplish incredible things. 

Rohan Jain

To Peter Leahy, I will you the number 2 (two)(maybe not). Oh man, where do I start? As one of the first seniors I met in mid-July, you have definitely had a huge impact on me throughout this unprecedented year. And although we didn’t talk as much as we do now, you were always someone I could go to for help with whatever I needed. While we have only seen each other once in person, there are still many metrics we can use to mark our friendship (e.g. why is “Peter Leahy says hi” the only comment in my web tech quarter project). I will never forget our fun times playing(?) league, penis cheddar, and just the small things like watching you fail to eat an entire cookie tote from McDonald’s. You are genuinely one the most down2earth people I have met this year, and I thank you so much for being my friend this year. even though our time together was brief, I still know you will go on to do amazing things. continue to work hard, work consistently, and most importantly, focus on yourself. When you’re in college, I really hope you will be able to put yourself first and drop the need to help others. And “with all the love in my heart” I wish you the best in your future <3. 

To Hannah Xu, I will you a 3 year younger, tall, Asian male to carry you in physics when you are in college even if you may not take many physics courses as a chemistry major. Even though your first impression of me was really stupid, we’ve become very nice friends and I thank you for that. However, your temporary genshin addiction was the tiniest bit worrying but [redacted] so much Hannah xu [redacted]. Good luck at Northwestern!!

To Kodai Speich, I will you infinite “hi kodai”s, “hello kodai”s, “sup kodai”s, and other various greetings. Although we never really got to know each other, your presence is one that radiates amazingness and I wish I had talked to you more throughout the year. Thanks for the all mvc help though and good luck at Princeton!

To Jay Ganesan, I will you many monkeys! I remember the day I joined a voice channel with you and a few other people and this was probably one of the best things I did during first semester. You were always such a chill guy and I grieve the fact that I won’t be able to see you on campus :(.

Rohit Kartha

To Nathan Joseph, I will you those fancy Costco ramen packs that we went crazy over last year. 07C was fun and all those late night conversations in my room will stick with me forever. I wish you all the best at UIUC.

To Sreyansh Mamidi, I will you a fast-pass to the front of the vegetarian line at Diwali. Chess with you was insanely fun and I thank you for your help on my essays sophomore year. I hope you have a great time at UIUC.

To Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you the extensive knowledge of Magnus Carlsen. You were a great captain and it sucks we lost out on that State experience this year. You had taught me a lot sophomore year and I am sure you have a great future ahead of you.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you success in the future. I had a great time in AdPro with you and the random advice you gave me sophomore year has definitely had an impact on me. I hope you succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors and I hope to see you on the Forbes list one day. 

Rohit Katakam

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you someone who you can actually beat at krunker. I know it must have been depressing to lose so much and I am truly sorry for demolishing you all the time. Thank you for being an endless source of fun my dear. You’re the most spontaneous person I know, and you’re unique in every way. We’ve had some beautiful experiences together and I hope we make many more lovely memories in the future. 

To Mark Ying, I will you infinite transformers and a semi-decent sleep schedule. pls sleep more marky poo it would make me very happy. I wanna thank you for being such a supportive guy. Since soph year you’ve always looked out for us and I really do appreciate that so much. 

To Sai Voora, I will you the happiest four years of your life. I know you’ll have even more fun at nw than you had here at IMSA. You have a while before you become a doctor, so make sure to live for those fun times with the people you love. I just have one request: when you become a doctor and I have arthritis from playing brawl stars too much, you gotta fix me up so I can keep playing.

To Jay Ganesan, I would will you friends who you can monkey around with at nw but I really don’t need to. You’re naturally a lovable person and I hope that you stay that way forever. Never lose that spark that makes everyone around you lighthearted. I’ll miss you my man but I know you’ll have a blast in college.

To Brandon Smith,  I will you أنبوب وضرطة. Seriously, I will you friends who love you as much as everyone here does. You’re truly a spectacular person, and I know you’ll flourish wherever life takes you. There aren’t many people in my life that I look up to as role models, but I’m so glad to say that you’re one of them. Thank you so much for being an amazing friend and a wonderful leader.

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you a family at uiuc. You’ve been a brother to me, a complete package of advice, love, and abuse. I hope you get the chance to form that bond again in college. Please please don’t injure anyone tho.

To Archan Das, I will you safety from CMU Christians. I will pray for you every day. Thank you for making my experience being a facilitator so fun: it sucks that I won’t get to do it again next year, but I’m glad that I got to be your co for the time I had with a LEAD class.

Rujuta Durwas

To Mark Ying, I will you my “roadorstorm” playlist for every long drive you take, the list of “markisms” doc to add on to, and all of my support. I know how much you despise sappy things but too bad. I don’t even know where to start. You came into my life when I least expected it, but that was probably one of the best things that happened to me in the past year. No one asked you to listen to my endless stories and bull, but you have put up with it literally every day. Thank you for checking in on me while simultaneously making fun of me, getting me invested in your transformer hunt (please never lose that quirk of yours), driving to the Kumon parking lot, roasting me in GA’s and over snap, texting me the stupidest things during cww and spanish, and so much more. Yeah sure you have progressively gotten meaner as our friendship has progressed, but as you say, you are like this to “toughen me up” and as long as you always say to “hate me less” than you hate everyone else, I won’t care:) You always say everyone is replaceable and continue to say that you are replaceable, and I will disagree with that for as long as I can. Mark Ying you are irreplaceable, whether you like it or not. The one thing I hope you remember as you move away is to never forget how capable you are. You often dismiss your achievements and intellect (because you are also incredibly humble don’t deny this because I WILL fight you), but you SHOULDN’T. You are such a hard worker and I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed in anything you pursue in the future. And just know, even when you are 1,951.8 miles away from me, I will still be here. Thank you for being my best friend, go show Harvey Mudd what you’re about. And don’t worry, I’ll be counting days till winter break. Love you goon – Alexie:)

To Saicharan Voora, I will you a box of q-tips, enough pull game to last you through nu and further, and an insane amount of strawberry nesquick! I guess we have to thank Akul for our first interaction with the MLK assembly. But it’s funny to think texts about that event created the friendship that we have. I didn’t imagine we would get as close as we are now, but I am so grateful that we are. I will forever appreciate the intellectual conversations where sage wisdom was shared. I will forever appreciate the endless music recs and good morning texts. But ultimately, I will forever appreciate all of the advice you gave me and the care you showed and continue to show. I definitely wish that we had gotten to hang out while we were on campus, but by the beauty of driver’s licenses and Covid vaccines, I know I’ll see you within the next month and a half. As you enter the premed chapter of your life I hope you never forget how smart you are and that life is too short to miss out on trying things. Put yourself out there, try things you never thought you would, because yolo and I’m sure it will be worth it. Quit picking your earwax with pencils, learn to spell broccoli, and stop spending an unnecessary amount of money on clothes. And never forget that I’m a text away, and you will be in trouble if I don’t receive NU updates:) With that my dear h****, child genius, favorite narcissist, my orgo carry and breakout room #1 resident, kendall/grundy county spelling bee winner, taro boba enthusiast, youtube music user, and (most importantly) amazing friend, I send the biggest hug, all the luck in the world, and a see you later <3

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you a better fit sense, unlimited chicken wings, and a thesaurus. Now ever since the first time we interacted, that day in in2 that you needed my phone and then later delivered chicken nuggets to the Allies classroom because I was hungry (will forever be grateful for that), I learned two things. One being, you can’t dress yourself for anything. And two, you will go out of your way for the people you love. I have begun to realize that random situations or coincidences have caused some of the best friendships in my life. You joining that one zoom on your birthday brought us closer and I am so thankful for that. Thank you for calling me when driving to listen to Polo G, responding to each individual tiktok I send, and being my chess.com bestie. I know you are going to get so much from your college experience, just remember to not wear red on green unless you want to look like a living version of Christmas, meet new people and try new things (but don’t forget the old), and expand your vocabulary just a little (although i guess “nice dude” never goes out of style). I will miss you so much but till I see you again sharkboy, check your tiktok DMs and party it up at UIUC :)

To Akul Prakash, I will you better sleep and time to play League whenever you desire. My orgo carry of the first semester, I am so grateful that I got to become friends with you. Thank you for all of the virtual/gaming memories this year, and being SO incredibly patient when I was learning among us and minecraft (although that didn’t last very long). I still am in shock as to how you literally get the best grades with barely studying and league-ing (that’s a word now) basically daily, but it’s honestly so impressive. You are so intelligent and I have no doubt in my mind that you will carry that throughout your life. Keep dancing to Dynamite and being the boss human you are! Good luck at NYU and stay in touch uh-cool:) -wall magnet

To Abhi Thati, I will you a better sense of humor and for you to be “a man of science” no more (you know what i am referring to). You’re such an easy person to get along with and I am sure you will surround yourself with great people in the years to come, just remember I will still send you random instagram stickers and “HI ABBI”s here and there and I better get a response:) I know college can get hectic super quickly, but never let go of your passions. They will be there for you no matter how many years pass by. Dance and ball like no other Abbigail Thotiana, visit soon, and don’t forget how much a chimney costs!

To Chandra Gangavarapu, literally the most talented (and beautiful) human, I will you time to continue creating music of your own and finding your calm in whatever chaos you may face. First of all, your voice is absolutely angelic. I remember you telling me to sing a karaoke song with you during a SMAC coffeehouse (i cannot sing woman.) and I was like …. huh no way. Although a rusty memory, I love it so much because it was our first actual interaction. And now, over a year later, here we are snapping and sending reminder texts about reslife :”) I love talking to you and I hope we stay in touch as you go to Columbia! Which is SO well deserved and I am so incredibly proud of you. I hope you take time for yourself when college gets crazy and find comfort in your existing hobbies, or new ones you acquire along the way. Bottom line is I know you are going to do great things and I can’t wait to watch you accomplish them. You have all my love, good luck SHAWTY ;)

To Abigail Stevenson, I will you someone to take you on cottage core picnics with you (when I am not there hehe), and be your personal photographer. You are the literal definition of someone who is beautiful inside and out and being engaged to you is one of the greatest blessings I received this year. Thank you for being the sweetheart you are and I hope college treats you well <3

To Olivia Dambrauskas, I will you the cannibal tik tok dance and a constant flow of fire photoshoots of yourself. I remember having our first actual conversation in Makerspace that one day and you helped me print out these daisy stickers for my laptop. We talked about literally everything and we attempted on filming cannibal (and miserably failed). It was such a good time, and I have always held onto that memory. You are such a kind person, and, not to mention, absolutely stunning. Please start flexing your hotness, the world will be blessed. But thank you for everything love, stay in touch <3

To Maia Peregrino, I will you time to bust out the best choreo (like you always have) and many sources of income to assist in spending an uncountable amount of money on NCT merch (and other artists you like lol:). Getting to choreo alongside for the past two years for 03 clash has been insane and I am thankful to have gotten that experience with you both in person and virtually. I live for your life updates from your finsta, and I can’t wait to see everything you, the swaggiest woman, are going to do at Swag Lady University. Sending all the luck to you :)

To Rachel Tin, my dear silly goose, I will you an upperclassman who has a bubbly vibe, and you click with immediately. That’s who you were for me. Getting to choreograph 03 drill alongside you was such a fun experience and I am glad we became close because of it. To this day one of my favorite memories was during the time when we got new 03 RC’s, and all the wings got mixed, and no one knew who would be in our new wings. I was in the zoom, and you joined and both of our jaws dropped. That was the cutest thing and it made me so happy. You’re nothing short of supportive and wholesome, don’t ever lose that. I will always comment on your tiktoks, as I will always be your silly goose <3 

To Aidan Stueck and Isha Kadakia, I will you upperclassmen who will help you with a class or a subject that you are totally lost in, or at least someone who will cop you better than I ever could. Literally only passing cancer bio because of you two, and I’m forever grateful for that. Thank you for not being silent in our breakout rooms and trying to explain stuff because that class was confusing for no reason. Regardless, you guys are going to do so much in the future, I’m sure of it. So good luck for everything to come and, although virtual, thank you for the memories :)

To Isha Kadakia, I will you time to post more tiktoks (yours are very cute) and so much love. I had the biggest friend crush on you and when we started talking in October, I was so excited. You have been nothing short of kind and confrontational, which I appreciate so much. I loved talking to you and getting to know you a little in the past year, and I hope, eventually, I meet you in person:) But I hope college is everything you expect and more <3

To Peter Leahy, I will you a better sleep schedule and more people to flex your math brain on. As I’m writing this (it is 2:50 am lol) you just texted me to sleep, which also means that you are awake. So basically please get a better sleep schedule in college. Also BIG thank you for helping me with BC when I start freaking out over the material, it scares me and you are always down to help. But as you move into a new chapter of your life, don’t be afraid to try stuff out of your comfort zone. Go party Mr. Peter!

To Jay Ganesan, I will you many more bike rides along any trail you wish. I remember when you joined the mhi collab event while biking and you said you were on the Constitution Trail. I have no clue why that memory has stuck with me but I just hope you give yourself moments like those and take time for yourself even when life may feel chaotic. I’m confident  that you’re going to do great as you progress through college and life in general, just know you aren’t alone through whatever you may face. Good luck at Northwestern and keep body rolling jababy :p

To Sam Taylor, I will you the ability to always continue to use that powerful voice of yours. We didn’t really talk or get the chance to become close, however I have always greatly admired you from a distance. You have this incredible strength in both your words and your actions that is nothing short of admirable. I can’t wait to see everything that you will undoubtedly accomplish. Best wishes Sam :)

To Kailey Light, I will you to continue spreading your positive vibes everywhere you go, and for you to have someone who reciprocates that too:) Your energy and hugs were my absolute favorite, and I will miss you dearly.

Samuel Lee

To Brett Looby, I will you my rapping skills.

Shreeya Avadhanula

To Abhi Thati, I will you a super successful future so you can become rich and famous. You work so hard so you deserve everything you want in da world (#1supporter vibez). I just know you gonna do great things and get on the cover of a magazine/newspaper or something. Thank you so much for being a great upperclassman and just being there in general when I needed you man. I very much so appreciate you a lot more than you think and I can’t thank you enough bro. LOWKEY you a very very cool dude abhiram but only when you’re not yelling at me :) Also, manz is very smooth with the dance moves #inspiring #inspired. We never got to learn a coreo together that’s unfortunate BUT maybe one day.. I’m getting shreeya x abhi dance to kanye vibez ?? ANYWAYS have a fabulous college experience don’t mess it up please don’t be dumb #limitthefratparties yktvvvv ;)) 

Shreya Mahesh

To 06C Upquad (Megan Ptak, Francesca Dumitrescu, Phyllis Shen, and Paola Padilla), I will you giant inflatable dinosaurs, fire Bibbles, and endless laughter in college. I will never forget walking into the wing commons on a Wednesday afternoon seeing Phyllis and Megan chaotically chase each other with a giant inflatable dinosaur balloon, or almost running into Phyllis speedily zooming down the wing in her roll-y chair, or just vibing in the quad with y’all. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of juniors to hex with, ones that I would smile with after rough days and would laugh a little too loudly with after check. I’m still incredibly upset that we never got to go on that one walking trip after “spring break”, so you better visit next year so we can do that!! I know I always used to say that your graduation was so far away, and I covered my ears at the sound of those words, but now it’s here. So as you leave IMSA and venture out into the world that’s waiting for your kindness, chaos, and compassion, I will you a support system just as strong (and if at all possible, stronger) than what you created for me. Thank you for teaching me how to be an IMSA student, an upperclassmen, and a friend. And don’t worry; I’ll make sure Bibble hide and seek becomes a wing tradition.

To Phyllis Shen, I will you someone to say “Hyello” to every morning. Whether I be passing you in the main building or coming back to the wing after a tiring day, your greetings always brightened my day. I also will you a stairwell to play your violin in– but not just any stairwell. A stairwell with paper thin walls just so I can hear you all the way from the main building. I expect daily concerts, and nothing less, so keep practicing!

To Megan Ptak, I will you lost shoe trays and didgeridoos. I remember losing my shoe tray during move-in and you immediately hunting it down (I am forever in debt to you) and talking about how cool didgeridoos that same night. I will you someone to laugh until your sides hurt with and someone to go to Harry Styles concerts with. Thank you for being such a kind, generous, and trustworthy friend. I’ll miss you.

To Francesca Dumitrescu, I will you someone to do the chin in hand thing. I don’t know how to describe this, so I really hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Thank you for spending hours talking to me and always brightening my day. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met, and I will never stop being in awe of your compassion and dedication. 

To Paola Padilla, I will you someone to sit in the library with– even on the busiest days, it was so much fun talking to you in the IRC or during check. Thank you for giving amazing advice and just being the most helpful person ever. You are so intelligent and smart, and I have no doubt that you will accomplish absolutely amazing things.

To 06C Fake Upquad (and technically real downquad!!!), I will you people to film Spanish videos with. I remember Sri and I filming that one video for class in y’alls room where we had to refilm like 20 times because we kept laughing (shoutout to Manasvi and Elasia fixing our grammar mistakes!!). That was such an amazing memory I will never forget. I’m so sorry you never got to experience being a real quad on campus, but I know you are all going to do amazing things in this world. I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish :)).

To Shivani Venkatraman, I will you an amazing listener, just as you were to me. Thank you for being the sweetest person to talk to about literally anything. I remember I’d always come back after class and you’d be sitting in the wing commons ready to have any conversation. You are the most welcoming and kind person, and are the best at giving advice. Good luck in college!

To Kristina Williams, I will you a Chimon fan club. Watching Gifted was so much fun with you and Srav, and I hope you have a fantastic time in college! You are going to do such amazing things in this world :).

To Elasia Rodriguez, I will you so much love and quesadillas. I remember you walked into my room on move-in day, and you told me that if I ever needed ANYTHING, you would be there. You didn’t lie. From killing spiders in our room because Vivian and I were too scared to, to helping us hang up our room decor, to making me quesadillas, you were always there for me no matter what. Thank you for drinking liters of Ginger Ale for my SciOly rockets, for stressing over math with me, and for *always* believing in me. You have the biggest heart ever and I’m really going to miss you so so much. Please come visit!!!

To Manasvi Thumu, I will you someone to talk about how cool your research is with. Hearing you talk about all that you do made me realize you’re probably a literal superhero. You are so intelligent, hardworking, and kind, and I can’t wait to see what you do in this world. Good luck at college!!

To 06C wing seniors (Megan Ptak, Phyllis Shen, Francesca Dumitrescu, Paola Padilla, Shivani Venkatraman, Kristina Williams, Manasvi Thumu, and Elasia Rodriguez), I will you someone to leave you handwritten letters by your windowsill every now and then. I remember during our first week at IMSA, the sophs wrote y’all a letter about how much we loved you. With the year and a half that’s passed since then, our love for you has only grown– to the point where we can’t fit it into letters anymore. You were the ones who truly made IMSA a home. Your kindness, joy, heart, helpfulness (and Dolores!!) made C-wong the absolute best place on campus, and I will be eternally grateful to you for that. I’m certain that each one of you will find success wherever you go, and we already can’t wait for you to visit us!!

To Prarthana Prashanth, I will you my thankfulness. Thank you for being such a helpful Big Sib, amazing Med Society Pres, and wonderful advice-giver. You are the most hardworking, kind, and thoughtful person I know, and I have no doubt that you have the brightest future filled with endless opportunities in front of you. Good luck in college, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!!

To Monika Narain, I will you an endless supply of acid-base chemistry problems. Thank you so much for spending hours teaching Christin and I chemistry– you were a complete lifesaver! I cannot even express how annoyed I am at myself that I didn’t get to know you sooner. Regardless, just from the couple months I have gotten to know you, I can confidently say you are so incredibly intelligent, hardworking, humble, hilarious, and compassionate. You are so deserving, and I am certain you will make a difference in this world. When you’re done doing cool brain things and changing lives, I fully expect you to come back to IMSA and teach AdChem!

To Emily Shao, Ashley Koca, and Devraj Thakkar, I will you incredibly bright futures filled with opportunities. Science Olympiad was so much fun with y’all this year, even without the late bus rides and Italian meals after competitions. The team will miss you (and Emily and Ashley’s amazing Designer Genes skills)!

To Audrey Si, I will you a plant that will never wilt. Thanks for being an awesome Green Ambassadors Director! I had so much fun this year!

Sridevi Krothapalli

To Melena Braggs, I will you a bundle of happiness at your nest destination St. Louis, MO and gosh you are literally so amazing and awe-inspiring, i love you so much! I have no doubts that you are going to dominate WashU and thank you for being one of my closest senior friends and constantly checking up on me <3 you are also such a speech queen and you are one of the nicest people i know and have ever met. your presence is prominent, never forget that hehe

To Chandra Gangavarapu, OMG <33 words can’t describe how much of a goddess you are, you & your voice are so ANGELIC and you’re going to kill it in NY!! thanks for being the best upperclassmen ever for the past 2 years and I can’t imagine my sophomore year without you! Sending lots n lots of hugs :))

Thavaisya Ananth

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I will you all the love and happiness in the world because, my god, you deserve it. You deserve every good thing the entire universe has to offer and more, never forget that you are such a beautiful soul inside out. I truly hope the college experience is everything you want it to be and more. 

P.S I also will you my promises: I PROMISE you, if you release an album I will buy all the copies. I PROMISE I’ll come to your meet and greet, even if the tickets are insanely expensive. I promise !!!!

P.S.S I will you eternal coolness. Why are you so cool man? I mean, the fits, the heavenly singing, the big brain – just how is all of it compressed into one human. It is so insanely crazy(in the best way possibly). I am so glad that I overcame my irrational fear of you during sophomore year and talked to you – you are da best advice giver for one and I just don’t know what I would do without you. I love you mucho, and I hope you know that everything you have done for me means so much(even if you think its irrelevant). I know we most definitely are not related by blood, but you are the closest thing to an older sister I will ever have <33  Pls smuggle me on the plane to college !!!!!!!!!!!!! ily slimthic mwah

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a college experience that is everything you want it to be. I will you amazing relationships, I will you the happiness of newfound freedom, I will you love, someone who will look at you and see you for the overwhelmingly beautiful, funny person you are. I will you the ability to let go of stress and enjoy the present, because you most definitely deserve it. Thank you for the walks filled with the most stupid jokes, the long talks before extended and most of all, just thank you for being there for me. (I will you someone who is there for you like you were for me :) Have fun babe and don’t forget to reach out to me or I will find you and follow you around even if you’re halfway across the country. SO unless you want a Thavaisya-sized tag along with you in college, call and text and FaceTime – you know the drill :)))) I love you so so so so much smexy 

To Rachel Tin, I will you countless days of laughter and smiles(pls never stop smiling you are so cute, you smiling never fails to make me smile) I will look forward to your tiktoks(it’ll be a location change – exciting :0) I also will you all my money bc I’d honestly give it all if you asked me for it. By all I mean $50. Anyways…rae CHILLLL! I’m so glad I was able to see you every Saturday on the wonderful Zoom – without you I would have never had front row seats to live bang-cutting or various muted karaoke sessions – thank you for just being so wholesome and funny and I hope you have the time of your life in college !!!! <33

Valeria Castellanos

To Eva, I will you all the success that you seek. I hope you have a super awesome time in college! Thank you for being the best big sib everrrr <3 

Will McClain

To Peter Leahy, I will you 40 extra league alts, use them wisely.  But like actually bro you’re one of my best friends and I’m real sad I didn’t get to see you all of this year.  Keep on doing your thing, silly man.; Chas Schreiber, I will you 20 pounds of amogus weekly, no refunds.  No but like actually you’re a cool dude.; Ethan Haque, I will you all the diamonds in my chest outside of my house on the isma smp.  You’re pretty chill and you got cool hair.; Archan Das, I will you a chain letter email.  You’re a cool dude with a good head on his shoulders.; Philip Paulson, I will you Kirby, not a Kirby game, Kirby.  You’re fun to be around in titan crew with your rants and everything.; Eric Pan, I will you my mixtape.  Keep dancing bro.  You really pulled us through drill both years and it was my favorite part of clash.; Patrick Hultquist, I will you a thumbs up.  You were a really cool lead facilitator.; Celeste Izaguirre, I will you good vibes.  This is really niche but MI4 with you was like my first introduction to IMSA since it was my first class ever soph year.  It was a bit scary at first and you were really nice.

Yina Wang

To Eric Pan, I will you my favorite quote, one that reminded me of you when I stumbled upon it for the nth time– the last words of poet François Rabelais, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” And now you are heading off into your own Great Perhaps (to clarify, I mean college, not death). I hope that great things lay in this area of great maybes, and more importantly, I hope that you find them. Thank you for showing me what a powerful leader is, for incessantly believing in me, for helping me grow. Thank you for the late nights/early mornings, for the debates (on subjects both significant and not), for the music, for the jokes, for the stories. You deserve everything the Perhaps can offer (and more), and I truly hope that in the face of this inevitable uncertainty, you find the fulfillment you so often talk about. 

To Mariam Ahmed, I will you all the vitality and determination of Master Toad (that is to say, an abundance). Akka, even though I just recently met you, my gratitude for your presence has already surpassed my ability to express it in words. Your wisdom and support, as well as your seemingly endless number of stories, have been invaluable. I’ve heard that college is quite a funny place, and hopefully Master Toad can serve as a guiding figure. And of course, remember that your kiddo is always there– in that Pokeball or outside your window, tapping ominously, or inside your suitcase, or wherever/whenever you would like her presence (in a totally uncreepy way… okay, fine, it is kind of creepy). 祝你学习顺利!

To Peter Leahy, I will you the strength to confront those naggy useless questions– the theoretical ones that don’t impact your daily life but characterize what it means to be human. I’m not too familiar with how this whole will process works and whether or not I’m allowed to will things that I myself don’t yet possess, but nonetheless, I want you to know that in this past year, you’ve been so much of an inspiration and role model for me. Our highly theoretical and likely very useless conversations have fundamentally changed how I view the world. Nes and yo, yo and nes. Thank you for your unfailing support and your willingness to listen and your humor that I don’t quite understand, and as importantly, thank you for the Discord profile picture! I will forever cherish your artistic interpretation of the beautiful buff goose. Best of luck in college!

To Jay Ganesan, I will you a bountiful harvest from your hopefully untouched vegetable garden. Those rotten birds, am I right? Anyways, thank you for your companionship this past year, and for the future, I wish you the best of luck and spirits and everything in between.

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Elizabeth, or Liz, Alcala was the 2021-2022 Co-Editor-in-Chief. She lived in 06 all three years and 06B her last year. Liz was also involved with Exodus and Active Minds and is a proud guitar player and film buff. She plans to study Chemistry at Northwestern University onwards.

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