2021 Senior Edition

The Acronym is excited to present to you one of our most anticipated publications of the year: Senior Edition! Designed by our Graphics Designers, and edited by various members of The Acronym staff, the Senior Edition features personal essays by seniors, predictions for the coming years, biographies, and more. Enjoy the edition!

About the Author

Shivani Venkatraman
Shivani Venkatraman grew up in Aurora, Illinois, and at IMSA she lives in 1506 C-Wing. She loves all kinds of writing, from fantasy to scientific articles, and enjoys sharing her interests with the people around her. She's super excited to be a senior and her second year as a graphic designer for Acronym. Outside of writing and design, she likes drawing, reading, listening to music, and singing. She has an adorable little sister whom she will use any excuse to mention, and loves playing video games. She thinks Acronym is pretty cool and hopes people enjoy her work.

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