2020 Senior Edition

The Acronym is excited to present to you one of our most anticipated publications of the year – Senior Edition! Designed by our Graphics Designer, Vaish Tetali (’20), and edited by various members of The Acronym staff, the Senior Edition features personal essays by seniors, predictions for the coming years, biographies, and more. This year, we have also included a visual and mathematical analysis of seniors’ social networks, created by contributor Alec Chen (’20). Enjoy the edition and related content at the links below.

Senior Wills Part 1
Senior Wills Part 2
Senior Mixtape
Analysis of the Senior Social Network

Senior Speaks Articles

Aaron Calhoun – Reflections for Rural Students: Use Excuses as a Lifeline to Maximize Potential
Aaron Rodrigues – On Limits
Ajay Jayaraman – The Most Confusing Emotion
Alison Deng – Sitting Alone in Sodexo
Cait Castillo – How to Add Excitement to a Monotonous Schedule
Elizaveta Kuzmina – Slabs or Die
Grace Federici – How to Win Clash (It’s Easier Than You Think)
Maahum Hamayat – Alhumdullilah for Everything
Ryan Talusan – A Message to All Future Dancers: How to Survive IMSA Dance Culture
Sabrina Meng – Getting Back Up
Samira Cheruku – The Future
Savanah Pagan – Looking Back on Senior Year and COVID-19
Shruti Shakthivel – A How To: Documenting Time Well Spent
Sophie Pribus – Six Clichés Later
Vidhi Singh – Age Is Just A Number

About the Author

Jodie Meng
Jodie was a three-year resident in 1506B who served as the Co-Editor-In-Chief along with Eva Tuecke for the 2019-2020 school year! Outside of The Acronym, she was active in LEAD, SIR, and other extracurriculars. She will be attending Stanford University for her undergraduate education.

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