Class of 2021 Senior Wills

Welcome to the 2021 Senior Wills! The Acronym’s special tradition provides our most experienced students with the opportunity to reflect upon their IMSA careers and pass down wisdom to their underclassmen. 

Abhiram Thati
Abhi Vinnakota
Aidan Stueck
Akul Prakash
Alana Rock
Alejandro Carrillo
Alex White
Aryan Gandhi
Ashley Koca
Brandon Park
Cassidy Krupske
Chandra Gangavarapu
Ella Foes
Emma Dawn Darbro
Eric Pan
Ella Foes
Eugene Lim
Evie Lee
Eva Tuecke
Francesca Dumitrescu
Grace Smith
Jaelynn-Darshawn Abdullah
Jay Ganesan
Jonathan Gao
Kayla Quigley
Kodai Speich
Krisha Patel
Mark Ying
Megan Ptak
Melena Braggs
Mirella Eldridge
Olivia Dambrauskas
Peter Leahy
Prarthana Prashanth
Rachel Tin
Rachna Gupta
Rowan Eggert
Sai Voora
Samantha Taylor
Sebastian Ramos
Shivani Venkatraman
Sreyansh Mamidi
Sri Lalana Appasani
Teodor Tchalakov

Abhiram Thati

To Sai Rishitha Boddu, what’s up!! I will you an underclassman who is simply just a phenomenal person. I hope you can find someone as talented as you are in the Student Union and in class. When I first met you, I didn’t know anything other than the fact that you were trying out for Casa Modern. Fast forward a few months later, and we end up in the same patho class. Need I say more? Yes. I honestly don’t remember how we even first started talking, however, I’m glad that (somehow) we do talk now. Whether it be missing class on the same day, checking up on each other’s dances, and the usual verbal knick-knacks we throw back and forth, you always brighten my day. You’re a great kid Rishi; stay in touch and never ever let yourself down in the moments that matter the most. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, but I better be seeing you soon for our next dance in the union.

To Siddarth Tiwari, I will you the confidence to make the most of your senior year. Other than your dazzling brilliance with Org Chem and CS, I know that you have the skillset to have fun next year. I swear you better not quit basketball or cultural shows. College will work its way to you during the first semester, but it’s definitely not something you have to constantly worry about. After a point, things are out of your control and you have to enjoy the moments that you have on campus. It’s something that I took for granted and pondered over at the beginning of quarantine, and now, you have the chance to have the perfect senior year. Do it Sid, I believe in you.

To Pranav Patel, what up dawg. I will you nothing. You don’t need anything from me. For some part of my time at IMSA, I always believed that there would be no one as vocal, outgoing, confident, and energetic as me. Alas, I was wrong. From the very beginning, I knew that we were decently similar people. I was happy that you were on board, and I was overjoyed at the fact that you made a great life for yourself on and off campus, especially when we got moved to the virtual setting. I’ve made some mistakes, and I don’t think you’ve made those at all. Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen with ISA Board decisions, but keep this in mind – be patient. Let others talk, communicate with them, and don’t take it upon yourself to finish something. It’s all about the team, and I trust that you and the other two will be able to host a phenomenal year for ISA.

To Sri Voora, the quiet killer. I will you a first semester in which you are able to run. Run with your ideas. Don’t stay quiet. I’m literally shocked at the complexity and ways you think about issues that we faced as a board. Hopefully, you’ll figure a balance between all the chaos that is senior year, and maybe even find your peace before you leave this institution. Thank you for always laughing at my bad jokes, and please please please stay in touch. You know that I don’t really care if I’ve never talked to a person, I’ll be myself regardless. I hope you will too.

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you my black belt. Yes, I have a black belt. Did I get it from an established martial arts institution? No. I got it from Macy’s. comeonson. What a great person. I still can’t get over the fact that you, out of all people, are going to be a senior soon. You were so shy during your first ISA interview. I can never forget how I was after that interview ended. I was like, “This is the girl that did a lot for Diwali??” You are literally full of surprises, and I know that next year you will blossom into the complete leader that you are. I can’t speak much in regards to the academic or social parts of your life, but I have trust. Niyati, the master of bharatnatyam and taekwondo (?) is bound to break barriers next year. She just needs to believe in herself a little bit more.

To Cayleigh O’Hare, hello. I will you the power to romanticize your life, not your expectations for it. Coming into junior year, we just helped each other out with biochem. Nice class, and we did well. Actually, I did – I don’t know about you. We’ve gotten closer through random conversation, and I am forever grateful for that. However, I want you to keep in mind something very important for next year. You, like every self-righteous person, have fairly high expectations for yourself. I love how ambitious you are, never lose that, but learn to balance that with your life overall. There’ll be people and other unfortunate things that may make you disconnected from your own life, but I want you to rediscover the fun in the process. Ya feeeeel? Don’t get too wild caybae, and definitely don’t get too wrapped up in the stresses of senior year. You are one of the most eager people I’ve ever met, and yes, I know that sounds weird, but if you don’t understand, feel free to talk to me later. Bye for now, young one.

To Shreeya Avandhula, I will you a full year at IMSA. You haven’t even stepped foot onto campus as a student, and unfortunately, a full year has gone by without you being able to do that. That is why I know, regardless of who may stand in your way, you will have a great year as a junior. It is unfortunate that we never got to go the same school together, but you know how that family-friend connection is. Stay strong, stay stable, and most of all, don’t let anything limit you. Do whatever it takes to make you feel happy.

To Shikhar Gupta, my 05 boy. I will you one of the choreo spots for drill. I don’t know if I can do this, and frankly, I don’t care. You have my backing to take one of the most stressful and important jobs that a student can have. 1505 has had a pretty good run so far, and I trust your experience, decision-making, and thoroughness to make sure that stays. Be confident, because being a choreographer isn’t about if you can dance or not, it’s about being there for your hallmates whether they can dance or not. Good luck in your endeavors, and please text me if you need anything.

To Mason Rinkel, my troublemaker. I will you the opportunity to be a troublemaker. Seriously though, take care of 1505 son, and 1505 will take care of you.

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you an awkward yet cutesy type of conversation with an underclassman. It truly will change your perspective and open your eyes to the jitters that sophomores can have. Make sure it’s outside and that it isn’t too cold, and more importantly, let the other person know that they have your full support if they are in need of it.

To Belly Kubwimana, I will you the opportunity to ball up. I, regretfully, never had a chance to play basketball with a distinguished player such as yourself. This year was supposed to be the year, but alas, here we are counting down the days till the school year is over. You are ultra-talented on and off the court, and ultra-loveable for obvious reasons. Take care Belly, and don’t let IMSA pull you away from the people or the things that you love.

To Jack Pinto, I will you the ability to bear the struggles of being a basketball player at IMSA. Coach can definitely get to you, but I swear that regional game makes it all worth it. Do your thing, work off the pain, and stick with the ones you care about the most. I promise that all of this will pay off in the near future.

To Peter Capriotti, I will you and your sly, rambunctious face a wholeheartedly fun year in B-wing. Make up for what my quad wasn’t able to do.

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you an underclassman who is simply too nice. How dude. How are you so nice and positive. I seriously admire that but I also know that you’ve been through some tough times. Trust me, there will be more but as they say, good things happen to good ones that wait. Wait, work, and be willing to grow next year. You got this!


Abhi Vinnakota

To all Underclassmen, I will you the best memories at IMSA. Memories that shine bright past the dark and tough moments that many will face. It is these memories that you should live for and cherish. Finding myself about to graduate now, one of my biggest regrets was not living every moment to the fullest. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t take these three years for granted. IMSA isn’t perfect, and your IMSA experience won’t be either, but it is only when you live for these precious moments that you will truly be happy. Best wishes!


Aidan Stueck

To my little CABabies… Liam, Cor, Sarah, and Gerry: I will you the greatest thing that IMSA ever gave me, in which being the unparalleled emotion of family and belonging. Working alongside each and every one of you and watching you grow was an honor that you will never truly be able to know, and it breaks my heart that our time and experiences with each other was limited. You all have incredible influence and responsibility in bringing enjoyment to the IMSA campus and shaping the environment that we all know and love, but there is no other group of people that I would place the trust to do that in than you four. Make our returning, in-person CotH something that everyone will never forget.

To Liam McCarthy: I will you exactly one (1) Turkey Hat straight from Mr. Bezos, with the corresponding images messaged to you (just for reference). In an environment often associated with struggle and grit like IMSA, you somehow see the joy, happiness and potential in every situation that you find yourself in, something admirable that I appreciate you for and something that is essential to making the most of your time here. Stay golden, brother, and please tell me all about the antics that you get into during your senior year.

To Cor Sirais: Sadly, I will you absolutely nothing. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need anything from me when you already have yourself: THE Cor. You are one of the most self-sufficient people that I have ever met, which is something that I encourage you to take great pride in. I’m amazed at what I’ve seen you do with your control, and I’m excited to see what you can do not only with your brilliant self, but my great, humongous heap of nothing. :)

To Sarah Oquendo: I will you the essence of Guess that Song. Not only in this amazing minigame but also during and beyond high school, assurance in yourself is something vital when you possess amazing ability. Your creative ambition and initiative not only as a CAB member, but also as a human can never be taken away from you, and I wish everyone had the chance to know that. I’ve never meant this more when I say that you are destined for wonderful things, Sarah, and I’m excited to witness what you accomplish with your unique intangibles.

To Gerry Paramo: I will you one self-made Badland Chugs video with the liquid of your choice. You are courageous and fearless my friend, willing to tackle any challenge thrown your way unlike any person I’ve seen. There’s been a lot of fun that I’ve had with you, Gerry, but believe it or not, I’ve also learned a lot from you, too. There’s a great charisma and leadership that only you have, and I know there are only going to be good things ahead for you as a result of that.

To Edwin, Adam, Logan, Mason, Zach, Quinn, Shehzad, Gabe, Christo, Nate, Jesus, Akwasi, Sid and the joining lads: I will you the future and prosperity of IMSA Soccer. Throughout my time here and the many before us, we’ve created a formidable era of IMSA Soccer that this school has never seen before. Soccer was an integral part of my identity and, frankly, my well-being at this school, and although we could not finish what we started together, I have full confidence in each and every one of you to carry the torch and continue one of my experiences I will never forget here.

To the future 1505B Down Quad: I will you the greatest pleasure that I never actually knew. My three closest friends in my quad during my junior/senior year is what shaped my experience at IMSA, through the good times and even all of the bad times. The quad is simply not just a living arrangement, but it’s a family that you will never manage to let go. I encourage you to find this too and to make the most out of every single second you have with each other: not only to make up for the time that Patrick, Madhav, Abhi and I lost in it, but to make connections and memories that you will carry for the rest of your life.

To Mason Rinkel: I will you Swagger. You are Swagger. You will forever be the Troublemaker leader, and as long as you keep that confidence and Swagger dear to yourself, you can literally do anything, buddy.

To Peter Capriotti: I will you a beautifully-crafted poem to be issued at a later date. I have so much appreciation for the fun that you had with all of us, and I can only hope you are able to have this same sort of fun with others, too.

To Logan Schultz: I will you a rematch in B Wing Ping-Pong. You were the gentle, breezy giant in B Wing that was always ready for a contested ping-pong game, and we needed more of those moments together. Stay wonderful.

To Robert Szocinski: I will you the song Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. I have no words for the grace that you provide our community with, Robbie Boy. You are the aloofness that is embodied within so many of us. Never change that or the precious, flowing lions mane of yours. Stay groovy.

To Sam Gong: I will you the ability to breathe. Not that you can’t already breathe, but I want you to know that it is completely fine to take time for yourself. It is something that I had to take a long time to come to terms with, but the fact is that the struggle here at school is all part of the process and ultimately molds us into the character that we become. There are going to be difficult moments for you, especially around the core of senior year, but know that you have the willpower and resilience to make it out better than you were before.

To Ariela Asllani: I will you the ability of progression. I surely am not the first, nor the last, person to tell you that IMSA often has the potential to bring out the worst within us. If there is anything that I’ve taken away from my time here, it’s that, metaphorically, jogging, walking or even crawling is better than staying put and stagnant. You have incredible devotion and candor, coupled with a charm unique only to yourself, but these are all difficult to put into context during periods that are difficult. Never lose the confidence in your wonderful abilities, because you are headed for beautiful destinations.

To Adam Daki: I will you a story about a dude. A story about how I, Aidan Stueck, met a dude who reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld for all of the right (maybe some misconstrued) reasons. A dude who, no matter the circumstances, treated everyone with the utmost honesty and respect of no other. A dude who would watch Eric Andre with Brandon, Eric and I after some of the worst nights I’ve ever had. A dude who could open up to me, in addition reciprocated, about topics and subjects that were nostalgic and very dear to the compositions of ourselves. A dude who, despite grueling practices and moments on the pitch, always gave me the comic relief that I was searching for. A dude who supported me and everyone else through everything, even showing up to certain Zooms even when nobody else came. This story being about a very specific Adam Daki, one of the most Jerry Seinfeld-esc, genuine and caring humans that I have ever had the pleasure of being in proximity to. Genuinely thank you for the great memories, Jerry. *laugh track*

To Michael Hunding: I will you the essence of the Wacky Misadventure. I wish badly for a redo and a visit back to our various escapades, including the D Wing study room, wondrous moments in Brandon’s room, and most importantly the water torment in our quad. You were the unexpected, erratic relief that I needed at important times for me, believe it or not, and I only hope you can pass on the essence of the Wacky Misadventure to those after you.

To Dheeran Wiggins: I will you the most fantastic junior year ever. Perhaps you’ve been informed or perhaps you haven’t, but junior year is a test for every single student at IMSA. Even though I wasn’t able to ever actually meet you, I have terrific hopes for you, Dheeran, and I know you have the capability to make the best out of the rough moments that are bound to come across your path.

To Edgar Carlos: I will you one luscious McDonald’s order. You are such a creative, genuine, hard-working soul, and the least I can do in return is to provide you with fattening, yet beautiful sustenance.

Akul Prakash

To 04a, I will you guys the best wing on campus. Our time may have been cut short, but that wing is the source of some of my favorite memories. Make sure to welcome the new sophs, and get a 3peat for clash. Try not to annoy John too much, but another 2am check might be in order.

To Niyati, Pranav, and Sri, I will you ISA board. Your first year has been pretty jank, and I’ll even say pretty boring, but I guarantee that’ll change next year. It’s a fresh start, so whatever visions you have for the club, that’s the time to do it. And when you’re busy running around during tech week, because the decorations you ordered aren’t there yet and you need chaperones for tomorrow’s practice and the show is currently over the time limit, enjoy it.

To Rujuta, I will you the “A Brief History of IMSA Clash of the Halls”. Make sure to remind me about it later, cuz I’ll most definitely forget. I better see you winning the among us event next year.

Alana Rock

To Titan Robotics Members, I will you the worlds competition that we weren’t able to go to last season due to the pandemic. I also will you an easy transition to in-person efforts. I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish virtually, and thank you to those that still put effort into the team regardless.

To Julie Lima, I will you mechanical’s traditional allen key, which Jojo gave me last year to pass on. I know it will be in good hands.

To Cor Sirais, I will you a good peanut butter sandwich. I think you would enjoy a peanut butter sandwich. Maybe something also to do with Deadpool idk. A Deadpool themed peanut butter sandwich.

To Mahi Sutaria and Shawn Coutinho, I will you dedicated team members. Being captain is surely no easy feat, and next year will be one of our hardest, but I believe that you will be able to get it done. I can’t wait to see what the team accomplishes next year. 

To the future of Hatikvah, I will some Jewish sophomores. I missed doing our in person Hanukkah event this year, along with Passover and Sukkot. The need for education on Jewish culture at IMSA is evident.

To Heliotrope Board, I will some passionate artists, wonderful pieces, and maybe some new inks. I can’t wait to see the magazine pick up in the coming years, along with the revival of high-attendance-style events.

To everyone I forgot to mention, I will you a smooth transition into in-person learning. This year was rough for the most of us, but we will come out on top. Appreciate those who care about you. Take time for yourself. 


Alejandro Carrillo

To my 04D wing Children, I will you a very clean and memorable D wing. Even though some of you have parted ways from D wing, you are still my children. I still remember the first time we ever met during move-in, I walked in to every single room and introduced myself to you and your parents. Later that day we went to play ultimate Frisbee with 05D and the rest is history. It has truly been a blessing to see all of you grow into the people you are today. I know I didn’t specifically mention all of you here, but I don’t have unlimited space, just know that I love all of you the same and I hope the best for all of you.

To future 04D Downquad, I will you Tim, a recent addition to the traditions of 04D, I hope he will always remind you of all the great times you had with us upperclassmen. I also will you a perfectly clean downquad, it is a place that has held many memories and even though we were not able to live in it I hope that you all will continue to add to the legacy of that quad. P.S make sure to get your service hours to keep that door open.

To Gerardo Paramo, I will you a great senior year, the amount of stuff we have gone through in the short year we lived together is insane, and I wish you nothing but the best going forward into your senior year and further. I also will you another great year as an RSL, my time has come to pass down the torch of being an RSL and I couldn’t be happier. The amount of things you have done make me so proud, and I can guarantee you will not fail to surprise me in the future. I also will you those homemade socks I have of yours, I promise they still in great condition. You know I am always here to help you in any way, shape or form.

To Quinn Verdeyen, I will you a successful residential leader experience, no matter what keep up the great efforts you put into the RSL program. I am passing the torch to a very qualified and highly respectable group of people and wish you the best with that program. I also want to acknowledge the amount of effort you put into school because it will get you to great places.

To Advait Patel, I will you a wonderful future with the RSL program. Whether or not you get HCC or HDC,  just know you will be able to get to great places in the future. You have done wonders in your time at IMSA and that is just the beginning of what you will accomplish.

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you a sophomore that will listen to your life advice. All the knowledge I have passed down to you just in those Tuesday nights is immaculate, and I am glad you listened to it because you are turning into an amazing human being. I truly am excited to see what the future holds for you.

To Gabriel Delgado, I will you an organized senior year. You are one of the most organized people I have seen, and I hope that nothing has changed. Even though you moved to B wing you will always be remembered as my D wing child, it has been great seeing you grow right in front of my eyes.

To Edward Zhang and Christo, I will you the ability to make reasonable decisions. If you guys do go back, please please please make good choices to make me (and John) proud. We were never able to say our farewells, but I hope that motivates you to enjoy the time you have with others more.

To Edwin Alcantara, I will you an RLCS championship. Mr. Rocket League pro you are legit one of the most enjoyable people I have met in my IMSA experience. I hope you are able to grind rocket league a little less, so I can get on your level, but I also hope that you have a great college application process and if you need any help at all you know I’m right here.

To Adam Daki, Pranav Patel and Rohit Katakam, I will you another fun year in 04, whether or not you guys go back I know you will have a ton of fun and make the most out of it. You are truly some of the coolest guys I have ever met, and you make me laugh anytime we are within 20 feet of each other. Keep up the great vibes boys.

To Mason Rinkel and Logan Schultz, I will you a memorable senior year. We have shared a lot of memories together, and I hope that you will continue to make memories with new people, while keeping me and my quad in mind. After all we did raise you.

To Siddharth Tiwari, I will you a better barber. I really thought that I looked like an egg until I saw your haircut. I’m just playing, but in all honesty I hope you have a successful career in 04 or wherever you end up. I hope you enjoyed all the times we have had together and will continue to make others smile.

To Jasmine Liu and Cayleigh O’Hare, I will you a senior year full of giggles. You are some of the most energetic people I have ever met, and I hope that you really really enjoy your senior year because you will only get to experience it once. Also, Jasmine please get better at Brawl Stars.

To future Alma Latina board, I will you a great team next year. Even with the great amount of bumps we have had along the way this year we were able to power through and create a wonderful experience for all of board. Keep up the good work and keep arguing about the best cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats.

Alex White

To Natalie Hulseberg and Naveena Mutharasan, I will you a long-lasting friendship. I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with the both of you and hope that we can have a strong relationship beyond IMSA and as adults.

To Natalie Hulseberg, I will great joy and happiness. You are honestly one of the sophomores that I consider a close friend. I hope laughing as Kat and I watch POSE in D wing was amusing to you. Because I am truly glad you were there. I am and always will be so proud of you and who you will become.

To Echo Mundo, I will you happiness and close friendships. I wish I could have met you in person, but I’m glad we could meet either way. Don’t let others burn out your candle. You shine. Thank you for teaching me to be a better person and talking to me about Unus Annus.

Aryan Gandhi

To Saanvi, I will you a splendid LEAD class. While we were virtual for LEAD this year, it was quite the grand time, so please carry on our traditions next year. But I also will you a fixed sleep schedule, physical exercise time and healthy eating. And most importantly, acceptance to whatever college you want to go to. Good luck, and enjoy your time at IMSA.

To Rishik, I will you the best animes in the world to fill up your time. But I also will you the ability to follow your dreams, you are one of the best artists I know and one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. You’re going to succeed, have no doubts.

To Gloria, I will you a LEAD co that makes the first semester curriculum bearable, and someone as prepared as you were every class. I have total faith that you are going to do amazing things in the future.

To Avdhan, I will you some blockbuster video edit films, and more family parties to play JackBox. I’ve known you forever, and I can see how creative you are in everything you do. I can’t wait to see where you are in a few years.

To Advait, Gerry and Quinn, I will you the ability to continue as you are in supporting your hall. You three did amazing this year virtually, and I’m so glad I got to know you three more. I can’t wait to see where the hall goes with you three leading.

To Rujuta, I will all the Ramen that you could want, whenever you want. You’re quite the energetic and kind person, don’t ever stop.

To Annabelle, I will you an underclassmen that can carry you through chemistry, and success in chasing your dreams. And, someone with an older sibling as cool as yours…

To Balaji and Nadia, I will some bussin talent events. Go hard or go home, and don’t forget to send us invites, y’all did great this year, and I’m really excited to see what you both have planned.

To Nachi, I will you some nice walks throughout nature, a focused grind at IMSA, and many visits to see your dog.

To Christo, Eddie and Phillip, I will you the ability to be as great upperclassmen as Mark, Akul and Sai were to you.

To Jasmine, Rohit, Disha and Pranav, I will <3.

To Liz and Cayleigh, I will you both unlimited trips to Dunlap.

To Makayla, I will you some nice bubble tea.

To Thavaisya, I will you a parrot.

To Edwin, I will you unlimited Clash of Clans dubs

To Alvaro and Eunice, I will you an underclassmen that annoys you during every Spanish class, especially in person.

To the 04 HCC next year, I will the ability to make everyone feel at home.

To the 04 next year, I will the dedication and passion to FINISH OUR 3-PEAT IN CLASH

Ashley Koca

To Ariela Asllani, I will you a successful SIR that you can be proud of and a mentor who will be there for you. I know it’s been a struggle, but you are one of the hardest working individuals I’ve seen and you deserve to finally see the fruits of all your labor. Keep pushing and you will receive an SSS well earned. 

To Eunice Kim, I will you Hadron and a team behind you that will help you to achieve any of your great ideas for the future of the journal. Online has been a struggle and super demotivating, but I could not have done it without you! Create the Hadron I never got to fully realize, I look forward to reading in the future. 

To Shreya Mahesh, I will you the best SciOly season ever and plenty of medals to show for it. I can’t say that the senior captains could have done it without you, I know you’ll be just as hardworking next year. Enjoy your senior season, it doesn’t last long, and reflect on just how far you have come. 

To Sam Gong and Joanna Menendie, I will you underclassmen who will be to you what you were to me so long ago on campus. I’m sorry we fell off during quarantine, but hanging out with you two really made my junior year (first sem) so memorable. Invite them to your room and have fun, you’ll never regret making new connections. 

Brandon Park

To the IMSA Varsity Soccer Team (Mason Rinkel, Quinn Verdeyen, Edwin Alcantara, and anyone else I missed), I will you an amazing center back and lots of fun and successful seasons. Although seniors did not get to play their last year, I hope you guys do well and kick some butt.

To the IMSA Varsity Volleyball Team (Tyler Smith and anyone else I missed), I will you a middle blocker and hopefully a winning season. Even though our season was cut short, I know you guys will have a lot of fun with Coach Smothers.

To the potential Ping Pong Club (Sameer Komoravolu, Christo Ekimov, Edward Zhang), and anyone else I missed), I will you an infinite amount of ping pong games and hopefully become a chartered club. It has been fun playing with you guys whenever I was free, and you guys definitely helped me find the enjoyment in ping pong.

To the Wind Ensemble Clarinet Section (Eunice Kim, Nathan Brodsky, and Ela Gadi), I will you a fun band experience with Ms. McCarthy. Hopefully you guys can continue the tradition of playing “Happy Birthday” for future years.

To Vivian Cho and Andy Tang, I will you the opportunity to have success with IMSAlympians. Jaden and I really appreciate you guys for all of your hard work, and we hope that you guys keep IMSAlympians going for future years.

To Philip Yi, I will you another tall Asian boy who will look just like Matthew Lee, you, and me.

To Peter Capriotti, I will you a potential little sibling who you can help out through IMSA. I know I did not get to talk with you that much, but I wish you the best of luck with the rest of IMSA.

To Esther Im, I will you another dinner date who will know your Korean name. Don’t forget to reach for the single star up in the sky.

To Jesus Mascote, I will you another amazing soccer goal that you will witness.

To Conor Craddock, I will you a fun experience at IMSA. I know you have not lived on campus yet, but I know you will enjoy it. Hopefully you could get me some free pancakes at IHOP.

To Alice and Joyce Li, I will you Jason Li and hopefully an exciting season of volleyball. You guys were very fun to watch, and I hope you guys take care of Jason lol.

To the future 1505 RSLs, I will you the courage and ability to take care of 1505. You guys will be great leaders of the hall, and I know you guys will make sure to have fun and keep everyone safe.

To all of 1505, I will you another great Clash and an amazing year. Every one of you showed so much heart and passion for the hall, and I will never forget that. 05 has given me the best memories for all 3 of my years at IMSA. I hope you guys carry the legacy of 05 for future years, and I know you will make 05 alumni proud.

Cassidy Krupske

To Gabi, I will you a million good books and an underclassman/partner in crime as awesome as you are! I’m so thankful that I got to work alongside and become friends with someone as compassionate, reliable, and fun as you this past year. Thank you for never being mad at me for when I’m late with stuff or miss a meeting. I hope that your senior year is absolutely amazing and that you’re able to treasure every moment – you deserve it. I’m going to miss you so much in college, so please text me whenever you want :))

To Dhruv, I will you another upperclassmen that is equally unintelligent about math as I am, I know that you will miss my confusion very much. I hope that you never have to cram for a final ever again and that you have the most fun during the rest of high school. 

To Manaal and Laila, I will you a sophomore roommate pair that bullies you as much as you bullied me… it builds character. I miss you two so much, especially those study hours when I tried to help you with math and chemistry, sorry about that by the way. If you need help with college essays, I can actually help with those… I know you both are going to continue to accomplish amazing things and I hope you have a fantastic senior year! 

Chandra Gangavarapu

To Disha Dureja and Caroline Hall, I will you senior years filled with groovy music and creativity. I was so happy to see underclassmen so invested in music and so ready to bring change. I will always cherish our Wednesday rants about life, guess I’ll have to thank music for bringing us together. Thank you both so much for all your hard work and dedication over the year. I trust that you both will continue touching other people’s hearts through music just as you have done mine. Disha, I wish we could have sung together for a coffeehouse one more time. H.E.R really hit different. Caroline, I wish I could hear you play in person. You guys have to give me song recommendations over the years, I will miss both of you so, so, so much.

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you the senior Group choreo position next year. I was nervous about how Group dance would go this year and disappointed that it wouldn’t be what I had expected, but you single-handedly made the experience so incredible. I will always remember all our awkward choreo moments, especially the first time we Zoomed to choreo and sat in our chairs for 15 minutes because we were too embarrassed to get up and actually dance. Thank you for your patience, for your creative ideas, and for your dedication. Because of you, putting together a two-minute dance became one of my favorite experiences of my senior year. I never choreographed dances before Group, but I quickly learned how special it is to sustain our classical backgrounds and take it on stage with your friends. I am also so grateful to have gotten to know you beyond your dance skills. Your personality is so welcoming, and I always found myself at ease when talking to you. Group is special, and I am so thankful I asked you to be the junior choreographer. I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to be an amazing group choreo next year. Do something insane on stage, make it memorable. I’ll always keep in touch with you. Good luck on your Arangetram this summer, I’ll see you there!

To Rujuta Durwas, Rishitha Boddu, and Niyati Kapadia, I will you an incredible Group experience next year. I am sorry we could never practice in Student Union together, blast the mix during every practice, or do the traditions in person, but your kindness and patience have made this year so special for me. Thank you for agreeing to Zoom practices when we were just supposed to post videos in the drive, for reading my insanely long messages in the chat, for bearing the cold in December to record videos just so I could be at peace, and for dealing with my violin teacher interrupting practice. I am so, so, so happy you guys were the juniors this year, and I have so much faith that you will be incredible senior members for Group next year. I trust that you guys will carry your same infectious energy to your new juniors and inspire them as well. You are each such talented dancers, and I am so happy to see the Indian classical spirit in you guys. I love you guys so much, and I hope that next year you will be able to experience Group for what it truly is. Keep in touch with me, I’ll miss you <33

To Julie Lima, Annabelle Lu, Becca Pae, and Kennedy Bray, I will you a rewarding Relay for Life experience next year. I know this year wasn’t what you thought it would be, and I know Zoom meetings are tough and a little awkward, but thank you for sticking with me and getting through this year. I have full faith that you will do amazing work next year. Relay for Life is such a special club–it brings together all of IMSA in so many ways, and it’s all for such an important cause. Julie and Annabelle, remember the energy Relay had your sophomore year and be really creative with your ideas for next year! This is your chance to truly revamp Relay. Becca and Kennedy, I hope that life at IMSA becomes normal and that you can truly experience IMSA and Relay for their true potential. You guys can always text me, and I’m so excited to see what you guys will do next year!!

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you even more genuine friendships. I am so very thankful that we were in the same Planetary class so I could get to know you more. Despite talking purely over Facebook, we still managed to get really close, and I trust you like crazy. Shreya, you are genuinely so kind, so funny, and so charismatic. You have inspired me to be kinder and more welcoming. Thank you for reaching out in December, you sent your first text to me during a time when I found it hard to love myself. Who knew a simple conversation with you could lift up my spirits so much. I have loved every single one of our conversations, and I hope we’ll have many more in the future. You deserve so much genuine friendship in your life. I have full faith that you are going to do great things at IMSA. There is so much potential in you it’s insane; don’t ever doubt yourself. I will always be right here for you, text whenever you want. You have to keep me updated on everything that happens, I really won’t care if the lighting is bad in your room. We have to hang in person at some point! I love you so much <33

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a baby soph just as kind as you. You have been one of the most uplifting people I have ever met so far. You have been so encouraging to me, and all of your texts make me smile. Your words have truly impacted me and help me to believe in myself, and you deserve an underclassman with a soul as beautiful as yours. Thank you for reaching out to me a couple of years ago, your kind personality hasn’t changed since then. I wish we had the chance to talk in person. Maybe someday! Don’t worry, you are going to do amazing things at IMSA and beyond. Life always has a funky way of working out bro. I hope your junior and senior years are filled with great friendships, support systems, growth, and success. Believe in yourself!! If you ever want someone to talk to, remember me! I will always be there for you <33.

To Sam Gong and Joanna Menende, I will you endless laughter. Every time I saw both of you in the wing commons, I always had a smile on my face. You guys are both so funny, I hope that your senior year will have even more laughter. Sam, thank you for reminding me about Titan Crew every single time, I don’t know what I would do without you. Joanna, thank you for posting your covers. They sound so good, and you inspire me to keep going with music. I can’t believe it has been over a year since I hugged you both, I miss you guys. You have both been amazing underclassmen, and I have endless love for both of you. Stay in touch with me!

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you true happiness. From all our conversations together, the two things I can gather are that you have insane potential and one of the kindest hearts I’ve gotten to know. Your empathy is actually next level. Thank you so much for listening to my rants and for opening up to me as well. I always know that you are there for me, and I hope you know that I will always be there for you. I admire your passion and work ethic so much, and I have so so so much faith that you will strive for whatever makes you content. I hope I can see you in person dude. Maybe we can paint and go on a walk together <33

To Mya Griesbaum, I will you even more creativity. I know we don’t really talk too much anymore, but I have always admired your creativity and personality. I had a lot of fun on our dinner date from a while ago, and I am glad we talked occasionally this year even if it was only because of your math class. I hope your makeup looks become even cooler, and I hope you post more so that I can always be reminded of one of the strongest and most creative people I have met at IMSA. I wish you so much happiness and success during your senior year and beyond. I hope we can stay in touch!!

To Esther Im, I will you a little sib that you will actually keep hanging out with over the months. I have so much love for you bro, and I am genuinely sad we haven’t had more time to get to know each other. At least we had stats together! I will miss your laughter and calm, yet positive, energy. You are so sweet, and I feel like we have been silently supporting each other throughout our IMSA lives. You also just radiate positive energy. I hope you’ve been having a good time at IMSA, and I hope you continue to grow. I regret not spending more time with you, but please text me whenever! I will always love to talk and catch up!!!

Ella Foes

To Caroline Hall, I will you an underclassman who makes you want to never leave IMSA. Or at least makes you wish you had one more year. I’ve never met someone with your unfailing ability to brighten my mood yet also your level of competence and drive that fuel all of your accomplishments. I am so eager to see the things you do both in your senior year and beyond; I know you’ll outshine even your grandest moments so far. I hope in your senior year you drink plenty of iced espressos, never stop screaming the lyrics to Superbass or Doses & Mimosas, and learn to love Taylor Swift and Weezer as much as I love you. 

To the next JSA board, I will you unending growth. The past two years I have poured every ounce of my heart and soul into our chapter and I know each of you will do the same; I am so immensely proud of each and every one of you and there is nothing I have enjoyed more in my time at IMSA than watching you grow as you fall in love with this organization. Challenge yourself with new initiatives, provide a platform for true discourse, and continue to encourage our campus to be more civically engaged. Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport. 

To Sid Tiwari and Kevin Fan, I will you many more late nights in the 01 peer tutor room, or any other tutor room you can find. Though our time in 01 may have been cut short, I made some of my favorite memories of 01 with you guys and enjoyed every second we spent after 10 check (not) studying and cooking and talking about the most random topics. You both deserve to be surrounded by people as supportive and entertaining and consistent as you have been.

To Sid Tiwari, I also will you the ability to make progressively better decisions about haircuts; mistakes are a part of learning, but hopefully they become less drastic over time. More notably, I will you a study spot that never fails you; a place conducive to the same energy with which you approached morning-of-the-test cram sessions for BC fast, a place where you will always feel on your a-game and ready to tackle the world. You have so much potential and I hope you never fail to match it with the drive and will to succeed. Approach your environment with intention and surround yourself with people who want the best for you, opportunities outside of your comfort zone, and the little details like a nice table that make work more fun.

To Thavaisya Ananth, Cindy Oh, Aaliyah Ali, Naveena Manthurasan, Nadia Ludwig, Erin Overstreet, Inga Pavilionis, Rujuta Durwas, Abbi Gonzalez, and Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a periphery of people you cherish the same no matter how long it has been since you spoke to them last. I will you the type of friend you can speak to comfortably and who you can count on even if you don’t talk every day; you have each been that kind of person for me and made a profound impression on my time at IMSA.

To Natalie Hulseberg, Brogan Long, Mya Griesbaum, Catelyn Rounds, Irene Park, Sarah Wheeler, and Sajal Shukla, I will you the ability to see beyond campus bounds. Working with you all on the Healthy Youth Act has been downright inspiring, an experience that has truly taught me how far we, a small group of high school students passionate about civil liberties, can spread our impact. I hope you all continue to leap at every opportunity you have to effect real, tangible change.

Emma Dawn Darbro

To Liz Alcala, Cayleigh O’Hare and Esther Im, MY BEAUTIESSS!!! I will you a bunch of love, ope, oh, anddd Active Minds<3 I thank you forever and ever for breaking down stigmas and aDvAnciNg tHe hUmaN cOnditOn:)) Go forth and conquer the world baddies.

To Aidan Smith and Sage Owen, I will you the “drity” bracelet that Sage made last year. Thank you for gas lighting me, I cannot remember a time when I have laughed harder. I am so infinitely proud of you little hell-raising hooligans. Endless love forever and always<3

To Hailey Raval and Abi Ernat, I will you a stress-free college application process, but I’m sure you already know well-enough to not commit the ultimate sin of applying to eighteen schools. Thank you for putting up with the rants and for showing me wolf dog, but especially for occasionally sending the biochem hw;) All the love in the world<3

To Shikhar Gupta, SIS what do I will someone who has it all. I will you a far better RSL co next year, I do not know what I would have done without you, but thank you for the continuous carry. You are such a king, and I am so lucky to have been able to work with you:)

To the next habitants of 1501 C-Wing, Please just don’t sit on the white couch, no will here, just a cautionary tale:)

To the 2021 SCC, I will you a prom. I just hope you get one, it has been a long time since IMSA babies have gotten to celebrate as they should:) party hard!”

Eric Pan

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you a Taylor Swift vinyl. I never thought we would get this close, but here we are. A lot has changed since last year. During intersession, you told me you were terrified of me. Now, you poke fun at me every day. Some might say it’s annoying, but to me, it’s just a reminder of how far we’ve come. Next year will be a tough one, but just know that I will always be there to support you. (And by the way, don’t overplay Dear John too much. That will make me sad).

To Esther Im and Liam McCarthy, I will you SocEnt. This year, I was not able to achieve what I intended to. Life will get ahead of you. Distractions will run rampant. Focus on your shared vision and never lose sight of it. Esther– I can’t express in words how proud I am of my Piplup. From being my CORE student to my SocEnt co, I have seen your ability to dedicate yourself to any task at hand. I’ll miss you dearly, and like always, nice forehead. Liam– your energy is unmatched. I hope next year’s LEAD team enjoys your dad jokes as much as I do. Use your ability to bring people together to your advantage. I can rest easy, knowing that SocEnt is in good hands. You both– go create something amazing.

To Adam Daki, I will you a senior year full of memories. When I look back on this year, I can’t help but feel unfulfilled. To be honest, I didn’t know why for the longest time. Now I know. The memories that I thought I would make this year simply disappeared. The very thing that gave me my drive, the tenacity to push myself to my limits, was gone. You never know how much something means to you until you lose it. Seize your senior year as an opportunity to make memories and give back to your underclassmen. Brandon and I take pride in how much we’ve seen you grow thus far… I can’t wait to see what you will achieve next year.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you one last noogie. I am sorry for our drifting apart this year. It’s my fault– I should have checked in on you more often. Just know that I will cherish the memories that we have made together. I miss messing around with you during StudCo meetings, calling you short for no reason, talking about Burberry jackets, and ranting about our latest struggles. Whenever life doesn’t feel like it’s going your way… my messenger is always open.

To Maximus Osorio Simonenko, I will you that uncontrollable urge to dance. Even though I don’t know you personally (and I wish I could), I have faith that you will continue IMSA’s prominent dance culture for years to come. You are talented. Period. Use that talent to raise others up. Teach your underclassmen. Inspire them to find new passions. Make them as devoted to dancing as you are. Who knows– maybe one day, I’ll find myself in Stunion, watching you teach choreography as I once did. Make me proud, Max.

To Cayleigh O’Hare and Liz Alcala, I will you another person to bother in the loft. Even though I’ve known you both for only a short time, I appreciate all the time we have spent together, especially in Dubai. I’ll make sure to come to visit so you can bug me again (and make fun of me for my Gucci slides).

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you Bfriend. Yes, Bfriend. You know me as K-pop boy. Well, now I’m passing on that legacy to you. Make sure to have fun. Even though this year I’ve only gotten to know you through a computer screen, I’m glad to have spent my senior year with you. From the offhand comments in meetings to your anime poster, I’ll always have that little inkling of regret that I couldn’t get to know you as much as I would have wanted to. I have seen you develop so much… from nervously leading meetings to being the charismatic individual you are today. I’m prouda you brother.

To Pranav Manoj, I will you a fit game beyond compare. Don’t worry, I’ve noticed– I see you coming through with the denim jackets and black jeans. But there’s something else I’ve noticed. This year has been transformative for you. From being the sophomore who would silently sit in on meetings to being one of the most outspoken members of cabinet, your growth is immeasurable. Use next year as an opportunity to take that next step. Take that leap of faith.

To Cindy Minju Oh, I will you Lunar Modern. You will have a lot of responsibility, but Maia and I have faith in you. When you do tryouts, choose the dancers based on how well they fit your choreography. Keep an open mind. Most importantly, have fun. The hard work will all pay off in the end. If I’m not able to visit, I’ll watch from afar. I can not wait to see what you put together.

To Yina Wang, I will you a pair of pantalones. You are so capable, more than you know. From the very first time I interacted with you until now, I know that you are bound to leave an impactful legacy. I know it might not be something you are very concerned about, but it’s those smiles on others’ faces, those shared moments of joy from your actions, that will bring you fulfillment. Even though I’m leaving, I’ll still cherish the memories we made– the late-night talks, the strange relationship between Patrick and Patricia, and our impromptu philosophical debates. I will miss you, Yina. (Or not. I’m not dead so you can still snap or text me *thumbs up*)

To the StudCo underclassmen (Sabrina, Yina, Pranav, Jakob, Saanvi, Sri, Joyce, Michelle), I will you an opportunistic school year. Although at the time of writing this I do not know the results of the elections, I wish that you all leave IMSA a better place than you found it. I hope I served somewhat as a role model, giving you an opportunity to grow as leaders and as people. I will miss the sleepovers, the awkward silences during meetings, and, of course, walking around Naperville with ice cream cones in hand. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

To anyone else reading (I’m stealing this from Ray’s will from last year), I hope that you find fulfillment in what you do. Sometimes we immerse ourselves in “the grind.” Take the time to be with other people. Hold on to the giggles of a close friend, the presence of a family member, the stories of a complete stranger. It’s usually those little things that we treasure most. If you happen to be a student reading this years after I have left, feel free to let me know how IMSA is doing. Your boi Eric, out.

Eugene Lim

To current and future ISP photographers, I will you good light, clean images, and steady hands.  Above all else, as your skills improve, please remember to keep learning, and help others reach your level.

To the future ISP head of photography, I will you the motivation and confidence to use this position to improve ISP and the IMSA community for the better.

To Cesar, Ben, Angel, Will McClain, and other 05A underclassmen, I will you a new year in-person with Eric.  Thank you so much for adopting me, George, and other D wing refugees into A wing.  I will miss the Jackbox sessions.

To Steve Dziamentsyeu, I will you the motivation to get through junior year.  Your enthusiasm for the hall and life in general is literally infectious among us in 05, and I have faith that whichever hall you end up in next year will be enlightened with your presence.

Evie Lee

To Jasmine Liu, I will you peace of mind and SLEEP. I will miss those nights in the D wing stairs having deep talks, or sitting in your little troll den, or whatever it was you slept in. I’m glad that out of all the possible underclassmen, I became closest to you and your friends. Your drive and great ideas have always pushed me, and I just know you’re going to be a great upperclassman for a lot of the new faces you’ll be seeing next year. I see a lot of potential in you, and I know that you have nothing to worry about your last year at IMSA. I think the one piece of advice is that I know you get insomnia a lot but some of my best ideas and moments have been in those nights where I can’t fall asleep. Embrace that, and take naps whenever you can. I’ll talk to you soon.

To Niyati Kapadia, I will you stability and control. I love the weird short conversations we have on Twitter, even though I barely use the app. I know you feel uncertain at times, but I know that you’re still one of the strongest people I’ve met. I’ve never known someone who didn’t like you. I honestly think you were one of the people I admired most at IMSA, out of all the upperclassmen and underclassmen I met. I was always so happy when I saw how glad you were to see me. Even though I didn’t get to spend this last year with you, I will definitely see you again (who knows, if I’m home during Diwali, I look forward to watching you perform :))). I can also say I’ve developed a really great appreciation for Mamamoo because of you.

To Cayleigh O’hare, I will you some sanity. You’re probably the closest to me in terms of recklessness out of your entire quad, which is both great! and not so great! quality to have. Remember to take a break and think before you go off and do something too crazy, and remember to rely on your quadmates to keep you in check. And you can always text me for advice and such whenever you need it. Even though I joke about that, your personality makes you so much fun to be around. You make me laugh a lot more than most people around, and for that I thank you. Don’t do anything stupid senior year, and I’ll want updates on whatever is happening the next time I see you.

To Liz Alcala, I will you a stress-free classes. I don’t think I was the best peer tutor, but I hope I made your life a little bit easier at some point during your sophomore year. There will definitely be hardships during your last year, but just remember you’ve got a great quad and you can always call or text me for anything. I will miss the bus rides to Exodus with you, and coming to your room late at night and hanging out. I definitely think you will be 10x more competent of an Exodus President than I am, and for that, I’m relieved I chose you for that position (it wasn’t like it was a hard choice or anything, though LOL). You’re definitely an anchor for a lot of your friends, and I hope you know how lucky people are to have you in their life. I definitely was one of those lucky people. Have fun senior year and don’t bully your underclassmen the way you bullied me last year >:).

To 06 B Up Quad (Jasmine, Cayleigh, Niyati, & Liz): I will you an easy and fun senior year. I gave you all your own personal wills, so I’ll keep this one short. Don’t stress out too much about college or classes, and enjoy your time together. I’m sad that we never really got to spend this last year together, but I still consider you four my favorite underclassmen. Be nice to your underclassmen and text me anytime. Also, stop making Jasmine sleep under beds like a troll. That’s all.

To ASIA Board: I will you a year of strength. Racism against Asian Americans seems to be growing every year and the way you guys have responded already has been incredible. I could not ask for a better board. I hope you continue to be as strong and lively next year. Continue making fun events, continue challenging ideas in your GAs, and make sure Noche Buena and Night Market live on. Those are two projects I wish to see take off but I’m glad that if I don’t get it, you guys do.

To Jasmine Liu, Marco Bravo, and Phillip Yi, I will you a fun and hectic Lunar season. You guys thought I would wish you a relaxed Lunar? I know you guys are much too capable to get something that easy. Marco, you have an extra year of experience that I know will help you well in taking charge. Jasmine, your ability to work under stress is perfect for the Lunar Season. And Phillip, your handiness in any situation will be a gift for tech week. I know you guys will do great, and I’m looking forward to watching Lunar next year.

To Daniel Ma and Lily Song, I will you a proper ASIA experience. I regret not being able to meet you guys in person, and I’m sad to say that being online doesn’t do ASIA justice. I know next year you will have 10x more fun than online and I hope you come to love ASIA as much as I did my sophomore year. Daniel, your energy and humor is something I’ve admired a lot, and Lily, your planning and preparedness is highly impressive. You guys will be a powerhouse in anything you do.

To Exodus Presidents: Liz Alcala and Liam McCarthy, I wish you easy communication with Quest and RCs. I hope that you never had a missing chaperone and whoever is in charge of Quest next year answers your emails on time. I also hope you have fun finding new vice presidents to do whatever you want them to. I know Mark and I had a lot of fun picking you too. Try to get that second day of tutoring, and bond with the tutors. I believe you guys are more than ready to take charge of this club, and I know Exodus will thrive under you two.

To Planet Hunters SIR, Alice Li, Kyler Yu, Liam Archer, James Johnston, and Manaal Shamsi, I will you good research and a great paper. Try to work on SIR not on the day before, and I know you’ll make great progress next year. Keep Dr. Hawker sane, and continue being great researchers.

To Cindy 민주 Oh, I will you Korean Traditional. Try not to lose your head like both of us did the last two years of Lunar. I know you’re a wonderful choreographer and friend and I know Korean Traditional will be in good hands with you. I’m looking forward to watching the performance next year!

Eva Tuecke

To Gloria Wang, I will you the Lincoln Douglas debate team and a stress-free and sleep-full senior year. It’s been amazing to watch you turn from a sophomore learning how to cram the 1AR into 4 minutes, to a seasoned debater who can start cases the night before a tournament and still place, armed with truly 10/10 arguments (sorry your child is developmentally stunted, but now we have a slightly higher GDP. Also AI-rights.). I know next year’s new LDers are in good hands. Don’t forget to tell the new sophs to have both cases done three weeks before the tournament, even if you haven’t started on your definitions :) Good luck senior year—I promise you’ll have a lot more free time now that you’re done dying in compu sci :) If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you the other half of the Lincoln Douglas debate team, the willpower to start your cases early, the brainpower to beat your debate nemesis, the future of the Acronym, and two more wonderful years at IMSA. Teaching you LD (and roasting Krisha with you) was one of the best parts of my senior year. I know Krisha always jokes that you’re turning into a mini-me (and she’s not even wrong), but I truly am so proud of how far you’ve come. Good luck at Nationals this year, ma’am—I know you’re going to kill it. Keep me updated on all your successes, and know my messenger is always open if you need anything. 

To Oliver Ni and Liz Alcala, I will you the Acronym. I know the future of journalism at IMSA is in good hands with you both in charge, and I’m already so proud of the initiative you’ve taken with restructuring staff, writing the tough articles, and helping out across the board. Have fun getting all the tea, and I wish you both incredible senior years. If you ever have any questions for Rachna and I (Acronym-related or not), the EIC*2 chat is awaiting. 

To Nandana Varma, I will you novice LDers who are as hilarious, intelligent, talented, and fun as you are, and I hope you’ll always be ready with 10/10 pre-written CX questions :) You truly are an amazing debater, but beyond that, I feel so lucky to call you a friend. Thanks for staying an hour late after practice just to talk, even though we both knew we had hours of homework ahead. You always brought so much positivity and humor to practices and I know you’re going to do amazing things. Keep in touch, let me know how things are going, and text me if you ever need anything. 

To the whole Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team (Gloria Wang, Dhruv Patel, Nandana Varma, Aarya Khapre, Resh Mukherjee, and Bhavya Vegesna), I will you a group of new novices as incredible as all of you. I loved being your LD captain, and I’m so proud of how far every one of you have come. Good luck next year—I’m always here if you need to rant about an opponent with a poorly defended value of Morality :)

To Catelyn Rounds, I will you 06 A wing, a stress-free senior year, and sophomores to share Panera bread and Skinny Pop with. I’m so glad our quad got to know you and AnneMarie before COVID hit. Never hesitate to reach out! 

To Val Castellanos and JJ Nnawuchi, I will you little sibs as wonderful as you are. You are both so driven and talented, and I’m glad I got to know you both. I’m excited to hear about your future successes—good luck junior year!

Francesca Dumitrescu

To Gabriela Georgieva, aka Gabi, man I can’t believe you’re about to be a senior, and I am going off to college. Remember when we would play Mario Brothers all the time? I’ve always seen you as a little sister (even though our age difference really isn’t that large) and I am incredibly proud of how far you have come. You are smart, kind, good-hearted, and endlessly optimistic, and I have no doubts about you having a happy and successful future. So, that being said, I will you a senior year full of laughter, fun, and love. Is that cheesy? Maybe a little, but it’s what you deserve. Once I’m in college, we’ll no longer be living 5 minutes away from each other:,) but I am always a text or call away, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything, or even if you just wanna talk!

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you an infinite supply of Squishmallows. That and infinite art supplies. Anyway, can you believe we met like 4 years ago during a Scholastic Bowl match?? That seems like such a different time in our lives. Now look at you, JSA queen and StudCo member and LEAD facilitator, and I can’t help but be proud. I still remember when you slid up on my story when you found out I got into IMSA and told me you were planning on applying too – that was wild. I think we have a cool origin story. You are a powerful person, and I can’t wait to see what you can do<3

To Gabi V. and Neil D. – oh you know what I want to will you. You guys have been at the center of what has probably been ISP’s toughest year since it first was established, and let me just say, you both handled it beautifully.

Gabi, is it narcissistic to say you have always reminded me a bit of myself? But you have a creativity that I could never claim – and that is what one of your biggest strengths is. Combine that with your undying dedication and drive and I know that I am leaving behind this beautiful organization in good hands. Ever since you were a sophomore, I couldn’t wait to see what you could do. Now here you are, about to be a senior and one of the co-presidents of ISP. I passed down the mantle of Vice President to you a year ago, and now I am passing down this mantle.

Neil, yo please bring back the gender balance to the organization – I’m kidding! (not really) You have always been the silent master. To be honest, I underestimated you at the beginning of your sophomore year, but you have not failed to blow through any expectations whether it had been through your commitment to being a boothie, getting ITMC/ISP drive organized, or simply taking notes for a meeting. You have always been a steadfast hard worker, and I know you will fight for ISP when you have to.

To the ENTIRE 2021-2022 ISP Cabinet (Gabi, Neil, Jessica, Monica, and Natali), I will you weekend brunches!! This was a tradition when I was Vice President, but it died out because of COVID:( that’s why I am putting my faith in you all to revive it! The weekends after culture shows and Homecoming and Clash, if someone who lives nearby can drive then go out to a diner – if you can’t do that, make brunch together or order in. It’s one of the best bonding experiences, and I hope you guys try it at least once.

To the rest of the ISP Board, I am leaving behind this beautiful organization to you. Take care of it please, it is a gentle beast that deserves love and attention.

To Natalie and Pranav, this probably more of Sharanya and Ben’s thing to will you (sorry not sorry guys), but I have been on the EnACT team long enough to want to have a part in its future. So, to you two I will the EnACT program and curriculum.

Natalie, I fully and completely believe you deserve this. Your passion for public activism and learning about the world was always apparent in my time being your co facilitator.

Pranav, from what I’ve seen when you’re committed to something, you’re committed to it. Plus, you’re a perfect mix of dedication and carefreeness, if that makes sense. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else as one of the co-chairs.

You guys will work well together, and I know EnACT is in good hands. EnACT gets better and better every year, and man am I excited to see where you guys take it.

One more thing Natalie: I will you an amazing EnACT co facilitator for your final semester at IMSA. I know I could not have asked for a better co to teach my favorite (and of course, the best) elective with. I hope you can vibe with your next EnACT co as much as I vibed with you – I always looked forward to prepping with you, especially since I knew we would probably just goof off half the time (much needed vibey time). Thank you for making my last semester with LEAD a great one<3

To Liam McCarthy, I will you an AMAZING first semester LEAD co. I probably didn’t say it enough, but you were so great to work with and I am so happy I had the opportunity to facilitate with you. Before you, I didn’t really have an ideal co situation for LEAD, so thank you so much for making my last time teaching the CORE curriculum the best I could’ve hoped for.

To Shreya M. and Vivian C., my beautiful hex that I missed out on so much with, I will you both wonderful underclassmen who will laugh with you, talk with you, and of course, work on homework with you. Maybe they’ll hide in your room after in-room, too. Make a lot of memories with them to compensate for the memories I couldn’t have with you:,)

To Ariela Asllani, I technically don’t have to will you this because you already have it, but nonetheless I will to you EEC. Keep it alive (despite what admin may want to do) and steer it in whatever direction you think is best. Our culture is beautiful and unique – please, continue our goal of spreading our culture in IMSA’s community:)

Oh but there’s more – I will you the frick-you energy (censored for the Acronym’s sake) that I managed to develop in my junior and senior years, but make it entirely yours. For the most part, I think you almost have it, but just go a little further and you will feel truly unstoppable. You are already a beautiful and strong human being, with awesome goals and aspirations on top of that, so I know that you can do amazing things. You have control over your own thoughts and goals, and the opinions of others do not define you.

Please don’t ever be afraid to reach out and say hi every once in a while, I wanna know how your senior year goes!! (also some nostalgia 4 u: i remember when you were a soph and I thought you were so cool and you came up to me all sweet at the ice cream social and you were cool AND nice:,) )

Okay last thing: I will you no more physics classes with Dr. Dong. And if you do manage to get placed in one, then I will you a classmate who is willing to get on a 10 minute Zoom call to answer any questions you may have;)

To Sri Voora, first of all hey! I didn’t get to talk to you as much during my senior year, but I miss you and I hope your junior year went as well as it could’ve. To you, I will the best J-Pop bands (I’m not sure if this is what you call your type of music, I just remember you saying that you liked bands/singers from Japan). I miss saying hi to you while seeing you around campus or in the wing, and just hanging out in general. I hope your senior year goes better than mine did.

To Disha Dureja and Caroline Hall, I will SMAC. In the words of my predecessor, the lovely Liza Kuzmina – senioritis kinda hits with SMAC every year, and for that I’m sorry. I know we didn’t have a good year for SMAC compared to last year, but that’s just how it is – SMAC is a club that thrives off of being in person. Luckily for you guys, you might have the chance to revive its soul. You’re both really accomplished and busy, but I hope you’ll take some time and energy to put into this club that is supposed to act as a haven for us music folk.

To my EnACT class (Franklin, Ella, Nandana, Dean, Freddie, Liz, Sachleen, Alberta, Destiny, Ryleigh, and Vikram), I will to you more thought-provoking conversations and a bright future of public activism. I hope you all learned something about yourselves throughout our time together, even if it’s as small as what type of activist you are or how the policy cycle works. Thank you for being a part of my last semester of LEAD, it means more than you know<3

To Dean Barrow, I will more subscribers to your YouTube channel. I didn’t get the chance to get close enough to call many sophomores friends, but you were always chill and up to a conversation, so you are definitely one of my few sophomore friends. Have a great IMSA experience, and reach out to me anytime!

To Maximus Simonenko, I will you spectacular in-person culture shows. I loved learning Reggaeton from you – fun fact, that was the dance I did for Casa de Alma my sophomore year, so I’m glad it could be the last dance of my senior year. Anyway, your dances were so fun and amazing (sorry I couldn’t do them all justice), and you were a great teacher! I’m sure that anything you choreograph while people can learn from you in person will be awesome, and I hope to see it.

To the rest of the IMSA sophomores and juniors, I will you some semblance of normalcy next year. This is a weird time to be an IMSA student, but it’s kind of appropriate, isn’t it? Either way, you are IMSA students, so I know you will persevere. IMSA is in a tough place right now – for better or worse, it is up to you all to make it the place it should be.

Grace Smith

To Andrea Torres, I will you a great senior year filled with lots of cross country, track, and choir practices. You’re an amazing singer and I know you’ll be fantastic in choir (and hopefully mod) next year. Since you’ll be one of the few OGs remaining in choir, you’ll be someone the underclassmen look up to. Also, Grant will need your speed and dedication to running to attract more people to the team. I remember our runs where we would tell each other stories, or create new ones one word at a time. You were like the little voice in my head telling me “come on, one more mile, keep going.” Your determination is unparalleled. Have fun next year! :)

To my Mod21 underclassmen (Emilia, Shreya, Nat, Ethan, Willow, Emilia, Andrea), I will you a successful and “chill” year of a cappella singing. I know Mod21 will sound great once you guys return to campus, and just remember that the future of mod is in YOUR hands! Put in the work, go to rehearsals, place at competition, go to Naperville, live the dream. I truly appreciate all of your hard work this past year (or two). Because of you guys, Mod21 was able to live on during this virtual year. Please continue to work hard and have fun with Mod on campus, I love you all. :)

To Apurva Reddy, I will you a spectacular senior year. I remember staying up all night in your room preparing for Sci Oly tournaments and talking. Next year, you’re going to be the best Boomilever person in the country (if Boomilever is still happening). I hope you find an incoming soph to talk to confide in and have long conversations with next year. You’re so determined and wise beyond your years. I know that you will have no problem getting into your dream school. Have fun going on those long bike rides! ;)

To Liam, Hector, and Dean, I will you ISoMP. You guys did great these past few years and I am confident that ISoMP will be in good hands. I’m going to miss our board meetings where we did nothing, and all of those songwriting sessions that nobody showed up to. 

To Ola Fabamigbe, I will you a great little sib. You were my favorite little sib ever, and I loved how we grew close. I don’t know how many big/little sib pairs can say the same. You’re so awesome and you have the voice of an angel. 

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you all of the tenors, baris, and basses of choir. Self-explanatory. Just don’t tell Brink. ;) You were my favorite shmen in choir and you are very cool. Thank you for 2 great choir years.

To all of the underclassmen in FRC Robotics (Liam, Shawn, Cor, Julie, Nathan, Theo, Advait, Caroline, Becca, Kevin, Mahi, and others), I will you a great build season full of time physically in the lab and at competition! Even though this year was a bit different, I know you guys will go far next year and pick up right where we left off last March.

To Daunovan, I will you a great IMSA experience and I would like to confirm that you are “older than my hair.” You bring life to the dull and silent choir zoom calls, so please do the same in person. You never fail to make me smile. 

To Amogh, I will you a prosperous year of SciOly competitions. Thank you for being a great partner for so many events.

To Nat Gao, I will you all of the “i–“s and “periodt”s in the world. Even though you kept forgetting about Mod rehearsals, you were still a good member. Your confidence made every performance that much better.

To Reese, (hi Reese), I will you a lifetime of awkward greetings while you pass someone in the hallway. I apologize for that. 

Jaelynn-Darshawn Abdullah

To Gerardo Paramo, I will you my MMA fingerless sparring gloves. You were a fighter for the entirety of the year for CAB and you never ceased to impress me with your dedication. From standing up for halls during Clash, me sending you braindead memes on insta, or talking to you about lactaid, you knew how to have a good time. My only regret this year is not being your workout partner. Keep up the good work chief, your future is looking bright.

To Cordelia Sirais, I will you my bright yellow neon vans. Your curiosity and eccentric energy made every CAB meeting fun. Your work ethic with CAB and Robotics is to die for and I am proud of you. I have also heard all the crazy stuff you did on campus and I am sad you weren’t able to continue the Cor tradition. I know you will give the sophs and junior a good time next year. I am depending on you to keep being you. :)

To William McCarthy, I will you Ben and Jerry’s Nike Dunks. I am not going to lie, my mouth was watering when I saw you flex the Grateful Dead dunks on ISMA thrifting. If I ever start a StockX knockoff, I promise to give you deals so you can continue the flex. Thank you for being an amazing member of CAB with your enthusiasm. Hopefully we can sit down, kick back, and rant about college basketball. LET’S (ahem) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

To Sarah Oquendo, I will you my Steak n Shake working experience and wisdom. Working and doing all that you have done for CAB AND ISP is absolutely INSANE. There are so many good things I remember coming from you inside and outside of CAB that never failed to make me smile. I am also jealous about the fact you can wear hats because I swear that one white hat your hat goes wild. Thank you for everything you have done.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will a Ducky Momo Plush. YOOOO, you are actually one of the funniest people I have met at IMSA. Every time I see all the good stuff you do on IVC, through JSA, and through StudCo, I audibly yell “LET’S GO BRINA!” Our deep talks are going to be one of my favorite memories and I truly hope we stay in contact. Please keep pestering Natasha for me, because if one thing is for sure, we both know how to give Natasha a give time. Don’t ever doubt yourself, because whether you believe it or not, you make so many people’s days. Until we meet again :^) (or when you get rid of all of your TAYLOR SWIFT VINYLS)

To Alex Williams and Sid Tiwari, I will you my curved monitor. Bros I don’t even need to say much for me to show my appreciation for you. You guys were a riots and the quad loved you guys. Keep cookin’ it up in the kitchen bosses.

To Pranav Manoj, I will you the messed up slinky from Sound and Light. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you boss. You are a living legend and I know you are destined for greatness. Hopefully we meet up outside of StudCo socials and talk about all the times in Sound and Light where Zach and I were messing around while you were trying to work. Keep moving forward.

To Jakob Bachhausen, I will you my bokken from an anime convention. I can’t say how proud I am to see you grow as an individual and a StudCo member. All the work I’ve seen you do for the Big Sibs program is astonishing and you being able to deal with being called JACOB and YA-KOB at the same time is crazy, because I would’ve lost my mind. Keep being the amazing role model you are.

Jay Ganesan

To Emily Wei, I will you an extremely restful senior year, which comes with an actual sleep schedule, a lot of free time to watch Techno and become a Bedwars legend, and that sweet sweet feeling of constant inner peace and happiness and… you get the point! Despite literally everything the world has thrown at you, you managed to come out on top literally radiating swag (The quarantine glow up went CRAZY and you can’t deny that). No matter where I was, I knew I could always trust you to start an hour long convo on your fav anime and your wonderful driving adventures. You are someone with the ability to make literally everyone smile, and I hope you continue to remember that whenever life throws another monkey wrench (see what I did there?) at you. I am not lying when you are one of the strongest and most awesome people I have met, and I’m so glad for everything you have given. I hope we continue to stay in touch, and I hope that your senior year is filled with only the happiest of memories! One last thing, I WILL be getting you a plushie soon and there is NOTHING you can do about it >:)).

To Christin, I will you a ray of sunshine that will always shine through even during your cloudiest days. To help you remember this, I also want to give you my projector night light. It might be a little old and blurry now, but it still provides that comforting light we need sometimes. It’s been so much fun talking to you, whether it be through those extremely long cross country runs, minecraft grind sessions, prepping for LEAD, or through our random (yet extremely fun) Facetime sessions. Every time we got to talk, you always reminded me of the good that exists in the world through your extremely vibrant attitude. There will be some days during senior year where it feels like there is a never ending wave of clouds, stopping any sunlight. During those days, I want you to remember this ray of sunshine that I will you! I believe in you and I know that you can get through literally anything, and you just have to push onward. You’ve made me smile so much and I am super sure the world knows how much your smile means to everyone. You got this Christin:)

To Gerry, oh boy oh boy. I will you the title of CEO of my very prestigious company that I am unfortunately not able to name due to the rules given by The Acronym. I am not gonna lie, the whole company started off as a joke, but somehow it managed to connect so many people through laughter and crazy nights. I believe that you have the energy and the potential to carry on the tradition, whether it be through your amazing chefing skills or through a mischievous plan that you concoct while sitting in your room. I guarantee you that you will make so many underclassmen realize that IMSA is indeed their second home, and one filled with good food, laughter, and endless memories. The Woo back Wednesdays and those Funky Monkey Fridays already have a lot of magical power within them, but you are gonna be the one that adds a lot more spice into them. 

To Sridevi, I will you a sophomore who will text you randomly out of the blue, creating a random yet extremely meaningful friendship! Even though we never got to meet in person, I’m so happy that you decided to reach out to me! Because of that, we’ve had so many fun conversations and they all meant a lot to me, and I hope you get to have the same experience, but in-person, next year. Have fun and keep in touch!

To Kian, I will you some buddies that will play Minecraft (whether it is your stinky bedrock version or the awesome Java version) with you whenever you need some time to kill during your senior year. Unfortunately, we were not able to play as much as we intended to, but that doesnt stop the fact that it’s never a bad idea to fire up some video games and vibe out for a few hours. Whenever senior year gets rough, play some games! It might seem like a dumb idea at first but I promise it really helps.

To Rishi Boddu, I will you ALL THE DANCING SKILL IN THE WORLD! Your motivation and ability to work is actually unmatched, like I don’t even know if I would be able to handle the amount of work that you do. You deserve so much credit for what you do because it actually amazes me, so even when you feel like you aren’t doing much, just know that I’ll always be cheering you on from the distance. So that’s why I willed you the dancing skill. Continue to challenge yourself through every means, because you have the potential to do so. Learn that choreo that seems impossible to you. Continue to do the amazing things that you already do. In the meantime, make sure that you take care of yourself as well. You have a lot of people that appreciate you, so make sure to lean on them from time to time! Keep your head up you actual BOSS because you deserve the world. (I’m also gonna give you this cool fiber lamp because I know there’s gonna be some nights you stay up ;)

To Jakob, I will you INFINITE PROTEIN. It was so much fun vibing with you in StudCo and dancing in student union. You were one of the main reasons D-wing felt like a home to me last year, and you still managed to give off that vibe through the computer screen. Your endless swag and awesomeness is really far-reaching, and I hope you use it to spread happiness to more people next year. Have an awesome one dude!

To Marco, I will you god-tier League AND dancing skills. It’s unfortunate that we were not able to chill as much as we planned to this year, but it was still so much fun laughing with you in random discord calls and making the choreo for drill this year. You have the ability to unite entire groups of people through your dancing skills, and I have no doubt that you’re going to be doing the same thing next year. Take some time next year to relax and lean on the community that you create! You got this! 

To Rujuta, I will you a senior year full of car rides with the people that you care about the most. Even though our interactions this year were few and far between, they always brightened my mood. You are a really sweet and caring person, and I know that you are going to rock it next year!

To Rohit Katakam, I will you my smile and my laughter. You already basically have that with the amount of times that you’ve made me laugh both last year and this year. Every time I saw you I could count on you to make my day, whether it was just making monkey noises while running in the hall or by watching Attack on Titan while consuming ungodly amounts of Orange Vanilla Coke. You were such a hype underclassmen to live with, and I will definitely miss your daily presence. I’m reminded of that deep convo we had on a drive back to your house, where I swore that you were going to go to massive places. I will never take back that statement, and now you are equipped with another smile to do so. Go take on the world, sir.

To Yina Wang, I will you more games of Shark & Minnows during sunny days. Maybe you will break another person’s ankles (._.), but nonetheless, I hope it’s a lot of fun for you! You are an extremely hardworking person, and it’s incredible to see how much you can do EVEN when you started your first year of IMSA completely online. I’m not going to lie, junior year gets rough for a lot of people. During those times, remember to take a little breather and spend some time with the people who make you happy! You already spread so much happiness to a lot of people, so continue to spread it like crazy next year. No matter what happens, know that I will always believe in you!

To Michelle Li, I will you a pair of swag goggles. I’m so glad to get to have known you through the StudCo sleepovers! You’ve managed to make me laugh so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m sure that you’ve also brightened the days of so many people with your extremely chill vibes. You are one of the coolest sophomores that I’ve met this year, so you need those goggles to show your awesomeness. Put them on and take the world!

To Eddie Zhang, I will you the power of Monkey Monday. You are legit one of the craziest people I have ever met on campus. Your plans are so devious and diabolical and I loved it man. Keep having fun next year and have a relaxing SSS. Have fun doing the things you do with the squad you have, I’m sure they appreciate you as much as you appreciate them. Thanks for being a fellow monkey man and have an awesome time, man.

To Sabrina, I will you all the vinyls in the world. You have such a bubbly personality and it was so much fun talking to you throughout the year! Your jokes never fail to make me smile, and your advice never fails to guide me through. And despite everything you have gone through, you remain the strong, bright, and funny person that you always were. Now that’s a talent! With those combined, you have the talent to change the world. But as you continue to do amazing things, remember to do what makes you happy, such as listening to those Taylor Swift vinyls!

To Advait, I will you the legendary NateRacing Minecraft account. This bad boy always provided me with the escape that I needed whenever work got a little stressful. Sometimes, it’s good to just fire up the old computer and play for a few hours. Let your thirst for creativity or adventure guide you for those few minutes, and remember to take that with you once you close the game too. Have a wonderful senior year my guy.

To Alexander Williams, I will you another empty jar to fill with whatever you desire. Man, your energy was so much fun to be around. I remember the first day I came to D-wing my junior year, and you just screamed at my face. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while dude. Literally EVERY SINGLE NIGHT went crazy because of you, and you still somehow managed to carry that energy through this mess of a year. Continue to spread that happiness man, and so many good things will follow. 

To Pranav Patel, my brother, I will you Diwali Boys Dance choreo and some other peeps to share the adventure with. I really hope that it’s on campus so you can have the best experience possible. I know that you have it in you because I was one of the many witnesses of your wonderful skills. You are also such an incredible man with the potential to unite so many people through laughter which is another of the many reasons why I chose you. Every night on campus with you was filled with crazy adventures, and you still managed to make me laugh so much in online meetings as well. At the same time, you are personable and real. I love you bro, and I’m sure the whole world does as well. Knucks bro.

To Rohan Jain, I will you the powers of Funky Monkey Friday. Junior year tends to be an interesting time for most people here, so hopefully these powers provide you with a much-needed boost when you need it. There is no doubt that you are an extremely big brain person, so you already have some of that energy within you! No matter where you go, the power of the monkey will always be there for you. It’s my thank you for helping to create many memories that will live with me forever. Have a good 2 years bro!

To Pranav Manoj, I will you the chillest SSS known to humankind. Seeing your work ethic is literally inspiring. I’ve seen you grind so much through StudCo and SIR that it actually makes my jaw drop. And as you approach your senior year, I have no doubt that you are going to still be the freaking beast that you are and still pop off in every way manageable. That is why I will you this SSS, because you are so deserving of it. I want you to have the time where you can just sit back, relax, and see how much you have helped advance not only IMSA, but the people around you and yourself as well. You have truly left a mark here, and you are still going to continue to! Have a wonderful senior year dude.

To Ava P., I will you an underclassmen with the same lively energy that you have! You are so so much fun to talk to, and my smile widens so much whenever we goof off in Zoom calls, messenger, and even way back in student union last year! You are so cheerful and humorous, and I am so thankful that I am your friend. Senior year might be tough sometimes, so whenever you need, feel free to reach out! I will always be here, and I’m only a text away. Have a wonderful year!

Jonathan Gao

To Marco Bravo, Jasmine Liu, Philip Yi, Lily Song, and Daniel Ma, I will you the hypest Lunar next year. This year was wack, but you guys pulled through and made it boss! Thank you all for making this year’s ASIA incredible. This was not the Lunar I had dreamed of making, but you guys made it spectacular nonetheless, and I am forever grateful for all your hard work–y’all killed it. Sophs, I will you survival through tech week–it’s one of my most busy/stressful/midnight-snacking/ok-this-is-like-another-meal-now-not-a-midnight-snack/but undeniably favorite IMSA memories. If any of you need help with Lunar/ASIA next year hmu :DDDD

To Pranav Patel, Niyati Kapadia, and Sri Voora, I will you Diwali lol. Luwali was initially a surprise challenge but turned into a surprise blessing thanks to you guys! Thank you all for being such good sports with combining shows and creating such an incredible show. I really enjoyed getting to work with you all. Have fun next year balancing college apps and Diwali! (spoiler: it will suck but you guys will boss through it ;DDD)

To Eunice Kim, Christo Ekimov, Kavin Suhi, Balaji Balachandran, Lily Song, Anthony Kholoshenko, and Vikram Karra, I will you one (1) chicken nugget. Chicken nuggets are very tasty. TALENT was a spring of experience for me in curriculum development, teaching, leadership, and making fun of [REDACTED]’s glasses, all skills I foresee in my future, and I hope you guys gain indispensable experience so you can advance the human condition. But beyond the business stuff, I hope you guys have fun! For me, TALENT Meeting was synonymous with laughter session, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

To Jakob Bachhausen and Marco Bravo, I will you luck in the random clash drill song selection. Thank you for your choreoing and editing for clash this year! You guys were absolutely fantastic and I’m still a little awestruck lol at how good you guys are lol. Have fun next year hot bois!!

To Nathaniel Gao, I will you my brotherhood and laundry card (you’ll understand later). Good luck and have fun :DDDDD

Kayla Quigley

To Nadia, Erin O., Erin Y., Sabrina, Eunice, Mya, and Jillian, I will you a successful Senior Basketball season and more mafia members. You all have made my last basketball year amazing, even though I couldn’t play. It was fun watching you grow as players and teammates. I will never forget the endless laughs on the bus, in the locker room ,and even during the games. I will you more additions to our family so that the mafia and Hello Kitty can stay alive, I hope you all remain close and keep the group chat alive. I’ll miss you all and the memories we made on and off the court.

To Jillian, I will you a new prodigy, no injuries senior year, and the power to keep being funny, strong, and most importantly, yourself. You have made me smile and laugh so much during our time together off and on campus. I could not have asked for a better prodigy. You are now officially graduating from prodigy to master. I will you a prodigy that is just as amazing as you are. I hope you will keep this tradition alive. You have been not only my prodigy, but one of my closest friends. I will come visit your games next year, but please actually be on the court and not on the sideline with an injury.

To Shiraz, I will you another successful dinner date. We have grown very close throughout my junior and senior year all because of a silly old dinner date where we switched shoes and glasses. Thank you for being close to me and dealing with my 5am texts about the anime I’m watching. Even though this pains me to say, I will miss your funny (and stupid) jokes and the random little comments you say and texts you send. I cherish all of our memories and the massive amount of times you have brought a smile to my face, even though most of which were virtual. I also will you endless anime to watch and more people to talk about it with. I already know you will enjoy SSS a little too much, so make sure to watch AND READ as many things as you can. Don’t be shy when I graduate, I will always watch any recommendation you throw my way.

Kodai Speich-

To Liam Nelson, I will you one quart of ice cream. I’m not sure where to really start, but I’m glad I got to know you — from MVC (and all of my other math classes since Junior year…ope) to ISoMP to 07 Talent Show. I’m gonna miss those random nights where you came to the quad to work on DiffEQ, but we ended up just turning all the lights out and having lightsaber duels…oops. I will (hopefully) visit sometime next year, maybe we can do another 2 AM Mando & Malnati’s night. Keep making me proud!

To Bhargav Sampathkumaran, we, 07DDQ, will you the OBhargav poster, which we will deliver to you at some point. You’re a legend — stay Excellent™️ my guy.

To Dean Barrow, I will you lots of hours of violin practice. You’re an amazing musician, and I wish I got the chance to hear you and perform with you in person!

To Liam Nelson, Hector Ibarra, and Dean Barrow, I will you ISoMP. I enjoyed working with y’all for the past two years, and we’ve made some good progress that wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Keep it alive, please — this club is gonna do great things!

To Avdhan Kandikattu, I will you a well-deserved first place in 07 Movie. Your videos, right from the get go with Avengers Endgrade, all the way to this year’s Clash movie, continue to impress me!

To Rohan Jain, I will you a minecraft night with pizza. I kinda have to. Jkjk, in all seriousness, you are massive brain, and HMMT and other math team occurrences with you was very fun.

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you an appreciation for Star Wars.

To James Tan, Ethan Brazelton, and Sean Jasin, I will you Liam Nelson.

To 07D wing, I will you a victory in Wing Wars 2021 (or Res Royale, or whatever they call it).

To my fellow 07ers, I will you all of the 07 traditions: pancake nights, dodgeball, 3 AM fire alarms…all the small things that made me feel at home. I’m gonna miss y’all. Just remember, stay classy, 07.

To the Class of 2022, I will you the senior year I never had.

Krisha Patel

To Erin Yoo, I will you SCAN and an underclassmen just as sweet, genuine, and hardworking as you! I’m so grateful to have gotten to know you better through TEDxYouth@IMSA and SCAN over the last two years and truly appreciate the effort you put into each and every one of your endeavours. You have such amazing energy and talking to you always makes my day! I wish you nothing but the absolute best for next year — here’s to hoping you have a super stress-free college application process, a really relaxing (and much-needed) SSS, and tons of time to enjoy your last year at IMSA (hopefully on-campus!).

To Esther Im and Kevin Fan, I will you TEDxYouth@IMSA! I know how diligent and kindhearted both of you are, and I couldn’t be more excited about leaving TEDx behind in such amazing hands. Esther, your graphic design skills are truly unparalleled — I’ve always admired your ability to transform simple ideas into such expressive designs, and am so so excited to hear about everything else you accomplish, both next year and beyond! Kevin, your work ethic is truly inspiring — thank you so so much for always putting in your 100% and for being so on top of things. I know you have only the best ahead of you with your drive and ambition, and hope you have an amazing senior year! Also, I’m just a quick text away from both of you — reach out whenever if I can help in any way!

To AnneMarie Bacon, I will you a senior year full of laughter and sleep! I know it’s been hard staying in touch over quarantine, but I’ll always love the nights you barged into our room my junior year asking for writing center help, food, or just to chat! I’ve always admired how unapologetically yourself you are, and I know you have nothing but the absolute best ahead of you! tons of love <33

To Michelle Sun, I will you an underclassmen as fun and kindhearted as you are! Your energy is truly unmatched, and I’m so grateful I got to meet you during Titan Crew. I hope you have an amazing (and stress-free!) junior and senior years, and feel free to reach out if you ever need anything at all! :))

To Dhruv Patel, I will you everything you’ve ever wanted (except for my room and title of being the favorite child). Beyond our constant arguing, I’m truly so so proud of who you are and who you’re becoming — watching you grow into such a compassionate and driven individual this past year has been one of the absolute best parts of my senior year. I always thought we’d be that one sibling pair that could never outgrow their pesky bickering (and honestly, I still think it’s true to some degree), but I’m so grateful to have also found a ride-or-die and best friend in you. I know you already know this, but I’m always here (to get you in trouble). love you tons <33

Mark Ying

To Rujuta Durwas, I’m not exactly sure what to will you. Because even though you sometimes say that you feel uncertain, that you are incapable, that you aren’t enough, I guarantee you that you have all that deep inside you. You have a bright future ahead of you, you are capable of doing amazing things, and you will always be enough for everybody. It’s the world that’s not enough for you. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Despite how crappy this past year has been for the both of us, I don’t think I would’ve traded anything for it. You’ve helped me get past some stuff and grow as a person, and I can only hope that I had 1/1000th of the impact on you that you had on me. Because despite all the jokes, roasts, and teases from god knows who, I truly appreciate the late zoom calls and random snaps that you send me and everything else that we’ve done together. There’s no way I’d be the person I am right now without you. Never change. Except for maybe your perception of what’s Chicago. Hinsdale, and Aurora are not Chicago. Work hard, stay safe, and have some fun. You got this, Alexie. Let me know if you ever need anything.

To Jackie Zhang, I will you a better sleep schedule. You’re a sophomore. You need sleep. Also some wafers. Those smacked.

To Makayla Zheng, I will you cheezburger. Omnomnom

To Kevin Qu, Rishik Reddy Ummareddy, Philip Yi, and Rohit Katakam, I will you the downquad that we never got. Enjoy it as much as you guys can, there are lots of memories to be made in there. Get on John’s nerves for me.

To my sophs from last year (Quinn Verdeyen, Pranav Patel, Robert Zhu, Rohit Katakam, Philip Yi, Edward Zhang, Rishik Reddy Ummareddy, Christo Ekimov), I will you all a successful senior year. I wish I spent more time with you guys last year, but alas I cannot. So I’ll leave you with this advice: work hard, sleep when you can, and bend some rules. Senior year is a buttload of work, but I have every confidence that you’ll all make it through.

To Rohit Katakam, I will you my epic greeting, passed onto me from Janna Jann. It is as follows:

“Howdy there partner, what’s rooty-tooty in your day?” Use it wisely.

To Jasmine Liu, I will you the ability to let yourself relax and take time for yourself. You’re one of the hardest-working and most driven people I’ve ever met, and I know that you’ll do amazing things in life. Just listening to you talk about the things that you care about while driving up to Liz’s that one time made me instantly realize that I’ll probably never meet another person who is as motivated as you are to make a positive impact in our world. I have no doubt that you will be great at whatever you choose to do. However, also be sure to take time to let yourself loosen up and spend time with the people who care about you. You have a supportive group of friends and people around who care about you very deeply, so be sure to cherish the time you have with them. I know I only really got to know you this past year, but don’t be afraid to shoot me a text if you ever need anything. Show the world who’s boss. Also, punt Riceball for me :))

To Philip Yi and Advait Patel, I will you robot. Robot go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

To Jakob Bachhausen and Marco Bravo, I will you another insane 04 drill next year and choreos who will help you. Also someone to be your human projectile. I know that this year wasn’t exactly ideal, but I could not have asked for better co-choreos this year. I have every faith that you two can do amazing things.

To Pranav Patel, I will you the smoothest senior year anyone has ever seen. You are one of the most genuine human beings I have ever met, and I hope that life treats you well. You work so hard and you’re passionate about what you do. I know you’ll be the best no matter what you become. Don’t ever hesitate to ask me for anything, I’ll always be there for you. Also, thanks for throwing me into the lake, that was epic.

To Liz Alcala, I will you more epic times with Jetta. You have the best pet I’ve ever met and I know that Jetta would stomp the stuffing out of Riceball if she had the chance. But seriously, it’s been nice getting to know you more this past year, and I hope you have a easy senior year. Remember, no dating (older) men until you’re done with college applications.

Liz Alcala and Liam McCarthy, I will you the best club at IMSA. I know that this year wasn’t exactly ideal, but I know that Exodus will be in good hands. Let me know if you two ever need anything, I’ll be sure to refer you to someone more responsible (like Evie).

To Marco Bravo, Jasmine Liu, Philip Yi, Lily Song, Daniel Ma, I will you successful events and the best Lunar IMSA has ever seen. I know that Luwali was different and you’ll probably never do another virtual culture show again (hopefully), but I have every faith that you all will be able to put together a god tier culture show in-person. Let me know if you need any help, I’ll be more than happy to help.

To Sri Voora, I will you someone to go on an epic dinner date. It’s been fun. Steal Sai’s strawberry milk for me.

To Emily Jung, Nathan Yuan, and whoever else is doing orchestra, I will you more fun times in McCarthy party. As a wise man named Christopher Teng once told me, “Every time you do something ask yourself whether McCarthy would approve.”

Megan Ptak

To Shreya Mahesh, an underclassmen who has dad jokes at the ready, I will you an unforgettable and a wonderful senior year on campus. Shreya! I feel like just yesterday we were walking to 06 from the main building and you refused to hear that I was officially half-way done with IMSA. I miss you and Vivian sneaking over to the quad after in-room and just talking about random things with you. You are so impressive in everything that you do and I just know you will go so far. Even though I won’t be at IMSA for your senior year, I know you and your friends will have an amazing time and you will meet so many wonderful underclassmen who will supply you with endless amounts of dad jokes. Love ya lots and if there is anything that you need, just let me know <3

To Vivian Cho, I will you a fantastic senior year, a lot of laughter, and endless hugs. I cannot believe that I am writing a senior will to you already. I guess that just goes to show just how fast time goes. Take that to heart, and truly enjoy each moment that you have left at IMSA. It feels like yesterday Pooja caught you for in-room after laughing in the quad a little past 11. You are one of the smartest and kindest people I know and I know you will go far. I just know you will have a great time on campus next year that is full of laughter and love from all of your friends. Love ya lots and if you ever need anything, just let me know <3

My 06C Sophs (Christin Ann Sanchez, Rachel Koterba, Gloria Wang, Hilda Montalvo, Shreya Mahesh, Vivian Cho, Cindy Oh & Sri Voora) I will you all the laughs, barely made rolling checks, and a senior year on campus. I know not all of you are in 06C this year, and I’m not sure that you will be next year, but I loved having each and every one of you in the wing. You each made my junior year so memorable and better than I could have imagined. I love you all so much and if you ever need anything, just let me know :)

To Andy Tang, Oliver Ni, Karrick McGinty & Gabi Georgieva, I will you an amazing senior year. I cannot tell all of you how much joy knowing you all has brought me over the past two years. I hope each and every one of you has an amazing senior year (on campus) and you truly cherish each moment you have with your friends. You four are some of the smartest and kindest people I have ever met and I truly wish you the best. If you ever need anything, just let me know :) Gabi, I also will you a kind underclassmen who will make your classes so much better just by being there <3

To Jason Qin, Michelle Sun & Lily Song I will you the best junior and senior years on campus. I know that this is definitely not what you had in mind for your sophomore year, but I promise you that IMSA is so much more than Zoom calls, FaceBook, and LEAD classes. While I am disappointed that we never were on campus at the same time, I know you three will do so much with your time at IMSA and beyond.

To Sabrina Zhang, I will you so much laughter, support, and an underclassmen who will be a rock for you like you were for me. Brina! I love you so much and you truly deserve the world (and more). I loved your visits to my quad, random conversations in the hallways, and laughing with you all throughout basketball season (especially about what that one Mom said about your dancing lol ). Love ya lots <3

To my Basketball Family (Nadia Ludwig, Erin Overstreet, Erin Yoo, Eunice Kim, Mya Griesbaum, Jillian Heinzmann & Sabrina Zhang), I will you a senior year basketball season full of laughter. I absolutely loved playing basketball with all of you and I truly enjoyed laughing with all of you on the bus to games, in practices, and at our team dinner after that one Friday Fest. I’ll miss you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic senior year <3

To Jack Pinto, I will you a great senior year on campus, a senior year basketball season, and an easy SSS, you deserve it :)

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you an underclassmen who you can dish about Riverdale to, a great time on campus with your friends, a stress-free college app process, and a wonderful SSS. I am very grateful that you were my almost-little-sib and for all of your help during bc1. Have a great rest of your junior year and a fantastic senior year :)

To any future Ptaks at IMSA, I will you, like TJ Ptak before me, the sole Ptak name on campus. You’re welcome.

To the future 06 CC, I will you everything and more. Take care of 06 for me. This is a position that I have held near and dear to my heart for the past two years and handing the torch off to someone else makes me a bit nervous, but I know you, whoever you are, will do great. I know that the position can get super busy at times so just remember to take care of yourself. Over the past two years, I have worked so hard to build a solid foundation for 06 and I cannot wait to see where you take the hall. As Bing Bong from Inside Out said, “take [06] to the moon for me,” <3

Melena Braggs

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you sophs as amazing as you are. Your bright, cheerful, and kind spirit made my senior year so much better. If you choose to do speech next year, I know you’ll be a leader through your dedication and encouragement. Don’t stress yourself out too much during junior year. I know you’ll make it great.

To 03D underclassmen, I will you a good RC that will stay the entire school year. We have collectively experienced several undeserved Ls, but we have persevered. I really hope each of you will find a reliable adult to confide in through whoever becomes the RC for the wing.

To the Speech Team, I will you a season full of in-person tournaments (with the proper safety measures, of course). Everyone showed so much dedication this past year, and it truly warmed my heart. Online tournaments are incapable of replacing the energy that an in-person tournament brings. The excitement you get from seeing yourself and teammates succeed feels more potent when you’re physically together. You all are the reason we did so well this season, and I appreciate everything you’ve done. I know next year will be a great year with people like you all on the team.

To Oliver Ni, I will you a successful (however you define the term) senior year. You are involved in such time consuming activities that it is admirable, but tiring for me to even think about. I hope next school year you can easily balance between everything, especially with college stuff added on. Also, can we get into the fact you qualified for NATIONALS this year??? That’s literally such a big deal. Please don’t ever be insecure in your speech skills, because they’re literally top tier. I think your comedic Extemp intros really gave you a leg up tbh (they bring life to such a dead event). Anyways, you’re a smart, talented, and genuinely good person. For those reasons, I know good things will come to you. Senior year will fly by, so try to enjoy it!

To Kosi, Ola, Feykemi, Temi A., and Sanaa, I will y’all a stress free senior year. Seeing y’all grow, especially those of you all I knew in Excel, has been a joy. It’s great that y’all are there for one another and formed a strong bond. Don’t let any petty stuff get in the way of that. Y’all are a bunch of #girlbosses and I know next year will be great. #blackgirlmagic <3

Mirella Eldridge

To Kyler Yu, I will you the historic framed picture of a bald eagle. It has been passed down from Vainius Normantas, to Kyle Campbell, to Nathan Lee, to Jonathan Yelenick, to me, and now to you. With the challenges this year brought, recognizing a junior that could live and carry the honor this piece presents, was a very difficult decision. It’s meaning is immeasurable, resonant, and unwavering. It will teach you and shape you in ways you may not even know until given the honor to pass it down. I ask that you put this picture in a place you will see everyday. Allow it to remind of the honor you have to live in the United States of America and to encourage you to serve your country, in the ways it has served you. Let it be a source of light and of strength. Let it be a constant reminder that no matter the trials you may face, you have the power to rise above it and soar like an eagle. Bear this with honor and let these words to carry you through: “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; the shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Olivia Dambrauskas

To Rujuta, I will you absolute unconditional love. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for what you’ve done for me. Honestly, I don’t know if you realize, but you just being yourself has the biggest impact on people. I met you officially in eleMENT, and from that day forward, I started to have hope for myself. You have always supported me and hyped me up, and because of that, because of you, I started to love myself. I thought, if a random girl who’s never met me before thinks I’m pretty, maybe she’s right. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you because you have helped me so much without even knowing it. I wish you the absolute best in the future, you are literally a ray of sunshine. I love you angel, never forget how absolutely beautiful you are <3.

To all my eleMENT babies, I will you underclassmen who will make you smile endlessly. Although eleMENT is dead, the memories I made while teaching you all will last forever. Meeting all of you made IMSA so much better. After that, I had friends to talk to during culture shows, new people who said hi to me in the halls, and a little more confidence in myself. Thank you for choosing to do eleMENT 2 years ago. I wish all of you the best senior year, please live it out to the fullest :)

To Naveena, I will you someone who will watch Netflix with you, be your workout buddy, and someone who will be a wonderful distraction from all your stress. Hey girly :) it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you and I miss you tons. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that you made my junior year 1000 times better than I could have imagined. Doing anything with you always brought my mood up. Even though we didn’t really know what we were doing in the gym and spent most of the time laughing on the mats, you made me want to be better. Your energy is incredible and it rubs off on people. I hope you can find someone who will bring you as much joy and positivity in your life as you brought me.

To Thavaisya, I will you all my beauty and power. Take it, all of it. From the way you hype me up all the time, you absolutely deserve all the power. I am so incredibly upset COVID took away the opportunity for us to connect more. From what I remember, the first time I met you was at the Clash pep rally and I could tell by your energy that you were just this incredible, confident queen. From this day forward, I will never miss the opportunity to comment on your tik toks or instagram posts. I will be successful in making you my wife one day. Till then, never forget how powerful and beautiful you are.

Peter Leahy

To Shikhar Gupta, I will you a best friend. God, it feels just like yesterday we were taking pictures on access road to use for my propic. Ever since then, I have seen you grow into an incredible man and friend, and I have seen you rise against failures like it was nothing. You are someone I will miss dearly, and I hope you have the best senior year possible. Don’t be afraid to message me once I’m away!

To Michael Hunding, I will you happiness. Ever since we greeted each other with beating chests for reasons to remain unnamed. I will thoroughly miss our late night conversations, and I hope you have more success with women than I ever did. Message me anytime you need a friend or just wanna mess around :))

To my junior-year A wing sophs (Colin, Will, Grayson, James, Leo, Angel), I will you the best possible wing in the world. I know that some of you might not find yourselves in A-wing either this year or the next, but I will never forget how absolutely incredible you guys made that wing. Your personalities were all so unique and contributed something unique to the wing, and I look back fondly on those days often. Have an incredible senior year, and don’t forget to hit me up every now and then :)

To Alex Zhang, Andrew Zhang, Tommy Johnson, Tanav, and Kian, I will you all a quad you can all escape to. Hanging out with you guys and everyone else in D-up junior year make up the highlights of my junior year. Tommy: thanks for the sandwiches. Kian: thanks for the ramen. Tanav: thanks for being literally Jesus. Andrew and Alex: you guys are genuinely the most creative, interesting, and enjoyable people I have ever met. Keep on being incredible, all of you.

To Jared Dong, I will you Marco Bravo. I will miss helping you with literally all of your homework and “homework”. Thanks for all the music recs and fruitless chess coaching (sorry I’m dogwater). Keep on climbing with Neap Tide until you can beat Stockfish 13. Junior year is going to kick you while you’re down over and over, but I know you can do it. PS I’ll still be able to help with your work every now and then. ily

To Marco Bravo, I will you Jared Dong and the best possible math table partner. It feels so long ago yet not at all that we sat next to each other in MI-4. It feels crazy to think that we’ve stayed tight since then. I’mma miss messing around with you, Neap Tide. Keep on being a giga chad, and don’t be afraid to hmu every now and then. Keep on admiring the MI-4 view.

To Daniel Ma, I will you 20 followers on up2late pt. 2 and weight loss. I’m glad we got to meet that one day in April. Your commitment to music, academics, and weight loss genuinely inspire me, more than you know. You inspired me to explore music like never before and to push myself harder in my classes. I’m gonna miss you so much, and although we never got to bond in the wing like I wanted, maybe I’ll visit next year to make up for some lost time.

To Rohan Jain, I will you an A in Modphys and some of Daniel’s weight. I’m really glad that we met this past summer. Even though you and I have both done some equally dumb stuff together this year, I don’t regret any of it. You’re one of the smartest and hardest working individuals I’ve ever met, but junior year is still gonna destroy your soul and mind. Don’t give into it: you have me and everyone else here to get you through it. It all pays off I promise. Play league with me some time?

To Avdhan (Gregory), I will you idk a good time or smth (and ig some fogel fudge). I was joking man sheesh chill out. I’m sorry that Eddie forgot to pick you up for that meetup, I know that it would have been so much better with you. I’m glad we got closer this year, and your wit and jokes had me dying every time. You better have a good senior year, or else I will eat you :)))

To Eddie Zhang, I will you deodorant.

To Yina Wang, I will you a respectable, charismatic sophomore. Sorry for getting you involved with all that stupid stuff at the start of the year. I’m glad we got to know each other after that, because you’re honestly a really respectable, charismatic, and just incredible person. At the time of writing this, I don’t know if you’re still part of studco (at least as junior-at-large), but I hope you know how admired you really are. You’ve done an incredible job, better than you believe. Junior year will suck complete butt, but you can do it. I know you can.

To Revanth Poondru, I will some height. Life as a 4 foot 7 shortie is tough, but your spirit is insane man. Keep powering through, and show the world that little people can do big things. In all seriousness, you’re a beast, and I’m really glad we met. Messing around on that Discord server is something I will remember until the day I die. Please delete all the blackmail tho, I can’t be caught lacking at college :sob:.

To Philip Yi, I will you $10 gas money. Honestly, I don’t even remember how we first started talking. Whatever the case tho, thank you for the ride and for being such a chill and nice guy. I’m going to miss your cheerful personality, and I’ll make sure to stay in touch :)) Please find better women tho thx.

To Michael Yudovich, I will you that penny we dropped in Naperville. I’m joooooooooooooking. Nah, but fr thanks for the MVC cop and I wish you a fulfilling junior year of rooming with Jared.

To Daniel Park, I will a Moncler coat and a karaoke partner. To be completely honest, you were WAYYYYY shorter than I expected. Still, you are definitely one of my greatest friends at IMSA and your constant encouragement and jokes are something I will miss when I’m with you. You better have a good junior year, or else I’m gonna have to visit just to beat you up :((. Also you better still stay in touch. PS you’re actually insane at singing bro keep it up.

To Oliver Ni, I will a ramen cop. You are just such a beast: that ramen was often the highlight of my day, and your generosity was appreciated so much. Keep being awesome, and I wish you good luck with college apps.

To Will McClain, I will you Jerry from the minecraft server (idk if i can put his full name in this lmao). You are one of the funniest people I know and one of my closest friends. It feels strange to think that we didn’t really talk at the start of your soph year. I will miss your trollface memes, jojo references, and you, more than you could possibly know. Senior year is a battle, but you have always maintained a positive attitude and a smile that has gotten me through so much. Ily man, and make sure to stay in touch.

To Jayant Kumar, I will DaBaby. Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Keep in touch >:((((

To Gerry Paramo, I will an unexpected friend. Honestly, I think it’s kind of crazy how we went from not really knowing each other to where we are today. It sucks that we didn’t get to meet in person this year, but your friendship still means a lot to me. Keep in touch, and I wish you a successful year on CAB :}}

To Jacob Malone, I will someone who gives him music recs as good as his and inner peace. Young Jacob, I know that life hasn’t been easy nor necessarily fun these past couple of months. I wish I could take on all that pain for you, but I cannot. However, I hope you can find some peace in the fact that you are just an incredible human being. I don’t care what you believe; it’s true. Your talks have helped me so much man, and I know you will create a better world the same way you helped me make a better me. Thank you. Stay in touch man, and keep on listening to Bon Iver :))

Prarthana Prashanth

To Shreya M and Pranav P, I will you IMSA’s Medical Society. Thank you for all your wonderful contributions this past year, you have made Medical Society and HOSA what it is today. You are all such talented, diligent individuals, and I am sure the future of Medical Society is in good hands!

To Jason Q, I will you ALLIES. You are so energetic, fun, and quirky with outstanding ideas. You bring unique flavor to ALLIES, and I know that you are going to go far!

To Shreya Mahesh, I will you a bright and amazing future. You are so driven, hardworking, and fun to be around. I know you are off to do amazing things, I wish you all the best for senior year!

To Himani Kamineni, I will you a little sibling as wonderful as you are. Whether it be coding or playing the bassoon, you are so driven, focused, and talented. I’m so glad I got to know you this past year, and am excited to see what you do next :)

To Nat, Khushi, Shreya C, Alexandra, Sreekeerthi, Sumedha, Ella, and Daunovan, I will you IMSA chorus. You are all wonderful singers and great individuals, take good care of IMSA choir’s future!

To Olamiji Fabamigbe, I will you an enjoyable senior year. It was amazing getting to know you this year through Web Tech and Med Society. You are sweet, hardworking, motivated, and I really enjoy each of our conversations. I can’t wait to see what you will do next! 

To Thavaisya Ananth, I will you a fun-filled, stress-free senior year. Talking to you in Biochem and Cancer Bio is always a treat and I’m so glad I got to know you better this year. Best of luck with everything!

To Sachleen Tuteja, I will you an exciting two years at IMSA! You are super hardworking and such a kind human being, I always enjoy our conversations. Feel free to reach out for anything! 

To Erin Yoo, I will you all the Organic Chemistry successes. You are so sweet, kind, and fun to talk to. I know your hard work will take you far, best of luck with everything!

Rachel Tin

To Ava Puchitkanont, I will you hours of Genshin Impact and gacha luck. I still remember the first time we met where I just said “omg are you burmese” and we took a picture at 05 slabs only because of that. You are so strong and talented in all honesty and I wish nothing but the best for you. Feel free to message me whenever, I am always down to beat the pyro regisvine again so my bennett can ascend. Thank you for being my neighbor in 02D last year, and those random times where I literally kicked your door to enter.

To Kaylee Zhou, I will you 1 inch of my height, just so you can barely reach 5 feet. You were one of my favorite sophs in 02D (and Ava dw lmao). I look back at that one tiktok we made where we renegaded so hard and smile every time. Randomly busting into your room were some of the most fun moments in my junior year. I will make you some cookies again sometime and you still have my band dress, but that’s fine ig. Keep smiling and having good vibes :)

To Emily Wei, I will a bedwars win streak of 100. Become the next technoblade love. I still have those mukbang videos and ddlc on my computer. Hanging out with you at random periods were also some of the finest memories I made while on campus. I owe you a minecraft wedding so hmu when you want to do that lmao.

To Natalie Chung, I will a sophomore that squishes your cheeks. Also, you should carry me in genshin sometime, I just got into it lol.

To Rujuta Durwas, I will an underclassman that calls you a silly goose every time they think of you. Seeing your messages and reading your comments lights up my day and I am vv proud of you for working on 03 Drill. Keep on smiling, and have epic vibes :DD

To Keira Feliciano, I will “the continuation of the Depaz legacy at IMSA” in the words of our dear cousin Alana. I regret not being able to spend a year on campus with you and guiding you through the nuances of IMSA, but I am sure you will fare well on your own. I am very proud of you and proud to be your cousin. When times get tough, have faith in your coconut. If you ever need anything, you I know I gotchu just hmu. I love you and I wish your junior and senior year to go swimmingly. Love Rachel

To Emilia Daniels, I will to you the SDAC Speaker(?). Technically, I am supposed to have it, but you should probably just ask rafa about its whereabouts lmao. don’t drop it ig. don’t tell your sister about it either ngl. I am vv glad that we were doubles partners last year and made many memories with me at the net and you at the baseline. I will definitely miss you and feel free to message me whenever.

To the SDAC underclassmen (Emilia Daniels, Hailey Raval, Alice Li, Nathaniel Gao), I will you a successful year with SDAC, hopefully with videos, performances, workships, and everything you guys want to put your mind to. While I didn’t truly get to spend a lot of time with all of you, I hope you guys put effort into our club as it was a family for me for the past three years,

To the Tennis Team underclassmen (Emilia, Sabrina, Erin, Margaret, Cindy, Vivian, Kosi, and others), I will a year full of morning conditioning and wins. Tell Bernie that the seniors missed out on having him as an amazing coach, and may your senior season be full of success. I hope you guys grow close together and keep playing one court chaos, (everyone plays on one court and smashes the ball at each other lowkey).

To Kian (dum dum) De Guzman, I will you nothing but I feel like I should. In all honesty, you are one of my closest IMSA friends, and I am so glad that I was the one who approached u in Myers’s dance class ;p. Our random 4-hour calls and also random periods of not talking strengthen our bond lmao. I genuinely appreciate you though and I am so glad that we talk as often as we do. I hope you are noticed by the hololive vtubers, specifically peko, and rank up to radiant in val. I owe you a lunch and probably and anime recommendation so just keep in touch with me. May your senior year be filled with happiness, and unironic weeb moments. love rach

Rachna Gupta

To AnneMarie Bacon and Catelyn Rounds, I will you the best senior year possible. I remember when you were both baby sophomores, hanging out in our quad and winning our hearts. You are both such amazing and genuinely kind-hearted people. I know that at some points, senior year will feel overwhelming, but remember that you’ll get through it. I wish you all the best for the remainder of your time in high school! 

To Oliver Ni and Liz Alcala, I will you the patience, persistence, and positivity to be the best EICs you can be. You make me so hopeful about the future of The Acronym and I have no doubts that you will go above and beyond. There will be times where you might not know what to do, but my biggest piece of advice is to go with your gut and rely on each other. And, if you ever need anything or just want to talk, please reach out! I’d love to catch up on all the IMSA tea :)

To the talented underclassmen of the quizbowl team (Saketh, Jason, Sam, Em, Emily, Rachael, Michael): I will you countless memories with the scholastic bowl team and an amazing season of exciting games. I’ve loved every second of being your teammate and I know that the team is in good hands. Quizbowl isn’t easy and I admire each of you for your dedication and constant pursuit of cool niche knowledge. But, remember to have fun along the way and cherish the memories you make on those long bus rides and victory dinners. Oh, and put those Masonic funds to good use :)

To Madeline Fields-Halva, I will you more fun times in Russian and a senior year with no regrets. You’ve been such a great friend to me and I hope you make some truly amazing memories win your last year at IMSA. Keep on doing the things you love!

To the future ALLIES Board, I will you a great year and many more successful ALLIES events! I know you will do so many amazing and impactful things with the group. You will meet so many great people and I encourage you to embrace the opportunity to learn from them.  

To Jason Qin, I will you a truly wonderful time at IMSA. Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and take every opportunity you can to make cool memories. I’m really glad I got to know you and I am so sure that you will do great things at IMSA. In addition to all the luck and happiness I can, I will you a cool sophomore to get to know and pass on your wisdom to. Have fun :)

To the future residents of 06, I will you an endlessly supportive community. I was lucky enough to find a family there and I am confident that you will too. Make the most of every moment!

Rowan Eggert

To Spectrum board and its advisors, I will you the same motivation and momentum we had this year. It’s been fantastic working with you all this year and I’m very excited to see what you will do next year. 

To Madeline, I will you great roommate experiences that we didn’t get this year. The pandemic wasn’t fun but I’m sure you’re gonna do great next year!!

To Jonah, I will you many more bike rides and Dairy Queen runs. I’m really glad we could hang out during the pandemic and hopefully this summer as well. 

To 02a up quad, I will you all a great time next year and to make up for all of the laughs we missed during the pandemic.

To Mylanah, I will you chicken ramen and the hope to try all of the ramens. 

To Stryx, I will you an easy senior year. I know we’ve both struggled in math and chemistry, it gets easier your senior year. It’s been great having you as a neighbor. 

Sai Voora

To Rujuta Durwas, I will you the ability to cherish life and make the most of your opportunities. My beloved p*ta, we started talking about the most random thing and it eventually blossomed into friendship that I hope lasts a long time. You are an amazing person inside and out, and I hope you never forget that. You always put people above yourself and honestly that’s so commendable, but I hope you also start looking after yourself more because that is also important. You are going to do big things in life; have a bit more confidence in yourself and you’ll do just fine. Take care of yourself while “bestie vibes only” are off at college, but stay in touch. With love, your favorite linguist, narcissist, and money-lover.

To Jasmine Liu, aka Jasmine Rice, I will you an underclassman you can give all of your sage wisdom to. Be it class recs, college recs, or relationship advice (I’m probably the worst source for this), I’ve enjoyed each and every one of our interactions. You have the drive to achieve amazing things, and I hope you are able to bring your goals to fruition. Next year, I trust you will continue yelling “HI _” at the top of your lungs across the hallways of IMSA. Take care of yourself, Jasmine.

To Cayleigh O’Hare, I will you the drive to achieve your biggest and wildest dreams. I’m not sure how we started talking, but I would like to formally apologize for being terrible at responding. Bonded through our mutual distaste for Florida, our brief friendship has been a memorable one. Next year will be chock-full of distractions and uphill battles, but I trust that you will be able to manage and come out on the other side ready to take on the world having achieved your goals. Above all, be sure to enjoy the little moments that make IMSA truly worthwhile. I wish you nothing but the best.

To Rohit Katakam, I will you both patience and persistence. While I am still unsure how our moms know each other, I’m glad you were able to come to my humble abode during February. All jokes aside, Rohit, I hope you have a great rest of your time at IMSA. I have faith that you will be able to achieve the things you set your mind to. Keep on eating Chobani yogurt.

To Sri Voora, you dummy, I will you the ability to use adversity as an opportunity. There are a lot of things that I should have told you, but I hope this will suffice. Despite our constant bickering, you’ve always had my back through all of life’s challenges thrown our way. You are an amazing person, Sri, and I hope you know that. Never change your caring nature and your drive for success. I have faith that you will do amazing things.

To the rest of 04A, I will you the ability to continue the legacy Mark, Akul, Aryan, and I left. Rishik, you are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, don’t ever change. Thank you for all the food too. Christo, you child genius. You have a sense of humor that is capable of lighting up any room. You’ll do great things, have faith in yourself. And thank you for all those mini-convos, we’d have after school. Phillip, sorry for always trolling you bud. Continue being the studious goon you are, and always remember GGG. Eddie/Edward, you have a big heart, more than you like to let on. Continue being yourself and have faith in your abilities, you’ll do big things.

Samantha Taylor

To Disha: I will you the courage to stay true to who you are. Continue to stand strong in your beliefs even if nobody is standing with you. Have the courage to be disliked and unapologetically take up space. I see a lot of myself in you and it has been the greatest pleasure seeing you grow these past two years. Run confidently in the direction of your dreams and don’t let anyone try to dim your light. You can always reach out to me if you need me. 

To Disha and Brogan: I will to you PME. It has been my home for the past 3 years and it has helped mold me into the person I am today. I trust that you will take care of it and help it become the powerhouse I know it can become. Keep on pushing to make those equitable changes to the IMSA community and DO NOT give up. I forbid you. This work is tiring, hard, and often goes on unrecognized, but it is necessary. Working with you both this past year has been more then I can ask for and I look forward to seeing what you both will accomplish at IMSA and beyond :)).

To PME: I will to you diligence. Mahi, Promise, Dhruv, Nooriyah, and Shanan. This year has flown by. Despite being virtual I am very impressed with the initiative that you have all taken. Very rarely do you come across sophomores who are as determined as you guys have been this past year. Keep on at it. Dream big. No matter how outlandish your goals may seem, go for it with all your strength and tenacity. You just might surprise yourself. In the next two years of your time at IMSA you will grow to become a person that you could have only imagined yourself becoming. Embrace challenge. Embrace change. There is celebration in every triumph and a lesson in every feat. 

To the New BSU President: I will to you my heart and soul, Black Student Union. BSU has been one of the most enriching experiences in my time at IMSA. Be patient. Being BSU president is not easy. Obstacles will be thrown at you, tasks pile up, and you have to be quick on your feet. But it is worth it. You are not alone, use your exec board and Dr. White to help you out. Know the balance between being stern and being kind. Set boundaries, set goals, and work your absolute hardest to achieve them. But remind yourself to take a couple steps back to smell the roses … to get to know people. Because time flies … FAST, and before you know it you will be selecting the next president. Make the most out of the finite time you are given.

Daunovan: Ah. My unofficial little sib. I will to you the strength to make good trouble. Break a couple rules. Draw outside of the lines. Get messy. Get loose. Have fun. You work ethic and intelligence is unquestionable, but when you return to campus push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Embrace discomfort because that’s where you truly find and learn about yourself. I am truly so so so excited to watch you grow into the person I know you can become. And when things get hard … know that you have an alumni rooting for you on the sidelines. I believe in you, even when you feel like nobody does or when you question yourself … I see your potential. No pressure though lol, I only set expectations that I know can be reached. Remain the kind person that you are. Don’t let hardships turn you cold. You bring warmth and light to everyone you meet. More importantly … Stay in contact, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. 

Pranav: I will to you my British drill rap playlist. You have charisma and you have spunk! You are so kind and energetic and whether you realize it or not you instill confidence and positive energy into every interaction you take part in. Thank you for the laughs. Nah fr man you are hilarious. Your humor, kindness, and free-spirited energy has lifted me up on some of my worst days. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know you better on campus, but I am grateful that we crossed paths. The world will tell you to straighten up, become serious, and push you to lose your playfulness and free-spirited nature. Don’t listen. Be you and be authentic. Thank you for being apart of my IMSA story and memories <3

Tea Time Wednesday Gals, Ola, Feyikemi, Liz Soyemi, Temi, Kosi, Temi, Emily, Moorea etc: I will to you confidence. Confidence to stand up for yourself. Confidence to take up space. Confidence to be kind. I know how hard things can get being a Black girl at IMSA … to be a Black girl PERIOD. But remember that life happens FOR you not TO you. Channel your energy into making the community a better place for those that will follow you. The world will tell you that you are not enough, that you are not worthy, that you don’t fit. DO NOT LISTEN. Haven spoken to you all, you each have enormous potential to make the world a better place then it is now. Do it. Don’t confine yourself to the narrow perceptions of others. Don’t look at yourself through the eyes of others. Embrace your uniqueness. Drown in self-love. You have brightened my Wednesday nights with joy and laughter. Everything I do, is for you. Is to make sure you are seen, validated, and heard. I can only hope I’ve made you proud. You each have a place in my heart and will forever be here if you ever need advice or guidance.

To any underclassmen that I may have missed: I’m sorry, but my hands are cramping up. But I will to you infinite gratitude. Thank you. Every person that I have crossed paths with has helped me become the person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. My time at IMSA has not been easy and there have been many times I wanted to quit or give up. But every single person I have met at IMSA has given me a reason to hold on a little tighter. And with the finish line in sight, I recognize how you have all pushed me to do better and be better. Godspeed.

Sebastian Ramos

To Esther Im: I will you a ton of success for your Graphic Design projects. Seeing what you did with the Clash backgrounds and your Instagram, you got yourself a future if that’s what you wanna pursue. If I ever need anyone for Graphic Design stuff, I know who to hit up. Have a great senior year!

To Rohan Jain: I will you that one WebTech meme (you know the one). I also will you a great junior year filled with endless Minecraft nights with your friend on campus. Thanks for buying my quad’s senior auction. Hopefully, you can continue our tradition with your friends.

To the best member of ISoMP Board, Dean Barrow: I will you a ton of random emails. I heard you have perfect attendance at ISoMP meetings, so keep that up. I also will you Liam Nelson.

To the best dancers and choreographers on IMSA campus, Jason Qin, Kenith Taukolo, and Alan Hernandez: I will you a future of epic drill mixes and choreography. Seriously tho, heading drill with you guys was the best way to end my Clash experience at IMSA, and I hope you guys continue to make it fun for the future IMSA class.

To Seth Mack, my only little sib: I will you Reese. That’s it. That’s the tweet. I’ve known you for like 7(?) years already, and seeing you and my brother grow up has been pretty cool. I hope you win every smash match you have against him.

To Nat Gao: I’m pretty sure you would have spammed me if I didn’t will you anything, but dw I was going to anyway. I will you… Google Calendar.  Jkjk, but seriously, even though we’ve had our “rivalry,” you’re still an awesome singer and a very fun person. Never lose that.

To Reese and Olivia whose last name I do not remember. I’m pretty sure it’s a legal requirement for me to will you both something. I will you guys homemade meals and I-Day lunches from the Grandparents, weekend visits back home, and fun times with Ava while I’m away.

To Avdhan Kandikattu: what can I say that hasn’t already been said? For the past 2 years, you’ve carried any project involving motion pictures. B wing movie, Flaming07, and the Pira7es? All of them were Best Picture worthy. I will you many more filmmaking experiences next year.  As I explore film more in college, I’ll definitely think of bringing you on for some projects.

To Ethan Brazelton, my favorite co (sorry Aaron): I will you an amazing senior year. You lucked out having your first RSL year online. While the on-campus RSL grind is slightly more, I have the confidence that you’ll do great if you choose to be one next year. I do hope to see you as a CD (I refuse to say HCC/HDC). Keep up the hard work, singing, gaming, and trivia creation. If you continue to do trivia nights, know that a certain Alumni Host would be down to help.

To Mr. Excellent himself, Bhargav Sampathkumaran: I will you the powers of my RC role on discord. Just kidding, I’m a fake RC. Being your RSL during your soph year and working WITH you as an RSL this year has allowed us to become closer and that’s been awesome. You’re a smart and hardworking dude and I hope you don’t lose this.  I told this to Ethan, but I hope to see you guys play larger leadership roles in the hall next year, assuming you stay in 07 next year. Who am I kidding, you’re like an 07 icon.  Stay well, my guy.

To Shikhar Gupta, Hector Ibarra, and Ethan Brazelton: My boys. My sons. I will you guys voice-appropriate songs. Being on the bari-side of the Tenor life is not easy. I hope more sophs join the Tenorgang ™ next year, and for you guys to be epic role models for them. It sucks that Brink didn’t give us our own song tho. I’ll have to come back and visit for that to happen.

To Liam Nelson: I will you 2D Black Holes, Negative Tachyons, and all the sci-fi physics terms that they mention on The Flash. In all seriousness tho, getting closer with you this past year has been epic. I will you more 2 am Mando nights (Kodai and I will be coming too) as well as the legal rights to make M3GALOVANIA, MEG4LOVANIA, and MEGALO-V-ANIA. Don’t let me down.

To Renaldo Venegas and JT Lutz: I will you guys all the games you hope for. JT, I hope you continue to keep Renaldo in check. To Renaldo, I will you infinite copies of NEW Ocarina of Time 3D HD All-Stars Deluxe D for the Sonysoft Switch ft. Knuckles from the Devil May Cry series. It’s not an overrated game. When BOTW2 comes out, you bet I’ll text you about it.  Finally, I hope you both remember that you guys are cooler than a certain shmen.

To Ariela Asllani: I think this was pretty obvious since your Sophomore year, but I *officially* will you the title of Senior. Having French with you has been a blast. Doing projects and being in awkward breakout rooms with you made my *favorite* class more enjoyable. I wish you the best of luck next year!

To Gabi Velazquez: I will to you all the Bunny Day eggs >:) Just kidding. I will you all the self-timer pics, Paul Rudd memes, and Olivia Rodrigo songs that we bonded over lol. Knowing you for the past 2 years has really been a highlight of my time here. Waving to you in the halls has made every day on campus a little bit better. Don’t lose the spark and happiness that you bring everyone.

To the rest of 1507D (current and future): I will you guys some epic hall/wing programs. I was glad to see that even though we’re in a virtual format, we were still able to be really close. When y’all are on campus, that’s where the real fun begins. I’ll come by next year probably, but in the meantime keep Mr. Lim in check for me ;)

To Mod21: I will you guys a successful comp. Brooke winning best arrangement was a sign that the only direction is up for the group. In-person, the Mod grind is a bit more than it is virtually, but I hope you guys still enjoy it as much as me and the other seniors have. To Shreya, Nat, and Elaina, I hope you guys continue to do music in some way at IMSA because it really relieves stress. To Willow, Ethan, Emilia, and Andrea, I hope to see some of you guys on board next year.  If you need any help, never hesitate to reach out.

To Film Society (current and future): I will you guys a ton of epic movies to share with the IMSA community. Being a part of this club allowed me to have discussions on movies that gave me a new perspective whether they were ones I’ve seen already, or something entirely new to me. I hope you guys continue to entertain and educate the student body.

To the Dowling party, AKA Drama Club: I will you guys an epic comeback with the plays you do. The PRC chose some pretty hype plays for you guys, and I’m sure you will do great. It sucks that we weren’t able to do a “real” performance this year, but you bet I’ll come back and see what you guys do. To future board, I hope you guys easily transition back to the in-person format and return this club to what it was before.

To Cam Magana, I will you the “this ismn’t a meme” page. Good luck with your future at IMSA and never hesitate to reach out!

Shivani Venkatraman

To Shreya and Vivian, I will you the best essays and lots of fun. I miss sitting around the wing commons and just working around y’all, with all of our goofy comments and ridiculous conversations that come with the late night grind. I know you both will be amazing, and I wish you all the fun you can have in the initial half of senior year, and then exponentially more afterward. Keep being your sweet, amazing, hardworking selves and I’m sure you’ll do amazing. 

To Hilda and Gloria, I will you a low-stress senior year and interesting  classes. Gloria, I had such a nice time being in CS Sem with you this semester, thank you so much for dealing with me and my thousand questions ahaha — I miss talking with you and just goofing off about fandom stuff, so I hope you have a lot of time for that in the upcoming year as well. You deserve it. Hilda, I miss interacting with you in the wing. You’re such a nice and sweet person to talk to, and I miss just hanging out in the wing commons. I’m glad we were part of the crew to stick around after Cat’s Zoom meetings — I hope whatever comes your way is low stress and as wonderful as you are. 

To Christin, I will you positivity and more time with friends. You’re such a fun and upbeat person, and interacting with you always makes me feel better, so I will you people that do the same for you! Having you in Creative Writing class has been really fun and you’re so talented — so I will you more time to write, if you want it! I hope you keep on thriving, and C wing keeps being a comfort space for you. 

To Sri, I will you a senior year filled with things you like. I miss hanging out with you so much and doing stupid things, whether it’s choose your own adventure dating sims or talking about webtoons. You’re super sweet and I had fun being disasters together, so I will you hopefully low stress, plus time to actually eat and sleep — as they’re necessary human functions. I hope C wing stays wonderful for you and I hope you have an amazing senior year. 

To all of 06C, I will you 06C Wing (and Dolores, she comes as a package deal). I’m so sad  I didn’t get meet you all in person, or get to know all of you as well as I’d wanted to, but I’m glad we were in the same wing. I will you all an amazing next year, where you’ll hopefully be able to see each other in person (knock on wood) and enjoy the IMSA experience in its entirety again. Those of you who feel comfortable — please keep in touch, I’ll miss y’all! Thanks to everyone for being a part of C Wing. 

Sreyansh Mamidi

To Next Year’s LEAD Team, I will you all a wonderful, fun-filled, and (hopefully) in-person SLD week. The rising seniors on LEAD in the past year were fantastic facilitators in a virtual environment, and I hope you all (rising juniors included!) have the privilege of facilitating in-person next year. Everyone on the team deserves a week with campfires, trips to Naperville and Funway, and a TON of unhealthy snacks – seniors, you know what I’m talking about ;)

To Next Year’s Chess Team, I will you an IHSA State trophy. It was a blast to meet everyone, and I’m confident that all of you will become talented chess players! Make sure to keep an eye on your clock at State next year, and I hope all of you can go back to Peoria to play chess again. Also, please try to get new team polos and show your team spirit!

To Rohit Kartha, I will you the best senior year schedule possible. Honestly, though: you deserve it man. You’re so hard-working, but manage to have a lot of fun at the same time! From revising Amstud essays, playing chess at State, or even eating dinner at Sodexo, we had a lot of fun memories together, and I’ll never forget them. Crush your senior year, and I know that you’ll do great after IMSA too. Don’t get too caught up in college apps – try to cherish every moment of your senior year. Always remember to keep an extra pack of IZZE on hand :)

To Akash Basavaraju, I will you an A on all of your senior year English papers. You’ve always made me smile, Akash – whether it’s coming to my peer tutor shifts in 05 or simply eating at Sodexo. My junior year was hard, but you’ve always reminded me to enjoy the little things and be happy. I’ll never forget the first time I tutored you in 07 C Wing’s study room, and I hope you’ll help more IMSA students with their writing next year! Also, don’t forget to listen to Telugu music from time to time ;)

To Makayla Zheng, I will you my chess notation book for show-and-tell. You’re such a dedicated, bubbly person, and I’m so grateful that I was your co for IMPACT this year. From our first facilitation development activity together to our last module, I’ve shared a lot of great memories with you in LEAD. Thank you for being such an amazing facilitator and human being! I know you’ll be a splendid IMPACT co-chair next year.

To Kevin Fan, I will you an ill eagle. Don’t ever forget the difference between unlawful and illegal my friend! I’ll never forget the presence you have in our IMPACT meetings, and I’m so happy that I got to meet you through LEAD! Thank you for being such a kind person to the people around you, and I’m confident that you’ll be a great IMPACT co-chair! I know that you and Makayla will take IMPACT to great heights!!

To Next Year’s IMPACT Team, I will you more of Mansour’s jokes :)

To Disha Dureja, I will you Ian Fowler’s stellar recommendation letter. Disha, you’re by far one of the most eloquent speakers that I’ve ever met. I’ve truly enjoyed being your LEAD facilitator during sophomore year, and it was a privilege to be your co for CORE this year too! I hope you have an amazing senior year (and SSS lol) for all the hard work that you do. I can’t wait to see the work that you and Rohit will do as co-coordinators!! Also, I’ll never forget the truth-or-dare that we used to play with the sophs in our CORE modules :)

To Rohit Katakam, I will you another win in Krunker or Shellshock. Seriously, though: you have some insane gaming skills man! It’s been a blast getting to know you this year, even though we didn’t meet when you were a soph. From last summer’s SLD week to Zoom meetings with your funny Snapchat filters, I’ll never forget the small memories I had with you. I know you can’t facilitate next year, but I know you’ll be a fantastic co-coordinator. Remember to be eggcellent!!

To Steve Dziamentsyeu, I will you another Art and Design class with Ms. Symoniak. I know we didn’t talk a lot this year, but I wanted to let you know that you’re so hard-working. If we were on campus, I would’ve definitely tried to get to know you better. Thank you so much for being yourself, sharing your thoughts in AmStud discussions, or even just contributing to our wing programs!

To Nandana Varma, Maya Holland, and Jackson Halstead, I will you all another LEAD one-on-one with me. It was pretty hard getting to know all the sophs during first semester, but I really appreciate how you all wanted to meet with me! Nandana, I hope debate and Model UN are going well for you! Maya, I hope you made a lot of good memories during your sophomore year! And Jackson, I hope you’re still talking more pictures of the night sky! You all rock :)

Sri Lalana Appasani

To Disha Dureja and Rohit Katakam, I will you the patience and strength to mold a successful year for LEAD as the 2021-22 Co-Coordinators. Leading this program comes with a lot of challenges, but I know both of you will have the integrity and creativity necessary to persevere and treasure the joy it can bring you. Both of you have an inherent sense of tenacity that I know will help you along the way. Continue to make LEAD a home for the team and enjoy fleeting moments with a second family, and don’t forget to appreciate the time you have with Andrea. I hope you are able to create something that will leave you proud when you graduate. I am beyond happy that Brandon and I chose to leave the LEAD program in your hands and have no doubt that it will flourish next year. 

To Julie, I will you everything you hope for because I see your determination, and I fully believe that you will go out there and achieve it for yourself. When I first met you, you were so adorable, lively, and an absolute delight to get to know. You never failed to entertain me and found creative ways to make volleyball practices interesting (Christmas in October and your many accents!!). You always found a way to brighten my day, whether it was while spending time in the IRC or on some Saturday night. I am so glad that we got along so well. Your happiness is contagious and you are so easy to be around. I have gotten to know the hardworking, brilliant, and grounded person that you are. You have grown and have become an even better person than you already were and I do not doubt that you will do such amazing things. With that being said, remember to have fun because I know how stressful life can get but it is so important that you take care of yourself. Now, if you ever need anything, I will always be a text or call away. 

To Saanvi, I will you sweet memories during a fleeting senior year. You are such a welcoming and fun-loving person and I have seen how far you’ve come since when I first met you (thanks to Ruchi) as a timid sophomore. I know that you are joyful, hardworking, and smart and I have full faith that you will go on to do so well. Naturally, I’m sure senior year will be hectic, but make sure to catch yourself and enjoy the time that you have left at IMSA. I wish we had gotten to know each other better and please don’t be afraid to reach out. 

To Shiraz, I will you many more boxes of Reese’s Puffs. You are one of the most random people I have ever met during my time at IMSA, and I mean that in the best way possible. You are absolutely hilarious, so clever, and have such a unique personality. Thank you for making BC a little less boring and starting strange conversations that have always managed to be entertaining. You genuinely are so fun to be around, especially with our not-so-conventional passing interactions, and I hope you continue to have a blast the rest of your time here.

To Disha, I will you the ability to be completely certain. You are such a light to be around and I see how much passion you have for what you do. I’ve seen you grow from a teeny, spirited sophomore to someone I can feel a strong sense of surety and confidence from. You are so genuine, determined, and intelligent, and I know that you will do great things during your time at IMSA and beyond. I know how committed you are and I hope you carve out time in the chaos of what I’m sure will be a busy year to continue to enjoy and grow into yourself. I hope you have an incredibly fulfilling senior year.

Teodor Tchalakov

To Shawn Coutinho, I will you a robotics team that is one step closer to revolutionizing FRC. I remember being on the programming team last year and spending so much time with you learning about the jobs of other subteams, because programming is always last in the chain and usually uncovers too many mechanical and electrical issues. I will you to go past FRC’s habit of rebuilding and coding similar robots each year with incremental improvements to exploring and motivating others along the journey of reading about all the other beautiful untapped research the world has to offer. IMSA can offer a talent pool like no other and the more you learn to lead people the more you will see yourself relying on others, a true treat. Lastly, I believe in what you are doing and know that you will build great things, just make sure to take it easy once in a while. If you ever need another perspective in making difficult decisions, I will be happy to chat. Keep me updated! This senior will is not final!

To Cole Plepel, I will you the Programming Lead position on the most wonderful FRC robotics team, Titan Robotics. Something was itching my first two years in FRC, it felt like I was not reaching the full potential of robotics software. I was just rewriting the same stuff each year. I will you to think outside the box and inspire the rest of the robotics team to embrace the crazy possibilities that can come to the robotics team. You have so much more background than me that I know you will be able to dive into the bleeding edge of robotics research. I will you a robot that performs as follows: senses the field, maps the field, localizes on the field, identifies key objects and other robots, uses ML or DL to strategize its high-level actions, plans a dynamic path with your D* Lite algorithm, passes the plans to the RMPFlow algorithm to generate intelligent and optimized motion, commands the motion controllers, and inspires everyone at the competition. I will you to persuade the design team to get a high DOF arm for manipulation of field elements. But most importantly, I will you to enjoy what you read and spread that excitement through the programming team. I hope to continue hearing from you and the team, so keep me posted.

To Christo Ekimov and Gabby Georgieva, I will you both to study up your Bulgarian. But in all seriousness, I will you both a wonderful senior year at IMSA (look how far you both have come OMFG). If either of you ever needs someone to talk to hit me up. Christo, I will you to keep up the 04 spirit and Gabby, I will you to discover your place at IMSA.

To Samuel Lee, I will you to keep on learning math, and if you like programming you should join the robotics programming team ;). I had so much fun messing around in music theory and mandarin and having talks with you. I will always remember that. I will you an amazing senior year full of more math classes.

To Jakob Bachhausen and Marco Bravo, I will you both to make a fire hall movie and epic drill choreo that will make 04 undeniably win 1st 3 times in a row.

To Siddarth Tiwari, Peter Capriotti, Irene Liu, and Cole Plepel, I will you all to continue robotics and more programming work. I know you all didn’t get to experience the satisfying and often frustrating feedback of testing code on a robot physically. However, I know that if you continue robotics you will take a liking to the wonderful experience of bringing to life a hunk of metal. I assure you that you will learn a lot more and fall in love with computer science, math, and physics even more. Good luck to you all for the next few years!

To Gloria Wang, Amanda Chen, Ethan Brazelton, Emily Jung, I will you all a club that continues to grow now that the virtual setting hopefully doesn’t befall you all next year. I will you all to hone your leadership and Google Suite skills and to think outside the box. And just as my predecessor said to me, don’t get us unchartered :)

To Christo Ekimov, Edward Zhang, Rohit Katakam, Pranav Patel, Philip Yi, Rishik Reddy Ummareddy, Robert Zhu, and Quinn Verdeyen, I will my old 04A wing underclassmen an amazing senior year with a real SSS. You all better party hard. I also will you all A wing’s culture, with only a semester and a half, I hope I did my job with you all well. I pass that responsibility to show the effectively 2 years worth of sophs that you all will get next year to show them what A-wing is all about.

To the underclassmen on robotics, I know this year is not how you expected it to be. Without being hands-on, the experience is dulled. But this is only more reason to make haste of the time you have this summer and next year. I will you all to work hard, dedicate yourself, explore, innovate, discuss, contribute, think outside the box, read research, and most of all have fun. There is nothing better to me personally at IMSA than the robotics team.

To my alma mater 04, I will you all to continue the legacy of 04. 04 transcends its walls into a culture of its own, a culture of fun, friends, camaraderie, shenanigans, putting in work, and respect. I truly would not be who I am today without this culture and I will you all to continue it as you are given the greatest task of showing 2 years’ worth of sophs what 04 and IMSA is all about. I believe in you all.

To All Underclassmen, I will you enjoying your time at IMSA and with the people you meet. You never know how your situation will turn out. And keep in touch with your upperclassmen and alumni. No regrets!

About the Author

Rachna Gupta
Rachna Gupta graduated from IMSA in 2021, where she was a proud three-year resident and Residential Student Leader of 1506A. She served as an Editor-In-Chief for the Acronym for the 2020-2021 school year. Other than the Acronym, Rachna was involved in Quizbowl, the ALLIES program, and student research. She is now pursuing undergraduate studies at Harvard University.

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