IMSA 2024-25 Calendar

The proposed 2024-25 school year calendar has been released. | Source: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

On March 20, 2024 the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees occurred on the topic of the academic calendar for IMSA in the 2024-25 year. From this, the proposed calendar for next year was released, which is very similar to this year’s with a few notable changes.


Student leaders will move into their dorms on Tuesday, August 13th in preparation for the new school year. Then the sophomores will move in on Wednesday the 14th followed by juniors and seniors on Thursday the 15th.

Starting the Year

During welcome week, IMSA will again host Convocation, a formal event to welcome in sophomores and welcome back the juniors and seniors. This event is planned to take place on Friday the 16th of August.

The following Monday (the 19th) marks the start of the fall semester and classes will begin. Subsequently, Wednesday the 21st is the IMSA Day of Service, an I-day reserved for volunteering both on and off campus.

Parents, friends, and students will again be invited on August 24, 2024, to the carnival hosted on Yare. Expect to see fun games, food, bouncy houses, and more.

Homecoming is on Saturday, September 28, the same day as Family Day.


Quarter 1 will end on Friday, October 4, marking the beginning of the first extended. It will take place from October 12-20, with classes resuming on the Monday, October 21st.

Once again, IMSA will experience virtual engagement days on November 25 and 26 followed by Thanksgiving Break from November 27 to December 1st.


Classes after Thanksgiving Break will resume on December 2nd and on Wednesday, December 18, Quarter 2 comes to an end after finals and winter break begins.

The extended ends on January 5th, 2025 and marks the start of Intersession, a two-week long period of specialized classes and travel for IMSA students. This will run from January 6-17 and classes resume after MLK day on January 20th, 2025.

As Quarter 3 is in full swing, students get an extended break from February 15-19 followed by a Teacher Institute Day on February 28th.


Quarter 3 will end on March 14th and there will be another extended from March 15-23 for Spring Break.

After vacations and staycations, students will resume classes on March 24, 2025, which marks the beginning of the final quarter.

April hosts several exciting events including IMSAloqium on the 17th where students present their research and SIRs. Student Leadership Exchange & Hollister Lecture (SLX) is on April 30, 2025, where sophomores get to present the work they do in their LEAD electives.

Between the two events, however, there is another extended from April 17-21, slightly different from the 2023-24 academic calendar.

Ending the Year

Prom will take place on Friday, May 16th followed shortly by Memorial Day on the 26th.

Seniors will have graduation rehearsal on Friday, May 30, and graduation on the 31st.


Take note of these exciting events and be sure to be on the lookout for any changes that may occur on this proposed calendar for the 2024-25 year!

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