COTH23 Day 3: Game show, Mural, Hall Decs, and More!

Source: Irene Park

The third day of COTH was packed with events and creative displays from each hall with riddle, game show, mural, hall decs, propics, and t-shirt rankings being released. So, let’s analyze each hall’s performance in each category.

Game show featured events inspired by the themes from each hall. The games included putting out the fire (aka wearing ponchos, getting into a box with your partner, and knocking out cans), cracking the code (the answer was “Defund CAB”), bowling, musical chairs/towels, limbo, among others. This event was definitely only a taste of what pep rally will be like, but my ears have already popped from everyone’s cheering.

Here are game show standings:

1st: 1505 and 1504

2nd: 1505

3rd: 1507 and 1501

4th: 1503

5th: 1502

The reveal of hall mural, t-shirt, and propic added an exciting touch to the day as students were able to view each in old caf throughout the day. Here are a few of the murals and t-shirts!

07 Mural; Source: Irene Park

05 Mural; Source: Irene Park

06 Mural; Source: Irene Park

Here are mural standings:

1st: 1502

2nd: 1506

3rd: 1507

4th: 1501

5th: 1504 and 1505

6th: 1503

07 t-shirt; Source: Irene Park

01 t-shirt; Source: Irene Park

Here are t-shirt standings:

1st: 1503 and 1501

2nd: 1502 and 1505

3rd: 1506

4th: 1504

5th: 1507

01/Candyland: 01’s propic was very sweet and cute, with confetti blowing up as their animation. Each person dressed up in festive gear and anything pink-related, with shiny balloons in the background.

02/Astronaut: 02’s propic featured some dazzling and (if I can say so myself) hot students from 02 wrapped in clouds. It was the only propic that had unique ones for sophomores, juniors, and seniors (sophomores have a crescent moon, juniors half moon, and seniors full moon). Creative. 

03/Downtown: The propics feature people from 03 sitting in a purple tiled room with graffiti that mimicked a subway (possibly), looking cool, collected, and ready to take on wet New York.

04/Blaze: 04 had one of the best animations for propic, with the person going up in flames to reveal their theme. Even though only one propic was revealed, it showcased some excellent graphic designing.

05/Paradise: another top-notch animation of a passport flipping to reveal each student. Then, the final page reveals the individual person looking excited to take a vacation in paradise.

06/Diamond Heist: Everyone is taking a mugshot, tying in with their diamond heist theme. Very original and unique: their jewelry glistens to emphasize the diamonds. Everyone is apparently 6 feet tall though. I wish that were me.

07/Monopoly: 07 was out there, making it rain cards and money with their propic. Everyone had money on their mind and was staring menacingly into the camera. They really do look ready to take all of my money.

Here are propic standings:

1st: 1504

2nd: 1505

3rd: 1506

4th: 1501

5th: 1503

6th: 1502

7th: 1507

Here are the final standings:

1st: 1501

2nd: 1504 and 1505

3rd: 1502 and 1503

4th: 1507

5th: 1506

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