COTH23 Day 4: Pep Rally, Face Painting, and More

Halls gathering for face painting | Source Nachiket Rajnikanth

Proudly exhibiting their colorful hall​ T-shirts, a parade of IMSA students flooded the school this morning transporting everyone into a world of excitement and enjoyment. On Clash of the Halls (COTH) day 4, the last day, everyone was ready to bring it. 

The final riddle of Clash was released promptly at 8:00 in the morning. In the midst of solving the riddle, students spent midday painting their faces with their hall’s color. 1504 and 1505 tied for riddle. 

The pep rally represents the culmination of COTH and consists of three main events: obstacle course, senior game, and drill. Obstacle course was up first, and it included several obstacles ranging from walking through a maze of cones blindfolded to hula-hoop horseshoes. A spectacular challenge requiring speed and collaboration resulting in 1507 coming in first. 

Coming up next was senior game. This is the 2023 seniors’ last COTH, and IMSA students were determined to make it a worthwhile send-off. Cheers erupted from the bleachers as 4 seniors from each hall made their way through seven rounds of competitive “bowling.” The objective of the game was for each hall to safeguard their section of pins from other halls as they tried knocking them down with dodgeballs. 1507 utilized their throwing accuracy and blocking skills to eventually win senior game.

Finally, it was time for drill, the biggest event of Clash. Each hall had been training for months and was finally ready to showcase their incredible dance moves in drill. 

1501 (Candyland) was up first, and they came prepared with some of the sweetest choreography. Featuring flying stunts and precise formations, 1501 put on a heartwarming performance to start off drill. 

1505 (Paradise) was next. Their coordinated stunts and unexpected footwork made the crowd go wild. 1505 put on an energizing performance that paved the way into paradise. 

A quick roll of the dice and 1507 (Monopoly) was up next. 1507 took their floor and with their impeccable coordination and choreography, they had IMSA singing their hearts out like their rent was due next mod. 

Halfway through and 1504 (Blaze) took the floor to showcase their unique choreography and themed stunts that left the audience stunned. IMSA will go on to remember 1504’s fireball stunt and their creativity in bringing out a fire extinguisher at the end, a perfect way to match their theme. 

Next was 1506 (Diamond Heist). For the past couple of years, 1506 has had a tradition of paying homage to their seniors. This year, dancing to “Diamonds” by Rihanna, 1506 put on a heartfelt performance which had audience members swaying to the music while waving their flashlights. If that’s a crime, then I’m in. 

Following 1506 was 1502 (Astronaut). Their drill featured stunts including flips, turns, and coordinated group stunts that were truly out of this world. 

Finally was 1503 (Downtown) who put on a show stopping performance that won drill. Their energizing mix had the audience members screaming. 1503’s drill featured incredible stunt work and coordinated choreography that took everyone on a thrilling ride through downtown IMSA. 

After a week of participating in all COTH events, 1501 won Clash overall for the second year in a row.


1st: 1504, 1505

3rd: 1503

4th: 1506/1501

6th: 1502

7th: 1507

Senior Game

1st: 1507

2nd: 1503

3rd: 1505

4th: 1501

5th: 1504

6th: 1506

7th: 1502

Obstacle Course

1st: 1507

2nd: 1502

3rd: 1506

4th: 1505

5th: 1503

6th: 1501

7th: 1504


1st: 1503

2nd: 1501

3rd: 1502

4th: 1504

5th: 1507

6th: 1505

7th: 1506


1st: 1501 (6825 pts)

2nd: 1503 (6700 pts)

3rd: 1504 (6450 pts)

4th: 1502 (6375 pts)

5th: 1505 (6300 pts)

6th: 1507 (5925 pts)

7th: 1506 (5725 pts)

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