Homecoming Week 2021

A senior holding a "senior" sign with students cheering behind | Source: IMSA Student Productions (ISP)

Welcome to Homecoming Week 2021–2022! With the return of campus life, this week was full of memorable events and fun memories to commemorate IMSA’s first homecoming since 2019! Campus Student Activities (CAB) did an amazing job bringing the campus together, even with COVID-19 guidelines. Over the course of this week (September 27–October 2), there were zero positive COVID-19 cases among the IMSA community! 

Day 1 (Monday, Sept. 27): 

To kick off the week, IMSA students dressed their finest for Masquerade Monday. Many students showed pizzaz and looked extra fancy.   

Seniors strike a pose with their fancy fits | Source: ISP

During midday, CAB hosted its event challenging IMSA students to test their intellect through a Kahoot! game. There was a close match between a sophomore and a junior fighting for first place. Although it was a tough battle, the juniors managed to win! 

At night, the annual Meet Your Match event was held! Contestants participated in the hopes of finding their one true love. The potential matches were narrowed down through a series of “this or that” questions and individual answers. Although things didn’t work out for all, the 5 contestants seemed content with their match.  

Day 2 (Tuesday, Sept. 28): 

On the second day of Homecoming week, IMSA students paired up and became twins! Throughout the day, you could find matching hoodies to matching hats. It was truly a terrific Twin Tuesday! 

For the midday event, CAB hosted a fashion show! Each grade was given 20 minutes and random materials to create the best outfit. The outfit was, of course, presented to the most experienced fashionistas at IMSA: the teachers. The event took place on the stage of the cafeteria, and the juniors took home the win!

Later in the day, the classes gathered together to play some good ol’ Capture the Flag. The game took place behind the soccer field, and the seniors successfully won the game! 

Day 3 (Thursday, Sept. 30): 

Thursday began mixed up with backward day! Students wore hats, jackets, and even pants backward.

The midday event consisted of a game called Mask Mix Up where students had to guess the teacher behind different edits and distortion. Seniors won the title of Best Guessers!

CAB’s nighttime event was the Classic Game Show. Students from each grade took to the stage and competed against each other. They had to guess the song, put on as many masks as possible, wrap their partner in streamers, and hit their opponent’s balloon on the floor before theirs falls. In an intense tiebreaker between the juniors and seniors, the juniors kept their balloons in the air and added more points for the Class of 2023!

Day 4 (Friday, Oct. 1): 

Homecoming Spirit Week ended with Class Color Day. Sophomores stunned in red, juniors glowed in orange, and seniors were clad in brown. 

The sophomores pose at the end of their dance | Source: ISP

During midday, face painting took place in the 07 white tents. Students showed their class spirit even more by adding their class color and year to their faces to prepare for the pep rally. 

After the shortened day, the entire school rushed to the soccer field, where the pep rally took place. It began with the sophomores performing their drill dance. With fun stunts and coordinated movements, the Class of 2024 took home third place. Next, the juniors took to the field. The Class of 2023 had immense spirit, with the loudest cheers and undisputable support for the dancers. The dance breaks and partner work earned the juniors second place.

The senior drill dance wraps up with a homecoming proposal | Source: ISP

Lastly, the seniors displayed their coordination, high stunts, and even a homecoming proposal in their drill dance. They received first place after their exciting and clean moves. 

Seniors pose after winner the obstacle course | Source: ISP

After IMSA students showed off their dance skills, CAB explained that there was an obstacle course challenge. Six people from each class competed in ball tossing, two-legged race, and sack-hopping. The seniors obliterated the competition and came in first with the sophomores claiming second place. The winners then were given permission to pour water over their favorite CAB members, getting Liam, Rashmi, and Gerry drenched. 

The obstacle course players cleared the field for the soccer team to begin their homecoming game. The varsity boys soccer team dominated and won 5-0. Later in the evening, our girl’s volleyball team competed in a tournament. The varsity team won two games!

Day 5 (Saturday, Oct. 2):

To conclude the fun and eventful week, IMSA had its Homecoming dance by the white tent near 1507! From 6–10 pm, IMSA students got their groove on as they danced the night away. 

Students pose together at homecoming | Source: ISP

After waiting two years for homecoming, CAB did not disappoint the IMSA community. With competitions, events, and of course the dance, IMSA students and faculty are continuing to make lasting memories at our home-away-from-home. 

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