Lexington 101

With just over a quarter of the school year passed, IMSA students have now established their places and now have a good feel for social life, residential life, and grades (or maybe not). However, there is controversy among students about Lexington’s food. There are those who eat there for every meal, and those who have never stepped foot into the cafeteria after the first week of school. Regardless, this Lexington 101 guide will give you tips on how to navigate the school cafeteria to get the most out of it.



While most of us do not have the willpower to wake up early enough for breakfast and get a simple grab-n-go instead, we most certainly have tried brunch at one point. Key highlights from these meals have included biscuits with gravy, apple pancakes, and waffles. Make sure to snag these when they’re out! Another important thing to remember about breakfasts/brunch is that they offer small take-out options. Especially since we don’t have our parents droning on about eating healthy, we have to make sure that we take responsibility for our health. Taking a few fruits, like apples and bananas, will provide you with the nutrition that you need throughout the day. 



Lunch is usually chaotic, and the lines for the entrees are always long. Consequently, many of us resort to burgers, fries, and pizza. However, to get a wide variety of foods, it is important to also try out the salads whenever you can. Other quality lunch and dinner options include chicken legs, stir-fry, lentil rice, marinara pasta, and mac-n-cheese. If they offer some sort of cooked vegetables, try at least a little bit! This may be your chance to discover that you actually like green beans and bell peppers. 



Desserts are everyone’s favorite part of the meal. Despite all other controversies, there is almost unanimous agreement that desserts are among best things to get at Lexington. Apple pie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and banana cake are must-try options, at least once.


Though many students report dissatisfaction with Lexington’s service, its staff are still trying their best to feed over 600 students. Going to Lexington to get the nutrients you may not get from your dorm food hoard is crucial for your health. So, make sure to give these options a try. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up finding something you enjoy.

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Irene Park
Irene (she/her) is a junior at IMSA and lives in 1502. She is a staff writer for the Acronym and spends her free time running a sex ed non-profit organization, which you should go follow on Instagram @thesexed_initiative :))

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