IMSA Clash: Day 2

An image from 06's Talent Show | Credit: Christian Cline

The 2nd day of clash was a wild ride from the second day of riddle to the new game picture perfect, and ending off with a bang as each hall showed off their respective talents. All of the rankings for each of day 2’s events are included at the very end.

At 8 o’ clock sharp members from each hall were sent a copy of a CAB member’s newest song. Though it sounded conspicuously like “Life is a Highway”, its composer was sure to add some auditory interest: a message encoded within Morse code. Its secret code sent each hall’s respective team of riddlers barreling down a mysterious path through YouTube videos, snap stories, and mysterious dedications; attempting to be the first hall to solve it.

Stay tuned for the answer, which will be posted tomorrow alongside the next riddle.

Next students rushed around campus, grabbing members of their respective halls and recruiting them as models for a unique set of photos. This new clash minigame made people arrange themselves in iconic meme formats, strange formations, and fun poses while trying to gather enough spheres or all the members of a quad for some of the most specific photos. The hall which could get the most pictures in the shortest amount of time was crowned the victor of the minigame, which, with approval, might just make its way into future clash weeks.

Talent show ended the day off strong at 7:00.

First up was 06 with their platinum charity ball and huge jewel diamond. They featured a ball with a live music performance, beautiful cultural dances, and a show of flexibility by a cunning diamond thief.

Next came 05, leading the crowd through IMSA as a paradise. They featured dancing dragons, an amazing musical performance, a shows of Rubik’s speed cubing, and a very quick mathematician solving equations.

01 introduced their lab, a place where abilities are gained through special candy. They featured a group doing the worm, beautiful singing, and experts in things from ribbon twirling to throwing knives. All assuring the Evil scientist’s plans for world domination.

Then 04 took up the stage, featuring talents within the hall of the fire lord. Musicians, martial artists, and even a professional body lifter (who bench pressed two 04 members) showed their talents to the fire lord in a beautiful show of talents.

07 featured a game of professional monopoly where talents were traded for in game money. The three professionals took turns showing off magic (with Tracy Townsend ascending the stage as an assistant), dance skills, a song on the trombone, and fabulous acrobatics.

02 came to the stage with a group of aliens who found their way through becoming humans. Through water chugging, emanating elegant music, and learning the art of rizz form a professional, the aliens taught us more about ourselves then we could have ever expected.

The whole city came to the stage with 03, along side their two late night hosts. They seamlessly showed off a multitude of acts form comedians, to violinists, to dancers. They even included an entire circus which bounded and twirled across the stage, and a final dance number.

The entire show ended off with an amazing performance form IMSA’s own cheer team, only raising the already soaring sprits from each hall’s unique and amazing performance.

The Scores and rankings:

Picture Perfect:

1st: 1503

2nd: 1501, 1506

4th: 1507, 1502

6th: 1505

7th: 1506


Talent Show:

1st: 1503

2nd: 1501

3rd: 1504

4th: 1502

5th: 1505

6th: 1507

7th: 1506


Riddle 2:

1st: 1502

2nd: 1501

3rd: 1507

4th: 1503

5th: 1504, 1505, 1506



1st: 1503

2nd: 1501

3rd: 1502

4th: 1504, 1507

6th: 1505

7th: 1506

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