Clash of the Halls: Day 3

Contestants participated in a partner ramen-eating-contest for Wednesday's game show. Photo Credits, Andriy Sheptunov, ISP.

Despite complaints of unfair judging during Monday’s and Tuesday’s events, the Clash spirit raged on Wednesday, the third day of clash.

Most students spent the day at SIR, helping out with Mu Alpha Theta’s annual Junior High Math Contest (JHMC), or catching up on sleep lost to Clash planning and practices, so the Wacky Wednesday dress-up theme saw a sparse number of participants. However, those that did participate, such as Dr. Scarano, looked truly “wacky.”

Though no midday competition took place today, students from every hall united in competition during the day’s main event, the Game Show. Students from 01 began to line up at 6:45 pm, and by 7:15 students from every hall buzzed with energy in the auditorium as they prepared to compete for the 600 point grand prize.

The event began with an introduction by CAB director and emcee Mateusz Cikowski, who explained the rules of the event. He explained that the Game Show would be comprised of four events, including a trivia competition with a donut-eating aspect, ramen-eating contest, gummy-bear finding contest, and a set of timed tasks.

After defeat Tuesday night at Talent Show, 1505 took first place at Game Show, followed in order by 1504 and 1503, 1501 & 1507 tied for fourth, 1502, and finally, 1506. Shivani Sharma, member of the 06 community, reflected on the event, saying “We tried our best, which is really all we can do. Even though we came in last, it was still fun and worth it. Clash isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun!”

Responses to the event were not all positive: An anonymous IMSA student complained, “It was lowkey a sexist event, because there were two eating competitions out of four contests, which makes it harder for girls’ halls to win.” In addition, complaints circulated about certain halls’ strategies in the donut-eating contest, and students noted the lower-than-usual student attendance, perhaps due to other commitments or lower interest levels.

Thursday, students can look forward to face painting, hall mural presentation, t-shirt and profile picture design judging, and of course, the pep rally. At the pep rally, students will compete in the obstacle course, senior game, eating contest, and drill– and, as upperclassmen remember from last year’s clash, a hall’s performance in these 4 critical events can bring a losing hall into the lead or drop a hall from the top to the bottom.  

Best of luck, IMSA!

Wednesday, March 8 scores: (from

Game Show: 1st- 1505, 2nd- 1504, 3rd- 1503, 4th- 1507, 4th- 1507, 6th- 1502, 7th- 1506

Cumulative Scores: 1st- 1502, 2nd- 1507, 3rd- 1505, 4th- 1503, 5th- 1501, 6th- 1505, 7th- 1506

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