25th Clash of The Halls 2023: Day 1

Dr. Golab conducts an experiment at the beginning of COTH | Source: Clash of The Halls Instagram

IMSA, it is that time of the year again: Clash season. Only this time, it’s different as this year marks the 25th Anniversary of Clash of The Halls! 

Day 1 started off with brain-twisting activities and cinematic masterpieces. At 8 AM, halls began to scramble for answers to a riddle that focused on “What happened in the cafe.”

Fire Demonstration at Opening Ceremony | Source: Megan Sia

There was an extended midday for Clash to host an opening ceremony in the Main Gym, where CAB outlined the upcoming week. Following their announcements, Chemistry teachers Dr. Golab and Dr. Kopff performed a colorful fire experiment showcasing Hall superlatives such as “Most Likely to Forget Lines at Talent Show,” “Most Likely to Break Clash Trophy,” etc.

The remainder of midday consisted of Think Tank: an event where the halls come together to answer the most challenging trivia questions. The categories ranged from STEM-related questions to IMSA Hype and Pop Culture.

Shreya Chakraborty (’23) working hard on Think Tank | Source: Megan Sia

In the evening, each hall showcased its Hall Movie that incorporated its theme. Every movie demonstrated brilliant creativity and enlightening jokes, creating a three-way tie for 3rd place.

Still from 1505 Winning Movie | Source: Megan Sia

However, no hall compared to 1505’s winning movie, based on their theme Paradi5e. The movie told the story of four teenagers celebrating their summer before college together, learning that paradise doesn’t require any fancy or expensive vacations.



Tallying the scores of all three events, here are the final standings as of Day 1:


Think Tank: 

1st: 1503

2nd: 1504 

3rd: 1507

4th: 1506

5th: 1501

6th: 1502

7th: 1505


Hall Movie:

1st: 1505

2nd: 1502 

3rd: 1506,1507,1504

6th: 1503

7th: 1501



1st: 1503

2nd: 1501 

3rd: 1505

4th: 1504

5th: 1507

6th: 1506

7th: 1502



1st: 1505

2nd: 1507 

3rd: 1503, 1504

5th: 1502

6th: 1501

7th: 1506


Good luck to all halls on Day 2!

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