Clash of the Halls 2021: Day 1

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again! Today marks the first day of Clash of the Halls, where each hall gets to showcase their weeks of planning and celebrate hall spirit and pride. Here’s a rundown of everything that happened today.

The day officially kicked off with the opening ceremony during midday, where there was a rundown of the Clash week agenda and the student body got hyped up for the rest of this week’s events. Today’s dress-up theme was melancholy Monday, which had students getting up and going to class in their pajamas (but to be honest, what day isn’t pajama day?). While the opening ceremony was the official start to Clash, the day began with the first riddle of the week.

The main event for Day 1 was the hall movie, where the different halls got to display their acting and filming skills. 1501 got first place with their edgy music video that displayed great singing, catchy lyrics, and cool videography. Next up was 1507 in second place, who used Minecraft to create a pirate movie with great comedy and dramatic scenes. After that placed 1503, with their clever movie that used multiple platforms, including members of other halls. In fourth place was 1502, with their movie that took a new spin on the Wizard of Oz. 1505 placed fifth, with funny references to last year’s theme and Among Us. 1504’s movie used a great mix of in-person and virtual acting to create a great movie. Finally, we have 1506, giving a funny and creative spin to our favorite fairy tales.

If you weren’t able to see the clash movies today, you can find them here.

Here are the current rankings after Day 1’s events, including the riddle:

First Place – 1507 with 850 points
Second Place – 1501 with 800 points
Third Place – 1503 with 750 points
Fourth Place – 1505 with 675 points
Fifth Place – (Tie) 1504 and 1502 with 575 points
Seventh Place – 1506 with 350 points

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