Clash Of Halls: Student Response

Clash marked the last of student events for the 2019-2020 school year, as the day after, students unknowingly left IMSA for the rest of the academic year. | Source: ISP

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) has many traditions. But of all the traditions created throughout IMSA’s 36-year history, Clash of the Halls remains the most iconic. IMSA consists of seven residential halls: 01, 02, etc. During Clash, the residential halls compete against each other. Competitions such as Hall Decorations, Talent Show, Game Show, and most importantly, Drill take place.

Clash of Halls lasts a full week. However, students spend weeks ahead planning for their big win. Clash week has always been IMSA students look forward to and enjoy as teachers ease up on homework and allow students to enjoy the week before Spring break. However, Clash this year brought mixed opinions. Students enjoyed the events but complained about the week it took place, new rules, and lack of participation.

“We were robbed of our hall decorations. We followed the rules but still had to get it taken down. Free 04!” Sophomore Aarav Lala said.

Clash rules were not set clearly before hall decorations were made, causing 04 students to lose points and interest in Clash. Many students argued that it was unfair to get rid of their decorations after they were made as they believed it did not go against clash rules last year.

Returning members saw the lack of participation from the student body. There were many reasons for the decrease in involvement.

“Clash was set at an unusual time this year. Last year, we had it right before Spring Break which caused more people to participate because they were excited about it,” 06 Hall Senator Chinara Caldwell said.

“Sophomores were not introduced to it. It didn’t seem fun to me, it felt more forceful because all my upperclassmen kept telling me to join different events,” Sophomore Tashi Shah said.

Sophomores have not been introduced to many IMSA traditions, causing them confusion. Although some were excited at the prospect of competition, others didn’t understand the reason behind it. Also, time constraints played a role in participation. Students did not have as much time to create choreography for Drill and learn it as Clash was only a couple weeks after intersession and the ASIA culture show Lunar. The calendar change caused many students to lose interest.

However, there were good reviews as well. New students enjoyed the competition and fighting for the title of “best hall.”

“I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun because I got closer to my hall. I think Clash helps bring community at IMSA because a lot of people participate and work together,” Sophomore Brooke Hobbs said.

Although there were issues with Clash logistically, Students still enjoyed IMSA’s tradition as it allowed them to create connections and form bonds.

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