How to IMSA: The 24 Hours After Finals

Yay! You're done with finals! Now what? | Source: Pexels

This time of year, there is one thing on everyone’s minds – getting through finals to the freedom of winter break. Before you move out, here are a couple of ways to utilize your last 24 hours on campus:

  • Pack. If you’re like me, you’ve definitely procrastinated with packing your bags. Because it is the end of the semester, you might want to consider taking home the supplies you don’t need anymore and taking inventory of what you need to bring back for the new year. Consider your plans for winter break – will you be needing specific clothes or that book you haven’t gotten around to reading yet? 
  • Clean. To make check-out run as smoothly as possible, ensure that your room is as neat as can be. If you have the time, it might be fun to go through the junk drawers you’ve conveniently forgotten about. Remember, there may be extra instructions from your RC about how to leave your room for the extended break. 
  • Make sure you turned in your books. If you were using a textbook to study for finals, make sure you gave that back to the school – fees can be expensive if you forget to do this! Don’t forget about any books you might have read in English or History classes. 
  • Check PowerSchool. Make sure everything is in order before you go. If you had any missing assignments, this week may be your last chance to check with your teachers about it. 
  • Hang out with your friends. Winter break is two long (well-needed) weeks away from IMSA. But, this means that you may not be able to see your friends, especially because they live all over Illinois. Make sure to spend some time together and say your goodbyes! 
  • Last but not least, CELEBRATE! Seniors – one of the most stressful semesters of your life is over, and SSS is just around the corner! Underclassmen, you’ve made it through another semester on your journey to graduation. Congratulations!

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