Ranking Popular Holiday Drinks

A few delectable holiday-time drinks | Source: Town and Country Magazine

Since the holiday season is approaching, we have to welcome seasonal drinks. But to what extent are they joyful? To commemorate the start of these yearly drinks, let me share my thoughts on some of the most popular holiday drinks! 


  1. Eggnog 

Ranking last for me is eggnog. Personally, I don’t think this concoction tastes well. Eggnog is a drink made with eggs, cream, and spices. It is typically consumed at Christmas. I despise the taste of eggnog because it feels like I’m drinking sweetened, liquified mayo. (Ironically, I actually enjoy the taste of mayo, but I don’t enjoy the taste of sugar and mayo.)


  1. Apple Cider 

Fall is the best season for picking the best apples. Many apples are harvested to create delicious products such as apple cider. Apple cider has a crisp and refreshing taste. It has a hint of sweetness that’s unlike the other holiday drinks. In addition, most apple ciders are made purely of apples and have no artificial sweeteners. Although I enjoy the taste of apple cider, I’m more fond of other drinks. To me, apple cider and apple juice are basically the same things with the exception that apple cider is all-natural.   


  1. Hot Chocolate 

From its warmth to its creaminess, hot chocolate is everything that eggnog wishes it was. Hot chocolate is a warm drink made of hot milk/water and cocoa powder. Lately, however, many people have tried it as a hot chocolate bomb, a hollow chocolate sphere containing cocoa powder inside. A hot chocolate bomb is placed in warm milk/water, and the heat from the milk/water create a bomb-like effect where the bomb melts and opens up. Hot chocolate is a nice simple drink that you can’t go wrong with!


  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice latte is a key element of fall. It is a coffee drink that tastes like a delicious pumpkin pie. One of the reasons why I particularly like pumpkin spice lattes is because their similar to chai tea (one of my favorite teas). Both drinks have the same spices. Whenever I drink a pumpkin spice latte, I picture the drift of bright-colored leaves through the wind.  


  1. Peppermint Mocha 

And in first place is the one and only, peppermint mocha. Peppermint mocha is the best holiday drink that I’ve ever had. It’s a coffee drink that features peppermint and chocolate. It’s basically a hot chocolate but caffeinated and minty – the best combination. I love how bittersweet the drink is because of the sweetness of the peppermint and dark chocolate taste from the mocha. This drink will keep me going during college application season and finals week by reminding me of how close I am to winter break and the best second semester ever.

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