Hot Dog it’s Winter Wonder Week!

This is how much fun YOU can have this week. Source: Russia Beyond

With the semester coming to an end and the release of early college decisions, the campus might be at a lull. But, rising like angels from the chains of stress and anxiety, come our saviors…CAB!

The week of December 10th is Winter Wonder Week, filled with dress-up days, midday events, and an IMSA favorite, therapy dogs! To kick off the week, we have the perfect opportunity to use up those final minutes before 8:00 AM for as much sleep as possible. For those who usually roll out of bed in the morning and come to school in pajamas, this is your day to shine! The midday event for Monday is making DIY ornaments, inviting lots of festive creativity and a chance for getting that last minute Secret Santa gift.

Want to scare away all the things that are not letting you finish this first semester strong? Ugly sweaters can do the job on Tuesday! Then, after our rendition of Monsters University, midday will be cookie decorating, another chance to bring your creativity but in a culinary fashion.

If you’re on campus, Wednesday is your opportunity to dress up like our frosty friends… a snowman! Even if you’re off campus, you can make this outfit professional enough for any SIR or internship and flex on all your mentors with your cool outfit. And, while Sodexo is open for dinner, don’t forget to grab some gingerbread Play-Doh! But remember, it’s fun to play with and not to eat.

For those who need an incentive to dress up, Thursday’s Dress to Impress day is your opportunity to showcase your drip. Come to school in your fanciest of outfits and witness everyone gawking at your style. It’s up to you if you want to stay in that outfit for the therapy dogs, but those soft and fluffy creatures of happiness will be present for endless amounts of joy and relief. We love our furry friends. Along with the therapy dogs, there’ll be another hall vs. hall face-off to determine who can decorate the most beautiful gingerbread house. The pumpkin carving contest was just build up for this semester-culminating event! Finally, don’t forget to stop by the Old Caf to spin some Hanukkah dreidels for chocolate coins.

To end things on Friday, wear your thickest flannel to school and grab some hot chocolate at midday. If you get there early enough, you may even score some free prizes.

CAB is super excited to host this week for the campus. As senior Daniel Chen said, “We just want everyone to de-stress a little from all the exams and final projects they may have and enjoy the holiday cheer!”

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