CAB Hosts a Successful Photo Scavenger Hunt

As the clock struck 4:20PM on Tuesday, students in the quiet IRC, IMSA’s upstairs library, were shaken out of their afternoon lethargy by a distant rumbling below their feet. A sophomore working on his MI problem set paused the Bleach soundtrack on his computer to look around in a daze.  Suddenly, groups of students swarmed the study haven. Hurriedly, they filled the space, murmuring to their team members: “Some might say that you’re living my dream. Find me in the IRC if you want to learn a few things…?”

On Tuesday, IMSA’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a successful Photo Scavenger Hunt. Groups of up to five students were tasked to solve 16 riddles and take a picture with the landmarks or objects of each riddle. Over 50 teams participated in the game, hoping to show their wit with word games and skill with cellphone photography. CAB Director Lynette To (’14) mentions that the hunt was a first for CAB and for IMSA, and writes in an email that it was an “EXTREME success.”

The event was intended to last for 24 hours. However, the competitiveness of IMSA students could not be contained. The scavenger hunt ended promptly in the Old Caf at 4:50 when the team of Isiah Butler (’14), Luselena Perez (’15), and Rodrigo Sanchez  (’15) placed first. Places are as follows:

First: Isiah Butler (’14), Luselena Perez (’15), and Rodrigo Sanchez  (’15)
Second: Priya Trivedi (’15), Geronimo Garcia (’15), Nida Normantaite (’15), Vivian Liu (’15), and Quinn Lewis (’15)
Third: Michael Wang (’15), Kent Gang (’14), Suraj Sinha (’14), Kenneth Yun (’14), and Vishrut Dixit (’14)

The three placing teams will be treated by CAB to generous gift cards of up to $100 for a restaurant of their choice. Congratulations, teams. The Acronym sincerely wishes the sophomores better luck next time.

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With a penchant for satire and multimedia integration, Stephanie Wang is grounded in cross-campus news and commentary, having introduced the latter in her stint as an IMSA News Section Editor. She looks forward to the day that the Acronym becomes the “Academy’s Choice Reading: One Independent Newspaper for You and Me” -- she winks in your general direction. Find her trudging and swimming around campus or contact her at:

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