IMSA Student Computing Support (SCS) HelpDesk

COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols – Items below marked with (on-campus) only have to be completed once we return to campus.

  • Minimum System Requirements (One to One Computing Web Page)
  • Class of 2023 Sophomore Information Technology (IT) Orientation Presentation (Recorded, Video)
  • Class of 2023 Sophomore Cyber – Internet Ethics Presentation (PDF)
  • IMSA “Hot Spot” – MiFi Device Guidelines (PDF)
  • eBook Resource, provided by the IMSA IRC (URL)

Setting up your personal computer for your IMSA career

  1. Antivirus software installed on all student computers Required
    1. This is a policy requirement. No student computer is to access IMSA technology resources with out the installation of an approved Antivirus software application being installed. To that end IMSA, provides all students with a free license of Symantec End Point Protection Antivirus software.
      1. Installation/Setup for Macintosh OS — DOWNLOAD (10.14 or Lower, 10.15 or above) — Instructions – Read First (PDF)
      2. Installation/Setup for Linux OS — DOWNLOAD (DPKG or RPM) — No instructions available, prior Linux experience required
      3. Installation/Setup for Windows OSDOWNLOADInstructions – Read First (PDF, Updated 2020-07-16 – Troubleshooting Steps Added)
  2. Register your personal computer with Information Technology Services (ITS) (on-campus) – Required
    1. Before a student’s computer can access the IMSA wired or wireless network it must first be registered with ITS.
    2. Procedure – To be determined
  3. Connect to IMSA’s wireless network called airimsa (on-campus) – Required
    1. Completion of step 2 required, before proceeding to connect to the IMSA wireless network called airimsa
    2. There are two wireless networks available to IMSA students, airimsa and imsapublic. The production wireless network (airimsa) is required for IMSA students on their primary computing device – laptop so they can access certain IMSA technology resources they will not be able to access if connected to the public wireless network called imsapublic. The public wireless network, imsapublic, is for alternate computing devices like; ipads, mobile phones, etc…
      1. Installation/Setup for Macintosh OSInstructions (PDF)
      2. Installation/Setup for Windows OSDOWNLOADInstructions – Read First (PDF)
  4. Printing at IMSA (on-campus) – Recommended
    1. Completion of step 2 & 3 required before trying to connect and print to IMSA printers
    2. All IMSA students will have access to multiple Multi-function print devices at IMSA. All multi-function print devices have copy, print and scan to email capabilities, some also have a stapling feature. The printers available to students:
      1. 1 in each Res Hall Office
      2. 2 in the Information Resource Center (IRC), 1 is a color device
      3. 1 in the Writing Center
    3. NOTE: This is a new printer interface for the 2020-2021 school year. Returning students should install this new printer interface and remove the old one and the old printers.
    4. Installation/Setup for Macintosh OSInstructions (PDF)
    5. Installation/Setup for Windows OSInstructions (PDF)
  5. Synchronize your IMSA user account password on personal computer (on-campus) – Optional
    1. Windows OS Only
    2. Completion of step 2 & 3 required before trying to synchronize your IMSA password
    3. This will make it easier to access some IMSA technology resources, such as file servers (
      1. Installation/Setup for Windows OSDOWNLOADInstructions – Read First (PDF)