IMSA Student Computing Resources

Preparing Yourself for Life in the IMSA Technology Environment.

When a student enters the classroom they are expected to be capable of participating in class with regard to technical requirements and technical tasks to be completed. The “Required Laptop Computer” and the “Scholarship Computer Loan Program” presented below address the issue(s) concerning a student having a computer that is capable of participating in class. The section called “Prepare your computer for life at IMSA” addresses what a student needs to do to their computer to access all of the resources IMSA provides and the student may be required to access during their IMSA educational career.

An IMSA student also needs to be able to do the following:

  • Ability to access all IMSA resources available to them (requires their computer be registered with ITS and connect to the airIMSA wireless network – See “Prepare your computer for life at IMSA” section)
  • Ability to connect/disconnect peripherals (USB, USB-C or Bluetooth) to/from their personal computer
  • Ability to copy or move files to/from various storage mediums (hard drive, USB/Flash drive, network servers, Google Drive, etc…)
  • Ability to open and read Adobe PDF files
  • Ability to open, read and write Microsoft Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word files
  • Ability to upload/download documents to/from web based resources or web sites
  • Ability to install, launch, and uninstall applications/software on their personal computer

Required Laptop Computer for IMSA Student (PDF)

Prepare Your Computer for Life at IMSA.

Apple/Macintosh OS Computers – Downloads.

Chromebooks are NOT supported.

Linux OS Computers – Downloads ** Not a supported operating system, instructions may not be available for all tasks. Prior experience is required.

Windows OS Computers – Downloads

Recommended/Required Software Installs