March Events Summary: A Month of Fun

March EventsIt’s the last month of the 3rd quarter and Spring Break is rapidly drawing upon us.  While everyone is looking forward to IMSA’s biggest event of the year, Clash of the Halls, there are still several other exciting events that will be held throughout the month. These March events will be a great way to enjoy the final days of this quarter.

Harambee is a Black History Month celebration and a cultural showcase of African American Culture.  It will include performances by SDAC and Mod 21 along with a multitude of music, history, and dance.

When: Sunday, March 2nd at 4:30 pm

Where: IMSA Auditorium

Senior Auction puts donated items such as catered wing dinners and chances to dine with teachers up for auction.  There are also coveted res-life perks such as first choice housing and car on campus.  This is traditionally the Senior Class’s largest fundraising event and is sure to please.  There will be a silent auction on Monday at midday for smaller items and a live auction Monday at 6 PM for featured items such as res-life perks and catered wing dinners.

When:   Monday, March 3rd at Midday, 6 PM

Where: IMSA Old Caf, IMSA Auditorium

St. Baldricks is an organization that raises money to fund research against Children’s cancer.  In order to support those with cancer, some people will have their head’s shaved at midday.

When: Thursday, March 6th at Midday

Where: Old Caf

Clash of the Halls is a competition between the seven res halls and it is IMSA’s biggest event of the year.  It spans nearly a week and is made up of many smaller events.  Here is a breakdown of the events:


Dress Up: Clashing colors.  Wear clashing colors and get checked in the old caf at midday to get participation points for your hall.

Midday Event: Musical chairs was moved to accommodate our annual group of Irish Dancers who are performing at Midday

Evening Event: Hall presentations.  Judges will come by each hall after school to judge how well students decorated their halls and how well it fits with their clash theme.

Night Event:  Hall movie showing.  Watch a short movie made by each hall in the evening.


Dress Up: Fancy day

Midday Event: RC talent show.  Watch RC’s from each hall showcase their talents at midday in the old caf.

Night Event: Talent Show.  Watch your hall mates showcase their various talents in the auditorium.


Night Event: Minute to Win it Game Show.  Adapted from the popular NBC game show, this activity will have members from each hall competing in a mish mash of challenging, minute-long mini games.


 Dress Up: Hall color/ hall shirt.

Midday Event: Face painting.  While not counting for points, getting your face painted in your hall’s color will be a great way to represent your hall and get pumped for the evening event. Musical Chairs will also take place on Thursday: Watch as two members from each hall compete in a traditional musical chairs event.

Night Event: Pep Rally and Drill Teams.  The climax of Clash of the Halls, this evening activity will have each hall winning some last points by running an obstacle course or engaging in an eating contest.  Then the Drill Teams from each hall will compete and will showcase their hall’s dancing talents.

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