IMSA Welcomes Chinese Exchange Students; Bids Farewell to Spanish Visitors

IMSA welcomes ten Chinese exchange students from sister school Ren Da Fu Zhong (RDFZ), a high school affiliated to Renmin University of China.

According to IMSA students taking Chinese as a foreign language, the Chinese exchange students are coveted due to such a small number visiting this year.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 30, the exchange students presented their research projects. This cross-cultural mini-IMSAloquium was held in the Lecture Hall. IMSA students attending the event expressed that they were impressed by the variety of research topics and that fact that all the students presented in English.

During the school day, the ten visitors can be spotted around campus in red and white tracksuits, uniforms at their high school. Besides experiencing IMSA residential life, they have also Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, toured downtown Chicago, and shopped at the Outlet mall near IMSA.

Last week, IMSA students also bid farewell to exchange students from Spain who stayed at the academy for a week.

Spanish exchange students, soccer

Spanish exchange students and their IMSA host students enjoy a friendly game of soccer on Yare yard.


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