Senior Wills 2014

With the seniors counting down their final days at IMSA, they’ve written traditional “Senior Wills” to document three years of unforgettable memories, bucket lists for the future, and last testaments for their precious underclassmen. Here are the Senior Wills for the Class of 2014! 

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Prachi Aggarwal
Jake Akstins
Charlene Angeles
Martin Bantchev
Kirstyn Carlson
Vivian Chau
Ryan Chiu
Vishrut Dixit
Joseph Donermyer
Elise Douglas
Dallas Eckman
Kent Gang
Siva Gangavarapu
Al-Jalil Gault
Aaron Geldner
Shivani Goel
Anna Gupta
Estefany Guzman
Kevin He
Claire Hensley
Jennifer Hoelzer
Shreya Jain
Vandana Karan
Becky Kleina
Milosz Kowal
Kristen Ksepka
Andrew Kuznetsov
Lakhena Leang
Sophie Legan
Kevin Li
Andrew Liang
Emily Ling
Gina Liu
Xochi Menchaca
Jess Monigal
Valerie Moore
Karen Olowu
Jameson O’Reilly
Anthony Ortiz
Nitya Pariti
Nahee Park
Ram Patel
Ruchi Patel
Sagar Punhani
Bree Pusey
Yvette Ramirez
Vignesh Ravi
Joe Reda
Sankeerth Reddy
Dan Rosenthal
Frances Seo
Abhishek Sethi
Shreya Shanker
Suraj Sinha
Jeff Tucker
Lynette To
Shruti Topudurti
Sarah Valentine
Stephanie Wang
Kristine Yoon
Scott Zelman
Selam Zenebe-Gete
Michael Zeng

Prachi Aggarwal

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Singing on the slabs sophomore year
  • Black-out during AP Stats
  • Late nights with Eunji, Riva, Rheanna, and Bindi
  • MCB all-nighter
  • Wing flood
  • Raven Jackson’s dance lessons in down quad
  • AJAS wwlbd
  • Power Pitch 2014
  • Running to the SIR bus with Vandana Karan
  • Diwali 2011
  • Carnival 2011
  • Prom 2014
  • 2013 Brother Wing Volleyball

Bucket List

  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Travel the world
  3. See the Haleakala sunrise with my family
  4. Live every moment to its fullest
  5. Be happy <3

Last Testament:

To Ashrita Raghuram, I will you a senior to bother you about programming. I also will you my amazing Python skills and plenty of salsa.

To Rebecca Geiger, I will you a second favorite senior and a boat that stays afloat.

To Rhea Harsoor, I will you an amazing senior year filled with all the happiness and fun you deserve. All your hard work will pay off, and I know that you have a wonderful future ahead of yourself! I also will you another writing center tutor to pass your shifts with.

To Lajju Sudhakar, I will you an amazing wing and senior year! You are always so kind and caring about everyone. No matter where you end up living next year, I know you’re going to be an incredible wingmate and any hall is lucky to have you. So don’t stress out too much and stay optimistic.

To Renu Vardheesh, I will you a senior who is just as ticklish as me to chase down the hall.

To Kameda Mallory, I will you a wonderful junior year and another Skinner-speaking senior.

To Melissa Wen and Shivani Senguttuvan, I will you a senior to help you with all your technological problems. I also will you an amazing junior year! You two are so incredibly hard-working, yet always manage to put a smile on. I hope you both have a wonderful IMSA experience and I know that you have amazingly bright futures ahead of yourselves.

To Nisha Kishore, I will you another Sodexo breakfast buddy and a wonderful senior year!

To Raven Jackson, I will you an incredible senior year! You are hilarious and I miss not having you down the hall! I wish you all the best as you begin your last year.

To Evelyn Perez, I will you my wonderful Spanish-speaking ability. I am grateful to have gotten to know you over the past two years, and I wish you all the best for your senior year. You are an incredibly bright, caring, and  hard-working young woman and I am sure that you are going to do amazing things in life. You deserve all the happiness that you are always giving to others, and I will miss you terribly!

To Luselena Perez and Samantha Arrez, I will you an incredible wing and senior year! You both are so talented and hard-working, and I could not have imagined my senior year without you guys down the hall! You will be amazing wing guides, and the sophomores and juniors are lucky to have you two. I know you guys will accomplish incredible things in the future and I wish you all the best.

Jake Akstins

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Le Petit Jean, Danse Avec Les Fesses!
  • MI2, MI3, and OOP with Dr. Pat
  • Writing Summatives with Amy and Roy
  • Anjur Mall Trip with Rachel and Shruti
  • State paying for me to go to Florida with Bree and Maura
  • Visiting Wendy, my favorite ginger on Orchard Road
  • French Exchange & Overcoming Altophobia
  • I-Days
  • Clash 2k14 #Y010
  • IHOP Adventure

Bucket List

  1. Visit France, become fluent.
  2. Attend all 162 White Sox games in a season
  3. Get my MBA

Last Testament:

To Natalie Woods, I will you the pasta that never quite made it into your calzone from Doughball’s Pizza Palace.  I also will you a new 2Chainz album and someone who’s half as cool as me to get #TTU with at Whitney Young next year.

To Kathy Swerbenski, I will you en-chee-ladas and medicine so you’re never sick ever again.  I will you help on your WebWorks and some Oberweis and Jimmy John’s chocolate chip cookies to get you through junior year.

To Jeanette Suarez, I will you the power of the side-eye and an incoming sophomore to use it on.  Kick back, enjoy some Nirvana, and make it through junior year; you’re determination is unbelievable, and you can do this!

To Jiabao Li, I will you a Red Lobster.

To Tyler Shah, I will you some PANERA.  Honestly, though, I will you a comfy couch for the room!

To Raven Jackson, Bria Williamson, and Kristen Byrd, I will you the ability to turn up now that you’re done with senior year. It’s been a pleasure to see you all grow up.  I’ll miss you so much.

To Leon Wang, I will you someone to stay up with you until 3a.m. while you do your homework.

To Dayna Lei, I will you the role of on-call percussionist that quits senior year.  You rock.  Come join me at U of I.

To Rodrigo Sanchez, Tyler Shah, Alec Elston, and Eric, I will you Spectrum.  Keep up your hard work! xoxo

To Claire Lee, I will you a song. ;)

To Eveline Liu, I will you conditions and assumptions.

To Kitty Kodama, I will you 1501C.  I’ll miss our after check talks.

To Allie Johnson, I will you the ability to parle francais pour francais 4 and to stay awake.  You’ve made it through junior year, and you can do anything!

To Bhairvi Shah, I will you the AAA batteries that I always forgot to bring for your calculator.

To Katrina Toman, I will you a KI sophomore that’s half as great of a group leader as you.  I’m going to miss you, and I’m always here for you!

To John Peloquin and Max Kontorovich, I will some sanity.  You deserve it after this year.

To Evelyn Perez, I will you a dance buddy and someone to have deep talks with on intervizes.

To Nick Kiene, I will a party.  Loosen up, and have fun for your senior year, my sophomore.

To Tam Nguyen, I will a chill day where you don’t have to worry about school.

To Deborah Agoye, I will you a hot pocket.

Charlene Angeles

Marquette University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • My three sophomore year bros
  • Lunar 2012-2014
  • Clash 2012-2014
  • Wing guiding with Viveka Patel
  • CDing with Taylor Knopf
  • Homecoming Week 2014
  • Halloween 2014
  • Spring Break 2014
  • Prom and Post-Prom 2014
  • Aaron Geldner, every moment.

Bucket List

  1. Dance in the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  2. Attend mass in the Vatican City with the Pope
  3. Be a part of an Olympic Opening Ceremony
  4. Stand for my sisters at their weddings
  5. Grant a wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  6. Travel to foreign city by myself
  7. Marry and start a family

Last Testament:

To Nicole Tartaglia, I will you the ability to always “parlé en francais maintentent!” May the rest of your IMSA career be filled with les petites sketches, les circles concentriques, and the eternal French struggle. But really, you are so kind, bright, and beautiful; I will you the ability to always stay like that.

To Nick Damen, I will you happiness. I’ve watched you struggle through a lot this year, and you’ve never let it shown to others. You are far too nice to let IMSA destroy you. I will you the ability to stand up for you what you deserve and demand happiness from anything and anyone. Good luck kid, I’ll miss you.

To Geronimo Garcia, I will you eight very large bamboo sticks and four smaller ones. Be good to them during Lunar, and try not to kill anyone in the process. I will you a marvelous and crazy turn up senior year. You, of all people, deserve it. Good luck.

To Luselena Perez and Sam Arrez, I will you all of my love. You may never know just how much I care about you two. Watching you two grow from the shy sophomores to the beautiful, intelligent, soon-to-be seniors brings me so much joy. Keep in touch ladies, I love you guys.

To Rachel Kobernat and Reid Fikejs, I will you both something that a senior willed to me, my sophomore year: a guardian angel. In times of great trouble and stress know that, somewhere, I am rooting for both of you to succeed. You have, quite possibly, the sweetest and most pure hearts I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I hope the rest of IMSA will get to see that too.

To Katrina Toman and Nicole Aldridge, I will you 1502. From the first few months of the school year, I knew you two were the people to succeed Taylor and me. You are already amazing leaders, do 02 good.

To Hannah Chaddha, I promised you all year that I would will you to someone else because I needed to graduate knowing you were being looked after and taken care of. However, in the past few months I have come to the realization that there is not one person I could possibly will you to. First off, that’s my job. Even after I graduate, I will always look after you and always take care of you. Secondly, I now know you are ready for junior year. I will you a sophomore to mean as much to you as much as you have meant to me, plenty of new inductees into the SCCS, time-management for the junior year struggle, an ability to never lose your enthusiasm for everything and anything, and the common sense to not flood the mop closet.

Martin Bantchev

Iowa State University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Learning about the secret Incan gold hidden underneath IMSA.

Bucket List

  1. Finding the secret Incan gold hidden underneath IMSA.

Last Testament:

To the IMSA Capoeira Club, I will you straight legs, slow gingas, blistered pinkies, and a year’s worth of fun inside the roda and out. I’m proud of all of you.

To Dawson Patel, I leave you those card sleeves you never returned to me and the genetic code for the hottest peppers known to man.

To Jennifer Du, I will you an umbrella with two broken spindles.

To Angelina Liao, I will you all the Soul Charges money can buy. I also will you like 50 pictures of you sitting in June’s lap during prom.

To Hsing Louh, I will you Brian Vien, a virtual karaoke machine (Courtesy of Joanne), and the map to the secret Incan gold hidden underneath IMSA.

To Brian Vien, I leave you everything not mentioned above.

Kirstyn Carlson

Florida Institute of Technology, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Narnia Quad
  • Robotics Regionals, both CIR (all the ribbons) and Cincinnati.
  • The BBC Quidditch Game of Spring 2012
  • My junior-year quad (02DUQ).
  • The power-outage(s) of 2012.
  • Carnival senior year.

Bucket List

  1. To visit all fifty states by the time I’m fifty.
  2. To visit all seven continents before I die.
  3. To look down on the Earth from orbit.
  4. To win a Hugo Award.
  5. To be invited to be the (Author, Science, or Fan) Guest of Honor at a regional science-fiction convention.

Last Testament:

To Nicole Schubert, I will you another person to speak German with, whether or not we were actually talking about boys in front of them.

To Michael Hreck, I wish you luck in rooming with Alonzo, and an end to the whispers in German.

To Kayla Hannon, I will you an interesting year in B-wing and my curtains, to block to glare of living in a fake-quad room.

To Cassie Erwin, I will you peace and quiet, and the will to survive your senior year. I also leave you popcorn and tea to go with your Netflix binges.

To Emma Sloan and Megan Roller, I will to you another interesting semester of English, though it can never beat Megan being a newly wed or Emma’s drunk teen pregnancy.

To Alonzo Marsh, I will to you the power to continue to play lot of videogames when you should be doing physics homework.

To Mary Cody, I leave you a new tablemate to bicker about secret lesbian characters with.

To Kaia Ball, I will you the power to take even more selfies with the incoming class of 2017.

Niharika Agrawal, I will you the power to not to attack the entire robotics leaders with a soldering iron or heat gun.

Maya Costales, I leave to you a new senior’s hair to make pretty for prom.

To Kristen Carlson, I leave to you your name, for it shall no longer be mixed up with my own in the mail room.

To Alec Mangan, saving the best for last, I will you a new person to hug when you’re sad, a new person to waste Saturday away watching superhero movies with, a new dinnerdate…

To my Narnia Quad, I will you another room to drill a hole through the floor to… and a “non-leaking” sprinkler head. Additionally, I hope you find another roommate pair from whom you can borrow fancy clothing.

To the Couches, I leave you more laughter and less stress than the previous year and more markers for the white board tables.

To all of my favorite-est Juniors, I wish you a wonderful senior year and as much stress with college apps as I had.

To all the Sophomores I tolerate, I leave you the will to get through your junior year.

To all of IMSA, I don’t know what to leave. It’s been a tough, stressful, sleepless three years. I wish you more sleep, less stress, and a will to fight through all the coming changes.

Vivian Chau

University of Illinois in Chicago, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Late nights during junior year
  • Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana and North Carolina
  • Dancing in Casa de Alma all three years
  • Doing all the 2014 cultural shows
  • Dance parties
  • Prom 2K14
  • Second Semester Senior Selfie Showdown with Anne, Yvette, and Estefany
  • Trying to wake up from naps past 2 AM
  • Heart to hearts with Soham or Steven
  • Sitting in the RC office for hours
  • Flying kites
  • Rolling through halls on a swivel chair
  • Trying to decorate the room
  • Yoga on Yare
  • Being in a play
  • Doing rounds in 01
  • Clash all three years (4th place 2K13)
  • Breakfast in the commons
  • Distributing candy and motivational quotes to 01 before finals
  • Luaus
  • BELLAs events
  • Trying spoken word poetry
  • Working for Senior Class Club
  • Projecting an hour of vines in the wing commons
  • Senior prank

Bucket List

  1. Visit Vietnam, China, Thailand, England, France, Peru, and Spain
  2. Leave a legacy behind
  3. Make my family proud
  4. Take my parents on vacation
  5. Inspire others
  6. Make a difference for a family
  7. Be happy

Last Testament:

To Sarai, I will you team spirit and commitment. Don’t let losses get in the way of having fun. I will you a perfect bowling team, one with an understanding coach and enthusiastic team mates. I leave you Pinny, to keep the tradition I never upheld. I leave you with excitement and optimism. You have the spark in you to keep everyone entertained, and your energy always lightens up the mood. Don’t lose it. I hope your senior year is more fun than you are.

To Milutin, I will you a good work ethic. You’ve learned how to get by without much sleep, now you just have to use some of that time wisely, especially during junior year. That doesn’t mean you should stop having fun, though. You’re a great listener and even better friend, Milutin. Have a great junior year.

To Julian Pacheco, I will you dancing and choreographing skills I wish I had. Keep doing things you like to do and with as much of your heart as you can afford. Your drive inspires me. I will you a perfect hall with fun-loving sophomores. As a CD, I hope you lead the hall to victory during clash, and don’t forget what the 01 family is all about. Have a great senior year.

To Grace Carlberg, I will you stories. Yours always entertain me, so I hope you keep making more memories. I will you warm hugs. You give them away as if they weren’t the best therapeutic gestures someone could ask for. I will you friendship so you have more people to share your love with. You’re so caring and compassionate, and I hope more people get a chance to see it. Second to lastly, I will you a perfect wing because B-wing will always be #01 Best wing on campus. You’ll be a great wing guide. Keep being perfect.

To Lauren Bystrom, I will you patience and kindness. You’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year, and I’m insanely proud of you. I leave you with perspective because it can’t hurt to have more. I will you energy to keep being enthusiastic and also to stay awake for junior year late nights. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you ever need anything.

To Jeanette Suarez, I will you every episode of How I Met Your Mother and someone to watch reruns with you. I will you many late nights full of spontaneous dance parties and Disney movies. I leave you with sophomores who could hopefully be half as patient, down to earth, funny, and great of a friend as you are. You’ll do great things.

To Kathy Swerbenski, I will you dance music so you never have to stop partying. I leave you with sophomores who are as easy going and fun as you are. I will you prank wars with the wing. I will you clothes hangers for all the clothes we took out of your wardrobe, and I will you an uncluttered room.

To Nick Kiene, Grace Carlberg and Matt Moranz, I will you Habi board. I hope you find a site as great as North Carolina’s and pick a group that works as well as ours did. Go on adventures, play sardines, go for IHOP, and don’t forget to get the mascots! Don’t hesitate to start new traditions. I trust you three to keep the happy Habi family alive.

To 01BUQ and 01DUQ, I will you time so you can just hang out at night without worries. Appreciate each other’s presence, and make sure you take care of each other. I will you peace. Keep your living space drama free. Don’t forget to enjoy junior year.

To Max Kontorovich, I will you other hall tutors to tutor. You’re one of the smartest, most articulate and rational people I know, but don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. That’s why I leave you with the phrase, “You’re right.” Finally, I leave you responsible to continue having laundry parties to disguise studying for finals. Have fun during your senior year!

To Sean Potempa, I will you adventures. I will you friends who are as excited and driven for your adventures as you are. I leave you with a first aid kit for all the times you fall, and I leave you with pride for all the times you get back up. You’ll make a great senior. Make your last year at IMSA memorable.

To 01B, I will you a projector to watch Vines with. I will you the best sophomores on campus. I will you the couch that Bree and I may or may not have borrowed. I will you great memories in that wing and with each other. This place was my sanctuary — where I was during my best moments and worst. I hope you all get to appreciate these people and your time with them.

Ryan Chiu

University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • The countless intellectually stimulating discussions with the quad at 3AM
  • Turning my former roommate’s name into one of the most commonly used expressions on campus
  • Tanking with the seniors on the Feinberg SIR bus; not actually going to the lab until 10-11, and then leaving at 2
  • Actually learning how to dance, in preparation for StudCo Drill Team
  • Chasing down Kabir past in-room with a wooden stick
  • Spanish IV with Sr. Palos and “los bros”

Bucket List

  1. Master three new accents before college
  2. Start reading for leisure again
  3. Invest in the stock market, unafraid of taking risks
  4. Earn my own living and become fully self-sufficient
  5. Make a lasting impact on someone else’s life
  6. Travel the world and immerse myself in various languages and cultures
  7. Fall in love with the right person and start a bright future with her
  8. Save a person’s life, and give him/her a second chance to enjoy the world
  9. Find myself spiritually, and become more involved in my church

Last Testament:

To Vinesh Kannan, I will you a healthy sleep schedule. You’re a great leader, speaker, and a hard worker, among other things, and you’ve established yourself as one of the brightest and most prominent individuals here at IMSA. But because you’re so incredibly committed to all of your activities, you often find yourself lacking in one of the most important human functions – sleep. Please relax and enjoy your senior year, bud.

To Omair Khan and Gus Nagro, I will you a limousine for use in future Gurnee carpools. Keep it classy, gentlemen.

To Ryan Yang, I leave you with another fellow named Ryan, in memory of our very special StudCo dynamic this past year. He will constantly follow you to all of your club meetings, and will be there to second every motion that you make.

To Aniruddha Shekara, I leave you with a set of the top-of-the-line music recording software, and the opportunity to audition for The Voice. I’m not a musical person at all, and it’s not very often that someone else’s singing blows me away, but you’ve shown me otherwise. You have such an amazing gift, and if you ever become famous later on, just give me a shout-out.

To Ranjani Sundar, I leave you with all of the memories from the Northwestern G-Tier. Even though I’ve only started talking to you at the beginning of this year, we quickly became the best of friends. Take a break once in a while, and enjoy your senior year (can’t stress this enough), and good luck with your college admissions, because if there’s anyone who truly deserves it, it’s you.

To Danny Atten, I leave you with the art of time management. You’re going to be heavily involved in many activities next year, on top of your outstanding academic performance. With this will, I hope that you will do well in all that you involve yourself in, while still keeping up with the other parts of your life.

To Karin Han, I will you a CD collection of the Top 100 Country Hits of All Time, as well as premium membership with the Republican Party.

To Michael Wang, I leave you with a pocketbook of useful British phrases.

To Joy Qiu, I leave you with a copy of my full family genealogy, courtesy of, and assure you that I am the legitimate ruler of the Chiu clan.

To Alonzo Marsh, I leave you with the remnants of the now-dissolved Academic Committee. Even though there is no longer such a committee, I hope that you and the General Assembly can continue with the string of academic reforms that were started this year. You now have a much bigger responsibility on your hands than ever before, but I know you’ll handle it well.

To Dan Pechi, I will you all of my JSA gavels, in hopes that they will serve as inspiration for you to continue your outstanding work, on both chapter and state levels.

To Nick Damen, I will you my entire wardrobe, so that you can look as good as I do.

To Erich Remiker, I leave you with the knowledge that, although I haven’t been that good of a big sibling, you have always impressed me with your public speaking ability, as evidenced by your performance in Model UN.

To Jayel Taylor and Enrique Cervantes, I will you a gigantic block of ice. Don’t get the reference? Ask any senior in 05.

To the future residents of 1505, I will you a greater sense of hall unity than that of previous years, and hope that we can actually win Clash come next spring.

Vishrut Dixit

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Clash in 07
  • Frankenstein Paper Night
  • Fire alarm three-peat
  • 05C Sophomore wing
  • Varsity Tennis Bus
  • Every moment spent with Dan Riemersma
  • Blasting music through Ryan’s jank surround sound
  • Prom ’14
  • Northwestern G-Tier + SIR
  • The Junior year clutch
  • Adios, Robinson with Kent and Siva
  • Sr. Palos in general
  • Chess Team State
  • THE check question with Dan
  • Duping Kevin Lim

Bucket List

  1. Establish a proper sleep schedule
  2. Spend some time in Cali
  3. Find a passion
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Get a work ethic
  6. Get really good at something

Last Testament:

To Rajiv Patel-O’Conner/Paul Wang: I will you a great tennis season. I have enjoyed some great times in the realm of Bernardini, and I wish you luck doing the same. Off the court, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with you two, especially in Spain. Rajiv, I will miss your ridiculous humor. Paul, I’ve never met anyone so mellow and humble. I trust you both to make B-wing a great place to live next year. I don’t doubt that you two will perform well in your search for a college, but if things go astray, I’d love to see you again at UIUC. Stay rambo, friends.

To Ricky Martinez /Jon Reynolds: I will you both gentlemen the room that I have been able to call home for the last year. Take good care of it, and never forget the memories that it brings you. Next year will be short – enjoy every moment you can. This wing holds special place for me because of the acceptance it gave me as I moved from 05. With Dan gone next year, it’s up to you two (and your quad-mates) to keep his legacy alive. I deeply regret not spending more time with you two, and I wish I could go back and fix this. Regardless, I hope that you’ll make 07C a great place to live, but an even better community. Ricky, I’ve seen you take massive stride in the last year alone. Keep up the hard work. Jon, I’ve always admired your passion towards the things you love. Remember that you have the power to make change. I hope you’ll be able to change the things in the hall that irked you this year. I know that we’ve left down-quad in good hands. Thank you both for everything you’ve done for this wing and this hall.

To Abrar Khaja: I will you confidence. There is something about your presence that lightens up the atmosphere. Perhaps it’s your empathy or willingness to help out. In the short year that I’ve gotten to know you, you have given me a friend who I can come to anytime in hopes of a meaningful conversation. Thank you deeply for always being there for me. I want you to remember that you’re remarkably intelligent – you seem to forget it sometimes. You’re an incredible person, Abrar. I challenge you to show it. Walk with a little more pep in your step and put your head up. The day you’ll put your head to it, you’ll accomplish some crazy things. Finally, I hope my quad will provide you with memories you’ll keep forever. I’m sure Suraj will tell you this, but I’ll eagerly wait for you at the one and only University. Good luck and enjoy your Senior year. I’ll miss you.

To Fengling Hu: I will you social competence. I’ve gotten to know you quite well this year, and you’ve managed to entertain me with your crude humor and surprise me with your maturity. I respect your firm morals and belief in yourself—these are boons that will take you far. Thank you for being a candid friend, I really appreciate it. I’ve met few people who will tell me both my strengths and flaws to my face. I’ll never forget the moments passed in idiotic laughter. With that being said, I challenge you to let others see the Feng that I have grown close to. I will you the power to conduct yourself with integrity in public so that others can understand you better. Finally, I leave you my quad. There have been many amazing memories forged in these two rooms, and I wish you luck crafting your own. Keep the legacy alive.

To Jo-Jo Feng: I can only will you good luck. You’ve been blessed with the tools for success; it’s up to you to use them. You’ve been a loyal friend to me these past two semesters, and I value that. I will you a new bed and new room that will be equally as hospitable to you as I hope 07CDQ was. I challenge you to be a role model for incoming sophomores; there is a lot they can learn from you. I’m not sure where your college adventures will take you, but I know you’re bound for triumph. Have a great Senior Year – you’ve earned it.

To Chris Shin: I will you a stress-free Senior year. In getting to know you better this year, I have come to respect your work ethic. It’s something that few people are blessed with – please keep it forever. Looking back at times when you left me in favor of work, I applaud your determination. You made the right choice. I regret that we weren’t able to spend more time together, but I thoroughly the enjoyed the hours spent with you. You’re a caring guy, and I noticed it. My only advice to you is to avoid being swallowed by college. You’ll do fine. Senior year passes by quickly, and I want you to enjoy it. Stay Big, Big-Shin.

To David Zhang: I will you mountains upon mountains of perseverance. You’re far more intelligent than you think, and it saddens me to see you waste your potential on small things that can wait for later. I know you’ve looked up to me for the two years that we’ve spent together – believe me when I tell you that you always have a choice, and it isn’t too late to make the right ones (I would know). You’re a great person, David. I appreciate the unwavering loyalty and unselfish care that you’ve given my quad-mates and me. You’ve got a long road ahead of you, and I challenge you to put your intelligence to use as you navigate through it. If you need to talk, I’ll always be there for you.

Joseph Donermeyer

California Institute of Technology, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • #BqOC
  • Being a part of the LEAD team
  • Kicking peanuts with Lakhena
  • Living in the legendary 07 A wing
  • Spending time with my favorite underclassmen
  • Boy’s auction
  • Boyfriend time

Bucket List

  1. Yolo hard
  2. Shake Up Springfield
  3. Turn up for Bruce
  4. Professional MV for So Many Shapes
  5. Re-connect with my favorite RCs Kliminator and Big Mike Abrahamson

Last Testament:

To my novel sophomores: Will, Christoph, Chris, Jason, and even Aadit, I leave you some assortment of posters. I’m not sure yet what posters are mine and how many I have, but if I have physical posters to give, I’ll give them to you. What I really leave you is my regards and best wishes for your futures.

To the volleyball team, I will you the ability to not sandbag. Now that Jenson is gone, it should be a lot easier.

To my wonderful LEAD class, I will you the ability to continue to develop as leaders. I’ve seen you all grow so much of the year and know you will continue to make me proud.

To next year’s illustrious LEAD team, I will you fun times over SLD week and the year. I will you the ambition to go beyond what we’ve accomplished with this year’s LEAD team and hope you continue to make the LEAD program grow.

To my fellow IMSA Christians, I will you fun bible studies and close community. To my 07 bible study specifically, I will you my Hands on Bible. I hope that you guys continue to do some of the activities and make reading the bible fun!

To 1507, I will you the same community strength that 07 has been so proud of in the past. Please continue to be the best hall on campus.

To the auspicious Young-Lin Feng, I will you my Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte poster. I hope you continue to have fun with Brenda in French.

To the venerable Ryan Yang, I will you a place like my quad to hang out. I know you won’t have your own quad, but I will you a place to spend time with 07 boys that care about you just as much as my hex does. You’re special and I will you the ability to be treated as such. :3

To the one and only Mr. Archit Vishnu Potharazu, I will you incoming sophomores to look up to you. Despite your age, you’re one of the most respectable people on campus. I will you a sophomore interested in Budokai, JSA, rapping, chess, and everything else you enjoy. Now that you will be a senior, I will you sophomores to look up to you just as greatly as I look up to you. Stay Beautiful. :3

To the best cofacilitator on campus, Xindi Chen, I will you a co next year with whom you can be just as close. Since I won’t be there to take care of you, I will you a new co to be there for you and help you grow. I have complete confidence in you and know you will do great things next year. :3

Elise Douglas

Boston University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Senior snowball fight
  • Mud-sliding
  • Being an orientation guide
  • Naps and movies in the superbed with the quad
  • Ecuador trip 2013
  • Peru trip 2013
  • Going to state for golf
  • Golf practices with John, Sean, and Vivek

Bucket List

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Road trip to California
  3. Go to Santorini, Greece
  4. Get a golden retriever and name him Buster
  5. Become fluent in Spanish
  6. Learn Portuguese
  7. See a real futbol game
  8. Travel through Europe

Last Testament:

To Ranjani, I will you someone to look out for you the way you look out for everyone else. I would will you the strength to get through your last year at IMSA, but I know you already have it. You’ll always be my sophomore and I’ll always be here for you.

To Greeshma Chilukuri and Sachi Singh, I will you self-confidence and the ability to believe in yourselves. I also will you guys a quad to stay in if your room floods again. Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your senior year, you’re both awesome.

To Bella Reda (Breduh), I will you another bad influence and another senior to love you as much as I do. I will you another person to give you a reason scarves and another belly button. I know you have what it takes to make it through the rest of IMSA, so I will you the positivity to get do it with a smile and infinite Starbucks to keep you on your game. I love you, girl, and I’m always only a phone call or a plane ride away.

Sophie Kardadi, I will you a junior year with as little stress as possible and as much sleep and Starbucks as possible. I also will you more hot security guards to wait in the commons after check for. You are honestly one of the funniest sophomores, so don’t let junior year/IMSA suck the fun out of you. Keep C wing fly and stay weird.

To Alex Murarus, I will you the best quad on campus! But really, I will you a group of amazing friends – you’ll need them to get through junior year and they’ll make the late nights unforgettable. Take care of C wing, sweet girl.

To Tim Gietl, I will you the IMSA golf team. I know I’m leaving the team in capable hands and I wish you a great last season of ice cream trips and bus rides with Dr. Keyton.

To Max Ackerman, I will you good enough grades to be able to play golf again. But really, I hope you finish out IMSA strong. Remember, discipline is knowing what you want. I believe in you.

To Yasmine Gordon, I will you resilience. You can be brilliant wherever you are. Never forget, you will always be oh so sixy. Good luck in everything you do – don’t forget to make time for yourself, babe.

To Ahsan Qureshi and Aniruddha Shekara, I will you another dumb girl to save and keep warm during a fire drill. But really, I will you guys an awesome senior year and lots of cute sophomore girls to prey on.

To Mit Patel, I will you another fangirl to squeal your name when she sees you in the hall. Stay flawless, stud.

To Grant Williams, I will you the ability to embrace your voluptuous lips and a girl to appreciate them. Keep working hard, I’m so proud of you.

To Karin Han, I will you all the time and money to shop online to your heart’s content. And I will you reliable dress deliveries or at least someone to commiserate with. Have a great last year at IMSA, you deserve it!

To Amanda Walsh, I will you all the simple white girl pleasures – Lilly Pulitzer, sushi runs, and Starbucks. Have a wonderful senior year, lovely.

Dallas Eckman

Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • The sophomore year all-nighter
  • Three fire alarms in a single night junior year
  • KI Springfield
  • IOW in the Quad Cities
  • Anything and everything LEAD
  • Hex dress-up days

Bucket List

  1. Design my own college course…
  2. …and teach it.
  3. Give my mom the vacation she deserves
  4. Fall in love over and over again
  5. Spend a summer in Italy

Last Testament:

To Lajju and Priya, I will you the LEAD Coordinator position. I will you the perseverance and undoubtedly positive attitude that will be necessary to fuel your fire through a hectic year filled to the brim with difficulty, hardship, and – most importantly – reward beyond measure. My wish is for you two to never forget purpose and direction. Always ask yourself if you are fitting the vision you two set for yourselves this past year. Push for excellence, demand improvement, and leave no opportunity squandered. This program is not yours, but the students’. It has always been and always will be about teaching something worth learning. Ensure through your actions that you will create something worthy of smiling back at with admiration and pride. And remember that you should always take you position seriously, but never take yourself seriously.

To all the settlers of 1507ADQ, I will you all a coke bottle with your name and “1507ADQ (2013-2014)” written on the bottom.

To Ryan Yang, I leave you (as well as Archit Potharazu) the “Area 1507 Laboratory (EST.1991)” sign. As CD, you will see the best and worst this hall has to offer. I hope that this sign continues to remind you – even in times of great hardship and stress that senior year is sure to bring to you – that 1507 is more than just a hall. It is a home. And, should you be mindful enough to hear it, it will always be here to call you back, no matter how far you believe you may have drifted away.

To Christoph Eckrich, I leave you my 2013-2014 LEAD glow-stick ”fish”. It is my honest belief that you have the largest capacity to become an influential leader in this hall community and campus. Sometimes, being a leader involves overcoming adversity that would be much easier to succumb to. I will you the courage and willingness to swim against the current. Additionally, I will you a box of tea bags.

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I leave you the yelling Asian YELL07 poster. I entrust you, above all others, to keep the spirit of 07 alive in the years to come. Spread your joy and smile as much as possible. Never forget to make this place home.

To Andrew Adams, I will you a ceramic pot, made from my own hands. May it remind you always of the way ours fit together.

To Christopher Ni, I will you the map of Illinois as well as Captain Jack. He has been a faithful member of our quad just as much as you. I hope to see him in these halls for years to come.

To Will Bauer, I leave you my assignments white board so that you may have a space to spread your thoughts and project your “spacy” thoughts freely.

To Archit Potharazu, I leave you (as well as Ryan Yang) the “Area 1507 Laboratory (EST.1991)” sign.

To Ricky Martinez, I leave you the three-classes YELL07 poster.

To Puja Mittal, I leave you my YOLO crayon-art canvas.

To Jason Yang, I leave you Meredith, the awful cactus plant painting.

To Aadit Shah, I leave you the “AADI FOR MW GOV” sign.

To Nichole Aldridge, I will you Ryan Yang’s affections.

To the LEAD team of 2014-2015, I will you an indomitable spirit necessary to conquer the challenges and obstacles sure to face you in the upcoming year. I will you the generosity of the facilitator – to remember, as Kent always says, that you are volunteers. Now the question is will you take advantage of the venture or squander it for the benefit of other pursuits? The choice is in your hands.

Kent Gang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Double-Dong Intersessions sophomore year w/ Emily and Kristine
  • MUNUC w/ Victoria and Emily
  • FPS State/Internationals w/ Amy, Luke, and Tony
  • Singapore w/ Matt and Siva
  • Teaching KI and LEAD with Hannah
  • Clash talent shows
  • Both SLD weeks
  • Meandering Chicago with friends
  • Mod 21 concerts
  • Conversations with the SKQUAD sophomore/junior year

Bucket List

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Own a taqueria
  3. Go diving in a submarine
  4. Eat at some 3-star Michelin restaurants around the world
  5. DJ some parties
  6. Live at an Asian monastery
  7. Go skiing in Switzerland
  8. Live in a city high rise

Last Testament:

To Lajju, Priya, Ricky, Yasmine, Amanda, and Sanjay, I leave you in charge of LEAD next year. I give you influence over many impressionable sophomores and a crew of new facilitators to care for and nurture. This program was the most important thing to me the past three years, I hope next year it becomes yours. Impress me with your ingenuity.

To Luke, Dennis and Yasmine, I leave you a Mod 21 versed in cultural pieces, pop songs and jazz. You three are such excellent musicians, I will you many more well-trained vocalists next year to work with. I will you the ability to practice in the music wing in spite of any signs. I hope all three of you can find a way to make mod work both logistically and musically.

To Vivian Jin, I leave you Future Problem Solving and Julie to take care of. I give you the authority to kick out any teams who would ruin the laidback IMSA FPS culture of year’s past. Finally, I leave you next year’s state trophy, up for the taking.

To Ahsan, I leave you a condescending glare, for reference, whenever you screw up.

To Jessica, I leave you any of my wasted potential, for you to do things I was never able to.

Siva Gangavarapu

California Institute of Technology, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Playing hide-and-seek during I-days sophomore year
  • First night in A-wing down quad junior year
  • Triple fire alarm all-nighter
  • Playing “G-Game” with 07 bros
  • Winning the quiz bowl triple state crown
  • Keeping ice cream cool using air conditioners at National Science Bowl
  • Blasting Kendrick Lamar
  • Prom 2014
  • Wrecking the A-Wing entertainment center glass while playing intra-wing 500
  • Getting wrecked by Schrementi on the last day of MAD
  • Basketball behind 04
  • Quitting SciOly immediately before Regionals, three years in a row
  • Forgetting to register IMSA for Canadian Biology Olympiad
  • Frankenstein paper all-nighter with Vishrut and Kevin
  • Getting startled by the sound of birds chirping during late-nights
  • Apologizing to Kurt Schliep for watching Zombieland while Vignesh was sleeping
  • First League game second semester
  • Playing Trackmania Nations during sophomore year classes
  • Miniclip 8-ball tournaments
  • Playing card games at 3 AM
  • Quintupling Fremd’s score at regional science bowl finals
  • Student Union Halo during midday breaks
  • Ping-Pong around-the-world tournaments
  • Trying to make CC a thing
  • Hydraulics on the tennis bus
  • Free Bulls tickets from Jeff de Chavez
  • Burning through all of Breaking Bad in three weeks

Bucket List

  1. Get a pilot’s license
  2. Get a driver’s license
  3. Release a mixtape
  4. Get a pentakill
  5. Climb a Himalayan mountain

Last Testament:

To Yanlin “Jo-Jo” Feng, I will you a chef’s hat, as well as a night over at my house if you ever decide to drive up here. I leave you another Pad Thai at your doorstep, and a promise to watch at least one more episode of Dexter. I will you the hope that you continue your ever-so-fruitful exploits in Anatomy and Physiology at SciOly, and possibly another down-quad that you can call home. Also, I hope you actually bring WYSE to IMSA –I think Rajiv is also down.

To Sattvic Ray, I leave you the knowledge that I will greatly miss your mannerisms, punctual insertions of the word “ye,” whimsical stories, and exploits in German with Vignesh and Evan. I leave you a never-ending enjoyment of Ip Man fight scenes, StarCraft live streams, and SNSD music videos, and the hope that you continue furthering your passion and success in physics. Also, remember that you live like five minutes away, so do visit.

To Paul and Vimal, I will you the strongest of friendships between the members of your quad. It has been my privilege to witness you four guys’ ability to make every day and night memorable, hilarious, and highly productive. I will you statuses as role models, because I’m confident that underclassmen in years to come will look to you for guidance, friendship, acceptance, and good times.

To Dennis Rich, I leave you the honorable title of White Privilege, as well as continuing success in remaining competent at physics.

To Milan Shah, I will you the knowledge that you don’t have to sit through a 7:30 fine arts elective, as well as several extremely faded pinhole prints.

To Ranjani Sundar, I will you the hope that one day, you will escape Dr. Scheppler’s clutching grasps and servitude. I also wish you the best of luck in rooting your new phone.

To Archit Potharazu, I will you best of luck in fulfilling, and surpassing, your role as 1507 CD, as well as countless more adventures with Rajiv, Waleed, Vimal, and Paul.

To Fengling Hu, I will you the title of coach and the top lane wristband. I leave you with a continuing desire to go rambo on Campbell’s and obsessively correct people’s order of subject pronouns. I hope you have as many adventures in CDQ as we did, and perhaps incorporate an even more novel room arrangement. Maybe you can even make Canadian Bio Olympiad a thing at IMSA again, after you finish Twitch streaming, of course.

To Abrar Khaja, I leave you with the same warmth and optimism that you showed me whenever you walked into down quad. Don’t let the fire burn out when you inherit the quad next year.

To Chris Shin, I will you the title of assistant coach and the ADC wristband. From our first interaction in Ms. Trant’s Honors Precalculus to our conversations in CDQ, I have seen you as one of my favorite Koreans on campus. Remember: you should never disappoint your coach.

To Daniel Pechi, I will you the title of Mothman. I will the hope that you continue to act as a core member of not only the IMSA quiz bowl team, but also that of the state, and even national, quiz bowl circuit. I leave you with many more microwavable Indian TV dinners and Thai iced coffees during quiz bowl tournaments, and even French films to indulge in.

To Camden Ko, I will you best of luck in your Photoshop and poster-making exploits. May they bring joy and aesthetic fervor to every IMSA club (ChemClub).

To Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, I leave you the science bowl team and the enduring hope that you will be able to salvage not only its remnants, but also those of ChemClub. I leave you with the desire to pick up your literature reading from your quiz bowl days, and the realization that your devotion towards accomplishing your goals is something that amazes me. I hope you will continue to mix your seriousness and dedication with your innately trollish attitude towards life, a combination which I have grown to deeply appreciate.

To Cammille Go, I also will you the science bowl team and the honorary title of sole female ChemClub board member. Please keep them safe, and allow all to cherish their glory.

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you the contents of a certain Cheerios box, as well as a spot at the National U.S. History Bee.

To Waleed Ali, I will you the continuing success of the IMSA quiz bowl team. I leave you with a continuing burning passion to further your knowledge and not only become a better player, but also gain the undying respect from those around you. I will you the knowledge that I hold in my heart a great respect for not only your passion, but also your hilariously anachronistic word choice on Facebook. Also, I will you the right to fill the Heart of Darkness playlist with selections from your rich palette of music taste.

Al-Jalil Gault

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments

  • Those bro-talks on the first night I met my roommate and brother, Ram Patel
  • Those talks with my brother from another mother, Elijah Jimenez
  • 07 Clash 2012, 01 Clash 2014
  • Butterfly Gardening with the Butterfly Clan and Deb McGrath!
  • Sophomore year 3AM SI-Chem struggle bus
  • LEAD 2012-13
  • Cross-country team singing
  • EXCEL 2011!
  • those Friday nights… and sometimes the Saturday morning
  • China Trip 2014
  • Harambee and MLK preparation and event day, 2014

Bucket List

  1. Take an academic class in Chinese
  2. Go back to China for extended period(s) of time
  3. Go to Iceland
  4. Produce a song
  5. Make another Bucket List :D

Last Testament:

To JJ Garcia, Jackie Wu, Bria Williamson, Alyssa Evans, Sam Arrez, Raven Jackson, and Kristen Byrd, I leave you all perhaps what I’ve cared about the most: Providing Opportunities for Mathematics and Science Enrichment (PROMISE), Leading Students to Success. Trust and inspire one another, and be ready every Saturday morning, early, ready to inspire those children. The future depends on it. Take the time, effort, and consideration to do what’s best for them. Also, have fun with it. Do some experimentation, and think outside the box. We probably should have done more of that, but I leave this in your hands now. You all can lead this program, and all of those students to success. Such beauty, I can see it now.

To AASA, the Black community, and every individual within it, I leave you all the passion and strength to keep the blackness alive. Be bold. Embrace and strengthen one another, and stay positive. Do what matters to you all the most and keep having fun. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself by being and talking with others in the black community at IMSA, and I think we’re a people who need each other in order to thrive and become amazing individuals. Maintain a strong sense of community.

To Hannah Trewitt, I leave you someone who is appreciative, fun, and inspiring to talk to. You’ve been all of those things to me. Your personality is multi-dimensional and fun, and I’m certain that others would appreciate you as well.

To Cristal Quiñones, I leave you someone to give warm and fuzzy hugs to! I’m especially glad that we’ve gotten to know each other recently. You’ve helped me keep at ease and in a happy state. Thank you

To, David Xu, I leave you another bro and someone who will give you safety equipment: p. I’ve especially appreciated your presence, and enjoy talking to you (in Chinese and English). I’m also consistently amazed at the different stunts you do. You activeness is, in fact, admirable. Every time you do something, I also cringe a little for your safety. Keep up the fun, but stay safe. I’d want you to be able to more stunts hahaha.

To Aaron Yuan, I leave you another friend, and a great Junior year. I’ve really appreciated every time you’ve stopped by my room. Whether it was for help, or to talk, I’ve enjoyed interacting with you, and learned something from you. I hope that you can appreciate someone else’s presence next year. Also, amidst the struggle and schoolwork, don’t forget to have fun! It’s worth it.

Aaron Geldner

Tulane University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Hiding from Kevin Lim after being caught for in room.
  • Smash crew battles with my favorite sophomores.
  • JSA conventions with Jameson Patrick O’Reilly and John Robey Satter
  • Every single night in 1507A downhex.
  • Getting shown a new anime, and then deciding to watch 600 episodes.
  • Every talk with Jeffrey JayVedan DeChavez.
  • Falling in love twice. Once with Charlene Angeles, and once with Joseph Donermeyer.
  • Every last unbelievable moment with Charlene Angeles.

Bucket List

  1. Meet Morgan Freeman, have him voice over my memoirs.
  2. Voice over a Disney prince.
  3. Go on a bicycle tour across France, wine tasting the entire time.
  4. Have a family, and own a house.
  5. Play on a stage in front of over 1,000 people.
  6. Create an award-winning short film.

Last Testament:

To Christoph Eckrich, I will you love. You are easily one of the most natural leaders that I have ever met, and I wish you nothing but the best. You remind me more of myself than I think you would ever believe. Your capability to love is greater than that of most anyone. You are so happy and your friendship with everyone, especially Will Bauer, is incredible and something I will always envy. You have grown to be one of my favorite people, and I love you like a brother.

To Will Bauer, I will you the ability to share music with your friends. The passion that you put behind your voice and your music is more intense than anything that I have ever seen. But, you’re more than a musician. You’re an incredible mathematician, and in general, you are one of the brightest young minds on this campus. You’re going to go far kid, keep it up.

To Jason Yang, I will you someone else to touch your cheeks all the time. I will you someone else that may influence your speech patterns the way that they have already been influenced. You have grown so much and have begun to contribute to everything that you care to. You are not just excellent company, but are an excellent friend that truly cares about those around him. You may not have received some of the positions you wanted, but you are still one of the most amazing people around, and shouldn’t ever let positions define you.

To Chris Ni, I will you a new person to challenge your skills with Chinese yo-yo. Chris, you pissed me off, because with all the practice that I put in, you picked up a yo-yo and with almost no effort were just about at my level. You have an intense level of determination to the things you love and amazing natural skill to go along with that. You have always impressed me to no end, and I love you buddy. To you, I leave my black Chinese yo-yo, to replace your broken purple one. Come find me for it.

To Aadit Shah, I will you someone that actively compliments you as much as I don’t. I hope you know Aadit that I have grown to really like you. You started off as an arrogant kid, but have grown to be someone with respectable opinions that isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. Keep your eyes open and I know that you will grow to become an even more legitimate guy.

To Alec Elston, I will you someone to listen to you late at night. My favorite moment with you was that one night we stayed up in my room talking until almost four in the morning. I learned more about you then than I had ever known before. You’re an amazing guy and you never seem afraid to speak what is on your mind. I have an immense amount of respect for you and hope you find someone to share your story with as you shared it with me.

To Archit Potharazu, I will you someone you can take under your wing, just as I always felt you were under mine. You were easily the junior I was closest to, and were constantly full of surprises. The first night that you came to my room changed your life. I feel that it was that day that changed you from a shut-in genius, to the outgoing social butterfly that you are today. From playing video games together to randomly talking late at night about anything, you have meant so much to me and my time here at IMSA. From your leadership in both JSA and in the hall, you have never stopped impressing me. For all of this, I leave you something I hold very dear… my copy of DragonBall Z Budokai HD Collection, in hopes that in your future a PS3 and means of playing will come your way. I love you buddy.

To Ryan Yang, I will you a friend to listen to your various stories riddled with “well, the thing is.” At the very beginning of the year, I felt that we connected on multiple different levels, and we quickly got very close. Your proficiency in just about everything is unbelievable, and your social competence is off the charts. I knew from day one that you would become and RSL and when CD announcements came out I was overjoyed. You embody an 07 bro and I can’t wait to see what you do with the hall. Be careful, and be sure to not let it all get to you. If it does, I want to be the first one you call.

To Aniruddha Shekara, I will you more competence with SMAC. You are an incredible singer, and I am sure will be an incredible SMAC president. Don’t hesitate to delegate the work, because when you try to do it all yourself, it will kill you. I can’t wait to see what you do with music in the rest of your time here at IMSA, and I definitely plan to come back and see how you and the club have grown.

To Tim Gietl, I will you fewer sleepless nights. Tim, you are an incredible youth. Aside from all your stock market prowess, you are brilliant. You don’t give yourself much credit, but you have an amazing ability to throw your entirety into everything you choose. I hope that your senior year, you will begin to turn down for work, and turn up for late nights not focused on work. You are an amazing guy, and I hope to see amazing pictures from the amazing prom I know you will plan.

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I will you more time to dance. You are an amazing guy and have grown so much from a very nubby, tall, dark, handsome kid, into a slightly less nubby, tall, dark, handsome man. I hope that your aspirations with drill team pan out and I truly believe that they will. Don’t get too wrapped up in your quad, and make sure to visit the rest of the hall from time to time, because you embody the hall spirit. Stay beautiful.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I will you a whiteboard in the hall commons, on which I expect you to further your style of artwork. I’ve seen you grow so much. You started out as an annoying kid, that for some reason everyone in my quad liked, and I hated. And then, I don’t know what happened, but you and I got very close, very quickly, and you became one of my closest friends. I wish we had been able to spend more time together this year, but I hope that just once I was able to influence your life, like I did your sophomore year. Never forget your A-wing roots, and keep drawing.

To Karin Han, I will you the ability to spread your enthusiasm to your incoming baby sophomores. You are easily one of the nicest people that I have ever encountered and every time you see me, you have a huge smile across your face. You were one of the coolest juniors around and were incredibly loyal. It felt throughout the year that you could have easily lived in 07. Stay happy, and keep spreading the joy.

To Gene Kim, I will you a person to answer all of your questions. Gene, in addition to being one of the nicest kids I have ever met, you are easily one of the most ambitious. From speaking your mind in the wing to trying new things like photography, you are one of the most amazing kids around. Keep your eyes to the future and amazing things will come your way.

To Abrar Khaja, I will you sophomores to nuzzle into submission. We messed up with you, and I’m not at all sorry. Everything you do, and everything you say manages to put a smile on your face. I hope that you can mess up your sophomores as bad as we may have messed you up.

To the future 1507 RSL Staff, I will you the spirit of 1507. This hall has meant more to me over the last three years than I think anything ever has. I hope that you maintain this hall and what it stands for, for years to come. Enter as boys and leave as men, 07 bros until the end.

Shivani Goel

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Walgreens trips with Jess Monigal
  • Making pumpkin pie for Sarah Puttarat’s birthday and the party we had after
  • Clash 2014! 03 Drill team <3
  • Prom
  • Late nights in 03DUQ junior year/03DDQ this year
  • BAP concert with Jessica Lee
  • Tolkien allnighter – They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!
  • Matthew Gray Gubler’s Unauthorized Documentary, Sabertooth Flying Tiger, and Cats (with rainbows that come out of hats) with Jess
  • Getting a Tumblr
  • MUNUC sophomore year
  • Korean intersession junior year! The jank restaurant skit, the kimchi drama, meeting Irina, and Nam teaching us gwiyomi
  • Developing my self-confidence and figuring out who I am
  • Too many other moments to count….

Bucket List

  1. Travel around the world
  2. Go to a SHINee concert
  3. Fall in love
  4. Meet fantastic new people

Last Testament:

To Irina Wirjan, I will you 2 of my kpop posters to add to your collection (you know which two) as well as a successful run as yearbook EIC next year. You’ve told me how nervous you are for next year’s yearbook without having us five seniors on staff – I have faith that you’ll do a good job. I also leave you more kimchi dramas, more infinite comebacks to squeal over, and a better experience with BC next year. Lastly, I leave you this – a plea to take care of yourself. Senior year can be really stressful, and you should always put you and your mental/emotional/physical health first over everything. When I come back to visit next year, I want to see my pseudo little sister healthy and happy more than anything else. Don’t let bad grades or college apps or relationship drama take over your life –  you and your health are more important than that.

To Lajju Sudhakar, I leave you my two SHINee Etude House posters – put them up in your room next year and enjoy having their beautiful faces to stare at.

To Emily Mu, I leave you a wonderful year of French 5. This time, you won’t have to deal with my cheek pinching, though you’ll still be stuck with the research projects.

To Danielle Madsen, I will you an actual work ethic. Gasp, I know, a foreign concept, especially since you’re pro enough to get A’s and do so well without one. But it’ll probably be nice to have it before you start college, and to do those college apps with. Also, I will you a great year of no French class – enjoy it. By the way, I am not a teddy bear.

To Jenny Du, I will you a college acceptance of your choice, and the realization that no matter where you go to college or what your grades are, you’ll find success if you reach for it, and that none of that defines your worth as a person – I know you forget this. Also, I will you many moments of laughter next year.

To Cammille Go, I leave you many hugs and hair ruffles, my wonderful AP partner. Set aside your work sometimes and make time to hang out with people and have fun next year, even with the heavy workload. You won’t regret it come graduation.

To Angelina Liao, I will you all the card games and stuffed animals in the world. May they make you as happy in the future as they do now.

To Jessica Phung, I will you a year of less cheek pinching, poking, and squealing than before – as cute as you are, you get a ton of that now, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind there being less of it. That being said, I’m gonna squish you a ton when I come back and visit.

To Cindy Ho, I leave you the promise that if there is a BAP concert in Chicago again I will let you know ASAP and we can go together next time.

To Vivian Liu and Ashley Kim, I will you another fantastic year in C wing, and a great senior year. I also will you more cute underclassmen to look out for – you’ve done a great job befriending our C wing sophs this year.

To Xindi Chen and Vivian Jin, I leave you two time to spare in your senior year schedules to keep up with BigBang, SHINee, and Exo, despite how busy you are.

Anna Gupta

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • SMACxhibition & Coffeehouses with Chlorinasian
  • Every prank ever pulled with Deborah Park
  • Swim team season, all 3 years
  • Geneva Commons trips
  • Sectionals 2013 & breaking 2 relay records
  • EXCEL 2013
  • Senior Ski Trip
  • AJAS
  • Starbucks run with Joanne, Selam, Susie, and Judy
  • The struggles and joys of SCC Board
  • Clash of the Halls, all 3 years
  • PROM 2014

Bucket List

  1. Learn Hindi
  2. Learn Martial Arts

Last Testament:

To Ashrita Raghuram, Jin Komerska, and Violet Konopka, I will you sophomores who will prank and make fun of you, just so you can experience the other side of the fence. I also will you a ton of plastic cups.

To Eric Barrientos, I will you a rising junior who will tease your laziness when second semester senior year comes around. I also will another fantastic three weeks of EXCEL, although it can’t possibly be as enjoyable in my absence. Lastly, I will more trips to Buffalo Wing Wings and a liking to take pictures of your food.

To Evania Hong, I will you more stress-free days and derpy nights during senior year. I also will you more sleepovers, to make up for the lack of nights I spent with you, and videos to recount cherished moments with your roommate.

To Justin Orr, I will you an incoming sophomore who will enthusiastically high-five you in the hallways, as you have done for me. I also will you the future EXCEL students and a camera with which you can take pictures.

To Harish Logaraj, I will you more time to relax and greater confidence in yourself. You work incredibly hard, but remember to give yourself a break once in awhile. Lastly, I will you the college of your dreams.

To Kameda Mallory, I will you another personal chemistry tutor and two more fantastic seasons on the volleyball team.

To Katie Coltharp and Megan Smiley, I will you more time to watch your favorite TV shows.

To Marissa Brock, I will you the swim team, the group that made me feel the most at home during my time at IMSA. You’ve swam so well these past two years, and I will you the courage and patience to survive another year of fastest average sets and nerdy cheers. I also will you a butterflier to join you in the medley relay.

To Melissa Wen, I will you an upperclassman who will serve as your math tutor at all hours of the day.

To Nerione Agarwal, I will you a few late nights, whether for work or for fun. Although, I hope they’ll be for the latter. I also will your calculator; it will not be stolen by Melissa.

To Rebecca Geiger, I will you a rising junior who will smile and greet you happily every time she sees you, just as you have done for me. I also will you a plethora of hair products to keep your long hair healthy and soft.

To Rhea Harsoor, I will you an underclassmen with whom you can spend countless hours late at night chatting. I also will fewer back injuries to help you survive swim season and more milk products to boost your immunity.

To Sam Arrez and Luselena Perez, I leave you C wing. You both have shown strong leadership qualities, and I know C wing is in great hands next year. I also will rolls of butcher paper for decorations and the wing calendar; it is now yours to update.

Lastly, to Ashu Gupta, I will you anything and everything you desire. Senior year was so memorable partly because I spent it with you on campus. I will you the courage to tackle junior year, a greater amount of FaceTime calls, and more orders of Oberweis. Finally, I leave you with the knowledge that I will miss you more than you can imagine next year.

Estefany Guzman

Loyola University Chicago, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Any possible moment I had together with 03B
  • Spain 2013 <3
  • Getting to go to Goldsboro, North Carolina and meeting my Happy Habi family
  • The three years I got to go to Latino Caucus
  • Seeing my seniors go, and seeing the new sophomore classes grow up
  • Casa de Alma 2014
  • Prom
  • BELLAs Lock-In 2013

Bucket List

  1. Be able to travel out of the country at least one more time
  2. Go scuba diving in coral reefs in Hawaii
  3. Be happy and work hard

Last Testament:

To Raven Jackson, I will you the ability to turn up with the underclassmen that are coming in next year. I seriously cannot recall a time where I was with you and you couldn’t make everyone in the room smile.  Keep up the good work, I know that senior year will treat you well.

To Sarai Lopez, I will you the limitless nights filled with Disney movies and chocolate. I will you underclassmen that will always have a store full of food and chocolate so you can have it whenever you want to. I will you big puffy jackets that you can sleep on when you’re taking a nap at the bench. But most of all, I will you someone you can call kodomo. <3

To Rodrigo Sanchez, I will you the ability to relax your senior year and have fun.  You have been working so unbelievably hard and at the same time still brighten up the room with your smile.  I think that it’s your turn to sit back, relax, and enjoy some tumblr.  And some iced coffee. And that really “expensive” pen that we found that one day. Because you know that mother knows best.  Haha.

To Cristal Quinones, I will you the confidence to play more in soccer.  I really admire your dedication and willingness to learn, and then try new things.  I also will you a new drill team dance partner, and all of the cute laughs that you have given to people.

To Julian Pacheco and Laura Lehman, I will you EIP.  Remember that to these kids, you have to not only be their tutors, but their mentors.  You two have to set the example for these kids, please inspire them to work harder, be more confident, and go towards what they believe in. Apprentice, make sure to grow taller, and have fun next year even though you’re going to be really busy.  Laura, keep on working hard and remember to have fun with everything  you’re doing..

To Natasha Freund, I will you an underclassman who you can call your Big guy   I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know you so much this year, and I am happy that you are so willing to help.  Keep on being your productive, cheery self, and I know that you will do great your senior year.

To Mariela Saenz, I will you an underclassmen that you will be entrusted to care for by their parents, just like how it happened between you and me.  Getting to see you grow up and become such a kind-hearted, sincere and optimistic person has really made me realize how lucky I was to meet you in EIP.  Continue to work hard, keep your head up high, and

To Samantha Medina, I will you all of the time for soccer, and more time to mess around and prank the underclassmen (and when I say prank…I don’t really mean it..haha) . Keep on smiling and bringing energy anywhere you go, people really appreciate it.

To Samantha Arrez and Luselena Perez, I will you all of the sassy comments and winky faces.  You both are actually the best, thank you for being so full of life and funny.  Remember to have fun in student life with Minerva for me.

To Sandra Ramireez, I will you the ability to call the new sophomores…soph-O-mores. Remember to manage your academic time and your free tim.  Don’t hurt your arm anymore because you really worried me second semester, and try not to pick any fights with the upperclassmen. When your cousin told me to take care of you, I didn’t know what I got myself into, but I’m glad that I got to know such a spunky kid. Hahaha

To BELLAs, I will you the ability to touch the hearts of the upcoming class. Remember that our job on campus is to unite everyone in an effort to give a support system and a sisterhood.  Thank you for being able to transform who I was, and thank you for offering a shoulder to lean on, and ears to listen.

To 03B, I will you all of the smile, all of the tears, and all of the laughs that I had while living there.  I have never felt so included and so willing to share my life with such talented, beautiful, and welcoming people.  If it were up to me, I would take you all with me to college. Continue to keep that mentality and receive the new sophomores with open arms.

Kevin He

California Institute of Technology, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • HMMT yolo, especially 2013 and 2014…especially 2014
  • the nights before ICTM State
  • All-nighter for Cain Frankenstein paper
  • prom
  • going to sleep after sunrise
  • sleepovers in 05 (^)
  • Student Union Halo, ping pong, billiards
  • junior year Starcraft II WOL games
  • three years of card games: presidents / big 2, napoleon, hearts, spoons
  • three fire alarms in one night
  • late night Risk
  • sharing YouTube videos with friends
  • G Game
  • watching Kampy’s Halo 3 Montage “Apex” when first starting to stay up late
  • talking about life with Dan Riemersma until 1:00 AM
  • losing baseball regional sophomore year
  • playing catch with Jin Tanizaki
  • basketball by 04
  • all the kesp and lack thereof

Bucket List

  1. Make some positive contribution to humanity in the sciences
  2. Get a Killionaire and an Unfrigginbelievable
  3. Fire a rifle in real life
  4. Write a book
  5. See the Cubs win a World Series (probably not going to happen)

Last Testament:

To the baseball team: Nick Damen, Dylan Devine, Chase Engelbrecht, Nathan Errampalli, Chris Ni, Arthur Ortiz, Jason Taylor, Nikhil Thota, Nate Rabideau, Akshay Verma, and Andy Xu, whatever our final record is, you have helped make this year of baseball my most fun and memorable, and, no matter how long each of you was on the team, thank you. I will you a life-changing and meaningful next two years, and the determination to conquer the challenges that will come. To those of you who were on the team the whole year and consistently went to the games and practices, I will you continued friendship and support of each other, the ability to have fun, and continued perseverance, not only in baseball games but also anything else.

To Brice Wang, Jason Chen, and Paul Nebres, I will you an eager, ambitious following in Math Circle and the dedication to make it a legitimate club that deserves it. Also, although it isn’t mine to give, I will you AMO (You better get it now, no pressure).

To the now juniors and soon-to-be seniors on the Math Team, I will you an ICTM State Championship, so that the legacy of every IMSA class in recent history taking first is not broken. No pressure. But more seriously, thank you all for the past year; you helped make ICTM and NSML fun and worthwhile, I hope you all have continued good times next year.

To David Zhang, I will you a strong work ethic, recognition of what is important, a continued ability to actively learn from mistakes, friends who value you, tolerance of said friends’ imperfections, and, at the very least, contentedness. I know that I myself have neglected or failed to defend or appreciate you at times, and I apologize for that. I hope that little, if any, of that happens during your senior year.

To Ray Sun, I will you the knowledge of all Red vs. Blue and other Roosterteeth or Achievement Hunter references, as well as happiness with your wide array and various types of gaming. Many things will change you and challenge you over the next two years, and I will you a reliable group of friends (which I think you’ve already found) to share them with.

To Sattvic Ray and that quad, I will you Terran, Protoss, or Zerg victories (I played Random so I can say that), the fortitude and open-mindedness to adjust to unprecedented housing changes, and success with your pursuits in physics. I regret not interacting with you as much over the past year, and I hope you have a memorable year to come.

To Ricky Martinez and Jon Reynolds, I will you a continued appreciation of the Halo series, a strong wing community and bro RC for next year, and satisfaction with whatever you do, be it Turtle Toss, or leading the new wing/hall, or whatever.

To Fengling Hu and Abrar Khaja, I will you unforgettable experiences with your quad next year, a quad that ends up having more than four members, and fun with whatever games you both get interested in.

To Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, I will you satisfaction with your pursuits in chemistry, wherever they end up taking you. I have seen you change a lot over the past year, and I thereby also want to will you the ability to deal with challenges in healthy ways, and the continued support of other people with whom you can mutually share your struggles. Although we never ended up getting very close, it is clear to me that you dedicate yourself wholly to the things you set your sights on, something which I respect and admire immensely. Have a great senior year.

Claire Hensley

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • SWIMSA trips/bonding
  • Swimming at sectionals junior year
  • Dance State 2012, 2014
  • 01 COTH Drill Team
  • Sophomore year power outages
  • Sledding on the hill
  • The Great Modphys Video of Fall 2012
  • 01 clutching clash junior year
  • Filming the hall movie at 4am at Steak n Shake
  • NASA EDC Washington DC trip and placing top five
  • Pancake breakfasts in 01

Bucket List

  1. Send something into space
  2. Choreograph and/or dance in a giant flash mob
  3. March drum corps
  4. Own a pair of sneakers in every color
  5. Coach a color guard
  6. Go skydiving
  7. Travel (a lot)

Last Testament:

To Cassie Erwin, I leave the room. Not just the actual room in which you will be living, but all the memories we shared in it this year. I also will you the title, “adorable” because you deserve it :P.

To Kristin Carlson, I will the position of 01 Swim Mama and all that it entails. I wish you luck converting a new crop of 01 sophomores into beastly swimmers.

To Dayna Lei, I will 01 D wing. I know you will take very good care of it, wing guide.

To Nathan Sutphen, I will a new dance partner. I hope you have another great year of drill team and I hope you find someone willing to do ALL the aerials.

To Nikki Mastrud, I will the color guard. I know you care about it very much and I know you will do everything you can to help it grow and improve.

To Melissa Wen, I will two more stellar swim seasons. You were an awesome 500 buddy and I hpe you never have to swim the 550.

To Devdhi Kasana, I will the dance team. You have so much energy and passion; you will surly lead the team to more state championships and killer routines. Your smile and energy made practices so much fun.

To Alec Mangan, I will another successful design competition. Just no tungsten this time.

To Mylee Rolock, I will the color guard. As our token sophomore, I hope you will continue to share your willingness to work hard and punctuality with the rest of the team.

To Andrew Adams, I will my jump rope skills so you can add them to your collection of circus talents. I hope you “never give them up”.

To Julian Pacheco (and whoever else plans to help), I will 01 drill team. I has been my baby for the last three years and I know you guys will do awesome next year. “Turn all the lights on!”

To my juniors, I will a low-stress senior year and much success in your college search. You are all brilliant and strong and you will do very well in whatever you pursue.

To my sophomores, I will the strength to learn and grow through the struggle. To be a cliché, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you will all do very well junior year. Take a break and have some fun.

To SWIMSA lane 4 (Lauren Bystrom, Char Ong, Kristin Carlson, Becca Gieger, I will you another successful season, more breath control sets than you can imagine, and heaps of personal records.

To all the returning swimmers, I will you the 5:30 am dryland sessions, the endless kick sets, and the strength to get through them all and swim better than you ever thought you could.

To my Italy buddies (Melissa Bayer, Kyle Parker, Devdhi Kasana, Jamie Candler, Nisha Kishore), I will two (or one) more spectacular intersession, great selfies, and all the gelato you could ever want. You guys made the trip so much fun and I will never forget our escapades through the streets of Florence.

To the underclassmen of 01D (Anabel Rivera, Natalie Woods, Fiona Kurylowicz, Jiabao Li, Nic Cooper, Nikki Mastrud, Laura Lehmann, Marissa Borchering, Dayna Lei, Megan Roller, Emma Sloan, and Cassie Erwin), I will all of the memories we have shared. Thank you guys for being my wingmates. It has been a true pleasure.

To the couchies, I will you the clean slate of new couches. Make your own memories and write the stories that couchies will tell five years later.

To 1501, I will the clash of the halls sportsmanship award. You guys always work so hard and, despite everything, come through it smiling and stronger than ever. I have never seen people so happy to get last place. You guys have the best attitudes and enthusiasm of anyone I have ever seen and that is why I love 01. We are a family and I hope that never changes.  #y01o

Jennifer Marilyn Hoelzer

The Ohio State University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Acting sophomore and junior year with my beloved Romeo.
  • Late night Kadel Paper parties in Selam and Emily’s room.
  • Drama club sleepover in 03A, watching the sunrise, and opening up to each other on the bridge.
  • Pavel asking Anna and I, «Вы подруги?»
  • Senior week my sophomore year with my girl Nitya.
  • Volleyball season my junior and senior year. I’ll be keeping tabs ;)
  • Dr. Rios’s sass with Lael, Anna, and me in AdChem I.
  • SIR at Adler Planetarium with Michael, Dan Fran, and Momo.
  • CLASH 2013 with my wonderful 02 ladies. Femme Fatale <3
  • Spending the senior week of my junior year with my downquad. IMSA just hasn’t been the same without you all.
  • Decorating the wing with my crazy co- during RSL week.
  • October 26th, 2013.
  • Going to the new Hunger Games and Captain America movies with her.
  • A “high” point for us all.
  • Struggling with pinhole cameras and going to see Second City during intersession week.The accidental all-nighter with my bbys. And just basically all my time with them.
  • Running mod with Kent and Nitya.
  • CLASH 2014.
  • Prom at the Morton Arboretum and the Willis Tower with the terrible trio.

Bucket List

  1. Hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
  2. Getting my pilot’s license and flying across the country.
  3. Working in the space exploration industry.

Last Testament:

To my volleyball team, I will you lots of wins, fun bus rides, and practices with Allie Miner.

To my choir babies, I will you all to show up later to class, take more bathroom breaks, and to sing louder.

To my mod babies, I will you all wonderful concerts, cultural show performances, and fun, laid-back practices. Being in Mod21 has defined my IMSA experience. From my sophomore year on it was always a club that I could go to when I needed to escape from all of my stress and just sing. I hope that it has done the same for you this year and that it will continue to do so in the future. I love you all so much.

To Luke Musgrave, Dennis Rich, and Yasmine Gordon, I leave you Mod 21. Go above and beyond what we accomplished this year. I know you can.

To my B wingers. I can’t thank you all enough for making this year worth wile in so many ways. In the wake of losing my seniors, I thought this year that B wing wouldn’t be the same. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We have all become such a family this year. This year has been my most trying and you all were here for me every step of the way. Being your wing guide this year has been one of my favorite experiences at IMSA. Each and every one of you is so special and has so much to give this campus and the world.

To Andrew Adams I will you the power of the redheads. It’s a big responsibility but I know you can handle it.

To Jenny Du, I will you the strength to keep du-ing your thing. :)

To Lajju Sudhakar, I will you the motivation to push even harder this next semester. It’s going to be a trying experience going through it in a new wing and hall, but I know you will figure it out. You have always been an inspiration to me with the way that you can keep a smile on your face even when you’ve gotten no sleep. Keep it up.

To Nicole Aldridge and Katrina Torman, I will you both the best as CD’s next year and in all of your other endeavors. You are this school’s power roommates. Own it.

To Mara Cardona, I will you to teach more white girls about Prince Royce. We all need that him in our lives.

To Sklyar Harris and Yasmine Gordon, I leave you my wing. It has been my home for three years. Take care of it.

To Sarah Xu, I will you soprano talks. Make them just as interesting as they were this year.

To Evelyn Perez, I will you to stay just as friendly and fun to be around as you are now.

To Rachel Kobernat and Tiffany Ding, I will you to treat your incoming sophomores just like I treated you. ;)

To Luke Musgrave, I leave you music at IMSA. It’s up to you to keep up morale in chamber choir and up the caliber of Mod. I have full faith that you are more than capable of that. Your voice is spectacular and your musical background just makes it even more impressive. I also ask you to keep up with your sarcastic comments and passive-aggressive faces. They are actually precious and are one of the only reasons I made it through chamber this year.

To Ryan Yang, I will you to remain one of the friendliest people on campus. Getting to know you this year in choir and on Mod has been such a treasure and I hope that you will continue to remain a leader in all that you do.

To Sandra Ramirez-Morales, I will you the determination to stay true to who you are and what you believe in, even when life seems like its collapsing in on you. As Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” You are so much stronger and more capable then you believe. I know that if you really put your mind to it and dedicate yourself to your work, then you will succeed and be able to do all that you want to do at IMSA or anywhere.  I believe in you.

To Shannon Scott, I will you to never stop singing. You are honestly so beautiful inside and out, I don’t think you even realize it. And talented. Freakishly talented. I command you to fill B-wing next year with your amazing voice. You have been such a support for me this year. You have so much love to give, and I ask that you in turn give some of that to your incoming sophomores next year. They’re going to need a “big sister” like you. Don’t forget that when times get rough, that nothing is permanent and that all you need to do is take a breath, sing a song, and keep on pushing forward. There are better times ahead.

To Jade Halverson, I will you to let out the 2AM Jade more often next year. But seriously, you are such a perfect combination of so many things. You’re level-headed, yet quirky, hilarious, yet super serious about a lot of things, introverted, and yet loud around the right people. I have had some of my best conversations on this campus with you. I ask you to pass that on to your underclassmen in 01 next year. They are going to be so lucky to have a role model like you.

To Hannah Beers, my “little sister,” I will you to love yourself first and to stand up for what you deserve. You are such an amazing person, full of love and support to give. Please never let that be taken for granted by anyone. Take care of yourself the way I’ve tried to take care of you. I am going to miss you like crazy next year. Getting close to you has been the highlight of my year and I know that our friendship will extend on long past graduation. Take care of your B-wing bbys. And remember that, even though much of next year is going be hell, that it is hell that makes us strong and it is through hell that we must travel to get to where and who we want to be.

Shreya Jain

Saint Louis University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Problem set parties with Kristen Mancini and Amanda Gao
  • long conversations in Spanish with Nisha Kishore
  • the two weeks the Spain students were at IMSA
  • Spain Trip 2014
  • CoTH 2014
  • running to Orchard with Alyssa Theodor just to buy candy from the gas station
  • Girls Tennis
  • Diwali all three years
  • Prom 2K14

Bucket List

  1. Visit Machu Picchu
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Climb the stairs to the top of the Sears Tower
  5. Learn how to play the guitar
  6. Travel around Europe for the summer
  7. Learn sign language
  8. Break into a song in the middle of the street
  9. Live in Spain for a semester

Last Testament:

To Nisha Kishore, I will you a less stressful senior year. I will you an amazing work ethic but also a laid back attitude. You have made my time at IMSA much more enjoyable. I will miss our conversations in Spanish. I hope that your senior year will be as fun-filled as mine has been.

To Sameeksha Malhotra, I will you a treasure full of hugs that you can use at your own discretion to cheer you during some hard times.

To Grace Duan, I will you more sleep during senior year (even though it will be hard to get some first semester)

To Rashmi Thimmapuram, I will you a beautiful smile that made my day every time I saw it. Stay humble!

To 03, I will you a tight knit, beautiful family. I couldn’t have imagined living in a more compassionate and accepting community at IMSA. This has been my home for three straight years, and I hope it serves you all as well as it has served me.

Vandana Karan

Northeastern University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Clash week and preparation with the lovely 1502 all three years
  • Silicon Valley Intersession 2014
  • All of the late nights with my pseudo-quad and wing-mates
  • All the late nights with my roommate Prachi
  • Second Semester Senior Days in the IRC
  • Showing Jessica Lee Indian movies
  • Playing pool with my friends in the Student Union
  • Singing on the slabs after ditching the first mixer sophomore year
  • EYSO with my friends these past three years
  • Holi 2014
  • Senior Prom

Bucket List

  1. Study Abroad
  2. Live in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco some point in my life.
  3. Fall in Love!
  4. Start my own company.
  5. Work for a huge company.
  6. Have a big fat Indian wedding
  7. Go on a world cruise
  8. Set foot on every continent.
  9. Buy my parents a Ferrari and a car.
  10. Teach at IMSA one day, or at the very least come back for Intersession.
  11. Study or work in India
  12. Go hiking on the Himalayas (check!), the Alps, and the Appalachians
  13. Go backpacking through Europe.
  14. Visit Japan!
  15. Watch a Bollywood movie shooting

Last Testament:

To Aishu Raj and Lajju Sudhakar, I will you two the fighting spirit to get through your senior years. You two have worked so hard this past two years, and I only hope you two have a little more energy to enjoy your senior years. I was always so happy watching you two help build our 02 community. I know that 03 is in good hands. Thanks for all of the warm hugs and encouraging words throughout the year. I’ll talk to you two soon!

To Ashrita Raghuram, I will you more underclassmen to troll. You already have so many upperclassmen! I hope that you’ll always keep your adorable smile that made me so happy. You are great in so many things; I hope you know that too! Keep on working hard on the things you love. I’m also counting on you to be welcoming to future 02-ers!

To Gissel Salas, Kaitlyn Schmieder, Megan Smiley, Katie Coltharp, Ashley Kerley, and Nerione Agrawal, I will you girls 02C, my second home during my time at IMSA. I’m so happy that all of you girls chose 02C as your home once again for your junior years! I hope that you girls have as much fun as your seniors. Even though I couldn’t talk to all of you as much as I wanted to, I will visit you guys next year, and will always remember my sophomores!

To Jayathi Renuka Vardheeswaran, I will you someone to lovingly call you “akka”. Thanks for being such a cute underclassman, and for giving me hugs and listening to my strange stories all the time. I had so much fun bothering you in your room. I hope you know that I’ll always be your akka, and that you can always tell me anything. I’ve admired you so much for your confidence and ability to think for yourself. I will you a fun senior year and free time for when I come to visit!

To Jenny Du, I will you someone who’s ready to give you a hug every single minute of the day. You are one of the smartest little ladies I know I’ll ever meet, so have more confidence in yourself! All of your dreams will come true, I promise. I’m so happy that we became friends this year. Your smiling face always made me smile! Don’t forget to visit me in Boston! And remember, I’ll always be around to give you advice when you need it.

To Jessica Phung and Jyotsna Bitra, I will you a long career in IMSA’s Chamber Strings. I hope you two will continue to love violin and music throughout the rest of your IMSA careers!

To Karin Han, I will you someone to talk about pinterest and all of the fun and cute things in life. I’m so sorry we only started talking this semester. I always see you being a friend to others while working so hard. I hope that you have a lovely summer break and all of the IMSA craziness so that you can be refreshed before your last year at IMSA. Have fun cutie!

To Katrina Toman and Nicole Aldridge, I will you my home for the past three years, 1502. I can’t express how much I’ll miss my first home away from home, and I know you girls will do wonders with it. I have complete faith in you two – also make sure to kill it in Clash next year!

To Katrina Toman, I will you 02 Talent Show for next year. I had an amazing time working with you. You have so much spunk and spirit; I hope you do wonders with it next year!

To Leon Wang, I will you the college of your dreams. I haven’t met that many honest and hard-working people as you. I know all of your dreams will come true! I hope that you can find yet another sass-buddy. I know we only started talking second semester, but I’ll miss you! Keep me updated, and visit me!

To Meg McKeown, I will you a more relaxing senior year. I hope that you have a lot of time to spend with your quad, and to do what you love. You worked so hard this year, so enjoy your senior year cutie!

To Quinn Lewis, I will you another aunty, or junior to be an ‘uncle’ to. I hope that you will find time to stop working and enjoy the moment. That said, I hope that your senior year is filled with more of your ridiculousness and sass. Thanks for being a fun person to be around.

To Rhea Harsoor, I will you a junior to adopt and grow close to. I will you a stress-free senior year, and all of the happiness I have to offer. Even if my room will no longer be down the hallway, I’ll always be a text message away. You are capable of doing so many great things, so have confidence in yourself! I always will. I know you have the strength to make your dreams come true. You’re almost there! Thanks for taking care of me all year long.

To Rhea Harsoor, Leon Wang, and Quinn Lewis – our remaining macaron group members, I will you memories to make. Thanks you so much for giving us an extraordinary intersession and trip. We wouldn’t have made such beautiful memories without you!

To Sam Arrez and Luselena Perez, I will you another strange 02C resident to bother you two. Over this year I’ve really come to appreciate your smiles, and your bright personalities. You two cheer up everyone around you. I’m so in awe of your friendship, and I hope that it’ll only grow stronger over this next year. I can’t wait to visit you two cuties next year! Take good care of 02C, and keep in touch! I’ll miss you two a lot.

To Shelly Teng, I will you a junior who will keep you updated on class, the time of day, and life in general. I hope that you have a (relatively) stress-free senior year with your quad!

To Tahj Alli-Balogun, I will you another female friend to be goofy with.

Becky Kleina

Denison University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Sophomore year trips with the family
  • Late night sleepovers with my girls
  • All bonding with cross country, cheer, and soccer
  • My 3 trips to Peru and my 1 to Guatemala
  • Senior year as a whole

Bucket List

  1. Go to medical school and become a surgeon
  2. Internationally work through Doctors without Borders
  3. Travel the world visiting everywhere I can
  4. Grow a few inches in college

Last Testament:

To the cross country team, I will you a successful and fun season next year. I hope you guys do a lot of bonding and keep up old traditions. Make sure you teach everyone the pencil run and have some fun days. Show the new coach who we are and don’t forget to relax at the park every once a while. (: Lastly, win conference!

To the Amanda Walsh, Ale Guzman, Tera Sparks, and the rest of the cheer team, I will you an amazing next cheer season. You guys will have new uniforms and stuff and everything. Make sure to have fun and use someone’s room for sleepovers. Keep up our late night games and the jokes at practice. Work hard and don’t wait to do everything. Keep Brittney happy and do the best you can.

To the soccer team, I will you a winning season next year. This year was kind of down and you guys need to bring back our reputation. You know you can do it so have fun and go out there and get the conference title back.

To Hannah Chaddha, I will you all the possible crust a little girl will need. I hope you have an amazing junior year and do great things you smarty. Keep doing what you do and make people happy when they’re down. Make sure no little sophomore ever takes your fetus title because that belongs to you and only you. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and continue to be an amazing little flyer. Since I’m leaving, I officially leave and allow you to be the weirdest, craziest person at IMSA. Don’t ever change, I love you Fetus. -Chunkey

To Bella Reda and Sophie Kardadi, I will you the least stressful junior year possible. It will be tough but I know you guys will make it fun no matter what. Please keep C wing a fun place to be as long as your there. I wish you two great successes in school, and sports, and everything you do. Don’t get into too much drama junior year (it makes it way worse) and have fun any chance you get. Try to not be TOO crazy and get yourselves suspended or anything! I wish you the best men as well. :D Take care of each other and always stick together. I love you both and will miss living with you.

To Amanda Walsh, I will you all the support you can possibly have since you won’t have Hania and I anymore. We’ve been with you through a lot and I hope you have enough people to be comfortable and crazy with. You have done and become a part of so many amazing things this year and I wish you all the best with them. You’re such a determined and incredible girl and I know you will do great things. I wish you all the best with school, testing, and all the college stuff (come visit me!). You will do great things with the cheer team, LEAD, and everything else. I hope you have an amazing time with Laura in 01 and please open up to them because you need a fun senior year. Mans, I hope you have late crazy, weird nights like we do now and never lose your weird self. Have a blast senior year because you deserve to relax and have some fun. You’re one of the best friends I’ve had and I’m going to miss you like crazy. Call me whenever you need me, love you!

And finally,

To Harith Alappat, I will you all possible success in junior and senior year. Junior year will be really rough but I know you’ll get through it. When you try, you’re very smart and I know you can do really well. Make sure you study and do everything you can to be the best you can be. Do well in soccer, basketball, or whatever sports you do. I’m always rooting for you. I hope you have a great time and friendship with you little quad and all. I hope you know I will always be a Skype call or phone call away and I will be supporting you through everything wherever I am. I hope you can learn how to function without me by your side basically every second. I hope you win all your boards games and just about anything you do (I know you love winning). Make sure you stay good and never do anything stupid. Try and get as much sleep as you can, I know you didn’t get too much this year. Thanks for an incredible senior year; I’ll miss having you around to treat me like a princess. I wish you all the best in the rest of your IMSA career.

Milosz KowalTrinity College, Class of 2018Most Memorable Moments

  • Fitting myself and Daniel Francis in a single pair of pants
  • Prom 2014
  • All Clash of the Halls competitions
  • Falling out with a good friend of mine, but patching things up
  • Late night talks with 05CDQ (before I started going to bed early)
  • Every late night for editing and / or a paper
  • Tolkien

Bucket List

  1. Travel the world, capturing the cultures of nations through a lens Re-visit the places I’ve been to. Alone.
  2. Fall in love
  3. Fall out of love
  4. Learn to be happy alone
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Save someone’s life
  7. Provide for someone

Last Testament:

To Matt Pomella, I will the drive, motivation, and passion that kept me going through my senior year. May every day for you be a photo opportunity, regardless of what the weather is like. You are now responsible for capturing the hidden beauty of IMSA. May you find it in everything you see.

To Nicole Aldridge, I will myself. I hope that’s enough. May the message behind the photograph always remain true.

To Ryan Yang, I will the ability to conquer insecurity. May the important journey that is your senior year force you to look inside yourself and make you learn what truly matters to you. This is where real happiness resides. Throughout that year, may you learn that in order to be happy with someone, you must first be happy with yourself.

To Eveline Liu, I will the memories of the class of 2014. May you remember that even though we’ve left, we’ve never left you. If you need to talk to anyone someone will be available.

To Malachi Loviska, Eric Hennenfent, and Derek Lubecke, I will the creative eye that is needed to keep ISP going. I’ve seen you guys grow from noobs to near-professionals. Now, it’s up to you to continue the legacy. I know you can do it. I’ve seen what you’re capable of. May you never forget what ISP stands for and the great things that lie ahead.

To Vinesh Kannan, I will my electric Pokémon deck. May it serve as a reminder that not everything is business and that you need to take the time to play games for a bit. Time to unwind is just as necessary as time to go hard. If you’re ever down for a game, hit me up.

To Jacob Brown, I will the ability to stay as caring, appreciative, and, mostly importantly, rational, as you are. You are an untapped fount of advice and logic, so make sure you maintain that as you go through your last year in high school.

To IMSA, I will the ability to see the students as people, not as guinea pigs. No amount of money will save the institution if the people that are its lifeblood feel like they’re in an institution. Remember that you are first and foremost a school.

Kristen Ksepka

Augustana College, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Excel 2011
  • Walking to Starbucks for Happy Hour
  • Playing sand volleyball sophomore year
  • German with the best people imaginable
  • Senior year dinner dates

Bucket List

  1. Tour Europe
  2. Be happy
  3. Learn more languages
  4. Learn guitar
  5. Go on a roadtrip

Last Testament:

To my 02A underclassmen, I will you a beautiful, clean, and amazing wing community.

To Jamie Candler and Chinyere Kemet, I will you 02A20. It’s my baby, take good care of it <3

To Kaia, I will you Frau M. Cheer her up when she gets grumpy, and keine Computerspiele in der Deutschstunde! Also, don’t let her use that Let it Go cover as an example for anything. It’s bad.

To Leon, I will you an amazing senior year. You work so hard (maybe a little too much sometimes), and you deserve to be rewarded. Loosen up a little babe, and enjoy your senior year.

To all the underclassmen, I will you a great last year or two at IMSA. It’s worth the struggle, enjoy every moment.

Andrew Kuznetsov

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • 9:30pm ice cream run in the snow
  • Having two roommates Sophomore and Junior year
  • Indoor ultimate
  • Robotics
  • 4 am video games before extended
  • Vimig riding into competition on the bot cart.
  • IMSA bicycle adventures

Bucket List

  1. Bike to Chicago
  2. Read more.
  3. Start things earlier.

Last Testament:

To 07BUQ and friends, I leave you down quad and 07. Take good care of it (turn up harder).

To Nick Magerko, I will leave you ACA and my recommendation as one of the most competent people of your class.

To Milan Shah, I leave you the robotics team and more or less the whole of IMSA. I trust you to take care of it.

To Jason Yang, I leave an extended vocabulary of more than 20 words.

To the rising members of the robotics team, I leave you an amazing experience … one that hopefully does not include remunerating Jaguars while heading to a match in the world championship.

To all of my 07 bros, I will you the best hall on campus. A hall lead by the supreme leader himself: Kevin Lim. Sometimes I take the small things that 07 has done for me for granted, like dodgeball, haunted house, and turning up for CoTH.

To the 07B Sophomores, I will you the courage to try whatever the heck you want at IMSA. If that means taking an insane amount of math courses, let my experience be proof of the fact that it is logistically possible.

To Waleed Ali, I will you a great sense of humor and exceptional skill with the opposite gender.

To Tim Morris, I leave you the courage to not worry. You are competent and I have no doubt of your success at IMSA and beyond.

Lakhena Leang

Union College, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Going on my first Walgreens trip sophomore year
  • Spending quality time with A & B wing down quads (JKwon 4lyfe <3)
  • SIR Summer
  • Prom 2013 & 2014

Bucket List

  1. Change someone’s life for a day
  2. Have lunch with my favorite alumni (Screaming on the hill)
  3. Go Ice Skating once
  4. Meet Jackie Chan

Last Testament:

To my 02A wing sophomores, I will you the courage to face junior year.  All this year you’ve spent preparing yourself for the next level.  Don’t ever think that you’re not ready for it and always remember that you’re never alone.

02A wing juniors, I have been constantly impressed at the way you all have bonded together with the sophomores.  I will you the potential to become the school’s next greatest leaders.  This next year is going to go through some crazy changes and it’ll be up to you all to determine the mood of the school.  Remember that the sophomores and even juniors feed off your energy and emotions.  That’s a pretty big expectation to be carrying, but always keep in mind that your actions will embody “the leader’s” actions.

To SPARK Board, I will you the good faith and strong interests that led Grace and I to start up this club.  I know that you will continue to improve upon it and make it great.  Good luck next year and don’t be hesitant to ask for anything.

To Yasmine Gordon and Ricky Martinez, I will you my chair position on SocEnt.  It’s been the one thing that’s kept me grounded and probably changed me the most throughout senior year.  Having such a title was so honorable and I am so glad that you and Ricky will be taking the throne.

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you the ability to tell great stories and an awesome sophomore you can take in your wing next year.  Show them how they can take advantage of all the opportunities and make them see that they too can be a leader.  I will you the confidence to speak smoothly and persuasively.  I’m so proud of what you’ve done and I know that you too can inspire someone new.

To Puja Mittal, I will you a whole new class of sophomores ready to look up and be inspired by all that you do.  Best of luck to you.

To Priya Trivedi, I will you an amazing LEAD 2014-2015 year with an awesome team.  With your leadership and enthusiasm, you can take them to the moon and back.

To Lajju Sudhakar, I also will you an amazing LEAD team.  I also will you a great attitude and the perseverance to live up to the challenges of living in a new environment. You’ve always been one of the peppiest and strongest people I know.  Just keep in mind the words “If Jackie Chan can do it, so can I.”

To Akshay Verma, I will you the spirit to forge your own new path and make a huge difference on campus next year.   To me, you’ve always been an adventurer and a bearer of smiles. That alone can take you miles ahead of where you want to be.

To Aaron Yuan, I will you a new couple you can consistently see.  I also will you an amazing new friend you can make that will be just as earnest and caring as you are.

To Rajiv Trehan, I will you all of my OOP skills and an energetic, enthusiastic little sibling that you can have fun with.  I also will you an amazing journey in Russian III.

To Johnathan Guo, I will you the courage to be strong in no matter what situation you are put in.

To Evania Hong, I will you one last hug before I leave.  I absolutely adored being your older sibling, even if I did neglect the position sometimes.

To Kyle Thomas, I will you my position as SKiLS Clan Leader so that you can find others to take our place. The time I’ve served with you has been thoroughly enjoyable and I don’t know if I can ever find a guy with the best hair as awesome as you.  Good luck in everything that you do and remember that once you’re in the SKiLS Clan, you’re always the man.

To Andrew Adams, I will you the ability to be appreciative of all things people do for you.  I also will you the ability to write emails and an amazing KI group leader partner whom you can teach and have fun with (someone almost as good as me)..

To Chris Ni, I will you precious times with Max and a set of sophomores you can bond with and a new person to talk like (unless you decide to talk like Vimig forever).

Sophie Legan

Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Meeting my roomie Xochitl for the first time being a crazy person at our orientation dodge-ball game.
  • Truth or dare at the slabs sophomore year
  • Going to frannies room sophomore year to eat all her food and talk about our futures
  • The day Becky, Simone, and I had to go dumpster diving before our Lit Ex final sophomore year!
  • Making stupid videos with my unofficial quad junior year and starting the renaissance <3
  • The time Becky and I were throwing candy at people’s windows and had to pretend to be a couple kissing in the corner so we didn’t get in trouble!
  • New Year’s Eve with my unofficial quad junior year in Chicago, and that same night loosing my backpack with EVERYTHING in it ten minutes before midnight :o
  • Acting out The Notebook with Frannie and Xoch and friends at the slabs on a rainy Sunday
  • Hiding all of Hania’s clothes in Xochitls shower & a million other pranks
  • Finding out we got our quad and sprinting across the hall to go look at the rooms
  • The time we went mud sliding, tracked mud through 07, and then had to go back and mop it up after ten check with all of 07 making fun of us.
  • The night after clash pep rally having a party in our quad with friends, ice cream, cake and craziness
  • The senior snowball fight!
  • Going downtown w/ the renaissance to go ice-skating & go out to eat
  • Prom<3
  • Late night heart to hearts and helping friends (and being helped) through breakdowns and craziness.

Bucket List

  1. Graduate
  2. Live in France
  3. Speak French fluently
  4. BBQ’s with my quad and our future families
  5. Fall in love
  6. Start a family
  7. Write a book
  8. Inspire people

Last Testament:

To Bella, Sophie, and Faithe, I’m leaving you a year full of long and stressful nights of work (& one too many all-nighters) but also the best of friends and memories that will last a lifetime. You guys remind me of me & my friends when we first came to IMSA, and I’m sorry we can’t stay with you longer. Don’t let the new policies, the stress of junior year, or the genius kids that make it all look easy get to you – take time just to spend with each other. Take pictures. Make videos. Put off your work(but still do it). Also, you guys are hott totties so I know you’re gunna have boy drama, but make sure to remember that they’re never worth crying over. I leave you my quad’s tradition of sitting in the dark with ice cream, swedish fish, and a chick flick when things get too hard.

To Greeshma, Sachi, and Ranjani, I leave you open minds. During a year of so many important decisions, I will you the ability to see more than one path to the future you want. I also leave you Clash of the Halls. Being a drill leader is stressful, exhausting, and crazy but it’s also some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I know you guys care about our hall and I know you guys can help 06 place well, no matter what you focus your talents on!

To Cathy and Lucy, I leave you with the strongest love I’ve seen in a roommate pair since I became roommates with Leesey, Frannie and Xo. I will you peace of mind not to let the little things get to you, like never putting away their clothes or always eating all your food. At the end of the day, my roommates are my sisters and you guys are together for life <3

To Devdhi, I leave dance team. Dance has been such a huge part of my IMSA career – I fell in love with dance at the first practice and put my heart and soul into it sophomore year. Junior year was a little more difficult, and we had an even rougher time this year, your first year, but I hope you stick with it. Fight to keep dance team fun, and don’t accept anything less than 100% dedication from your teammates. As the only sophomore on dance team you far surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait to see what you do next year!

Kevin Li

Brown University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Winning Clash!!!
  • Lunar New Year 2014
  • The Pink Briefcase
  • My two pentakills and the conditions surrounding them
  • SLD Week (both of them)
  • Heart Wolves <3
  • The strong 日本語 struggle
  • Senior auction dinner with Quinn, Kent, and Puja
  • Prom and the events that followed
  • Peeling the onion with my quad
  • The Excel document I lost that will be remembered as “The Algorithm”
  • CAB Luau 2013

Bucket List

  1. Go to a SNSD concert
  2. See the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning
  3. Marry a member of Girl’s Day
  4. Take a picture with Doublelift
  5. Finish editing “The Incident”
  6. Direct a film
  7. Date a girl that isn’t Chinese…
  8. Embrace HotshotGG as CLG wins Worlds
  9. Frances Seo
  10. Fulfill the conditions established in Michael’s short story
  11. Finally discover which road is the right road

Last Testament:

To Mayuri Yasuda, Edward Jun, Grace Duan, and the rising juniors that will round out the rest of executive board, I will you ASIA.  No extracurricular gave me more personal satisfaction than a successfully executed ASIA event, and I hope that you all will feel the same as your events bring our culture to the student body.  You three have grown so much since you joined Board as both leaders and organizers, and I fully believe in your ability to throw the greatest cultural show to ever take place at IMSA.

To Aquila Ryu, Danielle Madsen, Katherine Su, and Joy Qiu, I will you Exodus.  This club is precious and meaningful in a way that only people who have immersed themselves in the program can ever truly understand.  Propagate our message and objectives – you are all making a difference in this world, even if it doesn’t seem obvious at first.

To Priya Trivedi, Lajju Sudhakar, Amanda Walsh, Sanjay Kottapalli, Ricky Martinez, and Yasmine Gordon, I will you LEAD and Enact.  Passion is a special thing and being on the LEAD team is one of the only opportunities where you are truly able to pursue that passion as far as your mind and heart will take it.  You have all already achieved great things in this regard and I am confident that you will continue to improve and advance the program to unimaginable heights.  However, remember that you are only human and not every effort you make will end in success.  Failure is a necessary component of progress.  Lastly, please take care of Devdhi, the sky is the limit for her and the earlier you all realize that the stronger this organization will be.

To Leon Wang, Paolo Palacios, and Kyle Thomas, I will you 1504.  This place is our home – please take care of it.  Although there were many who may not have been satisfied with housing this year, know that this provides you with an even greater opportunity to let your strengths shine and unite the hall.  Remember that although Clash is important, especially now that we are the defending champions, it is merely a means to a much more meaningful end.

To Jessica Park, I will you the success I have found throughout my IMSA career.  I am so proud of how much you have grown over the course of this year and the dedication and commitment that you have put in both your academics and extracurriculars.  Out of all the sophomores I have gotten to know this year, you have the greatest drive and passion, attributes that will unquestionably serve you well no matter what path in life you take. You’ll be busy next year, but try to stay in touch!

To Ashley Kim, I will my firstborn child.  Since you have not yet carried out the favor that you owe me, I am imposing a sixth choice that will go into effect immediately upon the birth of my first child.  Love him/her/it like you love your plants and Woohyun.

To Grace Duan (again), I will you my EXO hat and an honorary position in the Li family.  I’ve always been kind of awkward around people who care about me too much and I think you fall well into that category.  I don’t deserve the admiration and respect that you offer me and I am thankful every time I see you that someone so competent and capable thinks of me so highly.  I am so proud that you consider me your gege and I want you to know that you can find a home in me whenever you need it.

To Vivian Liu, I will you my personal copy of The Elephant Vanishes – a series of short stories written by Haruki Murakami.  This book is by far my favorite collection and I hope that the tales within its pages will inspire the same quality of thought and consideration in you that it did for me.  Treat it well and don’t lose it.

To Erik Nam and Michael Wang, I will you my fortune with relationships and two K-Pop posters of your choosing (with certain exceptions of course).  I honesty cannot express in words how much I love the two of you.  You have helped me through so many difficult times and seeing your dumb faces cheers me up without fail.  Focus your attentions and pursuits in the right directions and I guarantee that you will find the potential and ability you could have never imagined to be within yourselves.  Michael, I expect to be driving up to IMSA on the fourth day of school next semester for celebration and festivities.

To Daniel Sohn, I will you nothing.  This may seem cheese, and by all means it is, but it is because you already have everything.  I see a greatness in you that is almost natural, all you need to do is figure out how to harness and nurture this potential.  Once you find your passion you will be an unstoppable force – except for at League of Legends of course.

To Katherine Su (again), I also will you nothing.  However, unlike with Dan, this is simply because you’re a noob.  In all seriousness though, you’ve been my favorite since Energy (don’t tell anyone though!) and I’ll treasure that letter you wrote me, even though you probably already forgot about it.  Never change your hairstyle!

To Xindi Chen, I will you the million words I never got to say.  Only at the end does the bitterness and foolishness of one’s decisions become truly elucidated.  The bridges you burn will haunt you constantly and you will forever wonder why hubris guarded your entrance to happiness and satisfaction.  A few words can change someone’s world, and I’m sorry I was never able to find those words.  Don’t make the same mistake I did, if not for you then for him.

To Josh Burke, I will the Sands of Time.  You are a phenomenal actor and your perseverance and belief in the project helped me and Tony to progress with the drive and mindset that we did.  I hope that you will continue to pass this artifact down through future generations of pr04.

To Amanda Walsh, I will Enact and the experience of having the best co’s two years in a row.  I was blessed this year to have the two best co’s I could have ever hoped for – in Nahee as a co-chair and you as a co-facilitator.  Seeing you grow and develop into the person that you are now, presumably somewhat as a result of me, has been one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences throughout my entire IMSA career.  I don’t know who your co-facilitator will be next year, but you’re already half-way there to accomplishing this (Sanjay is the cutest).  You will take this world by storm, and you will get there by skipping.

To Ahsan Qureshi, Mitchell Sun, and Alan Ren, I will another 1st place victory for 1504’s Drill Team.  We’re the best squad on campus and we’ve proved that with our consistent performances these last few years.  I hope I’ll be able to make it back to campus to watch you triumph.  Try your best not to sandbag.

To Puja Mittal, I will the 100% perfect man.  Contrary to popular belief, although I am currently in possession of Tony Shin, he is, in fact, not mine to give away.  However, I write this to you with full confidence that you’ll find that guy, sooner or later, who’s going to make all the insecurities that you’ve talked to me about seem like silly worries of the past.  A girl like you is simply too good to not end up with a guy that you’re completely and absolutely satisfied with.

To Irwina Widjaja, I will an expensive dinner.  I won’t lie and say that I’ve been the best big brother to you this year, as there’ve definitely been times where I was too busy or stressed to realize the truly important things in front of me.  However, I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the confidence that you have given me as a role model and a LEAD facilitator.  Our elaborate metaphors have often been the highlights of my day and there is no one else I would rather order pizza, climb mountains, or play football with.  You mean more to me than you will ever truly realize.  Stay in touch!  You still have to cop a free meal!

Final Score: 9.2/10

To Franklin Ye, I will my confidence and drive.  People underestimate your ability and one day they’re going to regret not realizing how capable and intelligent you are.  Take yourself a bit more seriously, because you are at a caliber that deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.  You’re an incredible guy, unless we’re talking about your Orianna play, in which case you will forever be trash.

To Eveline Liu, I will two words.  Since there is no thing, emotion, or aspect of myself I can will you that can ever hope to account for all that you have given me, all I can do is say these two words to you in as genuine of a manner as I will ever be capable of.  Thank you.  (Aren’t you glad I didn’t say sorry?)

Andrew Liang

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Clash 2012, 2013, and 2014 (pr04ever)
  • Prom 2014
  • Homecoming Week 2014
  • Puzzle League Workshop
  • Nights with 1504A Down Quad 2012
  • Cross-Hall
  • Lunar 2014
  • Cutting Ryan’s leg open
  • SDAC
  • Bboying outside
  • Cinco de Mayo/Luau 2013
  • 1504C Up Quad 2014
  • Habi 2014

Bucket List

  1. Make it to Dance 2XS
  2. Get real good at bboying
  3. Join a dope dance crew.
  4. Black out and not remember what happened the night before
  5. Crossfade
  6. Travel the world
  7. Go rock-climbing somewhere awesome
  8. Skydive
  9. Fly an airplane
  10. Go to outer space
  11. Move to someplace where the weather’s actually nice
  12. Learn all the damn languages/become a polyglot
  13. Live for an extended period of time in a different country
  14. Rock the world with some kind of crazy invention
  15. Get swole/jacked/Bruce Lee 2.0
  16. Get in a fight
  17. Win the fight
  18. Get arrested
  19. Save the life of a smart, hot chick
  20. Fall in love with and marry said smart, hot chick
  21. ????
  22. Live happily ever after
  23. Don’t die
  24. Not worry about money
  25. Become good friends with a likable (not scumbag) celebrity or famous person
  26. Do whatever I want

Last Testament:

To Dayvon Snell, I will you somebody else to share a dope handshake with and a proper place in 04.

To Arthur Ortiz and Daniel Cuatle aka the Big Guys, I will you somebody else to play smash with every other night.

To Cathy Chen, Alan Ren, Nick Damen, Mitchell Sun, and Justin Orr, I will you SDAC. Please take care of my baby.

To Nick Damen, I will you another bboy to practice with.

To Ashley Kim, I will you Tony Shin. Take good care of him. Also somebody to always steal your glasses.

To Xindi Chen, I will you fun and relaxation. Work hard, but make sure you enjoy yourself, too. Good luck 小妹; have a great senior year.

On this May seventeenth of the year 2014 Anno Domini, as is tradition mandated by none other than our esteemed Lord Nick Srivastava, Former Supreme Chancellor the First, I, Andrew Liang, Supreme Chancellor the Second, Former Common Man the First, Major Oppressor of the Plebeians, and Master of the Common Man do hereby relinquish and bequeath my duties, my chancellorship, and all its affiliations, associations, titles, rights, and properties to Tim Gietl, Common Man the Second, Minor Oppressor of the Plebeians, and Servant of the Supreme Chancellor. Henceforth, Tim Gietl shall be known as Tim Gietl, Supreme Chancellor the Third, Former Common Man the Second, Major Oppressor of the Plebeians, and Master of the Common Man. May he lead the next Common Man along the Path of Dictatorship and fulfill these responsibilities with a greater cruelty, disdain, and indifference than I could ever achieve.

Furthermore, I, Andrew Liang, now Former Supreme Chancellor the Second, do hereby nominate the young and nubile boy Varun Iyer as Common Man the Third and delegate unto him the duties of Minor Oppressor of the Plebeians and Servant of the Supreme Chancellor. May his inherent aptitude for contempt and lack of compassion develop during his tenure as the Common Man under the Supreme Chancellor.

And now, I, Andrew Liang, present to the masses the next Common Man, Varun Iyer, and his liege:

All hail Tim Gietl, Supreme Chancellor the Third, Former Common Man the First, Major Oppressor of the Plebeians, and Master of the Common Man!

Signed this May seventeenth of the year 2014 Anno Domini,

Andrew Liang

Former Supreme Chancellor the Second

To Josh McDermott, I will you a new idiot to do dumb handshakes with. Don’t get into too much trouble; wouldn’t want to repeat another year, would you?

To Haneesha Paruchuri, I will you a Chipotle date on me and a little sibling who’s as awesome as you are.

To Jonah Goughnour, I will you the swim team; have fun with that.

To Alan Ren and Mitchell Sun, I will you the 1504 Clash drill team. Kill it next year, you hear me?

To Sue Patel, I will you somebody else to make Mit “jealous”.

To Varun Iyer, I will you your own workout in the fitness center.

To Mayuri Yasuda, I will you all the spare change I have in my pockets. I’m sure that’s more than what you usually make a night anyway.

Emily Ling

Stanford University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Tennis seasons 2011-2013 with Nahee and the rest of the team
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Breckenridge Intersession
  • The stress ball
  • Senior week 2013
  • Prom 2013
  • Conversations out the window with 02ADQ
  • Quad wars with 02BDQ 2012-2013
  • Lunar 2014
  • French with Gisèle et Aïsha
  • CLASH (and Drill Team 2013!)
  • Wu Lab with Kristine, Jack and Nish
  • Sophomore year hangouts
  • ALI 2012 and 2013
  • FPS – The Dream Team
  • Orchard runs
  • The original 02B class of 2014
  • Late nights in 02B wing

Bucket List

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Go sky-diving
  4. Do the Tough Mudder
  5. Spend a year travelling the world
  6. Visit every continent
  7. Design my own home
  8. Go heli-skiing
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Scuba dive
  11. Go to space
  12. Carry the Olympic torch
  13. Save a life

Last Testament:

To Tiffany Ding, I will you a baby sophomore of your own next year. Keep up that amazing work ethic and try not to get distracted by lazy second semester seniors. Also, I will you a state qualification in tennis, and managers who bring you lemons in your water. Maybe I’ll see you in Cali in a few years ;) Also, watch out for a letter from me before you leave!

To Rachel Kobernat, I will you an amazing junior year that’s made even better by the fact that you won’t have to live with Tiffany anymore ;) Work hard, stay strong, and be positive, because you’re going to be great wherever you go. I also will you a sophomore to steal blankets from next year ;) Also, you and Tiffany need to carry 02 Clash next year, especially if its 02Chainz. I’ll have a letter for you, so make sure you remind me before the year ends!

To Emily Mu, I will you Atlas Tutors. I know you’ll do an amazing job, and don’t hesitate to hit me up with any questions or concerns. I also will you luck for senior year and college apps, although you’re going to be amazing either way! Keep working hard and I know you’re going places.

To Vivian Jin, I will you an amazing senior year. I promise I’ll visit you in 06 before the year ends, and keep in touch!

To Mayuri Yasuda, I will you the tennis team. I also will you a state qualification with Tiffany, and it’s up to you to whip the team (and Bernardini) into shape without me and Nahee. Also, please introduce yourself as Beautiful for every tennis match.

To Hannah Chaddha, I will you enough energy to get you through junior year, although you’ve got plenty already. Try to sleep a little more, though, because you won’t be thirteen forever. I hope you have an amazing two more years at IMSA.

To ALI 2014-2015 (Vivian, Ricky, Rajiv, Ranjani, Shelly, Priya?), I will you an amazing group of students and better projects than we pulled off this year. I don’t know if all of you are still doing ALI, but I really hope you all do, because I know you all of you can really make a difference. Remember, the world is in your hands :)

To all my 02B babies, I will you a fantastic time at IMSA with as many Chipotle wing dinners as you could hope for. Thank you for being part of my home this year—I really wish I had gotten to know all of you better. Believe in yourselves, because all of you are so intelligent and beautiful and strong.

Gina Liu

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Buddy joining the family
  • EBE
  • STLF bonding with Arjun (both junior and senior year!)
  • Discovering Reddit
  • Sleeping through the SAT
  • Summer nights in Urbana-Champaign
  • SIR Slurpee Run with Amanda
  • Enoch Benson the Fourth
  • “What’s the coolest thing about snowmen?” “THE SNOW”
  • Quad nights (the rise of the Humicorns, Friend Club, knitting night)
  • December 16, 2013, 4:03 p.m.
  • Hedge mazes and heart-to-hearts at Prom

Bucket List

  1. Run a marathon.
  2. Become a bird identification expert.
  3. Cook wonderful, delicious, healthy things.
  4. Work with a public health agency, Peace Corps, or MSF.
  5. Backpack in Europe or Asia.
  6. Get a piece of writing published.
  7. Swim with sea turtles.
  8. Tour Istanbul and Budapest.
  9. Learn fluent French,
  10. Travel alone in another country.

Last Testament:

To Amanda Walsh, I will you appreciation of I-days. May you always have people to crewneck+bun (official white-girl giving-up look!) and appreciate Larry’s emails with you. Keep your head up!

To Spark (Haneesha, Sameeksha, Jo-Jo, Char, Lucy, Naren), I will you my unflagging support! I can already tell that you guys are on track to a great year.

To the rising Senior Class Club (Tim, Rhea, Emily, Vivian Jin, Quinn), I will you a Prom ALMOST as good as ours ;) If you ever have questions, hmu bbs

To Sneha and Shveta Thakkar, Grace and I will you Scary Dora. She’ll keep you safe!

To 03D past and present, I will you the concept of D for Diversity. Some friendships might be unexpected but worth it! Also, DO YOUR DISHES.

To Allie Johnson, I will you the role of XC Team Mom. I was a pretty bad one this year (sleep outweighed my children!), but as you are both caring and an excellent runner, I have faith that you will make our team stronger than ever.

To Michael Wang, I will you the confidence that got me rolling in women. Promise to message me in college, if only for old times’ sake <3

To Lajju Sudhakar, I will you the strength not to get jealous of StudCo.

To Jin Komerska and Devdhi Kasana, I will you the best little siblings ever, so that you can have an experience just as wonderful as mine. Thank you for always brightening my day by trashing my room… Promise not to send me anything too sketchy in the mail?

To Mike Etzkorn, I will you the perseverance to keep going in the face of discouragement. You’re going to go far, kid!

To Vivian Liu, I will you the ability to lose motivation and represent the Charleston spirit when second semester rolls around! You’re amazing, and though I’m heartbroken at having to leave you, I grudgingly give the rest of campus permission to enjoy your wit and intelligence and hilarious faces. CONTACT ME ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

Xochitl Menchaca

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Pre finals snowball fight with our class
  • Cross Country fun runs
  • Bonding at the slabs
  • Rap battles
  • Sophomore year soccer
  • Sophie twisting her ankle and going to the hospital in an attempt to beat in-room

Bucket List

  1. Be happy

Last Testament:

To Gus Nagro, I will you an amazing senior year and some great adventures. I hope you have eye protection, lots of fun in China class, Bulwer-Lytton sentences about Leon, and more trips to China (even if I’m not there to keep you company).

To Erik Nam, I will you a math table as fun as ours and two more girls to fight over you every morning. For the record, I do love you way more.

To Bella Reda, Sophie Kardadi, and Faithe Hill I leave you some great sophomores to stay up with and house in your room and the strength to get through junior year.

To Ranjani Sundar and Cammille Go, I will you the strength and patience to lead Club Verno. I know it will take a lot of energy but you guys will be great co-presidents and can definitely take Club Verno far!

To Greeshma Chilukuri , I will you a great clown by your side. I hope you are never afraid to be crazy and a fool.

To Leon Wang, I leave you with the time to relax a little and appreciate the environment of IMSA for your final year. Appreciate your classmates. I know that no matter what happens, you will be able to make it work and you’ll be extremely successful, so don’t stress yourself out so much!

To Gus Nagro, Tim Gietl, Omair Khan, and other gym bros, I will you some great workouts (and try not to annoy Danny too much.) You guys are a lot more dedicated than I am even throughout your junior year, so keep it that way as you go on to become seniors!

To Ale Guzman, Yasmine Gordon, Lija Hoffman, I leave you with an amazing senior year. No matter what hall you live in, you’ll be able to find some great friends there and fit in. I know everything is changing, but stay strong for your final year. Good luck in the college process and don’t slack off because it’s not over yet. Stay beautiful!

Jess Monigal

Illinois Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments

  • seeing a coyote on the way to Walgreens sophomore year
  • filling bottles with iced tea in the boys’ bathroom sink for “Barefoot in the Park”
  • auditioning for “You Can’t Take It With You” and not dying
  • boat races in engineering
  • Anna and I hopping from 02 to 07 in one collective pair of flats for a dinner date proposal
  • pigeons in general
  • screaming bloody murder
  • not being able to put the lamp in the box
  • frantically cleaning fake blood off the bridge windows after in-room
  • creation of the tagline “grip it good”
  • finding a trail of 60 printed hedgehogs
  • Milosz’s costume at Drama Club Awards
  • the “high point for all of us”

Bucket List

  1. Design a theater for a major city
  2. Become Mr. Mistoffelees

Last Testament:

To Remy Bubulka, I leave you happy trees and sketchy Bob Ross videos on Chinese YouTube. And Studio 1500, of course. I know you’ll do great things with it!

To 02B wing, I will you patience to get through the craziness that is IMSA. Or the strength to leave, if you figure out that’s what’s right for you. This year has been such a blast and I’m so thankful I had the chance to live with you all. :)

To Katherine Su, specifically, I will you better lab safety!

To Nicole Aldridge, I will you lots of drama club shenanigans. And a less … sleep-deprived … hall mural painting. Even though that was a great night.

To Andrew Adams, I don’t even know what to put here. I leave you with more successful ticket purchases and less incriminating slips from Brenda Bazan. Also, the Deathtrap scarf, as soon as I finish it. May you and Josh continue to be drama club’s best couple. ;)

To Ethan Fisher, I will you better French pronunciation skills. Just kidding. You get the pigeons, of course. Treat them well. :)

To Hannah Trewitt, I will you resilience, many late-night craft activities, and those ghosts in 03. I hope your senior year is less stressful than this year was – take time to make lots of jewelry and pigments from flowers.

To Ian O’Reilly, I will you the best of luck with your Jackson Pollock Potluck.

To Mary Cody, I leave you a question. What’s eight plus five?

Valerie Moore

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Long dinners sharing stories
  • Robotics Extendeds

Last Testament:

To Nicole Schubert, I leave you all of my mechanical knowledge and “Valerie’s Corner” I guess you can rename it now.

To Emma Sloan, I leave you my ability to get tired of Tetris.

To Cassie Erwin, I leave you my complements, you are a wonderful person.

To Daniel Collins, I leave the A/D side laundry room.

To Kaia Ball, I leave you the access road with one less person walking on it.

To Niharika Agrawal, I will you only blunt objects.

Karen Olowu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Prom of 2012 and 2014.
  • Lunar New Year 2012.
  • Clash 2014
  • Tales from the Home front 2012
  • Modern Theatre

Bucket List

  1. Leading an intersession on the politics of Westeros
  2. Becoming an excellent traceuse
  3. Spending a year travelling the world as a food connoisseur
  4. Opening an Nigerian culture house
  5. Becoming a polyglot
  6. Crocheting the 4th Doctor’s scarf

Last Testament:

To the class of 2015, I leave you my impeccable sense of humor. You all are going to need it. I also will you a sense of urgency. Get those college apps in!

To the ladies, I leave you the fear of Mrs. Cain, may you will always realize when you’re dressed inappropriately.

To the gentlemen, I will you lots of soap, toothpaste and antiperspirant.

To all my black sisters, I will you the peace of the Lord. May it grant you restraint even when things are trifling.

To the class of 2016, I will you MW2 night vision goggles. May you use them when the tunnel gets so dark that you can’t see the light at its end.

And to all the underclassmen, I leave you an adventurous spirit. Try new things! You never know who you might meet or what you might learn about yourself.

Jameson O’Reilly

Northeastern University, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments

  • Trying to find out George’s crush until 5 in the morning
  • Spending all day on problem sets
  • Playing poker until it was time to go watch the sunrise
  • Literally “breaking the ice” with my baby sophomores junior and senior year
  • Debate Intersession domination and Runneh Shah 2k13
  • The Night of the Open Window
  • Winter Congress 2013
  • Quad decorating night
  • ShhCon All-Nighter
  • St. Louis Trip for alumni event
  • GeldnerCon 1 and 2
  • Countless late-night talks, arguments, and hypnosis sessions
  • Sunday nights in the quad
  • Sweater weather
  • Ecuador trip
  • Movies and video games at Dan’s house
  • Prahhhm

Bucket List

  1. Stay awake for more than 48 hours in a row
  2. Graduate from college
  3. Invent something
  4. Get published in a research journal
  5. Become IMSA’s first alumni-legislator
  6. Teach a class
  7. Own a Tesla car

Last Testament:

To Karin Han, Quinn Lewis, and Edward Jun, I will lots and lots of candy and patience. In addition, I leave you the ability to deal with lying and finger-pointing, as well as the more than occasional death glare. To help with this, I’m also leaving you as many Almond Joys and trips to alumni events as you could ever want. In return you have to take promise to take good care of Figgy. Finally, I will you all the ability to keep your members motivated and enthusiastic and to avoid being “the worst board in history.”

To Danny Atten and Arjit Jaiswal, I leave my home of the last three years. Take good care of it and the people living there. To help with this, I’m also leaving you efficient Hall Councils meetings devoid of “Happies and Crappies” (we can dream, can’t we?) and engaged Wing Guides.

To Nida Normantaite, Archit Potharazu, and Dan Pechi, I will a successful chapter, many gavels, and a healthy crop of new speakers and leaders. To this end, I also leave you a name within the Midwest state, friends from many chapters, and experience planning the best Chapter Conference of all time.

To all of 05, I leave RCs who understand when rules are meant to be broken and the ability to stay under the microscope. I also will you the ability to immerse yourself in the 05 community and to soak up everything that it has to offer. Additionally, I leave a passionate and dedicated RC and RSL staff, hot showers, non-flickering lights, and fast internet.

To Josh Rosenthal and Luke Morrical, I will a happy and healthy A wing that will participate in wing events and get each other dinner dates well in advance. I also leave you an RC who won’t be too busy two-thirds of the year and sister wings that will love you for who you are.

To Karin Han, I will someone to tell stories to multiple times who will understand your frustrations and convince you that in the end, it’s all worth it. I leave you lots of Lily Pulitzer and other stuff like that that you seem to enjoy. More importantly, I will you the ability to enjoy your senior year despite all of the stress.

To Jason Yang, I leave lots of cheek touches and the ability to decide whether or not to be troitin’.

To Eric Hennenfent, I will some poor juniors to be your designated shit-givers next year in whatever classes you happen to take.

To Max Ackerman, I leave an understanding of how your words and actions affect others. I also will you the knowledge of the positive impact you can make in sophomore’s lives as a friendly and compassionate Wing Guide.

To Alex Murarus, I will many more pictures with random men in tuxedos.

To Patrick Swearingen, I will a nice senior who will listen to your girl problems. I also leave you and the rest of your quad the ability to be the base for the wing community and to help sophomores with anything that they may need.

To my A Wing sophomores, I leave the willingness to try new things and to make the most out of your time here. I also leave you respect for any foosball tables that may come your way.

To Vinesh Kannan, I will someone to mentor. I leave you the ability to be Junior Jameson and Senior Anthony. Don’t let your incredible talents go without being passed on to the next generation of students.

To Ian and Colin, I will a fulfilling three years here.

Anthony Ortiz

Lawrence University, Class of 2018


Most Memorable Moments

  • All three Clash of the Halls
  • Late nights with 04ADQ Sophomore year
  • Late nights with 04BUQ and DQ Junior and Senior year
  • Prom 2014
  • Peru junior and senior year
  • “Post-Prom” chill session at Amanda’s house
  • 12pm FIFA Sessions with Kobe, then finishing up the series at 12am
  • Sophomore year regional baseball game
  • Junior year regional soccer game
  • Beating Keith Country Day in soccer for Nate after he was injured
  • Senior year “Fat-Man” soccer song
  • Coach W’s chocolate shop treats
  • Junior year Fire game with Coach Burke and company
  • Soccer game when Arthur and I both scored
  • Every Baseball and Soccer season
  • Missing school to see the Rangers vs. Cardinals World Series game
  • Almost getting in a car crash while driving someone else’s car ;)
  • Day trips to Orchard with Yvette/Kobe
  • Almost running away Junior Year with Greg
  • Last Day of Junior Year
  • Passing BC2 with Kobe
  • Passing BC3 with Kobe (hopefully)
  • FIFA with Arthur and Danny
  • Many, many more

Bucket List

  1. Go to every Major League Baseball Park.
  2. Hit off a Major League Pitcher.
  3. Live in a foreign country for a year.
  4. Become fluent in Spanish.
  5. Become fluent in Chinese.See Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and Messi play.
  6. Figure out what I want to do, get a job.
  7. Be happy.

Last Testament:

To Reid, Paolo, Danny, Harith, Arthur, Julian, and Zach, I will you the soccer team.  Don’t let Coach Mitchell get to you to much, play hard, and practice hard.  Paolo, I expect you not to get bullied like you did this ear and at least 10 more goals.  To Reid… play a game.  To Danny boy, I will you my aggressiveness, if you are aggressive next year and you’ll see a world of difference.  Harith, I will you my speed, maybe I’ll come back and we can race next year.  Arthur, keep giving 120 percent like you always do, don’t let anyone out run or out play you.  To Julian, use your leadership to get all of these guys to come together and have one heck of a year.  Zach, you’re a beast.  Next year you’re gonna do great things with the team, you’re one heck of a player and one heck of a captain—make sure you show it.  Good luck next year guys.  Oh, one more thing… I will you my header cheddar and all of my cheese.  Use it wisely.

To Arthur, Nick, Akshay, Andy, Chase, Nate, and Dylan, I will you something that I love—baseball.  No matter how frustrating the season gets, make sure to keep pushing and working hard.  Akshay and Andy, heck of a first year, you guys have improved so much since the beginning of the season.  If you stick with it, you’ll just keep improving.  Nate, get healthy man.  You love the game and are always enthusiastic, even if you ask way too many questions.  Dylan, you really came around towards the end of the season, keep sticking, keep hitting dingers.  Chase, way to be a brick wall this season.  You caught almost every game and you haven’t complained once, you’re dedicated and hard-working.  Stay loud back there and be a leader.  Nick, I know it was rough coming from a team that was rather successful, but you handled it really well, you always came to play and had your head in the game—that’s the kind of leadership we need moving forward.  Keep getting better and keep playing hard.  Arthur, it may have been a rough season, but playing with you again was awesome.  I wish I could’ve played the whole season with you and the team.  It’s pretty cool to be out there with your little brother and I’m gonna miss it like heck.   Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and just let the game come to you, you’re a fantastic ballplayer and you’re going to do well.  In all, stay positive, and keep working hard guys, it was an honor to play with you all and I wish we could’ve played together longer.

To Matt Pomela, please please please keep giving people free Brisks and Moutain Dews—it made my day every time.

To Josh McDermott, call me if you ever wanna squad.

To Braden, I will you my Taco Bell appetite and some late night taco bell trips.

To 02DUQ (Mayuri, Marueen, Remmie, Molly), I will you an awesome year being seniors in an UQ.  I personally don’t know what it’s like, but I hear it’s not THAT bad.  Once again, have fun being seniors in an UQ again.  If you ever want to know what it was like to live in a DQ I’ll answer any questions.

To Hannah and Eylsia, I will you my crust—all of it.  I’m going to miss being called crusty all the time and I’m going to miss you two little chicas.  I will you a couple of super crusty sophomores to add to the SCCS.  Stay crusty ;)

To Sam and Luselena, I will you my hilarious stories.  I know you both love listening to me talk :).  If you EVER want a story, feel free to call/skype/text me, I’ll have plenty.  Don’t miss me too much ;).  Love you both.

To Mayuri, I will you Arthur to fight with.  Don’t fight too much though, or he’ll hurt you… seriously.  I will you an awesome senior year, you’re going to get into a whole bunch of great schools and go to the school of your dreams.  Don’t let anyone walk over you… even though a lot of people literally could (short joke).  Stay strong and confident and you’ll do great.  You’re the fiercest girl I know ;) Good luck next year buddy.

To Danny boy…Danny boy Danny boy, Danny boy Danny boy, where do I start.  I will you my FIFA skills, even though you beat me most of the time.  Whenever you’re having trouble, play the national anthem of your team.  I also will you my awesome hairdos, I am expecting that poster with all of my great styles on them; take a picture of it so when you need a new do you can have one.  I will you my soccer skills, although you have way more skill than me.  I will you my strength to get through IMSA—if I can do it, you can do.  Remember what I said I’ll do if you leave.  You and Arthur gotta take care of each other.  Good luck next year man.  I luh you.

To Arthur, I will you everything my dude.  Having you at IMSA was awesome, and I wish I had you for all three years.  It made everything better, even if it was just by singing “Hold on We’re Going Home” on the ride home after a long week… or saying how much we loved going back on a Sunday night.  You had a heck of a sophomore year, and you’re going to be even more successful your next two years at IMSA.  You’ll get into a great school and do great things.  Don’t get to frustrated and don’t be too hard on yourself—I know it’s a lot easier said than done.  Kill it in baseball next year. Keep working hard and good things will come.  Oh, give Mayuri a hard time for me.  Thanks in advance.  I love you, bro.

Nitya Pariti

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • After check workouts with the quad
  • I days with Jkwon
  • Senior Dinner Date
  • Mod21 Practices/Bonding
  • Random conversations with the quad
  • Chicago trip
  • Orchard trips with Anna
  • Joy Yee’s with Ellen and the quad
  • All the cultural shows

Bucket List

  1. Go to Rio
  2. Go to Mardi Gras
  3. New Years in New York
  4. Get a motorcycle license
  5. Learn to play the guitar
  6. Go skydiving
  7. Go paintballing

Last Testament:

To Priya Trivedi, I will you someone else to constantly call you PRRIYYA, talk to you about the cute Indian boys ;), and sing with.  Honestly, I am so glad that I met you last year. You have made these past two years so much more interesting.  You will forever be my junior! Also, don’t ever stop singing because you have a beautiful voice.  I’ll miss your bubbly, fearless, and outgoing personality.  Good luck next year!

To Emily Mu, I will you someone else to pester you with questions about physics. Thank you so much for helping me out when I ever needed it.  You’ve been an amazing friend.  I know you will be successful wherever you go since you’re the definition of a beauty with brains. I’ll miss you and your roommate so much! Stay strong and enjoy your senior year.

To Nicole and Katrina, I will you the determination to bring your halls to life next year. You’ve done an amazing job as wing guides this year and I know you’ll an even better job as CDs.  I could not be more proud of my two baby juniors.  Stay strong and good luck next year!

To Luke Musgrave, I will you someone else to pester you incessantly with random conversations while walking back on A/C days.  In all seriousness, thank you for being such a great friend.  You are the most patient, talented guy that I know.  I am extremely confident that you will do incredible things with Mod next year. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you ever need anything. Good luck next year!

To Dennis Rich, I will you someone else to call you Swaggy Baby! It has been a pleasure getting to know you these past 2 years. I’m going to miss all your sarcastic comments during Mod.  I know that you, Luke, and Yasmine will do an amazing job with Mod next year. Good luck with all your college decisions!!

To Lajvanthi Sudhakar, I will you more sleep. Seriously, girl, you need it.  I admire how bubbly and outgoing you still are despite your severe lack of sleep.  Good luck next year and don’t ever change!

To Yasmine Gordon, I will you more opportunities to showcase that beautiful voice of yours. I have admired your passion and dedication for music since your first day of mod. Good luck next year and stay musical!

To Tam Nguyen, I will you the strength and determination to pursue what you love. You are one of the most talented singers I have ever met and I hope you will continue in the years to come.  Good luck next year and don’t ever forget that you will always be my Baby Tam!

To Harith Alappat, I will you another senior to drive you crazy during choir.  You are honestly one of the most confident, outgoing guys that I have ever met. It was a real pleasure getting to know you this year.  Good luck next year!

To Ryan Yang, Sean Potempa, Harith Alappat, Tam Nguyen, Emily Schuster, Fiona, Luke Musgrave, Dennis Rich, Sarah Xu, Yasmine Gordon, and any other Mod21 underclassmen, I will you another year full of amazing memories with some of the most talented singers on campus.

To future members 02A Wing, I will you the strong connection and community that we have built over the past two years.  The next few years won’t be easy, but I hope that all of you will always be there for each other and make some amazing memories. Just know that I will always be thinking of you guys.

Nahee Park

Northwestern University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments


  • Running in the rain with Emily Ling and Kristine Yoon sophomore year
  • Pole dancing on our floor lamp with Sai – our first bonding activity
  • Going outside reallyyy early in the morning to watch the sunrise – and then failing
  • Laying out in the hammock with Scott while it was raining
  • Prom 2014 at the Willis Tower
  • Beating Oswego East, Rosary, and Kaneland in tennis
  • Quad soda drinking party with chocolate covered strawberries
  • Playing tennis in room B14 with Sai and Cindy
  • Trolling Sai and Deborah in wing mosts
  • Locking ourselves in the quad – scared
  • The quad’s interactions with the RC’s
  • Happy hour at the 05 slabs
  • Going to state with Emily Ling for tennis
  • Having dinner with Caitlin senior year
  • Having my room decorated with birds, butterflies, and flowers – thanks Scott!
  • All these late nights with Sai, Stephanie, Deborah, and Cindy
  • Having the honor of being a junior marshall
  • Homecoming 2011 with Kevin Li
  • All the funny conversations with Kenneth Yun
  • Snowboarding in Colorado with Ryan Leemans, Emily Ling, Allie Johnson, Scott Zelman, and Kristy Fang
  • Habitat for Humanity 2012
  • Living in 1503
  • SIR with Kristy Fang and meeting Sandra!
  • The Zero Quad

Bucket List

  1. Never lose my true roommate Sai Talluru
  2. Go to Japan with my grandma
  3. Teach children how to play tennis
  4. Pursue happiness
  5. Never lose focus

Last Testament:

To Allie, Anna, Natasha, and Amy, I will you the greatness of B wing downquad. Host many sophomores!

To Cindy, I leave you Allie, who will teach you the ways of how to not get caught.

To Cindy and Sarah, I will you my sister grace and other Asian sophomores who will learn from the best.

To Allie, I will you determination and inspiration. You have made such an impact to me and I will you sophomores who will also get the Allie treatment. Always remember our late night talks and late night snacks. You were so good at hiding during in-room…you need to teach others!

To Sanjay and Amanda, I will you Enact Chair. I know you will make great improvements to the program and create drastic changes that will last forever and ever.

To Jessica Park, I will you another Korean sophomore who will become your little dongsang. I also will you happiness. You are such a hard worker – keep it up and happiness and success will come your way.

To Tea and Michelle, I will you the way of becoming the cutest roommate pair for your senior year.  You guys are amazing and so cute! Never fight and stay as love birds.

To my LEAD babies, I will you the power and wisdom to speak up, believe in the power of one, and to stand up for yourselves in anything. Always believe that everyone can become leaders if given the right opportunity and environment.

To the next 03 B wingers, I will you positivity and knowledge. B wing has come so far since my sophomore year and I will you the openness and the community that once brought me together. Love each other and remember, abstinence is key! (Michelle, Sarah, Cindy, Tea, Sam, Mariela).

To Renu, Mayuri, and Tiffany, (the next years tennis captains) I will you the power to stand up and stick up for your team. Never give up and keep on fighting!

To the tennis team, I will you perseverance and indomitable spirit. You can do anything- all you have to do is to put your mind to it! Good luck and have a great season.

To Grace Duan and Allie Johnson, I will you the 03 community. Always make this community feel welcomed and belonged. Ruchi has taught you so much – learn, grow, and make an impact!

To Haneesha, I will you the confidence and wisdom to succeed. You have worked so hard over the past 2 years, just stick it through for one more year and you will have a chance to slack! #SSS

To Vivian Liu, I will you Kevin Li…lol jkjk… I will you a sophomore who will learn how to give perfect back massages so they can give you some. Your back massages were awesome. A definite 10/10. You da best girl!

To Puja, I will you ability to take charge and have confidence in everything you do. You have such a great future…all you need is confidence in classroom activity! You have the knowledge and the notes – just be confident in yourself and you will go to places unimaginable.

To Alan Ren, I will you the strength to take charge in tennis. You have such an amazing talent! I also will you confidence when talking to girls 

To Nick Damen, I will you the chance to go to paris with Cathy  You guys are so cute together, never break up! I also leave you with many amazing asian female upperclassmen to get to know of  I also will you a great junior and senior year and that you will learn how to write papers on time so you don’t have to worry about asking for an extension. Never go #SSS. I’m serious :P

To Akshay, Nikhil, and Sam Qian, I will you many more asian upperclassmans to troll. You guys are one heck of a troll…and your good at it. I also will you a chance to skype me officially at a decent time especially cause I will not have SIR and 6 am!

To Song Lee, I will you another little sibling that will love you for who you are :P lol jkjk. But you were such a great lil sibling and will always be. Have a great senior year!

Ram Patel

University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • The many, many nights spent bonding with my roommate of the past 3 years, Al-Jalil Gault. I’ll miss him the most.
  • Messing around in 07 sophomore year and the late nights with my bro Omkar Kelkar.
  • Getting to know my wing more this year. Getting to know everyone and bond together has been a wonderful experience.
  • The most fun I’ve had in one day, Clash of the Halls 2014.
  • The most fun, memorable, and amazing nights ever, Prom 2014.

Bucket List

  1. Skydive.
  2. Win a beauty pageant.
  3. Make a difference in someone’s life.

Last Testament:

To Allie Johnson, I will/leave you the truth…. Time, date, and location will be announced at a later date.

To Sarai Lopez, I will/leave you the will to keep going strong. You are an amazing person and I’ve enjoyed the last 2 years with you. You’ve had my back many times as I will always have yours when you need it. Adopting you as my little sister was one of the best things I’ve done. It may get tough sometimes and you may get done with people but just remember to keep going and that you have some amazing people around you to help. And remember to always keep that great smile of yours and keep giving hugs. Don’t do anything too crazy, kiddo. Enjoy your senior year :)

To Rodrigo Sanchez, I will/leave you the power to make anyone smile. I feel honored to have been your big brother for the last 2 years and I hope you feel the same. I still remember meeting you at orientation and you catching my attention, mainly because of the mustache. Your contagious spirit and laugh made my day many times. You have such a loving soul and that should never change. Keep doing you and start/end your senior year strong. Take care of the family while I’m gone :)

To Julian Pacheco, I will/leave you a strong will. You’re going to need it. You’re such a cool kid to be around and with next year packing a big punch for you from picking colleges and leading all the organizations that you do, your will needs to be strong. But remember to always keep your head up. Also, I expect an amazing drill team performance.

To Max Kontorovich, I will/leave you nothing. But for real, it’s been fun getting to know you and to mess with you. I hope your senior year is fruitful.

To John Peloquin, I will/leave you a little bit more than Max. It’s been fun to mess with you this last year. I enjoy your smile and your strong spirit. Keep it up and you will have a great senior year.

To Sean Potempa, I will/leave you some serious guts. Only you can do some of things you do. I don’t always approve, but you keep doing you. Don’t get too stressed and don’t hurt yourself too much. Have a great senior year.

To Grace Carlberg, I will/leave you a chill pill, not for yourself but for everyone else. While everything around you seems to be hectic, you maintain your cool, which is admirable. Keep up the loving spirit and keep making people’s days.

To Lauren Bystrom, I will/leave you a stress free junior year. It’s going to be hard, but I believe you can do it. Don’t let anything get to you too much and know you are an independent, strong woman who don’t need nobody!

To Malavika Ramnath, I will/leave you brown town. In my stead, gather the brown people. Also, try to have fun Junior year. It’s going to be stressful, but you can do it.

To Nicole Aldridge, I will/leave you the booth. It’s been fun knowing you and teaching you the ropes, but I’m out. So it’s all yours :) Don’t call me if anything messes up, miss Auditorium Technologies Manager. Also, have fun with the light board. I expect some baller lights. Enjoy senior year to its fullest.

To Michelle Meas, I will/leave you our deep conversations in the booth. While sitting there in silence waiting for something to mess up but hoping it won’t, I feel like we were able to know each other better. I really enjoyed talking to you and I hope you find someone to take my place. Have an awesome senior year.

To Sam Arrez, I will/leave you amazing hugging skills. Your hugs are the bomb diggity. I hope your senior year is filled with turning up and no struggles. You work hard and you deserve it.

To Raven Jackson, I will/leave you some more turning up. You already turn up, so turn up some more during senior year. But for real, you’re a really hard worker and a great person to be around. Your commentary/actions make my day, so don’t change. Have a great senior year!

To Milutin Perovic, I will/leave you a fun time during Junior year. You’re a really funny kid with a great personality. Keep doing you and have an amazing year Junior year. Don’t stress too much.

To Geronimo Garcia, I will/leave you fabulousness. No one on campus is as fabulous as you. It’s been fun getting to know you when I had the chance. Working with you in SEAMs was a great experience and Habitat was the most fun I’ve had. I hope you have an amazing senior year.

Ruchi Patel

Northwestern University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Talking for hours with my roommate
  • Late nights in 03BDQ filled with debates, life speculations, and gossip
  • Junior year Clash Talent Show Performance (the emotions)
  • Last night of senior year Clash…Cried for 3 hours
  • Going to my first concert….PTX!!
  • Sassing Don in MAD with the best table ever.
  • Bringing extreme competition to our Graphic Novels class…Laughing until I cried.
  • Watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Sophomore year with the seniors/juniors
  • Just all of senior week from sophomore year
  • Playing Just Dance with Caitlin McMahon and Kristen Rojas
  • Crying when Cailtin left (almost got to see Caitlin to cry)
  • Being obnoxious at SIR with Deborah Park
  • Being dumb during Senior Diwali practice
  • Getting blamed for everything in SI Physics
  • Falling in love with Shakespeare at Henry VIII
  • Spending 1-2 hours on Diff Eq everyday with Anna Gupta
  • Never doing a lab right in Ad Chem with Sai and Gina
  • Group quizzes (with food) in Light and Sound with Lakhena, Lynette and Arjun
  • Watching PLL with Sai and Allie
  • Getting stuck in the hall commons at 12.45 and having to call security:/
  • Pranking Don with Deborah Park

Bucket List

  1. Travel alone
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Start morning yoga

Last Testament:

To Allie Johnson, I will you my sass and my abilities as a dictator . I will you the ability to stay so happy and positive. I will you the ability to give Grace as much strength as you gave me. I will you a little less stressful Clash (I’m not even going to try the “stress-free”). I will you an easy college process because you deserve great places (with great food..if you get my gist). I will you many SSS moments because girl sometimes you need to stop dancing, jumping, writing, and leadering (yes, I learned a lot of English in Cain with you). I will you happiness in relationships and friendships. I will you the last day of clash, where you will cry because you will realize how empty it becomes when you are not working day and night for a place you love. Finally, I will you the sanity to not make an entire tree from individual leaves.

To Raven Jackson, I will you some other smart-mouthed blunt Indian girl that will hopefully put a smile on your face once and a while. I will you the ability to stay yourself. I will you the knowledge that you have a unique affect on those around you—you lift stress by being so funny and levelheaded. I leave you A-wing microwave (let’s be honest…I owned it). I will you the position of calling people out for being dumb in the wing/hall because, like me, you do not put up with it.

To Grace Duan, I will you the energy to keep up with Allie. I will you strong hands to staple to the walls during hall decorations. I will you the ability to somehow pass classes during Clash month. I will you the courage to make decisions that are difficult. I will you the basic cooking that I have learned from nacho night, pancake night, and milkshake night. I will you the knowledge that you should never put two griddles in one socket. I will you the ability to make crappy flyers on word to advertise for hall events. But most of all, I will you the CD moments that make you a mother, a sister, and a lover to this hall.

To 03ADQ, I will you crazy nights and loud music…because A-wing is not complete without a crazy quad. Also, I leave you my addiction to Krave cereal.

To seniors, I will you some chill pills to enjoy the moments because as cheesy as it sounds it all ends so quickly.

Sagar Punhani

University of Southern California, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moment

  • Science Olympiad
  • Math Team
  • Doing random stuff in my quad
  • Prom
  • Sleepover at Sattvic’s House
  • All the hypnotist shows
  • HiMCM
  • Watching 5 White Collar’s in a day
  • Watching Frozen, Tangled, and the Incredibles in 01A

Bucket List

  1. Travel the world
  2. Move to San Francisco
  3. Become a millionaire
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Go Skydiving
  6. Learn Chinese
  7. Run my own company
  8. Learn to cook food

Last Testament:

To Zach Yager, I will you the entirety of Mu Alpha Theta. I know you will make it awesome next year and that it will be a club worth joining. Don’t party too hard but still be that cheerful crazy person I know you to be.

To Paul Nebres, I will you a sophomore to have daily visits with. I met you this same way and I want you to maintain this bond with a sophomore that you can share your amazing life with. Maybe it will be through Science Olympiad, math team, or ultimate Frisbee. Find someone who was just as awesome as me. You also better send some killer emails for MAO.

To Kush Gupta, I will you someone who would actually be willing to play that stupid game of yours from APCS. I also will you my varsity position on Science Olympiad and the ability to actually have fun at all the invites you go to. Finally, I will you the ability to do one heck of a job with Joy for JHMC.

To Rohit Mahankali and Brendan J. Batliner, I will you the ability to make next year’s hex as enjoyable as this year’s quad. But don’t forget to treat your sophomores nicely and to destroy the absolutely fun college application process. Also don’t stop being the fun-loving care-free people you guys are. Finally, I will you guys the ability to make ping pong club awesome and to win state.

To everyone A-wing, I will you an RC just as cool as Mike and a wing family just as cool as ours.

To Tim Zhou, I will you godgar. Win every game with that god. I also will you all the good food from Science Olympiad that I got from the past two years.

To Vikram Anjur, I will you the math trophy we got this year and the title “BIG V.” Also make Mu Alpha Theta a big name club as next year’s VP.

To Sattvic Ray, I will you as much salt as I can give and all the sleepovers and pizza that you want. But don’t waste too much time especially with college coming up. Just don’t forget how to have fun either.

To Sean Potempa, I will you the cross country team and the track team. I also will you John Valin as your little sibling. Maybe you can give him your legendary massages.

To John Valin, I will you Sean Potempa as your new big bro as well as a good luck in whatever sports you decide to do. You also better teach your new little bro how to live life and show him how IMSA is done.

To John Peloquin, I will you all the water bottles from track and the manager-for-life award. You better do track next year too and show everyone up.

To Adit Survana, I will you a home in 1505 next year. Now don’t screw it up. I also will you the ability to see your old school at NSML and Science Olympiad because you somehow always miss it.

To Kody Puebla, I will you all the magic tricks I know so that you practice and show me more later.

To Nickhil Thota, I will you all the “great” times we had in French and someone you can sing Indian songs with.

To Nick Damen, I will you an I.D. card to throw around as much as you want. I also will you someone in French class who is willing to do that with you.

To Christoph Eckrich, I will you all the water Enoch could possibly supply and a great running career. You have a lot of talent, don’t spoil it.

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I will you the ability to stay through an entire season without waving. I also hope you have an enjoyable senior year and that you still stay happy. Just stay committed to something too.

To Rajiv Patel O’Connor, I will you a 1st place medal in geological mapping and the ability to do well at tennis state.

To Brice Wang, I will you my sexy forehand Frisbee throws as long as u don’t stay up late that much.

To Aquila Ryu, I will you a new paddle to beat Advith with.

To Rish Kuganeswaran, I will you a whole new array of music and the best Rishmas possible.

To Alex Moreno, Ryan Yang, and Tim Morris, I will you as much poker nights as possible. I plan on coming back with Michael to win all that money I lost. Just make sure Tim doesn’t gamble too much away too quickly.

To Hsing Louh, I will you someone that will always say hi to you in the hallways whenever you meet.

Bree Pusey

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Buying a castle sophomore year
  • Florida trip with Jake and Maura
  • Doing icebreakers with random kids at an Oasis
  • Why not late-nighters with Shreya, Kathy, and Jeanette
  • Steak and Shake adventure
  • Clash all 3 years…especially team racecar 2k13 and getting first place in decs 2k14
  • Carlinville adventures with the soccer team
  • Going to the playground at XC #CuzOfEnoch
  • Going to Spain/the Spanish exchange program
  • Prom at the Sears Tower
  • Dance parties and basically every moment with the 01 family.

Bucket List

  1. Have fun

Last Testament:

Jiabao: I will you a mop, a lobster, and a year free of OTL emojis.

Ellie: I will you someone who doesn’t take 9 years to say your name during speed check.

Kristin: I will you a lowkey senior year. Enjoy being a wing guide and chill out a bit. Take some time to take care of yourself. Your dedication is really impressive, but don’t forget to SSS.

Remy, Marissa, Alyssa, Jade: I will 01BDQ- enjoy it. Force sophomores to hang out in the quad and keep the B wing family going.

Lauren and Grace: I will you someone else to try and kill spiders on your ceiling. Actually, no, I will you a year free of spiders on your ceiling.

BELLAs: I will you fantastic new sisters for the years to come. If we plan carefully and schedule in advance, our group is capable of doing great things. Yasmine, Priya, Nisa, and Alyda, especially, I’ve seen so much dedication in you girls—keep it up.

The XC team: Allie, Leon, Sean, Eric, and whoever else…a season filled with water and attitude training. Remember that we are a water drinking team and stay bless.

The girl’s soccer team: Natasha, Laura, Molly, Raven, Lo, Faithe, Sophie, Cindy, Sachi, Greeshma, and whoever else, I will you guys some sophomores who know what they’re doing, and enough people to have a team.

Keelyn, Kushbu, Malavika, and Anabel: I will you the ability to stay close with each other, and some crazy 4am moments–as horrible as they may seem at the time. Your friendship reminds me so much of me and my senior hex. I will you a time as fantastic as my sophomore year in D wing, because it’s honestly a great place to live.

Julian and Remy: I leave you with 01. Take care of our hall. Welcome the sophomores and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable. I will you the ability to work together, not just with each other, but with the whole hall. Don’t let the stress get to you, and remember that it’s all about having fun. I will you the ability to have fun with being a CD, because that’s what it’s really about. If you enjoy yourselves, the rest of the hall will follow

Laura: I will you a relaxing senior year in the best wing on campus. #BackInBWing. You’ve worked so hard and it’s all going to pay off. You don’t need titles to be a leader. Keep 01 strong and enjoy soccer and the rest of your sports. With that, I will you some more fast food stops after soccer games and a new RC to beg to drive you after we finish late. Bro, just have fun. Spend time with the hall and go crazy during clash; senior year flies by.

John: I will you another year of being the number 1 IMSA statistician and all 100 seconds that are in a minute. I will you a fantastic prom, because you made mine super great, and someone else to make sure your bowtie isn’t crooked.

Tyler: I will you a higher quality fan for the room, a mega-bus to St. Louis whenever you want, and whatever crazy vegan food you’re tryna eat next year. You’re such a genuinely nice guy; don’t be afraid to do you.

Natalie: I will you a year that’s all the way turnt up at Whitney, a large strawberry lemonade from our favorite ging, some confusing gel nails, and some sort of tape to put on netflix. Don’t think just because you’re leaving IMSA you’ve seen the last of us, bro.

Kathy: I will you two years to just do you. Stay positive- it’ll do you well during junior year. I will you the ability to think of even more random dress up days, a couple walks to Starbucks in horrible weather, a few all-nighters for no reason every now and then, some 4am conversations, that life goal you never thought of, a baby you can hang out with for 1 hour a day, and a fantastic time in 01. Regardless of RSL positions, you’re a fantastic leader and can do so much for the hall if you put your mind to it. With that, I will you 2 more great years of clash and some more ombre’d milkshake decorations. Speaking of ombre, I will you ombre’d hair. Lots and lots of ombre’d hair.

Jeanette: I will you an incredibly successful two years. You work really hard; it’s super impressive. You’re such a natural leader, but are super capable of staying chill. Keep that mindset, it’ll do you really well junior year. I will you the patience to deal with all the nonsense IMSA people will spew at you in the next two years, an intersession that’s even half as turnt as dinosaur rapping, a few all-nighters for no reason, the ability to get the hall through Clash, a better swing partner than me, some more frozen peas for your head, and a stellar time in 01. Oh, and some underclassmen who were even a fraction as real as you all were/someone new to deal with you and Kathy late at night.

 Finally, to all of 01- I will you my gratitude, thanks for being my family these past three years. Keep it up for generations to come.

Yvette Ramirez

Lake Forest College, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • NPH Peru Intersession 2014
  • Spain Intersession 2013
  • Michigan Intersession 2012
  • Playing guitar and singing along with 03B 2012-2013
  • Every deep late night talk with my friends
  • Casa de Alma 2012, 2013, and my personal favorite, 2014
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrations
  • Dr. Anjur teaching my MSI class to dougie
  • IMSA Carnivals
  • Senior year Homecoming Pep Rally and Senior Prank
  • Clash of the Halls Pep Rallies
  • Hanging out with my Chinese exchange student
  • Working with Senior Class Club

Bucket List

  1. Go to China
  2. Visit NPH again and see my godson grow up
  3. Snowboard or ski
  4. Skydive
  5. Have a family

Last Testament:

To Luselena Perez: I will you Alma Latina. I don’t know if you’ll be on board next year, but as a board member this year, you have learned what needs to be done and how to do it. I will you the capability to keep the club going next year, regardless of if you are on board or not. I also will you the strength to get through the stressful college application process, and wish you luck. Lastly, I will you the ability to open up to others and get to know as many people in your class during your final year with them.

To Sam Arrez: I will you the motivation to continue working out every day next year. Senior year will get stressful, and I will you the ability to make time to exercise. Do it because working out is good for your health and because it makes you feel good. Looking good is just a bonus. ;) I also will you perseverance to get through the final rough times IMSA will through at you. Keep in mind that you are here for a reason, and never second guess your ability to succeed in anything you do. You are intelligent. Don’t forget it. Lastly, I will you the strength it takes to be loyal. Haha.

To Rodrigo: I will you another workout buddy that will keep you in check. (You have been slacking lately!) I also will you somebody to talk to while you are at ceramics, and somebody to appreciate your creativity. Make sure you make time for ceramics next year, and use it as a way to distress from all of the responsibilities that come with senior year. Lastly, I will you somebody that appreciates your humor as much as I do, and somebody to tell you things that will also make you laugh.

To Evelyn Perez: I will you energy to continue doing what you love. I will you Alma Latina, whether you are on board next year or not. You were on board this year, and learned what is necessary to keep the club going, and I hope you use that information to help improve the club, no matter what happens in elections. I also will you the strength you will need to get through your senior year. First semester is extremely stressful, but I know you’ll be able to get through it, and I wish you luck with the college application process.

To Raven Jackson: I will you to ability to continue making everybody’s day, and making people laugh. Thank you for all the times you made me smile.

To Paul Wang: I will you the ability to get more girls to come to your pool parties. I also will you strength to get through all the math classes you don’t want to be in.

To Edward Jun: I will you something that I hope you comes in handy not only for next year, but for the rest of your life—the ability to move your hips in the smooth bachata rhythm. I’m glad I met you during Casa this year, and I hope you use your talent to perform in bachata next year, too.

To Nick Michuda: I will you the ability to wave normally. If not, I hope you get another person who will appreciate your awkwardness and wave back to you the same way I did.

To Chris Ni: I will you another upperclassman to laugh at, I mean, with you when you are being silly.

To Mariela Saenz: I will you somebody else to watch movies with on Tuesday nights, and patience to deal with Sam (hehe). I also will you the courage to push your boundaries and try things that you wouldn’t normally do. It’s when you do this that you’ll grow more as a person and learn about yourself. I also will you the confidence to get to know more of your classmates and show them your amazing smile and great sense of humor.

To Sam Medina: I will you a moral compass. I also will you another upperclassman to yell at you whenever you are out of in-room and to keep you in check. You have a fun personality, and I will you the ability to know when it is necessary to be goofy, and when it is fitting to be more focused and controlled. Lastly, I will you self-control, so you don’t eat other people’s food.

To Dayvon JUAN Snell: I will you another twin that is okay with you stealing their ID, and bugging them all the time. I also will you somebody to yell at you when you’re not in class and poke fun at you. Lastly, I will you thousands of reasons to smile because you have a nice smile and I want you to smile every day, even when your senior year gets stressful.

JJ Garcia and Jackie Wu: I will you two a club that I loved doing this year—LS2S. As next year’s coordinators, you two have a large responsibility to keep the program running smoothly. Al-Jalil and I changed a lot of it from last year, but there’s always room for improvement. Remember what the program is for, and know that the kids are counting on you two. LS2S means a lot to some of them, and has a large impact on many of them. JJ, I will you patience when working with the kids, and with the tutors. Jackie, I didn’t get to know you as much, but I will you confidence to share your ideas, and the persistence needed to make them happen. I know both of you have many great ideas on how to make the program better, and I am confidence that you two will do a fantastic job as coordinators. I wish you both luck, not only with LS2S, but with the college application process, and the rest of your senior year.

Rajiv and Ahsan: I will the both of you somebody else you will strive to be like, and beat in your class. I’m kidding, but in all seriousness, I will you two the ability to ca\lm down, stop comparing yourself to others, and learn for yourselves, as opposed to impress others.

03BUQ: I will the four of you the best of luck in your senior year, especially with the college application process. I will you fun underclassman to brighten up your days, like you all did for me. The four of you girls are beautiful, intelligent, and great to be around, and I’ll miss you all. Stick together, because you help each other out a lot, which you’ll need during the stressful first semester of senior year.

To Hannah Chaddha: I will you even more energy than you already have. You’ll need a lot of it to get through your junior year, but I know you’ll do it. I will you more people to say hi to, and for you to spread your happiness to. I’ll miss hearing “Hola Tia!” as I walk through the hallways, and I will you energetic sophomores who appreciate your enthusiastic personality.

To the members of Alma Latina: I will you a great board, whoever they end up being, and sophomores that are as involved and energetic as this year’s sophomores were. To the sophomores, I hope you all stay as awesome as you were this year. To the juniors, I hope you all step up to lead the underclassmen and make the most of your last year here. I will you all the motivation to keep the club going, and coming up with new events like you all did this year. I loved getting to know everyone this year, and I thank you for all of the fun GA’s, and great times. The board would not have been able to do it all without you, and I am honored to have served as your president.

Vignesh Ravi

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Jumping out the hotel window and running to McDonalds at Scioly State.
  • First Pez session with Jo-Jo.
  • Clash. All of them.
  • Vayravay. Bignesh. Twiggy. Finyesh Lafi. All the nicknames.
  • The Impossible Game with Evan
  • Getting caught moving my mattress across the 1505 hall commons in the dark
  • Tanking with Evan during midday every day
  • Yu-Gi-Oh duels
  • NBA 2k14 with Suraj
  • Ryan’s surround sound speaker system
  • Vishrut’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” parody about Suraj going hard
  • The Duck Song (Versions 1, 2, and 3!)
  • Playing Horse
  • ICE Table all-nighter with Vishrut over Skype
  • Exploding my distillation apparatus 3 times during the organic final…
  • The G-Game
  • Ditching SIR to spend the entire day at the Lego Store
  • Watching the Chicago Bulls 2013-2014 Season Finale at the United Center
  • The Heirarchy
  • Getting caught for in-room twice in 5 minutes
  • Ditching orchestra for 14 days in a row with no attendance points
  • 05b 2011-2012 Legacy
  • Northwestern G-Tier
  • Skyrim – Initiating God Mode
  • Playing League with 1 FPS
  • Stalking a shady security guard at 3 AM
  • Taking “bathroom breaks” during classes
  • Changing during the day
  • Sleeping through an entire day of school
  • Food Plan
  • Halo in the Student Union
  • Burning my laptop’s hard drive
  • A summer in Baltay
  • Getting a two month extension on the SIR proposal
  • Shaving cream quad fights
  • My metamorphosis into THE Changed Man

Bucket List

  1. Watch the Northern Lights.
  2. Fly an F-18 Fighter Jet.
  3. Take a picture with an Emperor penguin.
  4. Take a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle.
  5. See all Seven Wonders of the World.
  6. Experiment with a wind tunnel.

Last Testament:

To Jo-Jo Feng, I will you a person who shares the same realm of the social hierarchy that I once inherited. This person shall grant you all the pezzing you want, ultimate or not. I also will you a desk – one that you can call your own without having to borrow from someone else. I will you a down quad that you’re free to live in, since you’re probably not going to live in your own room… I also will you a whiteboard. A really big whiteboard that you can draw your “masterpieces” on. Finally, I will you the ability to enjoy senior year. You’ve worked pretty hard this year, so get ready to give none, and get a ton next year!

To Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, I will you the best days ever. Forever. Every single day. I also will you the ability to NOT RAGE WHEN SOMEONE WAKES YOU UP. The death threats are really scary, man. I’m just trying to wake you up :( Lastly, I will you my place in the hierarchy – go pez all day.

To Sattvic Ray, I will you a partner to “work” with in German for next year. Maybe you’ll finally be able to learn without the effects of SSS literally surrounding you in class next year. I also will you another tank friend who’s willing to explore the… future endeavors of “Ren,” if you get what I mean (by the way, let me know if you find any). Probably most importantly, I will you the skill of ditching orchestra without getting any points. Trust me, it’ll come in handy a LOT. Finally, I will you the ability to choose your clothing better… Sometimes the things you wear irk me. Also, go run more. Good luck next year dude, we’ll catch up at our next Plsover!

To Brice Wang, I will you a big stack of bricks. I also will you a stand partner in orchestra – one that’s willing to tank as hard as you do. I will you a really BIG brick wall that you can run into next year, since there won’t be a certain big person that you can run into in the hallways next year :/ Finally, I will you the ability to make fun of Sattvic. A lot. Come on, there’s no denying how fun that actually is. Have fun and work hard next year dude – Junior year is a fun one.

To Camden Ko, I will you a great friend – possibly even a best friend, and someone that you can Ding with every day. Also, I will you a sleeping buddy (also probably your new best friend :( ) that will be ready to take naps with you throughout the day. Lastly, I will you the power to utilize the most powerful of connections at the most important times – one of which is right now – *Ding Ding*

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you a dark horse. Seriously. I want you to walk into your room next year and find a black, large horse. I also will you another masterpiece about a dark horse that you can submit for something next year ;) I also will you someone to send Snapchats to of you eating cereal, because I couldn’t get enough of that… Lastly, I will you another good friend to whom you can “D-horse” with every day, and enjoy every moment of your IMSA career with.

Joseph Reda

University of Miami, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Studying everyday with Sarah and Emmy (always with her shower towel on her head) sophomore year
  • Forming 01 C Pseudoquad (Ram Al-Jalil Elijah <3)
  • Prom weekend with the best group ever (2014)
  • Prom 2013
  • Clash 2013 and 2014
  • Seeing the culmination of a full year’s hard work (i.e. the yearbook) everywhere being appreciated by everyone (almost)
  • Working with my sister
  • Reuniting with alumni

Bucket List

  1. Ultra 2015!
  2. Turn up with Gregory O’Bannon <3
  3. Revisit Ecuador with Emmy
  4. Travel to Italy
  5. Find true passion

Last Testament:

To Bella Reda, I leave someone that you can confide in and rely on in any and all situations. I leave the final chance to exist as your own person, independent of others’ identities, for what’s probably the first time in your life. I leave the responsibility that comes with such autonomy, and I leave the determination to succeed regardless of what others may think. I leave the ability to see the bigger picture and calm down when things stress you out and the ability to push forward when you need to most. Most importantly (to me), I leave the willpower and remembrance to Skype me from time to time and to always keep me in your life; you’ll always be in mine.

To Evania Hong, I leave someone to vent to when the BBT, someone to randomly hypnotize outside, and someone to bring you cake selflessly and laugh and enjoy time in a simple way; someone to make you smile with their unique mannerisms.

To Irina Wirjan, I leave a little sibling to foster and grow close to, through talking, turning up, and working together. I leave three summer weeks of fun and stress, spent with the rising sophomores in Excel; make it even better than last year’s.

To next year’s Yearbook Editors-in-Chief (Irina Wirjan, Katie Slowikowski, Alyda Huerta), I leave the willpower and creativity to continue building upon the yearbook, ideally outdoing this year’s. I leave the inevitable satisfaction that will come with your finished product.

To Priya Trivedi, I leave an amazing little sibling that will make you laugh until you cry, party with you recklessly, keep you grounded, hear you out, understand, and change your life.

To Amy De La Torre, I leave the stamina to keep running and to blaze through your senior year. I leave a fantastic room arrangement and people to enjoy it with.

To Julian Pacheco, I leave an anchor to maintain your integrity while you come face-to-face and experiment with more external pressures and distractions. I leave the ability to balance yourself during senior year (and the rest of life); don’t stress, but don’t drop the ball either.

To John Peloquin, I leave a current sophomore (rising junior) that you hate to get to know and to grow closer to.

To Max Kontorovich, I leave effective medication to deal with those cat allergies and yearbook editors that will dutifully check the spelling (and usage) of your name.

To Sung Yeo, I leave the energy and mindset to get out more and speak with confidence and use your potential to be funny (because you have it!).

To 01CUQ (2013-14), I leave our couch (and all of the associated action) and a phenomenal senior year. I leave experiences that merit some awesome stories to be conveyed by hilarious storytellers. I leave a group of underclassmen that will welcome you into their room for no reason at random hours of the night, just to talk and spend time before it’s all over.

To Remmie Spinks, I leave the guardianship of my sister; take care of her while I’m gone. I leave the ability to remain calm in the midst of ultimate stress during the college process, too.

To my Ecuador journey pals (Paul, Rajiv, Ahsan, etc.), I leave the ongoing desire to travel and make crazy, new memories in other places. I leave everlasting memory of our phenomenal trip.

To my Excel babies (both years), I leave the determination to persevere through IMSA’s challenges and the willpower to always remember why you came. It pays off, I promise.

To 01 juniors and sophomores, I leave the personality, energy, and unity that we flaunted this year. I leave the ability to grow and develop without losing these core values, and I leave tons of fun nights full of music.

To Laura Lehmann, I leave tons of portable speakers fun and the associated spontaneous music parties. I leave hard-skinned people to make sarcastic, sometimes-rude comments to, as well.

To Mayuri Yasuda, I leave something to keep you grounded. I leave the ability to see how crazy you are and to know when to moderate it.

To Jeannette and Kathy, I leave the time and energy (and bootiliciousness) to have regular Twerk Team Tuesdays in 01.

To Raven, I leave the energy to twerk it out when you’re in doubt and to maintain our #legacy.

To Kristen Byrd, I leave the dedication to those beautiful selfies of yours and someone to inspire you to smile and carry forward even during the hardest trials of your senior year.

Sankeerth Reddy

Truman State University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • First LOL nighter in Roy and Kenny’s room sophomore year.
  • Getting busted for in-room three times in one hour.
  • All-nighter before the last final junior year with seniors.

Bucket List

  1. Go skydiving.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Impact someone’s life dramatically.

Last Testament:

To 05B, I will/leave you…another great year as the best wing in 05 where you will all continue to be a great wing community who is supportive and fun.

To Danny Atten and Arjit Jaiswal, I will/leave you…the ability to lead 05 to have a fun and exciting year. Hopefully we will place better in clash next year.

To Aniruddha Shekara, I will/leave you…a fun senior year. I also will you an underclassmen to hang out and listen to Linkin Park until 5 in the morning with. You made it through Junior year rudder, now you need to be a senior. There will be a whole new sophomore class for you guys to mold and nurture, make sure they have fun and feel comfortable.

To Vinesh Kannan and Edward Jun, I will/leave you…my room and all the things that come with it (watch out for the sink). For Edward I will you another sophomore to be your slave. Many more restless nights, where you will be watching sports instead of doing work. Just don’t get too distracted Emperor. For Vinesh, I will you the ability to walk across the hall to find people awake you are willing to talk and spend time with you.

To Arjit, I will/leave you…Endgame, Fapjit the free elf, Jit and many other nicknames for next year. But seriously, you are a CD next year, sophomores will be looking up to you. You can do it, just like you were a great wing guide this year. Also I will you the ability to have fun in this down quad where you can have the senior room arrangement (just don’t make it jank like mine). Don’t stress too much, have fun Arjit it’s your senior year.

To Varun Patel, I will/leave you…nothing. You are moving to Florida where you will be free from stress, anxiety, and all the new rules. I can’t give you anything more. Just have fun in Florida for me, enjoy the weather because I know I’ll be enjoying the Midwest winters.

To Aniruddha, Ahsan, Mason, Braden, I will/leave you…the quad that you want, the quad that will be the quad that everyone talks about. The ability not to sleep for 2 days straight. And finally the ability to bear through 3 am Mason and 3 am Ani.

To Max Ackerman and Zach Yager, I will/leave you…the wing guide position of 05B. Have fun together you two.

To Grant Williams, I will/leave you…something. I can’t really think of anything to give you Grant. Maybe a better work ethic, the ability to realize when you are third wheeling, and the ability not to fall off a scooter. But I know you’ll have fun next year regardless, just don’t play too many games of Hearthstone.

To Jo-Jo Feng and Chris Shin, I will/leave you…another room to where you can go to just relax and find someone to play LOL with. To Jo-Jo I will you better LOL skills, you need to get better scrub. I also want to say that you are going to go far in life even though you don’t try hard. To Chris I will you a sophomore you can beat you in wrestling since neither Sean nor I couldn’t. Now you relax and spend more time on having fun.

To Abrar Khaja, I will/leave you…another great year with Sachi and Greeshma.

To Paolo and Jonah, I will/leave you…two sophomores who are willing to put up with you guys and your craziness. Paolo I will you many more sleepless nights doing nothing. I also will you a sophomore to play Counterstrike, Civ, and Call of Duty with. To Jonah I leave you a sophomore from Mid-State Illinois to talk to.

To Dan Sohn, I will/leave you…a turtle.

To I’m Pissed, I will/leave you…an extra chromosome.

Dan Rosenthal

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018


Most Memorable Moments

  • Navigating Washington DC
  • “I’m not even a real wolf!”
  • Releasing my inner mobster for Night of January 16th
  • The Table of Fortitude
  • Being only kinda terrible at Drill Team
  • Graphic Novels
  • Tartuffe (Trying to forget that)
  • The First Annual All Hall Fall Ball

Bucket List

  1. Write a bucket list.

To Josh Rosenthal, I will you being the only Rosenthal at IMSA. Hopefully no other Rosenthals get accepted, if so take the posers out. I also will you the motivation to keep pushing. IMSA’s hard, and it’s not going to get easier, but I know you can excel. It’s been so great being with you this year, and I’ll miss you in college. Love you brotha!

To Danny and Arjit, I will you 05. Being CD is incredibly rewarding, just remember that at the times when it feels like it isn’t. I know you guys will uphold the bro-ness that 05 stands for.

To Ryan Yang, I will you screwing around in math class. It’s a big responsibility, so don’t slack off with it.

To LS2S, I will you organized meetings and planned lessons. Believe it or not, we were better than last year. Continue to make the program what the kids deserve.

To Arianna, I will you the family heirloom.

Frances Seo

Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • 01 with Grace, Kobe, Stephanie, Nik Filipac
  • Lying down in the hallway and talking about boys with Xochitl, Sophie, Itzel, and Tom: the best way to endure heartbreaks.
  • Ditching class and drinking hot chocolate!
  • Senior homecoming night
  • Quad meetings
  • Gushing over Korean drama with Kristine, Susie, Nahee, Jennifer
  • Chipotle with Marco and Kobes
  • Calc-based Mechanics = the best table consisting of Stephanie, Jameson, George, Siva, and of course Brooke
  • All the wishy-washy moments of liking someone
  • Xochitl’s screamo-version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”
  • Watching Frozen too many times
  • Dancing in the quad<3

Bucket List

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Fall in love
  3. Learn how to ballroom dance
  4. Climb Mt. Everest
  5. Have adorable Korean babies
  6. Get a PhD
  7. Create a super famous blog about food, décor, and family
  8. Learn the American Sign Language
  9. Run a marathon
  10. 1Become a fun-loving, spunky, awesome mom

Last Testament:

To Cammille Go and Ranjani Sundar, I will you the energy (renewable, of course) to lead Club Verno, including the memories     as well as the responsibilities. By working with each other and with your new board, I     know you guys are going to continue green-ifying this campus a little by little!

To Bella Reda and Sophie Kardadi, I will you your own crazy, adorable sophomores to talk to, laugh at, and love.

To Mit Patel, I will you Sean Kim. But let’s be honest, he’ll always love me more anyway.

To Joy Qiu, Joanne Lee, and Miranda Kalinowski, I will you the strength to stay in band for another year. I will you a flute section that will     take naps together during sectionals and perform a composition as awesome as “Dogs     Playing Poker”.

To Greeshma, Karen, and Devdhi, I will you the strength to completely transform 1506 from top to bottom for Clash 2015 –     it won’t be easy, but I have complete faith that you guys will do an amazing job.

To Jackie Wu, I will you your own junior that will carry you as hard as you carried me and Marco in     German this past year. You have no idea how thankful we are<3.

To Chris Shin and Ranjani Sundar, I will you another lunch group to eat Chipotle with and share inappropriate jokes with.     But to be honest, I have no idea how anyone will ever top Northwestern G-Tier.

Abhishek Sethi

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Sleepovers sophomore year
  • 4/13/12
  • A chat with Saieesh during the summer of sophomore year.
  • Getting introduced to K-pop and memorizing the lyrics of Gee.
  • 8-3 sleep schedule during intersession week
  • Science Bowl Regionals: Beating Fremd 150-20
  • Throwing up right before Sci Bowl Nats but fighting to compete.
  • Scioly State bus rides and near all-nighters before competitions.
  • Playing drums at Diwali during junior year
  • The EasyMac incident
  • AdChem labs :3 & Finishing an Orgo Lab practical at 6 p.m.
  • 4/13/13
  • Last couple of nights before Saieesh graduated.
  • Scoring my first and last points in a legitimate basketball game (1/4 at the Senior Staff game).
  • Street basketball games outside 04 and 01 with the bros.
  • Football with APOT and co.
  • First Scioly meet of this year: Getting DQ’ed from forensics and the start of a friendship
  • Learning how to pipet for the first time in front of my SIR advisor.
  • Late night conversations with the 07 bros both junior and senior year.
  • Prom
  • The ChemOly journey – learning the hard work and motivation that it takes to reach a goal but also learning that life is also not a race but a journey of happiness.
  • Realizing that I’ve made an impact

Bucket List

  1. Learn Chinese
  2. Get back to playing the piano regularly.
  3. Watching the Northern Lights
  4. A picture with Roger Federer
  5. Attend a K-pop concert with Rajiv (in Korea)
  6. Write a book
  7. Win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  8. Continue to inspire people to work towards their passion and see them reach their goals.

Last Testament:

To Abrar Khaja, I leave you with an SIR advisor at Loyola, one who won’t bail on you this time. I also will you a hug and a “yeah buddy” moment every day during check.

To Timothy Morris, I leave you with an interviewee, who you can ask all of your questions to. I also leave you with a friend who’ll accompany you to your future Tracy classes and make constant side jokes with you too.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I leave you with pet underclassmen that you can call yours. Though I’m in no position to say it, I wish you all the best for biology next year, and I hope that you put in a lot of work for your last year with the contest. I also will you my headphones, one of the five that I’ve broken this year.

To Sattvic Ray, I leave you with the Super Junior poster that I somewhat stole from you during my junior year (along with a couple of slices of pizza); it’s yours if you want it. I also encourage you to work another year for physics and become the next kay hay. I also leave you pride of being the only person at IMSA in I hate my life.

To Emily Mu, I leave you with even more accolades to add to your colorful body of work. It’s been great to see that so much of your effort has been rewarded ever since middle school, and I hope that there will be many more memories to come for you.

To Eveline Liu, I leave you with someone who can stare at your artwork in awe. You’re truly an amazing artist and writer, and I hope you take some time to appreciate your talents.

To Vikram Anjur, I leave you with the name, Big V. Take pride in what we made for you on the math team bus. Though I haven’t told you this before, thank you for all of the respect that you’ve given me through our many interactions, and I know that you’ll treat everyone with this much care and appreciation for many years to come.

To Cammille Go, I leave you with Science Bowl to continue to work towards. Although I know how disappointing this year was, I know that you guys can go back to nationals with hard work. I also leave you with self-appreciation. I have nothing but respect for your astronomy prowess, and I hope that you learn to appreciate yourself for it as much as I do.

To Jack Huang, I leave you with my phone number – a very prized possession – so that you can call me whenever you have any chemistry issues or teacher complaints. I also leave you with a friend (unfortunately not Chirup) who can tag along with you in your future chemistry classes. It was a lot of fun partying in biochemistry this year with you, and I wish you all the best in the future.

To Archit Potharazu, I leave you with a room that has the worst internet connection at IMSA. I will you not only another receiver that you can throw “ducks” to on icy roads but also another diehard Peyton Manning fan that you can befriend. I also leave you with a letter which we can address to Sodexho to get Mozzarella as a daily cheese for you next year.

To Chris Shin, I also leave you with the same room that has the worst internet connection at IMSA. I also give you a Lin Alg. binder that will greatly alleviate your stress next year. I’m really proud of the transformation of your work ethic, but at the same time, I hope that you’ll be able to balance your work with fun senior year. I’m also really excited to see two number theory bros being roommates next year – take good care of each other.

To Joanne Lee, I hope you continue writing a chapter in peoples’ books, just like you’ve done so well with so many different people this year. I leave you with more and more people who will trust you, just like I have all this year. I leave you with another year of ARML (lucky with no graduation conflict there) and math team to continue to work towards. Finally, take care of Chungho, and give my regards to Kingchin too.

To Rajiv Patel O’Connor, I leave you with a treasure chest of memories, one that stemmed all the way from our Material Science tryout your sophomore year and one that has blossomed over the course of the past year with chemistry. No matter what the result holds for you this week, I’m really proud that you have developed an interest in chemistry, much like I did; but, it was even more admirable to see you keep a balance of everything while studying for the Olympiad, and I congratulate you for it. I leave you with a possible material science major and to do something that Nolan, Saieesh, and I could never do – win Chemlab at State. I also will you science bowl and encourage you to put the hard work to get IMSA back to nationals, where we belong. Finally, I hope your love for K-pop won’t be ephemeral, unlike mine.

To Shelly Teng, I leave you with a friendship, one that stemmed from burning plastic and getting disqualified at our first and last Science Olympiad forensics contest but one that has grown over the past semester. I also leave you with a special degree of respect and appreciation. I will you Scioly, SciBowl, and most importantly Chemoly to keep working towards amidst the stresses of senior year; no matter what the result is at the end, make sure that you appreciate your journey – the sacrifices, the hard work, and the passion that you’ve had to go through. I also will you the mindset to never “trudge” through work but to have fun even with the toughest of tasks.

Shreya Shanker

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Silicon Valley Intersession 2013!
  • Clash of the Halls – all three years.
  • Late night chats, family trees, and Cards Against Humanity with my 02 girls.
  • Everything pseudo-quad.
  • Prom, of course.

Bucket List

  1. Travel to every continent.
  2. Learn how to play guitar well.
  3. Become a master in a niche subject.
  4. Find more overwhelming passions.
  5. Publish another book – and then another – and maybe even one more?!
  6. Return to Sydney.
  7. Custom build a beautiful house with bay windows.
  8. Meet Ellen Page.
  9. Protest for something I believe in.

Last Testament:

To all the members of 02C, both from last year and for next year, I leave you with the excitement and fun that I’ve had being your Wing Guide for the past year. I’m so honored to have spent two years in this wing, and to have seen it grow so much in my time here at IMSA. Every single one of you have made me so proud with your enthusiasm and personality, and I know you’re going to make the future sophomores feel at home.

To Sam and Luselena, I will you the position of 02C Wing Guide. I can’t think of anyone better to give the title to. I know you two girls are going to do amazing things – all I ask for is a TON of Facebook photos so I can cheer you on all the way from Nashville.

To Rhea and Renu, I leave you with underclassmen who will brighten your day, make ridiculous jokes, and always look on point. My time at IMSA without you two would have been a lot less bright – and you will always be our pseudo-quad’s pets.

To Jenny Du, I will you an underclassman who gives you a big smile and waves every time they see you in the hallway. You have the rare ability to give anyone a huge smile on their face, and I’m going to miss that so much next year.

To Maureen, I leave you with a senior year full of essays that write themselves. It’s much more important for you to spread your fun and loving personality than to stay cooped up writing papers.

To Nicole, Katrina, and Lajju, I will you fantastic, wonderful, hilarious, and lovable underclassmen who will make your days happier. (And of course, one underclassman to tell Nicole to hurry up and graduate.) When I grow up, I hope to be more like you three: passionate, hard-working, and incredibly cute. You three are my role models.

To Eveline Liu, I leave you with the Acronym. We did good work this year, but I just know you’re going to make it better. I’ll be sure to follow along from wherever I am.

To Cammille and Song, I will you underclassmen who will carry hard when it comes down to it. AdChem would have gone a lot worse if it hadn’t been for your help – and AdChem would have been a lot more boring without you to make me smile.

To Aish, I leave you with huge aspirations, because not even the sky can limit you. I’m going to be far away next year, but know that you can always reach out to me – just like I know I can depend on you to make me laugh and keep me focused.

To Ashrita, I will you a junior year that will put you through your paces, but won’t rob you of your infectious friendliness. You have so much potential, and I’m just waiting to see what you’ll do with it. Just don’t forget about all the people who are rooting for you.

To Leon, I was going to leave you with all the luck in the world for senior year – but you don’t actually need it. So instead, I will you the easiest second semester the world has ever seen. It’s the greatest gift I can think to give. Thanks for an amazing friendship and an amazing Prom.

To Quinn and JJ, I will you all the hard work, focus, and determination I put into AdChem for the past semester. Hope it helps with first semester senior year. As for second semester? I would will you a fun time, but I don’t think you need my help with that.

To the members of the Macaron Group still at IMSA, I will you a promise: we’ll all get back together in SanFran one day to eat macarons again.

Suraj Sinha

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

There is no way I can do this section justice, but here is my attempt:

  • Living in 1507
  • Candy Drop
  • Sophomore year nights in 07AUQ and 07DUQ with Webster Guan, Eric Ordonez, Nolan Maloney, Peter Lu, Matt Yang, and Henry Deng
  • Accidentally ordering carryout pizza with Brian Zeifert from Downers Grove
  • Sleeping on the red couch in CDQ
  • Hiding behind a binder to escape an in-room violation
  • Clash of the Halls: Enter as Boys, Leave as Men; Enter as Men, Leave as Legends; Enter as Legends, Leave as Aliens
  • Bridge Pictures
  • 500 game over the A-wing balcony
  • 4-Square
  • Tuesday night dodge ball
  • Junior Year – UpQuad
  • Waking up to Lion King
  • Senior Year – Downquad
  • One for One
  • IMSA Carnivals
  • Penny game with Dan
  • Star Power
  • 2K with Vignesh
  • Rosati’s with Dan
  • Late Nights in CDQ or CUQ
  • Early Move-in talks with Ricky
  • Varsity Tennis every year, every moment
  • Vestibule times with Dan – B and C wing bonding
  • Getting caught 3 times for in-room in one night and jumping out of the closet
  • “The Check Question” with Dan, 2013
  • Senior-Staff Game – Shooting over Jeff DeChavez
  • G-game
  • Holi
  • Prom 2014

Bucket List

  1. Be a nice person
  2. Be a happy person
  3. Stay in touch with those I value most
  4. Continue learning for life
  5. Love my family
  6. Put a smile on others around me

Last Testament:

Ricky Martinez, and Jon Reynolds: I will you my handicapped room, the bookshelf as well as the three-year C-wing legacy. The room has been very special to me throughout my time at IMSA. Though I have only “officially” lived in it for one year, the abundance of my time was spent there as a junior and sophomore as well. Take good care of the room. The bookshelf has also been a special part of 1507 C-wing for the past four years. The tradition was introduce by Matthew Gietl and Dominic Gentile and has the signature of nearly every visitor into the room. Keep this tradition alive. And finally, I will you my home for the past three years, 1507 C-wing and the three-year legacy that you have achieved. Over my time at IMSA, I have seen the transformation of C-wing. It has served as my family and been the support system that I always needed. Keep the brotherhood of C-wing alive for generations to come. The future of 07C is in your hands. Always remember, you have a home at UIUC.

Ricky Martinez: I will you the power to make a change in the hall. Though you are no longer an RSL, never forget that you have as much power as any other member of the hall. Your voice and thoughts are valuable. It was a pleasure working with you as a wing guide this year and I couldn’t have imagined a better co. Thank you for always being there for me. Apart from our professional relationship, I also feel like we grew very close on a personal level. I will you somebody to talk to about your problems and give you advice when you most need it. I love you bro.

Jon Reynolds: I will you the confidence to believe in yourself, your voice is very valuable and your ideas are very unique and insightful. Share those ideas with the hall, the hall will benefit from them. Many times, you have a great idea, but you aren’t assertive enough in seeing that idea through. Be assertive and everyone will benefit. Everyday, I am inspired by how passionate you are in what you do. The dedication and determination you display boggles my mind. Make sure to trust yourself, be yourself and never change.

Abrar Khaja: I will you an IMSA ID that I took from you during your sophomore year. (You know what I’m talking about.) This was the ID that caused our first encounter. On a serious note, I will you the confidence to put yourself out there and believe in yourself. Over this past year, I have seen you grow into a leader. You are always ready to provide a helping hand, which I value a lot and look up to. You are one of the most competent and capable people I know. I also will you one of my old shirts, for you to nuzzle whenever you want, when I’m gone. Finally, I will you the responsibility to take care of the young, incoming sophomores of 1507. I have seen you perform very well as an elder sibling to many around campus and I hope that you extend this helping hand to more students in 07 as well. The amount of patience that you have is remarkable. Take care of the future of our hall.

Fengling Hu: I will you someone who respects you for who you really are. You’re a really funny guy and surprisingly, very mature. Don’t be afraid to show your mature side more often. There are times when I have seen the deeper side of you, the more sincere side of you. I like that side a lot. Show people that side more often.

Christoph Eckrich and Chris Shin: I will you the responsibility of taking care of the wing that I have called home for the past three years. I have grown up in this wing and learned everything I know. This was the perfect environment for me, and I have no hesitation in calling it a perfect wing. Ensure that the generations to come also have the same feeling about this place. To Christoph Eckrich specifically, I have seen you grow from the days where you were a nubby sophomore to today, where you are a leader in the hall. You are a charismatic individual and have a great future ahead of you.

Jo-Jo Feng: I will you a bed and a room to sleep in every night of your senior year. I also will you a quad and a group of friends to spend the next year with. We have grown very close this year and gotten to know each other very well. We have had many deep conversations that have changed my perspective on certain things around campus. I have also been inspired by your focus in life and your work ethic. Even if everyone else around you is playing games or wandering aimlessly, you always know how to get your work done. I also will you a spot on the varsity tennis team. The team needs you Jo-Jo. Though you did not play this year, I know you are a great player and have potential. The team is losing many seniors, step into their role and play. Finally, I will you a junior who lives in your room, just like you were to me. This junior will live in your room and sass you out when you ask for your own desk back. Since Vignesh and I are both graduating, I also will you a group of friends to “pez” with. Over this past year, you have become almost a younger brother to me; you are very special to me, Jo-Jo.

Nathan Errampalli: I will you a sophomore to take in like your own little sibling and teach the ways of IMSA to. Though I did not have a younger sibling at IMSA this year, you basically took on that role for me. You were my younger brother who I could talk to about anything. You would always ask me, why I chose to take you in as my sophomore. There was something about the first time I was introduced to you, when you called yourself “Aadi.” I think I saw a piece of myself in you. It’s your inquisitive nature and your desire to make a difference that really makes you very unique. Second, I will you a dark horse puppet to symbolize the reputation across this campus that my qaudmate has created for you. Third, I will you the plastic container of the most delicious butter chicken. Finally, I will you a strong voice that needs to be heard across campus. You have ideas and want to make many reforms, don’t hesitate, DO IT. I will miss you, Nathan; stay in touch and come and visit me, please.

Camden Ko: I see a leader in you. You have many ideas that need to be heard, not just on this campus, but also in every stage of your life. I will you the ability to become the inspiring leader that I have always seen in you. I also will you a friend and brother with whom you can share your problems as well as your accomplishments, with whom you can disclose your biggest fears as well as celebrate your most cherished moments. I have grown very close to you over this past year and have seen your serious and sincere side as well as the troll in you. I really love the sincere side of you and the deeper side that you have to offer. I wish you a great junior year and I will miss you, pal. DING!

Tiffany Ding: Tding, I will you a friend whom you can tease and expect to get teased back by. I also will you a tennis team manager who actually puts lemon in your water and shows up to practices.  I also will you friends who will Google Hangout you whenever you want, wherever you want. Finally, I will you a great junior and senior year, come and visit me at UIUC and stay in touch.

Mayuri Yasuda: Mayuri, I will you a “brother” with whom you can be open and share your problems and deepest fears, who will edit your Cain papers whenever you want, and support you whenever you need it. I grew very close to you this year and what I appreciated about you was that you were really open with me. We have argued over the simplest things, but always reconciled at the end. There were times where you openly cried in front of me; it was these moments when I realized how much you trusted me and believed that I was there for you. Throughout my junior and senior year at IMSA, you were that little sister to me. I will you a great future, I know you will do great. Keep working hard and text me whenever you feel like you want to talk. I am always there for you.

Paul Wang and Rajiv Patel-O’Connor: To you two gentleman, I will you the tennis team and every memorable tennis bus ride that I have ever had. You guys are both very worthy of the taking control of the tennis team. What makes IMSA tennis special is that it’s not only a sports team, but also an avenue for us, players, to release our stresses. Make sure tennis remains this stress free experience and show sophomores the way of trolling. I also will you the power to call for impulsive “hydraulics.” I will you many quality sophomore tennis players to take the place of the abundance of the seniors currently on the Varsity team. The tennis team has provided me with most of my favorite memories at IMSA, make sure this feeling continues in generations to come.

Paul Wang: Pdubs, I will you a doubles partner to share every moment on the tennis court with, to match clothes with, and celebrate with. Over these past two seasons, I can say, you have been my favorite person on the entire tennis team. I have spent nearly every moment on the court with you and we have seen each other improve. You have tamed my rowdiness and been the more mature presence on the court, always. You are the reason I have loved the sport at IMSA and look forward to continue playing in college. I also will you an immense amount of beat boxing skill, not that WE already don’t have enough ;). Beat boxing for clash 2014 was really fun with you. Finally, I will you my home, 1507. I know I have willed this to many people thus far, however, the reason you are on this list is because I see a bright future if many generations to come follow your lead. You are a leader and really know how to manage your time well. Your discipline is a great asset to have. Instill the value of this disciplined work ethic and lifestyle in your sophomores. Though your brother is already at UIUC, your first home is at Hendrick House with Arjun, Vishrut, Aaron and I. Make sure to visit me often and keep in touch. I expect you to message me very often. Though I am no longer on this campus next year, don’t forget that I am always there for you.

Rajiv Patel-O’Connor: RayJ, I will you a fantastic senior year and a great tennis season. Your dedication and perseverance in things you love and are passionate about, never fail to impress me. I also will you someone to appreciate your humor, on and off the court. You have always been that younger brother on the court and served as a great “partner in crime” when it comes to away matches. I also give you the title as the biggest troll on the tennis team. Finally, I will you the family that we created in 07. BUQ and C wing were very close and we spent many nights together, talking about problems, playing games, and just chilling. On a side note, make tennis a yearlong sport at IMSA and take the team to a new level.

Sanjay Kotapalli: I will you a younger sibling to whom you can introduce to IMSA. IMSA is a great place and I was really grateful to have the opportunity to have you as my younger sibling.

Ranjani Sundar: I will you a brown stick, similar to Vishrut, who will support you whenever you need it and advise you.

Tim Gietl, Omair Khan, Naren Radhakrishnan, Chris Ni, Paul Wang, Vimal Bellamakonda, Chris Shin, and Christoph Eckrich: To the 07 RSL crew of next year, I wish you the best of luck and I will you the ability to run the show in the best hall on campus.

Will Baeur: I will you the 1507, First Place, talent show. This past year was the first time, during my time at IMSA that 1507 performed well in the Clash of the Halls talent show. Keep this tradition alive and keep writing music.

Alan Liang: I will you the right to dominate Nathan Errampalli. As his roommate next year, there will be many occasions where you will want to assert your dominance over him. Don’t hesitate; go in.

Jeff Tucker

University of Wisconsin Madison, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Doing ice breakers with my new sophomores each year.
  • The hypnotist shows
  • Clash of course!

Bucket List

  1. Be successful
  2. Travel to every continent
  3. Make a real difference to someone, no matter how small. (Once per day)

Last Testament:

To Kyle Leano, I leave you the coolest wing on campus; and the best toilet too.

To Jacob Brown, I also leave you the coolest wing on campus, and the expectation to keep it that way. You’re up to it.

To Malachi Loviska, I leave you permission to sit on the downquad bed whenever you so desire.

Lynette To

Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Every happy hour Sophomore year
  • Unknowingly choosing to room with someone who would become my sister and best friend
  • Watching Case 39 in 1505 Sophomore year
  • Late night talks with my seniors Junior year
  • Throwing starbursts at Madi and Sabrina’s window and sticking a vacuum out of Gina and Sue’s window, trying to convince Madi and Sabrina there were ghosts outside
  • Listening and dancing to “Play” by David Banner Junior year
  • Making animal sounds with Yasmine and convincing everyone outside that there were dogs and cats in the building
  • Lunar New Year 2014
  • Pesto, Toast, and Card night with my quad

Bucket List

  1. Go to a concert
  2. Pay for a random stranger’s meal
  3. Making friends with a random stranger at a record store
  4. Move to California
  5. Go Skydiving (cliché but a must)
  6. Get in a fist fight
  7. Win the fist fight
  8. Ride a hot air balloon
  9. Get lost and feel the danger of being lost but also feel the exhilaration of a new adventure
  10. Visit Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore
  11. Make someone laugh until they cry
  12. Become a better person

Last Testament:

To Yasmine Gordon I leave you an eternally happy and stress-free life. Yasmine, you have forever etched a little bit of yourself into my heart, and every time I see you struggling or stressing out, a part of me feels it as well. Your energetic and quirky personality reminds me of my own, and that is something I truly appreciate, especially at a school like IMSA. The thing is, your class and IMSA as a whole has benefited from your presence and but worries me when I see you in stages of worry or stress. Hence, for the next year and years to come, I leave you nothing but happiness and enjoyment. You deserve nothing less, as you’re everything I wish I was. Thus I will you not to make the same mistakes I did and to take a hold of your future as I wish I can learn to do. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a tough spot, but know that it’s not the end of the world. I leave with you my own experiences to get you through challenging obstacles and I know you will succeed with your driving power and focus. I’d say you’d reach for the stars, but the fact is you are one; use your talent to the fullest and never give up. Whether you want to become a famous singer or a successful businesswomen in California, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you can become a famous singing businesswomen in Beverly Hills. Remember that I’m always here and I’m constantly willing and leaving you the best. Remember: you’re my bae!

To Haneesha Paruchuri, I will you everything that I couldn’t accomplish and more. Haneesha, your dedication, focus, and drive remind me of everything I had my sophomore and junior year. I will that all to you so that you can continue pushing through to the very end and achieving everything that I couldn’t achieve. You put so much effort into your work and extracurriculars, it surprises me that there are still people out there like me, putting work and extracurrics before social life; it’s nice to know that someone else shares the same priorities as I do. Beyond being everything that I can’t, I still leave you a great senior year (and college experience) where you can find yourself and truly enjoy everything. I’m going to miss you so much next year, Haneesha, I’m literally going to be looking forward to the days I come back to visit you. From the first day you came into my room to the days we stayed up for no reason to the days I have to say goodbye to you, I always had a special affinity for you, and I can’t wait to see where you go. The only thing I request is to remember to make some time for me when you’re a busy successful working bee.

To Kristen Byrd, I will you to continue updating your snapchat stories EXACTLY as you do now. Not only are they hilarious and totally real, but it’ll be my source for IMSA updates while in college! I also leave you the responsibility of spontaneously starting dance parties in 06D. Long live the dancing on the tables!

To JJ Garcia, I will you the responsibility to keep things CRAZY and ENERGETIC at IMSA. I’ve had so much fun just screwing around with you, I’ve only come to realize that you’ve never failed to not only put a smile on my face but a gut-hurting laugh every single time. Thus, it’s your responsibility next year to spread that infectious energy to the rest of IMSA. Spreading dance/music around campus? Screw that, JJ, I leave you Spreading Energy and Enthusiasm Around Campus—SEEAC!

To Omair Khan, I leave with you a truly enjoyable senior year; it seems like you’re always living in the fast lane, whether rushing to the fitness center or rushing home, snapchatting as you drive. Don’t worry about getting from one place to the next and rather enjoy your time at IMSA! I will you days and nights of fun, since you deserve it through all your hard work in and out of school.

To Paul Wang, I will you a box of clean tissues, since the world is your oyster!

To Rebecca Geiger, I leave you the excitement, enjoyment, and responsibilities as a kick-ass CAB Director. As I said during my short little speech at Steak and Shake, CAB will challenge you at times, but I am 110% sure you’re more than ready to face each and every challenge and succeed with flying colors. I remember interviewing you last year and there was a part of me that knew you’d be where you are now. However, I do will you the ability to come out of your shell and take your world by storm; this will inevitably come, and I can’t wait for me and you to see how much you will grow at the end of your CAB journey at IMSA, as I know for a fact you will continue to shoot for stars wherever you go next.

To Danny Atten, I will you to continue making the best Sixteen Magazine surveys any teenager girl will ever take. But seriously, I leave you the responsibility of keeping Becca entertained with CAB, as your witty and totally random humor will keep her (and the rest of CAB) driving to success. You go, girl!

To Eveline Liu, I leave you my legacy as 06’s CD; create kick-ass programs and hall-bonding activities that no one has ever seen before! Use your charming dimpl-y smile and down-to-earth personality that caught my eye right away your sophomore year. I can’t wait to see how you and Xindi run things next year!

To Xindi Chen, I will you the patience to work with Eveline… LOLJK but seriously, I leave you the other baton as 06’s future CD. You’ll come to learn to love the position and see how 06 has really defined you and how you will eventually define 06. Enjoy it!

To Vimal Bellamkonda, Tags, I will you the ability to wear your shirts the right way… 

To Milutin Perovich, I leave you my hopes of maintaining your mindset that has been so similar to mine for my three years at IMSA. Keep your high spirits and analytical nature, as those are your strong suits, which CAB will truly benefit from. I can’t wait to see what you’ll grow into!

To Tahj Alli-Balogun, I will you the ability to follow your heart and pursue what you want, including things that you’ve “got your eye on.” The last time frame I gave you was only three weeks, but February 2015 I hope to hear good things from you!

Shruti Topudurti

Claremont McKenna College, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • 06A all three years
  • 3rd Place in Clash Senior Year
  • Clash 2013 & 2014
  • TBTN all three years
  • Being a part of BELLAs
  • Reading at Tales from the Homefront 2013
  • Late nights with Bryce, Sydney, Marissa, and Emerald junior year
  • Late nights with my juniors senior year [Monday nights ;)]
  • IHOP Adventure
  • SIR adventures with Selam
  • BELLAs retreat 2012
  • Prom 2k14

Bucket List

  1. Travel the World
  2. Make a difference
  3. Go to all the Fashion Weeks in a row
  4. Become successful

Last Testament:

To BELLAs, I will another successful SAAW and Tales From the Homefront. I know that all you lovely ladies will keep on working to make BELLAs an even better sisterhood.

To Stefanie Ochoa, I leave lots of laughs, hugs, someone to call bb, a new straightener, and someone else to use your soda stream. I also leave you someone to make fun of you and vice versa. I will you someone to sass you back, but always have your back too. You are such a great sophomore and I will miss you so much next year.

To Natalie Woods, I leave pancakes from IHOP, more throwback music, and fun at home. You’re one of the realest people I know and I hope that you will enjoy being back at home.

To Joanne Lee, I will chill conversations and much respect. You are super funny and I wish I got to know you better. Keep doing you and I know you’ll go far in life.

To Shelly Teng, I leave awkward French conversations, weird times in your room, and someone to make fun of Eveline with other than your quad. You are one of the sweetest and smartest people I know. I definitely know that you will become super successful; just remember me when that happens. 

To Claire Song Lee, I leave CORN HOMIES, corn, soybeans, naps, a more comfortable bed (if that’s possible), sassy conversations, and the legacy of being yet another A-winger from the 217. I also leave someone to hang out with over the weekends and help with college apps if you ever need. You are so sweet and we have to see each other this summer!

To Sachi Singh, I leave awkward sounds, someone to yell at through the quad door, weird accents, a certain south Indian man to be your husband, someone to approve Greeshma’s and your outfits, Indians to bond with over our similar upbringings, and advice whenever you need any. I also will you someone to act weird with, all the success with wing guide and college acceptances next year, and a nicer resting face  jk. I can’t believe that you are almost a senior and I can’t believe how crazy you have become. Keep in touch and have an awesome senior year!

To Sue Patel, I leave makeup, girly clothes, MY ROOM, long talks, success, and ratchet music. I also leave you a junior to mother, just like I’ve have done for you. I also will you someone to yell at all your haters  *cough cough*. Just remember that your haters are your motivators ;) I will you more fun times with the bae that you can tell me all about when I’m in college. I also will you a turn up senior year with my fave down quad ever. Enjoy senior year; I know you’ll make the make the most of it. You have become one of my favorite people this year and you better stay in touch or else.

To Vivian Jin, I leave lots of hugs, food, MY ROOM, ugly snapchats, someone to wake you up, scary faces, and someone to take care of you. I also leave you a new microwave pot to make ramen in since you can’t use mine anymore. I will you EVERYTHING you ever want ;) I also leave you lots of love. I will you advice and help whenever you need any. I hope that you have a no-stress senior year and get into whatever colleges you want. I know you will be successful—just believe in yourself.  You and Sue are lucky enough to get Kristy’s and my room. You better use it well ;) I’m going to miss you so much next year! Who will yell SHRUTIIIIIIII at me when I walk down the hall or when they come into my room? Keep in touch <3

To Eveline Liu, I leave someone to squeeze your cheeks, make fun of you, call you adorable, and cuddle with you on your bed. I also leave tons of food, Dylan O’Brien, comfy cute clothes, long talks on any topic, someone to obsess with you over Dom and Michelle, college acceptances to amazing schools, and many, many white boys with abs and the “v.” I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the year. Stats class, French, and math wouldn’t be the same without you. I don’t know who would keep me entertained in those classes without you. I will also miss your wonderful smiles that always brighten my day next year. You’ll always be my fave garden hoe.

To Greeshma Chilukuri, I leave an awesome senior year, all the college acceptances, and all da menz that will treat you well. I also leave you more conversations in my room from 1 am to 3 am, more sleep next year!!!!!, and lots of love. I also leave willpower, the ability to turn off your feelings, and someone to remind you that you are the best and to cheer you up. Our late nights with Sachi and Kristy will always be some of the best nights I’ve had at IMSA and I’m so glad I got to know you well this year. You are one of the most sweet, talented, and creative people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and you better stay in touch.

Finally, to Marissa Brock, I leave perfume ;), farts on my bed—basically a collection of smells, cute clothes from anthropologie, bland Indian food, cups, windows, protection, da menz, someone to crack your back, and most of all a sassy Indian placeholder to make fun of you. I also leave you lots of laughs, lots of amazing times to come, long conversations when you’re down, many college acceptances, and lots of love. You’ll always be my crazy baby sophomore and I’m going to miss you so much next year. I’ll always be here when you need me; no matter where I am, I’m only a call or skype away. <3

Sarah Valentine

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • All three carnivals were amazing
  • Eating pickles and playing Tetris with Emmy Mladenova after Lunar 2012
  • Spring break dress shopping with Sai, Atene, and Lynette
  • The Monopoly party and Six Flags
  • Xi Gua, Harry Potter, calling the cops (both SLD weeks)
  • Allie Miner
  • My affinity for inspiring brown co-facilitators in LEAD
  • A couple of pretty awesome New Year’s parties
  • Lunar 2013 and the aftermath
  • Providing my room cleaning services in exchange for food
  • That time I skipped Power and Authority so Roy Kim could teach me how to play League of Legends
  • Junior and Senior Clash, specifically the Talent Shows
  • The junior year SIR on Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK)
  • Falling asleep during AP Psych and clutching the 4
  • Third time’s a charm, Student Council elections
  • Quad massages and quad times, golly I just love my quad
  • Nearly fainting after senior prank, homecoming volleyball game, and pep rally
  • Some of the most interesting discussions with the most interesting people
  • Sean Kim, the loose cannon savior in the band room
  • Tolkien
  • Some very awesome intersessions (shoutouts to Arlo)
  • The best OOP table and the most Rambo trip to Walgreen’s ever
  • Atene’s birthday party
  • Prom: best venue at the best table with my best friend

Bucket List

  1. Learn some tact or something, I’m kind of awkward
  2. Live in a penthouse apartment in Hong Kong or Singapore
  3. Learn to speak some other languages at a fluent level
  4. Write some more music, and maybe learn how to sing or play an instrument, that would be cool
  5. Party in Eastern Europe with the baes
  6. Beat Roy in Hearthstone or League
  7. Wipe away my tears with hundred dollar bills
  8. Learn how to swim
  9. Own a cat named Neko (and make sure he doesn’t die within a year)
  10. Be the Wolf on Wall Street

Last Testament:

To Puja Mittal, I will you the power to be creative, unique, and highly original. You are one of the strongest people I know, and though our relationship has never been that of “normal” best friends, I hope you know that I have incredible respect for you as a person, a colleague, and a friend. When the going gets rough, get tough. I hope you never lose the undying flame that burns in your heart, and keep in touch, kay?

To Nicole Aldridge, I will you my position, Senior-at-Large. When I see you now, I’m reminded a lot of my own experience as a second semester junior. Over-committed, over-worked, over-involved, and struggling to balance life. However, I think you have something I don’t, and that’s the ability to pull it all off. I hope you remain active and dedicated to everything you do, and continue to inspire those around you.

To Ahsan Qureshi, I will you versatility. You’re one of the most interesting people I’ve met, and despite the fact that we don’t hang out very often, I value you very much as a friend. You have the ability to be a troll, a hard-working student, a mentor, and a friend. I hope you continue to let the different sides of you shine and have fun senior year.

To Mike Etzkorn, I will you excitement. There’s no use worrying about junior year, senior year, choices, SIR, classes, everything. Take a deep breath and have fun with whatever you do. You’re a good kid, and you make the people around you smile. Take the time to smile yourself!

To Paul Nebres, I will you the handbook. But actually, you’re one of the smartest kids I’ve met. I have faith that whatever you become involved in during the next couple years, you’ll do remarkably well.

To Heidi Dong, I will you StudStream StudCo updates. You’re one of the most responsible, hard-working people I know, and I hope you remain active and involved throughout the next couple years. Have fun in A wing next year!

To my LEAD babies, even though not all of you are completely invested in LEAD, I hope you took something from the course. I hope SLX taught you that each and every one of you has the capacity to make a change. But remember to have fun too!

To Nida Normantaite, my special LEAD baby, I will you curiosity. You’re one of the most engaging, interesting people I’ve encountered while at IMSA, and I hope you continue to question the world around you.

To Franklin Ye and Cam Hudgins, I will you a clean room and a sincere apology. I’ll buy you pizza or something sometime. And also, Franklin, you’re so squishy, you’re like the squishiest. I quite enjoy that about you.

To Dan Sohn, I will you money in the bank. You’re the best, everyone else is trash. I know pimpin’ ain’t easy, but you make it look seamless.

To Maureen Reiser and Xindi Chen (and Aaron Victor I guess), I will you IMSA girls volleyball. Never forget Max Ackerman. Never forget back-walling. Never forget to transcend (keep TABS man). And never forget why you play the sport: it’s not about a winning season or playing time. You play to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t let anything get in the way of that.

To 1503 A Wing, I will you all the wing dinners and all the wing activities. Hopefully your wing guides next year will treat you better (Rashmi, Jessica, don’t disappoint!).

To Grace Duan and Allie Johnson, I will you 1503. Even though I’m not really in ownership, and I’m sort of a bad wing guide, remember that 1503 isn’t a hall, it’s a home. Especially during Clash, take care of the hall. 1503 doesn’t compete to win; we compete to represent who we are. Hall pride above all, make the alumni proud.

To Jonah Goughnour and Paolo Palacios, I will you responsibility. You’ll probably need it.

To Chris Shin, I will you a light-hearted senior year. You’ve got the best sense of humor out of everyone I know. I hope you keep that for the rest of IMSA’s sake as well as your own. And I hope you remember that people really appreciate having you around. I mean, you’re the founder of Chrisshinanity, you’re a pretty cool guy.

To Camden Ko, I will you a pure seduction. You’ve got a killer smile and attractive halfie girls for days, so keep on keeping on. And don’t let junior year wreck you, ‘cus you’re perfect.

To Vinesh Kannan, I will you a bright future for Student Council. There’s no better person to take over all the unfinished projects and pillars. I have full confidence in you. I don’t exaggerate when I say you’re the single most intelligent, tactful, and inspirational person I’ve met at IMSA, and I’m truly glad to have met you. Just remember to take care of yourself. Get to class on time, and sleep too! And become the very best social engineer there ever was #newworldorder.

To Natalie Valentine, I will you happiness. Never have I met another person with such conviction and good in their heart. I truly believe in you. You are a beautiful human being, more beautiful than I could ever be. You have what I don’t: charisma, energy, and radiance. You’re invasive and infectious, and I hope you will one day see the joy you spread to other people within your own soul. Remember to smile for me.

Stephanie Wang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Getting to know a certain group of wonderful seniors as a junior
  • Every year in 1503 B-wing – thank you!
  • Every year of IMSA girls’ swimming
  • Junior year triad and its many notable tenants
  • The rise of “Zero Quad” with Deborah, Nahee, and Sai-mon: our perfectly illegal senior room arrangement, dance parties, jam sessions, and more
  • Intersession in Silicon Valley
  • Speculative Fiction Studies with Mrs. Townsend, the Syndicate, and many good shorts and sci-fi books
  • Modern Theater
  • Tea with Doc Nok, Ms Montgomery, and Mrs. Cain
  • Breaking in-room: getting caught twice in one night with Cindy Ho and Sarah Xu, while Ruchi Patel (from an entirely different wing) went by unscathed
  • Late nights and random conversations, profound or otherwise
  • Many more moments of laughter

Bucket List

  1. Pick up Chinese calligraphy again
  2. Kick-start while in college
  3. Try out nude sun-bathing
  4. Get an MBA
  5. Get a PhD
  6. Read every book by Asimov, Zelazny, Murakami, Gaiman, and Atwood
  7. Globetrot across the world with a backpack, a camera, and good company
  8. Stay true to myself

Last Testament

To Haneesha Paruchuri, Eveline Liu, and Ethan Fisher, I leave with you the Acronym, an organization I hope you will cherish, stress over, and enjoy working on as much as I have these past three years. I look forward to many more well-informed and pretentious articles that shake up administration and the student body.

To Marissa Brock(star), I leave you with my sincere advice to avoid half-marathons before major swim meets. I will you another classmate and friend with whom to secretly converse in Franglais at the back of the classroom. Most importantly, I will you a booster of real confidence. Challenge yourself. And take it easy. Keep joking. If you can rock climb, and you can, then I have full faith that, if you challenge yourself, you can scale whatever trials you may face in the future. Let’s keep in touch!

To Nisha Kishore, I will you an enormous body pillow to hug. I will you relaxing conversations in the wing commons, and I will you a boost of confidence to assure you that your unrelenting hard work will, in fact, be worth it in the long-run. Run fast, beat box hard, and if you ever need help with papers or college essays or just a long talk, know that I will always be willing to lend you my ear. Have strength and many more laughs.

To Sophia Lam, I will you a stress ball, a month’s supply of CAB’s de-stress bubble wrap to pop, and a packet of coupons of Insta-Fun. You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and you are certainly one of the most diligent learners I have ever met. Don’t stress. Have more faith in yourself! Continue pranking your friends with your quirky mischievousness.

To Allie Johnson, I will you a very enjoyable senior year and, in vain, a stress-free second year as CD of 1503. No doubt there will be more difficult times, while I am sorry we can’t be there with you next year, I have confidence that you will continue to be the smile virus that you are now and that you will be able to take . Keep smiling, dancing your graceful ballerina moves, and infecting others with your kindness.

To Cindy Ho, I will you many more days of laughter despite the trials of junior year, as you have never failed to brighten my day. I will you your own sophomores to hide in your bathroom (hopefully more successfully than our attempts with you this year…) when the RCs check for in-room breakers. And, finally, I will you a fantastic year in a new hall and new wing, and the knowledge that you can.

To Sarah Xu, I will you a slew of attractive kpop men, another of my imaginary stress balls, and a tub of Oberweis ice cream.

To Sam Medina, Mariela Saenz, Michelle Park, and Tea Ryza, I will you another crazy and fun year in 03 B-wing. You four have always brightened my day with your antics and adorably close bond.

To Natasha Freund, Allie Johnson, Amy De La Torre, and Anna Borromeo, I leave you the 03B downquad, all the joys of senior room arrangement, and B-wing underclassmen as great as mine were this year.

To Leon Wang, I leave you with the thought that you will never meet a more flawless bunch of seniors as the ones who traveled with you to Silicon Valley. Just kidding. I will you more opportunities to share your singing voice, and an enjoyable (and hopefully less stressful) senior year.

To Rhea Harsoor, I will you fewer injuries during swim season, more moments where flapping your arms is the appropriate response, and a dog who will replace the one you lost in “Death Comes to Us All, Mary Agnes.” You were a wonderfully neurotic Mary Agnes.

To Karin Han, Edward Jun, and Quinn Lewis, I leave you three strength and tenacity to lead SCIA as next year’s executive board. Good luck!

To Melissa Wen, I will you a long life, and, if only I could with the new IMSA schedule, I will you many more relaxing breaks in the IRC. Keep up your optimism. I have enjoyed our strange antics and would like to pass on the thought that you are officially a “Happy Virus.”

To Emily Jia, I will you another record-smashing year on the swim team and, I hope, your continued propensity for writing eloquent persuasive pieces.

To Ashu Gupta, I leave you with a bucket of my tears, for who will feed me bread and Nutella next year?! I wish you luck as the section editor for my alma mater, the Acronym’s IMSA News.

To Cathy Chen, I will you all rights to choreograph swim team’s synchro next year and many early-morning practice hugs.

To Lucy Yuan, who always smiles at me so sunnily in the hallways, I give you my confidence that you will continue to cheer up underclassmen during morning practice. Now that’s a feat.

To Nida Normantaite, I give you my congratulations and best wishes for good luck as IMSA’s rising JSA president.

To Shelly Teng, I will you “un tableau vivant,” maybe one by Claude Monet.

To Cammille Go, I will you a wonderful senior year. See you over the summer when ABS becomes CABS.

To Raven Jackson, I give you my mad props as the best director for Modern Theater our play could have asked for. Thank you for leading us to success and for your always enthusiastic greetings in the hallways.

To IMSA’s completely imaginary Dictionary Appreciation Club, I give my thanks for standing in as my staple example in every form I have ever written – You have served me well.

To IMSA students, faculty, and staff, I will you my sincere gratitude for the ups and even the downs of the past three years. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

Kristine Yoon

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Ice cream fights sophomore year
  • Lunar New Year shows
  • Winning wing wars all three years
  • Clash of the Halls 2012-2013
  • JSA conventions
  • SLD Week (2012, 2013)
  • Watching Frozen with the quad
  • Making quad quote wall
  • After check prom workouts with the quad
  • Senior prom

 Bucket List

  1. Go scuba diving
  2. Pet a kangaroo
  3. See the northern lights
  4. Learn how to bartend
  5. Meet EXO
  6. Add a lock to the Namsan Tower

 Last Testament

To Jessica Park, I will you a great IMSA younger sibling who was just as great as you were this year. From the moment that I met you on Preview Day, I knew that you and I were really similar and compatible. And this past year showed how much closer we became. I am so glad to have such an adorable, bright, and passionate person that I can always visit, hang out with, discuss Korean dramas and BTS, and open up to. Not only are you caring during your free time, but the amount of work you put into clubs like ASIA, JSA, KI, and Exodus while still managing to do all of your school work is commendable. Good luck on your next two years at IMSA! Just know that I will always believe in you and am always proud of you!

To Priya Trivedi and Emily Mu, I will you an awesome quad of your own that you can house underclassmen in. This past year has been great having the two of you. Although we didn’t live across the hall like we did last year, we still found time to try on dresses, throw surprise birthday parties, eat food, and hang out instead of doing homework. I know that I’m going to miss laughing and talking to you two beautiful ladies. But, I know that you will live your last year at IMSA to the fullest. Don’t forget to keep in touch and house me whenever I visit IMSA.

To Luselena Perez and Sam Arrez, I will you a great Clash experience. This year was so much fun being with you two, practicing after school and just fooling around. Even though you two started to not take me seriously, make fun of me, and make me your servants, I really enjoyed practicing for drill team, forgetting the moves, making dumb methods to memorize them. Have a great senior year and despite all the mean things you’ve done to me, I’ll miss you two so much!

To Tiffany Ding, I will you more swag in hopes that our swag team does not lose their touch. This year’s clash was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had because I had you! You were always energetic, cheerful, and friendly. Throughout the year, whenever I was stressed, you were there smiling and ready to cheer me up. Thanks so much for the random presents of Oberweiss and thanks for being such a cute sophomore this year. Good luck on junior year! I know you’ll do great.

To Sanjay Kottapalli, I will you an amazing LEAD co-facilitator next year. This year has been a lot of fun with our EnACT class. I’m going to miss those times we spent prepping for our modules in 07, watching videos and making up activities. You were always so good at having a strong presence in the classroom, asking discussion questions and leading some of the activities, that I believe you’ll have another fantastic year of LEAD. Good luck as an EnACT chair and I hope you have another great class!

To Mayuri Yasuda, I will you a successful ASIA board. With your past two years of experience on board, I have no doubt that your leadership will make this club go beyond my expectations. I’ve really enjoyed working with you this past year learning the board dance, discussing logistics, and venting our frustrations when things weren’t going the way we expected. Good luck planning Lunar next year and I wish you the best!

To Nida Normantaite, I will you a great JSA experience. I don’t think I would’ve had as much fun without having you on board this year. I really enjoyed our small bonding time whiling we quickly walked to 07 to get to meetings on time and the time that we spent together at the JSA conventions. Take advantage of your final year and I hope that it changes your life as much as it did mine.

To Haneesha Paruchuri, I will you a SIR-free senior year. I will dearly miss our Panera runs in the morning, our chats during the lab meetings, and endless time playing 2048. I’ll never forget about the one time we went to the Water Tower Place during our lunch break and got frozen yogurt and free hand massages. Despite the early morning wake ups and long bus rides, having SIR with you made Wednesdays really fun. I’ll miss you so much and let me know if you have any questions on colleges!

To 02 A Wing (Nicole Aldridge, Jamie Candler, Sharon Johnson, Chinyere Kernet, Patty Li, Megan McKeown, Emily Mu, Mano Namuduri, Tam Nguyen, Rosara Ocampo, Abigail Paul, Evelynn Perez, Ashrita Raghuram, Katrina Toman, Priya Trivedi, Jacqueline Vega), I will you the best year ever. I know that some of you aren’t staying in A wing, but that doesn’t change the fact that you were like family to me during my last year at IMSA. Thanks for the wing war victory, the endless wing food, and of course the unforgettable wing activities. I love you all and I will miss you so much!

To the 2014-2015 Lead Team (Priya Trivedi, Lajju Sudhakar, Yasmine Gordon, Ricky Martinez, Sanjay Kottapalli, Amanda Walsh, Xindi Chen, Simona Stancov, Haneesha Paruchuri, Grace Duan, Vivian Liu, Ahsan Qureshi, Ryan Yang, Josh Kleinman, Mano Namuduri, Devdhi Kasana, Ethan Fischer, Alec Elston, Jessica Park, Tiffany Ding, Christoph Eckrich, Nathan Errampalli, Sarah Eaton, Ben Cooper, Faithe Hill, Andrew Adams, Daniel Costa, Tina Zhang, Naren Radhkakrishnan, Susriya Gangireddy), I will you another awesome and successful year in the LEAD program. I’m so proud of all of you for joining the LEAD team this year and I hope that you all are ready for a year of friendship, self-development, and passion.

Scott Zelman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Late-night/all-night conversations and arguments in the SKQUAD!
  • Every moment with Emmy<3
  • MUNUC 2012 and 2013
  • Limo Mike and Squids
  • Low key, doh
  • Sox game with Dr. McGee
  • Walmart #dimebags
  • Prom with Nahee Park!
  • Snowboarding in Colorado

Last Testament:

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I will you boyish charm and smile. Be careful with it, it’s dangerous.

To Priya Trivedi, I will you my long eyelashes. Take care of them. I also will you Vimal.

To Haneesha Paruchuri, I will you my love for tamarind rice. Thanks for hooking me up this year! Also, sorry about the bad first impression… I do that.

To Nida Normantaite, I will you Model UN deceit and thievery of other people’s ideas (sanctions!) Also you’re the chilliest junior I know and I’m happy we became friends at CIMUN this year. Have a good senior year!

To Dan Pechi and Aaron Victor, I will you Hatikvah. Spread Jewish culture like you mean it!

To Vinesh Kannan, I will you the responsibility of keeping StudCo fun and enjoyable, not just all work. Student Council should be one big team, not separated by cliques. It is your job to bring everyone together through bonding activities and teamwork/collaboration. Take advantage of what you have been given and make this a better place for everyone.

To Kush Gupta and Noor Michael, I will you the CubeCrew, even though you’re already better cubers than all of us.

To Paul Nebres, I will you Grace Park.

To Nick Damen, I will you amazing dance proposals. You’re going to have to up your homecoming proposal when you ask her to prom. Start thinking!

To Michael Wang, I will you more sleep.

To Yasmine Gordon, I will you good health and lots of smiles 

To Sneha and Shveta Thakkar, I will you FBLA. We did a lot this year and came out with a ton of winners, and I encourage you to raise the bar even higher next year.

To Zach Yager, I will you the club room. It’s my baby, so take care of it!

To Mayuri Yasuda, I will you my excellent acting abilities, in case you act again in Lunar next year.

Selam Zenebe-Gete

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • Up and Down Quad Bonding in 02B
  • Clash 2013 (ie. winning Drill and Hall Decs)
  • Going to state with Dance team sophomore and senior years

Bucket List

  1. Go to college.
  2. Go to med school (?).
  3. Find out what I want to do with my life.
  4. Travel.
  5. Do volunteer work in a third-world country
  6. Become (at least) tri-lingual.
  7. Run a marathon.

Last Testament:

To 02B Underclassmen, I will you a home away from home. I have loved living on 02 B during the past three years, and I hope that you will be able to take the B wing family spirit with you next year (even if you aren’t living in 02 B next year).

To Devdhi I will you with a passion for dance. I loved getting to know you during Dance Team this year. I really appreciate how positive you always were during practice and competitions – I don’t know if we would have made it without you. I really hope that you keep dancing and that you have a great time during your junior and senior years at IMSA.

To Priya and Mayuri, I  will you many years filled with Spanish speaking. I don’t know if I would have survived Spanish IV without you two…so thanks. I hope you both have fun next year! Enjoy IMSA while you are here, graduation will come faster than you think.

To the future Minority Report Editors-in-Chief, I will you Minority Report. It was great seeing all of your enthusiasm and unique perspectives this year as writers. I have faith that Minority Report will be great next year. Have a great senior year!

To the ALI 2013/14 juniors (Priya, Ricky, Ranjani, Rajiv, Shelly, Vivian), I will you ALI. I had a lot of fun working with you during ALI last summer. I know that the program is going to be different next year, but I know you will make it just as successful as it has been in the past. Remember, the world is in your hands ;).

To Tiffany and Rachel, I will you success in the future. Even though we didn’t end up going to downtown Naperville together (sadface ), I still have tons of great memories with you two crazy kids. Thanks so much for making my senior year

To Jyotsna, I will you a great junior year. I still wish I got to know better, but it was really fun talking to you! Good luck during the rest of your time at IMSA!

Michael Zeng

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018

Most Memorable Moments

  • I hope that many of these “crazy” moments I’ve had will be eclipsed by college craziness, but I will never forget these simple moments:
  • Late night conversations where you really get to know someone
  • Making music with friends
  • And of course singing Disney songs at 4 in the morning.

Bucket List

  1. Water bucket
  2. Watering pail
  3. Ritual bucket
  4. Loader bucket
  5. Lunch pail
  6. Sand bucket
  7. But more seriously, to never lose my positive outlook and sense of humor.
  8. Also, live until 104 so I will lived in three centuries.

Last Testament:

To Chris Ni, I will you an amazing falsetto (and singing voice), Mulan, and shadow hunters.

To Jason Yang, I will you the 2nd best singing voice to above :P and the best song taste. Also, 100% of profits.

To Vikram Anjur, I will you the most veritable junior that somehow is still fun to hang out with. (Because you allow me to use prepositions to end sentences with).

To Harish Logaraj, I will you the same thing as above, with a slowly deteriorating veritable part.

To Milan Shah, Joanne Lee, Tim Zhou, Shelly Teng, Austin Cao, Emily Mu, Cammille Go, Danielle Madsen, Hsing Louh, Jenny Du, and more people I’m blanking on (essentially everyone who is in the IRC during mid-day): I will you a library that tolerates the level volume that we create and a hug (internet-hug if need be) whenever you need it.

To 06AUQ (Song Lee, Shelly Teng, Eveline Liu, and Joanne Lee): I will you shirts ;).

To Camden Ko and Nathan Errampalli, I also will you shirts, but no winky-face.

To Aishwarya Raj, I will you all the trees that you killed for me.

To Lady Jia-Jia (Emily Jia *for search purposes), I will you an awesome name and a creepy wave.

To Liszt Guy, I don’t know your name, but LISZT GUYYYY!!!.

To Xindi Chen, I give you 22,630 hugs, one hug for every day until you hit the current life expectancy of the US.

To Chris Shin and Archit Potharazu, I will you a number theory carry.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I will you a music theory carry.

To Aquila Ryu, I will you the ability to do the bottom rung on the leg press machine?!?!? Still can’t believe that happened.

To Tim Gietl and Huajie Huang, I will you amazing catered food in exchange for coffees and red-bulls.

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