Cheap and Easy Foods to Make Besides Ramen!

Imagine craving a delicious steaming hot bowl of ramen, but your innate laziness prevents you from even getting up off your couch. Unfortunately, even deliciously cooked ramen takes too much effort for many IMSA students, so they settle for crushing the raw instant ramen pack into little pieces, and eating them as ramen crackers. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t; trust me, it tastes bland and dry. Don’t be that person. There are many amazing foods that only take a little effort but are much more worth-while.

Easy food number one is powdered flavored water! If you’re tired of bringing pint sized cans of juice/soda to school only to finish it the next day, this trick is for you. (This trick is also for the weak bodied people who think those liter cans filled with liquid are way too heavy.) Just pop a couple drops of flavored water drops into your water, and you have got yourself some juice. They come in really awesome flavors such as lemonade, Crush, Coca-Cola, and mango-pomegranate and are easy to carry around in your backpack. Never again will you be subjected to drinking the foul tasting fountain water because instead you’ll have your handy dandy water drops ready to drown out the taste.

Easy food number two is Jell-O, which can be made yourself with a big bowl, water and Jell-O powder. Instead of boiling, microwave two cups of water for three minutes. Add the powder and two cups of cold water and mix. The downside of this food? You can’t eat it immediately. You have to wait a couple hours for it to solidify.

Next, grab yourself a tub of vanilla ice cream because we’re making easy food number three with ice-cream extract. Get creative and pick up any extract from almond to banana to strawberry to mint. Just thoroughly mix the smallest amount of extract with a big scoop of ice cream. If you want coffee or tiramisu ice cream, here is what you can do. Take a teaspoon of instant coffee ground (which you can buy for just a dollar) and mix it with the tiniest bit of water. This will make it easier to mix with the big scoop of ice cream. For more of a coffee taste, add more coffee instant grounds and add less for a tiramisu taste. Add more water to the mixture to make a milkshake! Be fancy by crumbling some Oreos on top. It’s really easy; just put the cookies in a bag, crush and sprinkle.

I saved the best for last. Ready or not, easy food number four, microwavable bacon is coming your way. I don’t know if you are aware, but it tastes very much like pan-fried bacon and heavenly. No more will you have to wait for Sodexo to finally pull out their precious supply of bacon; now you can have bacon in the comfort of your own wing without having to brave the cold for food. Take two pieces of bread and sandwich four pieces of microwaved bacon between them and you have made your very own bacon sandwich! Adding other foods or sauces only destroys this masterpiece. This sandwich is quite literally the best thing ever, and is very filling. (Plus, it fills your wing with the smell of bacon and makes everyone else super jealous).

Which of these mouthwatering super easy foods will you be trying?


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