Senior Wills – Class of 2015

With the seniors counting down their final days at IMSA, they’ve written their Senior Wills to reflect on three years of adventures, words of wisdom, bucket lists for the future, and, of course, last testaments for their precious underclassmen. Here are the Senior Wills for the Class of 2015! 

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Nicole Aldridge
Waleed Ali
Vikram Anjur
Eric Barrientos
Hannah Beers
Vimal Bellamkonda
Marissa Brock
Kristin Carlson
Diana Chen
Sam Cheung
Daniel Collins
Ana Curtis
Mason Dearborn
Jenny Du
Jo-Jo Feng
Becca Geiger
Tim Gietl
Karin Han
Vivian Jin
Allie Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Vinesh Kannan
Sophia Lam
Braden Lauder
Claire Song Lee
Joanne Lee
Dayna Lei
Patty Li
Vivian Liu
Hsing-Duan Louh
Derek Lubecke
Bob Magyar
Fernando Maldonado
Nikki Mastrud
Michelle Meas
Puja Mittal
Emily Mu
Erik Nam
Julian Pacheco
Haneesha Paruchuri
Rajiv Patel-O’Connor
John Peloquin
Archit Potharazu
Ahsan Qureshi
Aishwarya Raj
Nicole Schubert
Aniruddha Shekara
Chris Shin
Katie Slowikowski
Simona Stancov
Ranjani Sundar
Shelly Teng
Yash Thacker
Katrina Toman
Priya Trivedi
Aaron Victor
Paul Wang
Grant Williams
Irina Wirjan
Ryan Yang
Mayuri Yasuda

Nicole Aldridge – Missouri University of Science and Technology, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Don’t change for anyone except yourself.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Excel 2012
  • Backstage during Drama Club with Julie and the duckie duck ducks
  • 02A’s second dinner date sophomore year
  • 2013 Track State with my Al-pal
  • Falling in love with the people around me
  • Late nights with my amazing quad
  • The way Ashrita slept on my floor every night junior year
  • Being Wing Guide and then CD with my amazing roommate
  • Drama Club “Bored” 2014
  • Breaking Bad with Jacob, Katrina & Milosz
  • Prom 2014 with my best friend
  • Walking to Orchard in the rain with Jin and Taylor
  • Being a Junior Marshall for the Class of 2014
  • Working Kidsplorations in Engineering & then being Orientation Leader
  • Sorting and then playing board games in the 07 game room
  • Stage Managing for Almost, Maine
  • All three of my Clashes with the best girls hall on campus #ohtwo
  • My 2015 track family, especially the seniors
  • Taking the train to Chicago for a day with Kody, John & Tera
  • Prom 2015 with my best friend

Bucket List:

1. Make a better bucket list!
2. Continue to run and vault throughout college
3. Create or work on technology that will change the lives of those around me
4. Secure an internship at a well-known company
5. Travel around the world
6. Fall in love
7. Get married and start a family

Last Testament:

To Jin Komerska, I would will the power to get sleep so that you wake up in the mornings. However, since I know that won’t happen (even if I will it), I will you someone new to drag you out of bed fifteen minutes before your first class starts. I also will you new sophomores that will cuddle with and love you while I’m away. You mean the world to me.

To Ashrita Raghuram, I will a sophomore to sleep on your floor, so that you can understand the pure joy of that friendship. I will you sleepless nights filled with laughter and a solid second semester senior experience. I’ll miss you more than you can understand.

To Daniel Breyne, I will another friend to watch ridiculous Youtube videos and TV shows with. I will you happiness and hugs, because I’ll miss receiving yours every day.

To Corona Tsai, I will happiness through the rest of your high school journey. I will you the ability to keep that contagious smile on your face, even through the stressful times, because it always lit up my life.

To Lisa Lin, I will my Drama Club family, just as my seniors passed it on to me. You’re competent backstage, so I know that you’ll take good care of it. I will you more late nights spent on laughter and math homework and all the Cuties in the world.

To Athena Appavu, Heena Srivastava, Manojna Namudurin, Rosie Ocampo, I will an amazing year with lots of memories. All of you brought me laughter and excitement, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m glad you were all placed into my wing family, and I’m proud to see the beautiful women you are becoming.

To the rest of my lovelies in A-wing, (Nina Denne, Whitney Sloneker, Deborah Agoye, Jamie Candler, Chinyere Kemet, Melanie Hess, Anna Barannikova, Jyotsna Bitra), I promise I didn’t forget you. I will you all the power to find a place where you belong on this campus. A-wing has been my home away from home for the past three years, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. If you’re staying there next year (or if you’re not), I will you another batch of the best sophomores on campus, and my Minnie Mouse blanket. It’s already embroidered :)

To Paxton Greco, I will a twin who can empathize with the curly hair struggle. I will you a senior year filled with Netflix, late nights and waffles at brunch. I’ll miss your enthusiastic hugs.

To Franklin Ye, I will the Senior-at-Large position. Though I was a poor example at times, I will you the ability to stay focused and dedicated, even when times are rough. I’ve seen people doubt you, but more importantly, I’ve seen the passionate way you approach the problems you’re tasked with, and I have no doubts that you’ll embrace this position.

To Madame President (Heidi Dong) and the rest of Student Council Cabinet 2015-2016, I will a successful year with both continued traditions and new initiatives. I will your cabinet the passion to find projects that you enjoy and success in every dimension.

To Jill Nelson and Violet Konopka, I will my hall. I was blessed with three wonderful years here with Katrina, as sophomores, Wing Guides and then Community Developers. I will you the strength and passion to continue the tradition of excellence in 1502. I’m just a quick call away if you ever need anything.

To Liam McParland, I will someone to be your other half backstage. Thank you for being mine this past year, because I couldn’t have done it without you. You deserve way more credit for keeping our “bored” together than you ever received.

To Mike Etzkorn, I will a better movie buddy. I’m sorry we never got around to watching half the ones we talked about, because I enjoyed the ones we did get to.

To Alex Yow, I will strength. Literally. You’re weak. But I also will you mental and emotional strength, as you continue your IMSA journey. I’m glad I got to know you this semester.

To Chris Ni, Christoph Eckrich, Alec Elston, Andrew Adams, Jason Yang, I will senior years filled with an overabundance of laughter and pranks. I was honored to know you during my years here, because every single one of you is an amazing person with so much potential. Alec, I wish I had more time backstage with you, because it was one of the best parts of managing Almost. Andrew, I couldn’t have survived our “bored” without you. Jason, your hugs and smiles made IMSAtube (and life) so much better. Christoph and Chris, I will you another fantastic Clash season, the strength to get through it, and a boothie to run all your cues. I love all of you and can’t wait to see where you go in life.

To John Valin, Christoph Eckrich, Jason Wu, Mitchell Sun, Aspen Wheeler, Jill Nelson, Dominque Anderson, Gina Jiang, Faith Mejias, Phine Mejias, Amy Xie, Polina Bondarenko, David Ying, Kasey Cervantes, Rebecca Lisk, and all the rest of the track babies, I will my team. It’s come a long way since Allie, Tera and I joined our sophomore year, and I hope you’ll continue to grow the team atmosphere. I will you the ability to run through the long track meets. It won’t always be easy, but I hope it’ll be worth.

And finally, to the classes of 2017 and 2016, I will you junior and senior years that are better than you could ever have imagined. Future seniors, I will you the ability to avoid tunnel vision as you approach the end of your high school career, so that you can still take advantage of the opportunities here. Juniors, I will you strength, skills and enough caffeine to keep you coherent. The path of an IMSA student is not an easy journey, but I honestly believe it’s worth it in the end.

Waleed Ali – Columbia University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Know thyself

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The night before Brain Bee with Rajiv and asleep Vimal
  • AP book scavenger hunt
  • Rajiv and his Communist Manifesto story
  • Rajiv at Quizbowl Nationals, and Quizbowl Nationals in general
  • Dan Pechi spitting on a car
  • Being the most prolific member of the Senior Quote Wall
  • Getting solid with Chris Shin and Sam Cheung
  • Making eggs with Cheung, Cshin, and Alex Moreno
  • Cashing in 10 receipts for a free large sarpino’s pizza
  • Plastering the room with pictures
  • 12:30 with Rajiv
  • Gym time with Sam Cheung
  • Adrian adventures
  • Rajiv realizing what Icy-Hot does
  • Being a part of Goon Squad
  • Chinatown with Jo-Jo and Chris
  • Having Chris commit Sudoku
  • Finding my good-friend
  • Helping to plant trees in Victorian Fiction
  • Spending time with Jenny

Bucket List:

  1. Live together with Dennis Rich
  2. Live together with Chris Shin
  3. Go to space with Sam Cheung
  4. Wash clothes on Vimal’s Abs
  5. Get gainz

Last Testament:

To Ethan Fisher: I will you the ability to learn more about Thai culture in order to impress a certain someone.

To Aadit Shah: The ability to stress less and enjoy people more.

To Pranav and Nathanial: I will you the leadership of history bowl team, don’t study too much.

To Aakash: I will you a few extra inches in height.

To Jason Yang: I will you triceps bigger than your face.

To Jason Chen: I will you USABO and a PR every single time you to the the gym

To Nathan Errampalli: A 1st place result in Agribusiness at FBLA

To Alex Yow: A great time with IMSA fitness next year

To Alan Liang: A new shirt that doesn’t have Tennessee, Motorola, or Harvard plastered on it.

To Jacob Horstman: Fun with quizbowl next year

To Sam Qian: I will you Chris’s gains, and a new head of hair

To Rish Kunageswarnan: I will you the ability to finish what you set your mind to.

To Naren Radhakrishnan: the ability to relax and do well on MCB tests

To Vedhik K: A shorter last name and larger gains.

To Noor Michael: A hopefully sane quad

Vikram Anjur – University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Dare to act on your dreams

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Playing sardines in the main building at IMSA
  • All those bro talks in 1507
  • Winter Formal 2015
  • OOP and APCS with Master Pat
  • The birth of “The Big V”
  • ISA Holi 2015
  • Bringing in bananas for a group presentation in Modern World Fiction
  • Being a part of the IMSA Swim Team during senior year
  • Clash of the Halls all three years
  • Getting swole and building gains
  • Learning all about Kendrick Lamar
  • Staying up watching Archer during senior week 2014
  • Playing Mafia in 1507 and on the math team bus
  • Spain Intersession Trip 2013
  • The awesome times from Dr. Condie’s 2013 BC Fast classes
  • Walking to Chipotle on Orchard
  • Tuesday night dodgeball
  • EBE bird and plant identification field trips
  • First League game and First Pokémon Showdown game
  • Performing “Adios, Robinson” in Spanish IV
  • HiMCM 2014
  • Math team ICTM State Competition all three years
  • 1507 Triple fire alarm in a single night during sophomore year
  • ISA Diwali 2012
  • Winning a soda from IMSA Carnival 2012 and ordering Domino’s to eat with it

Bucket List:

1. Visit and traverse the Amazon Rain Forest
2. Compete in a triathlon
3. Go camping in Yellowstone National Park
4. Own a Tesla Model S
5. Get some of my work published

Last Testament:

To Alan Liang, I will you the best of luck as you continue to impersonate Kendrick Lamar and attempt to teach me about Indian history and culture. Keep on learning, and don’t tank too hard from senioritis. May your extensive knowledge from Dr. Fogel’s APS and LinAlg guide you through the rest of your life and mathematical career.

To Brice Wang, I leave you with both SCS and the math team. The way you continue to beautifully blend an intense dedication to both clubs with an inherent social outgoingness continues to amaze me. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your journey into senior year. Also, try to get more sleep next year, and the next time you need people to dance for your French video, hit me up.

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you the title of one of the nicest people that I know. Keep on smiling, and don’t let anything bring you down. Make sure that you take a break every once in a while and hang out with your friends. Also, I expect you to go pro with your sound and light instrument.

To Naren Radhakrishnan, I leave you with some exemplary discipline with which I know you will achieve great things. Whether it’s earning your Eagle rank or serving on the board of numerous clubs next year, I have utmost confidence that you will not falter from your responsibilities. Your serving as wing guide this past year has shown me that you have what it takes to get the job done, so keep up the great work.

To Emily Jia, I leave you with many successes in your future mathematical endeavors at IMSA, RSI, and beyond. Keep on swimming ahead (that’s a pun- see what I did there?), and make sure to work hard. Also, don’t forget to study up on the pyloric and gastric sphincters- if I come back I’ll ask you about it.

To David Xu, I will you the title of most composed individual that I know. Despite any issues that you may be faced with, you always promote a pleasant and even lighthearted approach to life that is both admirable and proactive. Don’t be afraid to try and reach for the stars, and continue to make great friends along the way.

To Jason Chen, I will you the patience to actually work ahead and take notes in your classes. Maybe one day next year as a second semester senior, you will carry others just as you were carried. But in all seriousness, the dedication that you portray for things that you are passionate about (math, biology, joy, etc.) is unparalleled. Make sure to not turn up when you go to college (wink wink nudge nudge).

To Jason Yang, I leave you with the perennial essence of friendship. You always were, without question, willing to listen to and talk with others. From the time when I met your sophomore self, you have really opened up to others. You’re fantastic company to have around, and make sure to keep in touch next year.

To Chris Ni, I will you the success to be a fantastic CD of 1507 next year. I have no doubt that you will do your absolute best to make 07 a fantastic experience for everyone as you have for our wing this past year, and I hope that you continue to liven up the mood with your convivial spirit and jubilant nature.

To Aadit Shah, I will you someone to talk to whenever you need it. I first learned about you through your antics in AmStud, and at that point, I wasn’t sure what you were actually like. But after interacting with you over the last two years, I see that you can be focused and confident in your work whenever you choose to be.

To Joy Qiu, I will you great enjoyment in Mu Alpha Theta, Wind Ensemble, and Math Team. JHMC isn’t an easy task to handle by any means, and you will be the one who others look up to next year. In Wind Ensemble, keep on leading the flute section and arriving “just on time” for class. Make sure that the math team next year doesn’t get into too much trouble (i.e. don’t let the team walk through drive-throughs or keep on “yo”ing), and as always, continue to excel in all the math contests. Overall, it’s ok (and recommended) to enjoy #sss.

To Shane Guan, I leave you with your characteristic “derpiness” that you so elegantly embody. Despite your jank ideas (like plants that grow chicken legs), you are a very creative individual who has a dedication to his learning. I have no doubt that you will cultivate your more realistic ideas through research and study, but make sure to stop calling seniors sophomores.

To Tina Zhang, I will you successful participation in both Mu Alpha Theta and math team. You have proven that you are a very organized individual and competent mathlete, but more importantly, you have demonstrated genuine interests in your activities. I wish you luck next year as you help both clubs grow next year.

To Jacqueline Vega, I leave you with SCS next year. Keep up your undying joviality with your friends and the team, and make sure to keep on asking questions (as you already have been). I wish you the best of luck in the years to come.

To George Moe, I will you amazing innovation. Already as a sophomore, you have been involved with so many initiatives here at IMSA, and I’m sure that you will engage with countless more in the years to come. Don’t lose that intellectual curiosity, and let me know how well the supercomputer functions next year.

To Andrew Ye, I leave you with a junior year that is both very fruitful and very fun. I know that you work hard, but make sure to continue being yourself. Everyone appreciates your politeness, and I still can’t dance like you (very few IMSA students can). Keep on doing what you love, and let me know if you have any questions next year.

To Kyle Leano, I leave you with the saxophone section of Wind Ensemble. Keep up the hard work, but more importantly, make sure that Tom and Rakesh do the same. Also don’t ever forget the golden rule of sectionals, and make sure to continue including snakes in next year’s composition project.

Eric Barrientos – Arizona State University, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The Pseudoquad
  • The Landing Pad
  • The 01 Batman Uprising
  • Quad Marble Hornets
  • Homecoming 2013 Asking
  • Excel 2014 (The Jeep)

Bucket List:

  1. Visit IMSA as Alumni
  2. Get Don’s Job
  3. Cure Something

Last Testament:

To Micha Alexandrovich I will another knowledgeable upperclassmen to vent to, and the spirit to keep on chuggin’.

To Justin Orr I will the endurance to keep being the most hardworking tutor (person) I’ve ever seen.

To Daniel Breyne I will a happy IMSA lifetime of 07 bros.

To Kaleb Buklow, I will the most dope senior down quad that 01A wing has ever seen.

To the future members of 01A, I will the best wing I could have asked for for three years. Keep it safe for me. And do your dishes for once!

To Max Shramuk I will a handshake.

To all my Excel babies I will the strength to mentor the future generations of Excel, and a sense of community.

To The Class of 2018 I will the patience and grace to deal with budget cuts.

Hannah Beers – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Get to know Sir Don Dosch.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Staying up all night with Jennifer Hoelzer
  • CLASH 2013
  • Hall-hopping
  • Friday Fest
  • 02 CLASH Drill Team 2015
  • Mod 21 practices
  • Mod21 Acapella Competition ;)
  • January 6, 2014
  • Coloring hair with Emma
  • Jennifer falling asleep on my bed
  • Falling asleep on Emma’s bed
  • Alyssa Wilke singing Disney songs
  • Sleeping and homeworking in the Biology department, and long talks with Don
  • Kiely
  • Friendly Sodexo buddies
  • Japanese 3 dramas and origami
  • Traina’s bird calls both in AdChem and EBE
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2014
  • Halloween at IMSA
  • Walking to Walgreens in knee-deep snow with the bbys
  • Petting Jennifer’s cows on her farm
  • Hot tub and tacos with Emma at midnight
  • Prom 2015
  • Japanese 1-3 with Alyssa Evans

Bucket List:

  1. Visit Japan!
  2. Have a big house and a Savannah Cat
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Get a job making lots of money and doing what I love
  5. Get a car and visit all of my friends
  6. Find a stray kitten and save it from the streets
  7. Travel anywhere near the ocean
  8. Get a Beauty & the Beast library with my big sister to put my dad in during old age.
  9. Be happy and help others be happy too
  10. Become fluent in Japanese
  11. Get married and have a kid named Brielle

Last Testament:

To Alex Hughes, I will a voice that can always hit those low notes… It’s impressive.

To Alyssa Wilke, I will you 1 AM internet shutoff. Just kidding (Not really). I will you less stress and lots of amazing friends over the next two years. Find something you love to do to relieve stress junior year (you’ll need it). I couldn’t imagine my senior year without you; and know that I’ll be there if you call. Good luck with junior year, and be sure to show my little sister how to sophomore. :)

To Casey Cervantes, I will you work out buddies and Magic buddies who can actually meet your match. You’ve always cared about my problems, and for that I am very thankful. I’ve had an awesome time getting to know you.

To Daniel Breyne, I will many more hug buddies and crazy times in Mod. You made Mod a lot of fun. Good luck junior year; it is what you make it.

To Daniel Costa, I will you perseverance for your compositions and singing. You have talent. Keep pursuing it.

To Emma Valentino, I will confidence. I will you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be, and to never let the world around you change who you are. You are a wonderfully beautiful and quirky girl, and I know that you have potential to be whatever you want. I also will you midnight hair dying buddies, and to know that I am only a phone call away.

To Fiona Kurylowicz, I will a less-stressful senior year, and unending laughs in Mod21. Keep up the singing, you’re amazing.

To Robert Lou, I will unending fun. Do well in school, but don’t forget to have a good time with friends. Stay in Mod, you have talent. :)

To Tyler Manly, I will many more times spent at the Sophomore U-bench (or other U-benches for that matter). You’ve always listened when I needed someone to talk to, and you are truly a kind person. Keep having fun at your conventions; I hope I can go with you sometime. Don’t ever let the world get you down, you deserve happiness.

To the future 02B, I will lots of bonding time with Cards Against Humanity. Seriously, it was wonderful my sophomore year. Just do it.

To Mod21, I will the determination to do well. We’ve come a long way over the past year, and after going to the A Capella competition, I hope there will be more practice and perfection and lots of group bonding time. It was wonderful getting to know all of you.

Vimal Bellamkonda – University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA, Class of 2018/2022

Words of Wisdom: Life’s too short to waste frowning

Most Memorable Moments:

  • (From Sophomore to Senior year)
  • Getting a sophomore quad
  • Waleed’s AP scavenger hunt
  • First in-room
  • The Bus rides home
  • Diwali Boys Dance
  • 07 Drill
  • 07 RCs
  • Hard Candy with Dallas and the quad
  • Awkward Prelationship
  • Finally getting the quad junior year
  • Hiding girlfriend from friends for two months
  • Not having a commons for first quarter senior year
  • Losing Homecoming again
  • Homecoming King
  • Cooking on the Griddle
  • Wing-sizing for College decisions
  • Choreographing the dances as a senior that had been so much fun for me as a sophomore

Bucket List:

  1. Literally wash clothes on my abs
  2. Take a Road trip to nowhere
  3. Gain twenty pounds
  4. Party with Punjabis

Last Testament:

To Ethan Fisher, I will you the keen understanding of the Asian female intuition that you will need to fulfill your dreams. Keep being the goofy white boy that the seniors have all come to love.

To Alec Elston, I will you even more random skills to add to your arsenal, so that you may even better fit the role of “Human Swiss Army Knife”

To Vedhik, I will you a home, whether that be 05, 07, or anywhere else, where you can spread your kindness and your gains.

To Christoph, I will you the poise and confidence to be a successful leader in the next year and beyond. You have many opportunities to impact people during your senior year, but don’t forget to take time to just enjoy yourself – those are the moments that will ultimately stick with you. I also will you the yellow YELL07 poster. I hope that it will continue to be passed down until the point where its lineage becomes shrouded in obscurity, so that I can come back to 07 years down the road and still see it here.

To Alan Ren, I will you the same challenge that my upperclassmen gave me in their wills. Keep smiling and spreading your charm and joy. It’s far more important for this campus than you think. Also, be careful with your butt. With great power comes great responsibility.

To Chris Ni, I will you all the money that will be saved once they replace the Intercom with your loud voice… but seriously, I wish you the best of luck with all of your endeavors in the coming year. Just make sure to stay on top of your responsibilities. Organization is key.

To Naren, I will you a sophomore to raise as well as I raised you.

To Alan Liang, I will you a sophomore that returns to you the frustration that you caused me last year, and the patience to deal with them.

To Harith, I will you birth control, so that you don’t multiply and produce even more sophomore clones in the future.

To Nikhil, I will you the honor of being the swaggiest Peoria kid at IMSA. Wear the title well.

To Heidi Dong, I will you all of the laughs we’ve had this past year, and many more that you will have as you inevitably meet more charming, ridiculous people.

To Jason Yang, I will you the Introspection that has guided you this far and will take you even further. I’m proud of how you’ve grown.

To Aakash L. I will you more sophomores to infect with your charming positivity. Once we graduate, you will have the opportunity to step up and take a greater role in your community. I have no doubt that you, along with the other sophomores, will do perfectly well with it.

To Andrew Adams, I will you the disappointment I felt when I learned firsthand that your people are not universally adept at hair styling.

To Herschel, I will you the motivation to keep dancing and have fun. You’re a funny talented kid, and I see a lot of myself in you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to me in the future; I’d love to see how you do in the future.

To Jack Badalamenti, I will you the courage to admit your true inner feelings, first to yourself, then to the public. IMSA is a very accepting community, and I’m sure that you will have no difficulty coming to terms with your sexuality, whatever it may be.

To Robert Lou, I will you a shirtless picture of myself… for science.

To Joseph Palakeel, I will you the satisfaction that I feel knowing that the Peoria Indians will continue to be well represented for the next two years.

Marissa Brock – Clemson University, Class of 2019

Wise Words of Wisdom: Think of giving up as an option and it becomes one.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Staying up until 3am almost every night sophomore year with Class of 2013 06A wingers
  • Morning swim practice ;)
  • Sneaking off campus to walk to club swim practice
  • Manipulating Sodexo food into interesting meals

Bucket List:

  1. Complete a full Ironman
  2. Find great success in life and remember to share it by giving back to as many others as possible

Last Testament:

To Gupta^2 (Ashu and Binita Gupta),

I will you the patience to handle another semester of horrible jokes and unclear expectations for tests, especially since I won’t be there to entertain you while you study with my many impersonations. Binita, I will you continued excellent taste in music (ahem, Phil Phillips, my boy Vance Joy, etc). Ashu, I will you peace of mind to know that you’re going to be fine no matter what, because you’re amazing at so many things.

To Emily Jia (forever Young Jia in our hearts <3),

I will you a great swim season, and all the best in your future endeavors. I’ll miss telling you all about the clear South Dakota sky every time we run into each other walking back from the main building. It really was just so amazing like for real just let me tell you all about it again like right now ;)

To Polina Bondarenko,

Oh lord child, I wholeheartedly will you the opposite of my Junior year, and the general antidote for turning into me. I will you the ability to write with ease, as well as optimal swim and track seasons. Keep killin’ it, my little Ruski, I believe in you!

To Linnea Lee-Brown,

I will you the role of looking out for the speedy little Ruski I mentioned above. I also will you the continued ability to balance two sports (swim & dive) at once, because you’re so good at both! I also will you awesome track and swim seasons!

To Caitlin O’Callaghan,

I will you all the sunscreen and the ability to one day tan instead of burn. I also will you a successful soccer team in the coming seasons, as well as the ability to effectively lead them there, because you are definitely capable of it.

To Julian Litvak,

I will you a great career as a professional lifeguard, as I have experienced some of your water-rescue skills first hand and am very confident in your ability to save lives. I also will you continued freedom to be the cool dude you are, as your lighthearted humor and genuine kindness are very refreshing qualities to see here at the Muscle and Sports Academy.

To Sarah Eaton and Lauren Bystrom,

I will you many more fabulous dinner adventures with Nadia, even though Rhea and I won’t be there to make them extra special. Lauren, I will you the title of “ahglee slhoot” forever and always. Sarah, I will you the leadership opportunities you deserve, and I know that no matter what, you both will be great examples and positive influences on your underclassmen.

To the rest of my SWIMSA family,

I will you the ability to wake up for 5:30 am practices and the strength and agility to carry many, many plates of food to your table before Sodexo locks you out. I also will you the patience to drudge through even the most monotonous of sets, as well as the motivation to push yourselves and, to quote a famous leader, “be your own coach”.

Kristin Carlson – University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Nothing is perfect, do your best.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • 1501 drill team practices
  • 2015 clash talent show
  • Late night roommate talks
  • That one time that I shook the vending machine and got free M & Ms
  • Anti-homecoming 2015

Bucket List:

1. Travel outside of the U.S.
2. Learn how to scuba dive
3. Graduate medical school
4. Go spelunking

Last Testament:

To Eleanor Naudzius: I will you the self-control to not cover your room in body outlines next year, and the confidence to talk to Dr. Prince. Also, I will you the role of keeping track of our silly boys.

To Arun Arjunakani: I will you every moment of happiness that you have given me and hope that you will be happy when I’m gone. I will you pancakes for dinner, piano skills, late night conversations, and just enough bravery to break a few rules every now and then. I will you the ability to stay away from bad Internet games and to keep Ray from bad Internet games too. I will you the confidence that you need to succeed because I always have and always will believe in you.

To Eleanor Naudzius, Malavika Ramnath, Khusbu Patel, Keelyn O’Brien, Anabel Rivera, and

Ari Osar: I will you the ability to take care of your underclassmen. You’ve been my sophomores and juniors, and it’s your turn to step up to the plate and take care of the next generation. You’re ready for this.

To Grace Carlberg: I will you all the carrots in the general vicinity to share with the wing because in the wing, we share. You’ve been the best co-wing guide anyone could ask for.

To all of 01B: I will you all success at IMSA, college, and beyond. No matter what happens, you will all be strong and work hard to achieve your goals. You’re going to have to face challenges, but you’re ready for it. I believe in you.

To Anabel Rivera: I will you AAS. You are an excellent leader, and no matter what changes the club undergoes, I know that you will continue to help IMSA students pursue their passion for music.

Ray Sun: I will you the ability to take over the world with anarchical communism.

Max Shramuk: I will you all the food in the world so you can keep being our secret weapon.

Vinay Sama: I will you the ability to talk to chicks. I also will you permission to take me to homecoming ;)

Erich Remiker and Ben Cooper: I will you the ability to take a break every once in a while. You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are, so you’ve both earned a few hours of distress every now and then.

Adam Grobman: I will you the ability to pass Spanish IV.

Diana Chen – Arizona State University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Don’t worry. It will be okay.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late nights talking in the dark with Sneha
  • Guilty pleasure movie-watching with Sarai
  • Ratchet Baking with Nisha (que cutres!)
  • Funny talks with 01C
  • Deep talks with 03D
  • Feeling at home whether I was in W0nd3rland, a Woman in Black, 0r in the jung1e during CLASH
  • Meeting some of the strangest, brightest, and nicest people
  • Playing Karen Andre and bonding with the cast of Night of January 16th
  • All the laughs from Almost, Maine (Jeezum Crow!)

Bucket List:

  1. Bake THE perfect dessert
  2. Still speak to IMSA people 20 years from now
  3. Learn how to longboard
  4. Actually become fluent in Chinese
  5. Eat good food
  6. Write a novel
  7. Work with EA on the Sims

Last Testament:

To my fabulous wing of 01C I will all the craft supplies and fitness videos. This was my first year as a Wing Guide and as an 01er, and you guys have truly made the move worth it. May the dancing and pilates videos make you the fittest babes on campus because you’re all already so beautiful. J

To my juniors of 01C (Anabel, Keelyn, Malavika, Khusbu, & Ari), I will all of my college books and test prep stuff. I know over the next year you guys are going to stress out a ton about where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do, and you’ll be asked more times than you can count about where you’ll be going. But I also know that no matter how many books I give y’all, you’re all going to go on to do fantastic things.

To the cast and crew of Almost, I will you my love for the IMSA Drama Club. I hope that all of you continue to be involved because you’re all such amazing actors and actresses. Thank you all for giving me my favorite show ever.

To Alec Elston, I will all of the sharpies and parchment paper you’ll ever need to make more fabulous temporary tattoos.

To Chris Ni, I will you sunglasses so that you can stop spying on people’s computers…. Just kidding, but I also will you even more laughter down the road. When times get tough next year, don’t ever lose that sense of humor. Also, cups for more water pong.

To Liam McParland, I will you more musicals to see, more Wicked songs to sing, and more shows to tech. You’re one of the sweetest people I know, and I hope that you’ll have an amazing time taking charge of the club I hold dear to my heart.

To my track buddies (Aspen Wheeler, Dominique Anderson, Kasey Cervantes), I will you all my spikes and all the good memories we’ve had at track. I know I tended to slow the team down, but you guys always managed to make the long meets fun and the seemingly impossible practices bearable.

To Gabe Jankowski and Crystal Gong, I will you my baby, WRITE. I know the club will be in good hands with you guys. J

To Chinyere Kemet, I will you all the baes that you can find from Insurgent and on Instagram. Make sure to take ALLL the selfies with your fixed selfie stick next year.

To the future juniors and seniors of IMSA, I will you this piece of advice: yes, you’re here to learn. Yes, you’ll need to work hard and face a lot of stress over the next year or two. But don’t take yourselves too seriously. Make friends, make memories, make mistakes because you will go to college and be successful no matter what, so make the most of what IMSA has to offer.

Sam Cheung – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Egg nights with 07
  • RPOC Communist Manifesto
  • State tennis with the one and only, RPOC
  • College visit day adventures
  • Tennis adventures
  • Never forget the icy hot
  • Solid
  • Playing ADC
  • Baking
  • Helping plant trees in Vic FiC
  • Science Bowl
  • AP book scavenger
  • Going to the gym with Waleed Ali
  • Late night b wingventures
  • Week of college apps
  • Plastering Irina photos
  • wing size
  • losing homecoming… again
  • Gradient
  • The scoop

Bucket List:

1. Teach an intersession
2. Live with Chris and Waleed
3. Watching Chris watch Vimal washing his clothes on his abs
4. Wash clothes on my abs

Last Testament:

To Alan Liang, I will you a cantonese sophomore that can fill the hole that I will leave.

To Jason Chen, I will you USABO finalist.

To Rish K, I will you the ability to finally finish off strong.

Daniel Collins – Boston University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Play it how it is written.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Aspiring Artists’ Sinfonia (AAS) concerts, rehearsals, and other “incidents”
  • Conducting and rehearsing with the IMSA Symphony Orchestra
  • Music Intersessions
    • Dong: Composition, Songwriting, and Arrangement
    • Keyton: The Orchestral Symphony
    • Smith: A Highly Selective History of Modern Music Composition
  • Digging through the IMSA music library
  • Long talks in Dr. Hancock’s office
  • Hilarious dinner conversations
  • ModPhys
  • MCB late-nighters
  • Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge trip to Florida
  • Senior Auction
    • Skinner at Starved Rock
    • Dinner at Dr. Dong’s
    • Townsend Game Night
  • 3D-printing a medieval clock
  • Car rides to and from IMSA
  • MSI antics and subsequent inside jokes

Bucket List:

  1. Compose a symphony
  2. Conduct a major symphony orchestra
  3. Learn as much as possible about Bernard Herrmann
  4. Meet John Williams
  5. Visit Europe, especially the British Isles, Germany, and Italy
  6. Sail on the U.S.S. Constitution
  7. Visit CERN
  8. Win a Nobel Prize

Last Testament:

To Max Shramuk, I will my clarinet skills and MCB knowledge. Though both of these may be a little late in coming, and indeed, have already in large part been given to you, it is nonetheless pertinent to officially remand them to your charge. Over the past two years, despite the many times I may have disowned you, you have proven yourself to be the best little sibling for which I could have asked. I have particularly enjoyed getting to know you and helping you with MCB in return for your participation in AAS. I wish you the best of luck and the least of stress in your senior year and hope that you will find someone else to quiz about geography during pep band.

To Isabella Spinelli, thank you for helping out with AAS this year; you have been a real asset. In recognition of your undeniable talent, it seems only fitting that I will to you my relationship with Dr. Dong, in the hopes that it will help you conduct an SIR with him in music that is fitting of your skills. I cannot think of anyone else more qualified to embark on such a task, and I cannot wait to see and hear what you produce. Do let me know if I can ever be of assistance.

To Hope and Faith Leslie, I will you the peace, concentration, and confidence necessary to blossom into the wonderful musicians you are already well on your way to becoming. You two have done a remarkable job in AAS this year and have shown incredible talent. I sincerely hope that you will continue to pursue music and accomplish great things both together and on your own. Each of you is talented in your own unique way and it is my wish that you find it within yourselves to highlight that spark.

To Will Drennan, I will the stamina and focus necessary to become a truly amazing musician. As part of AAS, you have shown exceptional musical acuity and I hope that you will find the ability to channel it in a way which suits both your personality and your interests.

To Catherine Drake, I will you the passion and leadership skills to help guide AAS next year, no matter what direction it takes. I am impressed by your genuine interest in music and it is my hope that with a little bit of study and introspection you will grow into a wonderful musician. While I am not sure the form in which AAS will exist next year, I hope that you will continue to take part in it and, when the time comes, to leave your own mark upon it. I also will you my German skills, as I suspect they may come in useful sometime.

To Anabel Rivera, I will you the patience and strength to continue to thrive musically at IMSA. You are a truly extraordinary musician, and I thank you for all of the help that you have given me and AAS over the last two years. While I have no doubt that you will flourish no matter what, I encourage you to look inwards for validation and do what you think is right, musically and otherwise. I also hope that you will continue to be a guiding force in AAS in whatever form it ultimately takes.

To everyone willing to accept it, I will my love of classical music with the hope that someone will grow to appreciate it as much as I do.

Ana Curtis – Swarthmore College, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Fake it till you make it

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Dinner from Noodles & Company with the Speech team
  • Watching Notting Hill with Kathryn after a bad day
  • Having an impromptu dance party outside with Kayla
  • Writing all over my face with eyeliner thanks to MAD stress
  • Killing the baby during Victorian Fiction
  • Speculating wildly about teachers’ pasts during drives home
  • The 06B senior room
  • Having Speech team practices with Glenn and Dr. Kind and Kyle
  • Sherlock and Pride and Prejudice (the good one! With Colin Firth!)
  • Hanging out in teachers’ offices
  • Going to Speech team state… without really qualifying
  • The Joe Biden poster
  • Tuesday nights
  • NaNoWriMo 2013 & 2014
  • London 2015!

Bucket List:

1. Get a novel published
2. Speak at IMSA as an alum
3. Become fluent in Chinese
4. Judge a Speech tournament
5. Travel to a foreign country by myself

Last Testament:

To Kyle Parker, I will leadership of the IMSA speech team and all the joys and trials that come with it. You make me laugh even when I shouldn’t, and your hard work makes me think that our tiny team may have a future.

To Hope and Faith Leslie, I will copious amounts of caffeine and all the luck on late nights and papers that I’ve ever had. You have opened my eyes to so much and kept me up with coffee and conversation when I needed it most. Both of you have made my life so much better in the last two years, and I wish you every happiness and success.

To Daniel Curtis, I will the common sense, courage, and stubbornness to continue through this crazy, messed up place even when home is far away and the dorms are empty on the weekends. I know it’s hard, but you have the intelligence and willpower to do it.

To Maya Costales, I will a continuation of your incredible courage. You are so strong that I don’t think IMSA could ever beat you, but in case it sometimes does, take this.

To Devdhi Kasana, I will the future of 1506 B wing. Your leadership skills and enthusiasm will ensure that our wing continues to be a safe haven for those who need it.

To Malavika Ramnath, I will even more success in Chinese and tennis. Your intelligence and determination are an inspiration to me.

To the 2015-16 Ethics Facilitators, I will the Consideration in Ethics program. Please, please treat it well.

To the writers of IMSA, I will the stubbornness to fight for what you love even when it’s not a STEM school’s priority. Work for those extra humanities classes, off-the-beaten-path SIRs, and, above all, keep writing. Write when you have no time; that’s when you need it most.

Mason Dearborn – University of Southern Mississippi, Class of 2019

Wise Words of Wisdom: Most important work is on yourself

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The bet that I lost and now owe Ani snow angels
  • Sleeping on Zach and Danny’s floor even when I had a room to myself
  • The irreplaceable ’12 seniors in my 05D wing (including Tahir, Ashwin, Adekore, and Richie) – the people who made me who I am today
  • The courtroom scene in 05D Downquad with Guna as judge. (S/O Kevin Chong and Zach Yager)
  • The nickname I earned there
  • Chris Norris, Grant Williams, and Kabir after 05 dodgeball
  • “05 Dance Crew”
  • Grant’s birthday first birthday at IMSA
  • Sean Yamakawa setting her on me and then helping me fend off the Karu-monster and Chris
  • Saltine, even though Satya almost made $10,000.
  • Those fun nights post-Hypnotist show
  • Devyn Gay
  • Ordering with Josh Paul, losing him to The Fields
  • Being awful at basketball
  • Prodigy rapping pregame, Coach Snead making fun of everyone, J’son being my favorite adult forever
  • IMSApocalypse 2014
  • Braden getting me through it and becoming Roomie
  • Junior homecoming drill
  • The Frères
  • Beating 07 in Clash
  • Trolls and Elves
  • Ms. Cain
  • Ahsan’s first time ordering off a menu on his own, ordering “a plain chicken” at BDubs
  • Jack Johnson x2, Homecoming (“Sure”), the beach, Navy Pier, parades, LE 3, learning guitar, the
  • Dirty O, the zoo, Hoodie Allen, ugly sweaters and Christmas, having a second family, and never wanting to leave in the morning. I may have been the one to exhaust all the second and third chances, but over those eighteen months I learned lessons more valuable than anything else. Thank you for my first love and first regrets. What I said at Culver’s will probably always be true. I wish you nothing but the best and hope to see you again somewhere down the road.
  • Housing 2014
  • Coaching Powderpuff
  • Breakfast crew
  • The Spec-Fic all-nighter in our empty, carpetless room
  • Getting locked in an airless cabinet for an entire class period and Townsend not noticing
  • The Fitness Center
  • “Everything is better when it smells like Ham,” “I’m a peapod,”
  • Butt Pepper (and Butt Squad)
  • Ani’s health issues with nausea and cough
  • Ahsan standing over us with scissors while we sleep (!)
  • My 18th birthday party
  • Michelle Hoehn’s visit to the quad
  • Wofford, Worter, Wather. What’s wrong with us
  • College trip with the Ogres to Mississippi
  • Being called a “Fried Omelet,” jamming Doobie Brothers on the Waffle House jukebox, using a sewing kit
  • Sharing with Matt
  • When Ya Boi FSU sent the school up in flames
  • Jonah sleeping on my floor every night for a quarter, Matt sleeping on it for the next three
  • Deciding to go to the same college as my two best friends

Bucket List

  • Skydive (nude)
  • Just kidding that might hurt
  • Vacation with my wife
  • Be able to get the cars, shoes, vacations, and sports tickets I want
  • Some might say graduate as a joke but seriously… GRADUATE

Last Testament

To Arun/ Marun/ Boots, I will you better luck in the Clash talent show next year. Keep chilling, doing your own thing, and being the mellowest sidekick Dora has ever had.

(Pende)Jonah, I will you a less-oppressive, employee-owned, local grocery store. Also, I will you to find another idiot friend that will do anything or put anything in anywhere to cheer you up when you need it. Don’t ever lose that iciness and your fierce quest to find out what really happened on 9/11.

To Wowboy15, I was going to google the diet of an ostrich and will you that, but really you don’t need anything besides you’re a good-looking, athletic guy. I also will you to find someone new to talk to nonstop while they try and lift.

To Katy Vetter, Sofia Rhode, and Jan, I will the 2/3 of you that are staying a way to enjoy yourselves at this school, but still keep up the energy and sense of humor that make you the funniest, most normal people left

To Harith, I will you the ability to close your eyes while you sleep, the power to stay up all night, and someone new to have a deep talk with. I am going to miss you like crazy man. Call me anytime and we need to hang out this summer.

To Arthur, I will you to never lose that signature enthusiasm.

To Michael Oh…

To Sneh, LOVER! Don’t end up like all my other favorite sophomores and leave IMSA. Actually, now you can, let’s both be free! Good luck with J’son and basketball without us.

To Reid, I will you the ability to open up and have a little fun, but in exchange you have to give me some of your math ability if I am really going to major in engineering.

To Varun Iyer, I will you some of the good karma/luck I must have built up by serving so much time at the hands of IMSA’s tier-II policies.

To Faithe, I will you a new partner for whatever science you’re taking next year that will do all the lab work, and Logger Pro.

To Sophie Skardadi, I will you the chance to start anew and never again be called a Squirrel

To Hannah, I will you my spare CPBP. I will also carry on your legacy: USM will have a SCCS. I also will you the wisdom from experience to know that no matter how badly you want Starbucks, you can’t just walk there without signing out.

To Nick Rodriguez, I will you the IMSA fantasy football crown, continued luck in your brackets, and my extra basketball talent that you will need to lead IMSA next year. Good luck my young twin!


Jennifer Du – Caltech, Class of 2019

Most memorable moments:

  • Dancing in the rain with Somie
  • Eating Saturday morning turkey from Sodexo
  • Sodexo’s chocolate chip bagels
  • Building a pyramid with 06A up quad
  • Doing HiMCM in 05C up quad
  • Doing a photoshoot for Pepe
  • Going to Walgreens with Waleed
  • Going to Chicago with Justin and Cam
  • Paying for Sam Cheung’s lunch
  • Playing sardines in the main building
  • Getting pissed at Danielle for being a good friend
  • Going to Boston with Joanne twice
  • Being leaf detectives with Jackie Wu
  • Potawotamie park with Kevin Lim and Chris Ni!
  • Lol number theory
  • Eating ice cream with Dr. Condie
  • Scavenger hunt with the math team plaque
  • Being El Cid
  • Meeting Moises Goldman
  • FBLA 2015
  • Making pancakes with Waleed

Bucket List:

  1. Get buff
  2. Buy a pickup truck
  3. Invent something
  4. Become an internationally ranked Minesweeper player
  5. Live on a houseboat
  6. Be as awesome as Dr. Condie

Last Testament:

To Alex Gong and Crystal Gong: I will you the fluffiest unicorn in the world. I wish you guys had taken that damned purple pillow you put your feet all over, I don’t have any more fluffy things to give.

To Chris Ni: I will you the best partners in crime to do dumb and fun things with, and to mess up your hair and lotion your face in Modphys.

To Andrew Adams: I will you the coolest, longest, most powerful particle accelerators to excite your particles.

To Michelle Park, Kit Kodama, Juan Valin, and Alan Liang: I wish you guys the best of past, present, and future GRUPOs to make videos with and perform plays with. Carry on the spirit of grupo, and make sure no one forgets what it means to be GRUPO.

To Franklin Ye: I will you more hair and a lot of fun in Espanol V.

To Jason Yang: I will you the warmest squishiest hugs ever.

To Jason Chen: I’m not sure what I will you, but I don’t feel right not including you here.

To Tina Zhang and Lydia Stone: I will you guys the ability to calmate about college and all the things you think you might need to do to get there. You’re both smart and talented, and you’ll be fine

To Debora Agoye: I will you the future of Law Club. I know that sometimes it feels like an uphill battle but one day we’ll be able to go to state and kick ass on the witness/lawyer stand, and maybe even have time cards and extra samples of evidence printed out.

To Rish Kunageswarnan: I will you the ability to give girls’ clothes back to them after you wear them

To Dr. Condie: I will you someone to steal the math team things and hide them in a puzzling way. I also will you great success in showing future mathemagic tricks and your eternal youth-filled teaching style! But most importantly—thanks for all the dad jokes, Dr. Condie.

Jo-Jo Feng – Yale University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Work hard, play hard, ball hard.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • “Ascending”
  • The Night of the WinDow
  • Clash 2013
  • Jeff vs. Aquila 2012
  • Big Kev’s launch
  • First all-nighter
  • King sizing
  • Wing sizing
  • The week of college app o.O
  • 4 AM Ghost in the Graveyard
  • Window pizza
  • Trolls and Elves and that boat game in 05
  • FPS State 2013 and 2015
  • RIC SkyRises
  • Late nights in B-wing
  • 3-manning
  • Walking on No Pond
  • The Hunt with Kevin Lim
  • Magical Athletes
  • XBox during finals week
  • The Gauntlet
  • Pezzing
  • League of Legends > dodgeball with 03
  • Intersession 2015
  • Spit takes
  • Duo queuing with Vish
  • 120 roses
  • 6 AM speedball
  • The mini pool
  • Friday

Bucket List:

1. Go to space
2. Cook
3. Publish something

Last Testament:

To Camden Ko, I will you someone to nap with, someone better than me to edit your papers, and a pair of jeans that may or may not actually belong to you.

To Vedhik Kodavatiganti, I will you a graceful return to 1507 and a hard hat.

To Akshay Verma, I will you someone to have not seen in a while and dry hands.

To Cathy Chen and Binita Gupta, I will you successful SIRs in the Chang Lab (if you’re actually continuing).

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you a new laptop fan and the ability to climb out of Bronze.

To Milutin Perovic, Dan Sohn, and Franklin Ye (Ahsan, Grant, and Erik, too, I guess), I will you a rematch against Team Grace Park.

To Kush Gupta, I will you a competent hack-a-thon team.

To Alan Liang, I will you a good SAT score, a new T-shirt, and someone to steal your food and water. Also, you’re small.

To Varun Iyer, I will you the main baes.

To Ethan Fischer, I will you a deck of Prestige Bicycle cards, because we really messed up your old deck, and we apologize.

To Nick Damen, Nikhil Thota, Sam Qian, and Rish Kuganeswaran, I will you Madame Crosby’s undying adoration.

To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you my Sarpino’s account and an iPhone charger.

To Sam Okoli, I will you the determination to achieve the excellence we both know you’re capable of. Let me know if you ever need anything.

To Jonah Goughnor, I will you a drawing of a dragon.

To Jason Chen, I will you Raven’s. Use it well.

To Naren Radhakrishnan, I will you a fruitful, stress-free senior year and some gains.

Becca Geiger – Philippines, Class of 2016 // Taylor University, Class of 2020

Words of Wisdom: Go One Step At A Time

Most Memorable Moments:

  • First awkward phone call with Evania Hong, when she thought I said “Cinterest”
  • First weekend on campus when Evania Hong called me because there was a spider in the shower
  • Trying to break lights out with Evania by putting our pants under the door to block the light, only to find out that Evania’s pants were too short
  • Skyping Evania Hong while in the same room as her
  • Going through UCBerkley’s 36 questions to fall in love with Evania Hong
  • Basically, every second that I spent with Evania Hong because there are too many good times with her to list here
  • Swimming with Marissa Brock but being lapped instead
  • Junior swim meet where my goggles and/or cap came off in every event that I swam
  • Trying to play basketball with Bharvi, Marla, Sharon, Alyda, Breanna, etc
  • Trying to sled with Milutin, Emily, and Evania but not actually sliding down the hill
  • Walking to Orchard after prom 2014 and going to BWW, even though Saigopal is a vegetarian
  • The really sunny afternoon at the end of the 2014 school year when Molly Cuka, Molly Fane, Judy, and I played speedball with 07ers and then went on an adventure to Chipotle, Party City, and then Home Depot to buy random stuff and tell crazy stories
  • Alllllll of the quality bonding time with Vinesh Kannan while planning Clash of the Halls and other fun stuff
  • Making chocolate chip pancakes in 07D with CSL, Eveline Liu, Jenny Du, and every hungry boy on campus
  • Trying to rearrange Lajju’s room with Renu after Homecoming 2012…and waking up the RC and almost breaking Lajju’s furniture
  • Stargazing and rolling around on Yare with Ashrita, Anna Gupta, and Saigopal
  • Sound and Light family from fall of 2014 with Haneesha, Dennis, Sam Qian, and Addison Herr (and Jenny Du)
  • Watching Dennis and Wenhan rap during history of tech to whatever beats they/we came up with, even 7..7..7
  • Dying during the soap battle of sophomore year with Nicole, Katrina, and Kristin
  • Finally getting Jon Reynolds to dance during StudCo drill at CotH 2015
  • Playing football on YARE during fall of 2014

Bucket List:

  1. Die at the last possible moment and do everything that I can before then.

Last Testament:

To Ashrita Raghuram, I will just about everything. I (hopefully) will you my room/quad, and that means you have to have even more fun adventures in there. I will you my Ohio State lanyard, graciously donated by Marla Zepeda, that you can keep forever in memory of me. I will you many more fun memories that will make love it here. I will you an underclassmen who will come to your room almost every day and still not irritate you because she is so selfless, optimistic, fun, honest, and basically the best person ever. Lastly, I will you the perfect amount of mourning from me and my quad being gone, because we’re going to miss you so I want you to miss us to, but I also want you to have an amazing senior year!

To Paul Nebres, I will CAB. Make big plans for this year and chase after them. The year will go by much faster than you would ever think. Always think about the student body and what is good for them, even when they

To Evan Sun, I will you a sophomore that is also an ENFP, will keep you on your toes, will annoy you like a little sister, but will also mean a lot to you. I also will you more classical music than you can listen to, many discoveries and creations with your raspberry pi, and all of the cooking supplies that you may ever need in 05.

To Srivarun Tummarakota, I will you lots of guy friends because you are too popular with the ladies.

To Heidi Dong and Ben Cooper, I will you continued adventures with StudCo. I’d say more, but I think Vinesh will write it more eloquently, so I’m just going to second whatever he says.

To Ben Cooper specifically, I will you many more fun times with WordPress :D

To the new Campus Activities Board (CAB) of StudCo, I will you all an amazing time

To Dying (David Ying at, I will you fun times at FBLA, complete with cooking and movies that do not fall under the genre of horror. I also will you a sophomore in 2 years that will always say hi to you and make some weird comment so that you have to be mean to them, even though you don’t actually hate them.

To Sruti Mohan, I will you a sophomore in 2 years that will always smile and say hi whenever you see her!

To the underclassmen of 02D, I will you all the best 10 checks ever, no matter where you end up living next year (even though you all should totally stay in 02D because that was one of the best decisions I made twice here).

To Jason Yang, I will you someone who will always give you a hug, will be always willing to hang out, and will help you carry on the legacy of Vimig Socrates and the 2013-2014 07ADHex.

To Chris Ni, I will you an underclassman who will give you moral support if you are ever riding (or even driving) the struggle bus. I also will you a lifetime supply of earplugs because you talk so loudly, and I don’t want you losing your hearing because of it.

To Christoph Eckrich, I will you a sister wing that will plan many events with your wing.

To Paxton Greco, I will you lots of good wills so that I don’t get punched again.

To Violet Konopka, I will you an amazing time in 02 next year to make up for the year you lost while living in 03.

To Jin Komerska, I will you a sophomore who will latch onto you and hug you for long periods of time.

To Franklin Ye, I will the ability to expand your starting conversations with people from just how much you have one person or thing. I also will you Milutin Perovic, per request, even though I am not sure he ever belonged to me or anything…

To Josh Rosenthal and Dan Holley, I will all of the posters available, including StudCo campaign posters and random posters with people’s faces on them.

To Ashu Gupta, I will lots and lots of flash drives to loan out.

To Camden Ko, I will all of the salt on Sodexo tables.

To Emily Schuster, I will all of the puppy chow in the world to make up for any annoying trolling that may have happened this year.

To Natalie (PoohBear) Valentine, I will a million hugs and 2 tons worth of honey.

To Jyostna Bitra, I will lots and lots of sour candy to balance out how sweet you are.

To Addison Herr, I will you all the 2017 girls and the ability to be less shy towards people other than said girls.

To Sam Qian, I will more catch phrases than just “That’s Craaaazy!”

To Joe Longo, I will enthusiastic lifeguards who will guard for you when you can’t make it but will also watch you fall when you try to lean back while guarding.

Tim Gietl – Miami University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Mischief makes the best memories.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Swimming Pools in my room
  • Prom
  • Camping trips
  • Nighttime walks off campus
  • Sitting out on the slabs back when people used to sit out there
  • Frat Friday, Merica Monday, and Tool Tuesday.
  • Clash
  • Going on dates with Danny Atten
  • Adventures with ‘Jack’ on I-days
  • Photography and Light/Sound
  • Those sleep deprived nights when I would go super agro (Jo Jo can attest)
  • Priya Time
  • Frustrating Kevin Lim
  • Sarps & Clicking
  • The 04 Seniors my sophomore year
  • Late night climbing between 07ADQ and BDQ
  • Dr. Rhee (Max Ackerman) and Dr. Keyton on the golf bus.

Bucket List:

1. Climb the Seven Summits
2. Sail around the world
3. Be a commercial pilot
4. Get a PhD
5. Retire Early
6. Own a home on Bantry Bay in Cape Town or a Vineyard in Pretoria
7. Name one of my kids Reagan, after Ronald Reagan
8. Run a marathon
9. Go skiing on Mt. McKinley
10. Go trekking through the jungle
11. Play catch with my kid every night

Last Testament:


To Kush Gupta, I give you my fratiness in its entirety. May the traditions of frat Friday be forever instilled upon this land, as governed by Lord Varun Akbar Viswanathan Iyer!

To Camden Ko, I will you Joy Qiu and future female IMSA interns at TMG. I’ve appreciated your humor and edginess over the past two years. One of my biggest regrets is not having talked to you much after your first semester, you were fun to be around.

To David Xu, I will you my Bloomberg Terminal. May you protect this computer, its keyboard, and all its monitors until my return to TMG. No other intern is to touch it, especially if they’re plebes.

To Joy Qiu, I just willed you to Camden. Enjoy. On another note, thanks for spending a year of SIR at TMG with me. I enjoyed our conversations and getting to know you more, but of course with Camden supervising.

To Herschel Gupta, I will you all the fun the next two years have in store for you. You have a lot to enjoy, so don’t stress too much. Despite making new friends over the years at IMSA, don’t forget about those who were with you from the start, who always looked out for you. Most of all, when in doubt: Gei Ling Fen.

To Tim Pan, I will you comfort and Joy (not Joy Qiu though, Joy Qiu was already willed to Camden). I know that at times things may get complicated and stressful, but just take a deep breath, and know that everything will always work out. Make the most out of what you have.

To Alan Ren, Nick Michuda, Arthur Ortiz, Akshay Verma, and Aman Akbar, thank you for brightening up my day with all the shenanigans in photography and light and sound. You guys made these the two funnest classes I’ve taken at IMSA. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

To Mitchell Sun and Ms. Schmidt, I will you appreciation for putting up with myself, Alan, Aman Akbar, and Nick during Light and Sound. May you never have to go through that again.

Karin Han – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Anything is possible with a little pink!

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Being the baby sophomore to the best 06C senior hex
  • Living in Greeshma and Sachi’s room for the better part of a year
  • Late nights with my 2013 and 2014 seniors
  • Sitting in the RC office for full shifts with Katie
  • Decorating in 07A early move in week of Junior year
  • The early move in decorating rush of Senior year
  • The countless nights staying up “past my bedtime” with Xindi and Ranjani
  • The Karin, Ranjani, Quinn SCIA trifecta struggle
  • Each and every Clash week
  • The sheer amount of time spent in 07
  • Missing not one, but two trains at anti-Winter Formal
  • Prim Pram Prom(s)
  • TGITs with Rhea Harsoor

Bucket List:

  1. To someday practice at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.
  2. To be published for my work as a doctor.
  3. To intern for Lilly Pulitzer
  4. To be on “Say Yes to the Dress”.
  5. To have an HGTV worthy home-
  6. And the big family to fill it.
  7. Find the time to take a year off and just travel.

Last Testament:

To Lauren Bystrom: I will you an amazing senior year with no more 4:15 German and lots of time to do other enjoyable things, like paint your nails, but also, someone else to supply you snacks to get you through the rough classes. Thanks for being such a fun table partner and for being much better at German than I am!

To Joy Qiu: I will you a pair of the 06lassy sweatpants from my sophomore year, to remind you that even through all the college stress that you’re about to hit, that I’ll always be available to listen to you talk, whether it’s because he’s “soooo attractive” or because you’re freaking out about what school you want to go to. Plus, they’re slightly cuter than most of the sweatpants you own right now and they have pockets! I also will you another great year of being an RSL. As much as I rag on you, you’ve done a wonderful job and I know I did a good job, so make me proud. Most of all, I will you the ability to stop overthinking everything and just enjoy being in the moment- you’re so amazing and senior year will go by so much faster than you think, so make the most of it! I love you, baby sophomore/co.

To Cindy Ho: I will you another great roommate and year in D Wing. You have been such a wonderful roommate this year, and I hope that you and SJP will also yell “roommate?!” every time you walk into the room and have lots of pretty things and KPop posters on the wall. I also will you people other than me and Xindi to explain college to you and freak you out just a little. Of course, I’m always one message away from answering any of your questions. Don’t freak out about college too much, so that you can still enjoy watching KPop videos and KDramas until 1 am every night, okay?

To Seong Jessica Park: I will you Cindy Ho, and to have a great time being roommates next year. I also will you to not stress out too much, but, if you really need to, keep saying “stress” under your breath. Don’t forget to have lots of fun and eat lots of good food cutie, and have a great senior year!

To Nitya Talasila and Vadini Agrawal: I will you guys my room arrangement (again) and to get each other through Junior year. You guys have actually been the cutest, and I hope you’ll have another great year in D Wing!

To Jan Mangulabnan: I will you another great year in 06 and sophomores for yourself that are (hopefully) as cute and fun as you were. Don’t go too crazy as a junior but I’m sure that you’re going to have a great time no matter what.

To 06D Wing: I will you guys another great, crazy, loud, pancake and grilled cheese filled year. It was an honor being your wing guide for two years, and I wish everyone the best of luck.

To Andrew Adams and Christoph Eckrich: I will you both the best and busiest senior years possible, but only if you remember to take time for tea and food and to be my backup dates for sorority formals. You guys will be doing so much, just don’t forget to have fun and make the most out of being seniors! I also will you both your own Starbucks gold cards and someone else who will randomly text you and ask you if you want coffee in the middle of the day. I owe you both one more trip, on me, before I graduate. Thanks for being such great friends, and I also leave you kids many more state fair trips in the future in which no one’s car breaks on the highway.

To Joey Longo: I will you a year as SCIA president filled with a lot of useless emails and instruction and meetings where not much actually gets done, but also a lot of food, meetings that you can cancel when you feel like, and the opportunity to meet so many interesting/influential/outside-the-IMSA bubble people. It’s a frustrating but rewarding job and I know that you’ll make me proud as replacement me next year. I’ll be just a text away for guidance whenever you need anything though, promise. I also will you lots of luck with the college application process and your mother- wherever you end up going you’ll be doing amazing things.

To Joey Longo, Jyotsna Bitra, and Ellie Naudzius: I will you three SCIA, which has been pretty much my entire life for the past two years. I will you guys the ability to stay on top of everything and many more dinners and luncheons and events. What you guys are doing is actually incredibly important, so make me proud but don’t forget to have fun with it!

To Jill Nelson: I will you such a fun year as an RSL- you will be so good at it and have such a great time. I also will you your own sophomore with bright pink Hunter boots and lots of things in the Indigo Pop Vera Bradley print. I hope that she’s as cute and sweet as you are, and makes you smile whenever you see her like you do to me. Even though you’ll be in 02, you’re always going to be my last, favorite baby sophomore.

To Cathy Chen: I will lots of Disney songs and stuffed animals and ducks and Kpop and dance and all those other things you like. Have a great senior year, cutie!

To Lucy Yuan: I will you 06 and some other piano you can use constantly. You’re going to have so much fun as CD and always keep smiling!

To Binita Gupta: I will you 06 and all the labs and papers that you’ll need to mooch off of next year. Have lots and lots of fun being CD!

To Heidi Dong: I will you to not have to be the Junior (well I guess, senior?) carry next year, although knowing you I’m sure you will be, anyways. I also will you the ability to deal with all the stress that’s coming your way. But you’re so incredibly capable that I know you won’t need it. I also will you lots of great tours and not running into walls/poles with Student Ambassador next year, make me and my 136 proud, okay?

To Andrew Adams, Chris Ni, Christoph Eckrich, Alec Elston, and Jason Yang: I will your hex another great year of accomplishing big things- thanks for all the Cards Against Humanity, foosball, and the weird elastic puck game thing that I always cheat at. You kids have been so much fun, and I expect many Jason Yang angle snapchats from all of you next year!

To Jack Badalamenti (Beanie!): I will you someone else to call Elle Woods and lots more Facebook trolling and a great junior year. It seems scary but it can be done, promise! I also will you beanies, because, Beanie.

To Daniel Breyne: I will you the ability to keep making everyone you talk to smile and lots more hugs. Keep being such a positive spirit and you’ll be just fine junior year. Thanks for being so happy and all the hugs, Sophomore!

To Grace Park: I will you someone else to do your hair and a lot more gorgeous homecoming and formal pictures. You’re the absolute cutest and so sweet. You’re going to do such amazing things here at IMSA and I’m so excited to see what you do.

To Paxton Greco: I will you someone else to complain about missing football games and Glenwood spiritwear too, as well as the continuation of the Chatham (well, I guess you’re Glenarm… ;) ) legacy. Have lots of fun on the ridiculous car rides, and a wonderful senior year.

To Ashrita Raghuram: I will you someone else to vent about mutual friends to continue being competent at everything you do. You’ve been absolutely wonderful and I hope that you’re senior year is just as great as you are!

To Violet Konopka: I will you to never have to sit through another pointless Python program again, and to not have your HP charger stolen every day. I also will you that IMSA pennant I keep meaning to give you. Thanks for being such a sweetie, and have such an amazing senior year.

To Jin Komerska: I also will you no more pointless Python lectures, and a great year in 06. 06 is wonderful and I’m sure you’re going to have a great time. Thanks for all the code and being vaguely competent at Python, cutie!

To Alex Mararus: I will you procrastination and tumblr text posts and super fabulous makeup and all the other things you do to waste time, but I also will you to do a lot less of all of that and to get all your stuff together. You really do have so much potential, and I love you so much. Have fun as a senior, and remember to not stress out for all the big stuff, whatever happens will happen!

Vivian Jin – University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Quad nights (Indian food, late-night bonding, dance parties…)
  • Surprising Sue on her birthday
  • Sardines in the main building
  • Holi 2015
  • FPS State Competition
  • Intersession in Chinatown
  • Homecoming 2015
  • Lunar Shows
  • MVC and BC3 table
  • The best prom-posal
  • Messy Twister Dessert Date
  • Every hilarious and heartwarming moment spent with Ranjani, Grace, and 03ADQ

Bucket List:

  1. Dust off my piano skills and perform in a grand concert hall.
  2. Visit Korea to eat street food, shop in Hongdae, and meet Kpop boybands.
  3. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter.
  4. Attend the wedding of an IMSA friend.
  5. Fall in, and out, of love.
  6. Complete a marathon.
  7. Pick up culinary skills.
  8. Read often.
  9. Be happy.

Last Testament:

To Varun Iyer, I leave you an endless supply of rubber erasers for you to stab and destroy to all your heart’s content. That day when you switched to our BC3 was the best decision you ever made because I was able to meet such an intelligent and hilarious person like you. I will you my extensive knowledge of MVC and Green’s Theorem (which isn’t a lot, I know). I will you another math buddy next year to distract with doodles of DNA braids, ugly Chinese characters, and lopsided hearts. I leave you more spontaneous trips to the Balaji temple, dinners at IHOP, and intersessions in Chinatown. 伟容, I hope you have an amazing senior year. Don’t forget me!

To Daniel Sohn, I appoint you the grand honor of being my official League of Legends teacher when (or if) I download it. I leave you the ability to stop fidgeting with your watches, tasering people for fun (or on accident), breaking apples with your head, and taking Snapchat selfies from the same angle. I hope you improve your skills in Chinese, singing, and ukulele playing. I hope you find another place to shop other than Express, and another show to watch other than Futurama. I leave you more horror movies that are never finished, sushi for dinner, and bubble tea at Joy Yee’s. You procrastinate on assignments even more than I do, but that’s okay because you somehow still end up pulling the clutch since you’re incredibly competent. I am so glad I met you – thank you for being one of the most important people I’ve met in my IMSA career. Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and often knowing me more than I know myself. Have a great senior year.

To Char Ong, I will you the ability to pass on advice on relationship/friend advice to your underclassmen. I leave you increased confidence in yourself and optimism that everything college-related will work out in the end. I’ve always admired your confidence, and I’m sure you will be one of those super cool seniors everyone looks up to. Feel free to message me if you ever need advice, since you have helped me more than you probably realized. Don’t turn up too hard next year! Stay in touch.

To Neal Modi, I will you my stress-relief ball in hopes that you will loosen up a bit senior year. You’re an incredibly hardworking and lovable person, and I’m confident you will succeed in everything you put your mind to. Try not to have too much fun on the SIR bus without me and Ahsan next year! I wish you the best of luck.

To Nick Damen, I leave you our most perfect pinhole camera, even though it took us (*cough* you) a few tries to get it right. Thanks for being the best Photography buddy.

To Amy Liu and Sushil, I leave you Future Problem Solving and Julie to take care of. Attract new recruits to our club! Like that one coordinator mentioned at State competition, learning the Six-Step Process will be applicable for life. J I will you many more tall State and International trophies to come.

To Hannah Chaddha, I will you the ability to spread your endless enthusiasm your senior year. Your presence lights up the room, and I hope you continue to be the adorable ball of energy you are. Stay fabulous!

To Joshua Kleinman, Amber Acquaye, and Khusbu Patel, I leave you many more fun (and organized) events for Medical Society next year. I will you all the best of luck in contacting numerous speakers, planning future shadowing opportunities, and spreading our passion for medicine across campus. I have no doubt Medical Society is in more than competent hands.

Allie Johnson – Northwestern University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Life motto: work hard, play hard.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Banging on Korean drums late into the night sophomore year
  • Waking Sai up from “naps” at 3 AM so she could struggle through junior year
  • Eating an entire Cookie Cube with Natasha while studying for MCB
  • Clash every year… Especially Talent Show
  • Hip gyrations to the singing, dancing flower
  • Throwing rocks at a certain down quad… the wrong down quad…
  • 07A dinner dates
  • Being junior marshal for the class of 2014
  • Puppy Chow Mondays
  • Runs with the quad
  • Cross Country & Track
  • Track State 2013 with Nicole
  • Diwali, especially sophomore year
  • LNY modern dance oooooh kill’em

Bucket List:

  1. Become SCUBA certified
  2. Make a difference in someone’s life
  3. Visit France

Last Testament:

To Téa, Michelle, Sam, Mariela, Kirstin, Gloria, Sarah, & Cindy, I will you guys a great senior year. My original sophies, all grown up – I’m so proud of all of you! Live that B-wing legacy no matter where you live. I will you easy college app processes, and I will you the ability to go wherever you want in life.

To Ravali, Amy Liu, and Nikitha, I will you new sophomores are just as awesome as you guys: people that will bow to your every need. Just kidding. Sort of.

To Sweta, I will you a mentor, even though I’ll only be a phone call/text message away. I will you a little sibling with as much calmness, happiness, and sweetness as you.

To the new 03BDQ, I will you the legacy. And the handicapped room. And the stain by the garbage can.

To Sarah Xu, Grace should probably will you this, but I will you clash talent show.

To Nicole Tartaglia, I will you the…. artistic movement (?) part of clash talent show. Also, perhaps a new talented blonde sophomore that you can coax into performing.

To Téa and Michelle, I will drill team. May you find plenty of people to help you. Natasia Fafara, where you at?

To Heidi Dong, I can’t really will you anything because you already got it all. I’M JUST REALLY EXCITED FOR ALL OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

To Hannah Chaddha, I will you the ability to continue being the best person on campus. Seriously. And that your rapping career takes off soon. Also, a math table buddy that can actually keep up with your mental math skills.

To Reid Fikejs, I will an incoming sophomore from Lockport to wave and smile at because we all need to stick together.

To Isaac Adorno, I will you the ability to maintain that awesome smile, and to advance your clay pot-making skills.

To Cristal & Amber, I will you the best hall ever. Make sure you make 03 a home for everybody. I’m so proud of you, and don’t worry… I’ll be back to check in. Also, Amber, I will you the ability to keep an open mind along with that sassy personality of yours.

To Cathy Chen, I really just wanted to include you in here, so I will you all of the dancing sass I can possibly leave at IMSA. Go you.

To Paxton Greco, I will sarcastic comments at drill practice and overall happiness because you are one of those people who just make people happy.

To Grace Park, I will you an upperclassman that takes good as care of you as your sister did of me. I wish I got to transfer that to you, but you still turned out just fine.

To Shannon Park, I will you the ability to not miss rolling check and scare your drill team leaders. May the 03 RCs have mercy on your soul.

To Sneha Pathuri, I will a sophomore that will keep up as enthusiastic of conversations as you have with me.

To John Valin, I will you the cross country and track distance teams. You’re gonna make a great new captain-manager.

To Jill Nelson and Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will you the ability to survive cross-country through junior year. You’re both so talented… I expect GREATNESS!

To Mitchell Sun, I will you the drive to finish your senior year track season with a bang. Keep working hard!

To Dan Sohn, I will you the high jump pits. Sorry they’re so crappy. Try not to get too much disintegrated foam in your eyes.

To Polina Bondarenko, I will you the ability to figure things out. Don’t get too caught up in the little things. You’re so talented, don’t stress yourself out.

To Aspen Wheeler, I will you the ability to step up and be a leader. You’re going to be the senior on the team. I trust that you’ll see that responsibility and take hold. I know you can.

To Dominique and Kasey, I will you the sprinters and jumpers. The track team needs leaders, and I think you guys can do it.

To the IMSA Class of 2018, I will lots of luck, because God knows you’re going to need it.

To the Class of 2017, I will you perseverance, because you can get through junior year.

To the Class of 2016, I will you the ability to be better seniors than we were. Take that leadership role and fly.

To 1503 of present and future, I will my home away from home. Take good care of it.

Sharon Johnson – University of Illinois GPPA, Class of 2022

Last Testament:

Jyotsna: 1 ton of puppy chow. You’re great. I’m great. I like this stuff. You like this stuff. Everyone’s happy. Also a medal for best eyebrows

Ashrita: 1 bag of peppermint bark. A VIP pass to the next Blackhawk’s game. A cheese hat to wear to the next Packer’s game. Also a medal for being the most inherently good person that I’ve ever met. Wait, just kidding, I take the medal back because youse a packers fan.

Cecilia: My best side eye. I’m not quite sure why though, Lord knows you don’t need it. Also, stilts. Because you’re short. And a medal for being you because that’s an accomplishment in itself.

Jaszmine: A new purple north face jacket, because I slobber cried in fear all over yours when we watched Olympus has fallen.   And a medal for being the rilllist.

Amy: A face massager, for when your face hurts from smiling so much. If you ever stop using it, I’ll know something is wrong. And a medal for being so sweet. Luh you.

Paxton: Dates with all the guys from Duck Dynasty. Except for that crusty old dude. Yeah not him. Also a medal for shakin’ it cuz ooh gurl you gots it.

Autumn: 600 pairs of sunglasses. You’re so beautiful that sometimes it’s painful to look at you. So be nice and hand them out to everybody on the first day of school next year. Also a medal for being honest. So very honest, you crack me up girl.

Dan, Gene, Fiona, I give you the peace, wisdom, and kindness of all the past IMSA Christians leaders. Not that I need to :) you already have plenty, that’s why you were chosen. Like, can I get an amen? I know you’ll do great guys, I’m always there for advice if you need it.

Aishat: Titanium crutches. Also a replacement leg. I just have this feeling that you’re going to need it.

Violet: An extra freckle. You’re not cute enough with the ones you have already. Also, the superpower of being able to identify all birds on sight. Make crazy eyes proud, Violet.

Moona: Kyle. Osbourne. Forever and always. Never forget. Luh you kid <3.

Jin: What am I even supposed to say here? President Obama’s job? Good Lord, no, can you even imagine how terrifying that would be? Lol. I’ll just go with a 5 cans of chicken noodle soup. And a refrigerator so they can be colder than cold. Because you’re gross but I still love you.

Vinesh Kannan – Illinois Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: A sleeping mind is quite active.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night chats with the wonderful Rodrigo Sanchez that go all the way back to Orientation
  • Summer training weekends with StudCo and LEAD
  • First semester senior year Calc-Based table with Guna, Dawson, Nick, and Jon
  • Speech tournaments with Dr. Kind, Dr. Dong, and the wildest team in the state
  • Crushed Arizona Tea cans and duct tape soccer with Tariq, Eric, and Derek during study hours
  • Back and forth banter in Dr. Dong’s Computational Science class second semester senior year
  • The Great Sodexo Jello Arson of Fall 2014
  • Sophomore Year Intersession
  • Presenting at ICE 2015 with Carl, Jim, and the rest of TALENT
  • Modifying The Rainbow Fish for Clash 2015
  • Late night chess matches with Edward Jun
  • Senior year Spring Break with my Mom 
  • We Day 2015
  • Rap battles galore
  • Speaking at Senior year Convocation
  • Simulation H Clutch 2015

Bucket List:

  • Visit IMSALoqium as an Alumni
  • Start a television show that teaches kids about international affairs by using talking puppets
  • Create a useful and intuitive team collaboration and management platform
  • Watch all Marvel movies from Iron Man to Age of Ultron in one sitting
  • Sleep a night in IMSA’s main building
  • Reunite with the quad to save the world

Last Testament:

To Akash Palani, I leave an email that changed my lifestyle during junior year and may have

saved me senior year. When you are ready, it will show you the power of a micro-rest. Part

of me hopes that you can learn easily what I learned painfully, but another part of me

knows that the pain will play one of the most important roles in your development. For the other roles, I will you insightful peers who can share many rewarding discussions with you, whether late at night, early in the morning, or in a, dare I say it, a chamber.

To Akshay Verma, Akash Palani, Allison Bai, Arun Arjunakani, Ben Cooper, Cam Hudgins, Camden Ko, Dan Sohn, David Xu, Deborah Agoye, Erich Remiker, Faith Leslie, Hope Leslie, Jacqueline Vega, John DeMastri, Josh Burke, Joy Qiu, Justin Xu, Krishi Korrapati, Kyle Parker, Mitchell Sun, Nerione Agrawal, Raj Gurtatta, Ravali Thimmapuram, Rohit Mittapalli, Sarah Dovgin, Tony Lu, William Tong, Yoanna Ivanova, and Yugan Sakthi, if you choose to accept it, I will a rewarding forensics experience. May your judges make sensible choices, may your coaches push your communication skills to new heights, and may you find affluent obesity at team parties. I leave you the good parts of my work ethic, Anna Krzywiec’s reserve of wild impromptu topics, and all the obscure newspapers the Extemp files can manage. You are all talented and quirky people and I hope that the speech and debate segments of the team live in harmony next year.

To Akshay Verma and Camden Ko, I will bros to laugh with as well as the filming, editing, and casting resources necessary to finally top Terminal. May your exuberance and artistic talent continue to brighten up this campus. I leave you the lyrical skills that we honed in my short career.

To Ashrita Raghuram and Christoph Eckrich, I will the confidence to lead in the communities you care about. May your senior year grant you sophomores you not only adore and respect you, but match your technical skill and insight. You are already powerful speakers for causes that you are passionate about, but I will you the bravado to make that passion clear to adults and students, alike. I also entrust you with you with roughly 12% of the grand schemes and shady plots that I helped design at IMSA, as I know you will make good use of them.

To Auden Hinz, Dolph Rawdin, and Jack Messina, wherever you crazy kids end up, I will you great nights with wild friends, the perseverance to make the most out of junior year, and plenty of ping pong and Pokémon along the way.

To Ben Cooper, Franklin Ye, Gloria Choi, Heidi Dong, and Jin Komerska, I leave… not enough. I hope that I have given you meaningful experiences, insights, and skills with as little of the stress that it cost me, but as to the many things you deserve beyond that, I can only wish. May you be blessed with a method for weaning your colleagues off of DOTA, a device for cloaking muttered swears, free subscriptions to all the online tools your hearts’ desire, fortune cookies filled with Latin quotations and Sun Tzu’s wisdom, and top-notch secret handshakes to share with each other. I hope that IMSA will grant you with underclassmen who match your dedication and willingness to grow. I am proud to entrust you with the other 88% of grand schemes and shady plots that have crossed my desk at IMSA and I know that you will see more than your fair share as well. When calamities occur and mischief transpires, I hope you will find, either in each other or elsewhere, a friend to adequately dispose of your stress and salt to. As promised, I will you my secret resignation letter drafts with the hope that rewriting, printing, and folding origami cranes out of them will give you the energy to push forward… because I believe that in some ways, you are also left with the future of IMSA. Finally, I leave for you, to be collected at any time you desire, both the intelligent and the asinine thoughts in my mind.

To Bolaji Bankole and Drake Eidukas, I leave my best wishes for an excellent programming adventure that lies ahead and the patience to survive all of the confounding domain names that the future will bring your way.

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, Katrina Kuhn, and Binita Gupta, I will the drive to keep giving back to your community. I hope IMSA blesses you with underclassmen who can demonstrate to you just how wild you are.

To Calvin Zhu, Rakesh Chatrath, Tiger Shi, and Tom Wan, I will absurd quantities of sodium, MSG, and masala powder to nourish and entertain you through all of the late nights and early mornings that you’ll need to make the most out of senior year. I will you a sophomore with canine-like habits, a propensity for LoL, SQL capabilities, and wing guide aspirations and charge you with keeping him (or her) from dropping out. I leave you with the ugly blue-gradient strip at the top of Oracle Java documentation pages and hope that you will one day embrace Arrays. I leave you the wok pot of 1505 B wing: no matter where you end up, let it be known that you (along with Evan Sun) are its rightful heirs. Finally, I leave you the task of choosing deserving recipients of the heirlooms that I passed on to you when your first graced your exceptional quad. I don’t like to use “blanket statements” with you, but my best advice is to work hard, watch out for each other, and for the love of all that is holy, don’t forget to scratch Tiger behind the ears.

To Daniel Curtis, I leave the sense of work ethic that I borrowed from your sister. It got me through a lot. I hope you get to experience a lot of good in your time here.

To David Xu, Lydia Stone, Mitchell Sun, Nick Rodriguez, and Raj Gurtatta, I will you TALENT, Moises Goldman’s business card, and the love and affection of Dr. Carl Heine Ph.D. I look forward to seeing great things out of all of you. What lies ahead certainly won’t be a “Breez,” but you shouldn’t feel a need to “Escape.” I see the “eleMENTs” of shrewd, innovative, and collaborative leaders in all of you and you shouldn’t let anyone “Swipe” that. I will you the ability to leverage Lean thinking for the good of all of IMSA, not just entrepreneurship: remember that the idea of an MVP can make all the difference to students who are troubled with a need to turn in perfect homework. I will you the courage and tools to make your student board stronger. I’ll be rooting you on from the innovation and entrepreneurship promised land (IIT) and shouldn’t be too hard to find if you want me.

To Evan Sun, I leave my most cherished quality from my pre-IMSA life: the ability to balance high-spirited humor and enthusiasm with thoughtful analysis and discussion. I hope you will find the balance between trolling and thinking. I have great pride for how you’ve grown and how you’ve dedicated your thinking to the needs of this community. Keep reading, keep ideating, and keep cooking. You’ll bring a great deal of happiness to those around you, both now and in the future far beyond your time here. I also will you the special deck of Pokémon cards that Milosz passed on to me, in hopes that you will be able to start a new 1505 heirloom. I hope your junior is a blast, just be sure to take care of yourself (and learn more CSS than bootstrap) along the way.

To Jair Powell, Malik Roberson, Mateusz Cikowski, and Timur Javid, I leave the Hoodlum Staff and aspirations for enhancing campus infrastructure. I also will you my love for story- telling and Caspa-traps so that you may induct your own sophomores into the experiences that we shared. Be good, take turns talking, and have each others’ backs: whether it’s in school, sleep, bridge-building, or casual volleyball.

To Jake Bail, Patrick Swearingen, Dan Holley, and Josh Rosenthal, I will a cast of underclassmen who will entertain you, enlighten you, and ensure that you see what you were like as underclassmen. I think you guys are the ultimate wingmen on campus and I imagine that such sophomores would benefit greatly from your mentorship.

To Kush Gupta, I will the multiple randomly moving, one-pixel wide lines that run down my laptop screen. You are a young man of immense talent and I hope you can channel that im the most positive ways possible. You, Paolo, and many others owe me a few games of Sequence and Blokus when your senior year settles down.

To Mike Etzkorn, I would will a poker jackpot that’s worth as much as your sense of humor and golden personality, but I know that such a bounty could never be amassed. Matt and I leave you and Mitchell the challenge of HiMCM 2015 and hope that you’ll have plenty of Arrays, Doritos, Chinese chat forums to navigate your way through it. Finally, I will you a sibling with dramatic talent and hair textured like Liam’s because I know you’d mean the world to that sophomore.

To Neal Modi, I will you experiences with your senior compatriots that will enrich your views and instill in you all of the good things that come with patience. I also leave you a small state in the residence hall of your choice for you to govern ethically and respectably while gaining a dedicatedly quirky political following.

To Niresh Kuganeswaran and Nikhilesh Thota, I will my tie-tying abilities, a year free of residential violations, and perhaps name tags.

To Paolo Palacios, I will a fallen comrades shrine on IMSA’s campus and a rap battle.

To Paxton Greco and Violet Konopka, I will a loving residential community, someone to play football with, and things that smell like Lajju.

To Ryan Higgins, I will you the gavel that we have already shared as a reminder of how confidence in yourself will make you strong despite what life throws in your court. You control your own destiny, but I wish too that you will be accompanied by friends who enrich that journey with the jokes, memories, and pizzas that you will share.

To Sneh Patel and Vainius Normantus, I leave all of my known guards against apathy. You have incredible sheer potential for thought, leadership, and bonding when you are comfortable sharing it with those around you. Don’t give up in the good in people and seek the merits of every idea. I am excited to see you grow as speakers, innovators, and upperclassmen and will you any way in which I can assist your endeavors.

To Srivarun Tummarakota, I will a fulfilling year as a mentor to many underclassmen. I imagine that the rigor of your schedule will be tested in the coming year, but I hope that you will remember the relationships and experiences that you can embrace if you rise above stress. You had the affection of your upperclassmen and I hope you will make good on that by providing the same care for your underclassmen. I also leave you 1505’s big green Sodexo bag of puzzles, trinkets, and residential heirlooms. There are stories to go with many of them and perhaps you’ll be able to find the right sophomores for them.

To Zach Ungerleider, I leave you a mysterious temporal anomaly known as “free time.” These pockets will appear spontaneously in places that you may not expect them, but my expectation is that you will take advantage of them. Some of these will give you time to rest, some will let you enjoy yourself and the company of others, but some even further still will offer a rare opportunity for deep, reflective, and innovative thought. I admire your capacity for exactly that and look forward to seeing you put it to good use for your community

Sophia Lam – Loyola University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Be kind, have fun, enjoy life

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Student Inquiry and Research (SIR) during Junior Year
  • Every year at Clash
  • Heart-to-heart chats with my besties
  • Prom 2015
  • Wing Dinners
  • Cultural shows
  • Late night movies with my besties
  • Golfing with my IMSA friends
  • IMSA Carnival
  • 1503 B-Wing Bonding Time

Bucket List:

  1. Grow in my relationship with God
  2. Stay in touch with my IMSA friends
  3. Stay connected with my family
  4. Have a great, happy career
  5. Give my parents the vacation they deserve
  6. Visit another country
  7. Try foods from different countries

Last Testament:

To Samantha Medina: I will you with my sassiness and every piece of advice to get through senior year.

To Naima Muckom: I will you with my position as Co-President of Thousand Tongues and tons of overflowing confidence to face IMSA next year.

To Michelle Park: As if you didn’t have any already (#GOT7luv), I will you with my love of k-pop and Korean culture. Show IMSA what awesome things a GOT7 fangirl can do next year!

To Amarachi Okoli: I will you with my study skills so that you can ace those projects and tests like a boss next year!

To Alexis Giff: I will you with the coolness that comes with being an upperclassman. Show them sophomores how to study and have fun at the same time next year!

To Amy Liu: I will you with any athletic skills that I possess. Not that I’m a pro-basketball player, but I can at least will you my height to reach the hoops and the stars next year!

To Crystal and Alex Gong: I will you two with all my anime-related things so that you two may enter senior year with something to relax to in case next year becomes a hassle.

To Maya Costales: I will you with my position as Co-President of Thousand Tongues and the leadership to make this club known IMSA-wide.

To Angelina Liao: I will you with my chillness to become one of those relaxed, happy go-lucky seniors next year.

To Max Shramuk: I will you with my love of different languages and cultures so that you may explore the world next year and beyond.

To Erin Engstrom: I will you with my work ethic so that you can ace those exams while having lots of fun.

To IMSA Christians: I will you all with my Bible in hopes that you all grow in the faith next year and look inside it to find what God is telling you all.

To Thousand Tongues: I will you all with all my creative ideas and love of languages and cultures to make the club grow next year.

To 1503 B-wing: I will you all with success and happiness so that you all may do well in life and be happy with the choices you all will make.


Braden Lauder – University of Southern Mississippi, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Always sign out going to Starbucks

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Building the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Mexico my sophomore year
  • Rebuilding the Democratic People’s Republic of Mexico my senior year
  • Convincing Kevin Lim that Tim Gietl was hiding “copious amounts of drugs” in his room with Guna Yerrabolu
  • “To the tunnel!!!”
  • Countless Taco Bell runs with John Jaeger
  • Walking to Walgreens at midnight only to find out it wasn’t open 24 hours like we thought
  • Tool Tuesday
  • Looking across campus every late night during junior year to see that Guna was the only other person awake
  • Having a water fight in C wing and almost breaking the TV
  • Hiding an orange under Travis’ bed
  • Best wing man of 2014
  • Filming 04B Wing movie 2014
  • Filming “The Incident”
  • Winning Clash 2014
  • Hoodie Allen concert on a Thursday night and then school the next morning
  • Supplying sophomores with internet via Connectify from 11:30-1:00 for two years
  • Spending Finals Week with Isiah and Marco at the end of Junior Year
  • Emailing Lauren Abrahamson and “fixing” our housing situation
  • Squad naps
  • Becoming Al Capone
  • Becoming Bradonté
  • Locking Mason in a cabinet for a whole Spec Fic class
  • Using my sisters’ house as a post office
  • Arun earning his nickname of Boots
  • “Chase, say something”
  • “I’m a pea pod!”
  • Crazy trips to Chicago almost every other weekend of Senior Year
  • Telling Traina that my name is Brad
  • Clutching supplies
  • Clutching supplies for Mason’s birthday party
  • Mason’s birthday party
  • Honing my rap skills (mixtape dropping eventually) and killing the talent show 2015
  • Wather/Worter/Wofford
  • Having SEVENTEEN PEOPLE in the quad on a Friday night, six with weak stomachs
  • Michelle Hoehn visiting the quad less than a week afterwards
  • MCing the pep rally 2015
  • More than one apple fight
  • Buying a car, pulling a flawless April Fools’ joke
  • Snapchatting Josh from Sodexo on the weekends
  • Waffle House in Mississippi (Spring Break part 2)
  • Setting up my tent at the Senior U-Bench until Brenda made me take it down an hour later
  • Our whole quad getting called into the RC office because an Alumnus called to complain about our use of social media
  • Trips to Randall Park with Matt
  • Dunn-Reier knows
  • Having a creepy snapchat stalker
  • Writing college papers for my sister
  • Trying and failing to learn how to ripstik
  • DJing every day in Engineering
  • Being absolutely terrible at Ceramics

Bucket List:

  1. Graduate
  2. Find my Polish girlfriend
  3. Take my Twitter off private
  4. Reach financial stability
  5. Have kids…… HAHA JUST KIDDING

Last Testament:

To Arun Kumar, I will you our quad. Like you said, we outdid last year’s downquad, and now I expect you to find a way to outdo us. It won’t be easy, but I trust that you will make it happen. Take good care of those hardwood floors and maybe I’ll come back to visit you someday.

To Jonah Goughnour, I will you the self-control to stop watching Gilmore Girls. Seriously, it’s embarrassing. At the very least, please stop talking about it. I also hope that you can survive senior year without Pops finding out anything else. Let’s avoid try not to have another 6/21 or a 12/6.

To Vainius Normantas, I will you the ability to take off your clothes whenever you want without people getting mad at you. It’s a shame that the world isn’t a more accepting place.

To Dan Sohn and Nick Michuda, I will you the ability to be sneakier while jumping through windows. Hopefully you won’t need it, but better safe than sorry.

To Varun Iyer… Wassssuuuppp?!?!?!?!?! Also, I will you the courage to survive a year of living with Jonah… You’ll need it.

To Isaac Adorno and Josh Burke, I leave you 1504. Take good care of it and make sure that it stays the best hall on campus. I know Leon set the bar pretty high, but I’m confident that you two will exceed even his outstanding precedent. Also, you guys should definitely win Clash. I can’t promise that I’ll make it back for the pep rally since it’ll be a 13 hour drive, but make me proud anyway. Oh, and please give Joe tons of crap for me at Hall Council meetings.

To Jake Bail, I will you the ability to set up impromptu games of euchre in a heartbeat, and also a better relationship with certain parents.

To Alex Yow, I will you all the spinach that Sodexo will supply, as long as it doesn’t get caught in your braces.

Claire Song Lee – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Life’s a marathon; just keep going

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Jumping off the second floor balcony with 01A on an after 11:30 PM intervis
  • Running through puddles while it’s raining/hall-hopping for no reason
  • 4TH place in Clash with 1501
  • All the times sledding down The Hill, including after check
  • That time in Lit Ex. 1 with Micklo when we couldn’t stop laughing during presentations
  • MI2 with Pandya
  • 06AUQ – 07BUQ (now down quad) pajama party; except for Waleed of course
  • Making ratchet homemade Halloween costumes with Quad-quad
  • CAB Luau
  • Taking shifts for naps during the one MCB night of struggle
  • Tennis team laser tag/dinner
  • Attempting to steal bread from Sodexo
  • Impromptu game of Sardines in the Main Building
  • Chinese food Intersession
  • Haunted corn maze and the zombie with Ebola
  • THE Spicy Noodle Challenge with spice noobs
  • Jamming out to songs in the car during Winter Formal
  • Girls’ Night Out weekends
  • Baby food guessing and playing Beanboozled D:
  • Future Problem Solvers State Bowl :D
  • Pancake-making in 07D
  • Prom 2K15
  • And of course to my lovely quadmates and company for making these last two years a blast~ From laughing in shapes, discussing match-making theories, playing lava, H-mart runs, and spooning, I wouldn’t have been able to stay sane without y’all (notice how I didn’t end the sentence in a preposition ;) )

Bucket List:

1. To not live a life of mediocrity
2. Hone my public speaking skills
3. Practice a song and perform it live
4. Travel the world
5. Learn how to dance to k-pop/hip-hop songs at a level at which I do not embarrass
6. Perform an altruistic deed with my college degree
7. Be an open-minded individual and live in spontaneity

Last Testament:

To the Girls’ Tennis team I will you another successful season, this time hopefully with on-campus tennis courts to practice on.

To next year’s PME Executive Board, I will you the chance to inspire others and create an even closer community at IMSA.

To Nick Damen, I will you a junior that will randomly high-five you in the hallways even when your hands are full.

To Daniel Shin, Snigdha Sharma, Harsh Singh, Natasia Fafara, Irisa Myint I will you another sophomore Chambana carpool buddy.

To Grace Park, I will you a sassy sophomore that sings off-tune to the radio ;)

To Daniel Sohn, I will you that Chinese urn with ashes and eraser shavings and better renditions of Justin Bieber songs

To Akshay Verma, I will you a kind junior that will offer to steal bread for you

To Varun Iyer, I will you better Chinese skills

To Tiffany Ding, I will you a State qualification and a doubles partner to avoid geese poop from the sky xD

To Emily Jia, I will you a spirit animal that is not a park bench and also Jung :3

To Char Ong, I will you better hall movie ;)

To Katherine Su, I will you MORE CROCS to strut around in with #noshame

To my 06 juniors Lucy, Cathy, Jiabao, Esther, Ashu, Binita, Angie, Bella, Steffie, Sahiti, Hannah, Elysia, and others, I will you a wonderful senior year. You guys are all caring and make me laugh. I wish you the best in the future.

To all of the underclassmen of 1506A wing, I will you the constant support and friendship of everyone in the wing. Stay close and keep up the reputation as the #BestWingonCampus <3

Joanne Lee – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Have fun in life. Please.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night talks with the quad
  • All the stories, such as the test tube
  • The experiences with members of the class of 2014
  • Messing with the members of the math department
  • Sophomore year with 06C
  • The good times spend at the IRC
  • Random trips to all around the world with the most wonderful sets of people
  • Enjoying Eveline Liu’s most valuable trait
  • When Jack (Huajie) would stop to do pushups in the middle of class and nobody notices

Bucket List:

1. Do something super cool with the world or something
2. Be reunited with those I love <3
3. Going on many, many more adventures with Emu
4. See IMSA students at HMMT!
5. Be at UIUC more often than CSL does
6. Study abroad with Shelly Teng???
7. Getting turnt with MT
8. Continue to have deep life conversations with Chris Teng
9. Include all the Teng siblings in a list
10. Finish something on a bucket list before I finish writing the list

Last Testament:

To the non-senior members of 06A (Ashu, Binita, Angie, Bella, Hannah, Elysia, Steffie, Sahiti, Caitlin, Katrina, Julia, Shayla, Deepshika, Jill, and Diana), I will you the most loving wing in your future years of housing. I hope that you found 06A to be a family as much as I do, and no matter where you guys live next year, I know you guys will bring your unique flairs to wherever you end up.

To Felicia Chen and Angelina Liao, I leave you two badminton club. I will you guys underclassmen as wonderful as you guys, and maybe more funding so we can buy new birdies. Thank you for being our minions this year.

To George Moe, I will you the Fremd flame to carry on the legacy of our non-Naperville suburb. Continue being the awesome person you are.

To Esther Chung, na neun babo da.

To Katherine Su, I will you brightly colored garments that match your newly acquired footwear, and I hope that you will continue to furnish your wardrobe so they will match the flamboyance of your personality.

To Jiabao Li, I will you success in your future endeavors with Dr. Prince, if you were to have him again. Thank you for being my Cantonese friend and for brightening my day whenever I see you or your updates on WeChat.

To Jason Yang, I will you hugs, selfies, and scandalous stories. Continue to bring your happiness to others, Po.

To Jason Chen, I will you Joy Qiu. Also, Yo! Yo! Yo!

To Jiabao, Binita, Sachin, Devdhi, Jacqueline, and whoever else who sits in Dr. Prince’s office, please keep bothering Dr. Prince. He deserves it.

To Lydia Stone, I will you the ability to stop stressing about everything. Take a deep breath, and I have faith that you will be fine.

To Char Ong, I will you many many donut holes! Even though we did not get to know each other till ICTM, we bond on a level that’s beyond mathematical understanding. Thank you for making my day, whether through your Snapchat stories or your in-person stories.

To Tina Zhang, I will you many underclassmen who go to sleep at regular times so you will not have to deal with their rowdiness, like you had to with mine. I truly hope that you will continue your love of math, and may your senior year be fun-filled and full of memories.

To Joy Qiu, I will you all the suavity of the world in order to help you with your various endeavors. I will you the freedom of senior year, and I hope that you will use it to truly yolo. I also will you Jason Chen.

To David Xu, I will you a love of math over that of business so we can perhaps run into each other in the future xD Thank you for dealing with me, whether I’m hyperactive or on the verge of falling asleep, whether we’re doing something legitimate or something stupid. Good luck on APs, and on your last year of IMSA ^_^

To Brice Wang, I will you a pile of bricks, selfies with Prince, and the talent to make even more strange noises with your mouth. Even though we did not share any classes until this semester, we have somehow always connected on a bird-like level through flopping and with our shared spirit animal of math. I also will you many attractive and colorful jackets so you can wear them during various math competitions and late-night runs to buy McChickens.

To Emily Jia, I will you carpool with someone else who will play turn up music and lovingly touch your knees. I also will you a new assistant to carry on the legacy of IMSA orals 2k15 and to give endless embraces al hijo del rey. Thank you for continually brightening my days with your slug-ishness, and, in my times of senior tanking, for inspiring me with your love and passion for learning. Have a wonderful senior year; I know you will end up doing magnificent things. Oh, and stay hawt. Cuz somebody’s gotta fry those eggs.

To everyone, I know you all will go on to do great things. For now, don’t forget to have fun. ^_^

Dayna Lei – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Don’t microwave ramen without adding water.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • All the weird (and kind of stupid) inside jokes Britney and I made
  • Clash 2013
  • Being that one sophomore that microwaved ramen without water
  • Going to Chicago every week for SIR
  • ERS after check every night junior year
  • Intervises in C-wing just to play Smash
  • Clash 2014
  • Cards against Humanity after check junior year
  • Uno after check every night after check at the beginning of senior year
  • Dealing with the 12 absolutely crazy sophomores in my wing every night
  • Chilling in Kiely and Trackman’s offices like always
  • Creating a second home in 01B DQ
  • Clash 2015

Bucket List:

1. Study abroad in Europe somewhere.
2. Become good at percussion once more!
3. Rekindle any interests I had before coming to IMSA.

Last Testament:

To 01C UQ, I will you the DQ. Hopefully you can make better use of it than we did.

To Colette, I will you the ability to revoke the hugging privileges of one of the incoming sophomores.

To Kit, I will you the coffee pot that you broke and shattered on RSL move-in day.

To Grobman, I will you the role of someone who’s actually really awesome and that I’ve grown to respect over these past few months.

To Anabel, I will you an underclassmen who will grow to call you ‘Mama Rivera’ just like how you call me ‘Mama Lei’.

To Kaleb, I will you a co-wing guide that actually does his job.

To Alex Hughes, I will you many hugs and a huge thanks for being my back up back up prom date.

To Ari, I will you a roommate who you can actually bear to be with. And someone to run to when the social justice police attack.

To Arun, I will you an incoming sophomore that will maybe *maybe* be more nubby than you. ;)

To Andrew Adams, I will you the continuing title of traitor and maybe a new batch of sophomores to point at you while calling you a traitor.

To Gabby, I will you the title of Best Human Being.

To the Class of 2016, enjoy your senior year. You’re almost done.

To the Class of 2017, good luck with junior year.

Patty Li – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Be happy and do well. Being cool isn’t worth it.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Running from JaKendra after in-room
  • Basketball sophomore year
  • Saturday walks to Starbucks in the winter
  • Being told off by Brenda Bazan during Friday Fest
  • Problem Solving taught by SCondie
  • Clash 2015 eating competition with Molly Fane
  • Late night talks
  • Prom 2K15
  • Planning prom 2K15’s table
  • Pre- and post-dinner talks with the pseudo pent
  • Making impulsive decisions with Sharon Johnson

Bucket List:

  1. Learn how to cook
  2. Go vegan for a year
  3. Speak Mandarin and Cantonese fluently
  4. Make bank
  5. Pay back my family for all that they’ve done for me
  6. Live aesthetically

Last Testament:

To the rising seniors and juniors of 02A, I will sophomores who make the wing livelier and are always willing to give free food.

To my Mandarin I table, I will the ability to understand and speak Mandarin easily and have a good class next year.  You guys have a good handle on Mandarin, so don’t worry about the many 听写 and  考试.

To Paxton, I will many sophomores who can take your aggressive hugs and abrasive nature. You’ve always freaked me out with your hugs but made me happy at the same time.

To Ashrita, I will people you can have long chats with. You’re the definition of nub, but you know your passions well.  You can do senior year well as long as you know your priorities, so savor your IMSA career.

To Jamie, I will a stress-free second semester and a math table that can make you laugh. You are so hardworking and one of the few people at our Problem Solving table who actually does things.  I silently thank you every day in class when Condie asks a question and you’re there to answer. You deserve to smile a lot and be happy your senior year, so enjoy it!

To Emoonah, I will many underclassmen who you can hug in the hallway.  You’re so real and have one of the most joyful laughs, so keep on being you.  You deserve many happy memories and hugs.

To JPhung, I will squishiness. I got to know you last year and you helped to make orchestra and Strolling Strings a good time. Despite not talking that much this year, I still appreciate your weird faces and puns, and I hope you fully enjoy next year.

To Mckinney, I will many expletives.  To be honest, you intimidated me at first because you seemed so pro, but I have come to know you as this weird junior who randomly tells me things about her life.  Despite that, you’ve entertained me with your odd personality and made my senior year a little more fun.

To Chinyere, I will math help and attractive boys.  I’ll remember your voice and the dramas you tell me about even though I don’t watch any. You have an outrageous personality that always manage to be a smile on my face no matter what you talk about.  Never let others take away your smile and stay awesome.

To Violet, I will a friend in your English classes and many acceptance letters from dentistry schools.  You have honestly made my time in Creative Writing less hellish than it could have been with your wit and humor.  You’re super cool and know your strengths, and I hope your braces filled smile never leaves (until you actually get your braces taken out.)

To Jyotsna, I will an amazing senior year void of BS.  We’ve had so many real talks, and I appreciate your ability to disagree with me and stay true to your opinions.  Your desire to do things has always amazed me and inspired me to want to do more as well. You’re honestly one of my favorite juniors at IMSA, and I think you deserve so much out of life. Keep on being the lame little nugget you are and have a wonderful, adventure filled senior year.

Vivian Liu – University of Chicago, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Don’t settle. (Six words not needed.)

Most Memorable Moments:

  • February 3, 2014 (6-9 PM)
  • February 27, 2014 (7-9:30 PM)
  • May 28, 2014 (10 PM-2 AM)
  • May 29, 2014 (10:30 PM-11:30 PM)
  • December 15, 2014 (12:05 PM)
  • January 25, 2015 (10:30 PM-3:30 AM)
  • March 27, 2015 (10 PM-5 AM)

Bucket List:

  1. Travel alone to England, Russia, and China, and other countries if possible
  2. Celebrate New Year’s in a different country
  3. Confess to Mario Maurer
  4. Write a novel
  5. Illustrate an autobiographical comic
  6. Fall in love
  7. Fall out of love
  8. Meet (or re-meet) The One

Last Testament:

To my 2013-2014 EnACT LEAD class, I will you all the continued drive to push through senior year. You are ALL my inspiration. I’m so glad that Simona and I were lucky enough to be your facilitators that year.

To my 2014-2015 EnACT LEAD class, I will you all the responsibility of taking care of Arthur. You are all beautiful and will be wonderful juniors~ hope you all enjoyed our group rant session, and remember that it’s okay to let off a little steam. ;)

To my 2014-2015 CORE LEAD class, I will you all the ability to keep asking questions. Stay curious, and take care of Andrew… he’ll have a lot on his plate next year!

To Arthur Ortiz, I will you **another spectacular co-facilitator** and the inclination to listen to lots of Chance, all the time. In LEAD. Uncensored. Just kidding. Censored, or really, really quietly.

To Andrew Adams, I will you **another spectacular co-facilitator** as well, assuming that all facilitators continue to teach CORE. Hope your new co got a sick Russian accent and likes to listen to Obama-pop before modules.

To Aneesh Kudaravelli, I will you a really cool couples’ dance partner for Diwali 2015!!

To Joseph Palakeel, I will you the ability to give 10/10 hugs. Also, someone to make fun of your cheekbone dimple.

To Vainius Normantas, I will you a gift. It is a joint gift from Erik Nam and I, and the gift will be delivered to you shortly.

To Keelyn O’Brien, I will you many more encounters with cute Russian boys. #wannabae #howdoichoose #therearefour #maybefive #hopeheseesthis

To Milutin Perovic, I will you many happy Russian III memories~

To Daniel Sohn, I will you a smooth prom2016posal. :D

To Sarah Mou, I will you disciples to bother you on the weekends, to make up for all the times I didn’t get to.

To Heidi Dong, I will you senioritis. Also, the generosity to leave some photogenic-ness for the rest of us.

To Nicole Tartaglia, I will you someone else’s cashews to mooch off of and new sophomores to tickle and take ugly pictures of~

To Cristal Quinones, I will you someone else to complete the massage train.

To Michelle Park, I will you some underclassmen to eat phở and ice skate with. And chill with at SAT testing!

To Franklin Ye, I will you some new companions with whom it is possible to candidly discuss lifestyle habits by the Senior U-Bench.

To Crystal Gong and Alex Gong, I will you another chill, derpy science class and the responsibility of being chill, derpy seniors.

To Divya Dureja, I will you continued ability to always smile and be cheerful. You are so kind, and I am constantly inspired by how inclusive and compassionate you are. So proud of my baby LEAD student <3

To Tina Zhang, I also will you senioritis. Also, someone else to give you bad advice!

To Sam Medina, I will you a ROCKING SIR BUS SEAT BUDDY to share your body pillow with, since you are doing SIR next year, right? Assuming that we will be on the same campus on Wednesdays, I also will you a school year’s worth of weekly lunch dates and plagiarized, yet funny stories and jokes. If not, I will you a cute grad student to take my place… I guess. :’(

To Amy Yu (Yu Giant Baby), I will you a 24 hour girls’ day in Chicago. We have a lot to talk about. ;) Moreover, the laziness to not worry about the little things and some extra cell phone data to Snapchat me all of your inevitable adventures with… (to be decided)?

Keep in touch kiddos <3

Hsing-Duan Louh – Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: “Cheers”

Last Testament:

To Allison Bai, I need you to continue your keen observation while noting and/or screen-shotting all peculiarities that interests you. Remember to find some time to let the kids take you home!

To Jeremy Mateja, I wish you surprise as you discover more of what your voice is capable of.

To Jaeyoung Oh, I leave you the passion, skill, and skillful passion for playing with children. Keep the Exodus spirit alive!

To Katherine Su, I shall attempt the impossible and will you a slightly stronger mind.

To Tiger Shi, I turn over all the poor dancing skills and wish you the best of luck on your journey to unlocking your inner beastS. woof

To Angelina Liao, I will you endless time in the teachers’ offices and the West Gym, and in exchange, provide the badminton board of 2014-2015 with a steady supply of tiramisu. You are welcome.

To Anna Shabayev, I shall now commence your quest to find and caress a red panda and other cute creatures of the world (humans included).

To Felicia Chen, I will you success in all your badminton endeavors and in deriving greater meaning and optimism from every single Open Gym into your life.

To Matt Beauchem and Jair Powell, I will you the desire and creativity to take wing bonding to the next level.

To Timur Javid, I hand you a broom to keep the floor noodle-free and clean all negativity from the wing.

To Sushil and Pranav Upadhyayula, I hand you the urge to embark on new adventures, new perspectives.

To Jason Wu, I await for the day when your awe inspiring acting skills will induce rivers of tears from the masses.

To Matthew Dyas, please explore Kevin thoroughly. And if you have time, do so with the rest of your Wing-mates as well.

To Kyle Leano, I thank you for the endless effort you spent as the cheerful wing guide. Or, should I say, the better Wing Guide. Props.

To Dylan Devine, I endow you with perpetual youth.

To Kevin Chen, fly;

To Adi Budithi, I will you the urge to connect to underclassmen and share your wisdom and joy with them.

To Alex Gonsalves, I ask a favor. Continue as you have always been. Make junior and senior year an interesting story for me to hear about.

To Andriy Sheptunov, begin every day with a search for new excitement, assuming you wake up in time, of course. If you do, you’ll see something different after a short time. Put that keen mind of yours to work!

To Vedhik Kodavatiganti, I will an untiring power in that gorgeous mind and heart of yours. Hold up the bridge between 05 and 07!

To Farris Al-Qawasmi, I shall empower your hands with the power to roam ANYWHERE in the universe. Never stop exploring how far your poetic character can go!

To Malik Roberson, I hope you lose your lanyard. Only $5 for a new ID card. Keep showing the rest of IMSA and beyond what you are see

Derek Lubecke – University of Wisconsin Platteville, Class of 2019

Wise Words: Do Cool Stuff

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Slothing
  • Chilling with the ISP team
  • Unique engineering endeavors #HoolumsOfIMSA
  • Whenever Rebs came to visit
  • Narnia Quad Talks (Wardrobes and Expo Markers)
  • That one time Malachi said something hilarious

Last Testament:

To Spencer Andrews, Ryan Kasch, Daniel Curtis and Caden Beddingfeild, I will the ability to stop listening to Aaron Victor once he has left IMSA. He has corrupted your minds with League of Legends and Magic the Gathering. You now have the power to free yourselves from his sorcery and finally study and get sleep, like you should, or at least play a more respectable game like TF2.

To Aman Asija, I will a Medal of Great Honor for your ability to room with Malachi for a whole year.

To Nikhil Thot, I will the ability to wear your MUSE shirt whenever you want without the fear of matching with me.

To Neal Modi, I will the ability to use Google, so you can do your OOP homework without coming to my quad every single night.

To Nick Damen, I will the wing commons, so you can practice your dance moves whenever you want, and digital copies of every season of Community, so you can give me my DVDs back.

To Tiger Shi, I will your soul. I found it behind Aaron’s wardrobe and I think he forgot he had it.

To Timur Javid, I will the ability to stop playing videogames, so you won’t have to sleep in the MSA every day.

To Alex Gonsalves, I will the motivation to edit your pictures from Lunar, Hamambee and Clash photos and put them on the ISP site. Now everyone knows you haven’t done it , so you have to upload them.

To Gabe Jankowski, I will the responsibility of recruiting members to Board Game Innovations. Remember, if you only find 5 people you will have done better than Dawson.

To Rakesh Chatrath, Tom Wan, Calvin Zhu and Jason Wu, I leave Caspa and rights to the title “Sloth Quad 3.0”. Senior year will be one of the busiest and most rewarding times at IMSA. May our ghostly friend help you get plenty of rest. It is now up to you to spread sloth culture now that my quad is leaving for college. You are now responsible for finding the sloth quad to follow you and passing on the title as I have done to you.

To Luke Morrical, I will my team of 6 zigzagoon, a forged reservation card, and a porkchop.

To Anna Shabayev, I will a really cool virtual hat.

To Rakesh Chatrath, Deborah Agoye, and Justin Orr, I will the organization and communication skills to run a fantastic ISP photo team. The three of you will be senior photographers next year. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Communication is the most important skill. Work together to train as many people as you can, and bring them to the level where they can use the site and run events themselves. I believe next year’s team can be better than ever. (You can even try helping yearbook once in a while)

To Gene Kim, I will the enthusiasm I know you already have. Continue to liven up the ISP team. They need someone to make Chris Reader upset once in a while. It is okay to call the light reflectors “dog cones”.

Robert J. Magyar – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: From finite life comes infinite legacy

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Molecular Genetics with Don Dosch.
  • Skinner trying to wake me up in American Studies.
  • Spending late nights talking with my closest friends.

Bucket List:

  1. Stay close to my IMSA friends through college and the rest of life.
  2. Start a successful business.
  3. Live in the house of my dreams.
  4. Never grow old.
  5. Be happy with my life.

In the name of God, Amen, the third day of May the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen, I, ROBERT JACOB MAGYAR, being of perfect sense and memory and in good health thanks to God for the same but calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appropriate for all men once to graduate, make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following,

First, I give to Kayla Anne Hannon, my great friend, memories of the times spent together, and promises of eternal friendship beyond graduation.

Item, I give to Ana Maria Curtis, my friend, thanks for what she has given me with her friendship, which shall survive past the time of graduation.

Item, I give to Vinesh Girish Kannan, a shirt bearing the name of the institution known as the “Illinois Institute of Technology”, which he intends on attending, and greatest thanks for the time spent with me.

Item, I give to Emma Sloan, my friend, thanks for always being there when I needed her most, continued friendship, and hopes of success in future studies.

Item, I give to the honorable Doctor Peter Joseph Dong, all of the Quantum Mechanics assignments I have failed to present upon collection.

Item, I give to Donald Charles Dosch, thanks for changing the means in which I study, and hereby promise to let him know how I do at college.

Item, I give to Claiborne Adams Skinner, best wishes in educating the future generations of IMSA students in all matters historical.

Item, I give to the students of this institution, best wishes in life beyond graduation and within their collegiate studies and careers.

And I do nominate and appoint Kayla Anne Hannon, my friend, whole and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament and I give to my said friend, Kayla Anne Hannon, all my goods, chattels and household stuff paying my debts and legacies and graduation expenses.

In witness that this is my last Will, I do hereby publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in the presence of those whose names are hereunder written:

John Down, John Bolla

Fernando Maldonado – University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: There is always room for dessert.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night talks with underclassmen and friends
  • Clash
  • The all-nighter I pulled for a history paper sophomore year
  • Accidently jumping up while going down the stairs (and getting hospitalized)

Bucket list:

  • Graduate college
  • Get an awesome job
  • Have no regrets (or at least laugh at stuff I’ve done)
  • Eat a grilled cheese sandwich on my 30th birthday
  • Visit every continent, except Antartica, unless the penguins really want me to.
  • Try various foods on a stick
  • Make a physical bucket list, and put it in a bucket
  • Learn another language (fluently).

Last Testament (in no particular order):

To Emily Jia, I will you a small fern, with cow stickers on it.

Angelina Liao, I will you the softest pillow in the world, once I find it, and a light bulb.

Tiger Shi, I will to you all the pencils on campus.

Nathan Rabideau, I will to you an 8bit picture of the number 8.

Katherine Su, I will to you a glass eyeball, but it’s actually made of wolly material.

Timur Javid, I will to you a hotdog, but it looks like a gamecube controller.

Jason Wu, I will to you a very kawaii plush, of whatever you choose, except one that looks like a can of noodles.

Allison Bai, I will to you a bunch of amazing decorated cupcakes.

Malik Roberson, I will to you a bolt cutter in case you get your arm stuck again.

Justin Xu, I will to you my gold icon, since you failed to get yours last season, n00b.

Arianna Osar, I will to you a magnifying glass, I don’t really have a good reason, but I think they’re cool.

Kyle Leano, I will to you a paper border that you can tape over your screen for maximum effectiveness, and a marble.

Dylan Devine, I will to you a can of mountain dew, but it’s filled with that strange carbonated fruitjuice you enjoy, and it has a promo code for 4 rp on the back.

Jessica Lee, I will to you a couple of brownies, and a lucky charm, I guess it can be a real one or the cereal, or a lucky cereal.

Adi Budithi, I will to you a single pastry, but it looks like an orange.

Michael Qian, I will to you a giant poster of your face.

Grace Yang, I will to you another hat for your llama.

Maya Costales, I will to you a stick from none other than mother nature itself, and a polished modern table with silver on the sides, and an engraving of the solar system.

Kevin Chen, I will to you a cube of dirt, 10cm^3, with bugs in it. Don’t eat it. John Valin, I will to you a jump rope, I think it’s cool, also I’ve never seen you jump.

Vedhik Kodavatiganti, I will to you a chessboard made of inter-dimensional glass, and the luck to become the one true god.

Alex Gonsalves, I will to you a hug. And bees.

Cam Hudgins, I will to you an elevator, but it only goes down.

Farris Al-Qawasami, I will to you the power to win your next 1v1, unless you get wrekt, then it’s your fault.

Nikki Mastrud – University of Arizona, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Sleep. Remember to get some sleep.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Getting a perfect score on hall presentation junior year
  • Clash 2k14 and 2k15
  • Prom sophomore year
  • The Robbers
  • Seeing 3 Captain America movies in 2 days
  • 02C wing flooding during intersession
  • Big Gay Gathering
  • Going to Japan
  • The 01 RC office
  • Colorguard performing at homecoming pep rally
  • Making semifinals at the Central Illinois FRC Regional
  • Watching Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog the first night of sophomore year

Bucket List:

1. Teach an IMSA intersession
2. Travel to many different countries
3. March drum corps
4. Learn another language (or two) fluently
5. Get a non-chorus part in a musical
6. Organize a flash mob

Last Testament:

To Alyssa Wilke, I will the bench, and the ability to know whether or not there is one.

To Zach Ungerleider, I will many more fun and exciting adventures in drama club, playing the crazy, psychopathic villain to a point where even your torture victims are a little scared of you.

To Liam McParland, I will you 5 miso soup 4 seaweed salad 3 soy burger dinner 2 tofu dog platter and 1 pasta with meatless balls. But in all seriousness, I will you a wonderful senior year, with exciting research projects, drama productions safe from curses, and a little bit of free time to watch new musicals.

To Alec Elston, I will successfully dyed hair for Clash your senior year, and a little less stress. I will you to keep knowing all the gay slang better than anyone else I know. And I will you that someone will be there for you how you have always been there for me, with a warm hug and caring words. Thank you, Alec, for being such a great friend to me over these last two years.

To Ryan Franks, I will you the ability to one day not be a sophomore.

To Andrew Adams, I will a successful senior year, and the ability to relax once in a while in between all of your crazy awesome responsibilities. I will you the motivation to make real and positive changes in everything that you do, as always. You’ll do great things, just remember to get some sleep.

To Daniel Breyne, I will you a unicorn.

To Ashrita Raghuram, I will you a fabulous final year of FIRST robotics. I will you CADs that are properly restrained, cuts that are perfectly accurate, rookies that are enthusiastic, veterans that will teach and lead, and a robot without duct tape.

To Mylee Rolock, I will you the colorguard that almost was. You stuck with me until we were the only ones left, and I hope you continue to develop your burgeoning colorguard skills even though we don’t have an official team anymore.

To Kate Kwasneski, I will you the motivation and courage to get through all the hard times that junior year might bring. I will you the ability to stay positive and friendly with everyone you meet, and the determination to stay true to yourself. You are one of the best sophomores I’ve met at IMSA this year, and I can’t believe that if not for the play, I may not have met you at all. Keep believing in yourself, girl, you’ll do great things.

To Emma Mattson, I will you two more fantastic, song-filled professional development days, as well as a positive attitude to get you through junior year.

To Livia Way, I will you the ability to keep your positive attitude going strong during senior year. You always seem to be smiling, no matter how dark the day may seem.

To Keelyn O’Brien, I will you a less stressful senior year, and the ability to know when to take a break from the world of microbio and just enjoy the fact that you’re one of the most awesome people I know. You made getting through MCB not quite as painful. Thank you.

To Arianna Osar, I will you a relaxing senior year, and a great room and roommate next year.

To Tyler Shah, Alec Elston, and Katie Pauss, I will you the most successful year that Spectrum has ever seen. I’m sure you’ll do absolutely fantastic last year. Stay fabulous!

To the robotics team, I will you the best robotics season team 2022 has ever seen, full of effective communication, CAD-ing ahead of time, and lots and lots of fun. St. Louis: prepare yourself.

To the underclassmen (And RC, Becca Calvillo) of 01C wing, I will fantastic junior and senior years, and an absolutely wonderful wing next year. You all have been an absolutely amazing wing this year, and I wish you all the very very best in your future endeavors.

Michelle Meas – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Work’s important, but so is fun.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Mode Mode nights
  • Plotting the curve of late-night insanity as a function of time
  • Half-hanging off the top bunk to have late-night talks with my roommate
  • Clash 2k14
  • FrightFest with Katie
  • Staying in 05 until 1am to “help Malachi do college apps”
  • Waking up at 10am on a Sunday morning to keep Jared company
  • Thursday night tea-times with Jared
  • Blankets are bad
  • Photoshoot parties with the best team on campus
  • Joy Yee’s/Bubble Tea trips
  • Going out to eat with Reberhardt
  • After-meeting dinners with ISP board
  • Movie nights in IMS
  • Friday night movie night/cards against humanity
  • 06C pj dinner date feat. Pandas
  • Sushi trips with bae
  • Having an abundance of ranch in the fridge
  • Snapchat-documenting the Twilight Saga to my roommate… while she’s sitting next to me
  • Anime watching parties with Calvin and Rakesh
  • Country music/Childish Gambino with Aaron
  • Setting off the smoke alarm in 02 with stir-fry
  • 3am fire alarms
  • 1am McDonald’s with Lani
  • Eating in the booth after culture shows

Bucket List:

  1. Visit IMSA as an alumni
  2. Go back to China
  3. Road Trip with Katie
  4. Buy a house next to Katie and build a bridge in between

Last Testament

To Alex Murarus I leave you someone to pull all-nighters with… on papers due last week. I leave you the motivation I have for work after 2 cans of Mountain Dew and 2 hours of procrastination 3 hours before the deadline.

To Anna Shabayev I leave my worldly advice, may it guide you and give you the courage to do what needs to be done. I leave you my position as only senior female on board. You’ve earned it.

To Christy Paik and Cecilia Chang I leave the legacy of 06 girls in ISP. You two will be great leaders and wonderful additions to the team. Keep the boys in line for me!

To Rakesh and Christy I leave my baby, the auditorium booth. May you take good care of her in my absence, and may all your light cues and mixes come in on time ;).

To Rakesh I leave my position as ISP sass-master. Keep Kevin on his toes for me. Also, I withdraw from the running for best-dressed board member… for good. I leave you my IMS blanket, you’ll need it when Kevin calls you in on a Saturday morning. I leave you the spare DI box and In-Booth sound system for when Ghibli films are more interesting than the event itself. I leave you with the lifelong motto “Blankets are Bad”. I leave you the comfy couch and the second desk chair in the RC office. They’re not mine to give, but I’ll no longer steal either from you anymore. I leave you uncontested shotgun on Jared trips. I leave you with the constant fear of leaving pizza at the pizza place. And finally, I leave you with peppermint tea and honey, to remind you to take it slow and relax once in a while.

To Calvin Zhu I leave my vast collection of Bear photos, for those times when you need something fluffy to look at. (Don’t overdose though, your hands may become permanently glued to your face)

To Elliott Cleven and Sean Ngo I leave my fighting skillz—I always challenge you, but you never take me up on it, so you must need them.

To Joe Longo I leave all the YingWen cards we stacked up from speaking English in China and the reminder to not swear in front of small children—they understand you.

To Cathy Chen I leave all the chins I make whenever I see you. May they make you as attractive as I.

To Jacqueline Vega I leave my scathing look, so you can use it while you judge people without me.

To 06C wing of 2014-2015 I leave my obnoxious sense of humor during wing events and the reminder that laughter can only make the day better. I bet next year, people will ask me where I live and I’ll just blurt out “06C” without even thinking about it because… well, you guys have made this my home. I’ll miss you all dearly <3

Puja Mittal – Purdue University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Be different, works out better anyways.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • IMSA Diwali (All Three)
  • The Rainbow Unicorn Pillow Pet (Sgt. Jamiepoo McSkittle)
  • Guitar Lessons and the Golden Pick
  • 03 Clash Drill Team with Sandy
  • Weekends and Kimchi/Rice Breakfasts with Sarah
  • Being the Third Roommate to Shannon and Navika
  • Running from 07 to 03 every 7 check
  • Bacon Pancakes
  • eleMENT
  • eleMENT
  • eleMENT
  • All 07B Dinner Dates
  • Early Move in doing 07B Wing Decs
  • Tea with Cain/Nok/Kind/Jared
  • El Cid Video with Grace, Sanjay, and Alonzo
  • Having a Buttprint on the 07 RC Office Chair
  • Sibling Bonding. Best.
  • The Perfect Loyola Visit
  • New Cake from Old Cake
  • 06 Clash Talent Circus
  • Chicago Senior Auction trip with Driemersma
  • When KPOP Happened then the BAP Concert
  • StudCo Chicago Trip
  • Infinite time spend in IMS editing videos
  • Silicon Valley Intersession
  • Kanban Challenge
  • Dance? Dance.
  • Finding a home in 06
  • Ryan’s Bandana at the end of Senior Year Clash Pep Rally
  • Weekend Dance Sessions in the DNA Hallway
  • My Short-Lived Bachelorette Pad
  • Mode-Mode Nights

Bucket List:

1. Achieve my Senior Most (Most likely to be a Millionaire)
2. Go to Urban Dance Camp
3. Become a teacher in some form
4. Give a TED Talk
5. Learn Chinese and/or Korean
6. Travel the world

Last Testament:

Grace Twagilimana, Christine Boland-Prom, Malina Wardlow, Tam Ngyuen, and Rachel Harness: You may have left IMSA, but not my heart. I will you the best of luck wherever life takes you, and know that you always have me as an upperclassman.

My eleMENTors (Nick Rodriguez, Ben Cooper, David Xu): Anything I could will to you three couldn’t amount to how thankful I am for you all. From dealing with my 5-track mind, my crazy calendar, and the roller coaster of a time it is to keep this together, you all have done above and beyond what I could have asked for. I have said this to you guys, but I trust you all wholeheartedly to carry on my baby. That being said, I should make it official – I will you eleMENT. From being in the OCA Classroom hearing about the PujPuj device and PB&Js to teaching the breakdown of Facebook in Quaker, we have grown together as facilitators and as friends. I also will you my network, cause let’s face it, I’m a god. (Okay I’m not that obnoxious I promise)

David, I will you endless pens for practicing how to talk slowly. Jokes aside, you’re one of the most intelligent people I’ve met and one of the most dedicated. You’re always down for things and I appreciate you yelling at me during meetings. You’re going to be hella successful at whatever you do, so I can’t will you much. I know it wasn’t easy juggling SIR and eleMENT but thank you so much for sticking with it. If anything, I will you and Ben the joys of Statistics and a clock to make sure we actually end on time. Ben, forget balancing act – your year has been a three-ring circus. Thankfully, one of those tightropes has been eleMENT. You are one of the most unique, ridiculously knowledgeable about everything, and trolliest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I will you my people sense; you’ve come a long way but hey, skewing your I/E part of Meyers Briggs can’t hurt. As for StudCo, you and Heidi are a dynamite pair and I have no qualms about the two of you running things next year. I wish you both the best of luck, though honestly, you really don’t need it.

Nick, oh dear. It’s been a long ride since buying snapbacks in SF to coffee runs in Chicago. You have an insane ride coming up, filled with obnoxious amounts of calendaring, even more meetings, and growing pains from developing a sturdy backbone to avoid all the boxes we aren’t in. Everything has origins, and so to remind you of ours, I will you all the OneHand prototypes. They represent a lot, and the meaning I’ll leave with you is don’t be afraid to start over. Maybe I’m completely batty and haven’t been doing eleMENT the right way; I leave you these to say I trust you to change things. The moment I knew I could trust you with eleMENT, silly as it may sound, is when you messaged me telling me you reorganized the drive without me ever asking you to. Thank you for being my support, my go-to, and for being a wonderful human overall.

Alec Elston and Jason Yang: I will you BC with Tobers and the homework everyday for the next year to come.

Alex Murarus: I will you stair conversations, blackmail Instagram pictures, and all the tweezers and eyeliner you could ever ask for.

Alvina Chen: As given to me by my senior who said I reminded her a lot of herself (Victoria Etherton), I will you my swag. This encompasses the entirety of me, and pass it on in due time to that sophomore you mooch food from, tell your stories to, swap clothes with, and feel like siblings with them. I also will you my sparkly snowflakes to hang whenever you feel like. They made me smile on a rainy day much like you have, with your glittering personality. Finally, I will you wifi after 11:30 even though you’ll officially have it next year. Andrew Adams: I will you my copy of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It is by far the coolest thing I have read to date, and plays on my love of Harry Potter, nerdy technical things, and all things magically interdisciplinary, which I know you’ll love too. I will the ability to speak Spanish to convince Palos that we’re dating. From that fateful dinner date to the fondue date that never happened, you’re always one of my favorite people to spend time with. I will you battery-sized post it notes, no-filter conversations, and an IOU for an actual fondue date. I will you my love of teaching, because I know it resides within you as well.

Aspen Wheeler: I will you someone to be excited every time they see you no matter what mood they’re in.

Athena, and Heena: I will you the passion for dance I was able to find at IMSA. No place other than here was I could I have this many opportunities to try different styles and be on the stage this much. Never forget how amazing it is to be able to choreograph our visions into realities as young as we are. When you’re stressed next year, happiness is just the DNA Hallway and a pair of speakers away.

Cathy Chen: I will you JB, all the ducks, and my EXO Chinese Planner to use for more posters. I have seen you at IMSA from day one, and since then you have never ceased to be the ray of sunshine in my life. From random dance sessions, to fangirling over KPOP, to more fangirling over KPOP, your laugh, and you ceaselessly hitting on everybody, I have never been unhappy around you. Just like my snapbacks are my babies, you are one of mine. You’re my Dance? Dance! partner in crime, and my only Chathalin till the end of time. I will miss you more than you know.

Lucy Yuan: I will you my title (as given to me by Andrew Adams) of Graphic Design Queen and a pair of gloves that look like cats for those magic designy fingers. I have always said you are better than me and I still stick with that statement. I will you all the cute animals to make you smile as much as you’ve made me smile over these past two years. I will you my confidence, because combined with your capabilities, you can do anything Lucy. I believe in you wholeheartedly, and don’t forget that next year I’m just a message, call, or text away.

To both Lucy and Cathy: I will you all the hugs and kisses and after check conversations to remind you that your Mamapuj is still there cheering you on. Thank you for being my reason to stay in 06.

Cecilia and Sabrina: I will you each other, so that way one of y’all can keep the other’s sass in check. I will you all of the endless laughs you’ve given me.

Cecilia and Yasmin: I will you a subwoofer to feel in your room to sync with your music and keep things lively.

Choco Cosmos (Vainius, Akash, Sagar, Joseph, Aneesh): I have loved seeing all of you grow in eleMENT and working with you was one of the most entertaining design experiences I’ve had. I will you IMSA Power Pitch. Go and kill it next year.

Chris Ni: I will you a matching pair of shoes, someone to always borrow a sweatshirt from, and the closest thing to a real sibling you can have. Words cannot express how much you are going to be one of the people I will miss on the daily next year. To be honest, I do think of you as my little brother because throughout my time at IMSA, there has never been a time where I couldn’t depend on you to be there for me or to make me smile or to swap clothes with or to just hang out. I will you someone to feed you for the hell of it, someone whose voice exceeds the sound limits of yours, and someone to take naps on. I will you someone to run into the hallways all the time, and someone to cast shiny seeds on you till you’re permanently a flower. I will you the Mexican bakery, a trip to Chicago, a jar of honey citrus tea, and someone to bring you snacks before big tests. I would will you someone to care for you as much as I do, but that’s a hard ask, because you are my little brother.

Christoph Eckrich: I will you someone to get you through the math struggles with for another two semesters and endless amounts of tea (including a bag from Doc Nok) and all the penguins. Your friendship has been one of the most constant ones I’ve had, and it’s hard to put into words what all it’s made of. There’s the base of calculus, with a layer of Driems, infused throughout with wonderful conversations. To the dinner dates, the hair conversations, and the RC adventures that I’ll remember fondly. I still remember you in eleMENT, but you’ve never been just an underclassman or one of my students. You’ve been my friend Christoph, the German, the long-named, the wonderful, and my favorite. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. I will you my “side-effects of working with Arjun” whatever they may be to help you create even better things than he or I could.

Devdhi: I will you protoquad. Take care of them, they’re some of the best people I’ve had the fortune of befriending.

All my former and current eleMENT Students: I will you the entrepreneurial spirit that I’ve hopefully played a part in sparking at IMSA. You guys inspired me inside and outside the classroom to be worthy of the talent and potential within the 36 (sorry, 37) of you combined. Throughout your time here, you’ll be faced with many choices and I will you the ability to do things differently. Even though it’s IMSA, it’s not ready to handle all the wonderful changes that you can bring about. I will you the steadfastness and perseverance it takes to make the change, the one that I had to develop to build eleMENT. I will you endless Dunkin Donuts and lots and lots of business cards.

Evan Sun: From working with you in both eleMENT and StudCo, I’ve seen you grow immensely over the past year. I will you a coat and a pair of shoes so you’ll actually dress up when you go to 1871 next year. I will you the InQUIZitive minds poster as design inspiration and to remind you that you need both sides of the brain to really be happy.

Franklin Ye: I don’t need to will you anything, because you’ve earned every bit of what you’ve achieved. It’s been awesome to see you transform this year, now take those skills and transform campus.

GChoi: I will you my portion of the title of poster bitch of cabinet. I will you the responsibility of making sure StudCo’s font choice is on point. Lastly, I will you my half of the Wall-of-the-Week poster. You’ve been one of my favorite people to see every day, and beyond that I am happy to see you develop a strong voice. Use it, and treasure every moment of your final year (okay I had to add a pun hehe).

Hannah Cavagnetto: I will you my fridge stand and the lamp that cannot stand without it. You’re become the stand to my lamp this year. I will you someone to barge into your room, make smoothies for you, and tell you that you are one of the best human beans on the planet.

Hannah Flatness: I will you endless stories when I visit.

Schmeidi Dong: I will you my P-Town swag. This piece of swag exceeds most swags because it derives itself from the purest source: Midstate. Keep repping this and pass it down to those who you deem worthy. Words cannot explain how much I have come to respect you and your capabilities. You doubt yourself, but I have none for you. I am so proud of what you have accomplished and what I know you will accomplish in the future.

Herschel: Since you’re not cool enough for a snapback, I will you the top hat from Lunar Modern.

Jack Badalamenti: I will you a Jack beanie, so you will always and forever be beanie Jack.

Jessica, Joy, Sarah, Faithe, Lauryn, Dominique, Jan, Katy, Cecilia, Yasmin, Alvina, Natalie, Cindy, Sabrina, and Divya: I will you the 06D wing family. Even though some of you may be moving to different places next year, you’ll always have people to let you in after in fob-shutoff, borrow snapbacks from, get amstud guidance, and everything in between.

Jiaobao: I will you my dance abilities in exchange for your insane art capabilities.

Jinnypoo: I will you all the naps you could ever want or need, and someone to keep you up till 4AM telling you stories. I have seen you grow so much in this past year, and you’ve shown the strength and dedication that makes change possible. Make Mamapuj proud, 33% of my daughter. I will you my 06 hall senator poster; plus, it’s pink.

Jon Guo: I will you all the food that I’ve mooched from you and someone to say hi to during the 10 check dash between 06 and 07.

Joseph Palakeel and Sofia Rhode: I will you a friendship that lasts from P-Town to graduation, because the ratchet roots are the ones that are the strongest in the end.

JBurkaroni and Cheese (Josh Burke): I will you a (pepperoni?) pizza and an hour for us to catch up to make up for the times we never hung out.

JRose (Josh Rosenthal): A pair of self-tying shoes so the morning isn’t as much of a struggle. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, and being an excellent pillow.

Joy Qiu: There’s not much to will you because quite frankly, you have it down pretty solid. If there’s anything, I will you my limited fashion sense and ability to give zero. I will you the ability to sleep nights after watching scary TV shows and a weekend with someone in need of that brain of yours. Thank you for all of the math help, the random life-talk sessions, and the small moments where you make me smile.

Julia Reynaga: I will you someone to twin with randomly and to say your name with different pronunciations on the daily. Even though I’m graduating, you’ll still be my little sibling and feel free to hit me up whenever you need a sibling next year.

Madison Dong: I will you a unicorn hat, because you are a unicorn of a person and you should realize how special you are. I have never met anyone like you and I encourage you to keep whatever it is that gives you that spark.

Melissa Bayer: I will you someone to complain about boobs with.

Michelle Park: I will you endless packs of gum.

Natalie Valentine: Wifey! I will you a box of green tea, the tea you actually like, because I remembered. Nat, you are my rock, my wife, my friend, my underclassmen, all rolled into one. I will you a god-tier shoulder to cry and sleep on and endless amounts of KPOP inside jokes. I still am so glad you came to my wing this year, because I would not have gotten through it without you. I will you someone to always help move your furniture and someone to drag to concerts and pretend to be in a relationship with. There’s so many good memories I can put here, but there’s no need. You’re my wife, we’ll have plenty to come.

Nathan Errampalli: I will you a friend more constant than I was to you.

Nick Damen, Mitchell Sun, Cathy Chen and Alan Ren: I will you Lunar Modern. It was probably the best memory of my senior year and I want to see you guys kick/slap? (Alan’s large) butt next year. Make 2014 proud and go beast on SDAC.

Srivarun: I will you someone to harass you about talking to too many girls. I still remember you asking me if you should go to IMSA, and I am proud of all you’ve accomplished while here. Carry on the midstate legacy well.

Susriya Gangireddy and Taylor Reyes: I will you a storyteller.

Vadini and Nitya: I will you a mummiji to tell you to wear clothes, call you endless amounts of nicknames, and give you lots of hugs after check. You two have become my little sophomores and you’ll forever be my little sophomores.

Vainius, Rebecca, and Evan: I will you the story of eleMENT and give you the responsibility to carry on eleMENT how it should be. What makes this program special is not just the content, but what it represents: the ability to change things. Two years ago, this never existed and now look at where it’s at. Create the environment to inspire change and show that its possible if you put your heart into it. It’s scary for me to move on, but I can confidently say that you three are the perfect combination to carry on eleMENT’s legacy.

Yoanna: I will you the shelves from my desk to serve as inspiration for whenever you don’t think something is possible, to remind you that even when things don’t work out, there’s all the more reason to keep going. Fill them with books that you don’t have to memorize, memories, and maybe a splash of tea for good measure.

Zach Ungerleider: I will you my giant plush mustache to keep our sense of whimsy in all this “innovation” and a place to nap and eat in IN2.

Emily Mu – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Do What You Love—No Regrets

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night eats and music video making and other shenanigans with my quad <3
  • Class Club: I will miss our weekly meetings
  • Nighttime hangouts in Boston and Springfield
  • Hanging out with Dr. Condie, and hanging in his office XD
  • Meditation with the roomie
  • Winning wing wars all three years
  • Walks and talks with various people over the years
  • Sitting in Don and Kiely’s offices
  • All the math team memories with Joanna

Bucket List:

  1. Travel the world
  2. Find a field I love
  3. Live a balanced life

Last Testament:

To 02 D-Wing Sophomores (Megan, Tess, Meghana, Maria, Yoanna, Gina, Lindy, Kate, Karolina, Shivali)—I know that we haven’t really gotten to know each other that well this past year, but I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. There honestly isn’t that much time until graduation, and I will you the abilities to learn a lot and to meet new people and to have an amazing time over these next two years.

To Lisa Lin—Thank you for always putting a smile on my face XD I’m not sure if I can even do this but I will you a sophomore next year to do the same for you.

To Mike Etzkorn—I will you success in all your future endeavors. Perhaps I’ll see you again pretty soon!

To Susriya Gangireddy—I will you an awesome doubles partner next year. Thank you for sticking through multiple injuries with me this year!

To Lydia Stone—I will you a happy senior year. Don’t worry too much if what other people think matters, just do what feels right for you and have a great year!

To Jacqueline Vega—I will you good luck with math this coming year. I’ve had an awesome time working with you and I know you’ll do wonderfully.

To Jason Yang—Your hugs are honestly the best. I will you a senior year filled with more of them XD

To Tiffany, Sarah, Angelina, MicKinney—Thanks for making D-wing an awesome place to live this year. I will you all an incredible final year.

To Paul, Tina—I’m so glad to have been able to gotten to know you guys through math team over these past two years. I will you the future of the team—hopefully you’ll break the four-year streak?

To Emily Jia—I feel like I’ve only begun to get to know you this year and while I’m regretful about that, I’m also incredibly thankful for the memories that we do have. I know you have the motivation and dedication to make whatever you want happen so I’m going to will you the belief that everything will somehow turn out right in the end.

To Brice Wang—Brickkkkk! I think I’ve known you for the longest period of time. From playing Prez on airport floors to waiting for you… continuously, I’m grateful to consider you a friend. I will you more wonderful memories next year (I mean you’re all coming to visit me anyway right?) and the ability to take faster showers at more appropriate times.

To Jason Chen—I feel like I didn’t really know you very much at all until this year. Really, though, I think you should delete that app off your phone before something accidentally happens to your phone. Thank you for being a good sport even when I’m whacking you over the head with a pillow… Anyway, I will you luck in the coming year in everything that you do.

To Milutin—It’s been a pretty busy semester. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to believe that I’d never spoken to you until this year. Thank you for all of the memories and talks these past few months. I really admire your ability to care for all of the people that you do. I often find it difficult enough to keep track of myself. That being said, I will you the ability to take time for yourself next year and to have an incredible senior year. You deserve it.

To Joy—I don’t actually remember the first thing you ever said to me, but I’m pretty sure it was an insult ): At least statistically speaking. But its ok because I also have hundreds of very attractive photos of you. Remember that time at ARML when we had that photo war? I still have those pictures too. Anyway, despite the fact that you’re always too lazy to walk to 06 and I’m always too lazy to walk to 02, I’m thankful for our friendship over the past three years. You’re so incredibly intelligent, although quite nubby, and talented. There’s not much I can will you beyond taking time to relax and have fun next year. Also, you’d better stay in contact next year even though Boston is farther from 06 than 02 is. Love you lots <3

To Ashrita—You are honestly the fifth member of our quad and I’m going to miss you so much next year. From all the food parties that we have (ACTUALLY so many—this is why my goals to get healthy never work) to the impromptu dance parties to all the random crazy memories (and scary ones like the dissection—I STILL remember), it’s still hard for me to believe that I won’t be coming back to the quad next year to hang out with you. (I’m not sure when this is getting published, but whenever it is, you should just move to our quad for the rest of the year). I’m going to miss listening to Evania’s stories with you and laughing insanely and talking about everything and anything. I might even miss the dissection. I’ll try to make do though with the many videos that I’ve illicitly taken over the years. Anyway, I will you a senior year filled with food parties, laughter, and good friends. Even though we will all be in different places around the world, I can’t imagine ever losing touch with any of you.

Erik Nam – Parkland, Class of 2017

Words of Wisdom: Grate men do Grate things.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Nights in Kevin Li’s quads
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Curbside popsicles
  • Tennis courts Sophomore Year
  • Nail Painting Sophomore Year
  • Clash 2013, 2014 (winners), 2015
  • Filming the Lunar 2014 show
  • Nights in which the Transcripts were written
  • Hypnosis attempts
  • Sophomore year events with Arjun Garg, Deepika, and Haneesha
  • FPS
  • Homecoming Sophomore year
  • Promposal
  • #freenam 1 and 2

Bucket List:

  1. Backpacking in Europe
  2. Skydiving
  3. Cancun with old 04 crew
  4. Meet IU and go to her concert
  5. Epik High concert
  6. Experience a kdrama-like love scene
  7. Watch Grant Taric the Gem Knight William’s live stream
  8. Go to space
  9. Get married
  10. Become friends with a celebrity.
  11. Write a rap with Michael Wang

Last Testament:

To Daniel Sohn: Dan, to you I will you many things as you have had nothing this year thanks to Kevin Li. I will you one of my Why So Serious Poster as you remember to chill, relax, and enjoy yourself next year. I also will you KSMAC as I took on the tradition from Hyunbin. I hope that you will be able to produce wonderful songs at Lunar like we did this year… I also will you an underclassman to take care of and teach just like I have with you and hope that you will be able to enjoy your senior year as I did with you. I also will you the Joy of life and that you will Qiuse wise decisions.

To Milutin Perovic: Milutin I have many things to will you. Milutin I will you the Cheese Grater title. You are the one chosen to take the role of the next Cheese Grater. Like me you are a true cheese grater and I hope you have a grate senior year. I also will you an underclassmen who has the grater potential. This underclassmen could be a protégé or even a friend like you are to me. I hope that you can experience the great memories I had with you with another underclassman. I will you the grate teachings and the symbol of a grater.

To Alan Ren: Alan I will you the quest to find Tyler Pradaxay’s solid gray Vans. If you find them, perhaps they will grant you his godly dancing skills.

To Franklin Turtle Ye: Franklin I will you nothing because you have had everything this year. Compared to your sophomore year you have grown from a baby turtle to a tortoise. You have matured, grown, and even become a great League of Legends player, and you managed to get a girlfriend. I can tell you will do well. I never expected that the scrub sophomore that came to my room introduced as Michael 2.0 would come so far.

To Varun Iyer: Varun, I am willing you a poster so that now you will be able to possess your own poster and you will no longer need to “buy” more.

To Joy Qiu: Joy, I will you the responsibility of taking care of Dan. Good luck, you’ll need it. I also will you the responsibility of caring of Milutin.

To Michelle Park: Michelle, I will you turtle food.

To Vainius Normantas: Vainius, I will you the will of Captain T3. Never his spirit die. Your sister would love this will. I also give you a joint gift with Vivian Liu.

To Aneesh Kudaravalli: Aneesh, I will you a beating.

To Joseph Palakeel: Joseph, I will you a tree.

To Harith Alappat: Harith, I will you the position of senior rep advisor for FELLAS.

To Simon Su: Simon, I will you Milutin to guide you through your next few years at IMSA. I also will you the luck of a grater. I hope that you will become a great grater and do grate things. You are the new generation.

To Shannon Park: Shannon, I will you the strength to tug yourself through the great flowing river that is IMSA. You are the tugboat, set sail and do great things.

To Rongzhen (Rongzhi Poo) Zhou: Rongzhen, I will you a golden ticket to the page Grant’s Pro Tips.

To Grace Park: Grace, I will your sister’s tennis skill. She beat me my sophomore year and I bet you are going to be a great player like Nahee.

To Char Ong: Char, I will you the responsibility of taking care of Dan as well. I realized that it will be difficult for one person to take care of him.

Julian Pacheco – University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Experiment until you find your passion.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning the obstacle course for Clash 2013 and taking fourth overall
  • Late nights talking with the class of 2014
  • Soccer season all three years
  • Winning the homecoming soccer game my senior year
  • Hall presentation of Hall 2014
  • Clash 2014 and partying even though we got last
  • Fifa in 04C
  • Listening to Chance the Rapper at the senior U bench
  • Drill team during Clash 2015
  • Senior game during Clash 2015
  • Not taking last at Clash 2015
  • Holi 2015
  • Late night talks with the Hex

Bucket List:

  • Go surfing in Hawaii
  • Visit a foreign country to do charitable work
  • Play soccer in the streets in some other country
  • Explore downtown Chicago with friends
  • Visit IMSA with friends as Alumni
  • Complete a Spartan Race
  • Backpack through Europe
  • Save a life as a doctor

Last Testament:

To Kit Kodama, I will you a good work ethic and the best of luck for the college application process. I have seen your hard work ethic and know that you genuinely care about your future and those around you. You will be the glue that holds everyone in 01 together. Just stay focused and don’t lose hope because you will go far no matter where you go.

To Kit and Kath, I will you 01. Although it can be difficult at times, there is no one I’d rather have leading the hall. You are both capable of overcoming the unique challenges IMSA provides, and even though it can be frustrating at times, know that there are always people who appreciate all that you do for the hall.

To Reid and Arthur, I will you the soccer team. Although we may not have the best record we still have a great time playing together and that positive attitude must stem from somewhere. I believe that you two will make great captains next year and by working hard and staying positive you can make the season a great one. Good luck and play hard.

To Alex Yow, I will you luck with Junior year. It’s going to be rough, but if you put as much work studying as you into working out and getting swole, you’ll be fine. Also good luck with the soccer season and make sure you become the basis of the defense because there’s no one who would make a better center for the defense.

To Lauren Bystrom, I will you drill team. Your choreo was great this year and I know that you’ll do a great job leading drill team next year.

To Jeanette, I will you the responsibility of sharing twenty one pilots and other great groups will 01. Keep having a great taste in music and good luck with your senior year.

To Amber, I will you the responsibility of keeping people at IMSA educated about multicultural affairs and keeping the minority kids at IMSA. It’s a hard task but it’s one that I know you can handle.

To Krishi, I will you endless energy. You’re going to need it junior year, but seriously if you have as much energy as you do on the soccer field all the time you’ll be fine.

To Katy, I will a chill time and a great senior year. You’re going to do great as long as you keep on looking towards the outcome of everything and take a deep breath.

To the future members of 01, I will chill vibes and interesting times. The place is truly unique and provides you with interesting experiences. Make the most of your time there and I promise you, you will not regret it.

To Adam Grobman, I will you some sleep and a chill pill. You seem to stress out too much and Junior year will be troublesome if you’re constantly stressing. Also try to get some sleep at night because every time I see you, you’re asleep in the commons.

To Jeremy Mateja, I will you the best role in the hall movie next year. Keep on being our residential gangster and dishin out mad bananas.

To Harith, I will a good senior year and my work ethic. As long as you’re able to get through first semester you’ll be fine. Also keep on playing soccer and keep your shot low so you can put a few more in next year.

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will a good work ethic because junior year will be somewhat rough. I also hope you have a great soccer season and can have a great time while doing it.

Haneesha Paruchuri – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Embrace your uniqueness – always be you!

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Dancing in the Rain on Yare with Hex
  • Talking to Nida 24/7
  • Staying weekends with Vivian
  • Late night talks with Ashley
  • That one Orchard walk with Vivian and Erik
  • Every night in Lynette and Emmy’s room
  • Watching Indian movies with Sai and Deborah
  • Hanging out with George and Jameson junior year
  • JSA Winter Congress 2012
  • SLD Week 2013 & 2014
  • FPS 2015 with Vivian and Evania
  • Habi 2015
  • Biochem Bros plus Dr. Choe <3
  • Prom!

Bucket List:

  1. Come back to visit Don, Dr. Choe, and Mr. Gentzler
  2. Visit rural areas around the world
  3. Make my parents proud

Last Testament:

To Natasia Fafara, my little sophomore baby <3, I will you good times in 03C. Have fun with the late-night talks and bonding. I know that you, Ramya, Nikitha, and Sweta will kick butt next year. I will you someone to tell your amazing stories to and order pizza with. And lastly, I will you an underclassman who is as amazing as you are. I’m really glad that I’ve gotten to know you this year and I hope you visit me in college! I’m going to miss you so much!

To Crystal Quiñones: I honestly don’t know what to will you because you’re perfect! But I do want to take this space to thank you for teaching me the importance of being compassionate and sisterly. You’ve brought our wing together both last year and this year with your infinite love for everyone around you. I’m really going to miss not seeing your smile everyday(: Oh wait, I got one, I will you an amazing senior year. Don’t stress out too much and remember I’m only a phone call, text message, or FB message away!

To Vainius Normantas, I will you good Indian dancing skills because let’s be honest, you’re going to need them. Just kidding (: thanks for being a great partner! I actually had so much fun hanging out with you and talking to you. And since I’m worried that you’ll get bored without me, I will you someone to poke fun of you. Don’t forget to keep in touch!

To Neal Modi, I will you someone to lose at chess and extreme tic-tac toe with. Just kidding, you’re a great friend and I hope you enjoy your last year at IMSA. I will you a fulfilling college experience. Don’t forget that I’m always free if you want to talk/rant!

To Vedhik Kodavatiganti, I will you a Westmont bro to remind you of our elementary school/Indian circle days. I was really excited when I first heard that you were coming to IMSA and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you better this year! I also will you someone to help you make fun of Venkat and Akhil. Remember that I’ll always have your back against those Naperville kids.

To Faithe Hill, I will you an amazing co-facilitator next year! It’s been great getting to know you better this year and I’m looking forward to what you’re going to accomplish next year as Chair. I also will you a class that’s just as sassy as this year’s – it’s been fun facilitating SocEnt modules with you.

To Angad Garg, I will you an incredible LEAD experience. It’s been interesting hearing your thoughts and ideas on module content. You’re a great facilitator and I hope you continue to grow and inspire the incoming sophomores.

To Jessica Park, my LEAD baby <3, like Angad, I will you a fulfilling LEAD experience. It’s been great watching you grow from my little sophie student to the inspirational facilitator you are today. I hope I’ve taught you a thing or two in the past years. Regardless, I’m so proud of you!

To Nitya, Sweta, and Rohit, I will you three all the Indian movies you can watch and all the actors you can obsess over. Also, I will you all two great years at IMSA. Meet new people, make great friendships, and don’t stress too much because you’re all going far in life!

To Jason Yang, I will you someone to give high-fives and hugs to in the hallway. You’re such a cutie, never change.

To Chris Ni: Christopher Ni. I will you another person to scream Hunneh Shah at when you see them in the hallways, but let’s be honest, you can’t replace me.

To Addison Herr, I will you someone else to awkwardly stare at in the hallways until they wave hi. Also, I will you our Light & Sound project! Treasure it.

To Daniel Shin, I will you another upperclassmen to sass next year. Hope to see you at Vanderbilt when you visit your sister!

To the Senior Spark Board (Char Ong, Lucy Yuan, and Naren), I will you my unwavering support. I’ll miss our post-meeting conversations and I hope you’re able to take the club to new heights.

To the Acronym EIC-elects (Andrew Adams and Ashu Gupta), I will you my post-10 check escape, The Acronym. I look forward to reading many well-written and opinionated articles that shake up the IMSA community. I pass on the quill, do it justice.

Rajiv Patel-O’Connor – University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Give none and get a ton

Most Memorable Moments:

  • G-Game
  • Judgement and other late night shenanigans in España
  • Pokémon Showdown every day after school with PWang and Chris Sophomore Year
  • Watching the entirety of Breaking Bad in a week and watching Casa with Quintin
  • Ecuador <3
  • A late night conversation with Saieesh Rao at the end of sophomore year
  • HSNCT 2013
  • Goonsquad
  • Qualifying for State 2013 and 2014 and playing with Cheung in 2014
  • Tennis Team Fun (bus hydraulics, the “pizza roll” game, Oberweis)
  • Games during Intersession 2014 and 2015
  • Writing, recording, and producing with the rest of Gradient
  • Having the microwave confiscated in B-wing and obtaining another one during a cross-country pencil run
  • “Learning” from Karl Marx
  • Clutching early apps with Jay Jay and Jo-Jo/TheChase
  • When Camden was using Jo-Jo’s iPhone and Kevin Lim caught us for in-room
  • Sunday snacks with Alan Liang
  • Late Night Adventures in B-wing
  • The great igloo complex outside 07
  • Discussing Latin American products in the bathroom with Tim Gietl
  • Failing to complete bucket list with Shelly
  • Adrian
  • Putting on Icy Hot
  • ALI and Riaz’s Emojis
  • Team “bonding” at Science Bowl Regionals 2015
  • Walking on No Pond when it was 60 degrees outside
  • Getting cold when sitting beside No Pond towards the end of Junior Year
  • Bae time
  • XtremePezzing

Bucket List:

  1. Climb K-2
  2. Write an article for the Wall Street Journal
  3. Get a Pilot’s License
  4. Street Race in a Hennessey Venom GT
  5. Beat my brother in a tennis match
  6. Watch the Australian Open Live
  7. Take children to Giant’s Causeway to see the sunset
  8. Cocinar
  9. Do something substantial with my life

Last Testament:

To Jason Chen and Jason Yang, I will you guys a spot at the back of the downstate bus, where you can play odds with Rish.

To Aadit, I will you an HP charger.

To Pranav, I will you a quiet place to study and

To Ryan Higgins, I will you tough toenails.

To Grace Park, I will you a state qualification in tennis during your junior and senior years.

To Gene Kim, I will you someone to always hold the door for you.

To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you the ability to succeed with your physics endeavors. Ever since winter break when you talked to me about self-studying some BC I, I’ve known that you are special. You pure love of learning is something which I truly admire and I aspire to be more like you in that regard. If you stay relatively focused, I think you are going to accomplish some great things next year J.

To Ethan Fisher, I will you Darin. We can all use some more Darin in our lives. Also, I will you a date this summer because we probs won’t be able to do it before the school year ends L. Stay classy as always, carry your wing with 07, and take some time to chill with the sophs next year (you did a great job this year) and party with your fellow seniors.

To Daniel Shin and Robert Lou, I will you guys an awesome junior year full of late nights. To Robert, I will you the ability to excel with math and help others whenever they might need it. To Daniel, I will you a sophomore who can create punching noises even better than you to motivate you to take your self-punching to a new level (this feat never ceases to amaze me).

To Neha Verma and Tim Pan, I will you Chemistry Club. Seeing as you will be juniors in charge, I hope that you will be better executive council members than me and that you can grow both the popularity and status of the club throughout the IMSA community and Greater Chicago area. I also expect you guys to place nationally or help others place nationally in the U.S. Crystal Growing Competition so that a tradition may be started.

To Noor Michael (Neph), Naren Radhakrishna, Vedhik Koganti, and Alan Liang, I will you a legendary senior year in 07BDQ where you can carry on the legacy of the BQOC. Bwing has become a better wing since my sophomore year and I expect that all of you will continue to improve it and see that it flourishes next year.

To Noor Michael, I will you the ability to spend some quality time with your Uncle in Nebraska and have random potlucks in your fist hour classes.

To Naren Radhakrishna, I will you the ability to deal with and contain Squatty. I still remember the days when I would come to your room last year to just chill and mess with Alan.

To Vedhik Koganti, I will you a junior who is just like you. Someone who is down to adventure and play games, is incredibly kind and caring, and who always seems to have to be clutching something. B-wing felt different after your departure earlier this semester and I hope that you can once again fill that hole (and more hopefully) when you return. Also, you should find a group of bros and play some more Ghosts in the Graveyard.

To Alan Liang, I will you the ability to save your food so that it doesn’t all get eaten by friends and strangers when you come back Sunday afternoon. I do understand generosity, but this behavior is excessive. At some point, you need to be more selfish about that. Speaking of which, I would also like to will you someone who will need help with his Spanish diarios. You have been a great pupil of mine and I have really enjoyed working with you throughout the year. It’s your turn to give back to someone else. As the final member of 07BDQ, I think it’s important that you relax more than you already do. I hope that you start drumming more or playing more piano like you did sophomore year. I’m really glad that we’ve got to spend some quality time over the last few years and hope that we have a few more adventures in the months/years to come. Lastly, I will you the ability to contact me at any time during the day and receive an instant response. You have my utmost respect and are someone who I can legitimately call “my friend.” Also, I will you a fabulous time in Spanish V.

To Daniel Costa, I will you a tennis team that is chill, competent, troll, and as fun as the team we had this year. Though plenty of schools probably hate us for unnecessary pegs and trolling, I still think that the Boys Varsity Tennis Team is one of my favorite communities at IMSA. I hope that your backhand volley becomes op and can go to state for singles or doubles, whichever you end up playing.

To Jospeh Palakeel, I will you the ability to go to state your junior and senior years for tennis. Though I may not always have been a good upperclassman towards you throughout the year, I have come to appreciate you chill nature and sense of humor. You have been a great addition to the tennis team and I think you will be next season’s “Peg Game” champion.

To Krishi, I will you the ability to go to state during your junior and senior years for tennis. Your enthusiasm, athleticism, “fighting spirit” on the court is unparalleled and with a bit of training, you could succeed at state. Also, you should Snapchat me more than Jay Jay because I am totally more awesome and we go way back from the Iles days.

To Rish Kuganeswaren, I will you the ability to win “odds” on Peoria bus rides. Though the combination of cheating to make you think that you lost and you just being really unlucky made for some entertaining bus rides, everyone should win sometime. Additionally, I hope that you thrive with chess and enjoy senior year.

To Elysia, I will you someone who will reciprocate your “yaaasssses.” Yaaaasssssss, Elysia. Yaaaassssssss.

John Peloquin – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Study hours with Max sophomore year
  • Sam Walder’s speeches, just all of them
  • 4th Place at Sophomore Year CoTH
  • Late night Joe talks Junior year
  • Managing XC junior year with Enoch Benson IV
  • 01 C wing art gallery junior year
  • C-wing, Junior Year, Socks
  • The Prince BC Fast struggle
  • Spring Break 2014 Incident
  • The Tahj Case
  • Prom 2014 with all my seniors
  • Drill Team 2015
  • After-check studying with Amandakwalsh
  • Last year of track with the best co-captains ever
  • My awesome quad
  • My second awesome quad + Codes
  • Chicago with Nicole, Kody, and Tera
  • Anything after midnight in 01DDQ
  • Any other great memories I missed because I started this way too late

Bucket List:

  • Become A Patent Attorney
  • Find a way to keep running in college
  • Complete the American Birkebeiner next year
  • Drive across the country
  • Scuba Dive in Hawaii
  • Be Happy

Last Testament:

To Braxton Schuldt, Christoph Eckrich, and John Valin, I leave the track and hopefully #captainstatus. You all stepped up this year and made it the best last season I could’ve asked for. I expect you all to come back and lead the team next year, and bring those times down to state level! I know it sucks when you don’t hit the times you want but you never know what can happen in college or even where you’ll end up going, so enjoy the time you know you have left.

To 01BUQ, I will a fantastic senior year, a last clash as great as mine was, and a lazy second semester. Hopefully you make better choices than I did and have more time to enjoy the last few months of your last year here. Don’t forget to hit me up at U of I, and I hope I see a few of you there in the future!

To Kit Kodama and Kathy Swerbenski I leave 01, my second home these past three years. I know you two will do a great job as CD’s and make it a great year for the hall. Kit, thanks for being the best Co I could ask for, and Kathy, thanks for a super fly time at homecoming! I’ll miss you both a ton so stay in touch!

To Best Friend, I leave an engaged group of ethics students (cuz come on, you’ll get the spot) and a great senior year. I also leave all those terrible pictures you have of me, because I doubt you’d get rid of them anyway. Don’t stress yourself out over the small things, because none of it’s going to matter this time next year anyway J

To Jeremy Mateja, I leave the motivation to finish up here at IMSA. Seriously dude, you crack me up but you may care even less than I do, and I’m SSS. You’re gonna do great here, enjoy it while you can!

To Christoph Eckrich, John Valin, Ethan Heidrich, Braxton Schuldt, Polina Bondarenko, Phine Mejias, Faith Mejias, Jill Nelson, and Dan Marten I leave the distance track team. You guys all have way more talent than I ever did, so put it to work and break a few of our ancient records! I expect to see a bunch of you down at the state meet one day.

To 1501 D Wing, I will a successful IMSA career. Don’t let the workload get to you, it all pays off in the end if you get through the stressful times. Forget about GPA and all that crap, if you make it through here you’ll be fine wherever you end up!

Archit Potharazu – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Life is always better with friends

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Scavenger hunts with Waleed’s AP books
  • Playing Injustice: Gods Among Us with Aaron
  • Vimal Bellamkonda’s 16th birthday
  • Finding the Truchainz with Sunny and Dallas
  • Hiding from Kurt in the Caspa Cave
  • Plastering Vimal’s room with pictures of Irina
  • GOON Squad
  • Chugging tea with Paul Wang
  • Doing 07 drill team
  • Chilling with Bear and showering at his house
  • Helping Rajiv learn about Karl Marx
  • Wing-sizing
  • Pezzing with Vignesh
  • Learning how to play League of Legends
  • Hitting the gym before History of Philosophy with Vimal
  • Ryan telling me the day before pep rally that he just wanted to win one Clash

Bucket List:

  1. Literally wash clothes on my abs
  2. Meeting with my Hinsdale friends at Big Mama’s
  3. Seeing Exo and BTS live
  4. Bringing Gradient back
  5. Meet Peyton Manning
  6. See India win another World Cup

Last Testament:

To Andrew Adams, I will you a sophomore who loves tea, so the two of you can spend many nights talking about random things and drinking tea.

To Aadit Shah, I will you sophomores to treat you the way your seniors treated you so you don’t feel lonely.

To Alec Elston, I will you Wednesday nights where you don’t have to worry about doing creative critiques.

To Vedhik Kodavaganti, I will you a senior year in the home where you belong.

To Jason Yang and Jason Chen, I will you a new lane buddy. I know you guys miss swimming with me J.

To Jack Badalamenti, I will you the power to enjoy life without an unhealthy dependence on dank memes.

To Bear, I have nothing to will because there is nothing in this world that could possibly make you better.

To Kyle Leano, I will you a chess team that better make top 10. Push yourself, but don’t forget to always be open to teach new players.

To Alan Liang, I will you a junior to carry you in your second semester senior year math class. Hopefully that junior will also willing provide you with food.

To Chris Ni and Christoph Eckrich, I will you two the best hall on campus. Make sure that no matter what, 1507 maintains the sense of community that makes it so great. Create an environment where everyone can have a good time. I will you the Area 1507 sign Dallas willed to me and Ryan.

Ahsan Qureshi – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Never Get Caught Doing Something Wrong

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash Week Sophomore year
  • Clash Week Junior Year
  • Potato week Senior year
  • Senior Quad- sometimes
  • Junior Year B wing
  • Sophomore year hypnotism
  • SLD week 2013
  • Danny and Zach’s room after school every day Sophomore year
  • Super Long showers
  • All of the nights with my B-downquads
  • 3 am Mason talk
  • Hearing Grant say stupid things
  • All of the destruction given and received
  • Getting in trouble almost constantly senior year
  • Drill team senior year
  • Doing MVC with Reid and Varun/watching arrow, the flash and Gotham.
  • Spitting as far I could all over campus
  • Summer Ecuador trip
  • Rapping at JSA

Bucket List:

1. Use my electrical engineering degree to build a Gundam
2. Be a chips ahoy taste taster
3. Have 4 kids in the order of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
4. Learn to B-boy
5. Become a better dancer
6. Learn Korean, Mandarin, Arabic and French
7. Do relief work in a war-zone
8. Be a better person
9. Become a better muslim
10. Never change my personality

Last Testament:

To 04, I will you another phenomenal drill team whether it be choreographed by Ish or Mitch and Alan. We didn’t win this year but it didn’t even matter because we literally destroyed during drill team and our talent show did really well. I definitely liked living here way more than 05 because of the general atmosphere of this hall. Don’t ever change and carry on the 04 legacy.

To Daniel Sohn , I will you all of the turtles that your money can buy. Your intelligence despite your horrendous laziness is the best quality you have. I will you an unlimited supply of eye roles and as much money to spend on pizza and other things that you want. I will you as many childlike qualities as you can fit into that massive body of yours. Finally I will you someone else’s bed to sleep in inconveniently multiple days or weeks in a row.

Varun- I will you someone who will watch all of the episodes of the Flash, Gotham and Arrow with you. I will you someone you can discuss comic books and girls with, and someone to finish all of your MVC HW with. I will you a room to escape to when certain other people are hanging out in your room that you hate. Finally, I will you someone who will sit with you and let you tell them about how much smarter you are than everyone else at IMSA. Good luck in Theory, but knowing you, you’ll probably do fine.

Reid- I will you another quad that you can fly into and terrorize like a rabid animal. I will you someone else to sit there and teach you math so you can final stop saying “I don’t get it”.

Milutin- I will you hundreds upon thousands of beautiful Asian girls that you can grate to your hearts content. I will you someone else to sit and watch Cowsep with and teach about how to properly use Master Yi. You are such a nice, pure dude so I will you patience because I don’t know how you’re going to survive next year living with all these kids.

Franklin- I will you all of the confidence and leadership ability that you desire. You have a lot of passion and a clear head that would be good for the betterment of the IMSA community. I will you someone who won’t make you tear up when they mess with you and someone who will listen to you rant about your inferiority complex to certain people. I will you all the happiness that Senor Palos wants for you and Michelle.

Kush- I will you half the Crystal Lake Central legacy, and the 05 legacy. You have the ability to bring 05 back to being a hall that is once again dominant across campus. I would will you intelligence and confidence, but you already have so much of both that it doesn’t matter. I will you an ISA that listens to you because you do all of the work anyways. I will you my home in Crystal Lake because you all always welcome to come stop by my house any time you want.

Harith- I will you someone who will recognize the amazing person that you are and treat you that way. I’m sorry that certain circumstances prevented us from being friends your sophomore year but that’s really your fault not mine. I will you good decision making abilities and sophomores and juniors who will listen to you because you may finally be older than them. I will you all the care and friendship that resides in my heart.

Josh- I will you the ability to guide the LEAD team in the right direction. I will you the ability to understand that the true enemy of progress is complacency and allowing yourself to fall in with what everyone else seems to think is right. I will you as much craziness as you can muster with cheese wiz. Finally, I will you someone else you can complain to about all the things that are going wrong with your life.

Nick Rodriguez- I will you someone who run into the shower and cover you with lotion.

Nick Michuda- I will you a spark of life that will love you and cherish all the things that you do because of that awesome red hair.

Jessica Park- I will you someone that you don’t hate and doesn’t make you angry all of the time. I will you someone to read over your papers to correct your grammar and someone for you to share your dreams and thoughts with. I will you someone who will look out for you and believe in your ability 100% without failure, every single time. I will you a prom date that you actually want to go with. I have no doubt that Enact will flourish and blossom underneath your care and that you will do the best job you can with the new LEAD team. I will you someone who will try to ease your stress and understand your problems.

Joy Qiu- I will you the best batteries that money can buy. I will you someone who isn’t afraid to call you at 4 in the morning just to scream into the phone and go back to sleep. I will you a fun time senior year.

Sagar- I will you all the adorable happiness that you can fit into that smile and that hair. I will you someone that will appreciate your thoughts and ideas and a quad that you can visit where the members won’t try to hurt you.

My LEAD Class- I will you an apology for being a crazy LEAD facilitator who sometimes would be way to much to handle. I will you all the leadership theory and content that you can remember and apply to your lives. I will you someone else who will buy pizza every single time that you ask for it without fail.

Aneesh, Joseph, Vainius, Sneh- I will you all the stupidity that you guys can muster together as a quad. I will Joseph all the chicken thighs and breasts that he can eat. I will Vainius new buds to keep you company and old buds who will still talk to you. Sneh, I will you the patience to deal with Aneesh and his craziness.

Alan and Mitchell- I will you the future of drill team and your own choreography that will be fire.

FaithE- I will you someone who pronounce your name wrong every single time because they think that’s how you’re supposed to say it. I will you the patience to have to deal with

Josh and the rest of the LEAD team in the upcoming year. I will you someone who will be obsessed with your hair and poke you whenever they see you.

Shannon- I will you someone else’s shoulder for you to bang your face into. I will you someone else who can yell at in Korean but not understand fully what you’re saying. I will you another year as a member of the dwarf couple.

Simon Su- I will you someone’s room where you can go and people won’t give you crap about having a super attractive family member.

Alvina- I will you someone else who you can threaten to beat up because they messed up really badly. I will you someone else who will twerk with you during JSA chapter Conferences and events.

Jonah- I will you the ability to swim as fast you can. I will you someone who will sit and listen to all your Broscience theories. I will you someone who will understand that “Jet fuel can’t melt dank memes.” I will you a group of friends who will appreciate your humor and a senior year full of the most fun things that you can imagine. I will you all the GAINZ that you can muster.

Angad- I will you an apology and gratitude for this past year in the LEAD classroom. I will you another co who will recognize your ability and intelligence and at the same time be able to think creatively so that you don’t have to. I will you a legitimate LEAD experience if you want it. I will you a math class where someone doesn’t threaten to beat you up every five minutes and doesn’t threaten to spill your secrets about the activities that really go on after check.

Arthur- I will you the eternal charisma and happiness that seems to explode out of your personality. I will you the ability to set the tone for character on the upcoming LEAD team and someone who will recognize how truly kind of a person you are. I will you the ability to never change and be a person that anyone can look to as a good role model, regardless of the situation. I will you someone who can beat you at FIFA, or even score a goal against you.

Aishwarya Raj –University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Class of 2019

Wise words of Wisdom: Plan for the future, live in the moment.

Most memorable moments:

  • Staying up late with Lajju to hear the best and funniest words of wisdom
  • Spiders in room junior year due to some special sophmores
  • Watching suite life of zack and cody finals week with Jackie
  • Clash 2012 actually clash every year
  • Late night talks in Evania and Becca’s room sophomore year!

Last Testament:

Violet: Violet I will you the hardwork to get through the first ¾ of senior year so that you can sss without stress or worry. Along with that I offer you the bond of friendship to message me for any kind of help you need senior year (discludes monetary helps).  P.s. I also will you love from the bottom of my heart little one!

Paxton: Paxton! I know you were always closer to Lajju but I think we also have some pretty good fun together, and I enjoy your adorable sweetness. Also since I, the nonsensical one, will not always be there I will you the hope that you will find someone just as nonsensical as me to fill up the void that I will leave. ALSO ALSO I will you ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL them boyz ;) just don’t be a heart breaker.

Ashrita: ASHRITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….here’s a secret, I think I may miss you the most, but that’s just between us…shhhh just kidding I will miss all of you juniors. I will you the bond of friendship to message me whenever randomly, and also the I will you the power to help you get wherever you want to in life. In dire situations of dilemmas, rants, or late night philosophy, you may contact me (be prepared for grumpiness if contacted after 3am).

Jyotsna: Jyotsna you always worked hard, stressed hard and laughed hard, but I will you the strength to push yourself to the best of your abilities senior year, and once you’ve accomplished all that you’ve wanted to I will you the will to chill and relax a little. JUST a little bit.

Keelyn: MY SIR BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeyln I will miss your peppiness and your constant smile……um and your love of coffee. THEREFORE Keelyn I will you no more SIRS so that you can enjoy your wonderful life but instead I will you opportunities in whatever you so desire! Also I will you good Indian chai(made by me ofcourse) since you clearly have not tasted the best of all teas and you continue to think coffee is the loveliest thing on earth. I’ll miss you Keeyln  who will I sit and listen to rant for many minutes while inserting random laughs in college?

Alec: Alec, I’ll keep this simple. Please stay you. I love you being you. It’s the best you. Also I will you math tables as awesome as ours from BCII for forever on.

Sneha and Shriya: To my baby sophomores, who will soon no longer be sophomores. It’s crazy how time flies, but junior will require the most work from you and I will you guys the strength to get through junior year and stay strong, to keep laughing and stay amusing, and most importantly to remember to still enjoy life when you can. You will always be my baby sophomores and I will always be there for you guys! Thanks for a wonderful year.

Nicole Schubert – Olin College of Engineering, Class of 2015

Wise Words of Wisdom: Netflix and chocolate make everything better. 

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Binge watching Black Butler with the roommate
  • FRC Midwest Regional 2014
  • Sledding down No Hill
  • 02Nami happening when our room kersploded

Bucket List:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Backpack across the US
  3. Meet Stephen King

Last Testament:

To the Couchies: I will you a successful IMSA career filled with good friends, lots of sleep, and generally okay food. I’m sure our little community will continue to grow and thrive. Keep supporting each other, don’t sweat the small stuff, and CAP THE MARKERS WHEN YOU’RE DONE WITH THEM, THOSE DON’T GROW ON TREES, YOU KNOW.

To Robotics: I will you a robot that works as a lean, mean, integrated machine that will remind the other teams just how great we can be when we put our minds to it. I’ve been proud to see the progress you rookies in particular have made and the comradery among you. I know you guys will get this team back on track. And while we joke about how one sub-team is better than the others, remember that all of them have to work together to make the magic happen.

To Nerione: I will you a more relaxed senior year and lots of happiness, no matter what happens. We’ve been through a lot together in these last two years and I’m glad robotics gave me the chance to get to know you. I’ve laughed with you, been laughed at by you (he GOT me, though, didn’t he?), and am grateful to call you a friend. I wish you much luck on your future ventures, even if that means joining the Green side. Learn from my mistakes since I’m obviously incapable, and I’ll always be here if you need someone to yell about things with. Don’t stab anyone when I’m gone, eat many Frosted Flakes on my behalf, and don’t lose the sleep schedule!

To my duckling Sarah: I will you the title of Mother Duck. I was honored to watch you break out of your shell and start to take on new challenges. I nudged you to the water, and you had no problem swimming. When the season started there was nothing that could stand between you and what had to get done and I know that you will make an egg-cellent role model for the next generation of mechanical ducklings. Drill straight, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and never back down. Keep the Saws-All away from programming too, trust me, it’s for the best. With this, I also pass on to you my chain box. Use it well.

Aniruddha Shekara – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019

Wise Words of Wisdom: “Ready or not, here I come!”

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Listening to Danny’s terrible music
  • Hypnotism sophomore year
  • 3AM Mason
  • Every intersession week
  • Long showers all day
  • The day after Mason’s birthday
  • Late nights with B-wing Down Quads
  • Apple fighting
  • Living with the best quad on campus
  • Getting in trouble with the best quad on campus
  • Grant’s majestic lips bestowing wisdom upon us

Bucket List:

1. Do something that makes me happy
2. Eat a whole extra-large pizza
3. Advance the field of substance abuse treatment
4. Teach kids in my dad’s village school
5. Become a better singer

Last Testament:

To 04, I will you another year as a great hall. I’m glad I got to live here this year, and if you try, you’ll definitely win Clash.

To Daniel Sohn, I will you a turtle, happiness, someone to order your pizza, the AP problem, and all the Chinese girls in the world. I still remember you at Northwestern two years ago, and I’m glad you decided to come to IMSA. Don’t worry about senior year; you’ll be surprised at how fast it ends. Make the most of your time here, and I’ll make sure I bring you presents sometime.

To Milutin Perovic, I will you late night talks, food, and a bottle of mountain dew. Enjoy your senior year with Frankie, though I don’t know how you’ll sleep with all that moaning.

To Franklin Ye, I will you the ability to make a change at IMSA. Your passion will drive others, so make sure to reach out to your underclassmen. I also will you some way to stop moaning in your sleep.

To Arun Kumar and Nathan Errampalli, I will you SMAC and an amazing group of musicians to perform for coffeehouses next year. Make the initiatives we talk about into a reality-I can’t wait to come back next year and see what you’ve accomplished.

To Kush Gupta, I will you more sleep and a relaxed senior year. Have fun with ISA and make sure Diwali is good next year. You’re crazy intelligent, and I know you’ll do amazing things in the future. Maybe someday I’ll teach you hypnotism.

To Jonah Goughnor, I will you someone who will tolerate your antics, bucket hats, Zyzz aesthetics, my twitter account, and a Midwest kid that you actually like. Don’t get too crazy next year.

To Varun Iyer, I will you huge muscles, more TV shows, and letting everyone know how smart and cool you are. But seriously, you’re crazy smart and I know senior year will be easy for you. Do something amazing next year, and I’m expecting huge gains.

To Harith Alappat, I will you the ability to always stay smiling. You’re one of the nicest kids I’ve met, and you have the ability to cheer up people around you. I will you a stress-free senior year, and the ability to someday turn 15. Also, do Mod again, I like your voice.

To Reid Fikejs, I will you someone to wrestle with, weird noises, and another quad to throw things at. Don’t forget to show the sophomores who’s boss.

To Vainius Normantas, I will you the spirit of 04, more cool shirts, and new buds to keep you company.

To Aneesh Kudaravalli, I will you better pickup lines, a perpetual smile, and laughter.

To Isaac Adorno, I will you someone else to say hi to every day.

To Sagar Nattuvetty, I will you a chill Indian sophomore who looks like a thug.

To Simon Su, I will you the power of silence, and someone else to mess with you.

To Faithe Hill, I will you a perfect promposal, and an amazing SocEnt class.

Christopher Shin – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign , Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Be a man of your word.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Rajiv Patel O’Connor and his adventures with the Communist Manifesto
  • The Camden Ko with Jo-Jo’s lifeproof phone incident ft. Kevin Lim
  • “Ask me if I’m a tree.” In 07BUQ Junior year
  • Senior Year Quote Wall with 07BDQ and surrounding friends
  • Making eggs with Sam Cheung. Waleed Ali, and Alex Moreno.
  • Staying up all night sophomore to play Magical Athlete
  • Adrian
  • Learning about Rajiv’s adventures at Columbia
  • Playing Pokemon Showdown with Rajiv and Paul every day after school second semester sophomore year.
  • 12:30 AM with Rajiv
  • The Three Man with Paul and Jo-Jo
  • C-Escapades with Jo-Jo
  • Senior Year Intersession
  • Getting 12 people caught for in-room with Jo-Jo
  • “Chlorinated” Pikachu
  • Nights with Tony Gentile in 07AUQ Sophomore Year
  • Beating Paul and Jo-Jo in wrestling at the same time.
  • 2v1 with Sean Kim and Sankeerth Reddy
  • Trolls and Elves and the Boat Game in 05
  • Late nights in 07B
  • Goon Squad

Bucket List:

  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Not live together with Waleed Ali or Sam Cheung.
  3. Experience lucid dreaming
  4. Watch Vimal washing clothes on his abs.

Last Testament:

To Camden Ko: I will you a water proof phone case and a sophomore that will utilize your bathroom to its fullest capabilities.

To Alan Liang: I will you a sophomore that is bigger than you and someone else to get carried on math.

To Ethan Fischer: I will you the girl of your dreams. ;)

To Jason Chen: I will you a junior that you can cuddle with and USABO Camp. I also will you a sophomore to help through their adventures with Spanish.

To Sam Qian: I will you my gains. Don’t forget to stay on your strict diet of chicken with peanut butter and Chobani.

To Rish Kuganeswaran: The ability to finish and the strength to take drinks from underclassmen.

To Naren Radhakrishnan: I will you the phrase “Ask me if I’m a tree.”

To Vedhik Kodavatiganti: I will you even bigger muscles.

Katie Slowikowski – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Eat and sleep when you can

Most Memorable Moments:

  • First time walking to Orchard with my seniors
  • Mode mode nights
  • Fright fest with Michelle!
  • Junior year clash
  • Intersession Colorado snowboarding trip
  • Setting off the smoke alarm while making stir fry in 02
  • Cards against humanity
  • France trip!
  • 3AM fire alarms
  • 1AM McDonald’s with Lani on a Wednesday
  • Carnival 2k15
  • Friday Night move nights
  • The real bae

Bucket List:

  1. Live in France
  2. Live it up in college with Michelle
  3. Visit IMSA as an alum
  4. Road trip!

Last Testament:

To Andrew Adams, Chris Ni, Alec Elston, Alex Murarus, Ashrita Raghuram and everyone still involved with KI, I will you the tolerance and patience to keep the program intact. Don’t let anyone forget the games and teach the sophomores how to group lead. Spend every week teaching about squid or starfish, and keep making lessons fun.

To Cathy Chen, I leave you C wing. Even if you aren’t a wing guide in C wing next year, please make sure that it stays great. And if you are a wing guide for the wing next year, don’t let anyone forget the birthday song! I know you’ll do great things next year, and don’t stress too much. I promise senior year is a lot more fun after college apps <3

To Keelyn O’Brien, Trennedy Kleczewski and Violet Konopka, I leave you yearbook. Make it as great as I know it can be, and don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t look good. I promise, even when you want to scream because of your staff, you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished at the end of it all.

To Alex Murarus, I leave my sanity and my #whitegirlstatus playlist. Whenever you question why you came to IMSA, just have a dance party with the songs and I promise you will feel better. Don’t let college apps get you down and don’t freak out over school. I promise, you will get into college and you can leave everything behind once you graduate. I hope you find someone to yell through the quad door to (if you end up in a quad again) and don’t ever stop blasting your (sometimes weird) music.

To the juniors that chill in the math study area, I leave you the ability to be obnoxious when people (*cough* like Katrina *cough*) are taking tests. I also leave 10 billion power strips because somehow they always manage to disappear.

To Ashrita, I leave you someone to freak out over Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy with on Fridays. Please don’t let Shonda Rhimes kill anyone else off, and if she does, I hope you have someone to cry with.

To Paxton, I leave you all the time in the world to go annoy Gentz. And also someone else to save your life. Because I won’t be in the pool to do that for you. I hope you find time to go to open swim your senior year and practice the god awful brick test. I love you and take care of KI.

To 06C, I don’t know how I’m going to survive next year knowing that I won’t be walking into C wing every night. It’s been my home for the last 3 years and honestly I’ve probably spent a little too much time in it. I hope you have great sophomores next year that will spend time in the wing, lead them well and always leave your room open for them to crash in after lights out. Keep participating in events (even if they’re sometimes lame) and don’t forget to make sure there’s no paper in toaster oven before you use it. Thanks for 3 great years <3

Simona Stancov – Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (Bloomington), Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Coordinating the Student Leadership Seminar with Nisa
  • Those 3am conversation with the girls
  • Trying to unlock the study room door with bobby pins after in-room
  • LEAD (and SLD week … both of them)
  • Spanish Exchange Program 2014
  • Japan Super Science Fair 2013
  • Ecuador Trip 2013
  • Mopping and singing obnoxiously loudly
  • Drill Team 2015
  • BC Fast and MVC
  • Playing hand ping pong (very badly)

Bucket List:

1. Create a social entrepreneurial venture to improve access to and quality of education in the world
2. Go to Borneo for two weeks to volunteer with baby orphan orangutans
3. Travel the world (i.e. visit France, Italy, Egypt, India, China, Argentina, and Kenya)
4. Hold a LEAD-related intersession
5. Go skydiving
6. Write a book
7. Learn how to pick a lock

Last Testament:

To Josh Kleinman, Andrew Adams, Christoph Eckrich, Faithe Hill, Jessica Park, Tiffany Ding, and Mano Namuduri, I will LEAD. This program has had a profound effect on my life, and I feel so fortunate to have been a member of the FamiLEAD. I am confident that you will do amazing things with curriculum development and program expansion next year. Remember that the only limits are those you define for yourselves and that you are stronger, so much stronger, when you work together. In the craziness of senior year, don’t forget to take care of yourselves and each other. Make time to talk to each other, listen to each other, and love each other.

To Alec Elston, I will InFocus Discussions and the Student Leadership Seminar. These programs were my babies this year, and I can’t wait to see how they grow under your leadership. I trust you to continue making this campus (and the world) a better place.

To Christoph Eckrich, Tina Zhang, and Naren Radhakrishnan, I will Transistor News. Working on this SEV with you has been one of the most rewarding experiences of senior year. I can’t wait to see how you continue to develop our business model.

To Josh Kleinman and Jessica Park (again), I will a happy and rewarding senior year. I have no words to express how grateful I am for your friendship or how proud of you I am. Even when you doubted yourselves, I always knew you would succeed in your endeavors. I wish you bravery, perseverance, ambition, and luck (because we all need luck from time to time). I also will you many, many road trips to Bloomington so you can visit me.

To Devdhi Kasana, I will many more wonderful dance performances, writing center shifts, and Chipotle fun times. I feel so lucky to be able to call you a friend and a teacher (I’ll learn “bhi” eventually). I hope you always remember how special you are. I also hope you have the best prom ever. (I fully expect to be involved in the dress choosing process).

To Jason Wu, Ellie Naudzius, Daniel Costa, and Angelina Liao, I will the beauty of mathematics. Few people can appreciate a power rule proof, trigonometric substitution, or Fourier series like you four. Having completed Prince-based BC Fast, you are ready to conquer the world. I wish you the most exhilarating mathematical journeys, and I hope that you remember, always remember, the +C.

To Angelina Liao (again), I will the perseverance to write me a collection of 100 short poems. And no, changing the name of the constellations does not count as writing different poems. (Good luck proofreading all of those, Danielle Madsen).

To Fiona Kurylowicz, I will a treasure chest of Spanish and Serbian songs: Razones – Bebe, Calentura – Yandel, Te He Echado de Menos – Pablo Alborán, Lipe Cvatu – Bijelo Dugme, Nije Ljubav Stvar – Željko Joksimović. Sing to them, dance to them, laugh at them, listen to them really loudly in the Old Caf … enjoy them.

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, Hannah Marie, Grace Yang, Alvina Chen, and Sneha Pathuri, I will an amazing junior year and an even better senior year. You ladies are absolutely amazing, and I look forward to seeing everything you accomplish at IMSA and beyond.

Ranjani Sundar – University of Chicago, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Everything always works itself out eventually.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Sleeping on Vivian and Sue’s floor junior year
  • The week of Intel ISEF (LA turnup)
  • SIR (and G-Tier) 2014
  • The SCIA Board Struggle (#TRIFECTA)
  • Walking to IHop with the “main baes <3”
  • Late night supernatural talks with the roomie
  • Learning the ways of life and senioritis from Poornima and Simone
  • Breaking in room sophomore year in Elise and Frannie’s room
  • Prom
  • Rapping with Chiu on the SIR bus
  • Adventuring around and turning up at CalTech

Bucket List:

1. Live in California
2. Host SNL
3. Release a rap single
4. Volunteer in and visit every state in India
5. Try out investment banking
6. and then go to Law School
7. Give a commencement speech
8. Change the lives of many people
9. Find someone who can change mine.

Last Testament:

To Binita Gupta, I will nothing but success and happiness (and Dr. Prince). You deserve every wonderful thing that has come your way, and I know your ability to bring positivity and sass into everything will keep making everyone’s day brighter. I’ll always remember the days I came to your room (helping you break in room ;)) and all of our long talks about guys, life- and of course our amusing Dr. Prince stories. Even though I haven’t seen you much in the struggle your junior and my senior year, know that you can always come to me for anything <3 I can’t wait to come back and visit you next year and hear about all the fun you have during your senior year. If anyone deserves a wonderful senior year and a successful future, it’s you.

To Neal Modi, I will you confidence (and all of the college acceptances you could ever ask for). You are the most hardworking person I know, and in a few months, I know that all of your sleepless nights and stressing over every test will finally all be worth it. Ever since that awkward moment when I didn’t accept you on Facebook during junior year, I’m so glad I got to know you during summer SIR (along with summer SIR Crew) and no matter how much you doubt yourself now, just remember that you’ll always have someone who knows how competent, sweet, and hardworking you are. I can’t wait to hear about all of the successes your life has to bring.

To Nathan Errampalli, I will you the ability to take care of yourself the way you take care of others. Ever since I’ve gotten close to you, I was easily able to see how much you care about everything that you do and everyone around you. I’ll miss your consolation and reactions to all of my stories and I’ll miss stopping in the hallway to talk to you or plan out times to hang out, but you better come visit me at UChicago next year so I can hear about your dark- horsery and adventures with Angad (RIP to our walking trifecta).

To Faithe, I will you someone to tell of your stories to and a restful senior year. I have always admired your chillness about everything, and I’ll miss hearing all of your ravishing stories about literally everything. You always brighten up my day and I really hope that you’re able to care of yourself senior year and sleep 10 hours and have the worst senioritis, because you really deserve it. I knew that from 06B to 06D we were meant to be, and I can’t wait to come visit you next year and hear the million stories that you’ll have to tell me. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be visiting you at Berkeley instead ;)

To Harith, I will you a permanent girl who will always brighten up your day, like you have brightened up mine. Since I’m finally able to remain your friend on facebook, I better see my inbox full of the crazy adventures and stories that I know you’re going to have next year. You have to come visit me at UChicago next year since you’re not doing an SIR, and you still have to take me with you to your Malayali church! If you ever feel down or need someone to accidentally call you at 9, you can always find me.

To Hannah Chaddha, I will you the ability to rap like my girl Nicki Minaj. But for real, I admire your optimism and willingness to take risks. I don’t even need to will you happiness, because I know you’ll always find a way to always experience it. Your vibrant personality is enough to carry you far enough, and as always, I’ll look for more snapchats of you randomly dancing or doing the splits.

To Joey and Josh, I will you the determination to bring together SCIA and LEAD and fulfill the dream that I wasn’t able to this year. Joey: I know you have everything it takes to succeed (intelligence, charisma, determination), but make sure you take time to have fun and do whatever amidst all of the SCIA president-y stuff you’ll be doing. Josh: I’ll miss your snarky responses in Ethics and our serious but “trolly” talks, and I really hope that you’ll continue updating me about all of the important LEAD stuff you’ll be doing next year.

To Sachin, I will you someone to help with graph theory. I can’t even remember how I got to know you, but not only are you one of the smartest people I know, but one of the most caring and kindest ones too. Even though I haven’t had much time to talk to you this year, I’ll miss seeing you around with Devdhi and I’ll miss our serious talks. Remain the same, and nothing but success will come to you.

To Herschel, I will you someone to trip in the hallways and make fun of. Over this year, you’ve become one of my favorite sophomores and even though I pretend to hate you and make faces at you in the hallway, I’ll actually miss you a lot. I hope you have fun in your (hopefully 07) quad next year, and if you ever need advice, some fun college stories to hear, or someone to relentlessly make fun of, I’ll be a message away.

To Nitya and Vadini, I will you good luck and cute little baby sophomores to hug every day at check. You both remind me so much of myself sophomore year, and I know that you’re hardworking and intelligent enough to succeed through junior year, and before you know it, you’ll be seniors. Time passes faster than you think, so make the most of every day, and never regret anything you do, because you’ll realize that everything happens for a reason. I can’t wait to come visit you guys next year and see how much you’ve grown over the past year.

To Daniel Sohn, I will you the ability to work your car’s GPS and a better direction-reader. I’ll miss hearing about your struggles, but I know that you’ll have a super fun senior year. I hope you’ll visit Naperville often during the summer and that you can find something more satisfactory to eat this time.

To Varun Iyer, I will you the ability to continue being unfairly intelligent. Your skills and natural intelligence will make you successful, no matter what choices you make throughout your senior year and college. Maybe one day, you’ll be able to join the main baes, but until then I guess Grace, Vivian, and I can take you to the temple and Ihop with us.

To Sagar, I will you a real FPS team. I’m so glad I got to know you by making you our little FPS minion this year. I’m going to miss saying hi to you every day and seeing you around in 06 commons and talking to you about random things. You are one of my favorites and I’ll definitely expect to see tons of messages from you next year telling me about FPS and life in general.

To Aakash, I will you a sophomore who will jump-hug you in the middle of the hallway. Even though we haven’t talked much in the past semester, I know that you’ll always be successful in the future, no matter how rough things may be right now. Even though you may not realize it, you’re so intelligent and the fact that you’re always working is so admirable. Keep your head up, bud, and remember that everything will work out in the end.

Shelly Teng – University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA, Class of 2022

Words of Wisdom: “Happiness is only real, when shared.”

Most Memorable Moments:

  • 06AUQ and all of the memories that came with it
  • That walk with Claire Song Lee sophomore year
  • “And in the end it doesn’t even matter”
  • Getting scared by Joanne Lee
  • The Test Tube Story
  • The Flood of 06A
  • Spring Fling 2013
  • MCB later nighters
  • Quad + 5am + food
  • Failed 6am sunrise during sophomore year
  • Playing sardines in the Main Building
  • ALI & KI Summer 2013
  • SIR lunch runs at UChicago
  • HiMCM and Moody’s 2014 & 2015
  • Learning how to turn up with 06ADQ
  • The strange night when CSL laughed in shapes
  • Watching Archer with da bae (Eveline Liu)
  • XXX Crusades with my faves
  • Refusing to rap with RPOC
  • Never finishing the Theory of Everything
  • Being late to 10-check too many times
  • FPS State 2015
  • CLASH drill 2015

Bucket List:

1. Visit all 7 continents
2. Climb all seven summits
3. Open a non-profit clinic in a third world country
4. Support my parents when they’re older
5. Take a year long road trip in a miniature house
6. Constantly reconnect with old friends
7. Raise children
8. Stay happy

Last Testament:

To 06A Wing Babies – I will you the place that I’ve been able to call home for the past two years. It’s full of old carpet stains and dented plaster walls, but I couldn’t be happier to have so many memories here. Take good care of it.

To Emily Jia – I will you the ability to continue adding many accolades throughout the vestige of your high school career. Your dedication to things – whether it’s math or shouting “RAY-JIV” every time you see me – never ceases to amaze me. I know you’ll push yourself to the pinnacle of your ability next year, but promise me that you’ll find time to relax and pull the people who matter even closer.

To Esther Chung – I will you an underclassman that you’ll come to endear whenever she comes for biology help, because that’s exactly what you were to me. I’ve seen you grow more comfortable and open with the people around you during these two years in A-wing. You are all sorts of adorable and entertaining, and I sincerely hope you keep the same optimism with you throughout senior year. (P.S. I’m sorry for never wearing pants when you’re in the quad).

To Angie and Bella Lee – I will you the ability to take a step back during your senior year and find time to relax. I know how hard you both have worked for these past two years, and I hope all of it is rightfully rewarded. Although I won’t personally be here next year if you need advice or help, feel free to hmu whenever you need it. Good luck with everything~

To Neha Verma and Tim Pan – I will you ChemClub and all of the beautiful things that come with it. I wish you all the best in your crystal growing endeavors, or whatever it is that you decide to work towards. Each of you has an incredible intellectual capability in science, and I know you’ll both go far. Continue to work hard for what matters to you, and don’t let junior year erode that mindset. I hope to see the CC legacy continue next year, and please, do a better job than Rajiv and I did. :P

To Amy Liu and Sushil Upadhyayula – I will you Future Problem Solving and the turn up trip to Bloomington next year. Help out Julie with anything she needs, and don’t let anyone corrupt the laid-back atmosphere of this club. Oh, and continue getting internationals if possible – it’ll help you get funded lol.

To Jason Yang – I will you a virtual hug for every time I won’t be there next year to personally give you one. Thanks for giving me the calc-based carry so many times this semester (wouldn’t have survived Schmidt-based without it). I hope you continue to get to know people with open arms and find comfort in your community. I wish you all the best senior year – whether it’s the struggle with college apps or the yolo #sss life. Take care.

To Joy Qiu – I will you success and happiness in any endeavor you choose to work towards. Next year, I hope you’ll find a junior who you’ll appreciate to the degree I’ve come to appreciate you. The parallels in our personalities are things I’ve really come to cherish–whether it’s the derpiness or the perpetual sarcasm. Thanks for carrying me so many times in MVC and for putting up with my weirdness after 10-check. Although I give terrible relationship advice, I’m glad to know we share the same degree of awkwardness. I know how stressful senior year might seem, and although I can’t promise that it’ll be better than you perceive, I honestly hope you are rewarded with everything you deserve. I don’t doubt that it’ll happen, so make sure to give yourself a well earned break next year. Although I wish your frequent visits to the quad didn’t have to end so soon, remember that should you need anything in the future, I’ll always just be a message away.

Yash Thacker — Wesleyan University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Another’s victory is not your defeat

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night talks
  • Clash 2014
  • Making the mural for Clash 2015
  • Watching scary movies in 05A down quad senior year during Halloween
  • All the cultural shows
  • Hanging out with seniors my sophomore year in 04A down quad playing smash late at night and procrastinating work
  • Holi 2015

Bucket List:

  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Visit IMSA as Alumni
  3. White water rafting
  4. Visit great barrier reef
  5. Do something or make something that leaves this world better than how I came into it

Last Testament:

Trennedy Kleczewski: Where do I even start? You don’t know how much you have made this year a blast for me; from the first day of this year you’ve made me and pushed to me to be the best that I can be. You’re one of the kindest, derpiest people I know, but that’s what makes you such a great person. With your great personality combined with your smartness and talents there is nothing that can stop you. I know that junior year has been tough for you but hey you’re almost done with it! Don’t worry so much about life, take it as it goes. No one can tell you what you can and can’t do. No one knows the future, but if I can be sure of anything you will surpass all your goals. You have a FUTURE and you will succeed, take the time to find who you are and what you want to do, and I’m sure whether it’s Lake Forest or any other college you choose to go to, you’re going to kill it out there. Sometimes a flower will bloom later because it knows it’s not the right time yet but in the end that flower is still beautiful and unique and special in its own way. Lastly, I will you an awesome and memorable senior year, and good luck in all your endeavors. I can’t wait to see the greatness you achieve.

Nathan Errampalli: Nathan we got really close during CTD this summer and you became a really close friend to me. I remember the late night Hindi movies in our room, with everyone else and messing with you about Alice. I will you a great senior year. I also will you my ideas of how to ask a girl to a dance.

Sarah D: Sarah, keep working hard I will you a great senior year, with Nathan and all your other friends, and I also will you all of Nathan’s pictures from our summer VS trip.

Adrian B: Adrian it was great getting to know you this year; you’re a smart kid and you work really well and I know you won’t have many struggles next year as a junior. So I will you an awesome, stress-reduced junior year at IMSA.

Harith A: Harith, you were probably the sassiest kid we had in A wing last year and you probably still are. Though you got on my nerves a lot, I guess I kind of miss your antics and your sassy demeanor, so for that I will you rights to view my Facebook again.

05 A Up-Quad: I will you the ability to make whatever wing you guys are in awesome and the ability to make it a place where people always come to hang out and get to know how chill you guys are.

Gabe J: Gabe, you’re the second best person at messing with Tavis after me so, for next year, I will you to be the best Tavis terrorizer.

Tavis R: I will you some of my webtech and computer skills, because you need them.

Katrina Toman – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Sometimes you really just needed a nap.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The French Students visiting
  • Participating in Almost Maine
  • 2015 Clash Pep Rally

Bucket List:

1. Go on a road trip across America
2. Become fluent in another language
3. Make it through the next two sets of senioring (senior year of college and being a senior citizen)

Last Testament:

To Violet and Jill- I leave you the 1502 CD positions. It’s a great hall. I know that I leave it in prepared hands. Violet, you’re my mini me so truly it was destiny that I’d hand the hall down to you. You’ll do a phenomenal job. You’re sweet and friendly and greet life so happily! I know you’ll do a wonderful job. Jill, I don’t think we’ve ever met and I really wish that we had! From what I’ve been told, though, you’ll be great for the position. I wish you both the best of luck :)

To next year’s 1502 RSL Team- I leave you 1502. It’s a great hall, full of some really fantastic people. Work together. Help make the year more fun for everyone. Remember not to take yourselves too seriously. Enjoy being an RSL. It’s one of the best things you can do at IMSA.

To Ashrita (Duck), Paxton (Buck), and Jin (Chuck)- I leave you my laundry cards. Sounds weird I know, but upperclassmen of my past had previously left me their laundry cards and with those cards came a lot of wisdom. As your mother, I won’t be on campus anymore to offer my motherly advice but I am always a phone call away. Also, I’m giving you to encourage you three to keep having clean clothes. (Not that you don’t already. So keep up the good work. Smelling good is great.) All three of you have made these past two years two of my favorite. Thanks for being some of the best goofs I know.

To Rosie, Mano, Athena, and Heena – I leave you 02ADQ. I know that housing isn’t out yet and you may not end up in the down quad, but more than anything I leave you the spirit of 02ADQ. Support each other. Make each other laugh. And make each other do work on time!

To Tam- I leave you team Tam and Trina. There will never be greater teams than those. You’re hardworking and I have entire faith that you’ll be able to take on the world. Keep those teams in check :)

To Mara- I leave you the mentality of the bass clarinet cues that I’ve played while you weren’t in band. What’s that mean you may ask? It means not resting for a few more measures that you may have rested. Take on senior year by storm. Enjoy it. Don’t rest. Just jam.

To my KI crew (Ashrita, Alec, Chris, Andrew, Paxton, Violet, Keelyn, Alex, Melissa, Jonathon, etc.) – I leave you Allies. That program shaped me more than I could ever describe. What I ask of you all is to make it into a program that will continue to do that over the years. Don’t lose hope in it. It’s going to be tough, you’ll all be seniors and I know that it can be frustrating. But remember why you participate in it. It’s for the campers. It’s for the next group of eager kids who are ready to learn. Take it easy on the Gapples this summer, I hear that they aren’t so bad after all. Also, please interpretive dance still. Olé.

To the saxophone section- I leave you the spirit award. Keep up being ridiculous. Keep being one of the most absurd sections. Keep goofing off during sectionals. Being in the saxophone section actually made me able to deal with band.

To 02A- I leave you the hope that you’ll continue to be the fantastic wing that we’ve always been. I loved living with you all. I truly can’t imagine better people to have been next door to. Thank you for making coming back to the wing always a wonderful experience.

To 02- I leave you my thanks. You’ve been there for me since the stumbles of sophomore year, the stress of junior year, and the struggles through senior year. I’m going to miss calling you my home. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to visit.

Priya Trivedi – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Remember, only you can define you.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • AmStud table in Dr. Smith’s class
  • The sophomore year family photoshoot
  • Playing tennis and dancing on the courts that night
  • HiMCM 2012 – the most dysfunctional and slaphappy night
  • Junior year adventures with Tim and Paul
  • SLD Week 2013 and SLD Week 2014
  • Dancing to 02 Drill that Friday night in the parking lot
  • ALI 2013 and the post-camp shenanigans
  • All the late night quad dance parties
  • Clash 2015 – every single part
  • When Yazzy became Kylie
  • Everything LEAD
  • Every seemingly little moment that made a huge difference

Bucket List:

  1. Visit Spain
  2. Perform an original song in front of an audience
  3. Go surfing
  4. Tomatino Festival
  5. Calle Ocho Festival
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Go snowboarding again, without fear or falls
  8. Join a Salsa/Latin dance club
  9. Do something to better the lives of others
  10. Show my parents how much I love them
  11. Have a family
  12. Empower children to do more for themselves and their communities
  13. Pursue happiness

Last Testament:

Tiffany and Sarah – I will you the most amazing underclassmen that make you laugh, help you de-stress, house you in times of need, feed you, and give you moral support. I will you underclassmen to take care of, give advice to, and send study guides to. I will you the same amazing support system that I always found in you two. I will you a bond just like that I had with you two. You’re like my baby sisters, so you better remember that I also will you anything and everything you need next year – college advice, essay editing, and anything else you can think of <3

Ashrita – I will you an amazing hall and wing, and a quad that you can always spend the night in. I will you a junior that makes you laugh, takes your mind off of college apps, and never fails to make you feel better when all you want to do is cry.

Hannah – To my truest Indian, I will the next underclassmen who can (how, I don’t even know) achieve the same level of perfection that you have. I will you someone to goof around at dance practices with, sing in silly Indian accents with, and pay the utmost attention in physics classes with. All my love coming your way.

Heidi Dong – I will you the greatest year in Student Council history that IMSA has seen in a while. You’re going to do unbelievable things Heidi Dong – never think any less.

Gloria Choi – I will you countless fund requests and budgeting spreadsheets. But above it all, I will you another amazing year on Student Council as the next bomb Treasurer.

Jason Yang – I will you the next wonderful junior who can always brighten your day with a hug and a smile.

My Junior BELLAs – Steffie, Jeanette, Cristal, Trennedy, Mano, Kathy, Amber, Gissel, Hope: I will you an experience on BELLAs like no sisterhood has ever seen before – more structure, more bonding, more love. I will you success in Tales and SAAW, and immense support within yourselves. Never forget our mission, and never forget the sisterhood.

Christoph, Tiffany, Jessica, Mano, Faithe – I will you all the most educational, inspirational, empowering electives that the LEAD program has ever seen. I will you the strength, time, passion, and drive necessary to give this program every ounce of effort it needs from you all to be the best it can be. Make us proud. J

Josh and Andrew – to you, I will my baby. I will Leadership Education and Development. I will the single organization that has impacted my life the most. I will the program that has shaped my core beliefs, made me who I am, and inspires my future goals. I will you impeccable communication, inexhaustible dedication, and an unparalleled passion for the program like no one has ever seen. I will you late nights sorting out logistics and early mornings heading out for service. I will you a team that gives you purpose. I will you a FamiLEAD just like the one I had – full of individuals who motivate you to be your best self. Above all, I will you a year full of self-discovery, humbling encounters, and the capacity to positively influence your peers, your community, and your world.

IMSA – To IMSA, I will all the love, support, and companionship I received during my three years here. Wherever our paths may take us, may we always remember this place.


Aaron Victor – University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Sleep. Class. Eat. Repeat.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Movie Nights
  • Sleeping everywhere
  • Smashing the couch cushions on the ground at check.

Last Testament:

Neal Modi: I will you all of the caspa you have taken from me throughout the year. Use it well my friend.

Daniel Curtis, Spencer Andrews, Ryan Kasch, Caden Beddingfield: I will you the will to quit league of legends and play a better game. Also known as never listen to my roommate, he wouldn’t know a good game if it bit him in the face.

Daniel Holley and Josh Rosenthal: I will you all the volleyball skill I never had XD. Beat a team 25-0 for me.

Taylor Reyes, Natalie Valentine, Jessica Lee and Nikitha Garapaty: Read above.

Robert Lou, Jan Mangulabnan and Tim Ramos: I will you some height so you can pick on other short people.

John Valin, Tiger Shi, Jason Wu, Matt Dyas, Kyle Leano and Dylan Devine: I will you some free time for next year. Enjoy being seniors boys, it’ll go quick. I’ll miss you guys.

Paul Wang – Northeastern University, Class of 2019

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Dancing in the rain with Dan Riemersma and Jo-Jo Feng.
  • Learning about Communism with Rajiv POC
  • Watching Django Unchained a million times.
  • Camden Ko and waterproof phone cases.
  • Camden Ko and popcorn cookers.
  • 12:30 AM with Mr. POC
  • Icy-hot with Rajiv Patel-O’Connor.
  • The one and only Adrian Blazquez.
  • Fun times with the tennis team – Using the bathroom before every game.
  • Columbia with Rajiv POC
  • 3-Man with CShin and Jo-Jo
  • Helping plant trees in Victorian Fiction.
  • Not getting into the R-rated movies at Naperville with Vivian Jin, Gduan, Jfeng, and some other broz.
  • Scavenger hunts with Wali for his AP books.
  • Poke showdown from 2:10 til 4:30 with CShin and Rajiv POC.
  • Being even in wrestling with Wali.
  • Getting rekt by CShin with Jo-Jo.
  • Many late nights with the MCB Junior broz.
  • Watching Running Man with CShin.
  • Making Song play League.
  • Meeting Sam Cheung for the very first time.
  • Singing ‘See you again’ with Samuel Cheung.
  • D-ing of the phones.
  • Sleeping with Dallas Eckman.
  • Watching Hard Candy with Vimal Bellamkonda the sloth.
  • Pirates with JJ
  • “Let’s go!” with Suraj Sinha, the doubles partner.
  • Goon squad with Fengling Hu
  • Plastering Vimal’s room with pictures.
  • Patricia Pink Ball with Vimal Bellamkonda.
  • Forcing Abrar to listen to ‘Jack my Swag’
  • Extreme Pezzing and Jo-Jo’s resulting rage.
  • ‘In Da Club’

Bucket List:

  1. State tennis.
  2. Watching Sam watch Chris watching Vimal wash clothes on his abdominal muscles.
  3. Travel to space.
  4. Hangout with Spoopy at MIT
  5. Visit Antarctica.
  6. Go scuba diving.
  7. Visit the motherland, China.
  8. Do something substantial that makes a difference.

Last Testament:

Alan Liang- First of all, I would like to will you a lifting bro who doesn’t take “no” for an answer and goes especially hard for the preacher curl on arms day. Furthermore, I would love to will you something that I am especially proud of, the spirit of myself during second semester senior year. Additionally, you are going to need a junior who has an off-campus SIR but doesn’t actually have an on-campus SIR. Last, but certainly not least, I will you a junior who consistently brings you some delicious Chinese and Korean food on Sundays.

In all seriousness, Alan, it has been a pleasure to get to know you for these short two years and although we joke about not staying in touch when I go off to college, I plan to keep in touch.

Akash- I will you a naïve sophomore who believes any story told to them. Also, I will you a sophomore that will come into B-Downquad late into the night to ask for help on his Spanish diarios and general information about life. I also will you a sophomore who goes hard for independently learning mathematics and physics and has an admirable work ethic. Finally and most importantly, I will you a sexual education.

Nathan E.- I will you a junior who will give me cookies even though he knows that I steal them. I will you a League player who is Bronze V and therefore makes you feel better about yourself.

Arthur – I will you a sophomore and junior who will excitedly shout “ARTHUR” just like Pauly upon seeing you.

Harith – I will you something because I told you that I was going to write you a senior will but don’t actually have anything to will you.

Aneesh – I will you a life filled with electricity and a sophomore tennis player who will pick up your jacket when you ask him to do so.

Joseph P. – I will you a fantastic doubles partner who never fails to bring the TEIN that has carried us through ever-so-many matches. Also, I will you a beautifully consistent serve and zero back problems as you prepare for tennis season. Finally, I will you a state qualification, especially if we don’t get it this year (though we definitely will).

Vedhik – I will you the best junior of all time. I will you a best friend, someone who will gladly be down for anything when the bros call for it. I will you beautifully late nights doing MCB dat collabs. I will you permanent residence to 1507 and plenty of drywall to fix any walls. I finally will you a scholarship to Northeastern University so that you can join me next fall.

Naren- Just like my boy Vedhik, I will you beautifully late nights doing MCB dat collabs. What’s more, I will you someone to reintroduce to the classic game of League of Legends. I will you somebody to carry you through Spanish V second semester senior year. I will you 07BDQ and trust that you will take good care of it next year.

Ethan Fisher- I will you Darin Cafjdserqlorn. I will you love and I will you life. I will you one of these protein bars that I literally just stole. I will you a bro who consistently brings in delicious wing dinners that his wonderful mother created from scratch.

John Guo- I will you somebody to help me think of people that I should write my senior wills for. I will you somebody that is constantly a funny and quirky presence within the wing. Last but not least, I will you eternal love.

Jason Chen- I will you gains beyond belief. I will you to be huge as you would ever want to be. I will you unlimited Smite games during SSS. Additionally, I would love to will you constant success in mathematics competitions and in the wonderful Spanish V class. I will you all of Alan Liang’s food and better sleep without a quad.

Jason Yang – I will you a Peoria bro who is always a pleasure to talk to. I will you a sophomore to come into 07BUQ and chill at the beginning of the year. Just like the other Jason, I would like to will you unlimited Smite games during SSS. Finally, I will you housing wherever you want to go and a fantastic quad.

Noor- I will you a broge who has a great taste in music and doesn’t mind when you steal his roommate’s food. I will you the BQOC and great times with great friends. Don’t fail me, brother.

Paul Nebres – I will you a new Paul. I will you someone who you can trade seats with unconditionally.

Kush- I will you a junior to go to Chicago with. I will you a ISA member to hit up IHOP with after you win the tournament and eat about $30 worth of food with.

Andy Xu – I will you a poncho.

Daniel Sohn – I will you a beautiful prom date.

Angad Garg – I will you an amazing MCB partner and an amazing partner for EL CID. Also glhf with Spanish V. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Aadit Shah – I will you a beautiful roommate named Jason Chen. I will you MCB funtimes. I will you a cool Junior who takes your crap and gives you Indian food.

Rish K – I will you a busmate who does odds and loses literally every time. I will you fun times at the hamster ball.

Tiffany Ding- I will you a tennis manager who’s dope af.

Alvina Chen – I will you a sophomore who gives the best hugs and throws the best parties.

Grace Park – I will you a Google Hangout with Alan Ren.

Sarah Mou – I will you eternal love.

Shannon Park – I will you a fun dinner date and a Shamrock shake.

George Moe- I will you the official music video for ‘IN DA CLUB’.

Alec Elston – I will you hall-wide Chipotle and the love of Español.

Char Ong – I will you dp squad with Sam Qian and some other kid.

Alan Ren – I will you a tennis bro who blatantly doesn’t care and completely owns his lack of caring. Also, I will you Shannon Park.

Sarah Dovgin – I will you Alan Liang’s gf to hangout with.

Naomi N. – I will you a half-Asian sophomore who’s good at art.

Joy Qiu – I will you tennis lessons for a girl who “has never played before.”

Susriya- I will you a mango fish.

Amy Xie- I will you an actual prom date.

Sophia Rhode- I will you a neighbor to convince to come to IMSA.

Camden Ko- I will you a waterproof phone and a popcorn maker.

Jonah G- I will you some dank rare pepes.

Sam Qian – I will you a better haircut and some fun MI4 times. Also, woodchipping.

Darin C – I will you Ethan Fisher

Tam N. – I will you a bro to play League of Legends with.

Akshay – I will you all those little things.

Gene Kim – I will you the nicest guy on campus.

Arturo Granados- Te haré un hermano para hablar a español con.

Dolph and Jack – Doge.

Elysia and Hannah – YASSSSSSS. I will you more fire for your mixtapes.

Arun A.- I will you some more CTD bros.

Omkar Kelkar- I will you nothing. Literally nothing.

Krishi – CLASSIC KUNTAPALLI! I will you senior at large with passion, friendship, and love. I will you the best tennis player I have ever seen. I will you qualification to the State tennis championships.

Nick Damen – I will you a half-Asian bro with whom you can play League of Legends with and play badminton with and just have a great time with overall.

Varun Iyer – I will you history bowl championships.

Grant Williams – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Where do the Animals Go?

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late nights with Nam and Milutin
  • Clash 2014/2015
  • 12/6, 6/21 Rip
  • Lunar, Diwali, Drill Team Clutching
  • Carrying for the RP
  • Dan’s Turtle

Bucket List:

  1. Deep Sea Diving
  2. Turn up in College
  3. Visit Japan
  4. Go Skydiving
  5. Stream
  6. Make tons of dough

Last Testament:

To Isaac Adorno: I will you the ability to actually intervis in 03.

To Shannon Park: I will you a quad that can match you in craziness and smarts, try not to get into too much trouble.

To Alan Ren: I will you a spark, take the time and effort to keep it alight.

To Harith Alappat: I will you the ability to not date for a month.

To Franklin Ye: I will you a C-wing room that won’t look like a natural disaster.

To Milutin Perovic: I will you someone to eat your food, keep you from tilting, and listen to your problems.

To Herschel Gupta: I will you another face to make during basketball because some people might get the wrong idea.

To Susriya Gangireddy: I will you someone to handle your immense moments of derpiness because not many people can.

To Reid Fikejs: I will you someone to abuse as much as you abuse me, hopefully named Josh Kleinman.

To Simon Su: I will you someone to vent your girl frustrations to because he can match them with his owns.

To Sagar Nattuvetty: I will you a skype call that you won’t be embarrassed to be in.

To Justin Xu: I will you Marcos Beltran to carry you from Bronze 5 to Bronze 4.

To Joey Longo: I will you a roommate that is potty-trained.

To Daniel Sohn: I will you a fellow turtle named Franklin, he’ll make your senior year fun and noisy with his sleeping wails.

To Rongzhen Zhou: I will you a fantastic junior year because you deserve that and much more.

Irina Wirjan – New York University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Love the late nights.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Excel 2012
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2014 (the baseball field episode in particular)

Sophomore Year:

  • Curbside freeze pops
  • HIMYM and problem sets with Nathan
  • Sophomore year tennis courts
  • Watching “The Shining” with Sarai (Also Billiards, the Great Flood of 2013, the night of the open door)
  • Horror movie nights
  • Burritos 2013

Junior Year:

  • Staying up until 6am for the Prince project with Ashley
  • China Intersession 2014 (Beijing bae and sketchy tea lady)
  • Round table naptime during lunch at SIR

Senior Year:

  • Lunar 2015
  • Late night fruit salad with Vivian and Ashley
  • Promposal 2015 <3
  • Ju Rin with Karin, Song, and Rhea
  • All three years of zhong wen ke

Bucket List:

1. Make a movie with Evania Hong
2. Start my own magazine
3. Go stargazing or see the Northern lights
4. Celebrate Chinese New Year in China
5. Intern for Wongfu Productions
6. Go on assignment for National Geographic
7. Get the gang a spot at McClaren’s

Last Testament:

To the Excel Class of 2013 & 2014, I will you the confidence to succeed at IMSA and life. To my 2013 kiddos, I’ve seen you guys come such a long way from your Excel days and seeing some of you present during IMSAloquium reminded me of how much you’ve all changed and grown. I hope as you find yourself in the college applications process next year, you don’t let other people bring you down for being part of this program. I wish you all the best of luck and know you will all survive because you’ve all been through 3 weeks of struggle.

To my 2014 babies, I still regret only having 2 weeks but you all have also changed a lot. Seeing you guys navigate yourselves through the ups and downs of sophomore year have put things into perspective for me. I’ve come to realize that sophomore year is a personal journey that everyone has to go through but I’m sure you’ll come out of this year with a better understanding of yourself. Don’t let Excel become a stigma because it breaks my heart when I hear you guys doubting and undermining yourselves. You are all talented and wonderful people and I’d just like to thank everyone for being part of something I hold so dear. As Porzio says, you all will do well.

To Kyle Parker, Jyotsna Bitra, Alec Elston, and Lucy Yuan, I will you all great math tablemates. I don’t think I could have ever passed Prince’s MI4 or BCII without the great support and entertainment you all provided me. Thanks for all the laughs and help – I’ll forever remember Kyle’s pep talks with Deepika and Alec’s strange accent saying “hor d’oeuvres”. May you all have great success in your future mathematical endeavors.

To Katie Coltharp, Raj Gurtatta, and Justin Orr, I would will you guys a great Excel but I’m pretty sure none of you are planning on doing it this year for reasons like SIR. Though I’m sad you guys might not do it again, I want to thank you for all the wonderful memories of July 2014. You are all great tutors and you will all go so far in the future. I just hope that if you ever find yourself watching “We are the Millers” or getting yelled at at the museum, you think back to Excel.

To Cristal Q., I will you a successful senior year and the future of 1503. I’ve loved getting to know you in the past two years and your positive attitude has done so much for our wing. You were a fantastic wing guide and I know you’ll be an even better CD. Keep morale high in 03 next year and make the community even stronger. Also, I hope you take care of yourself next year and have fun because I always see you working hard and always putting in 100% effort in everything you do. This is from Sarai cause she’s too lazy to write her own: I will you the greatest senior year ever. You will do amazing as a CD and I can’t wait to see all the great things you do at IMSA, in 03, and eventually in college. I’m so glad you were my co and will definitely miss you next year.

To Joseph Palakeel, I will you more time to play tennis and more OOTD shots on your insta. Oh, and also a new bestie for next year. It was great getting to know you as an Excel baby and having chill conversations with you. I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out as much as we wanted to and for not being a great bestie. If you ever need someone to talk to next year as you go through junior year struggles, feel free to give me a call because I’ll always be there.

To Elysia Sawyers, I will you a sophomore to call you “Mama Elysia”. You’ve always been the cutest with your baby hands and I’ll miss your hugs. Thanks for always brightening my day and I believe that you’ll be the greatest organic chemist in the world.

To Milutin Perovic, I’m not yet quite sure what I’ll will you. It’s hard to think of something to give to the best little brother I’ll ever have. There isn’t enough space in this will to completely say everything I want to say to you. I remember the first time we walked around with Evania and thinking “wow, this is a really cool kid”. Watching you grow up from that summer to now has been amazing. I’m not sure if you’ve realized how much you’ve grown but it’s been tremendous. You’ve always been patient and kind and a really great friend to have. I’m so glad we started talking again this year because you’re one of my best friends. I’ll miss you a lot next year and you should expect something more from me in the near- distant future. I guess for now, I’ll will you that promise you wanted.

Ryan Yang – McGill University, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Do what makes you the happiest.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Stargazing on Yare
  • Smash vs. the Buffalo
  • SCC elections with Vinesh
  • Early Morning Drill Team Practice
  • Tim Gietl Hunting Jo-Jo as research for his paper
  • Heidi and Paul’s Sophomore at Large interviews
  • Tim Bringing a Pool Into our Room
  • Outdoor Indoor with Vimal Bellamkonda
  • Late Nights During Clash Week for Every Event
  • Feasts with A-Down Quad
  • BBQ at Mama Yang’s
  • Post-Haunted Locker Chipotle
  • Late Nights with My Roommates Jo-Jo and Jason
  • Making Breakfast with Chris Ni
  • Lunar New Year Modern
  • Kabaddi
  • Finally Winning Clash for the First Time.

Bucket List:

  1. Get onto a dance crew.
  2. Visit and Tour Europe
  3. See a Broadway Show
  4. Go to the Bowery Poetry Club
  5. Visit IMSA and see the new LEAD Team, Mod21 singers, and RSL team in action.
  6. Volunteer Overseas
  7. Go On an Anti-Gravity Flight
  8. Travel with Friends in China

Last Testament:

To Christoph and Chris Ni, I will you the 2 1507 signs and the Transmission Poster. I’ve seen you two grow as individuals, and I’m confident that I’m leaving 07 in good hands. Chris, keep being spontaneous, creative, and weird because then you will make 07 even better next year. We really got close this year, and I’ll really miss having my Chinese bud to share food with, cook with, and hang out with. Christoph, I trust in your abilities and I know that your work will ensure that our hall will be the best hall on campus again. You’ve really been the epitome of a compassionate friend, and hanging out with you has never been less than a great time. Thanks to you both for being such great friends, keep being great.

To Jason Yang, I will you the legacy of the Yang. Just kidding, I will you the other half of the quad poster because you’re finally actually being included in the quad. Thanks for keeping me company in room all this time, and I know that I the future you will continue to grow as an individual because you’ve already improved so much since sophomore year. On the note of growing, I also will you the motivation to start fixing your posture because that will also help you grow in a more literal sense.

To Alec Elston, I will you a cooking pan. You are one of the kindest people I’ve met during my time at IMSA, and you sharing food has been just one of the many ways that I’ve seen you show how much you truly care. Next year, I will miss your presence in my room because you’ve added nothing but fun, smiles, and bad smelling feet whenever you come. I love you bud, stay strong for senior year. Keep spreading your infectious smile and attitude to others, and try not to throw too much shade.

To Andrew Adams, I will you the “Bird Alrighty” letters and my 25 cent blazer. Why? Simply because you, your well-dressed self and your well-decorated room deserve even more memories to share. I will you someone to listen and talk to you because the ideas, stories, and tea that you share really have made my senior year a lot more interesting. I hope that you handle your responsibilities senior year well, and I will you time for yourself to grow as an individual and just enjoy yourself.

To Susriya Gangireddy, I will you a smile and warmer hands. My almost co, you have really been such a great friend, and though we don’t talk nearly enough, you’ve really been a big part of my senior year. Choir wouldn’t have been interesting at all without you, and while you say I inspired you, I truly found you to be the true inspirational figure. If you ever need me for anything, feel free to talk to me because while I won’t get to see you every day, I’ll just be a message (or Snapchat) away.

To Andrew Ye, I will you a great future drill team. Seeing you dance has been such a pleasure, and I’m glad that you spent time in my room. I’m looking forward to seeing how much your breakdancing, choreography, and other dance skills are going to grow from dance team and your own work. You’re so much more skilled than I ever was as a sophomore and I’m glad that I got to work with you to get a high score in Twin Peaks.

To Jack Badalamenti, I will you a new room to occupy, and a bed of which you can occupy 90% of the space on. You’re a great guy, and while you only started coming to my room second semester, I’m happy I got to know you. I hope that you and your dank memes continue to grow on campus (maybe not as much for you dank memes), and you find a happy place when you’re in a half awake state. I also will you a golden pillow so that you have something to bring to whatever room you’re in next year.

To Seong Jessica Park, I will you a senior year that isn’t so stressful. You work so hard, and you were such a great co to work with throughout the year. I was really lucky to have you, and your passion, speaking ability, and dedication I’ve admired during out time working together. If you ever need anything, reach out to me because first semester year can still be a stressful time, but its manageable for sure, and I know if there’s anyone that can handle it, it’s going to be my co.

To Dan Costa, I will you the leadership Donkey poster. Working with you has been a joy, and the crazy ride that has been our LEAD class this year wouldn’t have been the same without you. I wish you the best of luck with Mod21, Tennis, and all of the work that will be a part of your senior year. You’ve been great, and your passion towards music and tennis has been inspiring.

To Daniel Breyne, I will you free hugs. You’re a great guy, and I hope that you continue to offer your kindness and affection to those around you. When you have sophomores of your own, I know that you will really make them feel welcome. Hanging out with you first semester and in Mod has been a blast, and I hope that you continue to sing because your voice is great.

To Div(YA) Dureja, I will you a new Mod21 best friend. I’m sorry for bothering you so much in Mod and Choir, but you’ve made me laugh and smile with your commentary and enthusiasm. Your amazing singing voice has never failed to impress me, and I hope I get to see you in a collegiate a cappella group in the future because I know you’re going to rock junior and senior year.

To Herschel Gupta, I will you a winning drill team. Your ability to dance has been so impressive, and I know you and Andrew next year can make drill team into a winning one. It’s been great working with you on everything from Guna’s promposal to Clash talent show, and I hope you one day figure out that back flip.

To Varun, Nikitha, and Krishi, I will you a LEAD class of your own. I’m so proud of all of you for making it onto the LEAD team. All of you have done such great work in class, and I’m excited for what you end up accomplishing with your own future LEAD classes. I’m glad to have had all of you in my class because it has been a great time, and you’ve all impressed me almost every day in class. Best of luck to you all in all of your future endeavors because I know you’ll be doing big things with your junior and senior years.

To Aditya Budthi, I will you a visit to my room because while you’ve slept over in 07 so many times already, you still haven’t visited my room. It’s been such an experience seeing you from your humble beginnings as a touring student at orientation, scared sophomore in Nav, and then LEAD student. I’ve seen you grow so much, and you’ve impressed me with your abilities in singing and speaking. While I really wish you were in my hall next year, if I’m back on campus sometime next year, I better see you around. Best of luck with your own LEAD class, and I hope to see some great progress when I see you as a junior.

To Robert Lou, I will you some body rolls. You’ve been such a joy to have around, and I’m not even surprised that you made it onto dance team. I’m glad I had such a great person to chill whenever we sectionalize in choir, and your solos are great to listen to during Mod21. When I visit I want to see your moves, because I think you’re going to grow so much with dance team, Mod and LEAD. See you next year.


Mayuri Yasuda – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019

Words of Wisdom: Never take no for an answer.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Any moment with Kristen VanTine
  • 2012 Homecoming (lol)
  • Japanese Traditional – Lunar New Year 2013
  • 2013 1502 Drill Team
  • Playing night tennis and dancing on the courts
  • Photo shoots with the original family
  • NPH Peru 2014 & 2015
  • Lunar New Year 2015
  • 2015 Clash Pep Rally
  • Prom 2014 (and soon to be 2015)

Bucket List:

  1. Study abroad somewhere exotic
  2. Go to a music festival
  3. Jump off a cliff
  4. Travel around Europe
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Get accepted to medical school
  7. Graduate from medical school

Last Testament:

To Arthur Ortiz –I will you friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I can honestly say you have become one of my greatest friends, even though we fight all the time. For some reason, I feel like I can undeniably trust you and that is something that I will always be grateful for. Thank you for listening to me, dealing with me, making me laugh, and everything in between. Go kick senior year’s butt; I know you will.

To Tiffany Ding – I will you a sophomore that you can take under your wing and raise like your own. I hope you are one day able to teach someone else all the wisdom I have taught you. :) I will always remember the memories we have made at our tennis matches, ASIA events, and so many others. Even though I may be smaller than you, you are still my little sophomore and will remain so forever. :)

To Grace Park and Priya Sharma – I will you the IMSA Girls Tennis team and a state qualification. Between the two of you, I see incredible potential and drive. Not only do you both have amazing talent, but you have that passion for tennis that I once had. Never let that spark die down within you, no matter how frustrated or upset you may get. It may seem like there is no point anymore; it may seem like nothing you do works; you must never give up on something that means so much to you. I believe that you girls can change the face of IMSA tennis; be that change.

To Bella Reda – I will you the ability to burn bridges and forget about the haters. As much as we butt heads, you remind me of myself. Never let your fire die down; you are a queen and deserve the best. Cherish those you love and forget about the ones you don’t. <3

To Nick Michuda , Alan Ren, Reid Fikejs, and Harith Alappat – I will you a senior year with the least amount of stress as possible. You guys never fail to make me smile and laugh. School is important but don’t stress out about college; things are going to work out no matter what, trust me. Never stop laughing and being dorks because your happiness is contagious. :)

To Cathy Chen and Jason Wu – I will you ASIA, my most prized and beloved possession. I cared more about ASIA than I did about anything else. I hope this passion and drive can continue because I believe that you two can do amazing things for this club. Between fund requests, reserving locations, sending emails, and much more, you may feel like your head is going to explode at times but I am confident that you will continue the legacy that we have started. :)

To Hannah Chaddha – I will you all the crust in the whole world. Beyonswami, you should know that you slay every day, even when I give you a hard time. :) You’re weird and I like that because you’re almost as weird as me. Stay weird, HDrizzle.

To Aneesh Kudaravalli and Joseph Palakeel – I will you the ability to stay positive and be happy during your final two years at IMSA. IMSA is one heck of a place and is what you make it out to be. Aneesh, never lose your sense of humor and your daringness to tell people what’s up. Joseph, never lose your style.

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Eveline Liu is a junior who’s excited to be an entertainment section editor with Shreya. Aside from her involvement with the Acronym, she is a 1506 CD, Writing Center tutor, and a member of Science Bowl and FBLA. She probably spends too much time on tumblr, writing fiction (, and painting. Feel free to contact her by email (, Facebook, or drop by for a visit in 1506AUQ.

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