‘Tis the Season for Homecoming Proposals

As Homecoming Day draws ever so near, males and females alike are scrambling to prepare their proposal to their significant other. As proposals continue to pop up on your Facebook feeds and snapchat stories, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the true spirit of these actions. Here are a few thoughts of the students of IMSA to get you in the homecoming mood:

Many homecoming proposals are between couples who are already dating. These proposals, while not entirely huge on the surprise factor, still have a lot of heart. One junior is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend; he says, “I’m expecting that she’ll say yes, given that she already knows that I’m asking her, because I’m a terrible liar.” A conversation with said girlfriend confirms this; she comments, “I don’t want it to be flashy. In my opinion, proposals that are flashy lose the sentiment. They’re not as meaningful.”

There’s a common theme in that sentiment. Another junior comments, “What makes a good homecoming proposal is when the proposal is intimate and personal. It signifies a deeper bond.” Likewise, one senior prefers “something thoughtful and not too public because then it feels like you’re pressuring them into going”. If there’s anything you want to draw from this advice, it’s to take into account the feelings of the other person, especially if you’re not 100% sure they’ll go- how will they feel when you propose to them in front of their entire wing? Is denial even a choice for that person? A misleading impression can prove for a very embarrassing situation for the both of you.

Overall, though, the general attitude is high. One girl who had been proposed to remembers, “I kind of already knew what was happening and as I walked out there I was trying to think of how he would ask me. I thought the whole thing was really cute so I was happy”.  And remember- homecoming isn’t the most important thing in your life. It isn’t your prom, or your graduation. Especially to sophomores; your social life is not defined but this one dance.

With that, the ACRONYM wishes all of you good luck in your homecoming proposals, as all of you continue to pick out dresses and suits, order the right food, and make sure to take lots of pictures.


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