The DOs and DON’Ts of Dinner Dates

Lo and behold, it’s that time of year again. With fall creeping up on us, beginning of the year fun slowly fading away, Homecoming turn-up simmering down, and academic challenges picking up, we IMSA students are in a frenzy about how and where to relieve our stresses. Conveniently enough, we turn to residential life. Between brother/sister wing bonding activities and after-check hangouts, residential life offers opportunities to socialize and loosen up. Most traditionally, however, does residential life offer one of the most prized memories of one’s IMSA career: dinner dates.

Dinner Dates: not just a time to eat snazzy food and take a break from the everyday rush, but a time to spread your wings, meet new people, and make this grand place we call IMSA seem a little bit smaller.

Dinner Dates: not  just a place to make great friendships, but also make great memories.

Dinner Dates: NOT REAL DATES. Just a night out hosted by your own wing or the one next door. Something we all dip our toes into and enjoy, allowing us to later dive into to the diverse sea of IMSA social life.

Whether it be a casual pajama-themed occasion, or Tuesday night dress-up party, all dinner dates have consistent and unwritten etiquette. It’s best to know the DOs and DON’Ts to make your IMSA dinner dates the best experiences they can be.


  1. DON’T show up 30 minutes late to your own wing’s dinner date without letting anyone know. It causes panic. And lonely dates.
  2. DO eat lots of food. It’s free. And no one will judge you.
  3. DON’T reject anyone for lack of romantic interest. Please. This is a night to hang out with other IMSA students, not the day you sign your soul away to a stranger.
  4. DO invite someone you do not know! Or your roommate can do it for you. Either way, you form impromptu friendships that can last the rest of your time here.
  5. DON’T congregate with those you know. Expand your horizons.
  6. DO introduce yourself! A dinner date is the best time to be spontaneous and get to know as much as possible about those around you in the sliver of time allotted.
  7. DON’T let your game of “What are the Odds” get out of hand. The RCs will sue you.
  8. DO dress to fit the occasion. You set the atmosphere of the night with the choices you make. Might as well dress for success. “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
  9. DO take lots of pictures! The light-hearted atmosphere of a dinner date yields the best Kodak moments.
  10. DON’T forget to have fun. This is your time to cut loose. Make it a party!

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