Archives: Woebegone Weekends and Collective Community, October 2007

Out from the Acronym archive is this 2007 issue of the Acronym featuring IMSA students reflecting on a policy change, wishing that people stayed more weekends, and meditating on the IMSA mission statement. Not much has changed in the past nine years, after all.

Download (PDF, 1.79MB)

Editing Staff:
Eric Hultgren, Michael Paik – Editors-in-Chief
Seely Kaufman, Sushma Kola, Katie Tu, Jimmy Fang – Copy Editors
Amy Allen – News Editor
Johnathan Koch – Features Editor
Kelsey Gee – Entertainment Editor
Meagan Biwer – Opinions Editor
Cati Crawford – Sports & Events Editor
Jing Zang – Multimedia Editor
Emily Zhao – Layout Editor
Yifei Huang, Henry Liang – Business Managers
Margaret Cain – Staff Advisor

Featured Writers:
Johnathan Koch
Meagan Biwer
Amy Allen
Cati Crawford
Catrina Kim
Katie Tu
Kelsey Gee
Cait Guerra
Lauren Breckenfelder
Nobie Redmon

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