Ask Acronym: Prioritizing, Happiness, and Sleeping Mishaps

This article was a collective effort shared among the Acronym’s advice columnists.

Question- I’m struggling to balance everything. I’m always prioritizing incorrectly, not making the most out of my time, etc. Any tips? 

Answer- I know how you feel; prioritizing time can be rough. My only advice would be to tough it out a few times and make sure that your homework gets done as soon as possible. The satisfaction you’ll feel from being finished with work early instead of procrastinating and working until the wee hours of the morning will be more than enough motivation to continue being productive.

Question- I love my partner, but as much as I’d love to express my feelings toward them through something more physical or romantic, I keep freaking out and backing off. I’ve had bad experiences in the past, but that shouldn’t hold me over from doing anything now, right? Is there anything I should do?

Answer- I don’t have much experience here. But, bad experience is certainly something that warrants concern. Don’t take things too fast and let things take their natural course. Rushing things doesn’t tend to work out.

Question- Should I choose my happiness or my parents’/family’s happiness? My happiness or my friends/relationships?

Answer- A balance of both. One of my favorite quotes is “Everything in moderation.” Too much of being centered on your own happiness can mean neglecting your friends. Too much of focusing on your friends isn’t a healthy way to live. You don’t need to choose one or the other; find a balance. Be willing to help your friends; don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Question- I let someone sleep over in my roommate’s bed, and they accidentally peed in it. I didn’t tell my roommate, and he has been sleeping in it for a week now. He went home because he got sick, and I cannot help but think this is my fault. What should I do?

Answer- That’s quite a problem, submitter. My question to you is, did you clean the bed after this? I hope so, but if you didn’t, it is possible that your roommate is sick because of you. Anyway, you should definitely do the opposite of your friend and come clean, if only to make yourself feel a little bit better. Sitting on something like that feels bad, and after all, isn’t relieving your own stress the most important thing?

Question- I have a crush on this guy and I’ve tried initiating conversations on Facebook to no avail. Should I still try to pursue him, or is this a sign?

Answer- I’d let it go to a degree. Facebook is a rough way to start things. Personally, my policy is no more than a few (2-3) messages without a response before I send another. It keeps you from thinking about it too much as well as from being too obvious. Try a dinner date or something where you’re in a group of people. Don’t judge people’s feelings simply through Facebook, though; it isn’t a very good idea. This isn’t me telling you to give up, mind you. Follow your dreams! Just try not to make yourself crazy doing it.

Question- I have no motivation to get any work done, and I waste too much time, and then sleep too late. How do I fix this?

Answer- Like I told the guy who had trouble prioritizing, just rough it out for a few days. Lock your door and work in your room, the study room, or whatever. Just do what you need to do to get work done, and the reward of being finished early, not sleeping in, etc. will motivate you to continue being productive.

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