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Everyone has heard of astrological sign predictions, but what if you could learn about yourself through something as small as the number of alarms you set each morning? Scroll through and find which ones describe your alarm clock routine for a one-of-a-kind alarm clock horoscope!

You have more than ten alarms each morning.

You have missed first mod before…Or second mod…Maybe the whole morning if it was a hell week. Your roommate has had to wake you up at least once this past week to help you avoid missing classes so early in the school year. You also are a very distracted person and oftentimes will have to ask the person you’re speaking with to repeat themselves multiple times. However, if there’s anything you’re good at, it’s being prepared. Although everything doesn’t always happen the way you planned, you are always able to find a way to make it right again. Just make sure to also plan ahead for when you fall back asleep after your fifteenth alarm.

You have only one alarm in the morning.

You are a risk taker, but you choose your battles wisely. Although you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, you make sure that the gamble you’re taking is really worth it. There are times where you have miscalculated things – such as only setting one alarm to go off at 7:15 when you know that you’ll never actually get up until 7:45 – but it always seems to work out in the end. Keep in mind that the risks will pay off and something big will come out of it. Just remember that the “stop planning and start doing” attitude is contagious, and not everyone is smart enough to know the line between uncertainty and danger.

You don’t use alarms in the morning.

You must have some secret powers that enable you to wake up at the same time every day, and you should share that power with others. But on a more serious note, you are very self-aware. You know what you want and when you want it by. While you will often put your dreams ahead of anyone else’s, your devotion to your future goals is inspiring to others. Try and push community service this week and share your gift of self-awareness with the people around you; they would all really appreciate it.

Your roommate often ends up waking up to your alarms.

You are a dependable person, and people often come to you for help. You’re good at listening and have a sympathetic vibe and counselor qualities. Even though you don’t always know what to say or why people come to you, you enjoy the feeling of trustworthiness. The next time someone wants to talk to you, don’t doubt in your capabilities; you are a reliable source of comfort for them. But don’t forget your own needs in between your “counseling sessions.”

Or vise-versa: you end up waking up to your roommate’s alarms.

You’re not afraid to seem vulnerable in front of people. Although you can sometimes be forgetful, you have no fear of asking questions and asking for help to improve your situation. It will always be good for you to carry around a planner with you so that you can write homework and GA’s down before you forget them. Luckily, even if you don’t write it down, you are never afraid to Facebook message someone to remind yourself of the things you forgot.

Your alarm is so loud that the room next to you can hear it too.

You are a very outgoing person. You’re not afraid to be yourself even if other people don’t like it. Although this can be problematic at times, you try to be considerate as much as you can. Luckily, you take criticism well, even if you don’t always take everything that others say into consideration. You are also adventurous but tend to only take well-calculated risks. Nonetheless, you never lose your confidence in yourself and others, and strive to try harder and share self-love with everyone. Today, you should be self-expressive and give your adventurous side the chance to roam free. 

Your alarm is so quiet even your roommate doesn’t hear it.

You are a considerate person, and you often tend to place others before yourself. You think that your best quality is your selflessness, and you will oftentimes go out of your way to help others. However, sometimes you forget to think about what you want and end up putting most of your dreams away in the back of your closet. This week, you should try to pick up some of the loose pieces from an old dream and rekindle your passion for anything that you left hanging in the air.

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  1. Super funny horoscope and just a little too accurate! :)

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