6 Ways for Guys to Affordably Up Their Style

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There is a common misconception that having good style requires large sums of money. This message is propagated due to the hype and popularity surrounding expensive clothing brands, such as Gucci or Supreme. However, style is not dependent on a brand nor a budget. Rather, good style incorporates timeless fashion accessorized with a hint of individuality. Although the individuality must be found by yourself, here are some fundamentals that can improve your style without leaving you broke:

1. Have a defined fit

Fit is very important in developing a good style. It is important to stay away from baggy clothing because they often distort proportions for the worse. Consider baggy jeans or pants: The baggy taper ends of the pants can make your legs look like complete noddles. In addition, baggy fits make you look a lot shorter. However, extremely skinny fits are also not favorable. Especially in the upper body, the tightness of a shirt can cause a lot of the fabric to bunch up together in lines that give the illusion of rolls or layers of fat where there are, in reality, none. On the lower body, an extremely skinny fit can also make your legs seem like sticks. Rather than have any of these two extremes, find a fit within the spectrum which is defined enough to accentuate your physique without being uncomfortably tight.

2. Wear a belt

The belt is a perfect example of an accessory which has both functionality and style. In some cases, when clothing brands may not have pants that have your exact waist size, belts serve to tailor the top of your pants to prevent bagginess. However, belts can also be used as a classy accessory. Wearing a leather belt, which costs very little, can instantly make an outfit seem more polished. Rather than wear a white t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers, put on slightly more classy shoes, such as loafers, with the shirt tucked into the jeans. Finally, add a belt and you can see for yourself the substantial difference that wearing a belt has on your style.

3. Dress for the occasion

We are all familiar with people who both underdress and overdress. Those who underdress generally do not look good, especially reputation-wise. It is important to dress properly for the occasion. For instance, you cannot go into an interview with your pajamas and a severe case of bedhead. However, overdressing is also something to avoid. Wearing a suit to school, for example, is not automatically more fashionable because suits are high-class; in fact, the formality of a suit makes you look like an idiot due to the informality of a school. Overall, context is very important. Going anywhere, always consider the formality of the event, who is going to be there, and how you want to portray yourself.

4. Prevent wrinkling

A common issue that cramps style is wrinkles in clothing. Wearing any clothing with wrinkles makes you look sloppy. However, this can be easily prevented. Immediately after your laundry is done, take your clothes and fold or hang them as quickly as possible. Never leave your clothes in the laundry for too long, as this will cause all of your clothes to have wrinkles. In addition, make sure that you are folding your clothes properly. Throwing clothes in a dresser will always lead to them becoming wrinkled. Instead, I would recommend hanging all of your shirts on hangers. If all else fails, you better learn to iron.

5. Maintain Footwear

Shoes are frequently forgotten when it comes to an outfit. However, they are as important as any other piece of clothing. Poorly maintained shoes always make for a terrible look, no matter what else you are wearing. This in no way means that your shoes must be expensive, but it does mean that you should make sure your shoes are always in the best possible condition. Lint brushes are perfect for removing random dust or particles which are stuck to the surface of footwear. In addition, shining your shoes on a weekly basis gives the impression that your shoes are always new and in good shape.

6. Accessorize

Although I mentioned footwear and wrinkles as aspects of clothing that go under the radar, accessories in male style, unfortunately, are not even on the radar. However, accessories are a great aspect of clothing to implement within your outfits. Consider sunglasses: not only will they be helpful on a sunny day, but the shades can prevent others from seeing dark eye circles after a rough night’s sleep. The right frames can also enhance the appearance of your bone structure. Watches are both useful and stylish too, and not as expensive as you would think. In essence, even the attention to little details of an outfit can cause significant improvement within your style.

As you can see, looking good does not need to cost a fortune. If you follow the tips above, I have no doubt that you will be putting your best foot forward.

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Shehzad Mansoor Bajowala
Shehzad Mansoor Bajowala (class of 2022) has always been passionate about style, particularly fashion and skincare. He has noticed that IMSA students are not necessarily the most fashion forward or perfectly groomed; and therefore, attempts to take on the role of providing affordable and effective skincare and fashion tips for students (and staff) on a budget. In addition to spreading tips, Shehzad wants to educate the student body on some of the dangers of both the fashion and skincare industry and what can be done to alleviate the harm that both industries cause.

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