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With the daily stresses of being an IMSA student, having an outlet for all those pent-up worries is a vital part of taking care of yourself. This could refer to having a more concrete and steady hobby like scrapbooking, talking with friends or family members, or painting, but sometimes, we simply don’t have the energy, motivation, or a suitable environment to take on such activities. For example, when you’re doing homework in the main building, you might just want an occasional break or brain teaser in between study sessions. This article will go over a few of the incredibly popular computer games accessible right on your web browser!


2048 is probably the most popular computer game I’ve heard about. It’s a great game to pass time or de-stress and simply let your mind wander for a while. To play, simply use the arrow keys to slide the blocks together and add the numbers together; the goal is to just get the higher sum of blocks.


Minesweeper is another incredibly widespread game. To play, type “minesweeper” in the Google search bar, and the first thing that pops up should be Google’s version of this game. Like 2048 (and the Instagram or TikTok recommendation algorithms), Minesweeper is also one of those programs that allows you to mindlessly manipulate the blocks and is a great time passer when you want a break.

Snake: Google Maps Version

This is actually a new one—usually, the “snake” game either refers to or another app that has a competitive aspect to it. However, this simple Google Map’s version of snake is an imitation of Google’s original version of “snake,” and it’s attracted quite a bit of attention from adolescents. 

Flappy Bird

Usually, Flappy Bird is downloaded on users’ cell phones as an app or software on their computer, but this version of Flappy Bird is actually extremely accessible and fun to play. The goal is to press the space bar to make sure the bird flaps over or in between the obstacles.

The (Famous) Dinosaur Game

Although this one is controversial, it’s still one of the most iconic computer games. It’s also the most accessible—simply turn off your wifi, open a new tab, and start playing. (A fun fact is that in this dinosaur game, once the player gets to a certain level, the screen also changes color!)

These games are one of the many awesome time-passers for study breaks or when you have some free time. Unlike most app games, you’re not directly competing with anyone else, so there’s no stress in finding a partner to play. However, you can still compete with others by sharing your high score and taking on separate rounds when playing together.

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