Homecoming Week Day 2: Game Show!

Picture of Homecoming Schedule. Source: CAB

Game Show was the Tuesday night Homecoming event! The three classes competed against each other in an hour and a half of fun and exciting games to win points for their class. 

The night started off with a game of Balloon Bounce, where two participants from each class attempted to bounce a balloon on a paddle for the longest possible time, but with a twist: participants could try and knock their opponents’ balloons down, as long as they kept theirs in the air at the same time. After a small delay trying to find a second senior to join in, the game was underway. It started out relatively mellow, with all the participants seeming too focused on keeping their own balloon in the air to worry about the others. However, after they got used to the rhythm, the game really got going. It started with some aggressive plays by Winston Mattson (’24) who hit his balloon high up in the corner of the stage and rushed towards the balloon of Kavin Venkat (’25). Although Kavin was able to quickly recover, it wasn’t long afterwards that balloons started falling. First out was a senior, whose balloon suffered a brutal beatdown after its owner was caught unaware. Soon after, the field narrowed to just Kavin and Winston. Both of them went at it, trying to get the better of each other, but eventually, Winston came out on top after getting the better of a close confrontation. And with that, Winston had won the first game for the senior class. 

After that, the night seemed to only get more exciting! With some fierce twirling in Wrap it Up, ridiculous eating in Cookie Monster, ruthless pushing in Musical Chairs, and, of course, an intense crowd cheering for their classes throughout, there seemed to be no end to the action. 

The highlight of the event was Balloon Stomp: a game where two participants from each class tied a balloon to their foot and attempted to pop the balloons of others while defending their own. The game started out with a bang, with the senior and junior classes immediately forming an alliance to quickly knock out the sophomores. Afterwards, the two classes turned against each other with Ibrahim Bah (’25) chasing after Vikram Rao (’24), popping his balloon. (Although there was some confusion afterward as Vikram seemed to have popped his own balloon?) Next, the two juniors, Ibrahim and Kavin, teamed up against the last remaining senior, Joshua Lee (’24). The battle was intense, with Joshua playing some great defense against his two opponents. But after shrinking the play area, he eventually fell to Ibrahim, and the juniors came away victorious. 

Steven Espinoza (’24) earned a shoutout for running, dodging, and even crab-dancing his way around the blindfolded contestants, taunting them all throughout Blindfold Pillow Knockout: a game where one blindfolded participant from each class would try and hit a CAB (Campus Activities Board) member with a pillow, heeding directions from the crowd. 

At the end of the day, no class definitively won Game Show, but if the volume in the auditorium is any indicator, everyone had fun. 

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