Homecoming: Day 3

Seniors show off their class pride.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already completed Day 3 of Homecoming week! The halls of IMSA were flooded with students in their groutfits, complete with gray sweaters and sweatpants. However, don’t get too used to the laid-back look, as Thursday will be class color day! Students will proudly deck the halls with their class color – seniors wearing purple, juniors wearing blue, and sophomores wearing orange.

There was no midday event for Day 3 of Homecoming week, as many students were involved in SIR, internships, or independent studies throughout the day. Nonetheless, the day picked up towards the end, as students filtered into the auditorium, ready to see the Game Show Deluxe.

During Game Show Deluxe, representatives from each class had to participate in various contests to obtain as many points for their respective class. The first game pertained to music. The first eight seconds of music was played, and each representative had to determine the name and artist of the song. From the junior class, Natalie Sanchez (’20) bravely took the lead, hearing the first song (Poker Face, Lady Gaga) and immediately recognizing it. Rachna Gupta (’21) from the sophomore class followed close behind. Olivia Shi (’19) from the senior class also demonstrated her wide music range. The rest of Game Show was complete with events including blindfolded Pictionary, a whip-cream gummy bear contest, soccer and cup, and a pantyhose competition. After Game Show, students left in a frenzy of excitement and energy that was fueled by the contests.

Students from all grades also tried their very best in solving the riddle for the day. The class of 19’ came in third, the class of ’21 came in second, and the class of ’20 came in first. As last updated at Wednesday morning 10 AM, the junior class took on the lead with a total of 1250 points, followed closely by the senior class (woo seniors!), and the sophomore class.

With the Tug of War, Obstacle Course, and Drill holding 250, 300, and 500 points, there is still much that can turn the tide of point distribution. As Day 3 came to a close, each class was seen all over the main building fiercely practicing for Drill, which would take place the next day. Sam Anozie (’19), one of the choreographers for Senior Drill, is excited to show off all the hard work the seniors has put into Drill these past few weeks: “I’m really happy about what we’ve cooked up this year! I’m super hyped to show it to the school.”

Neil John (’19), another choreographer for Senior Drill reminds us to have fun out there, because after all, this week was designed for us to enjoy: “To me, Drill isn’t about winning, it isn’t a competition. Drill is something that you should be proud of; after all, every participant has put in so much time to make it what it is. As long as you are proud of what you have worked for and accomplished that’s all that matters, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my class. So no matter what happens tomorrow, I know that I can walk away happy with what I’ve done.”

Keep this in mind, and make sure to have fun!

The rankings as they stand are:

Class of 2019: 1075

Class of 2020: 1250

Class of 2021: 950

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