Articles by Joanna Lee

Homecoming: Day 3

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already completed Day 3 of Homecoming week! The halls of IMSA were flooded with students in their groutfits, complete with gray sweaters and sweatpants….

Ask Acronym: Prom Edition

Ask Acronym is back with a Prom Edition! We will focus on questions pertaining to prom and anything related to it. So if you have some questions about Prom, keep…

Enter the House of the Soul: Casa de Alma

Casa de Alma. House of the Soul. Alma Latina, IMSA’s cultural club spreading Latinx culture across campus, is hosting its annual culture show which features Latin American dance and music….

Sweets for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day. That word itself can be daunting to some people. It might be the day you’re revealing your feelings for your crush, the one day you’re annoyed by the…