RC Spotlight: Tyler Grubb

IMSA's New Resident Counselor Tyler Grubb | Source: IMSA

The Acronym had the opportunity to speak with new 1506 B-Wing Residential Counselor (RC) Tyler Grubb to gain insight into her experience adjusting to life on campus. 



Grubb was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle. She first attended New College of Florida for a bachelor’s degree in English and then Florida State University (FSU) for a master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies. In her time at FSU, she worked in student housing as an Accounts Director for privately owned dorms. She moved to IMSA at the beginning of August 2023.  


What made you decide to become an RC?

“My best friend Claire is an RC.” Claire Thomas, roommates with Grubb during their time at New College, is currently an RC in 1503 at IMSA. “I was looking for a job after graduating, and I was hoping to move out of Florida. I liked my job, but I was looking for something more involved with the students. […] Claire told me about how wonderful IMSA students are and that I’d be the right fit for the job. I think that if [IMSA] was an option for me in high school, I probably would have gone here. […] I feel like I would have loved a place that challenged me.”


What have you found challenging since coming to IMSA?

“I miss home. This is my first time being really far away from home, and it’s hard not being a two hour drive away from my mom. […] Having a job as an RC has been a bit of an adjustment itself because at my former job, I was a supervisor. Working so closely with other people in a shared role has been a bit difficult. Though I worked with people previously as an Accounts Director, I still had more of a sole position, so collaborating with others who share the same role has been an adjustment.”


How did you help sophomores and other students adjust to life on campus this year while you were also trying to adjust to living here? 

“I made sure to tell them that we’re kind of in this together, that we’re both making these big life transitions. I try to be as open and honest as possible with them and answer any questions that they have. The main thing, though, is making sure they know that this is a shared experience. I know that it would make me feel better if I knew that I’m not alone in this.”


Is there anything about IMSA that you find odd or didn’t expect?

“I will say that there’s a lot of acronyms, so that’s definitely been an adjustment. I would say that I’m surprised that our job as an RC is a lot less involved in [the academic side of campus] than I thought it would be. […] There seems to be a pretty clear divide between faculty and staff since we don’t interact with each other with the exception of one day per semester. It makes it difficult that I don’t know what an IMSA class is like because there’s only so much [RCs] can do to support [the students]. Without knowing the inner workings of the academic side of campus, we can refer [students] to resources, but I wish I could know more so that I could be more helpful.” 


What is your favorite thing about IMSA?

“The students, I really like you all. Like I said, I really feel like I would have fit in here in high school. Everyone here is so friendly and conversational. I don’t always feel like I’m talking to a student, but more so talking to a peer. I feel like IMSA students are very emotionally intelligent, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know those of you I’ve had the pleasure to talk to so far.”


Are you looking forward to anything at IMSA?

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming culture show because I know you’ve all been working really hard.” At this time, IMSA students are preparing for Jalsa, the first of four culture shows at IMSA. “It seems like everyone in [B-wing] is, in some way, involved in the culture show. I’m also excited for Wing Wars,” a time-honored tradition here at IMSA wherein each of the four wings in each hall compete against each other, “and I’ll be helping plan that since I’m the [Residential Student Leader (RSL)] Liaison. Lastly, I’m looking forward to Clash,” another annual tradition at IMSA in which each hall competes with each other, “even though I don’t quite understand what it is yet. It seems like that’s the event that all IMSA students look forward to.”


About the Author

Manya Davis
Manya Davis is currently a senior at IMSA and is the News Section Editor for The Acronym. Apart from her work on The Acronym, she likes taking part in the various social aspects of IMSA such as culture shows. She enjoys film, dance, and playing the electric and bass guitar. On The Acronym, her goal is to give students around IMSA a voice and share her perspective through writing.

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