Jalsa 2023: Celebrating the Vibrant Indian Culture at ​IMSA

IMSA's ​Indian Student Association's Annual Culture Show | Source: IMSA Student Productions

Students of IMSA are abuzz with excitement as the ​Indian Student Association (ISA) gears up for their highly anticipated annual culture show, Jalsa. Jalsa, meaning celebration, promises to be a grand exposition of Indian culture, showcasing a mesmerizing array of dances, singing, musical performances, and other cultural acts. The Acronym spoke with ​Srihari Gurugubelli (24′), the ISA President, as well as board members Manu Mamillapalli (25′) and Kannan Ilamparithi (25′), to get a sneak peek into this year’s spectacular event.

For ISA, Jalsa holds immense significance. According to Srihari, “Jalsa is the grandest exposition of our culture, where we can show all of campus just how beautiful Indian culture is.” The event aims to captivate the audience with stunning performances that showcase the rich diversity of Indian traditions.

Behind the glamor of Jalsa lies weeks and weeks of careful preparation. Srihari explains, “There are various aspects involved, from dance coordination to ensuring an abundant supply of food for all attendees. Additionally, marketing, scripting for emcees, decorating, and much more play crucial roles in making Jalsa a success.” The students themselves are fully committed, investing their time in learning choreography, attending tech rehearsals, and perfecting their performance. It’s a testament to their dedication and hard work.

This year, ISA has chosen to rebrand their show from the traditional Diwali to Jalsa. Manu sheds light on the decision, stating, “In the past, ISA has always done Diwali but because our show this year is earlier, we have rebranded to Jalsa. Jalsa means celebration and is the perfect way to showcase the vibrant Indian culture!” This shift allows them to embrace a broader range of cultural elements that go beyond the Diwali festival, offering a more comprehensive representation of Indian heritage.

As always, Jalsa promises a captivating lineup of performances. Manu mentions, “The show will feature different dances, including South Indian Fusion, Girls Dance, Boys Dance, and Classical Dance.” The audience can look forward to being amazed by the diverse dance forms and their unique expression. Keeping with tradition, ISA will also generously treat all attendees and participants to a delectable feast after the show, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavors of Indian cuisine.

Jalsa, the eagerly-awaited culture show organized by the Indian Student Association at IMSA, is set to be a grand celebration of the vibrant Indian culture. With a wide variety of performances on display, the event promises to showcase the talent, dedication, and rich heritage of the participants. From the intricate dance routines to the soulful singing and captivating musical performances, Jalsa is an opportunity for the entire campus community to appreciate and embrace the beauty of Indian culture. Kannan says that students will get to “explore the many facets of Indian culture and delve into the countless ways in which it can be experienced, unraveling its richness and significance.”

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