A Guide To IMSA’s Study Spots

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy's Innovation Center | Source: Cordogan Clark

A Guide To IMSA’s Study Spots

The typical dorm room at the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) might not suit everyone’s needs for studying outside of the classroom. Therefore, students are often encouraged to explore various on-campus study spots that cater to their needs. Students often consider aspects such as comfort, lighting, ambiance, and location to help aid this process – we will take these factors into account to create a brief ranking of the top places to get work done on campus. 

IN2 – Best Overall

Officially known as the “IN2 Steve and Jamie Chen Center for Innovation and Inquiry,” IN2 provides students access to advanced resources and pleasant surroundings. It is the most recent addition to the main building and hosts new furniture, making it a comfortable place to lounge. Access to many outlets along with fast internet speeds make the area device-friendly. Group collaboration is promoted thanks to numerous whiteboards and study tables lined up against the walls. It sits close to the center of the main building, providing nice access to other parts of the campus. However, as IN2 is a popular spot at IMSA, it tends to get crowded and noisy during Midday and directly after school. So, make sure to avoid these busy hours if you want to avoid this type of atmosphere. 

Loft – Next Best Overall

The Loft is located on the second floor of the main building’s A-wing and comprises individual seats as well as larger group study tables. The central loft area has a glass ceiling that lets in natural light, a must for some students. Similar to IN2, it is relatively modern and houses large tables filled with outlets and expansive whiteboards. However, the Loft is significantly smaller than IN2, making it busy during peak hours such as after school. Despite this, the Loft is a great place to spend an off-mod waiting for your next class in A-wing.

Information Resource Center – Best for Independent Study

Situated between A-wing and B-wing of the main building, the IRC is also on the second floor. Most students here often desire a quiet atmosphere to study independently and free of distractions. It has access to IMSA’s printers and a vast selection of books. However, the IRC opens when the school day begins and closes around four-thirty to five in the evening. So, students are often able to visit between classes or when they have an off-mod. 

As for some honorable mentions, these areas are also great study spots that are worth checking out! 

Science Study Area

 Located in the far corner of the main building’s B-wing, it is a great spot for group work as clubs often meet to collaborate. However, students don’t favor this location because of its distance from classrooms and residential halls.

TV Pit

 It is located at the center of B-wing and is a favored spot for many clubs and presentation events. You should know that this spot isn’t the most comfortable and should ideally be for short meetings and study sessions. 

Math Study Area

Situated at the center of A-wing, this location features single-person desks great for independent study as well as instruction from mentors. As a result, group collaboration doesn’t occur as easily.

Math Office

 As the name suggests, the math office is a go-to location for getting help from the math faculty. But, most importantly, be sure to check the office hours timings of your desired teacher and plan ahead before going.


These spots are destined to be of great use to every IMSA student’s years at the academy. While this ranking was based on some students’ experiences, the best location for you might be different than what the list suggests. The Acronym encourages you to explore all corners of campus and find the best area for you! 

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