The Truth Behind Multitasking

Have you ever tried to do your homework while watching a movie? In doing so, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it was to finish that math worksheet and focus on…

How to Study for the SAT Over Summer

In the summertime, us high schoolers finally have the chance to enjoy ourselves with activities such as vacationing, swimming, sunbathing, and my personal favorite—studying for the SAT! Okay, I lied….

Students studying in a group | Florida National University

IMSA’s Underrated Study Spots

At IMSA, when tests or finals inch closer, students flock to the main building to study. Areas like the Loft, the IRC, IN2, and even the Math/Science Study Areas, become…

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The Art of Post-Its

Why Post-Its? Post-it notes are often an overlooked tool when it comes to studying or time management. They are just thought of as a must-have stationary because they were on…