IN2, The Loft, The Pill: A Review of IMSA’s Best and Worst Furniture

An image of IN2, IMSA's state of the art innovation center | Source: IN2

Whether you’re frantically finishing a problem set by fifth mod or wanting to spend time with your friends while studying for a BC3 exam, IMSA is full of collaborative learning environments for students to take advantage of. With the recent additions and changes to IMSA’s layout, here is a review of some of the furniture IMSA has placed around campus. 

The Loft

The loft has been a tried and true study spot for IMSA students, always bustling as friends and classmates pile together to collaborate on assignments and projects. However, the change in arrangement has been disconcerting, to say the least. In years past, the larger desks and chairs adorned the hallways leading to the IRC and the President’s Office, while the sofas with the smaller, square desks were placed in the center around the whiteboards. This year, however, the arrangement was switched, which has thrown students for an uncomfortable loop. The chaotic array of sofas in the central area of the loft is what allowed for the collaborative makeup of the location—it’s clear that with this change in furniture arrangement, the loft has not been as lively as it once was. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars for the Loft. 

The Pill

The Pill was indeed bitter to swallow as Old Cafe, a space once used for exciting club events and activities, has now been invaded by two couches that come together to form the ovular pill shape. With high-top desks lining the outsides of these couches, the furniture allows for students to sit both in and out of the pill. Unfortunately, with very little desk space and no access to outlets, the location simply isn’t a sustainable study spot as students will have to change locations if they plan to spend more time on their work—in short, 0 stars for the pill. 


IN2 deserves a section all of its own for the marvelous pieces of furniture that have been arranged here. For anyone who wishes to study in style—IN2 is your premier destination. From the moment you step down the IN2 stairs, you are greeted by the sight of a bright, red chaise lounge sofa (I, for one, have taken some very comfortable naps on this couch). 

In the main IN2 area, you will find at its core, the classic IN2 egg chairs. Aptly named for their egg-like appearance, these chairs are placed in a circle around a small table full of charging ports. I personally find these chairs exceptionally comfortable, especially considering that they not only swivel but also recline!

Stepping into IN2’s backroom you will find three booths, each equipped with whiteboards for students to work on. There are comfortable pull-out sofas in a specific corner, a lovely location for you to melt into for post-studying naps. The furniture here definitely deserves 5 stars. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the furniture you use will not make or break your experience studying—it will be the people that you are collaborating with that make a true difference. But, if you are looking for a more comfortable experience, then I wholeheartedly recommend heading over to IN2 to make use of their fine furniture.

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