The Art of Post-Its

Why Post-Its?

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Post-it notes are often an overlooked tool when it comes to studying or time management. They are just thought of as a must-have stationary because they were on 70% off at Walmart. On the contrary, they can accomplish so much more than just note-taking, and this article will explain why exactly they are useful and don’t receive enough attention. They are perfect for learners, leaders, parents, and anyone who might get overwhelmed at some point in their life. 


Useful Assets

When someone says “post-it note,” a picture of the traditional colored square may come to mind. However, there are numerous other options that are known to help people with studying or memorization of tasks. Some are on the smaller end, with a width of 3 inches, but these small sizes are ideal for transportation and brief reminders. A good spot would be someplace you look at or use often, such as the keyboard on your computer! By doing this, class discussions and presentations would be a lot easier since you now have your main points right in front of you. Others might be a bit larger and in the form of rectangles, so they would be more suitable for longer and more detailed notes or questions. These would make effective study guides and quick formula sheets for subjects like math. Regardless of appearance, post-it notes are all equally important and helpful for people who enjoy them. 


Art, Not Tool

Some people prefer to write with a visible black pen or sharpie, which is great for jotting down inspirational quotes from your family, friends, and even famous people like Aristotle! It’s an effective way to not only post to-do lists for yourself, but it also allows you to de-stress by writing self-love or special reminders for yourself after a long day at work. Another cool activity would be to write brief journal entries with daily goals or tasks and compile them all into one book to read at the end of the year. In fact, one main reason why post-it notes are overlooked is that people don’t think of them as an art but only a tool. The definition, according to the Law and Leadership Institute, is that art is “the expression of human creative skill and imagination,” which should begin to sound familiar—it is exactly the embodiment of what post-it notes are! They challenge people’s creativity and encourage minds to think outside of the box through de-stressing exercises and a new notetaking strategy that anyone can pick up. Moreover, post-it notes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, ranging from white to electric pink. There are even different themes to pick from, including kawaii, cartoons, animals, emojis, and plants. The world of post-it notes is an amazing segue into expressing one’s personality.



Hopefully, by knowing more about what post-it notes are and why they’re useful, the next time you see them at Walmart, you won’t just buy them because they’re on sale. These notes are not only helpful for you, but they are also thoughtful gifts, especially when they contain a certain theme unique to the recipient. A few recommendations are listed below, so whether you would like a note-taking upgrade or need a new gift for a friend, these post-it notes would be the perfect solution!

  1. Lined Sticky Notes (Multi-colored)
  2. Traditional Square (Pastel)
  3. 3×3 inch Yellow Traditional
  4. Heart Notes
  5. Animals!
  6. Animals Part 2!
  7. Kawaii Food       

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