Winter Dorm Decorations

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If you enjoy cold weather or a winter holiday like Christmas, this article is for you! Decorating your dorm room can be an incredible mood booster, especially when academic, extracurricular, or external responsibilities start to pile up. It can also be a great roommate bonding activity, as each person can bring their own decorations that represent their hobbies, or personal favorites to get to learn more about each other. Winter decorations can range from hanging mistletoe or dangling sparkly plastic snowflakes on the ceiling, but this article merely dives into a few starting possibilities of how to decorate your dorm room at IMSA for winter.

Winter-Themed Pillows

Pillows are (undeniably) a crucial part of IMSA dorms. Not only are they comfy and homey, but they also add a lot of personality to the room. Some examples include a long snowman pillow, a festive 4-pack pillows , and a color-themed 4-pack, all from Amazon. There are an incredible variety of patterns and themes to choose from, but the list above shows the different vibes you want your room to give, whether it’s based on a certain color, like red, or if it’s a cute and cozy vibe, as shown with the snowman pillow.

Crochet Winter Tapestries

If you know how to crochet or are willing to learn, this is the perfect decoration to make in your free time. Although this can vary drastically depending on the theme you’re aiming for, the general idea is to crochet 20-30 Granny Squares in any pattern and sew or crochet them together to create a checkered tapestry. You can also skip the squares and crochet one giant blanket with pattern changes between sides, although this might be a bit more challenging for beginners.

Winter-Themed Posters

Just like tapestries, posters are a great way to fill up the endless, bland wall surfaces of an IMSA dorm. Some starting ideas for general winter lovers could include beautiful scenic shots like this one, set in nature or forests during sunrise. These are also breathtaking because the sun shining on the snow makes it seem almost sparkling, and it can definitely brighten anyone’s day. Other options include having separate, smaller, framed pictures, like this example, which can be hung up in a series. 

Snowy Wreaths

Wreaths are perfect to hang on your door, especially if the front is not decorated by your wing already. They add a sense of home to your room, and they are fairly easy to put up and reuse in future years. (They also make great gifts for the holidays, whether it’s for your friends or family members.) Winter wreaths, like this one from Amazon, are mainly composed of leaves and plants and often include bits of snow or miniature bells to represent the holiday season. 

Dorm decorations can help create a more lively atmosphere for both you and your roommate. While it doesn’t take too long to set up, those decorations can have a lasting impact on your experience on campus. The next time you want to upgrade your dorm, this article can (hopefully) serve as a good starting point. Happy decorating!

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