A Beginner’s Guide to Joining Clubs

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Clubs are a vital part of IMSA culture, critical to the growth you’ll experience here. However, there are an incredible number of clubs on campus, and sometimes it can be overwhelming and even pressuring to make a decision about where to commit your time. This article is merely a starting point to help you make the best choices that suit your lifestyle and passions.


The first and most important aspect to consider when choosing which clubs to join is passion. Even if you aren’t sure which path you want to pursue in future years, pick something that you are interested in, or at least don’t have a dislike towards. For example, if you enjoy your math classes the most, consider clubs that utilize and emphasize math. That way, you’ll not only extend your knowledge of this subject, but you’ll also meet amazing people with similar interests.


Experience requirement mainly depends on individual clubs, but most of them don’t require a great deal of past experience. For example, it may be helpful to have prior knowledge of a particular subject for a competition-based club, but it’s not required. As long as you choose to dedicate yourself to one or a few clubs and aren’t afraid to put in some extra hours after school, you’ll be in good shape.

Time Management

One of the most important facts to consider when choosing which clubs the join is time management. It is recommended to commit to one “big” club—board positions are a possibility, or a role where you can contribute your ideas to those on campus would be suitable—as well as two other “smaller” clubs, where you can attend periodic meetings and collaborate with others on the team, but there is not a major time commitment. 

Future Goals

While you may not know what you want to pursue in future years when joining a club at IMSA, these organizations will certainly help to point you in the right direction. This includes figuring out where your passions lie, what types of people you work best with, and in what environments or situations in which you can thrive.

Again, this checklist should only be seen as a starting point for your extracurricular journey at IMSA. Joining clubs is an awesome way to meet new people, gain new knowledge, and learn more about yourself. On the other hand, IMSA’s current clubs might not fit your interests, and that’s perfectly okay—maybe you’ll even want to start your own club! Whatever path you choose, it will be a great one. Good luck!

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