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The start of 2022 means the start of a new school year, with in-person, virtual, and sometimes even hybrid learning environments. At times, students, especially at IMSA, tend to have incredible amounts of homework assignments or tests to prepare for. However, chrome extensions are often an overlooked resource. They are fast, simple, and extremely efficient. As the technology in our world is gradually increasing, so are the possibilities of learning—with the right studying tools, of course.


This is a free web extension that allows students to learn the definition and pronunciation of an unknown or difficult word in the text by double-clicking on it. If preferred, they can also click to open a new Google search to learn more about the details of this word, but it is not necessary. This way, students do not need to open a new tab, allowing for a better work environment without disruptions.


This web extension has been used by over 800,000 people and is a great studying tool to stay focused. By using a game-like platform, it allows you to plant virtual trees by staying on-task for intervals of 30 minutes. Certain websites can be added to a “block-list” and you can even compete with your friends by seeing who is the most productive! This extension definitely helps you to nurture a good and healthy time management schedule in a pleasant way.


Dualless is a free chrome web extension that has over 2,000,000 users! It offers the perfect solution for those who do not have a dual monitor by allowing the user to split their screen into pairs to a custom ratio (3:7,4:6,5:5,6:4,7:3). Similarly, when finished, users can just as easily merge the two windows back into one, making it take up the entire screen.


With over 200,000 users, Voice In Voice Typing is a free extension that allows the user to use their voice to take notes or type. It covers tasks ranging from answering emails in Gmail, completing an assignment in Canvas, replying to your friend on Facebook Messenger, or even learning pronunciations. Additionally, it supports 40+ languages, so feel free to try it out on your language classes’ speaking assignments as well!


Music is something that we all probably love to listen to when working, but for some students, it can serve to be a major distraction. Well, Noisli is a great solution. As a 100% free extension, Noisli offers soft, ambient music, such as rain or café sounds, to serve as a relaxing music track for study or work. Moreover, it allows users to add multiple sounds to the same track. This way, they can easily differentiate when or where to use each track.


Although these are a few of the most popular Chrome extensions, there are still hundreds of amazing ones out there that work just as well. If at any point you feel that you are being unproductive or not able to focus, feel free to try out a couple of these free learning tools that are accessible right at your fingertips. Using this as a starting point, jump into the world of technology, productivity, and, well, chrome extensions!

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    Thank you for sharing. All these Chrome extensions are new to me.

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