Students studying in a group | Florida National University

IMSA’s Underrated Study Spots

At IMSA, when tests or finals inch closer, students flock to the main building to study. Areas like the Loft, the IRC, IN2, and even the Math/Science Study Areas, become…

11 Free Apps for the Stressed-Out Student

Blocking Online Distractions Cold Turkey increases productivity by temporarily blocking apps on your phone or computer. You can schedule a period of time to blocking sites or block until reach…

How to Succeed on a Night Test

There are two science classes at IMSA that cover so much material that four mods every other day is not enough: Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) and Modern Physics (ModPhys)….

How to Memorize Effectively

How to Memorize Efficiently  Do you ever need to cram and memorize vocabulary right before class or memorize history facts quickly before the test? Well, this guide will help you…