Which IMSA Study Spot Should You Go to Next?

Picture of Loft | Source: Megan Sia

IMSA has a wide array of study spots for students to use. However, it can be challenging to choose from each place. If you are wondering where you should go next to study for that math quiz or work on an upcoming history essay, this guide is here to help you!


If you are feeling social, go to the…

  • Loft
    • Located upstairs in A wing, the Loft is a great place to get work done with your friends. Whenever I go up to the Loft, I often encounter at least someone I know. It is nice to start some small talk to keep yourself going while you study. There are three sections to the Loft. The first section is the red and gray single couches near the IRC. The second section contains six tables. Lastly, the third section is more secluded with walls surrounding installed white tables. These sections all create different vibes, but together, they create a place for students to study and socialize. Additionally, keep in mind that the Loft closes at 7 PM on weekdays.   
  • IN2
    • IN2 is near the security desk, across from the Auditorium. The front entrance of IN2 is quite scenic. There is usually background music playing with a wide TV screen that shows nature backgrounds. Additionally, if you need a nice place to take a quick nap, I would recommend using one of their couches! At the back of IN2, you can usually find large groups of people at the booths and more single couches like the ones at the Loft. IN2 usually closes after school, so this place is ideal to go to during the school day.


If you enjoy socializing but like quietness when working, go to the…

  • Pill 
    • While the Pill is often crowded during midday because it is at Old Caf, it usually doesn’t attract large groups of people during free mods. The Pill has gotten its name for its pill-shaped structured couches. You can either sit down on the couch or sit on the outskirts of the couch, where there are desks. It’s nice to watch people from any angle here as you study.
  • TV Pit
    • While the TV Pit is only a few feet away from the Pill, it is a distinct study spot. During the evening, the TV Pit is mostly used for club events, so I wouldn’t recommend studying here at that time. However, on the occasion when there isn’t a club-related event or meeting, the TV Pit is quiet but also scattered with people.   


If you want some alone time, go to the…

  • IRC
    • The IRC is a nice study spot because of the quiet and productive environment. If you don’t want to be bothered by any outside noises, the IRC is just the place for you. There are open areas for you to work in, however, there are also secluded areas such as study rooms or desk stations.
  • Math Study Area
    • In A Wing, near most of the math classrooms, the Math Study Area is a quiet area to work at. When it is not being used for teaching purposes, this spot is pretty empty. There are rarely people working here, so I would recommend it if you want a refreshing place to study during your free mods.


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