How to IMSA: Move-in Tips and Dorm Decs

Move In Day Tips || source: University Edge

With the start of the school year approaching, move-in day is just around the corner! A vital part of the IMSA experience is moving into your own room and bonding with your roommate. However, that experience may not always be the smoothest, so here are some move-in tips to help get you started:

Ask For Help

Whether it’s frantically rearranging your beds to make a somewhat comfortable living environment or unpacking the endless outfits you brought, it would be wise to bring a friend or get some help from a family member. Trust me, this assistance is often overlooked but makes the move-in process so much faster and easier (and a little fun too!) Usually, though, there are specific upperclassmen ready to help you during the official move-in date(s). Otherwise, be sure to grab a helper!

Take Breaks

Especially if you’re planning on turning your room into a full-out mansion, you don’t want to overexert yourself all in one go. Make sure to take breaks, as redundant as it seems, and eat some snacks as a much-needed reward.

Use Carts

Be sure to use resources! In addition to friends or family, another great resource would be the carts in each hall. Especially when returning from a long weekend or break, those carts help a lot.


Now that you’re fully moved-in and comfy with your dorm, it’s time to decorate! Here are some tips on making your room a special one:

Bring Lights

No matter how ridiculous or weird this sounds, be sure to bring some fairy lights or any indoor holiday lights. They make such a big difference when you’re trying to cram that last essay in at midnight or want to have a virtual movie night with your friends. Suddenly, that dark, lonely dorm room becomes a warm and welcoming home.

Bring Pictures or Posters

Especially if you have actual photos, it would be great to string them up on your walls. If you want to be real fancy, you could even bring clothespins and pin them on the strings! Likewise, if you have posters of music bands, movies, food, or anything else, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick them on the walls. After all, the dorm rooms are supposed to be a reflection of your (and your roommate’s) personality in a way. It would also be a good idea to bring sticky tack to put the posters up. (Trust me, this is very frequently  overlooked!)

Bring Snacks

Snacks are an incredibly important part of campus life. Especially after moving in all your belongings, a nice snack can go a long way. Later in the year, they’re especially helpful when studying late into the night.

Don’t Overpack

Unless you live quite a distance from IMSA, you should only bring the essentials for move in day. Then, throughout the year, start bringing in non-essentials such as decorations. Speaking from experience, do yourself a favor and don’t make move-in worse than it actually is.


These are merely a few suggestions for making this year a memorable one for both you and your roommate. Feel free to use these suggestions, and make sure to remind your friends about these tips on move-in day as well!

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