The Good and Bad of Casa de La Luna!

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On February 3rd and 4th, the highly anticipated Casa de La Luna show was put on as a collaborative culture show between ASIA and Alma Latina. The student performance was held on February 3rd with the parent show following just a day later on February 4th. Having a mix of both Asian and Latinx cultures, the show gave viewers a unique view of each culture’s dances and music. Let’s dive into the good and the bad in this year’s Casa de La Luna!

The Good

As a performer myself, I may be somewhat biased, but overall, I really enjoyed this year’s Casa de la Luna show. From Chinese Traditional to Cumbia, there was a good mix of both cultures which helped solidify the goal of intersectionality throughout the show. Additionally, returning favorites like B-friend and G-friend both delivered some awesome performances. Another standout performance, in my opinion, was Senior. With it being the seniors’ last culture show it’s obvious that a lot of effort was put into this performance, and it showed. The choreography and song choice were stellar and the performance went by exceptionally well. I could go on and on about my thoughts on every individual performance, but overall, I thought the show was spectacular and it felt like a good way to close off this year’s culture shows. 

The Bad

Even though I really liked Casa de La Luna, there are still a couple of things that could have been done better. One notable discrepancy was the lighting during the performances. On multiple occasions throughout the show, the lights on stage suddenly turned off for seemingly no reason. If this was intentional then that’s fine, but in most instances it felt like it only hindered my vision of the performance. Another complaint that has been levied was the length of the show. With its runtime being around 3 hours, there were a LOT of performances. Even though many of them were unique and interesting, it was difficult to stay attentive throughout the entire show because of its length. 

Final Thoughts

While there were some issues, I remain extremely positive in my review of Casa de La Luna. I had a great time both performing and watching the show and I’m sure next year will only be more exciting. 

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  1. to provide some clarification about the lights really quickly, it was definitely not on purpose lmfao. we just have a touchy and complicated lights system that likes surprise us with software bugs sometimes. we fixed it the best we could in the moment, and the issue was resolved afterwards for the parent show :)

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